The mass culling of the HUMAN HERD is now under way… here’s exactly how it’s being accomplished to achieve mass extermination


Globalists see humanity as cattle (or sheeple) to be exploited for as long as needed, then culled like cattle herds when they are no longer useful. As globalist advisor Yuval Harari is now saying (paraphrased), the age of humans is coming to an end on planet Earth, and globalists have activated a multi-faceted plan to “cleanse” the planet of all human beings.

If someone were to have some sick, twisted desire to kill off a herd of cattle, they could simply shut off the water and the food. Death would come in a matter of days or weeks at most. The same is happening right now to humans.

The water supply is being cut off via geoengineering, causing global droughts and widespread crop failures. Entire cities like Los Angeles and Los Vegas are being threatened with a terminated water supply in the years ahead.

The food supply is being decimated by cutting off fertilizer supplies and causing diesel fuel prices to go sky high while also attacking the supply chain that supplies agricultural equipment parts.

The result? Both the water supplies and food supplies are being cut off. The human herd is being culled in some of the same ways a herd of cattle might be eliminated.

Vaccines are designed to kill the gullible billions, and starvation will get the rest

Vaccines represent another kill vector for global depopulation. Because vaccines are voluntary, they are intended to easily kill off the gullible masses who are so ill-informed that they actually believe Big Government and Big Pharma wants to save their lives. In reality, of course, the vaccines are biological weapons designed for infertility and depopulation. A huge percentage — we don’t yet know the final number — of those who have already taken the vaccines will die from self-assembling clots that we now know contain high concentrations of conductive elements such as Aluminum, Tin and Sodium.

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The Feds…


They are everywhere!

No, this is not about politics, this is about language and perception. Well, ok, so yes, you are quite correct, politics is everything, and does include both language and perception. However…

These United States on the American continent are a federation of 48 states forming a contiguous political block. There are 2 extra continental states, as well as several territories, and other remote, affiliated, political areas.

As these United States are a federation, and as there is a layer of government that is strictly at this level, that is, which is not part of any of the individual state’s governments, we have named this construct ‘the Federal government’. Being linguistically lazy, and/or efficient, we refer to the Federal Government, in the common parlance of the populace, as “the Feds”.

Now here is the interesting part, linguistically…while there are other federations on Earth, there are no large governments of Federated States other than those on the American Continent, yet, the citizens of many other nations, will refer to their own government, as “the Feds”.

We hear this in the UK, where the residents and subjects of the Queen routinely call their government “the Feds”. It is so inculcated into their culture as to have entered their entertainments, and arts.

We hear ‘the Feds’ being used to reference national government in all of the Commonwealth countries. Australia, New Zealand, India..they all reference their local, national government, it’s agents, officers, and other officialdom, as ‘the Feds’.

We hear this throughout the European Union. Holland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Italy, Spain…it does not matter, they will all call their national governments by that appellation. The curious thing is that within the EU, the term ‘the Feds’ does not reference the giant bureaucracy of the Union, but rather is the name that the locals apply to their national government. Their names for the government at the level of the giant European Union are many, varied, colorful, explicit, and descriptive, but are not “the Feds”.

Ok, yes, it makes sense that the term comes from the huge volume of entertainment, and culture, and propaganda that is exported from the American Global Domination Machine, on behalf of the mother WEFfers. We do spew out a lot of it. It worms it’s way into the mind. Perfectly understandable, though it is noted that others also export their culture and entertainment. Not many people call their government, “the Crown” for instance, only those slaves of the Queen do so.

So, yes, perhaps it is just me. Again, perfectly understandable, my fascination with language, and what it can tell us about culture, and the world we so briefly inhabit. Still though, there are a few observations to pass on about this spread of the descriptor, “the Feds”, throughout Humanity.

To that point, it is observable in actions, mannerisms, voice, tone, and translations, that no matter where it is heard being discussed, having “the Feds” involved in anything is NEVER good. Second, everywhere on this good Earth, the people you find there will recognize a fucking Fed when they see one.

