The Private Indemnity Bond, the Church, and the Broken Spell

By Anna Von Reitz

I received an un-marked communication asking me for a copy of the Private Indemnity Bond that I lodged with the Treasury; it must be understood that it is “private” only in the sense of being on the private side of the Treasury Ledger, and is in fact available for anyone to research at the United States Treasury by Bond Number.
What it says is that I and others including Witnesses who have established the fact that unlimited credit is owed to us, have indemnified (that is, underwritten) the States — meaning the actual States — to do mercantile business and to insure them against loss.
To do this effectively, we placed liens first upon the assets of the National Credit, and then upon the assets of the Municipal STATES OF STATES and then upon the assets of the Territorial States of States, and rolled all of that into the Federal State Trusts. After that, we brought it all full circle and returned the Federal State Trusts to the actual Union, The United States, and The United States then returned assignment of the international “Powers” to our unincorporated Federation of States — The United States of America.
The indemnity bond is necessary for the Federal State Trusts to be liquidated and for The United States of America [Unincorporated] to do international business. Similar to owning a car, the Ship of State must be insured and underwritten when it conducts international business.
In the same way, The United States of America takes precedence as the Priority Creditor in “international waters” over all Delegated Authorities (the Queen and the Pope) and also over all Federal entities (including all US Corporations, States of States, and so on).
Basically, the people (The United States) possess it all– the whole shooting match, in sum total— and the People acting as State Citizens in behalf of their States together operate The United States of America to serve the people.
Those operating in an international capacity serve those operating in the national capacity.
This is so that local rule cannot be overcome by any foreign effort to imperil national security and suborn it through control of global or international levels of government.
The lawful tradition we honor prevents exactly what is going on right now, where Globalist criminals and self-interested internationalists are attempting to take over all the countries of the world through the simple device of owning and operating government services corporations— misdirected and evil corporations which the Pope is refusing to liquidate even though he is obligated to liquidate all such THINGS that operate in a criminal manner.
Corporations are only allowed to exist for “lawful” purposes, not “legal” purposes, a fact that Pope Francis and Company have clearly never learned, have forgotten, or chosen to ignore.
Chief among those offending corporations are those of the City of Westminster and the Bar Associations and all their associated accounts. Next are all the offending Municipal CORPORATIONS of the United States and all the other countries that have been abused by this “system” in which persons are treated as public properties.
Thus the liens are secured for the benefit of the living people of each State and for the State in terms of any property entrusted to any Federal State Trust or State of State organization’s holdings, and the people in turn indemnify the operations of the States and The United States of America in their behalf.
The assignments had to be done in this peculiar fashion thanks to the obstructions that the Perpetrators placed in the way of the lawful governments, but the plain and simple fact of it is that the way our government is constructed, as long as there is an American breathing on this planet, our government lives.
I am not putting the blame for all this on rank and file Catholics and as everyone knows, I have done more than my share to attempt to raise the conscience and the consciousness of the Roman Catholic Clergy, but the facts remain:
1. Incorporated “commercial” entities are all ruled by the Roman Curia within the Roman Catholic Church;
2. As they created these business structures, they are responsible for riding herd on them and making sure that they cause no harm;
3. They have thus far failed this critically important social function and let the corporations, especially those that they directly own or benefit from, run wild;
4. They have directly supported “operant programming” that is highly immoral through investments in organizations that target young children, like Disney, which is now owned by George Soros, and the illegal Federal Department of Education that Jimmy Carter used to dumb down four generations of Americans;
