Honest Abe Debunked and Joe Biden, Too


 By Anna Von Reitz

Lincoln “suspended” the right of Habeas Corpus for the U.S. Citizens and also pretended to have authority to suspend The Constitution of the United States of America and replace it with the Lieber Code.
Both these offenses have (mis) guided the operations of the U.S. Military and the British Territorial United States Government ever since, as they have mistaken Lincoln as the President of our Federation of States — an office that he never in fact held.
He was “a” President, but not “the” President. He was foreclosed from holding the actual Federation office of The President of The United States of America and he was also prohibited from holding the office of The President of The United States (the presidency of our Federal Republic) by the Titles of Nobility Amendment (1819) prohibiting attorneys from holding any office in our government.
Thus, Lincoln himself was a cuckoo bird — a British fakir, pretending to have authorities he didn’t have and pretending to occupy an office that he didn’t in fact occupy at all. He was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1834, and he remained a member of the Bar until his death, so he literally could not be the actual President of this country.
Look closely at the way the actual offices should appear: The President of The United States of America and The President of The United States.
Now look at what was foisted off on the people: the President of the United States of America and the President of the United States.
Everything Lincoln did, including “suspending” the Constitution in favor of the Lieber Code, is by definition unauthorized, the result of deliberate deceit, and must be held null and void by any thinking jurist. This would include his invention of “Executive Orders” and his granting of “Emergency Powers” to himself and his removal of the Writ of Habeas Corpus.
Some military generals have attempted to argue that Lincoln was “Commander in Chief” in time of war, and could pretty much do whatever he wanted or needed to do to “preserve the Union”— to which I reply that the presumption that he ever functioned as “Commander in Chief” is predicated on him being lawfully elected as The President of The United States of America, an office he never held.
And the “Union” Lincoln was bent on preserving wasn’t the Union of our States, either. The “Union” Mr. Lincoln was talking about was a commercial cartel serving the interests of a foreign central bank bent on controlling our commodities markets, instead.
The entire idea that a British Territorial corporation “President” had the authority to command the entirety of the American Armed Forces, including our land forces, would have to be supported by some sort of treaty or contract allowing that—– and there is none. A most diligent search for any such treaty or agreement has failed to turn up anything supporting such a claim, and the adoption of the Naval Agency and Distributions Act by the British Parliament the following year, 1864, is strong circumstantial evidence that the Parliament knew exactly what the situation was.
Lincoln’s subsequent assassination by men closely associated with the Swiss Guard and the Municipal United States Government indicates that the Pope and the Roman Curia were fully advised concerning Lincoln’s deceit, too.
Everyone knew except the Employers of these miscreants and criminals— the American people.
Lincoln had become inconvenient because he opposed the ruination of the people and property of the South, and wanted to engage in a formal peace process with Jefferson Davis to officially end the mercenary conflict that we mistakenly call “The American Civil War”. Not only were Lincoln and Davis technically unable to engage in such a formal peace process, peace was not in the best interests of the British Crown which had supported Lincoln from the start. Their horse had finally won, and they wanted every last penny of war reparations they could wring out of the South and the Municipal Government. Lincoln’s assassination guaranteed that hostilities would continue.
