Sacred Medicine: 21 Things About Healing They Didn’t Teach Me In Medical School

By Lissa Rankin

After seven years of research, I’m finally writing my long-awaited book Sacred Medicine, the third book in the trilogy, following up Mind Over Medicine and The Fear Cure. I know a lot of you are kind of waiting on pins and needles for this book, and I feel a little daunted by the responsibility of all the wisdom, experiences, blessings, insight, and knowledge I’ve been gifted as part of my research. I feel like I need to bring the same kind of rigor to this book that I’ve brought to the others, yet this subject is hard to be scientifically rigorous with, given the nature of consciousness and its relationship to healing.

Anyway, since the book is still at least a year or two away, I want to keep updating those of you who follow my blog as I synthesize what I’m learning, so let me share with you 21 things I’ve learned during this journey, which I’m unpacking slowly.

1.  Illness, injury, and trauma are an opportunity for awakening for those who are willing to approach their suffering as a gateway to transformation. Healing, transformation, trauma clearing, and spiritual awakening are entangled phenomena that cannot be separated, even though medicine, psychology, spirituality, and science would all like you to believe they can be. This integrated way of approaching a healing journey as a spiritual path is not for everyone, and that’s okay. Some people will continue to compartmentalize these disciplines, opening to science and medicine, for example, but choosing to keep psychology and spirituality out of their process. This is every individual’s right, to choose how you approach your own treatment. You cannot impose this way of healing on anyone else, but if you’re in need of healing, or if you’re in the healing arts, and if you’re willing to go down this rabbit hole, consider it an invitation to a deeper, richer, more meaningful, Whole Health life.

2.  The body is naturally equipped to heal itself, but chronic stress responses in the nervous system impair these self-healing mechanisms, causing our bodies to break down. These powerful stress responses, which bolster survival in a real emergency but which destroy the body if firing chronically, override the body’s ability to repair what breaks, allowing diseases like cancer, which would otherwise get cleared naturally, to take hold and flourish.

3.  Every aspect of your life (your relationships, your work, your creativity, your sexuality, your spirituality, your finances, your environment, your food, how you move your body, etc.) has the opportunity to be either poison or medicine. As I explain in great detail in Mind Over Medicine, Whole Health requires lifestyle modifications that transform what might be poison into what can be medicine.For example, your work can be poisonous to your health, or your work can be medicine as you fulfill your calling in a way that helps you heal. When we live authentically from the “juice” of our Inner Pilot Lights, our relationships, our work, our spirituality, our creativity, our sexuality, our relationship to money, our mental and physical health behaviors all convert what is potentially toxic into what is healing.

4.  Trauma is at the root of many illnesses. Some people have experienced the Big T traumas, the ones researchers call the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). But 100% of us have experienced what might seem like smaller traumas, such as the developmental traumas that interfere with our healthy individuation, capacity for intimacy, and natural full expression of our authentic selves. Such trauma, which Buddhist psychiatrist Mark Epstein, MD calls “the trauma of everyday life,” affects every one of us and impacts our health. Talk therapy is not enough to heal these wounds. Healing requires not just talking about traumatic events in our lives; it requires clearing those traumas from our energy systems (researchers like Shamini Jain, PhD call it “the biofield”), so life force can flow freely. This natural flow of life force can sometimes cure disease and prevent future disease or disability.

5.  Nutrition as medicine, exercise, getting enough sleep, and functional medicine approaches to health are essential building blocks of Whole Health, but they’re insufficient for optimal health outcomes. You can eat the world’s most pristine diet, work out every day, sleep nine hours per night, take 100 supplements, and get the best conventional medical treatment or functional/integrative medicine treatment in the world, but if there’s untreated trauma in your system, you’re unlikely to be permanently cured from a chronic or life-threatening illness.

6.  Many people who say they want to be cured unconsciously sabotage their healing. While their conscious minds genuinely want to stop suffering, parts of the unconscious mind does not want the illness to go away, and those unconscious parts interfere with healing. It’s like putting one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes. Parts of you want to be cured and other parts of you, parts that think they’re protecting you, don’t want you to get well. For example, if you’re sick and getting a big fat disability check from a job you used to hate, some parts will want to keep the disability check and avoid going back to the soul-sucking job. Clearing these unconscious blocks is a necessary part of the healing process.

