Planetary Situation Update

Many things are happening behind the scenes and as much as I would like to report them, it is simply too dangerous at this senior stage of the Plan:

In the void created by almost no solid intel on the surface of the planet since the collapse of the alpha timeline in early 2018, disinformation abounds.

The dark forces are leading campaigns against the few true sources, with unsubstantiated rumors and false accusations. They are especially attacking true Goddess teachings and true intel about the liberation of the planet. Several quite known intel sources that were relatively reliable in the past were not able to hold the Light and have crossed over to become instruments of the dark side.

The surface Lightworker grid has almost collapsed, and the Light forces have activated an emergency backup Light grid for the surface of the planet, about which nothing can be said. Kerr metric spacetime distortion anomaly around the surface of the planet will reach its peak density in late August 2022, and after that time it will again become easier to hold the Light, and the Lightworker grid is expected to at least partially recover from the brutal attacks to which it was subjected in the last few months.



The Light forces have explained that the amount of anomaly and darkness on the surface of this planet is huge, and this is the main reason why the Light is not more efficient in assisting the surface population. They have also communicated that they are clearing the primary anomaly with great speed and will at some point be able to influence the surface of the planet directly as well. When asked why they have stated in the past that they will intervene when certain lines are crossed, they offered no response and remained silent.

They have also communicated that the subquantum anomaly around the surface of the planet hides a dark entity that is the last remnant of darkness from the previous cosmic cycle, and has survived the Big Bang in the (sub)quantum state. This entity has entered this universe through the central Sun of the Andromeda galaxy, spent millions of years in Rigel and was teleported to Earth in 1996. This entity will be cleared completely and entirely together with the subquantum anomaly. In certain circles, this entity is called “the Lurker”.

On the brighter side, they have said that the Mjolnir quantum cannon technology is clearing the anomaly around the surface of the planet more and more rapidly in a roughly exponential curve, and breakthroughs are expected:

The collapse of the beta timeline in August 2019 has pushed the surface society in a slow collapse trajectory, which the World Economic Forum tries to exploit in their Great Reset plans. They are treating the surface society as a thermodynamic system in which a small selected part of the system (them) decreases its entropy at the expense of the whole system (humanity), for which the sum entropy increases. In short, they are treating the surface human society as a heat pump:

Their incomplete understanding of the thermodynamics will lead to their downfall, and their Reset plans will NOT be successful.

They are now having the target date for their engineered collapse / reset at 2030, which will be far too late:

They are artificially trying to disrupt supply chains to accelerate the collapse:

They are trying to engineer a conventional war between East and West by polarizing Russia and China against the USA:

In their planned war, nuclear weapons would NOT be used:

Recent escalation between USA and China over Taiwan was an attempt to start that war, and our meditation was successful in calming the situation, together with Pleiadians giving a warning to Xi Jinping. 



The Pleiadians are recently very frustrated with the Russian generals, not much cooperation is present, and communication has dropped almost to zero.

After our Divine Intervention meditation in December 2021 the Pleiadians have contacted some key people in positive militaries in Russia, USA and China, and most of those people were not open to the liberation Plan, in fact many of them started actively opposing the Plan and are rather assisting the Cabal in trying to engineer a new world war. This is one of the main reasons for delays in 2022 and the main reason why our meditation did not have the expected impact.

Meanwhile, the Dark forces are building their main stronghold in China and are trying to change that country into a fully dystopian society:

They are afraid of the revolution that is brewing beneath the obedient surface:

In a certain country, many Lightworkers were recently directly attacked and persecuted by their government because of their Lightworker activities. This was a clear violation of the non-interference treaty which was signed between the Light Forces and the Cabal:



One part of that treaty states that the Cabal will receive security intel from the Light Forces to protect Cabal’s main people from random attacks from the surface population (which is the only reason why Bill Gates, the most hated man on the planet, is still alive), and in turn the Cabal promised not to persecute the Lightworkers directly because of their beliefs and activities.