If “the Feds” are such a good thing in our lives, why is it so difficult for the mother WEFfers to sell that idea to the populace?

The Amaury Rivera Incident of 1988: An Extraterrestrial Encounter of the Human Kind


There’s no way to determine whether ones claims of extraterrestrial contact are true or not. But what’s interesting about contact stories are the similarities between them.

Tens of thousands of people who have never been in contact with each other have shared their alleged experiences decade, after decade, after decade. These people come from all walks of life, often have no interest in the phenomenon, and were often completely unaware of it prior to their experiences.

Most of the time, there is no profit in these stories, and in many cases the experiences can be quite traumatic and life-altering. Many of the possible millions who have experienced such things prefer to not go public in fear of ridicule.

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All this to say, we have good reason to consider their stories seriously.

In some cases, experiencers provide an extremely detailed account of what happened to them, like what we’re about to explore with the Amaury Rivera incident.

Amaury Rivera’s Story

In 1988, Amaury Rivera woke up in his car on an unfamiliar deserted gravel road in Puerto Rico, unsure of why he was there. Shortly after waking up, he witnessed a fascinating moment between a UFO and military planes, and even caught it on camera.

“I was able to stop crying and when I was about to get out of the car was when I heard the military planes. Then, when I looked up at the sky I saw it: round in shape and blue-grey in colour. At first I only saw its bottom section. It had a dome made out of some reflective material. The UFO didn’t make a sound. It was suspended in the air like some act of magic while three military planes surveyed it.

They flew very low, almost as if they could hit the ground. I even thought they might actually crash into each other. One of them got dangerously close to the UFO. I took my cousins camera and got out of the car…”

What’s interesting is that it’s now 2022, and the world knows that these objects have been tracked on radar many times, and have been seen by military pilots who are sent out to take a closer look. Declassified documents now also confirm these encounters.

But in 1988 very few people would have any idea that these types of occurrences were commonly taking place.

The truth is, observing the interaction between the UFO and military planes was just the tail end of Riviera’s astonishing account. From here on we will focus on and summarize his experience, but if you want all the details I suggest checking out the book he wrote himself.


You may recall that Rivera woke up and was crying. He reveals in his story that it was because he had just “returned” from an extraordinary and unbelievable experience, one that corroborates with countless other contact stories we’ve come across.

While driving in the early hours of the morning, a couple of hours before sunrise, Rivera’s car came to a halt. He then encountered two creatures. He was paralyzed and terrified in his car, unable to move while they opened the door. One of them placed its hand on Rivera’s forehead, and that was the moment he passed out.

He describes these beings as quite grotesque, with big black almond shaped eyes and pale skin that resembled clown make up. They were wearing some sort of tight fitting suits, and their heads looked like that of a fetus despite the fact that their heads were giant. They were approximately four feet tall, with large heads and arms that were proportionate to their bodies.

“When I woke up I found myself seated with other people in a squared room. My neck and hands were hurting, I felt my eyes swollen. “Where was I? Where was my car? I couldn’t really distinguish where the room’s walls began or ended. It gave the impression of being a big infinite space instead of a room. The floor, walls and ceiling were all light grey in colour, and like the other place I didn’t see any lamps, light bulbs, entrances, exits, or windows, but I figured that logically (although none of this seemed logical)there had to be doors and lights even though I couldn’t see them. Where did the light come from? I didn’t know. If a person were to stand in the middle of this room, alone, with no point of reference, you would think he’d be standing in a great void. With me there fourteen other people, men and women, and from the looks of it Hispanic. We were seated in some sort of chairs or long benches. You couldn’t really see the seats at first glance. Only because I was seated on one of them I could tell they were there.”


The three “creatures” were standing in front of the group. Rivera describes this as a terrifying moment amongst everybody. There was complete silence while everybody there had their eyes on the beings.

Then, another being approached the group. He wore black clothing and walked towards the creatures and stood between them. He had a tanned skin colour, with black straight hair that he wore a little over shoulder length. It was combed back, and Rivera described him as “very handsome.” He was approximately five foot seven, and addressed the group in perfect Spanish.

