How Do You Want and Need to Operate?

By Anna Von Reitz
Do you want and need to operate as a franchise of a federal corporation? 

Advantages: bankruptcy protection if needed. 

Disadvantages: Subject to 80 million foreign statutes, rules, and regulations and bearing the cost of enforcement thereof via taxation.  All assets and property interests held as collateral backing the debts of the federal corporation sponsoring your franchise(s).  Having to support two often conflicting layers of “federal government” — both Territorial and Municipal, and obey the laws and support the interests of both.  Being deemed automatically “guilty” and liable to pay any bill presented in one of the Territorial or Municipal Courts.

Being considered a “THING” under the law and your body being considered “cargo” belonging to the THING named after you, subject to seizure and impoundment — arbitrary arrest and detainment.  Loss of all Constitutional guarantees and limitations. Subjection to the whims of foreign governments.  Loss of control over your assets and property interests.

Or do you want to float your own boat and take care of your own business?

Disadvantages: Must either self-insure via an indemnity bond or secure private insurance.

Advantages:  Not subject to any form of statutory law, code, or regulation.  Must actually injure someone or their property and Injured Party must appear in court to accuse you before you can be addressed in a court; lawyers cannot “represent” injured parties that are legal fictions and operate against you. You own your own body and keep your own assets.  You are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

You are not subject to search, seizure, or subjected to being considered a THING.  Your body is not subject to unlawful arrest or attainer.  All Constitutional guarantees are upheld. You stay in control of your Good Name, own your own assets, and retain your interest in all your property. You are not required to pay federal income taxes and once land is held in your name and under your copyright, you are not subject to property tax, either.

Now, this is a pretty straight choice.  Are you a THING or a living man?  Subject to foreign statutory laws of private corporations?  Or only subject to Public Law?
Inheritor of all interest in America and the American States, or a foreign “resident” only sojourning here as an “alien” on our shores?  Subject to “federal taxes” and owning only “property”—- or not a federal corporation or officer, and therefore not indebted and not subject to taxation?

You need to make up your mind, once and for all.  And then follow the logic of your choices accordingly. 

If you wish to operate as a THING and subject yourself in all the ways enumerated— hop to it. Subject yourself as in “subject to a King” to their foreign-for-profit governmental services corporation and let them whip, beat, and help themselves to your assets. 

Otherwise,  wake up and get moving to reclaim your Good Name and Estate.

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Note from Eddie: Here is the link to the article with the editable forms to get started

Basic Package of Editable Forms – Updated August 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

Here is the basic package of editable forms I have been working on.  Please tweak or forever hold your peace.  These or very similar progenitors of these forms have been used to set free many thousands of Americans and put them and their assets beyond the reach of the fraudsters.  We want to make the number zoom into the many millions who need and will want to come home.
( Webmaster’s note:  These are word documents. They will not display in your browser. You need to download them to your computer, then use Microsoft Word or Open Office to edit, then print them. When you click the link for each document it will download to your downloads folder. From there you can save them to any folder you want.)