5. They have supported a worldwide program of chem-trail spraying that impacts every corner of the globe except Vatican City, which always makes sure that the chem-trail garbage is not spread on their soil and in their air;
6. They have condoned sexual abuse within the Church, among the Clergy, and among the members, and taken such a lax stand against it that chronic repeat offenders have been allowed to continue their activities with the protection of the Church;
7. They have taught a form of cannibalism as Doctrine of the Church by the adoption of the notion of “transubstantiation” teaching that communion wine and bread actually magically transforms into the blood and body of Jesus;
8. They have insinuated their operatives into over 700 of the largest corporations on Earth to form a criminal syndicate controlled by a massive Interlocking trust directorate;
9. They have planned to liquidate all the actual national governments and add two new layers of “corporate government” — both regional government and United Nations Government, on top of the very lucrative corporate “governmental services corporations” they have in place, and to burden the people down with the expenses of their betrayers and oppressors;
10. They have allowed the pernicious teachings of idolatry and usury to run rampant and unopposed and have attempted to hide these issues “under the rug” and keep the obvious fraud going against people of all nations;
11. They have promoted the fantastic Big Lie that carbon dioxide emissions are dangerous, when they are naturally buffered and amounts to .035 of one percent of the atmosphere;
12. They have failed to report and take appropriate action to address the actual problem which is a 5% drop in the amount of atmospheric oxygen in the past sixty years — a problem that can be countered by cleaning up pollution and planting trees and restoring other vegetation;
13. They have hatched a flagrantly fraudulent taxation scheme based on this ridiculous idea that carbon dioxide is causing “global warming” and attempted to make otherwise sane people agree to the Paris Accords they proposed;
14. They have participated in and colluded in the biggest human trafficking and enslavement scandal in the history of mankind and benefited themselves from it, along with the Queen and Westminster, all of whom owe us good faith service and perpetual amity.
I suppose I could go on, but why bother? That accounts for Jesus and the thirteen Disciples, all trampled underfoot, defamed, dis-served, and mocked. It is painfully apparent that however sincere Catholics may be, and however compassionate, and however devout —- their Church Leadership is following the Father of All Lies and doing so flagrantly to the detriment of life on this planet.
It’s really simple, if you think about it. Choose life and truth over death and lies. How much more obvious does it have to be?
Recently, leaders of several Italian families have repented. They don’t know much about religion or philosophy, but they know how they have lived lies, and told lies, and used lies to prosper. And they know now that Satan is the Father of All Lies. They have turned away from the evil infesting the Church.
I don’t know what put the fear of God into their hearts, but there is a great turn around coming. The shivers of the “earthquake” in the global power structure are being felt from Stockholm to Bangkok.
I felt exhausted this morning when I woke up, tired in a way beyond physical stress —- the kind of tired one feels after a great spiritual battle, so tired in fact that I didn’t immediately notice the change in the atmosphere. I was just going about my business drying my hair, checking my messages, and it hit me:
The spell is broken.
Enough people have awakened so that the powers of illusion and propaganda and lies and pretending to be something you are not, are broken, snapped like a rotten rubber band.
I shook my head in wonderment. The spell that has kept people enslaved for thousands of years, kept people worshiping idols, kept people are war — all of it — is broken. Gone like a bad smell or a black cloud.
All of a sudden, the atmosphere has changed. We are not in the same world we were in yesterday or all the other days we can remember. And all of a sudden look what has begun:
Tucker Carlson warns that America is being attacked by its own ruling class: Another brother woke up….. a flicker of life in the corpse of the Fourth Estate.
This really is unheard of — someone else besides me reporting on the Brits at the bottom of every dog pile?
Do you all realize that I have waited for this day, without knowing that I waited for it, all my life? And now that it’s here, I can’t quite take it in and am too tired to enjoy it? But tomorrow, a great many more Americans will wake up, and more Italians, and more Swiss. More Germans. More Brits.
The Tipping Point has been tipped.