7.  You know what’s best for your body far better than any expert does.Expertise is awesome. We need our experts to offer what they offer in their respective medicine bags. But someone else’s expertise does not make them the expert of how your healing journey should go. If you tune into your Inner Pilot Light, you’ll be guided to what will help you heal. (Learn how to Connect To Your Inner Pilot Light so you can receive this guidance here.)

8.  Love heals. It’s a paradox. You can heal yourself; and you can’t do it alone. While the body is equipped to heal itself, most of us can’t do what healing asks of us in isolation. Even introverts like myself need safe, nurturing, non-judgmental, loving healers and a community of healing to hold us while we heal ourselves and each other.

9.  Circles are powerful. As Michael Lerner of Commonweal said, “If it touches the heart, if it helps guide us on our path, it’s a Healing Circle.” Circles eliminate pedestals. Circles have been used by indigenous people as a vehicle of healing for millennia. The very same people gathered together with the intention of healing have less impact when they’re sitting in rows or when one person is up on stage.

10.  Life force can be transfused when yours is weakened. Call it life force, call it chi, call it prana, call it energy, call it love or God or Shakti or the Holy Spirit. What you call it doesn’t matter. All of us have times in life when our life force wanes, and we need that life force to flow freely in order to be optimally healthy. While all living beings have life force flowing through them, when yours gets weak, you may need someone else whose life force is flowing with less impediment to boost yours until your own life force can move through you unimpeded.

11.  When you let life force flow through you so you can help heal others, you receive a healing yourself. When you become a channel for life force flowing through you, that which flows through you heals you as it moves in you. If you’re dialed into the Source of all life force, then this life force is infinite and unlimited and restorative. If you’re depleted after offering healing, you’re giving up your own life force rather than opening to the unlimited flow of life force that’s available to us all, and this can make you sick. But if you’re channeling the Source of all life force, you receive a healing through the act of healing.

12.  Optimal health requires the generation of your own life force. Although we can receive transfusions of life force from others and this may help us feel better temporarily, most of these kinds of transfusions aren’t permanent unless you heal and clear traumatic imprints or blocks in your own system so you can open to the flow of life force on your own, through your own connection to Source.

13.  Music, art, dancing, safe touch, emotional vulnerability, setting the intention for healing, prayer, and meditation all bond groups into powerful forces of healing. When these elements of group bonding come together, they seem to amplify the impact of each one, making each exponentially more powerful.

14.  The more bonded the group, the more powerful it can be as a force for healing.  Group bonding can arise as the result of singing and dancing together, undergoing initiatory rituals together, surviving a trauma together, healing trauma together, creating art together, experiencing strong emotions like love or ecstasy or grief or rage together, feeling safe to be emotionally and expressively authentic in a shared space, and engaging in spiritual practices together.

15.  If groups are strongly bonded, one person’s cure may increase the likelihood that another bonded group member is also cured. This concept of “resonant bonding” is currently being studied by researcher William Bengston, PhD, who theorizes that this may offer part of the explanation for the mystery of the placebo effect. In other words, if participants in a research study are in some way bonded, those who are cured by the treatment may lead to cures experienced by the control (placebo) group who do not get the treatment. The mechanism of action of how this works is still unknown, but Bill Bengston is hell bent on unraveling this mystery, so stay tuned.

16.  If groups are equally bonded, size seems to matters. The larger the group, the more powerful the healing effect seems to be. If a larger group means less bonding, however, this does not seem to be the case. The strength of the bonding appears to matter more than the size of the group, but if both groups are equally bonded, a larger group seems to result in more healing impact. This may explain why healing happen at sacred sites like Lourdes.

17.  What many people call “energy healing” may actually be the transmission of healing “information” riding on a wave of energy. This would explain why healing seems to work remotely and does not diminish across distance in the way we would expect energy to dissipate at a distance and be stronger when it’s close. Again, the mechanism for how this healing information seems to be transmitted is not understood by the scientists who are researching it. Some theorize that healing information is a kind of code, almost like computer code, that can be inserted into a buggy program in the body. Some healers suggest that the energy body (of which the physical body is a part) is designed with an ideal matrix based on sacred geometries and therefore insertion of healing information is like repairing a glitch in the blueprint of a healthy body.

