Earth to Trump and Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

Trump can’t be the 19th President of the Federal Republic, because the Federal Republic has never been Reconstructed by the States. Period.
Reconstruction of the American Federal Republic is something that the State Assemblies in this country are working toward, but we still have a lot of educating and hard work to do to get that done.
Meantime, the only valid international level government left intact for him or anyone else to be President of, is our good old Federation of States, the unincorporated United States of America.
If he doesn’t understand that yet, he definitely needs to understand it now.
The only people in this country with the standing to offer him a job in that capacity, did so nearly two and a half years ago.
Crickets to the offer.
So, it’s his lack of comprehension and lack of schmartz on the part of his military advisors that is keeping this from moving forward in a calm, orderly, lawful, and legally acceptable pathway.
Any attempt by the U.S. Military to occupy the American Federal Republic without our explicit written permission and agreement is an illegal and undeclared Act of War by Britain and the Lord Mayor of London against America.
It will be recognized as such by our Treaty Partners and the International Courts.
So, as I have been saying for over two years, Mr. Trump needs to get his act in order and come talk to the American People who are acting in their proper standing and who have convened their lawful State Assemblies.
Nobody else on Earth can give him the assistance he needs to do what he wants to do.
So tell him to beat feet up to Alaska and sit down and get the information he needs.
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
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Okay, Kiddies, Here’s the Big One….For Starters

 By Anna Von Reitz

Those who have been faithful Readers know that in 2009, the “Federal Reserve System” — a trademarked utility of the Federal Reserve, went bankrupt. This was (in a funny way) both the cause and the result of the 2008 financial debacle.
Following TARP and that mop up, in 2017, Chase Bank, one of the controlling shareholders in the Federal Reserve System received the “FEDERAL RESERVE: name and trademark as part of the bankruptcy settlement. JPMorgan received the name and trademark “FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD OF GOVERNORS” as part of their share of the spoils.
What remained of the Federal Reserve apart from the Federal Reserve System was rolled over into the “U.S. Treasury” —which has actually been the International Monetary Fund (IMF) since 1924 —- in 2019.
So, there is no Federal Reserve. Okay? Everyone got that straight? And there hasn’t been a U.S. Treasury since 1924 — that’s all the IMF in sheep’s clothing.
All the “Federal Reserve Banks” are now owned lock, stock, and barrel by Wall Street Commercial Banks, and, furthermore, though they continue to pretend that they have “something to do with the Federal Government” and continue to hustle “Treasury Bonds” for the non-existent U.S. Treasury/IMF, this means that the Wall Street Banks have direct access to credit purloined from the American People and are now helping themselves to whatever they want.
Lurking in the background, the U.S. Military is the lynch pin holding this pile of illegal crap together, just as it has been since 1863.
You all know about TARP, but don’t know that under cover of the purported pandemic and all the media frou-frou-rah smokescreen created by that, Wall Street looted trillions more out of your pockets in what has come to be known as the Repo Loan Scandal.
Go here and read all about it:
You are really going to love it — not.
My personal favorite among all the articles posted by Wall Street on Parade is the one titled, “The Fed Has 233 Secret Documents About JPMorgan’s Potential Role in the Repo Loan Crisis” by Pam Martens and Russ Martens dated March 13, 2020 — that is almost two years ago — but notice, three years AFTER JPMorgan and Chase acquired the Federal Reserve System names and trademarks and assets.
Read this excerpt from their March 2020 article, armed with knowing that for all intents and purposes, JPMorgan is “the” Federal Reserve:
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 13, 2020 ~The Federal Reserve Board of Governors (JPMorgan’s trademark since 2017) has acknowledged to Wall Street On Parade that it has 233 documents that might shed some light on why JPMorgan Chase was allowed by the Fed (JPMorgan Chase) to draw down $158 billion of the reserves it held at the Fed (JPMorgan Chase) last year, creating a liquidity crisis in the overnight loan market according to sources on Wall Street. After taking four months to respond to what should have been a 20-business day turnaround on our Freedom of Information Act request, the Federal Reserve (JPMorgan Chase) denied our FOIA in its entirety. (Our earlier request to the New York Fed resulted in the same kind of stonewalling. See The New York Fed Is Keeping JPMorgan’s Secrets Close to Its Chest.)
[Go figure, right? JPMorgan Chase keeping JPMorgan’s Big Secret — that it took over the Federal Reserve System –close to its chest? How about hidden in its bra? — but continuing on with their March 2020 article:]
The Wall Street liquidity crisis forced the Federal Reserve (Chase), beginning on September 17 of last year, to begin making tens of billions of dollars in loans each business day to the trading houses on Wall Street. It calls these firms its “primary dealers” since they also engage in open market operations with the Fed (that is, JPMorgan Chase) and are under contract with the government to make purchases of Treasury securities during Treasury auctions, a dangerous symbiotic relationship to say the least.
Apparently, the authors of this article had no idea HOW close this “symbiotic” relationship is, because JPMorgan Chase IS “the Fed” at this point and has been since 2017. Why wouldn’t it loan itself our credit at our expense for its investments and their Wall Street Banker Buddys’ investments in our property assets?
This was the first time (quoting the Martens’ article again) since the financial crisis of 2008 that the Fed (which is now JPMorgan Chase) had made these so-called repo loans to the trading houses on Wall Street. [End excerpt.]
Read that: JPMorgan Chase, operating “as” the Federal Reserve and Federal Reserve Board of Governors, has been loaning itself and other big Wall Street Banks immense amounts of your credit to buy up land, businesses, homes, mines, and other actual property belonging to actual people, and they are using a trademark scam to do it.
Not only that, while the original Federal Reserve was a private banking consortium that was as “Federal” as Federal Express, it was accountable to the United States Congress.
This new criminal corporate bankruptcy fraud and “merger” take over, leaves JPMorgan Chase a free hand to dip into the public’s credit to defraud and rob the people of this country without any accountability at all — and the U.S. Military is standing by, letting them and the other Wall Street Banks do the looting.
If we don’t arrest the bankers and the Congress, both, for this one, and fire the U.S. Military, too, if they don’t take action to stop it, our country can only go down the tubes at the hands of Jamie Dimon and this gang of reckless international pirates.
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Situation Update and a New Cobra Interview