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Mongoose: Is Angela Merkel the Agent and Is Webasto the Root Super-Spreader from 11 September 2019 — a 9/11 Anniversary — When She Visited Wuhan to Open the Factory and Kick off the BioWar on China?

Alert Reader intimately familiar with Germany suggests that Angela Merkel is the Zionist agent, and Webasto’s new factory in Wuhan, which Merkel visited on 11 September 2019,  the super-spreader source, together starting the biowar against China on that date.

Additional comments and links below the fold.

Alert Reader says:

I do not believe in coincidences. This appears to be connected to what you call the Zionist MEGA Group in the USA that funded 9/11 and Jeffrey Epstein.

01 Webasto in Wuhan, Merkel visits on 11 September 2019

Angela Merkel opens new Webasto China plant

02 Webasto was the first reported infection outside China.

Germany’s first coronavirus case is human-to-human transmission

It is possible the Chinese man was just a patsy, and the infection was contrived against an unwitting employee by Zionist agents within Webasto in Germany.

After Cases of Illness with Coronavirus: Webasto Extends Home Office Regulation for Staff at Company Headquarters

03 Merkel is a Zionist — a crypto Jew who speaks Hebrew — and a former agent of the GDR

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s ‘spectacular’ Jewish legacy

Merkel: Shoah binds Germany and Israel forever

04 Merkel was put into power by the Zionist MEGA Group in the USA, Bronfman particularly.  Kohl was blackmailed, with one major murder.

From the archives: Key W. German Banker Killed in Car Bombing

The Scandal that Helped Merkel Become Chancellor

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The Battle for YOUR Imagination

I witnessed something fascinating the other night.  I do some ride share driving to supplement the income, depending on what comes in via the blog.  I was driving on Congress Avenue in Austin, attempting to pick up a passenger.  Austin developers, like in many gentrifying cities, is removing 15-20 residential homes at a time to build 4-5 story apartment blocks.  Austin’s developers are showing my sense of design than what I saw in Seattle but often these apartments are a tight fit on existing streets.  And in Austin they have one entrance/exit out, and its to a parking garage.  These entrances/exits are very poorly designed. This is also where ride share drivers pick up their rides which creates some issues with getting turned around without going into the parking garage which is often gated.  Pasadena California has similar apartment complexes.

As I was doing a 5 point turn, I spotted this skinny man on an electric scooter swinging his skinnny butt back and forth as he went bee-bopping back and forth down the street in serpentine fashion and blocking traffic behind him.  He seemed to be itching for a confrontation and he knew he was slowing down traffic. I said to the couple in the car “this guy has a death wish”… 

You could say this gentlemen was what those in Austin like to call a “protected class” And as I watched him approaching I slowed my exit, hell I was going to wait until was past me!  But behind him was this magnificent black woman (another protected class) who was having none of this guy’s nonsense behavior blocking traffic and keeping her from entering her apartment complex! She jumps out of her Hyundai like she’s going to kick his ass and starts giving him a much deserved scolding.  But that move was not well thought out either.

It was kind of funny, but then every comedy has its roots in tragedy. Its the tragedy part I didn’t want to witness.  I began to feel like I was I was on the edge of an energy whirlpool not of my making, and lots of impatient drivers were making impulsive Friday night moves and none of the situation looked good as the scooter rider got into an argument with the black woman (who’s car wasn’t fully out of the street yet).  If an accident happens its going to hit my car too. 

A UPS truck momentarily blocked traffic and those guys are great drivers,  I gunned my car and got out of there.  The couple in the back said “Thank you for that!” as they were feeling it too.  It all felt messed up.  I got the couple safely to their Mexican Restaurant.

It got me thinking about the scooter rider, itching for a confrontation, and the magnificent black woman who showed up to give him just that!  And this quite funny argument that ensued in a very dangerous moment.  All of it created by the imagination of the scooter rider.  And none of it felt good.  That was what was noticeable to me was the energy of it all,  It was feng shui slamming into fucked up.

Imagination benders

Journalism: We all know that since Obama signed the law that official allowed US intelligence agencies to utilize the domestic press as a propaganda outlet.  They always did, but it was very subtle in the past.  And it appears, that large portions of the faces people see on the News are also on agency payrolls.  That has a curious side effect.  Since someone with a national security oath, can’t talk about classified things without getting hauled into court, it means news readers can’t talk about things like chemtrails, secret space programs, or any of the hundreds of things many of you regularly self educate yourself about.  They also can’t name whistleblowers who are agency payrolls, which is why they got particular bent out of shape when various sources on the internet revealed the name of a “whistleblower” but the New York Times did not.  They can reference “public domain” sources like the New York Times or Washington post (but are barred by agency policy from reading Wikileaks).  This is why stuff is leaked to these newspapers and then echoed in the electronic media.

What are the two largest expenditures for companies and government (aside from defense)?