18.  Healing requires a sanctuary. Because some aspects of healing can feel like getting cut open with a scalpel, we need to counterbalance the challenging parts of the deep work healing requires with the nurture, safety, comfort, and unconditional acceptance we all crave. This bolsters us and gives us courage so we can do what we must to heal what is ready to be healed. Some find this kind of sanctuary in nature. Others find it in sacred spaces where groups gather, as in traditional churches, temples, and holy sites. Still others find their sanctuary inside, where they can connect to their Inner Pilot Light in silent meditation and experience a deep peace and sense of wholeness, which is always within us, even when we feel broken.

19.  Pleasure, play, and laughter are good medicine. Healing work can be painful, as we face everything we have compartmentalized into trauma bubbles we typically don’t touch. As we gently and patiently penetrate these bubbles so healing can happen, we need to counterbalance the discomfort with play, pleasure, laughter, and deep nurturing experiences. As your tolerance for pain increases, your tolerance for pleasure needs to increase just as much. Many people have unconscious blocks against feeling good and receiving deliciously pleasurable experiences. Feeling the pain of being human needs to be counterbalanced with feeling all the pleasures of all the senses that only creatures with human bodies can experience. Otherwise, healing can quickly devolve into masochism- which, of course, is not healing.

20.  Healing is an interdisciplinary process. You can’t heal psychologically without having it impact the health of your body. You can’t heal medically without having it impact your psychological and spiritual well-being. You can’t heal spiritually without having it affect you psychologically and medically. Medicine, psychology, spirituality, and science are all linked and cannot be peeled apart, even by those who try to separate them. As much as we’d like to believe we can divide these categories into different academic disciplines that belong in different departments of universities, healing fails to play by such rules. All psychological healing leads to spiritual awakening and better physical health. All spiritual awakenings impact the psyche and the body. All “spontaneous remissions” impact you psychologically and spiritually (just ask people like Anita Moorjani or Eben Alexander). All biofield science that researches healing leads you down a rabbit hole that leads to quantum physics that leads to the science of consciousness, which leads to psychological, spiritual, and medical breakthroughs. Healing does not behave according to the principles of the Cartesian mind/body/spirit split. The etymology of the word “healing” comes from the Proto-Germanic word “khailaz,” which translates as “to make whole.” Healing is, almost by definition, a unifying phenomena that restores the academic splits into a reunion of integration.

21.  Healing should be a right, not a privilege, but we’re not there yet. Healing should not be a luxury good, only available for people who can afford to hire energy healers, trauma therapists, or shamans who don’t accept insurance. You shouldn’t have to pay thousands of dollars to attend healing retreats or fly across the world to see a healer in some far away country. But our culture has not yet caught up with the reality that anyone who is ready, willing, and courageous enough to embark upon a journey of healing should be able to access it. Right now, healing is a luxury that the people who need it the most cannot afford. We need a public health/ community health model that makes healing affordable for anyone willing to do the hard work of journeying through illness, injury, or trauma as a transformational spiritual path. Along with some of the healers I’ve researched for my Sacred Medicine book, I am actively engaged in a pilot program to try to address this need for a public health solution, but we’re not ready to scale it yet. If you have extra financial resources and you would like to contribute to our Inner Pilot Light scholarship fund in the interim in order to help fund healing work for those who cannot afford to pay for themselves, we would welcome your donations here.

If you’re in need of healing—here’s help:

I’ve developed many different resources to guide those who are in need of healing and those who tend to those in need of healing, depending on how deep you want to go and what you can afford.

  1. Join the Healing Soul Tribe—a community of people on a quest to heal from illness, injury, or trauma, we support one another as we work through the Whole Health Cairn from Mind Over Medicine together. Some in the group are training to be group leaders for in person Healing Soul Tribes, as described in m my vision here. Start your healing journey in loving community here.
  2. Attend the Mind Over Medicine workshop in Mill Valley June 20–23. Register here.
  3. Learn a Sacred Medicine trauma healing modality at a training I’m co-teaching with AIT founder Asha Clinton, PhD. Register here. This is best suited for therapists and doctors but you don’t have to be a doctor or therapist to attend.
  4. Enroll in one of my many online homestudy programs here.
  5. Apply for my Visionary Mentoring program here. Applications for 2019 are due July 15.