When the Brits booted up their replacement organization in 1868 to replace “the” United States of America Corporation that Lincoln bankrupted in 1863, the new Scottish Commercial Corporation calling itself ‘The United States of America, Incorporated” deliberately trespassed against the Good Name and Trademarks of the American Federation of States and by simply neglecting to add the word “Incorporated” they successfully impersonated us and gained access to our credit in the same way that any credit card hacker does. The banks, especially the Central Banks, that wanted control of our commodities markets, winked and turned a blind eye. Theft and misuse of American gold and credit assets meant big profits and increased coercive powers for them.
The adoption of the infamous “Fourteenth Amendment” or, as it is more properly described, their Fourteenth By-law Amendment—- as this was never any amendment to any actual Federal Constitution and was never ratified by our States of the Union — proves that these men continued to wage illegal mercenary “war” long after Appomattox, and the continued misapplication of this so-called “Fourteenth Amendment” proves that they continue to do so to this day.
Ask yourselves — what possible authority is vested in a By-Law Amendment adopted by a long defunct Scottish Commercial Corporation that went bankrupt in 1907? We should live our lives and apply our laws according to that? Whoever thinks so, should have their heads examined and receive this little history lesson.
The American people and the entire world must wake up and accept the fact that Lincoln’s knock-off “presidency” was a fraud scheme and that absolutely everything deriving from this ill-begotten piece of history is tainted by fraud and illegality.
This crime spree has resulted in the British Government manipulating and commandeering the manpower and resources of this country and using us like a sock puppet as muscle for their imperialist war-mongering and colonial oppressions through two World Wars and literally hundreds of lesser “conflicts”.
One can only imagine the snide self-congratulations that the denizens of Whitehall and the Inner City of London have given themselves ever afterward.
Karen Hudes was exactly right. Addressing this problem will “blow us back to the Stone Age” — or at least back to 1860, but if we want to find firm ground to build upon, that’s what we have to do.
By 1937, the Pope’s Municipal Government threw in the white towel and a large amount of gold to get in on the game the British had going here. We might call this game “Illegally, Immorally, and Unlawfully Sack the Americans, Make Them Pay For It, and Then, Blame Them For It”.
The result was their infamous “Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States”. This document, which was never widely released to the American Public for obvious reasons, formalized the collusion of the British Territorial and Municipal United States Federal Subcontractors.
Ever since, they have worked together to coerce, defraud, defame, and deceive the American public for fun and profit.
Shortly after they formalized this new partnership, they fomented the Second World War and made it look like it was the fault of their political opponents in Germany. Conveniently, they had created the whole political party system in Germany and used it to create the Nazi Party, too. The entire “war” was scripted by the same people. And the rest of us have been kept in the dark and fed horse dung.
Every country on Earth has been impacted adversely by this British Bunko, and every government has been undermined by this deceit. The Lieber Code has morphed into the Hague Conventions instead of being recognized for what it is, and jettisoned as flotsam. The same architects of this Great Fraud, the Lords of the Admiralty, abetted by the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London, continue their operations today, unrecognized for their role, and left largely unopposed.
These thirteen men are not “Lords” in the way that we commonly think of British Lords. They don’t sit in the halls of justice or attend Parliament. They are, instead, scattered all over the world, operating the world’s largest crime syndicate, and running the world into the ground with no effective restraint.
Every hired jurist in America needs a copy of this information and a Notice of Liability along with it. They also need a copy of the International Notice of Distraint.