For companies its advertising.  Google, Facebook, and Amazon depending on that ad income, although Google and Amazon also make a good chunk of change hosting 2/3 or the internet servers on their cloud services (we can talk about the danger of having your business golden eggs in two baskets another time).  Amazon’s advertising is internal to its platform, outside vendors are required to pay advertising now if they want any decent placement on Amazon’s platform.

For Government Intel agencies are a huge expenditure.  Often completely beyond the control of whomever was elected to be the nations leader. Ostensibly they are for a country to gather intel on other countries and in particular, it’s enemies.  But the Deep State has its roots in the ancient families that have ruled this planet since the fall of Atlantis.  From what we’ve seen since 2016, they do their bidding, not the President’s.

But all that advertising and deep state propaganda is really trying to do is shape public IMAGINATION. 

There’s so many crazy stories circulating about what is purportedly going on in China which was always opaque to the west.  And nothing scares the bejeezus out of people like impending death from a bug they can’t see.  Add to that mysterious HOTSPOTS like Iran and a Korean cult, it all looks a bit strange doesn’t it?   If something doesn’t add up, if the jigsaw pieces don’t fit, if a virus defies epidemiological mathematics, someones lying.   Someones trying to cause YOU to IMAGINE the UNIMAGINABLE… because there are limits on what they can do to you, but they can try to cause you to CREATE what they cannot.  Imagination of human beings is the real value on this planet.  The creativity of human beings is phenomenal.

IMAGINE THE BEAUTIFUL.  SEE IT ALL  PEACEFUL AND A NEW BEAUTIFUL WORLD OF JOY.  Abandon imaginings of dystopia.  Abandon the distrust they want you to have of each other.  Reject the fear that they have traditional used to herd human beings towards one cage or another.

I love you all!


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Big Pharma Spends $30 BILLION on Medical Marketing – Wants Vaccine Exemptions Eliminated

By Vera Sharav,

In her meticulously referenced testimony submitted to the Massachusetts legislature which is considering whether to eliminate religious exemptions from the childhood vaccination schedule, Meryl Nass, MD, board member of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, laid out the facts to refute the Pharma-orchestrated propaganda about vaccines.

First: “there is no crisis (no epidemic of deaths or disabilities) from infectious diseases caused by unvaccinated children, either in Massachusetts or the United States.”

She pointed out that “the elephant in the auditorium today is Pharma profits.” Merck lists on its website over 1,000 candidates for state and federal offices to whom it “contributed” money in 2018.

Pharma money purchases the allegiance of our major media corporations: in addition to its expenditure for advertising to consumers — $6.4 billion — Pharma spent in 2016, Pharma spent $29.9 billion on medical marketing.

“Pharma’s latest risky strategy is trying to rid the world of vaccine exemptions, to prevent vaccine opt-outs–before a new crop of vaccines, with inadequate safety and efficacy testing. Vaccines for which Pharma will have no liability once they are placed on the childhood schedule.”

Dr. Nass points out the added danger that government waivers of vaccine liability posed for children.

“waivers discourage manufacturers from ensuring that the vaccines they sell are as safe and effective as possible. The removal of vaccine exemptions, combined with liability waivers for vaccine side effects and recently loosened standards for licensing vaccines, create a highly toxic mix.”

My name is Dr. Meryl Nass.

  • I am an internal medicine physician in Ellsworth, Maine.
  • I graduated from MIT and the University of Mississippi School of Medicine.
  • I have testified to 6 Congressional committees, primarily on anthrax vaccine and Gulf War Syndrome, and the permanent injuries suffered by service-members who received military vaccines of poor quality.
  • I have also testified about the issue of vaccine exemptions to legislative committees in Maine, Vermont and New Brunswick.  I saw firsthand how pharmaceutical industry lobbyists patrolled legislative halls, provided talking points, schooled public servants, and helped constrain the terms of this debate.

The elephant in the auditorium today is Pharma profits.  Dare I say out loud that our children’s arms and bodies are the delivery system for transferring money from the citizens of the Commonwealth to the pharmaceutical industry?

The pharmaceutical industry has undertaken a very ambitious campaign to legislate away vaccine exemptions in the United States and Canada.  France, Italy and Germany have rescinded vaccine exemptions too, suggesting the campaign is worldwide.