Now I’m back to writing my book, so stay tuned for more as I continue trying to hack healing.

Much love

About the Author

Lissa Rankin, MD is a mind-body medicine physician on a grass roots mission to heal healthcare, while empowering you to heal yourself. She is the founder of the Whole Health Medicine Institute training program for physicians and  healthcare providers, and the New York Times bestselling author of the books Mind Over Medicine: Scientific Proof That You Can Heal Yourself (2013), The Fear Cure (2014), and The Anatomy of a Calling (2015).

Lissa blogs at and created the online community She is also the author of several other books, a speaker, a professional artist, an amateur ski bum, and an avid hiker. She lives in the San Francisco Bay area.

Connect with Lissa on Facebook and Twitter, or visit


Article Video – The Unknown Past September 12, 2019 By Anna Von Reitz

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Meditation for the Bahamas every 4 hours

From our friends at WeLoveMassMeditation.

People in the Bahamas are now recovering from the impact of Hurricane Dorian, which is the strongest hurricane ever recorded to hit the country.

For a period of three days, the Category 5 storm moved slowly towards the US and pummeled the northern Bahamas with sustained winds of 185 mph, storm surges and torrential rain.

Search and rescue teams in the Bahamas are now scouring communities with cadaver dogs looking for both victims and survivors of Hurricane Dorian.

The official death toll as of Tuesday, September 10th is now 50, but numbers are expected to be much higher as hundreds of people are still missing.

An estimated 70,000 people are now homeless on the Abaco Islands and in Grand Bahama, according to the United Nations.

At present, efforts are underway to rescue evacuees by the hundreds.

People in the affected areas are also facing the risk of diarrhea and waterborne disease outbreaks from contaminated drinking water.

In some towns in the east of Grand Bahama Island, residents say the majority of homes were destroyed. Many people are still looking for relatives taken by the storm. Image source

Relief groups have focused on getting doctors, nurses and medical supplies on the ground in the hardest-hit areas, such as Abaco, and helping survivors obtain food and safe drinking water.

Therefore, we suggest performing a new meditation for the Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath in the Bahamas starting at 10:30 PM UTC on Tuesday,  September 10th, and then every 4 hours, to help the people who have suffered from the hurricane to receive food and all necessities, as well as shelter, until the affected areas have completely recovered.

This new meditation will replace the Meditation to dissipate Hurricane Dorian every 4 hours, which is no longer necessary.

The 4 hour intervals are as follows:

day before actual day next day


Time zone City #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
HST Honolulu 04:30p 08:30p 12:30a 04:30a 08:30a 12:30p
PDT Los Angeles 07:30p 11:30p 03:30a 07:30a 11:30a 03:30p
MDT Denver 08:30p 12:30a 04:30a 08:30a 12:30p 04:30p
CDT Chicago 09:30p 01:30a 05:30a 09:30a 01:30p 05:30p
EDT New York 10:30p 02:30a 06:30a 10:30a 02:30p 06:30p
BRT Rio de Janeiro 11:30p 03:30a 07:30a 11:30a 03:30p 07:30p
UTC Reykjavik 02:30a 06:30a 10:30a 02:30p 06:30p 10:30p
BST London 03:30a 07:30a 11:30a 03:30p 07:30p 11:30p
CEST Berlin 04:30a 08:30a 12:30p 04:30p 08:30p 12:30a
EET Cairo 04:30a 08:30a 12:30p 04:30p 08:30p 12:30a
MSK Moscow 05:30a 09:30a 01:30p 05:30p 09:30p 01:30a
ICT Bangkok 09:30a 01:30p 05:30p 09:30p 01:30a 05:30a
CST Taipei 10:30a 02:30p 06:30p 10:30p 02:30a 06:30a
JST Tokyo 11:30a 03:30p 07:30p 11:30p 03:30a 07:30a
AEST Sydney 12:30p 04:30p 08:30p 12:30a 04:30a 08:30a
NZST Auckland 02:30p 06:30p 10:30p 02:30a 06:30a 10:30a

Please join us in this meditation in any of the intervals if you feel so guided.