1. Diagram of the Fraud of Fraud.docx

2. Example Recording Cover Sheet  
3. Example of Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance
4. Example of Certificate of Assumed Name
5.Example of Act of Expatriation for JOHN MARK DOE
6. Example of Act of Expatriation for JOHN M. DOE
7. Example of Act of Expatriation for JOHN DOE
8. Example Baby Land Deed
This is the basic package everyone needs to fill out and record with the local land recording office to reclaim their birthright political status and reclaim their Good Names and Estates.  Please note: do not register anything. Only record
If your local land recording district or county land recording office won’t record your paperwork, look for a county that will.  Often it is only a matter of traveling a few miles or sending it through the mail. 
Worst comes to worst, do the paperwork, make a black and white copy for your files, and send the originals to yourself via a Registered Mail Letter.  When the letter comes back, DON’T OPEN IT.  Put it in your folder with your file copy.  The Post Office and the Registered Mail Number serve the recording function.  
Let’s begins with the Diagram of the Fraud — people need to see how it starts with the “missing” Trade Name.  This process brings forward the Trade Name and “finds” it again, and then allows us to reclaim our “reversionary trust interest” in all the derivative NAMES free and clear. 
Virtually all land recording offices now require a Recording Cover Sheet.  This gives an example of the first Recording Cover Sheet needed to file the Acknowledgement, Acceptance and Deed of Re-Conveyance.  All subsequent filings need to be done with a Recording Cover Sheet as “Extensions” of the original Deed Document Number that will be issued once the Deed of Re-Conveyance is recorded. 
For example, the next Recording Cover Sheet would be identical, except the document title would be:  Certificate of Assumed Name – Extension 891039-1
(this number will be whatever number was assigned to your Deed of Re-Conveyance and will associate the Certificate of Assumed Name with the Deed in the recording system.)
The Deed seizes upon the Trade Name and brings it back to the land and soil jurisdiction. 
The Certificate of Assumed Name seizes upon the derivative NAMES and returns them to control of the living man. 
The Act of Expatriation explicitly renounces Territorial and Municipal “citizenship” and returns the derivative NAMES and ACCOUNTS to the land and soil. 
The Baby Deed of Land Recording is to help new parents and put an end to the “salvaging” of American babies by these corporate vermin. Simply have a Third Party — grandparent, uncle, family friend— do the notarization and record the Baby Deed as another Extension of the Father’s Deed of Re-Conveyance.  If the Father refuses to claim his Trade Name and Estate, or is dead or disabled,
the Baby Deed can be attached to the Mother’s Deed of Re-Conveyance. 

On August 7th 2018 we added the following as an example of the Lineage-Treaty Referenced in article #1176 that could also be filed. Please read that article.

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Netanyahu regrets death of Russian troops in Syria

Netanyahu and Putin, who have met several times this year and enjoy good relations, spoke on the phone to diffuse tensions after the downing of the Russian military aircraft [PPIO]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin that he regretted the deaths of 15 Russian soldiers aboard a downed IL-20 military surveillance plane but blamed the Syrians for shooting it down over the port town of Latakia.

During a phone call between the two leaders a day after the incident, Netanyahu promised Putin that Israel would cooperate in an investigation over the matter, and offered to dispatch the head of the Israeli air force to Moscow.

The Russian military on Tuesday squarely blamed Israel for the downing of the Russian surveillance plane.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said that Israel launched air raids over Syrian territory when it knew that the Russian plane would be near Syrian airspace.

The Russian plane was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft defense systems.

Shoigu spoke to his Israeli counterpart Avigdor Lieberman on the phone and said: “The actions of the Israeli military were not in keeping with the spirit of the Russian-Israeli partnership, so we reserve the right to respond.”

The shooting down of the Russian military aircraft comes a day after Syrian military sources said that they shot down a number of Israeli missiles fired into their territory.

Earlier on Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador in Moscow and informed him that Israeli military action in and around Syria was “reckless”.

Israel said that it “expresses sorrow for the death of the aircrew members” of the Russian plane.

However, blamed the government of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad as well as Iran and its Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah.

The BRICS Post with inputs from Agencies

UFOs, Russian Meddling, Alien Encounters: A Strange Saga

(Nick Redfern) Russia’s undeniable and outrageous meddling in things that are none of their business has a significant bearing on the UFO issue of yesteryear. With that in mind, I thought it would be timely to bring to your attention a few intriguing and eye-opening issues. Firstly, the pro-Russia stance of a certain famous UFO Contactee. 

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Not in our genes/the imagination machine


by Jon Rappoport

I once had a geneticist tell me, “You know, we’re going to discover the genes for promiscuity, for anti-social behavior, for compassion, for obesity, hair-loss, anger, and fear. We’re going to discover the genes for everything.”

He said this with the kind of authority only a scientist can muster…based on no proof at all. Zero proof. It’s a talent, to be able to impart blather and make it sound like experimental evidence.

As a reporter for 30 years, I’ve spent much time exposing how medical, political, economic, and social realities are imposed on populations, on people. But here’s an odd question and and an even odder answer:

Who are “people?”

Answer: Most people are secret agents.

Their mission? To disguise—first and foremost, from themselves—the fact that they have enormous imagination and creative ability.

Achieving this concealment is on the order of blocking out the sun.