The pharmaceutical industry exerts enormous influence on government regulators,[1] their advisors,[2] [3] professional medical organizations,[4] key opinion leaders[5] and medical journals[6] as well as the mass media and lawmakers.[7]

This is not debatable[8]–there are dozens of studies proving it. Merck has a list on its website of over 1,000 candidates for state and federal offices to whom they gave money in 2018[9]. Merck also lists payments to hundreds of professional medical organizations, patient organizations, Pharma lobbying groups, and scores of Republican and Democratic PACs and committees.[10] Julie Gerberding, the former CDC Director, became president of Merck Vaccines as soon as she was allowed.[11] The last FDA Commissioner just left for Pfizer.[12]  The revolving door is slamming Americans.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers spent $6.4 billion on direct-to-consumer advertising in the US in 2016, and $29.9 billion total on medical marketing.[13] Pharma money purchases the allegiance of our major media corporations, in addition to buying advertising.  And it’s tax deductible.

The pharmaceutical industry does not play by the rules you and I must follow.  Instead, the industry makes it a rule to break the law, regularly paying civil and criminal penalties in the billions of dollars. Big Pharma CEOs have not been sent to jail in decades, and paying settlements for their illegal behaviors has become simply the cost of doing business.

This is an industry that has thrived by taking big risks–even when manufacturers knew in advance that their products killed. Merck paid out $4.85 billion to settle 27,000 Vioxx injury claims, after it was estimated the drug caused 38,000 deaths from heart attacks.[14]  But annual sales had topped $2.5 billion/year, likely leading them to at least break even.

According to Public Citizen:

“From 1991 through 2015, a total of 373 settlements were reached between the federal and state governments and pharmaceutical manufacturers, for a total of $35.7 billion.”

Pharma’s latest risky strategy is trying to rid the world of vaccine exemptions, to prevent vaccine opt-outs–before a new crop of vaccines, with inadequate safety and efficacy testing,[15] and for which they will have no liability once placed on the childhood schedule, are approved.  

I doubt this is what you have been told. But the industry moves deliberately, one step at a time.  First it got the 21st Century Cures Act passed, in November 2016. This Act:

  • directed the FDA to more readily license vaccines, using “real world evidence” in place of randomized, controlled clinical trials.
  • directed CDC to immediately place each newly licensed vaccine before its advisory committee, to be considered for inclusion in the childhood vaccine schedule.  Inclusion in the schedule is the criterion needed to get a vaccine its waiver of manufacturer liability.  
  • directed that all vaccines recommended for use in pregnant women (currently influenza and Tdap, but many more are in the pipeline) were granted liability waivers.

Getting a vaccine approved for use during pregnancy is the newest Pharma gold rush. This despite evidence[16] [17] (which CDC disputes) that flu vaccine is associated with a doubling of miscarriage rates, and evidence that anthrax vaccine increases the miscarriage rate.[18] Neither flu nor Tdap vaccines were tested and approved by FDA for use in pregnancy.  According to the WHO[19]:

“…pre-licensing clinical trials of vaccines do not usually include pregnant and lactating women. Reports available also provide limited post-licensing data, as once again, pregnant women are usually not included in clinical trials. This in turn has limited the ability to make evidence-based decisions and provide optimal guidance on the use of vaccines in this population.”

Despite this, pregnant women are being told to receive both flu and Tdap vaccines during every pregnancy.  Don’t you see something sick in this?

The year-long media blitz over measles didn’t only usher in bills to remove vaccine exemptions.  It was also a bonanza for sales.  Merck, which makes the only measles vaccines in the US, saw sales of its MMRV vaccine increase 58% in 2019.[20]

It has been claimed that vaccines are, by nature, extremely safe. Yet vaccines are usually injected, bypassing all the body’s natural barriers. Even minute contamination or inadequate microbial inactivation can maim or kill.  Contaminated batches of vaccine do occur.[21] Usually contaminated lots are discarded, but in the case of anthrax, polio and other vaccines, millions of doses were used.[22] [23]

Vaccines have caused many autoimmune disorders, from Guillain-Barre syndrome to narcolepsy. (Both were side effects of swine flu vaccines used in the 2009 pandemic.)