“Welcome, my name is Amarón. I’m not here to hurt you, relax, don’t be frightened. I come from a planet that goes by the name Kaa, which is pronounced like your letter of the alphabet K, and it is my home planet. I’m as human as you are.”


He explained that the small beings were genetically engineered by their race, and that there is no need to fear them. His people referred to them as “oemore.” He explained that these beings were often sent to our planet, and that our perception of extraterrestrials allows human looking extraterrestrials to blend in easier and study our world.

The group was then shown three projections, or at least they were told they were projections and not real. There was no sound accompanying the projections. The images the abducted group were shown felt extremely real, like they were there experiencing what they were shown themselves.

“We have brought you here to show you some projections. The images you are about to see will seem real to you but they’re not. They are multi-dimensional projections. They will appear to have mass, consistency and palpable qualities. What you will see will be emotionally and spiritually strong. Keep in mind that what you’ll be seeing is not really happening. We’ll begin with the first one.”


In the first projection, the simulation took them far away from Earth to the point where they could see it only as a tiny little ball. They (somehow) travelled to the home planet of Amarón. It was a beautiful earth like planet, with vibrant nature, giving off colours more crisp and shaper than planet earth. The oceans were a beautiful light blue.

“Welcome to my home planet, Kaa. Now meet my people.”


While hovering, they saw what looked like to be a village and town. They started sliding towards it. They could see animals through the trees, but couldn’t quite make out what kind of animals yet. They saw people roaming around, giant pyramid structures and buildings along with other unique architecture.

“We were told that these pyramids were the homes of this group of people. Some actually looked like inverted cones, others like funnels, but each made out of the same glass or even some sort of plastic. They were all brightly coloured. Instead of roads there were trails and there were flowers everywhere. The houses were arranged in a circle and in the centre a plaza in the form of a square surrounded by flowers.”


He describes the ground as being made out of grass, but perfectly cut with trees everywhere, a utopian type of plaza to beautiful to comprehend.

Amarón told the group that his people overpopulated the planet, and ended up expanding and forming colonies on neighbouring planets. They developed technology not only to traverse the universe put to also transform planets that were not suitable for life. He explained to the group how other humanities across the cosmos have done this over time.

“But of course, with one exception. They have indeed expanded, created, and grown both physically and spiritually. But in your world, the one you call Earth, you’ve done nothing but destroy, contaminate and spiritually decline. You’ve even contaminated your sidereal space, your supposed far horizons. All of Kaa’s sons are auto-sufficient, but its loving government comes from the mother planet.”


The abducted group saw people of all races, Black, White, Asian etc. People of all different sizes with different coloured hair, exactly what they would look like on planet Earth except more vibrant and healthier. The animals were the same as they were on Earth, and the group was now hovering low on the ground. The people would wave to them, cheer and smile. They were so happy to see the abducted group as if they knew they were coming.

Remember, the group wasn’t actually there, but it appeared as if the people on Amarón’s home planet were also looking at them through some sort of projection too.

Everybody on the planet was naked. There were no elders on the planet, only children and adults who didn’t seem to ever age past 30. Amarón explained that at this age, they would stop aging. They are susceptible to injuries, wounds, and even death but they don’t die from natural causes. They have the ability to fight off any disease through natural immunity that they’ve gained over time, and have methods to protect themselves from any harmful health consequences of contact with another race that may bring deadly pathogens. When they do travel to other planets for study, they try to avoid contact as much as much as they can to stay clear of harmful bacteria and pathogens.

Amarón told the group that on plant earth, our bodies did not function correctly and how they were designed. Because for generations we have polluted our bodies with so many harmful substances that our bodies no longer operate properly. Every time we take in more of these substances, either through food, or “medicine” as he explained, we keep getting weaker regardless of any alleged advance in our medical sciences.

“We kept closing in and I could see various animals. The crowd gave way to those who were bringing out animals. A little boy showed us a lion, which he guided with the mane. We were shown hands, roosters, monkeys, and very beautiful birds. We were also able to see, to our astonishment, an animal already extinct on Earth, something akin to a dinosaur. Horses cows camels and many others were shown.