As a result of that violation, the Light forces have closed the deconfliction communication line for a few days in the beginning of July as a warning. For these few days, the Cabal did not receive security intel to protect their main people and locations, which resulted in two security breaches for them.

The first security breach has taken down the Georgia guidestones:

The second security breach has taken down Shinzo Abe:

This second security breach was a warning to the leader of that particular country what may happen to him if they continue persecuting Lightworkers.

That situation has since deescalated.

The main plan to liberate the planet is still in place, despite of all delays:

And despite of all negativity on the surface of the planet, thing tend to get better:

The big flip is upon us:

And the Light will finally come.

Victory of the Light!




 By Anna Von Reitz

Among the Chipmunks, I would have been Simon— a little bit detached, intellectual, and gawky.  As a child, I looked at the world around me with amazement, skepticism, and no small amount of morbid curiosity.  I still do. 
As I got older I realized that Simon, a name like Peter, which means “rock” — is worth noting and thinking about.  Who are the “rocks” in this world?  Despite  my quiet life I noticed that the heroes of this world look more like Al Bundy than Superman.   
They are mostly quiet little men past forty, sometimes with a beer belly, and they hold the world together, pay the bills and raise the children. 
Most of the time they do it without (much) complaint.  Most of the time they stay faithful to their wives despite their daydreams.  They worry and fuss about bills and houses and cars.  They often feel neglected and sometimes disrespected, even by those who owe them the most in terms of money and time and care. 
I thought about all these men towing the line and quietly making the difference, the ones drinking cold coffee and getting up before dawn to make sure their wives have perfume, their daughters go to the Prom, and their sons grow up with some idea of what is expected of them. 
Bless them, I thought, bless them all forever, the good Fathers and Brothers, Uncles and Cousins, Husbands and Lovers of the world. Where would we all be without them? 
The brave and uncomplaining men? 
This doesn’t take anything away from the women, but just for a moment stand back and appreciate the men.  
Bless their balding heads and calluses.  
Love them as they are.  As is.  Our Super Heroes don’t leap off the page, with rippling muscles, and hair like a lion’s mane.
No, they shuffle along in suits that seem two sizes too big, or they wear their cowboy shirts tucked in, or they have a ratty t-shirt and a hoodie, or a set of coveralls with holes in the pockets. 
We’ve all seen them.  Our heroes.  Take a moment today and sing the unsung heroes of day to day.  The guys who buy dog food, and wash the car, put their dirty socks in the laundry hamper, and tell you the weather report— pay attention to them and what they contribute to the world. 

I never met a Superman, but I’ve met plenty of men who are super just the same. 

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Former IRS Agent Uncovers Scam and is Jailed for Four Years


During War, everything that was previously illegal, becomes illegal, acceptable and kept very top secret. Nothing is recorded. No one ever finds out about it. Americans have never seen War on their soil, however, america has brought war to a great part of the world, that did not want wars. Eventually the tables turn. I am very sad about what is coming, but the world wants to bring america to its knees. You have no idea how hated america is right now. During Wars, there are no freedoms or human rights. There is only this: “The living will envy the dead”. War is Hell.

WE must all ask for Mercy and forgiveness in our prayers and pray for PEACE in america every day. There is no good side in any war. Quite the contrary. War is a satanic ritual.

Infiltrate, Provocateur, Frame: FBI Fedbois Activate!


The FBI has never had the best reputation in the world, and while there are good men and women working at the organization with patriotic intentions, the upper echelons of the organization have clearly been compromised by Deep State control for quite some time. The actions of the FBI over the last few years, and especially over the last few weeks, have demonstrably proven this. It’s only gotten worse and worse. Has it always been this bad, or is it just now getting uncovered?