Vaccines appear safe because the immediate side effects are usually mild and temporary.  Serious vaccine side effects often take weeks or months to surface, and by then it is difficult to know what caused them.  Only when vaccinated individuals have rates of illness at least 10 times higher than the unvaccinated, is the side effect likely to be linked to the vaccine.

A 2009 European swine flu vaccine (GSK’s Pandemrix) caused over 1300 cases of severe narcolepsy, mostly in adolescents.[24]  This vaccine was linked to narcolepsy because 15 times the usual number of narcolepsy cases suddenly appeared in clinics.  Countries that bought the swine flu vaccines, through WHO, were required to waive manufacturer liability as a condition of purchase. Litigation by those injured continues to be active in the UK, where both the manufacturer and the UK government deny any responsibility for injuries.

  • It should be apparent, but isn’t:  government waivers of vaccine liability discourage manufacturers from ensuring that the vaccines they sell are as safe and effective as possible.
  • The removal of vaccine exemptions, combined with liability waivers for vaccine side effects and recently loosened standards for licensing vaccines, create a highly toxic mix.  
    1. There is no crisis (no epidemic of deaths or disabilities) from infectious diseases caused by lack of vaccinations, either in Massachusetts or the United States. 
    2. According to the CDC, vaccination rates in the Commonwealth are consistently better than the US average.  Over 96% of Massachusetts children have been vaccinated with each of the MMR, DTaP and Polio vaccines before kindergarten.[25]Only pertussis regularly circulates, due to failure of the vaccine.
    3. While measles made major headlines in the US all year, the last time a child died from measles in the US was 2003.  The child who died had had a bone marrow transplant 3 months earlier.  He was not exposed to anyone with measles, and may have developed measles from a live vaccine.
    4. The US averages several hundred measles cases annually, mostly due to travelers who enter the US while incubating the disease.  It has never been totally eradicated.
    5. Massachusetts had 1 measles case in 2019.
    6. There may be a million cases of pertussis in the US yearly, because the vaccine works poorly and wears off quickly.  Only a fraction of cases are diagnosed and counted.  Studies show that most cases of pertussis occur in fully vaccinated[26]
    7. Therefore, you cannot achieve herd immunity for pertussis with current vaccines. The pertussis bacteria regularly circulate, as they would even with a 100% vaccination rate.
    8. There are about 10 pertussis deaths in the US yearly, mostly in infants too young to be vaccinated.Vaccinating 100% rather than the current 96.4% of Massachusetts children for pertussis would not prevent pertussis deaths.
    9. There are approximately 2500 mumps cases in the US yearly, but according to CDC no recent mumps deaths.[27]Two doses of vaccine are only about 86% effective.[28] Most mumps cases occur in vaccinated students.
    10. There are approximately 10 rubella cases yearly in the US, but since 2012 all cases were infected outside the country.[29]
    11. There have been no wild polio cases originating in the US since 1979.  However, cases of polio due to live polio vaccine viruses (or their mutations) would occasionally occur.  This led to the US switching to killed, injected polio vaccines (Salk, not Sabin type) after 1999.
    12. Between 2004 and 2017, only 2 diphtheria cases were reported in the entire US.
    13. Varicella zostercauses chickenpox and shingles.  Once infected (or vaccinated with live vaccine) the virus permanently resides in your body. Thus, it cannot be eliminated from the population using current, live vaccines. The vaccine is about 85% effective.  Many countries, including the UK, do not recommend it.
    14. Most varicella cases occur in vaccinated
    15. However, there are highly effective treatments for varicella.  While varicella infections are common in immunocompromised children, usually due to virus already in their bodies, there is only about 1 child death per year from varicella in the US.
    16. Tetanus does not spread from person to person. It is caused by Clostridium tetanibacterial spores in the outdoor environment.  There are about 30 cases per year in the US.
    17. Hepatitis B is a viral infection that can only be spread through blood or sexual contact. Rates of infection in childhood are extremely low in the US.  There is one new case reported per 100,000 Americans/year.[30]
    18. All pregnant women are screened for hepatitis B.  The few who are positive are treated, and their newborns treated prophylactically.
    19. Neither tetanus nor hepatitis B can be spread by casual contact.Neither can spread from child to child during ordinary school activities.

