Declaration of the Violation Against Humanity’s Free Will and Birth Rights

Was man given Free Will when he took his place on the surface of our home planet Earth? Teachings and educational accounts say “Yes” and this Prime Directive comes into play everyday in the decisions of our Society’s Co-Creative Consciousness. However, many questions arise as to the veracity of this claim. For example: Does our Earth surface Humanity allow unfettered good to happen to its inhabitants naturally? Or are our lives controlled and subjugated by fear? Do we manifest our Creator’s intended spirituality and evolution? Or, are our Birth Rights under heavy attack in attempts to control us by Dark Forces? Does all of Humanity approve of the wars we’re involved in? Or do Humanity’s wars benefit the few self-appointed “elites?” Are our elections run freely and do the masses votes count? Or, are we under the illusion of Democracy where voting is second to actual vote counting. Who then, do our politicians and government serve if not the people?

We offer up to Humanity, the Earth Alliance, the Angels, the Guardians, the Non-Terrestrial overseeing bodies, the Ascended Masters, the Galactic Federation, the Galactic Confederation, and all other participating Galactics and concerned parties that Humanity’s Free Will and Birth Rights have been severely violated in our human history and are under intolerable attack right now. We ask that the global elite power control be ended and that Humanity be given and restored, the true Birth Right of our Creator’s intended inheritance.

Through the course of human events, it once again becomes necessary for people to dissolve the illegitimate controlling bands of power which have connected them with other persons and beings and to assume among the powers of the Earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of the Universe and the Prime Directive of the One Infinite Creator entitle them, a profound respect to the Forces of the Universe requires that they should declare the causes which compel them to the separation.

We hold these truths to be clarion among the Universe, that all Men are created to their Highest Potential, that Mankind was given certain Universal and Human Birth Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness among the Earth and in its rightful place among the Universe. That to secure these rights, PUBLIC GOVERNMENTS were to be instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the open and honest consent of the governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Birth Right of the Humanity and it’s People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Indeed, Governments should not be changed for light and transient causes; but when a long train of abuses and usurpations of Humanity reduces said Humanity to mental, emotional, physical, financial and spiritual enslavement under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. — Such has been the patient sufferance of the Global Nations under control of the Secret Government Global Cabal. The history of the Global Elite is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over the world identified as the New World Order.

To prove this, let facts be submitted to a dutiful and honorable Universe:

Humanity’s Free Will and Birth Right has been violated when:

A global financial system is allowed to enslave people through fear and the creation of “Babylonian Money Magic Slave System”

Election fraud is perpetrated on the voting masses through systematic voter purging, vote flipping, voter disenfranchisement, disallowance of whole and rightful voting tallies

Mass media portends election tampering when in collusion with party officials to support certain candidates while dissuading others or falsely announcing outcomes prior to final poll results and/or announce fabricated poll standings

The system of government is bypassed with unconstitutional Executive Orders usurping the power conferred in the Congress and right of representational rule is often abridged in exchange for money

Aggressor nations and allies like the US and NATO carry out Illegal Wars without consent of the US Congress, without Declaration of War, without authority from the UN, and without approval from the victim nation

During the ongoing “War on Terror” public discourse is bypassed, muzzled and quelled by force and perpetrated as a threat to the welfare of a free and open society through social engineered and orchestrated descent or abject opposition to peace creating a divide and rush to judgment with often biased collusion and controlled narrative through broadcast television intended to instill more fear into the masses

Crimes against nature, the environment, Gaia, food crops, our skies and oceans are committed against peaceful protest with illegitimate police forces and misinformed accomplices working against the common good and, rather, for the protection of corporate interests and greed and hidden agendas of the elite

The very existence of Humanity is threatened by further war and aggressions in the pursuit of resources, money and pursuit of material over spiritual betterment

Healthcare is not freely provided to those in need but made a profit motive and an entire pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is propagated on profits over patients managing people to stay sick or clinically diseased and vaccinated often harboring the very disease they are in public trust to prevent. Healing technologies are developed, paid for through taxation yet inaccessible to the masses

Free energy technology is proven and available but undisclosed under the guise of “National Security” and status quo

Electromagnetic Fields are used as weaponry over Humanity causing depression, lethargy, lack of will and vitality

Surveillance technology creates a totalitarian state of repressive, obtrusive, over-reaching intrusion into daily life of free persons

