Situation Update, Jan 20th – Day of Reckoning: Will the republic DIE or be REBORN?

(Natural News) As America watched, a decrepit, mentally incompetent Joe Biden was “sworn in” today, with almost no members of the public in attendance, but with Biden surrounded by now a reported 65,000 troops, just like you’d see in a Third World dictatorship.

In truth, Biden wasn’t sworn into anything. The election was illegal, unconstitutional and fraught with deliberate malfeasance. The theft of the election renders the Biden regime null and void, carrying no legal weight whatsoever.

Everything the Biden regime attempts to do from this day forward isn’t rooted in law; it’s rooted in coercion. Rule by brute force, in other words. Gunpoint enforcement by a brutal, authoritarian regime that can only browbeat the population into submission through intense censorship, false flag operations and relentless media propaganda.

That’s why this isn’t over. Biden has no legitimacy, and the proof of election fraud still exists in abundance. It’s recorded in the ballots themselves, which must be saved for 22 months according to federal law. Any honest assessment of the ballots would reveal the Biden election theft, and legal efforts are still under way to reveal the truth.

In fact, just today, one hour after the inauguration of fake president Biden, a statement from Arizona Senate President Fann reveals that the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has agreed to the voting machine audit they’ve been hiding all this time. They waited until after Biden was sworn in, of course, because they know they cheated.

Biden also knows the election was stolen. He admitted before the election that dems were running the most elaborate vote fraud organization in the history of American politics. On camera, no less.

Now, Democrats are pushing to label all those who demand election integrity “domestic terrorists.” This is a blatant attempt to weaponize the federal government to target and intimidate anyone pointing to the mountain of vote fraud evidence that already exists.

As of today, they think they’ve successful stolen the election, but they know the evidence still exists that proves they cheated, so now they have to go into overdrive to complete their cover-up and try to suppress (or intimidate) anyone who tells the truth.

That’s why dems are now calling for actual secret police to be launched in America to spy on conservatives. One of the key factors they’ll be looking for is people who say Joe Biden is an “illegitimate” president, or that the election was stolen.

Yet every honest American knows it was stolen. And so do most democrats, who are universally satisfied that their election theft was “justified” because they really, really hate Donald Trump. And when the Left has sufficient hatred, they can justify absolutely anything, including door-to-door genocide of Christians, Whites, Trump supporters, gun owners and conservatives.

That’s where this is all moving toward now: A left-wing “cultural revolution” ethnic cleansing in America. And if the military doesn’t step in and take charge to save our constitutional republic, this nation will descend into a brutal left-wing regime that weaponizes the government against its own citizens and calls for mass killings of conservatives by labeling them all “domestic terrorists.”

It has already begun, in fact.

Today’s Situation Update for Jan 20th lays out more details of what we’re witnessing:

  • Trump’s farewell speech was not a concession speech.
  • Focused on family, life and opposing censorship. Don. Trump Jr., “The best is yet to come!”
  • Why the GOP is dead and a new “Patriot” party will likely be launched.
  • Why we must have faith in God as we navigate uncharted waters.
  • The Dems wanted us to know it was stolen. They want America to react so they can label everyone “domestic terrorists.”
  • Where Trump had real people at his inauguration, Biden’s team sticks flags in the ground and is mostly abandoned. (What a complete joke.)
  • Russiagate declass documents confirmed and partially released.
  • 12 members of the National Guard removed after FBI “vetting.” Also a complete joke.
  • Mike Pompeo declares China to be engaged in “genocide” and “crimes against humanity.” (Today, China has sanctioned Pompeo and 27 other people, including Steve Bannon.)
  • Why the military buildup in DC? It’s clearly not for an inauguration that’s mostly empty.
  • National Guard chief admits now 65,000 troops in DC. Now 4,300 have been deputized as US Marshals. Who are they planning on arresting, especially since there are no protesters there?
  • “Bloody” Gina Haspel resigns from CIA. Michael Ellis put in place at NSA. Haspel’s resignation was a marker claimed by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, who insists Trump will still be president.
  • Haspel was a key person blocking the declass effort.
  • Highway signs tell travelers to avoid going to DC.
  • A preview of the horrors to come if Biden seizes power: A nightmare of “radical trans activist clowns” will attempt to rule over America.
  • Sec. of Defense nominee Gen. Austin wants to turn the US military into a woke festival of LGBT troops and eliminate all Whites, conservatives and Christians from the military. (Get ready for the Gay Marines and the Lesbian Air Force.)
  • The rise of digital fascism: The Left knows they lied and cheated and stole the election, and they fear the people and the military.
  • Steve Bannon warns of the formation of the new “Stasi” secret police to spy on Americans.
  • Laura Loomer put on secret no-gun red flag list by vengeful FBI.
  • Big Tech censorship goes into overdrive, unleashing a “one way” trip to Hell for America if this isn’t reversed.
  • Pelosi launches attack on people who don’t support abortion.
  • Mainline conservative publishers and personalities ordered to toe the line on pushing vaccines.

