No, Mister Trump is NOT…..A Short Expose of the Offices of the “President”


 By Anna Von Reitz

I want to clear something up. I have seen repeated statements in the Alt Press saying that President Trump is the President of our Restored Republic. No, he is not.
The only Republic that can be “restored” is the Federal Republic — the American Subcontractor that is meant to function under the original Federal Constitution of 1787. There is no other “Republic” — but there are fifty (50) sovereign (unincorporated) republican States of the Union.
Look at the words carefully. “Republic” is masculine. “Republican” is feminine. We are talking about two different things, two different governments, apples and kumquats.
And yes, the Federal Republic does need to be restored. It hasn’t had a President or an election for the office of President of the united States of America in 162 years. For much of that time, even the population eligible to vote for that office has been scattered and left in the dark, prevented by ignorance from taking action to correct this situation.
Now, finally, by dint of their own investigation, the people of this country are waking up. Even the bureaucrats are admitting what I am telling you, though they are putting their own spin on things.
They are admitting that yes, there was a Federal Republic, once-upon-a-time. And yes, it needs to be restored.
But they aren’t telling you the whole truth about this— only enough to assure themselves a continuing avenue to power and domination.
The Federal Republic is important and it should be restored — but what about the actual President of The United States? The President of this country?
Again — see the difference in the words? The President of the Federal Republic is known as the President of the united States of America, while the President of this whole country is The President of The United States.
Please note that “The President of The United States” is dictated by English Grammar and is the actual American Office.
When George Washington took his Oath of Office, he did so as the President of the Municipal Government and used the Roman nomenclature instead —- thus becoming “the President of the United States” instead of The President of The United States.
He did this because he was in debt to the Pope and needed to control that office at the time, not because he was confused—- but everyone else has been confused ever since.
That is, amid all this talk about Trump being the President of the restored Federal Republic, there are OTHER more important Presidential Offices that need to be filled.
The actual offices of the American President — both The President of The United States (National) and The President of The United States of America (International) — have been vacant since 1856 when all this diabolical deception began.
Franklin Pierce was the last American President.
It’s time for that to change.
The Presidency of the Union of States — that is, The President of The United States — and the Federation of States presidency known as The President of The United States of America — are the primary offices that need to be filled, so that the guy who eventually becomes President of the Federal Republic has someone to tell him what to do.
Otherwise, we have the same old garbage pit, with the employees telling the employers how high to jump.
The Union operating as the States of America owns the Federal Republic. The Federation operating as The United States of America oversees the Federal Republic. That’s the way it’s supposed to be.
In this way, the people of this country elect their own President (who holds two offices, one National and one International) to hold the Federal Subcontractors accountable.
Understandably, the Federal Subcontractors don’t like to come to heel, but that is The Problem that creates the run amok Federal Government scenario where the Employees call the shots and Employers are seen as subservient to those on their payroll.
The goal isn’t to elect a President to run the Federal Republic.
The goal is to elect a President to run the Union and the Federation of States, who then will exercise his office as The President of The United States of America to oversee the President of the (restored) Federal Republic.
And while we are at it, let’s find some new names and labels for things, including presidential offices, so that it is no longer such a confusing morass of similar names.
Please note that when verbalized, it is impossible to tell the difference between “the President of the united States of America” (the Federal Republic Presidency) and “The President of The United States of America” (the actual Federation of States Presidency) and “the President of the United States of America ” (the British Territorial Subcontractor’s Presidency).
Who in their right minds needs to contend with a situation like this, where we can’t even tell for sure what (or who) we are talking about except by context and subtle variations in the way these different offices are written— their “style”.
Why not recognize that there are three separate offices involved?
Call the Federation President by his proper office —- The President of The United States of America, and call the Federal Republic’s President by his or her proper office — President of the Federal Republic?
One is the Delegator and the other is the Delegatee.
Let’s not continue to harbor such confusion in our midst. It only serves to allow continued chaos and manipulation by foreign powers.
Mr. Trump was elected to the British Territorial Subcontractor’s presidential office — “the President of the United States of America” —- he has never served nor been elected to the office of President of the united States of America (Federal Republic President) nor, more importantly, has he served or been elected to The Office of The President of The United States of America (Federation President).
He is eligible to serve in any of these three (3) offices, but he has only been elected to one of them, and so far, he has been constrained to serve as a British Territorial “President”.
Look sharp, People.
Version One: The President of The United States of America (the actual Federation of States President).
Version Two: the President of the United States of America (the British Territorial President).
Version Three: the President of the united States of America (the American Federal Republic President).
Only the first Office, The President of The United States of America directly represents the People of this country and directly serves the People who are the Employers.
The other two identical-sounding offices are “Presidents” of Subcontractors working under delegated powers. They are supposed to be taking their orders from the People’s President.
I suppose, though I cannot prove, that when all this insanity of similar names started, it was justified in terms of the delegated powers and that the similar names were used to create a “united front” between the actual Federation and those organizations that were exercising delegated powers “in its name”.
What has happened in fact, though, is that the Federal Subcontractors have used the similar names to usurp upon our Federation of States and our Presidential Office, so that our Subcontractors have been seizing power and cracking the whip over their Employers and nobody has been the wiser.
Who can tell the difference between “the President of the united States of America” and “The President of The United States of America”?
You can. Now, teach everyone else, and let’s make it our goal to elect the right man to the right office and put an end to this confusion and tyranny at the hands of our own employees.
We are Americans. We can get this. And we can set our own house in order.
We need to put an end to usurpation by our employees and by the foreign governments that direct their activities under the guise of exercising our delegated powers.
The fastest way to that result is to elect an actual American President who then acts for the Union and the Federation to oversee the operations of the restored Federal Republic.
Remember — the Big Kahuna Offices are: The President of The United States (National Office) and The President of The United States of America (International Office) both exercised by one man, duly elected by the American people acting as electors — not voters.
If we are going to have new national elections let’s do this right and have the Employers in their proper oversight position over the Employees.