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The Great Plague of 2022

The Great Plague of 2022

They say it can happen in less time than it takes to fart.

Things did not begin to go bad with that first, and most horrific explosion. This whole unfolding disaster had started years, decades, earlier.

Not that the beginning is that meaningful as we won’t be finding out when it started until we get to the end of it all. Reality is like that; you never know a damn thing for sure at any time. Best to take notes as you go along.

Personally, IMO, it’s Billy Meier’s fault. He was the first of the bogus ‘contactees’ of the 1950s through the 1970s to come up with the ‘perfect bodies’ of the Space Aliens which we now recognize as the precursor to our problem Manifestation that has emerged with some violence over this Summer.

In Billy’s case, it was the ‘Pleadians’ themselves who had the ‘perfect bodies’, and it was not simply that their ‘traveling avatars’ here on Earth were not real, so of course could look ‘perfect’.

Thanks to the recent secret Pleadian Expedition from the Reformed Church of Whynotology, we know now that Billy was way wrong. The report from the expedition relates that the Pleadians all look like the gorilla characters from Planet of the Apes on a bad day; it’s just that they have really good imaginations when it comes to projecting avatars for inter Galactic travel.

But the immediate problem is not Space Gorillas, but rather the very real, and growing Clone Crisis.

Anyone wallowing in the Woo-Woo world could have seen it coming. Especially over these last few years as it escalated, first slowly, then with gathering speed. But those with their eyes riveted on current events in politics, or any of the other major distractors of our time, will have totally missed it. They will be gobsmacked when they discover just how extensive the Clone problem has become.

My first encounter with it left no real, lasting impression. More the feeling of a vague ‘hmmm?’ persisted for a while after that first glance at the article about a politician being replaced by a clone.

They do clone sheep, so?

In any event, not much thought was devoted to it back in those days, but nonetheless, the way things work on the internet, my attention was at times captured by the various vid personalities reporting yet more clones popping up in the general landscape. In those years, it grew slowly, but it continued to grow.

A political figure here, a religious leader there. A major banker, a news wanker, an actor, even famous lesbians were being replaced. It seemed almost no one was immune to the growing Clone Plague.

Watching it grow produced a definite sense of alarm! Weekly there were new reports of clones being slipped in to public life. Almost no notice was taken in the alt media. Certainly no verbs nor nouns were produced by the legacy, the MSM, media about the problem. This is somewhat ironic considering how many of their ranks are, in fact, now part of the Clone Plague.

One’s spine shudders in fear as the realization of just how fast the Plague is spreading smacks the mind into our new, scary, reality.

They say it can happen in less time than it takes to fart; the replacement part. One minute, standing around, maybe at the office, maybe shopping, or even driving, and poof, a small fart noise, and you are gone from this reality. Replaced by an identical look-alike clone. Made in YOUR image.

That part was difficult to connect with, the whole ‘in your exact image’ clone creation thing. Until a meta examination of the research revealed the truth. It was shocking, outrageous even, but, when all else has been eliminated, what remains is the truth.

The research took some number of years, as did the dawning realization of the power of what had been discovered. The first test only took a few hours.

That test was very successful, and proved all that had been speculated about the clone replacement process.

Of course, it HAD to be tested. Knowledge like that must be examined. It was too strange, too wonky, but, in the end, too true.

So I did one. A clone replacement event. Well, actually mine was a two-fer, as both Charlie Ward, and Simon Parkes, were replaced by clones. The details were not quite correct, as it was my first go at a clone replacement event, and it required a second Charlie Ward clone to be used, but it worked, after a fashion. True, the second clone has head bobbing rhythm problems, but those will be sorted out soon enough.

What is important is to learn from our mistakes, even if from our successful mistakes, so the take away was that there was just too much unnecessary detail in that first go event.

Yes, the whole Great Charlie Explosion scenario with the 12 Black Bean Burritos being set off by the taser from a White Hats agent was funny, but was it really worth the cost to the city of San Juan, and the innocent residents of Puerto Rico? To say nothing of the damage to the hotel? Probably not.

And it turns out, by way of extensive research into Clone Replacement Phenomena, there are far easier ways to do it. Does require a bit of practice, but all the sweating bullets part is taken away as you realize that in order to replace someone with a clone, all you have to do is to just say it.

Tried it that way with the second test, which was the replacement of Phil the Shill Frawdlewski with a clone. The clone there was pretty good, not that it has much of a challenge with that personality. It was easier. Phil was just simply carted off to Moon Prison, and the clone left in his place.

If enough people listen, and enough people say that he’s a clone, that fucker is a clone. You know it’s happening, when the clones have to start denying that they are clones in public media.

So you say it, then kick back and wait. Soon, someone repeats it, then another, and pretty soon, everyone is saying it. Then, you’re all talking about the clone, not the personality.

Once the confirmation starts coming in, the clone will start revealing itself. Happens every damn time. The clones just can’t help themselves. Look at Pelosi’s clone, as an example. Or Biden’s piss poor clone collection. Hell, look at the Charlie Ward clone #2 with its head bobbing rhythm problems. Clones are just imperfect. It’ll always show through.

Once you know, you can spot the clone by the behavior. No point now in saying David Wilcock is a clone. Someone got there first. It was a really hurried, sloppy clone job as well. That clone is talking to chipmunks. And getting ‘meaningful’ replies. And making vids about it.