Note: the interval at 2:30 PM UTC overlaps with the daily Goddess Meditation, so please feel free to join either meditation at this interval as you wish.

Here is the link to the Facebook event for this meditation:

Link to the guided audio for this meditation will be shared here when they are ready.


1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to help people in the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian to cope with all the traumas and fear created, and to assist people around the world to rise in consciousness and compassion.

3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

4. Now visualize a soft pink healing divine feminine energy, healing all people affected by the hurricane from all the traumas and fears, bringing peace, harmony, and unity to everyone affected by the hurricane. Visualize the souls of all people being killed by the hurricane to cross safely and peacefully through the plasma plane.

5. Visualize all people affected by the hurricane being provided with all necessities including clean water, food, shelter, fuel supply, financial assistance and other help needed to rebuild the community. Visualize all missing people being found and rescued.

6. Visualize all supplies getting to the people with ease by creating an energy flow that will call forth all that is required for this to move forward. Visualize people around the world being inspired to help the people in the Bahamas affected by Hurricane Dorian as best as they can.

We also suggest including the Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath in the Bahamas in the daily Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC, until the affected areas have completely recovered. Visualize people receiving all required necessities and medical care. Visualize the Bahamas receiving all necessary aid to rebuild desolated areas.

Victory of the Light!

Were the Clintons and Ronald Reagan Talking About a Real or Fake Alien Invasion?

by Stanley Livingston

In a few days, the attention of the Independent Media and the UFO community in particular, will turn its attention to the GENSIX Conference in Branson, MO. An all-star cast of researchers will be presenting the world with the latest in UFO research. The researchers in Branson may reveal the alien end game.

The Goal Is One World Government

As the world sets poised to go to war, in the wake of Venezuela amassing 150,000 troops on the Colombian border,  could constitute the next war to end all wars. The US has pledged its support to Bogata.

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This Map Shows the Cities Where 5G Cell Towers Are Being Rolled Out

by Isabelle Z.

Ultra-high speed 5G is being rolled out all across the country, despite serious reservations about its potential impact on people’s health.

If you’re wondering if this unwelcome development is coming to a city near you, All News Pipeline has created a map that shows all the places where 5G has already been installed or will be in the near future.

Not surprisingly, major cities like Los Angeles and New York City appear on the list, but what’s really disconcerting is the sheer number of cities that are marked as either having 5G now or getting it soon.

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StemExpress, Previously Involved in Trafficking Aborted Baby Body Parts, Admits to Keeping Babies Alive to Harvest Their Heads and Still-Beating Hearts

by Ethan Huff

StemExpress, a company that we previously exposed for its involvement in trafficking aborted baby body parts along with Planned Parenthood, is back in the news – and the reason why is sure to disturb you.

According to reports, the company’s CEO admitted during a recent court hearing that StemExpress profits from the sale of fetal hearts and heads harvested from live human babies – meaning babies are being obtained by the biotech industry while they’re still alive, and murdered on-demand to provide “fresh” flesh for “medical research.”

During the hearing, Peter Breen from the Thomas More Society asked a question that was surely on everyone’s mind: Where, exactly, is StemExpress getting these fully intact human children? And it’s a question that demands an answer.

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Spain’s Supreme Court Puts An End To Torture Of Bulls At ‘Toro de la Vega’ Festival

By Epicalyptic,

The Spanish Supreme Court has recently delivered a historic verdict banning all activities relates to bull torture at the “Toro de la Vega” festival, thus saving countless animals from great suffering.

“Toro de la Vega” festival was a tradition for men to stab young bulls with spears at the festival in Castilla y León for almost 500 years.

As a result of the pressure put on by Spanish animal welfare organizations such as PACMA and PETA on those responsible, in 2016, the regional government of Castilla y León banned the stabbing of bulls at the festival. But shortly after this groundbreaking decision, Tordesillas City Council appealed to the Supreme Court. Allegedly, there was no reason to prohibit the killings.