The COINTELPRO programs of the 1960s targeting civil rights and political organizations in the United States first started to stain the reputation of the FBI. This program wasn’t known publicly until 1971, and while the government claimed to terminate the program in 1971, domestic spying on American citizens and infiltration of truth & freedom movements has undoubtedly continued to this day.

While details are scarce, the surfacing of another FBI domestic espionage program lets us know that their infiltration actions most definitely continues to this day. This program was called PATCON, which the FBI launched in 1991 to track patriot groups that they labeled as “right wing extremists” (sound familiar?). The details of PATCON did not surface publicly until FOIA requests were filed by the author J.M. Berger in 2007. He has a detailed write-up of PATCON on the internet, and the Epoch Times is one of the few media outlets who was written about the story. COINTELPRO in the 60’s, PATCON in the 90’s, we can only imagine what covert programs might be going on today.

Then we have the mass shootings, and not much needs to be said about how so many mass shootings in the U.S. over the last few decades seem to have the smell of FBI around them. Often times the shooter is previously known to the FBI before the shooting happened. That’s not suspicious at all. /sarcasm/

Moving up to more recent times, through President Trump’s two elections, 2016 and 2020, the FBI’s corruption has had a massive spotlight shown on it. We all know by now (or should) that the FBI was weaponized by the Clinton Cabal in an effort to prevent Trump from winning and staying president in 2016. For the 2020 election, there is no question that the FBI had plants and informants within the crowd on January 6th, 2021, which is a story continuing to be told to this day.

Now over the last few weeks, the FBI has taken their targeting into overdrive against President Trump and the American people by raiding Mar-A-Lago. It’s quite clear they are the ones acting as extremists and trying to incite a civil war and insurrection, even though they are blaming these things on “right-wing” patriots. Pure Projection.

Ah yes, their gaslighting excuse for raiding Trump’s Florida residence was “FoR NuClEaR DoCuMeNtS”. Sounds like an excuse they spit out after the fact, when they didn’t find anything in Trump’s safe or Melania’s pajama drawer and had to save face with some made-up reason for sending plainclothes officers into Trump’s home. Even if it were true, I’d feel safer with the Nuclear Codes in Trump’s hands at Mar-A-Lago than the old, decrepit hands of sniff-a-kid Joe Biden at the White House.

Then the day after the raid we were told that a supposed Trump supporter, Ricky Shiffer, attacked the FBI Building in Cincinatti, Ohio with firearms in hand as payback for the Mar-A-Lago raid. I’m sure there were absolutely no FBI handlers around this guy. Totally sure. They never use patsies in psy-ops campaigns. Nope.

The kicker was that, apparently/supposedly/we’re told, Ricky Shiffer was posting violent rhetoric on Truth Social right beforehand, telling people to “Kill FBI on sight!”. If I had to guess, this is a classic frame job designed to make MAGA look bad and get Truth Social kicked off the net. Notice how he literally started his Truth Social account on August 1st only a week or so before the Mar-A-Lago raid and his attack against the FBI building. Not a coincidence at all (I hope you can tell that there’s a high amount of sarcasm being used in this article). In the bio of his account, he also mentions “on the fifth I tried to explain to Epps”. Epps, like, Ray Epps? The guy who looked to be a Fedboi himself in the crowd on January 6th trying to get people into the Capitol building? That’s not a good look. These Fedbois are sloppy. They aren’t sending their best.

There was another situation with “armed Trump supporters” over the last few days, too – this one in Phoenix over the weekend. Similar details, “armed Trump supporters” protesting outside of an FBI building. What, did the FBI agents dress up in MAGA gear and walk outside for a photo opportunity? What lazy psy-ops. They all had masks on, too, in 100 degree Arizona heat. Why hide your face, guys?