Black People, You’ve Been Conned

 By Anna Von Reitz

Well, we’ve all been conned, but you’ve been conned more than the rest of us. 

From everything I have seen, Martin Luther King, Jr. took half a loaf — a grant of “Civil Rights”—- and that, at least temporarily, prevented recognition of the Natural and Unalienable Rights actually owed to black people.

Maybe he thought that half a loaf was better than none.  Maybe he saw it as a stepping stone to eventually have the Natural and Unalienable Rights of all people fully recognized and honored.  

We’ll never know what MLK knew or what he thought about this issue, but certain other things are sure.  

It’s certain that the Democratic Party that so many black and colored people identify with and support has in fact been their primary political opponent for decades.  Look at the history.  Look at the voting records.  

It was Democrats that engineered conferring Municipal CITIZENSHIP on black people following the Civil War — effectively making them publicly-owned slaves instead of privately-owned slaves. 

It was Democrats who substituted Civil Rights for Natural and Unalienable Rights, too.   

Civil Rights are merely privileges conferred by the Municipal Congress.  And they can be taken away from the Municipal Congress on a whim.  

But your Natural and Unalienable Rights come from Nature and Nature’s God. 

Think about it.  You’ve been snookered.  

And you don’t need Municipal citizenship.  It was conferred on you, but you never needed it, and if you knew what it entailed, you would never want it, either.  

You can choose to exercise your birthright political status as Americans, instead.  You can be truly free and have your Natural and Unalienable Rights respected and protected.  You can claim your own assets for your own benefit.  

Like every other American, you simply need to know that you have that choice. And then, you need to make it.  

Go to:  Start learning the truth about your country now.  

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President of What?

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you have been reading my posts or following along at all, what is Joe Biden now “President” of?

Another Municipal Corporation formed by himself and Nancy Pelosi and a few other bad actors.

So what? We don’t have a contract with their new corporation. It’s an entirely foreign entity. Foreign owned. Foreign operated.

And they can’t have access to our money.

We have a contract with the Holy See called The Constitution of the United States, but that is a different matter entirely.

Now that the actual American Government is in Session, and the Municipal United States Government has been found guilty of fraud and violation of contract, it’s time for their paws to get out of our pockets, and for the Pope to pay his own program expenses.

Also time for him to Cease and Desist any pretense that Americans are Municipal citizens of the United States just because his minions confer a gift citizenship on us— that we don’t want or need— without our knowledge or consent.

We recognize the fraud for what it is, and accept the gift and return it to a permanent domicile on the land and soil of The United States. We dry dock it and take control of it.

Now the foreign VESSEL is ours and under our Public Law. It has been re-flagged and all Municipal Employees are obligated to recognize these facts.

To give you an analogy, it would be like Mexico conferring Mexican citizenship on you and then claiming that you owe Mexican taxes. It’s obvious fraud, and once you recognize the fraud, they are helpless to overcome it.

So now you know what to think and say next time the “Mexican police” — aka, the IRS, FBI, CIA, FEMA, MATANUSKA-SUSITNA BOROUGH, etc., come snooping around and pretending that you are a Mexican.

Habla non Espanol.

This is just an analogy. It could be the Canadian Government trying to pull the same trick on you…. and under their Roman Civil Law, as long as you are deceived by this nonsense, you are fair game.

After all, if you don’t know who you are, that you are an American, and if you don’t have sense enough to object to their presumptions, if you don’t bring your own government into Session and self-govern—- heck, who is to fault if they think you are a Mexican?

Instead of thinking of that THING in Washington, DC, as “your” government, which it most certainly is not and never was—- think of it as a foreign embassy sitting on your soil— because in essence, that is what it is.