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Why so expensive?

Why so expensive?

Let’s do the math…

So just everyone wants one these days, and why not?

A clone to do all your chores for you?

Or just to attend all those annoying public events you just must appear at to provide support for your brand, but that are just so tedious you think your brain will explode if you had to do yet one more meet-up?

Or those hugely fractious family holiday meals! Who wouldn’t want to say, Send in the Clone.

A clone is just the thing. Solves a lot of your scheduling problems, and may even be a bit fun.

But why are clones so damn expensive.

Well, let’s do the math.

For this examination we will use the figures provided by the ACME Cloning Company as being representative of the whole of the modern cloning industry.

First, a clone is just a human body, created from your cells, and has the same number of cells as you when it is matured. Thus adult clones are like regular humans and have around 10 trillion cells.

This is a lot of cells. You have about 10 trillion cells, and look how long it took you to get to where you are now.

It’s all about energy. And energy transfer.

Your body’s cells divided, that is multiplied themselves by doubling, over 42 times to get to your total of 10 trillion cells. It took you decades.

For a clone, the manufacturer has to do all that energy transfer in a very short period. This really adds to the costs.

So let’s look at what you body had to do to grow you to where you are now.

First it took your mother (no, not a birthing person, but your mother, the woman who gave birth to you) over 126,900 calories to bring you to your emergence into this world. She consumes more than that in order to get you the 94,890 calories that will have been used to create your body in her womb.

Thus you start off with nearly 95,000 calories necessary to get you out the door, so to speak.

Then, over the first three years of your life, you needed between 1000, and 1400 calories daily. This results in a range of 365,000 to 511,000 calories per year for each year producing a total range of 1,098,000 calories out to 1,533,000 to cover all 3 years.

For 4 to 8, your body used up 1200 to 2000 calories daily resulting in an annual range of 438,000 to 730,000, or a 5 year total of 2,190,000 out to 3,690,000 calories for those years.

Similarly, years 9 through 18 will require more calories at 1400 to 2400 per day, yielding 511,000 out to 876,000 annually for a total range of 5,110,000 to 8,760,00 calories across those 10 years (9 through 18 INCLUSIVE).