To summarize, below are all the currently required vaccines for Massachusetts schoolchildren, and the risks related to the diseases they can prevent.  It should be obvious that increasing 96-97% vaccination rates another 2% or 3% will have a negligible effect on these illnesses:

  • Diphtheria–extremely rare
  • Tetanus–non-communicable
  • Pertussis–regularly circulates despite vaccinations
  • Measles–rare, death extraordinarily rare[31]
  • Mumps–several thousand cases/year in US, no recent deaths
  • Rubella–no cases of US origin in recent years
  • Varicella–can circulate despite vaccination, kills 1 highly compromised child/year in US  
  • Hepatitis B–non-communicable in school
  • Polio–no cases originating in the US for decades

On the other hand, vaccine injuries are not trivial.  Most serious vaccine injuries involve autoimmune illnesses and/or neurological injuries that affect personality and intelligence.  While I cannot tell you the rate at which these injuries occur, because the medical literature is inconsistent, they are not rare. You probably know a family with a vaccine-injured member.

Were the Legislature to remove most vaccine exemptions, it would probably not prevent a single death from infection, and prevent only a modicum of illness.  However, significant vaccine injuries would almost certainly occur in currently exempted children.

Proportionality, the Supreme Court and Vaccine Mandates

The seminal Supreme Court case regarding a state or municipality’s authority to institute a mandatory vaccination program is Jacobson v Massachusetts. While this 1905 Supreme Court decision upheld the right of Cambridge, MA to impose smallpox vaccination on adults over 21 during a smallpox epidemic, according to the Congressional Research Service, the Court “did acknowledge limits to the state’s power to protect the public health, and set forth a reasonableness test for public health measures:

[I]t might be that an acknowledged power of a local community to protect itself against an epidemic threatening the safety of all, might be exercised in particular circumstances and in reference to particular persons in such an arbitrary, unreasonable manner, or might go so far beyond what was reasonably required for the safety of the public, as to authorize or compel the courts to interfere for the protection of such persons.”[32]

Furthermore, the penalty Jacobson paid was $5.00–or about $150 today.  He was not forced to be vaccinated, even when smallpox had a 30% mortality rate.  He paid a reasonable fine.

In the bills we are discussing today, the penalty for refusing vaccinations is insuperably harsh. The value of an education to a family is incalculable, but might be valued in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.[33]

In US law, the doctrine of proportionality means that the punishment should fit the crime.[34] In the Jacobson case, the punishment for remaining unvaccinated was about $150, not the $150,000 or more cost of an education. As for the bills under discussion today, don’t they, as the Supreme Court noted, “go so far beyond what was reasonably required for the safety of the public…” — suggesting the courts should interfere to protect the unvaccinated?  If versions of these bills pass, won’t the Commonwealth become entangled in litigation over them for years to come?

Parallel with the effort to end non-medical vaccine exemptions is a major federal/state effort to restrict medicalexemptions.

  • The CDC recently revised its advice on vaccine exemptions, significantly reducing the list of conditions for which vaccinations might be dangerous.[35] [36]
  • The CDC also issued revised “Vaccine Information Statements” in August and October 2019,[37] which must be given to parents before their child is vaccinated, according to federal law.
  • The new Vaccine Information Statements removed the statement, “Some people should not get this vaccine”; removed many reasons not to vaccinate; and removed information on adverse vaccine reactions.
  • I am providing you with the old and new polio Vaccine Information Statements so you can see this for yourself
  • The intention is to both restrict and federalize the granting of medical exemptions for vaccines.
  • Proposed laws would have state health department employees issue medical exemptions for patients they have never seen, using suddenly appearing CDC guidelines which lack supporting evidence — usurping the role of physicians in determining eligibility to be safely vaccinated.

The bedrock expectation of medical ethics is that patients must give informed consent for all medical procedures, including vaccines.

Informed consent means that patients must be informed about the procedure, have the right to refuse, and may not be coerced to accept it.  Isn’t withholding an education an extreme form of coercion?