It is a complex task of deception. The pretense is multi-layered. One line of defense goes like this: I DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT. ME? I’M JUST AN ORDINARY PERSON.

Yes, an ordinary person cast in a role in a stage play.

Let’s say I’m the director. “Okay, I’ve cast you in the role.. Now I want you to assume all the characteristics of an average guy. You understand? I don’t want any leaks or cracks. You character has to be bulletproof. You grasp what is ordinary, and you are totally ignorant when it comes to what is extraordinary. Got it? MOST OF ALL, YOUR CHARACTER MUST BE DEVOID OF IMAGINATION. Do you think you can handle that?”

People do handle it all the time, and they do it beautifully. Brilliantly.

They have their lines down cold. No matter what you throw at them, they can fend it off and leave the impression, for you and for themselves, that they don’t know anything about imagination.

For them, imagination is a car in a garage under a thousand tons of concrete and steel. They will never drive it.

They can walk and talk, they can accomplish tasks, they can be entertained, they can have fun, they can even think and solve problems, but they can’t create anything. That’s their gig. Their role.

There are a whole lot of people who believe ordinary humans are ordinary because it’s in their genes; some people are dealt good genes and some aren’t. This is completely false. It’s not a question of genes.

Genes are a story that’s told to keep everyone in the dark.

The real and true story is about imagination. When you think about it, the ability to cast one’s self in the role of “ordinary human” is a fantastic act of imagination. It’s strange, because, essentially, a human being is using his imagination TO DENY HE HAS ANY IMAGINATION. He’s creating the role. He’s imagining that role and fitting himself into it.

Why in the world would he do that?

Well, there are lots of answers to that question, but the real proof comes when a person you would never think had any imagination whatsoever emerges from the swamp and becomes intensely creative. I’ve seen that many times, and it’s extraordinary.

He was playing the role of Ordinary Person in the stage play…and then he was gone from that play and that role…and he was quite, quite different.

And from that point on, his life was never the same.

I’ve been painting for 50 years now. I’ve had some interesting experiences with people who look at my work. The work isn’t realistic at all. My paintings are what people like to call abstract. I’m not sure what that means, except the paintings don’t look like what you see on the street or in your living room.

Once, a man gazed at some paintings of mine in my studio and said, “I have no idea what this is. It doesn’t make any sense to me at all.”

He was an intelligent fellow, but he was completely put off by the pictures. For some reason, I suddenly felt I could get him to understand.

So I said, “I’m going to try a little experiment with you, okay? Will you play along for a minute? Imagine you do understand the paintings.”

It was a moment, and everything happened to be poised in the right way.

He turned away from me and looked at the paintings again.

He started perspiring. Within a few seconds, his face was covered in sweat.

He grinned and started laughing.

He turned back to me.

“How did you know?” he said.

I just shook my head.

Essentially, he was asking me how I knew he could offload his act as ordinary person and plug into his imagination all of a sudden.

This moment had nothing to do with my work. It had everything to do with him dropping his hold on the fictional role in which his comprehension was narrowly set in stone.

He had just imagined his way out of that role. He imagined he could understand something entirely foreign to him…and so he could.

This man was a chemist. For 40-some-odd years he had pretended he could only navigate within a range of information…and all of a sudden he pretended he could step outside that range. And it worked like a charm.

A bubble of enclosed reality burst.

It isn’t just that people enter the stage play by inventing roles in which they have no imagination. No, the PLAY ITSELF has this central theme. The play is all about life without imagination. The whole drama moves forward on that basis.

If that cover story is blown, and all the secret agents emerge out of their cocoons, well, then, we would really have something.

We would have, among other things, an endless proliferation of realities, and freedom will then have true meaning…

Why People Need to Stop Feeling Insulted by Free Speech

(Richard Enos) “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.” As a child, this well-worn phrase was the perfect antidote to whatever insulting name-calling I had to endure from other children. Those times I did remember to use it, it seemed to give me back some strength and made me feel good. For all of us, the perspective behind this phrase can turn an ‘insult’ into what it truly is: mere words, a string of vocal utterances without innate meaning or power, unless the recipient were to interpret them as such by taking them personally.

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