Coincidentally, True the Vote’s “Pit” event that myself a couple hundred other election fraud activists and MAGA patriots were attending was occurring in Phoenix that day as well. Weird how these so-called “Trump Supporters” were protesting at the FBI office right down the road…

And probably the most obvious piece of bullshit from this whole ordeal, the FBI and Department of Homeland Security released a bulletin yesterday claiming that there was a threat of a dirty bomb being placed at FBI HQ that they received, along with claiming that there have been increasing calls for “Civil War” around the country after the Mar-A-Lago raid.

Increasing calls by who? Their own informants? If any sort of civil tension does break out in this country, you can damn well blame the FBI for being the main ones to foment it. They’re acting like the real insurrections here, aren’t they?

At this point, it’s safe to say the FBI needs to be completely overhauled from the top down, especially at the top. We need to root out every corrupt FBI agent, and root out every CIA, CCP, and Mossad plant that has been inserted at the FBI for dark agendas. In fact, could the FBI be completely disbanded and their investigation activities be given to sheriffs, police departments, U.S. Marshals, and the Defense Intelligence Agency? I don’t know, knowing the possibility of that is far above my non-existent pay-grade, but it’s clear we need a change in this country, otherwise the New World Order cronies are only going to continue threading their tentacles of corruption deeper into society and harassing honest, innocent everyday Americans with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary


 Rev. Fr. Leonard Goffine’s

The Church’s Year

(August 15.)

Why is this feast so called?

Because on this day the Blessed Virgin was taken up into heaven.

Why are plants and fruits blessed on this day?

The Church does this to manifest her joy at the glorious victory which Mary achieved over death, the world and the devil, and at her splendid triumph when she, adorned with virtues as with so many flowers, entered heaven; and that God may so sanctify and bless the plants and fruits, that their use may serve to our welfare.

At the Introit of the Mass, the Church invites us to universal joy by singing: Let us all rejoice in the Lord, celebrating a festal day in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for whose Assumption the angels rejoice, and give praise to the Son of God. My heart hath uttered a good word: I speak my works to the King. (Ps. XLIV.) Glory &c.

COLLECT Pardon, Lord, we beseech Thee, the transgressions of Thy servants: that we, who by our own deeds are unable to please Thee, may be saved by the intercession of the Mother of Thy Son our Lord. Through the same &c.

EPISTLE (Ecclus. XXIV. 11 — 20.) In all things I sought rest, and I shall abide in the inheritance of the Lord. Then the creator of all things commanded, and said to me; and he that made me rested in my tabernacle, and said to me: Let thy dwelling be in Jacob, and thy inheritance in Israel, and take root in my elect. And so was I established in Sion, and in the holy city likewise I rested, and my power was in Jerusalem. And I took root in an honorable people, and in the portion of my God his inheritance, and my abode is in the full assembly of saints. I was exalted like a cedar in Libanus, and as a cypress-tree on Mount Sion. I was exalted like a palm-tree in Cades, and as a rose-plant in Jericho. As a fair olive-tree in the plains, and as a plane-tree by the water in the streets was I exalted. I gave a sweet smell like cinnamon and aromatic balm: I yielded a sweet odor like the best myrrh.

EXPLANATION The Holy Ghost uses these words in praise of eternal wisdom, but the Church applies them to Mary also, to describe the glory and splendor of her assumption. Mary found her rest only in God, the Creator of all things, who created her, and preserved her from, original sin, and lived in her womb as in a tabernacle. On this day God seems to say to her: “Possess the abode destined for thee from all eternity, and the inheritance designed for thee as the first of the elect.” Thus Mary is exalted as Queen of the saints and angels in the heavenly Sion; and now in this holy city, she enjoys an undisturbed peace with God, shares His happiness with Him, and is second only to Him in power and glory; there she shines in the most radiant garments, like the ever-blooming rose of Jericho, from there she lets flow upon the wretched children of Adam the oil of her mercy as from a fair olive-tree, shades them with her protection like a plane-tree, and refreshes them with the sweet fragrance of her virtue and grace.