We stopped and the crowd parted, as supposedly had done the Red Sea, and before our very eyes a gigantic pool appeared. Then, something spectacular happened. From its centre came a water surge, like a fountain. The people cheered when they got wet. The happiness on their faces made me smile slightly. When the water column receded four dolphins jumped in the air. What was amazing about this is that on their backs rode four little black children as if they were on horseback. When the dolphins reached their maximum height the children took to the air doing a summersault and landing on the water at the same time as the dolphins.

The people, who looked like they had glitter from the suns reflection on their hair, clapped and laughed. The dolphins escorted the children to the side of the pool. The water again surged and the children came up to us wet from head to toe, smiling and proud. They took each other’s hands and bowed as actors would do at the end of a play. Then ran off in different directions.”


Amarón explained,

“This is my birthplace. We call this town No. which means in our tongue “traveler.” I am known as a No. There are many of us No’s that have been born here.”


The group then started to depart as they were taken away. The people in the city started to scatter and go their separate ways. They stopped over a place which looked like a farm where the little creatures, oemore, seemed to be working like robots. In the sky they saw many giant birds, akin to what would be considered prehistoric creatures on our planet.

They were taken to what seemed to be a deserted city, with magnificent buildings and pyramids. Inside, according to Amarón, this is where his father works as a helper in the affairs of the planets.

“Our guide’s father is in charge of those operations that have to do with the observation of our planet Earth, or CRIO, as they call it. He also told us that the other square buildings were laboratories and that the oemores were mass produced in some of them. We didn’t descend to this government centre.”


They were then taken to a place where ships were held, made, and repaired. There were a number of them, all different shapes and sizes, to a large plane here on earth to others spanning the size of multiple football fields. They were given demonstrations of what some of the ships could do and were capable of. Rivera describes this in his paper in a detailed manner.

Rivera states the following as he describes the end of the first projection,

“Through this projection fifteen human beings from Earth got to know the beautiful place where our kidnapper and two of his creatures with bulging eyes and large heads came from. But there was more to come. We got to a valley surrounded by mountains. There was an abundance of waterfalls and all kinds of vegetation and flowers of electrifying colours. We stopped and our seats commenced turning as they had done before. We slowly observed the gorgeous landscape. As we turned he spoke again:”

“Observe this place well. This is how your Earth should look like. In the beginning, where you come from was indeed designed this way….Among you there are some of you who will contribute to the reestablishment of your world’s original beauty.”


Nobody seemed to understand, but Amarón compared our species to little children, and in time we will acquire proper knowledge and understanding.

Rivera prepares the readers for the next two projections,

“The projections I’m about to narrate are short but shocking. They contain chilling and horrifying scenes. These are the most important given to us by this being for our humanity. My sincere intention is not to alarm or traumatize anybody, but there’s no other way of presenting them without doing so. In all truth, the images we saw are alarming not just for my country, but for the entire world. It’s extremely hard for me to put into words the horror and suffering that those other fourteen people and myself when we saw that horrendous panorama. The dates of the events I’m about to describe were not given to us. Yet with every day that goes by, I’m more convinced that we are not far off. I now understand what others before me, who have had something to say and nobody listened, have gone through. It’s up to you, the reader, to take action or wait till it’s too late.”


These projections are actually quite horrific and detailed, and describe the downfall of humanity if we continue down the path we are on. These include major climate events, giant earthquakes and tsunami’s that will become an everyday occurrence on earth. The projection shows death and destruction, black skies and dead black oceans, with all life in them going extinct. It shows the world’s elite forming a “city” in which they are protected and able to thrive, while all other citizens are left out. It’s quite shocking and quite detailed, which is why, if you’re interested you can refer to the paper for details. It’s quite terrifying.

“The different governments that rule the nations, humanity, have their own interests in mind. The primary focus of these rulers is power and absolute control. Their only objective is to acquire wealth at all costs. In this scheme, money and the excessive value it has been given play a major role. This blinds them to the imminent destruction.”