Watch out, the Great Clone Plague of 2022 is spreading…it’s not a pretty sight.

How Masking Contributes To Long Covid


lingering disorder that can last for months or years is affecting an increasing proportion of the workforce. The symptoms that contribute to Long Covid could be a result of pandemic measures and masking in particular. Increased exposure to microplastics, nanoparticles, chemicals in masks and nasopharyngeal tests parallel many of the symptoms that define Long Covid. 

Surveys among thousands of people suggest 7% to 30% of people who tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus experienced one or more symptoms for a period longer than 12 weeks. Some people who got Covid-19 early in the pandemic still haven’t recovered. 

The syndrome Long Covid is complex as symptoms may fluctuate and people go through different stages. Symptoms have been protracted by patients at ICU and those with organ damage, but also occurred in people with only a mild infection. A list of sixty -two different symptoms define the syndrome of Long Covid. Fatigue, brain fog, breathlessness, anxiety, depression and a loss of smell and taste are among the most frequently found symptoms.

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Most scientists and medical doctors – including media – link Long Covid symptoms to the SARS-CoV-2 infection. This would be the first Coronavirus in history causing long-lasting chronic symptoms in a high percentage of the workforce. People with Long Covid can experience social isolation and stigma because of their inability to perform. The rise of Long Covid has created millions of new people with disabilities.

The root cause of the disease is still mysterious. In several case studies and an excellent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine that investigated many diagnostic parameters in people with and without Long Covid, no biological change could explain a link to Long Covid. Some scientists relate the symptoms of Long Covid to other complex diseases of multidisciplinary origin like Alzheimer’s disease, Lyme disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or hyperventilation syndrome

Many countries have started special clinics and funded research especially for studying lingering effects. A one-sizefits-all successful treatment has not been found yet. Thousands or maybe over a hundred million are frustrated at the lack of treatment available. Doctors and scientists prefer a holistic approach, but medical and social services are often understaffed. 

Desperate patients with Long Covid symptoms are traveling abroad to private clinics for blood apheresis and the prescription of anti-coagulation drugs, though treatments are still experimental and evidence on effectiveness is still lacking. For some patients these treatments have been successful, for others not.

Covid-19 vaccination has been a hot topic in speeches of politicians and advertising in the media as a motivation for preventing Long Covid. However, a large study among 13 million people published in Nature Medicine could only demonstrate a small effect. 

A study published in the Italian Journal of Pediatrics demonstrated that physical symptoms were restored much faster as compared to mental symptoms, suggesting Long Covid could be related to pandemic measures rather than a viral infection. The risks for Long Covid symptoms have shown to be increased for people with existing chronic diseases, increasing age, and lower income, women being more susceptible than men. 

Fear, social isolation, depression and worries for education and decreased income are thought to be related to the symptoms of Long Covid in children with and without a positive PCR test. As the emergency of the pandemic continues a worrying spike in chronic diseasessuicide and excess mortalityare noticed at the global level. This indicates the deprivation of a resilient immune system with an increased susceptibility for lingering symptoms of Long Covid.

At this point there has been limited attention for a possible relation of Long Covid and exposure to chemicals in masks, nasopharyngeal tests and disinfectants. In a meta-analysis by an interdisciplinary team of German physicians, a potential risk of Mask Induced Exhaustion Syndrome (MIES) has been found. The most frequently observed symptoms (fatigue, headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration) as described for MIES overlap with important symptoms for Long Covid syndrome. 

The lack of smell and taste during Covid-19 seems to be different as compared to symptoms during the flu. A lack of taste and smell are frequently observed after chemotherapy in cancer treatments and has been linked to malnutrition, inflammation and depression. Also, brain fog is a symptom occurring after chemotherapy. It seems likely that harmful effects by long-term mask-wearing and frequent nasopharyngeal testing with increased exposure to chemicals (not naturally found products) can accelerate symptoms and contribute to Long Covid.