For the years 19 through to 30, we have daily calories at 1800 to 3200 for total ranges of 657,000 out to 12,168,000 calories required annually. Across that decade of your twenties, you consumed at least 7,227,000 to 12,848,000.

All this sums to a range, that at the low end is 15,719,000 out to a high end of 19,041,890 calories.

Fifteen million out to nineteen million.

That is a lot of calories to get you to age 30.

Now true, your body will gradually slow down its calorie demands as you age, but overall it is not very significant to the calories consumed over a lifetime.

No matter what, that is a lot of calories. This is just the start of the costs incurred by your clone maker. True these calories are not in the form of foodstuffs, but are mainly electricity (as an energy source), light, and chemicals, but in the main, these ‘raw’ energy sources are about 3/three times as expensive over those same calories obtained through foods. It takes a lot of expensive electricity to replace what sunlight + soil + a seed will produce.

So just if you think about it this way, that your clone maker is paying for three times the energy equivalent of ALL the foods you have eaten since you were born. That puts it into perspective, and this is JUST the energy that goes into the actual clone body.

Besides the expenses of the cloning technicians salaries & tools & support costs, there is also the huge cost of the containment field. Note that this is the time distortion device that encloses the artificial womb in which your clone will grow, and mature.

The containment field is the largest single expense in the production of your clone. This field has to have enough energy to encapsulate the womb machinery, and to distort the time around it for the duration of the clone grow period.

Time distortion is a giant energy sucker. The containment field takes about 150,000 times the energy equivalent of your clone’s total calories necessary to build the body. Yes, the time distortion, and compression, is the single largest expense in producing your clone.

In examining the question of why cloning is so expensive, we have not even touched on the related costs of government regulation, including the price that all clone owners pay to support the Global Clone Police force. Or all the insurance costs associated with clone creation, nor the required set asides for the Clone-gone-bad disposals. These are not trivial costs.

The disposal costs must not be minimized. Cloning is not an exact science. It is more of an industrial art.

Every cloning job is a gamble. The manufacturer puts it all the necessary base chemical constituents together in an incubation capsule, then puts the capsule in the AW (artificial womb), and then puts the AW on its STB (stable time base), and then fires off the containment field. Then you wait. Months. Until the process is mature, whereupon, hopefully, you retrieve a good clone.

Even with our advanced knowledge these days, 2 out of every 3 clones will ‘go bad’ and need disposal. Mostly it is brain quirks, though sometimes we still see the more gross abnormalities. As the Time Containment Field prevents any information traveling through it, you don’t know the state of the field until you ‘crack the shell’ as they say in the business.

Then, mostly you are disappointed, and start over.

There is also the hidden costs of a clone that ‘sort of works’. That is, the clone may look good, and seem functional, until it is actually placed into service. Then defects begin to show in its behavior.

That’s what the White Hats ran into when they replaced Charlie Ward and Simon Parkes with clones.

The first Charlie Ward clone looked fine, and seemed good, until it was actually placed in the field. Then all manner of mental problems appeared. Every thing from agoraphobia, to compulsive, and inappropriate, insect eating. Not a pretty sight.

Charlie Ward Clone number 2 was a distinct improvement though it also is manifesting defects, though the most notable is that its head bobbing rhythm is off, compared to the real Charlie Ward. Something that, hopefully, will go unnoticed by most people who interact with it.

The Charlie Ward series had some extra costs as the original model is fat. More calories involved so the needs escalated.

It is wise, with the state of clone rejects running at 2 out of every 3, right at the shell crack stage, to say nothing of what appears during actual use of the clone, to purchase clone creation insurance. It can really be a life saver (joke intended) when it is a case of “clone gone bad”.

The great expenses of cloning should now be a bit more understandable. It’s a difficult and energy intensive task to build your clone, and with all the recent past and bad history of clone replacements (think the Biden years), it is no wonder at all that the Cloning Industry Council spends a lot of time, and energy (money) promoting their Responsible Clone Ownership program.

Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Happy Cloning!