This time the Spanish Supreme Court has dismissed the appeal and put an end to the almost 500-year-old animal torture tradition once and for all. The bulls are not only tortured with arrows and spears on the celebration but finally also stabbed. Before that, the tail is cut off alive. In the end, the city council gave the person who killed the suffering animal a ceremonial spear and a medal.

This success is an important milestone in the context of a far-reaching movement that is spreading throughout Spain. More and more people do not want to attend festivals and other events where bulls are tortured in the name of entertainment. Over 100 cities have already banned bullfights. According to a survey, 80% of Spaniards are against these cruel events.

It’s great that more and more cities and regions are banning bullfighting events. But there are still countless bulls suffering for human entertainment. In the case of the so-called “fire bull”, for example, a bull is poured over its head with bad luck and set on fire. Please take part in our call for action against this cruelty to animals.



A Restatement for the Confused

By Anna Von Reitz

It’s apparent that at least in some corners, my message is getting distorted, not being clearly understood—- or being deliberately sabotaged.
We, the American States and People, are not at war.
Technically, we have haven’t been at war since 1814.
Get those facts very clearly established in your minds.
1814 not 1914.
And here is the actual structure of the government that is supposed to be functioning and running this country:
The Union of republican states known as The United States, fifty in number, in control of the national soil jurisdiction, populated by people who are all American State Nationals who owe no duty to the government beyond keeping the peace. These are living men and women.
The Federation known as The United States of America, composed of fifty States in control of the international land jurisdiction of this country, populated by People who are American State Citizens who owe their singular allegiance and duty to their State and who run its government. These are people functioning as Lawful Persons.
The Confederation known as the States of America, composed of fifty Federal-level States of States, populated by American Persons. These are people functioning as Legal Persons. This level of our government hasn’t been functioning since the 1860’s.
Add to the above American institutions, two foreign subcontractors:
The British Territorial Government operating under our name as “the” United States of America, populated by British Territorial “Inhabitants” who are supposed to be here providing us with “essential government services” per Article IV of the separate Constitution governing their activities. These are all foreigners dubbed “United States Citizens”. Americans can choose to act as “United States Citizens” and do so when they work for the military. These are all Legal Persons.
The Roman Municipal United States Government operating under our name as “the” United States, comprised of Federal Civil Service Employees and Dependents. These are largely former American State Citizens of The United States who operate the “civil” — not the “civilian” government functions we associate with the Federal Civil Service. Again, these are all Legal Persons dubbed “citizens of the United States” and while they continue in Federal Civil Service employment, they remain in this capacity.
Okay? Got that much firmly fixed in your brains?
The American part of the Federal Government hasn’t functioned since the 1860’s.
All the “federal” functions were taken over by the British Territorial Government operating “as” — “the” United States of America — on an “emergency” basis as of 1868.
[Our country has been run as a British Territorial Military Protectorate from 1868 to 1976, when the Perpetrators of this situation handed the Protectorate over to the United Nations.]
At the conclusion of the “American Civil War” which was in fact not a war, but a mercenary conflict like Vietnam, this Interloper published a new “constitution” for itself modeled on and very similar to the actual Territorial Constitution. This Scottish-chartered Commercial Corporation rapidly adopted a number of “Amendments” to this fake Constitution (their “Amendments” were in fact corporate By-Laws) including the infamous Fourteenth Amendment.
The Fourteenth Amendment declared all “citizens of the United States” to be criminals, and subjected them to slavery, because the Pope sided with the South in the so-called Civil War, and the Brits wanted to collect war reparations from the Federal Civil Service workers.
This cold commercial mercenary “war” between these two groups of foreign governmental services contractors has been ongoing ever since, even though the Scottish Interloper went bankrupt in 1907 and whatever slim legitimacy its “Constitution” — including any “Amendments” — had, vanished with it.
Our actual States, the members of the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America, were never involved in any Civil War.
We can be sure of this because:
1. Our States are not “Civil” entities.
2. No war was ever declared by our Congress.
3. Lincoln bankrupted the Northern [Confederation] States [of States] in 1863; but, our Sovereign States are not eligible for bankruptcy, therefore, we can be sure that none of these actions involved our States.