Without any discussion of its moral or ethical dimensions by media, medical societies or government officials, the requirement for informed consent for medical procedures, including vaccinations, vanishes in the blink of an eye when patients are not allowed the right to refuse.

Must the issue of childhood vaccine exemptions be politicized?

  • Both political parties enjoy Pharma’s largesse. In other states, party leadership has corralled Members and Senators in order to push through legislation to rescind and tighten vaccine exemptions, despite constituent opposition. Will this happen in Massachusetts?
  • Please weigh carefully the risks to society against the risks to vulnerable children whose parents have decided not to fully vaccinate them.
  • Please consider the damage such a law would make to our right to bodily autonomy and to informed consent.
  • Eliminating the right to refuse vaccinations places us on a very slippery slope.
  • Please do not allow yourselves to do the dirty work of Pharma, unscrupulously couched as an effort to protect vulnerable citizens.
  • If passed, these bills will harm far more vulnerable citizens than they help.

Thank you very much for your consideration.  I would be happy to answer your questions or provide additional documentation for any of these points.

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“Gerberding joined Merck as president of Merck Vaccines in January 2010. Since then, Merck’s vaccines are reaching more people than ever, and Merck became the global leader in the vaccine market based on sales. In addition, the Sanofi Pasteur MSD joint venture in Europe, Merck’s European vaccine business for which Gerberding is the Board co-chair, has improved in both population reach and financial performance. She also helped lead the successful launch in India of the Merck Wellcome Trust non-profit joint venture for vaccine development”




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Benjamin Fulford — February 24th 2020: Bill Gates Surrenders to the Chinese as Secret War Rages On

(Benjamin Fulford) The secret battle for planet Earth is raging on with England, Russia, China and the Pentagon leading the charge against the Satanic Khazarian mafia. In the biggest development last week, Microsoft’s Bill Gates, fearing for his life, surrendered to the Chinese and is providing them with insider information about the Pharmacidical Mafia…Asian Secret Society and Pentagon sources say.

The post Benjamin Fulford — February 24th 2020: Bill Gates Surrenders to the Chinese as Secret War Rages On appeared on Stillness in the Storm.

Breaking: Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty of Criminal Sex Acts & Rape

(Updates will be posted below as more information arrives.) It took 5 days for a New York jury to hand in their decision just a few hours ago. They found Harvey Weinstein guilty of committing a criminal sex act in the first degree involving one woman, and rape in the third degree involving another woman.

There were more serious charges against Weinstein as well; however the jury acquitted Weinstein on charges of predatory sexual assault involving two women, Miriam Haley and Jessica Mann. Jurors felt that that evidence did not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Weinstein had also raped Annabella Sciorra, a “Soprano’s” star.

The judge remanded Harvey Weinstein into custody following today’s verdict. Harvey Weinstein’s attorney is already filing an appeal following the verdict.


The sentence has not yet been handed down. The sentencing guidelines are as follows:

  • Probation to four years in prison for rape in the third degree
  • At least five years in prison for criminal sexual act in the first degree

More updates will be posted as we get them today.

The charges he was acquitted of carry a recommended sentence of 10 years to life in prison.

On The Rise

News of high profile sexual abuse cases such as this have been on the rise in recent years. This includes the Jeffrey Epstein case which of course involves accusations against Prince Andrew. Evidence and testimony suggest that stories like this lead us to the involvement of many more powerful figures including politicians, presidents and celebrities. These are the people who we idolize, give our power to, and who make up the rules of society.

The big question is, why are we suddenly having to face these revelations so intensely as a society at this moment? Is it finally time for humanity to face what sorts of acts are taking place at high levels of society and government? How would this change how we give trust and power to certain individuals?

Here at CE, we had the opportunity to do an incredible interview series with one survivor of sexual and ritual abuse as part of an elite level ring. Her name is Anneke Lucas and she gives important insights into how people in positions of power take actions like this, and what it means for the rest of society to learn about this stuff so we can create a better world at the end of the day. You can check out her testimony in full here on CETV.


– Harvey Weinstein is scheduled for sentencing on March 11.