The truth of our human origins are kept hidden from Humanity thus denying us our Birth Right to knowledge and evolution

Humanity has endured these oppressions for far too long and at great cost to Human Life, sense of Safety and Security, and Prosperity. Humanity has been protesting these violations and voting for change, change that gets usurped by the global elite and not administered in earnest to the service-of-others. We have appealed to our courts and magnanimity for years to no avail. In the current times, we must, therefore, acquiesce in the necessity, to denounce our bonds of dissolution and demand that the truth be disclosed, and hold the Global Elite Cabal as conscious and guilty violators, murderers, and instigators of Crimes against Humanity, in Peace – as Co-inhabitants of our wondrous, rich, just and bountiful planet Earth.

We, therefore, a small band of Awakened Humans of Planet Earth on behalf of all Humanity, appealing to the Supreme Judge and Non-Terrestrial Supreme Federation currently in our Sol System via the Guardians, Resistance Movement, Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters and others in awareness, solemnly publish and declare, in the Name, and by the Authority of the Prime Directive on behalf of the good people of the Earth, that by Birth Right, WE ought to be Free and Held Harmless, that Humanity is Absolved from the Enslavement of the Global Elite Cabal and the extending and harming powers extended from therein. That we have by Right the ability to Ascend to Humanity’s inevitable potential along with the Earth – Gaia, with help and assistance of Higher Evolved Beings and those former oppressors who undergo supervised and qualified, celestial and Non-Terrestrial healing, and are just, righteous and solemnly repentant.

We are thankful that the planet should be going through its rightful ascension right now, but not happy that the true benefits to Humanity are being unfairly withheld from the overwhelming majority of us. Please heed the cries of the Earth’s Beings, be they Microbial Life, Mineral Life, Plant Life, Sea Life, Animal Life, Mammalian Life, Avian Life, Human Life, Extra-Terrestrial Life, Extra-Dimensional Life, Inner-Earth Life. The Universe surely hears the cries of the trees, the sickness of the ocean, the coughing of the skies, the dying of the fertility of the earth’s once bountiful food harvest, and the sorrow of our Brothers and Sisters as unified voices that need to be heard and responded to in this greatest hour of need.

We therefore submit Our plea, in the Love and Light of the One Infinite Creator, one day hoping to join You and the Universe as a Free and Ascended Humanity, glorifying in the Power and Peace of the One Infinite Creator.

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My investigation of the so-called COVID deaths

July 9, 2020

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At this point, I’ve written and published over 150 articles on the COVID fraud.

For every major assertion I make in the following overview, I’ve written at least one article.

To sum it up: deaths labeled “COVID” have nothing to do with the purported virus.

The purported virus has never been discovered. A claim of discovery was made, but proper scientific procedures were never carried out.

Which leaves the question: why are all these people dying?

Are the deaths all stemming from the same cause? No. They aren’t.

Overview: A huge percentage of people dying have traditional diseases: flu-like illness, pneumonia, other lung infections. Many of these deaths have been re-labeled as COVID deaths.

For example, about 300,000 people a year in China die from pneumonia. It’s quite easy to call some of these deaths “COVID.”

A large number of people in Italy die every year from flu-like illness. The same re-labeling occurs there.

In Chinese cities, in the north of Italy, in Spain, there is very heavy air pollution. This pollution causes severe lung conditions and exacerbates already-existing lung problems. Some of the consequent deaths are called “COVID.”

As I’ve stated in previous articles, COVID is old people. In New York, for example, those 65 and older account for 73.6 percent of all so-called COVID deaths in the city. These people are actually dying, prematurely, of previous serious health conditions, plus long-term treatment with toxic drugs, plus the terror of a COVID diagnosis, plus isolation from family and friends. Many of these people are dying in nursing homes. No new virus required.

Take that picture and it will generally describe what is happening all over the world. COVID is old people. In Canada, for example, 81 percent of all so-called COVID deaths occur in nursing homes.

One other factor in New York. The current hospital treatment—breathing ventilators and sedation—kills 97.2 percent of those patients over the age of 66 who are subjected to it.

What about this re-labeling I mentioned? How is it done? Several ways. In hospitals, doctors simply write “COVID-19” on patient files. After patients die, their charts can be tagged “COVID.”