Since our Divine Intervention Activation, the war to liberate this planet on the non-physical planes has really escalated. While the dark forces are attacking whenever they can, the Light forces are clearing dark networks and have already managed to clear the majority of primary anomaly on the astral plane.

The main focus now is the clearing of the primary anomaly on the lower mental plane and the so-called Invisibles. Invisibles are Archontic entities which inhabit the lower mental plane around the surface of the planet and are the ones creating and manifesting the false ideas matrix. They are the beings responsible for ideas such as karma, prime directive, purposeful suffering, omnipotent God, purposeful duality, flat Earth, second law of thermodynamics as the ultimate truth, speed of light as the maximum speed, monogamy as the only choice, global warming, woke ideology, critical race theory, etc.

Invisibles are entities that are almost transparent, creamy opaque blobs, and are almost undetectable even for advanced clairvoyants on the mental plane. Since the Archon invasion in 1996, they have managed to invade the auric field of the mental body of almost every incarnated being on the surface of this planet.

The Light forces are estimating there are about 500 humans currently incarnated on the planet with their mental body fully intact, without Invisibles infestation. Everybody else is at least partially mentally possessed, ranging from small areas of the mind where the person acts irrationally, to the full possession where the person has almost completely lost free will and ability for common sense and rational thinking. The key here is to acknowledge the possession, which will be extremely hard to do for most people, expel the entities with decrees, purify the mental body with the violet flame, and reclaim lost mental abilities and exercise common sense.

Clearing of Invisibles network will continue with full speed for another month or so, and peak stupidity on the global scale is expected in about two weeks:

The Light forces will then begin to massively clear the energy imprint of the suppressed trauma complex of the surface humanity, and many situations that could not be healed before, will suddenly heal easily.