Up to now, the safety of long-term and frequent wearing of masks and taking nasal swab samples in a delicate area in the nose, often by hardly experienced persons, have been poorly investigated. Severe nose bleedings (epistaxis), cerebrospinal fluid leakage , vomiting, dizziness and fainting have been reported. Most frequently used masks and nasopharyngeal tests are derived from China with less strict controls and measures for the presence of hazardous materials. 

In several countries masks and nasopharyngeal tests delivered by governments were taken from the marketMicroplastics, nanoparticles (graphene oxide, titanium dioxide, silver, ethylene oxide, coloring compounds, fluorocarbon (PFAS) and heavy metals have been found in masks and nasopharyngeal tests. Unfortunately, not all masks and tests used during the pandemic are controlled. A report from the Dutch Public Health institute (RIVM) released in November 2021 stated “the safety of masks cannot be guaranteed.” 

The short- and long-term impact of frequent exposure on the physiology and physical and mental functioning of the human body is unknown. Harmful effects for children, who are less able to detoxify, could result in a compromised immune and nervous system resulting in repeated and rare infections with more chronic diseases during aging and less healthy future generations. 

Microplastics and nanoparticles withdraw proteins, vitamins and minerals forming bio- corona (microclots), accumulating in important organs (blood, liver, gut, lung tissue), and disturb important physiological and immunological processes

The liver, lungs and gut are important organs in energy metabolism, detoxification and surveillance by the innate immune system. Disrupting a delicate gut-liver-brain axis can relate to fatigue and exhaustion. 

Seeking more answers for a Long Covid mystery

The Belgium Public Health Institute, Sciensano, found titanium dioxide in 24 types of masks. A recent publication in Gut showed that exposure to titanium dioxide could exacerbate inflammation of the colon (Colitis Ulcerosa) weakening the innate immune system. Furthermore, titanium dioxide can enter directly into the brain and cause oxidative stress in glial cells (or mast cells), cells with an important role in the proper functioning of the innate immune system and nervous system. Maternal exposure to titanium dioxide during pregnancy may result in impaired memory in the infant. Long-term exposure and high concentrations could even cause DNA damage. Unfortunately, masks with titanium dioxide are still available on the market. 

Mental problems, anxiety and depression, have been linked to a change in the microbiome. Researchers from Stanford University observed in patients with gut inflammation (Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, Colitis Ulcerosa) a link to missing gut microbes as compared to healthy persons. A significantly increased risk of a new onset of psychiatric illness is concentrated in the early post-acute phase of a Covid-19 infection. 

A team of Japanese scientists discovered the presence of pathogens (bacteria and fungi) on the inner and outer side of various masks. In case of a disrupted growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi the body is exposed to a higher concentration of (myco)toxins that often leads to feeling fatigue and sickness.

Overgrowth of facultative anaerobe bacteria (bacteria needing less oxygen) for example methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus has been related to mask acne and mask mouthStaphylococcus aureusmay cause pneumonia, sepsis and blood poisoning. Many of the exotoxins and secreted enzymessecreted by these bacteria suppress the T cell repertoire of the immune system. The excreted products can also cause aggregation of phagocytes, decreasing phagocytosis resulting in an impaired innate and adaptive immune system. 

A long-term albeit small change in the O2/CO2 gases in the inhaled air may influence an unfavorable change in the microbiome on the skin, mouth, nose, lungs and gut. Both oxygen and carbon dioxide are the primary gaseous substrate and product respectively, of oxidative metabolism in each cell. Variations in the levels of these gases outside the physiological range can lead to pathological conditions including respiratory and heart problems, permanent injury, immune suppression, increased aging, and altered gene expression for fertility and death. Carbon dioxide poisoning is recognized as an often-forgotten cause of intoxication in the emergency department. Several studies found an Increased level of carbon dioxide when wearing masks. This phenomenon was more pronounced during sports

The laboratory of a South Africa scientist has found significant microclot formation in Long Covid patients and acute Covid patients. Acute Covid-19 is not only a lung disease but affects the vascular and coagulation system. Unfortunately, inflammatory molecules are missed in normal blood tests as they are entrapped in the fibrinolytic resistant microclots. The presence of the microclots and hyperactivated platelets perpetuates coagulation and vascular pathology, resulting in cells not getting enough oxygen. Oxygen deprivation damages every single organ. Many Covid patients have low oxygen in the blood and are treated with oxygen therapy. 