In general, there are three types of diagnosis. No test at all—just the observation of general flu-like symptoms. Or a PCR test, or an antibody test. Both tests spit out “COVID” results in a significant percentage of cases. The result has nothing to do with the detection of a unique “COVID virus.” The result is a function of the tests.

What about new conditions? Are any people dying as a result of non-traditional factors? In any so-called pandemic, this is possible. In the north of Italy, there were several vaccination campaigns, just prior to the announcement of “COVID.” In New York, as I pointed out, the ventilator treatment is killing patients. Then there is the whole issue of 5G technology rollouts. To delve into that subject, I suggest exploring the work of Arthur Firstenberg, author of The Invisible Rainbow.

Do not assume that ONE CAUSE is the explanation for all so-called COVID deaths. This is a common deep error. “Well, if it isn’t the virus, then what is it?” There is no “it.” There is only a psychological disposition to search for an “it.” Look for MULTIPLE CAUSES.

There are always outlier cases. Unexplained deaths. Some people are quick to jump on these cases and claim they prove the virus is real and is a killer on the loose. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“Young and healthy, suddenly dropped dead. See, it must be the virus.”

No, it doesn’t have to be the virus. Unexplained cases—especially when a viral cause is arbitrarily brought on board—need to be examined very closely. They rarely are.

When I was writing my first book, AIDS INC., in 1988, I looked into a very early set of AIDS cases in Los Angeles. They were all described as young, “previously healthy,” and then “suddenly struck down by a new virus.”

The CDC published parts of their medical records. From the records, it was clear “previously healthy” was a gross lie. These young men had prior medical conditions, for which they were undoubtedly treated with toxic medicines. There was an indication of toxic street drug use. After an hour of reading their partial records, the diagnosis of “suddenly struck down by a new virus” was quickly dissolving.

I’ve been investigating so-called epidemics for 30 years. I’ve developed the strategy of looking for multiple causes of death that have nothing to do with the announced virus of the moment. I’ve always found those causes.

“The virus” is one of the greatest frauds in modern history.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

Robert Steele: Breaking the Silence Against the Zionist Criminal State’s Occupation of the USA and Palestine

I have been flooded with positive emails from patriots every since I published

Robert Steele: On the Zionist Parasite — America First Demands An End to Israel First (Treason) UPDATE on Zionist Funding & Control of Black Lives Matters, Pieczenik Video (7:13)

and did this interview

#UNRIG Video (53:10) Shaun Attwood Famous Crime Author & Robert Steele Former Spy on Maxwell, Mossad, Clintons, CIA Crime

And now that I am going all in on proposing Dr. Cynthia McKinney, the ultimate anti-Zionist, as Vice President, with  this collage that has made it to the President via his family (the Zionists were not able to block this one!)

#UNRIG Video (4:48) Dr. Cynthia McKinney Collage for President Donald Trump — Mother of All Landslides? YES!

I am getting TONS of email from people saying that Cynthia McKinney is the one person who could get them to come back into the process and vote. If the President were to combine Dr. Cynthia McKinney as Vice President with #UNRIG Electoral Reform legislation in September and the civil and criminal forfeiture of $100 trillion in  tangible assets purchases by Wall Street insiders with illicit wealth, I do believe we could achieve the Mother of All Landslides.

Still missing is the war room and the truth channel — expel the press filth from the White House and implement the below restructuring, and we have a foundation for a restoration of America the Beautiful in quick time.

NOTE: More and more signs [Robert Steele: JFK Jr. Is Alive (80%)] point to JFK Jr. and his wife being alive and ready to return to the fight.  My personal feeling is that  this would be such a miracle that he and his wife should spend the next four years traveling the country healing us all and educating everyone on the Deep State — then — with #UNRIG election reform in place, he can run for President in 2024 and perhaps keep Dr. Cynthia McKinney as a continuity Vice President while naming a transpartisan Cabinet that works with a transpartisan Congress to make evidence-based decisions in the public interest.

That’s how I see it. Me, I just want to reform education, intelligence, and research, and support Mike Flynn and Bill Binney in purging America of all traitors, pedophiles, and both white and black collar criminals..

These are the ENDS in the Preamble to our Constitution:

  • Form a more perfect Union
  • Establish Justice
  • Insure Domestic Tranquility
  • Provide for the Common DEFENSE
  • Promote the GENERAL Welfare
  • Secure the Blessings of LIBERTY

Not what we have now. I am committed to these ends.  Whatever it takes.