More and more members of the dark forces are beginning to realize that their defeat is near, and Chimera-controlled DARPA had no other choice than to throw Fauci under the bus:

Many independent sources are claiming that Omicron variant was developed by the positive factions to end this pandemic once and for all:

With the pandemic ending, the dark forces are left with their usual strategy of trying to manifest World War 3. Now they are trying to do this by engineering a conflict between Russia and NATO:

Russian top brass has already meet a few times this year with their Pleiadian advisers deep within the underground complex of Yamantau, built in the early 1990s and expanded in 1996, which is one of the two main Pleiadian contact sites for the Russian military:

Russian military has started developing trust issues against the Pleiadians towards the end of last year, when they begin to realize that Pleiadians are there not only to protect Russia against foreign invasion, but to actually and literally liberate the planet. This prompted Putin to search for stronger alliance with China, which is his first big geopolitical strategic mistake:

Now that things are getting serious, the Russian military is again listening to Pleiadians a bit more, especially since their last meeting on January 6th.

They have managed to abort a color revolution attempt in Kazakhstan:

And are now expanding Russian influence towards Venezuela and Cuba to counterbalance NATO:

The Pleiadians have communicated that nuclear escalation will NOT be permitted and all missiles will be intercepted, but they are still asking people to meditate for peace between Russia and NATO to avoid any unnecessary violence:

The Light forces are also asking for everybody who feels guided to participate in our monthly Divine Intervention Meditation at the exact moment of the full Moon on January 17th at 11:48 pm UTC.

Instructions are here:

And guided audio meditation videos in 39 languages here:

A new Cobra interview about Tachyon chambers has just been released by our French team.

A Youtube video is here:

Transcript in English is here:

And in French here:

Victory of the Light!


Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship Monday Jan. 17, 2022


Join us on January 17, 2022 for outstanding information on censorship and our need to “hold the line” during this fight for our freedom to choose for our children and our own health.

Holding the Line: Journalists Against Covid Censorship is honoured to welcome US communications expert and Prepare for Change council member Gerry Gomez as guest speaker at its Zoom meeting on Monday January 17, 2022. HTL is also inviting Prepare for Change (PFC) volunteers and members to join them for Gerry’s talk and Q&A session. Gerry was a Journalism Major and attained a BA in Mass Communications before beginning an award-winning career in marketing and advertising that has included spells with three of America’s biggest agencies. His PFC work has included Team Director of ‘Planned Chaos’, a series of 10 videos and articles on recent and current events including the Covid-19 saga. He is currently Chair of the PFC Media Group. Gerry’s talk will focus on PFC as a partner in awakening and on the role of journalists to spread truth rather that follow ‘the narrative’ at all costs.

The Zoom meeting will begin prompt at 8pm UK time (12 noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern, 9pm European Central). For a Zoom link, please email or melissa@prepareforchange.netr

The Need for January


Heather’s bogus TN trial sentence is now over. Heather is no longer confined to home and no longer monitored by the halfway house.  

I got some clarification of what Heather is comfortable with me posting. I have wanted to do an article on all the unusual occurrences I have witnessed since 2013. Some of it involves Heather. Some of it does not. Things I’ve not written before publicly. She is okay with that, but asked me not to write about what’s next, not that I fully know what that is in any case. Denice and I both had some personal downloads on what that might look like (and that could change too as situations change).  But things can change and you’ll see it actualize when I do. 

I won’t be writing about what people did or didn’t do in the past and my view of some of that, that stuff is water under the bridge.  I love everyone. I have no desire to play polarity games.  In retrospect some things had to happen for everyone to be where they need to be and become fully who they are.  That is true for me as well, although my journey is unique and probably the longest continuous experience working with Heather.

I have a real need right now for donations.  December was down quite a bit, but that’s not unusual for December and the holiday season. What I didn’t expect was how seriously this omicron scare would affect my side driving gig.  I barely covered fuel last two days of driving. Austin looks like the fall of 2020 was to how empty it is.  

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I love you all!  Exciting times we live in!


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