GOSPEL (Luke x. 38—42.) AT THAT TIME, Jesus entered into a certain town: and a certain woman named Martha received him into her house: and she had a sister called Mary, who sitting also at the Lord’s feet heard his word. But Martha was busy about much serving: who stood and said: Lord, hast thou no care that my sister hath left me alone to serve? Speak to her, therefore, that she help me. And the Lord answering, said to her: Martha, Martha, thou art careful, and art troubled about many things. But, one thing is necessary. Mary hath chosen the best part, which shall not be taken away from her.

Why does the Church cause this gospel to be read today?

Because it can be well applied to Mary, who more worthily and tenderly even than Martha, received, nourished and served the Son of God, and more fervently and attentively than even Martha’s sister, listened to His words, preserved them in her heart and sought to fulfil them. In both ways has she chosen the best of all parts, because in both she walked in perfection, and so gained the greatest of rewards which can never be taken from her.

What may we learn from these two sisters?

That like Martha, who is a type of active, stirring life, we should be energetic in performing the duties of our vocation, but not on that account forget to practice good works, to do all for the love of God, seeking in all things His pleasure, and, since we can no longer administer to Christ in a material way, we should serve the poor, of whom He says that whatever we do to the least of them, He will consider and reward as if done to Himself. We are also like Mary who represents the contemplative life, to be fervent in prayer, in listening and meditating upon the word of God, upon the divine Majesty, its perfections and our frailty, thus to sanctify ourselves and to become more worthy of eternal happiness. This contemplative life Christ calls the better part, but does not, therefore, set aside the active life. We can easily unite both, but must never lose sight of the better part.

Why does Jesus reproach Martha?

Because she was uneasy and distracted by her over-carefulness and anxiety, and forgot to hear the divine word. — Thus do many Christians who find no time to work for the salvation of their soul, and even during divine service and the sermon are thinking of their domestic affairs, and so leave the church without having gained anything for their soul.

What is the one thing necessary?

To seek the glory of God and the salvation of our soul. He who attends to this; attends to all his duties, he is busy and active, but not uneasy and disturbed, and calmly directs his mind to God in all his labors, offers his every step to Him, and draws His grace upon himself.

PETITION. Would that I had better attended to the one thing necessary! Unhappy hours which I have squandered for the world, its vanities and pleasures! Where are you now? What shall I have from you in eternity but sorrow and desolation? Could I but call back my wasted life? But since that cannot be, give me Thy grace, I beseech Thee, O most beneficent God, to pass the remaining years of my life wholly in Thy service, and work above all and only for the affairs of my soul.


ON this day the glorified Virgin entered heaven and crowned by her presence the holy pleasures of its inhabitants. But what mind can conceive the glory with which the arrival of the Queen of the world was celebrated by the brilliant heavenly hosts, their advance to greet her, their chanting as they led her to the magnificent throne? Who can fancy the tender gaze, the loving countenance, the divine caresses with which she was received by her Son and placed over all created beings, honored as became such a mother, with the glory that became such a Son? What lips can describe the assumption of Mary? As upon earth she, before all others, received special grace, so in heaven she, before all others, receives special glory. If eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor hath it entered into the heart of man to know the delights that God has prepared for those that love Him, who shall say what is prepared for her who bore Him and loved Him more than all! O blessed art thou, Mary! Most blessed wert thou, when thou didst receive the Saviour; most blessed art thou, when the Saviour receives thee!


We accompany thee, on this day, with our most ardent wishes to thy Son, O glorious Virgin, Queen of heaven! and follow thee from afar, O happy Virgin! Give thy mildness to the world, give of the grace thou hast found with God. Obtain by thy blessed intercession, grace for the guilty, recovery for the sick, strength for the faint-hearted, aid for those in peril! Dispense to us thy servants, who on this glorious festival-day invoke thy sweetest name, O gentlest Queen, the grace of Jesus Christ, thy Son, our Lord and God, to whom be glory forever. Amen.