Robert Steele: Memo for POTUS – The Resurrection of the USA – Your Legacy, 200 Years, Must Be Systemic

For All State Assemblies — Notice of Ongoing Fraud

By Anna Von Reitz

We have today received an “Order” from the Reign of Heavens Society demanding that we stand down and accusing us of “stealing” property that they propose belongs to them.
The actual law and history is this—- and we do have proof and documentation of it all:
The Reconstruction of our Confederation of States of States (aka Confederate States) after the Civil War was never finished. This led to part of the original Federal Government known as the Federal Republic, being inoperable. That created a vacuum of power, and our unscrupulous European Subcontractors stepped into it.
The actual Federation of States (States not “States of States”) was never involved in the war directly, but suffered considerable undermining and misinformation.
Many key officers and other people who worked for the actual Federation of States known as The United States of America, were shot like Lincoln, threatened, forced to flee for their lives to the hinterlands of the Great Northwest as “outlaws”, bribed into complicity, blackmailed with sex and drugs, and otherwise overcome. This then allowed the actual criminals infesting Washington to bypass the actual government and usurp upon it.
They didn’t “officially” commit treason, but treason it was. They “set aside” the actual government and the actual Federal Constitution, known as The Constitution for the united States of America, and began operating under “Emergency Powers” that were never granted and don’t in fact exist.
They substituted British Territorial “States of States” for the missing American States of States that were supposed to be running the Federal Republic part of the Federal Government and displaced the actual State Government vested in the State Assemblies of living people.
As in Europe, they “enfranchised” everyone without full disclosure and “unlawfully converted” people into “persons” — depriving them of their actual identities, rights, and assets.
In 1868, a Scottish Commercial Corporation stole the Good Name and Identity of our Federation of States, The United States of America, and began doing business as “The United States of America”—-Incorporated, for purposes of credit fraud, just like a credit card hacker steals identities today.
We have the Articles of Incorporation and records of this Scottish Interloper, so we know what went on and have the proof of it.
This Scottish Doppelganger went bankrupt in 1907 and the bankruptcy settled in 1953, leaving a considerable amount of detritus and stolen artifacts of the Federal Republic and a few bits of things belonging to the Federation up for auction at a Naval Yard Auction.
Keith Livingway, the organizer of the Reign of the Heavens Society went to the auction, bought the stolen artifacts, and is trying to claim that he owns “The United States of America” — that is, the defunct Scottish Interloper —- hence the “Cease and Desist Order” from him and his crew.
They are acting as pirates under International Law, because they are stealing what was stolen from us by the Scottish Interloper, which was a pirate before them.
The actual International Law is: “Possession by pirates does not change ownership.” So everything including our Good Name and Trademarks which were ours in 1776 and ever afterward, are still ours, not theirs, by simple Operation of Law.
They are the thieves and would-be pirates.
The same laws that apply when some hacker steals your identity and makes charges on your credit card, apply to them and the Scottish Interloper that preceded them, too.
Receipt of the proceeds of a theft and failure to return the property to the rightful owners makes you an accomplice to the original theft, which is exactly where both the Reign of Heavens Society and Russell J. Gould stand at this moment.
Both have been fully informed and told the truth about this matter, and both have refused to return the stolen items to the actual government of this country.
Ironically, they have accused me of doing what they have done themselves — that is, theft of our country’s assets— but that is nothing new, as those in the Dark always accuse their opponents of doing what they are doing themselves.
I suppose that pirates suspect everyone else of being pirates, too.
However, in that supposition they are provably wrong.
Not only do I have a published and recorded Irrevocable Will that clearly sets forth my settled intention for everything I have done (They do not.) but my statement of intent and Will have been carried through and implemented via literally hundreds of claims and recordings that serve to:
(1) Reclaim all the assets of the Federal Republic, the original American States of States and the State Trusts set up for them after the Civil War, (2) reclaim all the assets of the unauthorized Municipal STATES OF STATES and the UNITED STATES, INC., (3) reclaim all the assets of the Territorial States of States and the USA, Inc., and E PLURIBUS UNUM THE UNITED STATES, INC., (4) return these and a great many other assets to the Union of States, dba, The United States, and assign the international powers to The United States of America.
This was done so that everything was restored right and proper, with all ownership interest returned to the living people and the actual physical states, and all “mutually held” powers in the international jurisdiction were formally returned to The United States of America.
So beyond any question, the National Soil Jurisdiction has been returned to the Union and to the living people and to their states, and the International Land and Sea Jurisdiction have been returned to The United States of America, the member States, and the People.
And then beyond all of that, we raised the alarm and summoned the actual States of the Union into Session. This required a great deal of research and effort, because in the intervening years, those who profited from the Scottish Fraud in the first place, put up obstacles meaning to keep their ill-gotten gains.
Specifically, they misdirected our own Public Employees to mischaracterize us as Federal Citizens, not Americans.