We already told the Chinese that they can come collect all the property on the “one mile square” in recoupment of the debts “the US” owes them, and be welcome to dump it all in the Atlantic, for all we care.

It’s not our capitol. It’s not our debt. It’s not our carnival sideshow. And Joe Biden is not our President.

And as for the rest, the Municipality sits in the middle of another foreign entity, the District of Columbia, which is controlled by the Territorial Government — and is run by the United States Armed Forces.

Having been fully informed of the fraud committed against Americans the Territorial Government (Military) has encamped around the Washington, DC Municipality to (1) keep the peace and (2) enforce the constitutional limitations of the Municipal Government.

This is causing great consternation, but it’s okay. Everyone who took my advice and formed their State Assembly and all those who are “coming home” every day and joining their State Assemblies are sitting in the cat-bird seat and our country is perfectly safe.

The criminals who plotted all this are either: (a) long since dead, or (b) on their way to jail or (c) locked down in Washington, DC.

Just steer the course forward, depend on the military and the Church leaders to catch up with the nogoodniks, and do your Public Duty to Self-Govern. That will help President Trump more than you could possibly know.

Go to: and weigh in today.

Expect that the Territorial (Military) Government will also be in a transition of its own, as it reorganizes as a republic and no longer operates as a Municipal CORPORATION. Be aware that governments at the Territorial level around the world will be making similar changes.

We need to keep our noses in our baileywick and keep on doing our Public Duty to operate our State Assemblies and open our State Courts to serve our people. At that point, everything becomes much simpler for everyone. The Public Law once again becomes accessible for every American, the Constitutions click back into place and we all avoid a great deal of nastiness.

Learn all that you can about your own history.

And don’t mistake “US History” as being “American History” any longer.

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Lorie Ladd 1-20-21 VIDEO… “You Got This! Remember, THIS IS ASCENSION”

Just ran across this after returning home (after, short drive, change cars, Arcedium mocha, drive through sunny countryside, fill LeSabre with gas, Culvers chocolate custard and coffee). It is just the message I feel I was ready to hear. Perhaps others will resonate with this.


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Today’s been a big day with many emotions running high. I’m here to tell you not to give up, never lose hope, and trust in God.
Good will forever triumph over evil.
What we’re experiencing is the calm before the storm. And the storm is coming.

Buckle up, we’re about to cross over. Do not let the narrative sway the truth. God Wins. Period.

promotion image20200805-53526-5nvqnm

Let’s get back to basics. When in doubt always refer to our manual.

And the Lord says…
Do not be afraid although briars and thorns are all around you.
Do not be afraid of what they say or be terrified of them.

His hand reached out to me and in it was a scroll, which he unrolled before me. On both sides of it were written words of lament and mourning and woe.

Let us not be afraid for God will reveal the truth and it’s going to be painful.

Bible pages

Jesus said, I am the way, and the truth and the life.
John 14:6

Have you ever stopped to consider the definition of the “way?” The common understanding is a direction or manner. We believe that Jesus gives us our direction by his manner.
Let us stretch a little to reconsider our belief.

Have you ever heard the term “spelling?”
When we speak, or see the written word, a “spell” is cast upon our understanding. The same holds true about our need to spell things correctly as the letters dictate the meaning. It’s time to uncover the truth in the illusion.


When Jesus said I am the “way,” maybe it’s not a direction or a manner, but rather a weight to consider. Way = weigh if we ignore the “spelling.”

If Jesus is the weigh, we can understand that nothing carries more weight than God.
God is love. Nothing could ever be greater.
Nothing can outweigh or overpower love.

Jesus is the truth. If it’s not love, it’s not true. Realize the grand illusion.

Jesus is the life. Life is the constant existence of movement; vibration. The Most high vibration is love.

Let us not be afraid knowing that nothing is greater than the power of love.

american flag

We the people of this great nation stand as one in the name of our Father, indivisible to maintain our unalienable right to life and liberty.
God is on our side. Success is inevitable.

promotion image20200425-21486-16afbco

Hold the line. Do not lose faith.

The best is yet to come. AS PROMISED.

I AM with you.
I love you,
Miss Merrilee


All the Jews Joe Biden has tapped for top roles in his administration

 Here’s a rundown of the Jewish names you should know as the Biden administration begins.

