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King Tut was a Western European

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July 21, 2024 Winter Watch Around the Web 1



Tut belonged to a genetic profile group, known as haplogroup R1b1a2, to which more than 50 percent of all men in Western Europe belong, indicating that they share a common ancestor. Among modern-day Egyptians this haplogroup contingent is below 1 percent.


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Fashion Designer Brings Trauma-Based MK Ultra Children’s Clothes to a Store Near You

Disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe it.

In another clear sign of how low our dystopian society has sunk comes Caroline Bosmans, a 44-year-old Belgian designer of children’s clothing. Bosmans’ “luxury society” brand is about faceless children, uninspired clothing, deranged imagery and high price tags. To our eyes, it looks like another in a long line of death-cult, trauma-based MK Ultra ritual abuse to create dissociative personalities.

For further reading:

It seamlessly combines with the Crime Syndicate’s now long-duration program of forcing children to attend school wearing masks that stifle their oxygen and steadily damage their developing brains.

Read “Del Bigtree Tests Air Quality of Breathing While Wearing a Mask on a Child, Proving Masks Are Toxic”

This is combined with fear. The goal is to alter brain waves, setting the stage for specific trained behaviors (aka brainwashing) that have “on” and “off” triggers or switches.

Even before the Covid-1984 scamdemic, Bosmans was introducing the concept of covered faces in her 2019 “clothing line.” Here (image at right), we see a little girl wearing an ensemble of a long brim hat the obscures the face combined with the standard ghoulish death skull/head of bunnies.

Surprise, surprise. Bosmans also favors the use of the smiley face, a death-cult symbol we’ve discussed on our pages.

Among the imagery in Bosmans advertising: children posing clutching their genitals, a child on a toilet and children on face down on the ground.

In some images, there are pizza boxes and children looking upset and distressed.

On some of the children’s shirts and pants are the words “Eat People.”

Read Hollywood Reprobates Attend MOCA Spirit Cooking Gala

Next up: The Covid-19 FEMA camp dystopian ensemble.

Future Gimps in making (ref. ‘Pulp Fiction’)

Two traumatized-looking cross-dressing twin boys in knit dresses, one with the words “I’m pretty confused.”

The brand loves pics of anonymous children who appear asleep … or drugged, or broken … or dead.

Lots of injuries and hospital scenes. The two girls in the background are like something from “The Shining.”

Lots of sad looking one-eyed Illuminati poses. Or maybe this little one just didn’t like rat jacket and Cloaca scarf. Oxford’s definition of cloaca: “a common cavity at the end of the digestive tract for the release of both excretory and genital products in vertebrates.”  Ha Ha, this seems to be an inside joke for perverts.

Lots of questionable poses, such as this one, being bent over, or having things placed over their heads as restraints.

Costumes with disemboweled internal organs falling out and dropping between the legs.

Images of children “caught in headlights,” like they are being targeted.

Here we have the serial killer Israel Keyes suffocation ensemble.

The transvestite and the child ensemble.

Same ol’, same ol’. Busted, Bosmans.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Adding to the bad vibes, all of the children in the advertising appear to be either sad, upset, traumatized or … dead. In short, the brand is a reflection of the Crime Syndicate’s sickening sub-culture of preying on children. It’s about using and abusing children. It’s about evil and the capture of these industries by satanic discordians. The capture looks quite complete.

Read “Culture in De-Klein: Increasingly Disturbing Themes of Occultism, Satanism and Abuse in Fashion, Advertising and Music Videos”

We wonder if there is a substantial sub-market for abductors, torturers and killers of children for these products, such as the monster recently revealed in the Madeline McCann case.

Supporting Israel Is Big Business in the United States

By Philip Giraldi,

Government and elite institutions work together to protect and empower the Jewish state

In a recent article discussing how US Treasury Department tax breaks are exploited by groups that raise money in America in support of the Israeli so-called Defense Forces (IDF), I concluded that it does not require any particular brilliance on the part of even a casual observer to realize that both politically and economically Israel and Israelis are not treated like everyone else by governments at various levels in the United States, quite the contrary in many cases. Nevertheless, some key questions must be asked even at risk of being repetitive about Israel’s clearly privileged status. One must consider how is it possible that organizations that are committed to financially supporting war crimes and even genocide by a foreign nation are allowed to have tax breaks that enable them to collect more money which in turn helps them to corrupt the system that feeds them while also empowering those foreign militaries? How is it possible that the foreign army carrying out the war crimes is also allowed to benefit directly from the US laws that have created exemption from taxation? In short, is there no sense of responsibility and/or consequences on the part of American government when it comes to the behavior of the pariah apartheid Jewish state?

In the event, comments and insights from some readers both on my posting and privately in emails and on Facebook have convinced me that I have greatly understated the case. Those who argue, perhaps somewhat in jest, the Congress is the Knesset West and that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden are in fact Israeli puppets are very close to being on the mark, making Israel and its all-powerful billionaire funded lobby indisputably in control of many key aspects of American government beyond the obviously targeted foreign policy. Combine that with control over the media and entertainment industries that shape the Israeli preferred narrative at all times, and you have a situation where when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says “jump” 95% of Congress and everyone in the White House begin hopping. We will no doubt see that in play when the monstrous Netanyahu arrives in Washington to address a joint session of Congress on July 24th. The performing monkeys who will appear on television leaping up and down while cheering Bibi will definitely be something to see, though one hopes that at the same time there will also be a million demonstrators surrounding Capitol Hill calling for the head of the world’s leading war criminal.