4. No official Peace Treaty ever ended anything called the “American Civil War”.
The “American Civil War” was a vicious mercenary conflict between Federal Service Providers — the American Federal Service Providers were destroyed or disabled, and their duties were usurped by the foreign-backed government employees.
These two remaining groups of foreign-backed Federal Employees, have been conducting a cold mercenary war on our shores ever since, with the British (now United Nations) controlled entity being used to promote wars for profit, and the Municipal “Civil” entity being used to collect “war reparations” for their activities.
To make this work for the benefit of the Perpetrators, a complex and now-mechanized constructive fraud scheme has been used to kidnap Americans and mis-characterize them as Federal Citizens— both “United States Citizens” and “citizens of the United States”. Basically, we have been illegally and immorally press-ganged as babies in our cradles.
The point is that these are our Employees doing this to us, and their Managers, the Pope and the Queen owe us Due Diligence under both Treaty and Commercial Contract to make sure that nothing like this ever happens. Period. At all. They are both in Gross Breach of Trust.
The collapse of the Confederation of the Federal States of States had nothing to do with us, beyond the fact that we should have been alerted immediately and assisted to reorganize new business entities to perform the duties assigned.
Instead, the Brits secretively substituted their own franchises — substituting their Territorial States of States for our Federal States of States. They usurped upon our authority and “expanded” their commercial service contracts via an undisclosed process of assumption without our knowledge or consent.
To the average person on the street, the only change that was observable was a change from receiving services from “The State of Wisconsin” to receiving services from “the” State of Wisconsin.
And so the American People have been cullied and gulled by their British-controlled (and now United Nations controlled) Employees, used for gun fodder in foreign wars for profit, and then made to pay the cost of those wars when they got back home.
Do you see the scam now? Finally?
The Brits get us into the wars, we fight them, then we pay for them, and the Brits and the Pope reap the profits.
The Brits reap it directly as money and credit extorted from us under the false legal presumption that we are Municipal Civil Service Employees owing perennial war reparations under the bogus corporate Fourteenth Amendment.
The Pope reaps it indirectly via backdoor payments from the Brits.
And both of these governments are supposed to be our Allies, our Friends, our Protectors and Trustees under contract, committed to providing us with good faith service, “perpetual amity”, to be Defenders of our National Trust —- and if we hadn’t pulled their chestnuts out of the fire in two World Wars, they wouldn’t even exist anymore.
This is the “thanks” we got.
This is exactly what went on in the 1750’s with the “French and Indian War” and exactly what the Colonists, including George Washington, objected to and which led (among other factors) to The War of Independence. We fought that war for the Brits and they rewarded us with punishing taxes, as if we were the Enemy.
It’s the same exact circumstance and only a slightly more sophisticated scam was used in constructive fraud to gain the desired result: Americans forced to fight their wars for them, then pay for the cost of the wars, and they keep the profit.
Wake up.
And its all criminal. It’s all both unlawful and illegal as hell. It’s all based on fraud and Unconscionable contracts. Better (or worse) still, its all based on “Amendments” made to a corporate charter by a defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1907. Uh-duh.
Let’s get this straight — corporations can provide government services, but corporations are not governments.
Corporations are chartered — that is, created — by governments.
Not the other way around.
So all these corporations that you see here have been chartered by the British Government and by the Papal Municipal Government. And both those foreign governments are utterly responsible for the behavior and actions of these corporations on our shores.
The Creator is responsible for the Creation.
We have no more intractable enemies on Earth than the members of the UK Parliament and the Lords of the Admiralty sitting in Westminster, and once again, we are being asked to pull their chestnuts out of the fire, fight their wars for them, and pay for their wars afterward.
If we had the sense of Guinea Hens, we should have turned all our fire power on London and Rome and let both burn a long time ago. Add Brussels, Bern, and Hong Kong.
And as for the Traitors who have infested our Capitol and acted as Inland Pirates and fostered this entire charade, we should have recognized them for what they are, too, also a long time ago.
Since when do political lobbyists hold the strings to the Public Purse in this country?
Wake up. If you don’t get it, if what I am telling you is too hard to understand, go back and re-read it as many times as necessary.
Satan’s Kingdom is forfeit. We won the game without a hot war. Now all that has to happen is for Mr. Trump and our military to wake up, support the actual civilian government of this country, and assist us in collecting our assets.


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