 Oxygen deprivation at the cellular level is also described for bio-corona that are formed in the human body when exposed to graphene-oxide and microplastics. Graphene-oxide and microplastics are found in masks and nasopharyngeal swabs and may enter the human body via airways, eyes or food.

Two and a half years into the pandemic the immune system is disrupted by O2 deprivation and exposure to microplastics, nanoparticles and other toxic chemicals. This leads to an unfavorable change in the microbiome, brain damage, inflammation and the formation of microclots. Microclots could be amyloids formed by excreted bacterial products and/or biocorona, formed by nanoparticle and microplastics. The microclots cannot naturally break down by fibrinolysis and accelerates O2 deprivation in capillaries and at the cellular level. 

Wearing masks and nasopharyngeal swabs could lead to (sudden) death

The results of Foegen’s observational study published in Medicine strongly suggest that mask mandates caused 50% more deaths compared to no mask mandates. Dr Foegen theorized that hyper-condensed droplets caught by masks are reinhaled and introduced deeper into the respiratory tract responsible for higher viral loads and an increased mortality rate (The Foegen effect). Exposure to microplastics may result in lung fibrosis.

Also, a peer-reviewed study published in April 2022 on mask usage across Europe noted a moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths in Western Europe. 

Not harm, supporting lives is the purpose of life

The policy of politicians and advisory experts promoting a reintroduction of pandemic measures is a high risk for a disastrous effect for a now chemically poisoned population with a weakened immune system

In many countries in the world excessive mortality and sickness is observed. Each of the measures including Covid-19 vaccination might have their own contribution to the weakened immune system. 

The observed microclots in patients with Long Covid and acute Covid, independent of Covid-19 vaccination, is indicating that any measure that may cause oxygen deprivation or inflammation is a risk for sudden death, and more severe infectious and chronic diseases (liver, heart problems and neurodegenerative diseases). At this moment it is not known which concentration of microclots and oxygen deprivation may result in severe symptoms or even death.

Above all, after two and a half years into the pandemic, neglecting the basic principles of Public Health, the pandemic measures do not show benefits in reduction of Covid-19 infection and Covid-19 deaths. The policy of mask-wearing and frequent testing is ineffective, expensive, and causes harm to humanity and the environment. Therefore, mask-wearing and frequent testing should be halted immediately worldwide.

The priority need is a political will and governmental funding to focus on strengthening the immune system, preventing malnutrition and famine for all. Moreover, millions of individuals suffering from Long Covid, or side effects of Covid-19 vaccines have the right for personal and financial support. Otherwise many people may become disabled as a result of poor management of this crisis.

Republished via The Brownstone Institute

Fensui Meiguo: Donald Trump's transmittable hologram of Anthony Fauci

Three articles today. Tripleheader.

ARTICLE ONE: Fensui Meiguo: Donald Trump’s transmittable hologram of Anthony Fauci

Donald Trump and Joe Biden have released a statement announcing their joint partnership in a new business venture:

“We’re creating a likeness of Anthony Fauci in the form of a transmittable hologram. Via satellite, and other proprietary technology, this hologram can be beamed into any space, urging people to take the COVID vaccines and boosters.”

“The hologram can appear at any moment. Our company is working with the FDA, CDC, and DHS, to promote national medical security.”

The NY Post has revealed that the actual Fauci hologram was created in a lab by a Chinese firm, Fensui Meiguo—which literally translates as “Smash America.”

Mr. Trump denied any knowledge of this. President Biden couldn’t be reached for comment. Trump told FOX News, “It’s just like the Saudis. You do business with them. You know about their politics, but you’re using them for a pro-American agenda. So it works out. I don’t care who made the Fauci hologram. We’re beaming it into homes and offices because the COVID vaccine is great and people love it.