One thing that should be completely clear is that the United States gets absolutely nothing out of the relationship with Israel, which all flows in only one direction to the tune of what probably amounts to more than a billion dollars a month if all the extras and the inevitable fraud are taken into account. And that does not even include special donations like the $14 billion recently granted by Congress and President Joe Biden to fund Israel’s never-ending war of extermination against the Palestinians. In my recent piece, I took particular aim at 501(c)(3) non-profits set up in New York City and in Massachusetts which exist to provide funds to the Israeli army. Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF), based in New York but with twenty branches in the US, boasts on its website that it has provided tens of millions of dollars to the Israeli military. The money contributed is federal income tax exempt and most of the donors are able to write the contributions off on their own federal taxes as an inducement to give. Such non-profits are generally granted that special status through demonstrating that they are religious, charitable or educational. Sending money to the Israeli army satisfies none of those requirements.

Not only does Israel take advantage of a tax break on money coming from groups that are ostensibly US-based, one of my correspondents advised me that the corruption goes far deeper than that, consisting of the fact that 501(c)(3) organizations must be registered through what is referred to as a “domicile.” Most are in the United States but domiciles in Canada and Mexico are also accepted given the economic realities of the North American market. Only one other country has an acceptable domicile and that is, of course, and, inevitably, Israel. In other words, an allowable exemption and the related deductible contribution for US tax purposes, might uniquely consist of US taxpayer money that goes to a charity registered in Israel. As Israeli charities have no reporting requirements vis-à-vis the US Treasury and no mechanism exists to validate their function and activity, they only answer to the government of the state of Israel.

And of course the pandering to Israel includes much more in the way of manipulating the political process to provide benefits to the Jewish state. It has long been a cliché in Washington that any long bill like defense appropriations that passes through the Congress will inevitably have some goodies for Israel inserted in it. Recent and current legislation reflects the perceived need by Congressmen to show the flag, which would be the Star of David rather than the Stars and Stripes, given the Israeli engagement in the military extermination of Palestinians that has no sign of ending as it is entering into its tenth month. The United States is not only funding and arming the Israelis, it is also providing political cover by vetoing nearly every United Nations proposal that would have led to a cease fire accompanied by some kind of exchange of hostages and prisoners. Along the way, no excess by Israel is considered to be too outrageous to require an objection coming from Congress and/or the White House, including Israel’s National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir’s proposal that he would relieve the overcrowding in the prisons with Palestinians who are being held without charges by taking them out and killing them, one pistol shot to the head each. Former defense minister Avigdor Liberman has gone one step farther, calling on his country to use its nuclear weapons to obliterate Iran, presumably with full US approval. Israel has also been charged with killing journalists, humanitarian workers, medical workers including doctors, and torturing and starving Palestinian prisoners, but hey, that all constitutes minor stuff when one is best friends with the “Chosen” in Israel.

And there is much more. The International Criminal Court ruling that Israel’s Prime Minister and Defense Minister should be on the receiving end of arrest warrants over war crimes and possible genocide in Gaza was responded to by US Congress with a letter threatening the jurors and their families if the court were to proceed. The US also cut off all funding and even cooperation with the United Nations’ UNWRA which, Israel has declared to be a terrorist organization, but which has been the major source of what food and medicine was actually getting through to Gaza in spite of Israeli efforts to block it. Congress also has moved to ignore any reports coming from the remaining Gazan authorities revealing the casualties resulting from the Israeli bombing and other killing, as if hiding the death toll will make it go away. The respected British medical journal The Lancet is now reporting that as many as 186,000 Gazans might be dead, mostly among the rubble of their homes, uncounted because the Gazan officials who would have performed that task are dead and whole families are wiped out so no one is reported missing. It is a far larger number than the ca. 37,000 that keeps appearing in the western media in an attempt to mitigate what Israel is up to.

And there is also the really petty stuff that surfaces regularly from the pro-Israel message control network. Three Columbia University senior officials have been removed from their positions because of comments and private emails they have written deriding the claims of “surging” antisemitism at colleges. Among the “evidence” was an intercepted message suggesting that a panelist could have used recent campus protests as a fundraising opportunity and another that appeared critical of a campus rabbi’s essay about antisemitism. The university will also launch a “vigorous” antisemitism and antidiscrimination training program.” Meanwhile a leading New York law firm Sullivan & Cromwell, headed by an Orthodox Jew, is setting up an index that will identify law students who have been demonstrating against Israel, creating a “do not hire” list of the names so they will not be offered employment after graduation. “The firm is scrutinizing students’ behavior with the help of a background check company, looking at their involvement with pro-Palestinian student groups, scouring social media and reviewing news reports and footage from protests. It is looking for explicit instances of antisemitism as well as statements and slogans it has deemed to be ‘triggering’ to Jews.” And then there is Donald Trump using the word “Palestinian” as a slur in his debate with Joe Biden and efforts by politicians like Governor Ron DeSantis to reject the arrival of any refugee Palestinians as immigrants to Florida as they are all “terrorists.” You know, little stuff like that and the efforts at criminalization of free speech if it comes to criticizing either Israeli or Jewish group behavior. You know, minor stuff. Pretty soon we Americans will all be terrorized into dancing to the same tune that Congress and the White House dance to. Then it will be too late.