We have had to unravel the entire scheme and develop potent means for Americans to reclaim their individual, natural birthright political status, BEFORE they could enter into and operate their actual State Governments again.
But we have done it and we have educated enough people and we have transported enough Americans home to the land and soil jurisdiction of every State and we now have fifty (50) populated States of the Union in place and we have fifty (50) legitimate State Assemblies in every State to make the correct claim with the proper standing to be the only legitimate and actual Lawful Government of this country: the Government of, for, and by the People, that is, the State Citizens of every State of the Union, who are owed enforcement of all the Federal Constitutions.
So the ones without a contract, without a history, without a legitimate claim, without honorable declared intent, without standing to make a claim, without all the recorded claims and assignments, without any right to use our Good Name on as much as a single piece of paper, without any claim upon the Confederation, without any claim on the Federal Republic, without any claim upon the Municipal United States, without any claim upon the Territorial United States and certainly without any claim on the actual Federation, The United States of America —- are all these old pirates, sitting there, trying to bullshit everyone into compliance with their fraud scheme.
Well, it isn’t going to work, and even if we were weak-minded enough to pay any attention to Keith Livingway and the Reign of the Heavens “Orders”— which we are not — it wouldn’t change anything, because the claims in favor of the actual unincorporated Union and our Federation of States and each member State, are already in place.
Everything has already been transferred back to the Union, the member states, and the people, and international control of the land and sea has been reassigned to The United States of America, which is controlled by the States and People of this country operating in international jurisdiction. Not Keith Livingway. Not the Reign of the Heavens Society.
Ironically, they have accused me of “stealing” what they have proposed to steal, but I have done exactly what I published as my Irrevocable Will, standing on the Public Record of the Anchorage, Alaska, Recording Office.
What it says, is that I am taking and seeking only my own private and share of public property assets, my name, my plot of land, my home, my natural and unalienable rights, my constitutional guarantees— the same exact things that are owed and granted to every other American. I didn’t take anything for me that I didn’t also take back and restore to all of you — your country, your assets, your privacy, your Good Names, your rights, your lawful identities, your States of the Union, your beneficial commercial contracts, treaties, and Public Law.
These other people acted as traitors, and seized upon your stolen assets for themselves. They didn’t shove themselves in the gap and hold the door open for you, so that you could come home and reclaim your birthright inheritance.
They didn’t educate you about the actual history and having “seized upon” your assets, they didn’t go through the expense and time and agony that we did, to record and register all the claims necessary to reclaim your assets for you and your States of the Union, too.
They didn’t take you, one by precious one, and show you how to reclaim your birthright as Americans so that you would have proper standing to operate your States of the Union. And they surely haven’t been your wingmen, showing you how to self-govern and bring your lawful State Assembly into Session.
They stole some part of your nation’s identity — and didn’t even try to return your property to you. Instead, they set up “kingdoms” for themselves, based on spurious claims, and planned another round of Pirates Jolly.
Russell J. Gould “seized upon” the Title IV Flag that you loaned to the Territorial United States Government — which is nothing but one particular proportioned size of your war flag, Old Glory, and is attempting to use that pitiful ruse as a means to defraud and mislead the U.S. Military into supporting his claims.
They don’t need Russell J. Gould and his verbiage to reclaim the Title IV Flag. The Title IV Flag doesn’t belong to him or to them. It belongs to us, the American States and People. We just loaned it to our Federal Subcontractors for their use when exercising our Delegated Powers. If they “lost” it, it is still ours.
Despite his claims otherwise, you still own the Title IV Flag and every other size and proportion of Old Glory that you care to use and own and fly proudly. You also own the Peacetime Flag, and you are entitled to fly that one, too.
Gould is also trying to employ another old Roman fraud — The Justinian Deception, which involves the use of DOG LATIN and the use of Anglicized Latin to make a mockery of any contract or legal process. Just go listen to the research of Romley Stewart to get a bellyful of that scam.
Keith Livingway has attempted to repeat the performance of the Scottish Interloper, and offered to steal and copyright the name of your Federation of States, and to pretend that thereby, he controls and owns “The United States of America—- Incorporated”.
Here is a piece of information for him, his cohorts, for all of you and for people everywhere —- corporations can exist for any “lawful” purpose. It doesn’t say “legal” purpose, does it? No, it does not. And all corporations that attempt fraud are subject to immediate liquidation.
The man uniquely responsible for making sure that corporations function in a lawful manner, is the Pope. I am forwarding this Public Notice and Request for Action to him, requesting that any copyright or other corporate charter granted to Keith Livingway or the Reign of the Heavens Society “in the name of” The United States of America be dissolved as an implement of fraud and attempted piracy against the interest and without the permission of the actual Holders in Due course.
And as for you, State Assemblies, it’s time you all posted Notices back to the Reign of the Heavens Society and to Keith Livingway—neither of which have a proper mailing address, for obvious reasons– telling them that honest Americans are welcome to come home, but pirates will be prosecuted.