By JTA Staff,

President-elect Joe Biden filled the months before Inauguration Day lining up a slate of Cabinet secretaries, assistants and advisors, many of them Jewish.

Biden’s choices reflect a diverse cross-section of American Jewry and possess expertise gleaned from decades of experience in government, science and medicine and law.

> Here’s a rundown of the Jewish names you should know as the Biden administration begins.

Anthony Blinken, Secretary of State

Blinken, a longtime Biden advisor with an extensive diplomacy resume, is the stepson of a Holocaust survivor whose stories shaped his worldview and subsequently his policy decisions, including in the Middle East. He holds mainstream Democratic views about Israel and said during his confirmation hearing Tuesday that he wants the U.S. to reenter the Iran nuclear deal — and that he would consult with Israel on Iran policy.

David Cohen, CIA Deputy Director

Cohen, who has long been involved in Jewish causes and issues, will occupy the job he held under President Barack Obama. He does not require confirmation, meaning that Biden’s CIA has a top expert in Iran issues from Day One.

Merrick Garland, Attorney General

Garland was blocked from joining the Supreme Court in the last year of the Obama administration. Now, he’ll require Senate confirmation to become the country’s top lawyer. In his speech after being nominated, he credited his grandparents, who fled anti-Semitism in Europe before coming to the US.

Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence

Haines was deputy director of the CIA under Obama and Biden reportedly considered her to run that agency. Her mother was the Jewish painter Adrian Rappin (originally Rappaport), and her non-Jewish father once wrote in an account about a trip with Haines to Israel that the nominee identifies as Jewish.

Ronald Klain, Chief of Staff

Klain, a longtime Biden who was the president-elect’s first major appointment in November, was previously chief of staff to Biden in his vice president days and to Vice President Al Gore. He has maintained ties with his childhood synagogue in Indianapolis, where he famously learned multiple Torah portions for his bar mitzvah, and has spoken about his commitment to raising Jewish children.

Eric Lander, Office of Science and Technology Policy director

Lander, a leading geneticist, will require Senate confirmation after Biden elevated his position to the Cabinet level. After he was criticized for toasting James Watson, the scientist who is credited with discovering the shape of DNA and who also expressed racist and sexist views, Lander said he, too, had been the subject of anti-Semitic comments by Watson.

Rachel Levine, deputy health secretary

Levine, raised in a Conservative Jewish home in Massachusetts, is Pennsylvania’s health secretary. She is the first known transgender person to be nominated for a position that requires Senate confirmation.

Alejandro Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security

Mayorkas, 60, the deputy secretary of Homeland Security under President Barack Obama, was born in Cuba to a Cuban Jewish father and Romanian Jewish mother who survived the Holocaust. He has worked closely with Jewish groups and spoken often about the specific threats facing American Jews. An array of Jewish groups sought a swift confirmation given the threat of extremist violence surrounding the presidential transition, but a Republican senator who supported overturning the election results blocked that possibility on Tuesday.

Anne Neuberger, National Security Agency cybersecurity director

An Orthodox Jew originally from Brooklyn and educated through college in Orthodox schools, Neuberger has worked at the NSA for more than a decade. She helped establish the US Cyber Command and worked as chief risk officer, where she led the agency’s election security efforts for the 2018 midterms.

Wendy Sherman, deputy secretary of state

Sherman was the lead negotiator for the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and took the lead in advocating for the agreement with the Jewish and pro-Israel communities, later describing tensions with Israel and some American Jewish groups over the deal as “very, very painful.” She has also played a role in hewing the Democratic Party platform to traditional pro-Israel lines.

Janet Yellen, Treasury secretary

Yellen already made history as the first woman chair of the Federal Reserve, but now she has been appointed to be the first female Treasury secretary. The respected centrist was one of three Jews featured in a 2016 Trump attack ad that reflected longstanding antisemitic tropes.



Cosmic Agency: Video Art of War, White Hats, Alliance, Trump Inbox with Full Transcript

VIDEO Art of War – White Hats, Alliance, Trump, Inauguration, Arrests – Yazhi Swaruu´s Opinion Full Transcript Below the Fold Opinion – Yazhi Swaruu’s (Taygetan Pleiadian)  – January 19, 2021 1.      1. This is a media war, a war for opinions and perception.  The tools for such a war include deception and lies. In war …