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How A Future Without Money Would Work

“For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. By craving it, some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many sorrows.”–1 Timothy 6:10

While it is still not commonly held in mainstream discourse that humanity could survive and even thrive without some form of monetary exchange, more and more people that are starting to trace their general discontent about contemporary society to its source are finding money and profit motive at the root of it.

Perhaps the first of the knee-jerk reactions some people might have to the idea of shifting into a money-free system is the sinking feeling of watching their hard-earned wealth evaporate into nothingness, which they might equate with abject poverty. We are so programmed to equate money with abundance that we don’t understand what abundance truly is.

At the heart of it our ‘net’ abundance is shared, and is grounded in the resources available in nature on the planet. The aggregate of these natural resources not only represents our potential abundance but our very survival. A money system grants ownership to many of these resources, and makes it exponentially easier for those with abundance to get more abundance at the expense of the vast majority of people. A money system is, in some ways, antithetical to the proper management and distribution of these resources. Without money, each individual would naturally be entitled to their share of all the resources in the world, and that would never change. But how would such a system work?

Resource-Based Economy

Jacque Fresco, founder of the Venus Project, believes that the world has reached a level of technology that will allow us to build fully self-sustaining communities all over the world which, when optimally designed, will provide not only an unimaginably high level of abundance for all its residents, but a far greater sense of shared purpose within a community. This vision is grounded in the principles of a Resource-Based Economy:

In a Resource Based Economy all goods and services are available to all people without the need for means of exchange such as money, credits, barter or any other means. For this to be achieved all resources must be declared as the common heritage of all Earth’s inhabitants. Equipped with the latest scientific and technological marvels mankind could reach extremely high productivity levels and create abundance of resources.–Venus Project website

Without profit motive, individuals within the community will naturally turn their energy towards the efficient maintenance of the infrastructure and problem-solving and innovation for the collective, as the happiness and well-being of the community is naturally equated with one’s own happiness and well-being.

In the video below is a brief introduction to Fresco’s inspiring vision of our potential future. More information. including where the Venus Project is at on their timeline, is available on their website.

No Need For Trade

Since money is nothing more than a medium of exchange, it is only in removing the convention of exchange or ‘trade’ itself that then renders money obsolete. That’s why a Resource-Based Economy proposes that ‘all resources must be declared as the common heritage of all Earth’s inhabitants.’

In his TedX talk, Colin Turner really questions the idea that ‘trade’ is the only organizational model for life on the planet, and in fact outlines the ways in which trade is actually antithetical to human abundance and well-being:

We all more or less accept trade as being the de facto way of operating our society, so much so that we even see it as some kind of universal law. But it might surprise you to know actually that trade has only existed in relatively recent years, that in 90% of our modern human history we didn’t actually trade at all, there still are no archaeological traces of trade. In these early tribal, agrarian communities what actually happened was there was an implied understanding that everyone in the tribe looked after each other. And this was how the tribes operated for perhaps the vast majority of our early human history.

So we see trade now as a very important way of doing business, and you have to say that trade works, I get what I want and you get what you want and we all go home happy. But when you actually scratch the surface a little bit more about how trade actually pans out in the real world, it’s not such a nice story. It seems to be a better theory than actually works out in practice.

For example, the most obvious case is, about 3 billion people in the world today live on $2.50 or less a day–many of them much, much less than that. Obviously they are wracked with starvation or dying of curable diseases, so, I mean, you have to ask yourself, is trade really working for them, for those people? Clearly, it isn’t.

Colin Turner is the founder of The Free World Charter, which currently has 58,611 signatories among people from 215 different countries (and would welcome yours, if you are so inclined). The charter constitutes a set of principles that really formalizes the notion that all human individuals are entitled to maintain an equal share of the Earth’s resources, but it also outlines the natural responsibilities and practices that each individual would assume in order to live optimally and harmoniously together in a money-free community and world. Here are the ten principles:

  1. The highest concern of humanity is the combined common good of all living species and biosphere.
  2. Life is precious in all its forms, and free to flourish in the combined common good.
  3. Earth’s natural resources are the birthright of all its inhabitants, and free to share in the combined common good.
  4. Every human being is an equal part of a worldwide community of humans, and a free citizen of Earth.
  5. Our community is founded on the spirit of cooperation and an understanding of nature, provided through basic education.
  6. Our community provides for all its members the necessities of a healthy, fulfilling and sustainable life, freely and without obligation.
  7. Our community respects the limits of nature and its resources, ensuring minimal consumption and waste.
  8. Our community derives its solutions and advances progress primarily through the application of logic and best available knowledge.
  9. Our community acknowledges its duty of care and compassion for members who are unable to contribute.
  10. Our community acknowledges its responsibility to maintain a diverse and sustainable biosphere for all future life to enjoy

These are certainly not the final words on which principles should truly define a future society and world free of money, but in reading them one can clearly grasp the overall essence of the kind of mindset we will need to develop and implement in our lives if we are to shift into this new paradigm.

Walking Away From A Money Economy

The shift we are looking for here is grounded in a conscious move by the individuals of this planet away from a model of competition and towards a model of cooperation. We are all quite familiar with both, as we surely have an ample amount of experience in both ways of relating to the people around us. If you could choose right now, which kind of model would you want as the basis for the entire planet?

Some might argue that the competitive/trade/money paradigm has been instrumental in getting us to make progress, especially technologically, which we may not have achieved by remaining with the cooperative tribal model. There may be some truth in this. But does it not seem that, at this time in history, most of us have had it with the debt, scarcity, and inequality that is a hallmark of the money model? Are we not hungering for more love, cooperation and shared abundance imbued in the very organizational structures we create for ourselves to live?

Understand that making this change is not as simple as going to the United Nations or other authoritative world body, as Jacque Fresco has already done. Presenting a compelling vision of a future without money to the benefit of all of humanity does not automatically mean that the world authority will implement it right away. The powers behind world authority like the UN are actually made up of those who have the most money. What we see going on in the public arena are essentially the machinations of the puppets they control.

This is nothing new. An overall system that maintains power by the few has been in place ever since money and exchange were introduced. While in the past this wealth was protected over generations and generations by certain families who were the visible ‘royalty,’ ‘noblemen’ and ‘aristocracy’ of the day, today’s world only differs in the sense that these powers are more hidden from sight, while countries maintain the illusion of having some form of ‘democracy.’

The point is that we will never be able to elicit the help of our authority if we want to abandon our current money economy. Those in authority, who at the very top own a vast percentage of the world’s resources, certainly believe they would have the most to lose if we moved to a model founded on equally-shared abundance. What we actually need to do is elicit the help of each other, energizing important movements and fostering an awakening as to how powerful we actually are as a collective. When a critical mass of us begin marching in step to a new way of life, the current authority will have no power to stop us.

The Takeaway

A money-free society and world can certainly work from the standpoint of creating abundance for everyone on the planet. What is needed is a new awareness founded on some of the natural principles discussed here. The more that individuals of the planet slowly move away from competitive money-centered practices and spend their time and energy cultivating cooperation, the more quickly we will be able to collectively walk away from a system that no longer serves us.

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