The good news here is that the message of restoring earth to what it could be, and should be in order for humanity to thrive is quite strong. At the same time, the message of death and destruction is equally strong. To me, it seems that it is humanity’s choice as to which direction it chooses to go, and that choice will be made over the coming years. Although there is no timeline of when these events may occur, and when we have to make a major shift, we are no doubt living in that critical time.

We may have a few decades, we may have a few hundred years, who knows? But we can all play a part in changing our planet for the better, regardless of if we will live to see it or not. That’s all assuming this experience and what was portrayed to Rivera are indeed real.

This message is probably the most common among thousands of people who have had similar experiences. The Ariel school encounter that took place in Zimbabwe in 1994 is one of many great examples. Over 60 school children all witnessed beings emerge from a craft that landed near the school. They were heavily studied and all shared very similar stories as one another. Generally, the children were told by these beings that humanity is not taking care of the planet properly, and that if we don’t change, things will get very bad.

Other common themes of corroboration include “grey” type of beings, like the “oemore” in Rivera’s story being genetically engineered and made by human looking extraterrestrials.

The number of sources for such information include contact stories, high ranking military personnel and more. The lore and the amount of information and corroboration within ufology is truly fascinating, and too much to convey to the reader here with words. Personally, I have spent nearly 20 years diving into the literature, stories, and data regarding this subject, and in doing so I can say for certain that we will never get a holistic and accurate representation of the phenomenon from our governments.

What’s frustrating for me is that humanity has long had the means and potential to create a utopian type of society where all life can thrive, and everybody can have their needs met. We currently have an extremely limited way of thinking that prevents one from seeing outside “the system” and how a utopian type of society is possible. But in reality it’s so extremely simple.

I have attempted to spend my life contributing to the change that I believe humanity needs, and a change that has been expressed through these types of experiences. If I can play some type of role in the quest for change, and have some sort of small impact in the grand scheme of things, I will have served my life’s purpose.

This desire also comes from various experiences I have had, and perhaps seeing things from a different set of eyes than I did prior to these experiences.

Rivera’s Life After

In his paper, Rivera goes on to describe the days and months after the event, how his experiences affected his life, his family, his dreams, etc. He even goes on to talk about his experience with intelligence agencies and strange people he encountered. He also reveals how the photos made their way into the public domain and how he ended up connecting with others that were in the abducted group he was in.

Years later, Amarón returned to the group in an unbelievable fashion. Questions regarding forced abductions were addressed, and how it is frowned upon even by Amarón’s people. He explained how the entire time, their ship and the abductees were experiencing the projections from their earth base that was located beneath the ocean floor.

They speak more about Amarón’s home planet, their vegan diet, the role of the little three foot tall “grey” looking beings, God, spirituality, other beings in different realms that don’t even have a body but have consciousness, and more. They talk about negative beings, those that work with our governments in some cases, and try and influence humanity as well.

Rivera goes on to describe multiple contacts and paranormal experiences with Amarón years after the initial abduction.

This article is simply a fraction of his experiences that he shares in his paper, so I urge you to read it if interested.

His story, like many others, has been investigated by thousands of people. Whether you believe it to be authentic or not is up to you. It helps if you’re well researched in this area, and if you are you would know that Rivera’s story is not at all unusual, and very intriguing.

Podcast: Drug Crisis at the Southern Border Exploding Now

We’re at war. We’re losing. Because the colossus called the federal government refuses to fight the war.

If ever the need for radical decentralization was dire, it’s now. The states on the southern border, the cities, and the towns must find solutions, because the federal government won’t.

In this key podcast, I’ll be connecting the various forces aligned against us and explaining their monstrous roles.

I’ll also cover solutions. They exist. They’re real.

If you haven’t yet subscribed to my substack, sign up now for the low yearly cost. I’ve been going all in on a whole lineup of podcasts that spell out how this nation is in severe, severe crisis—and how decentralized solutions are right in front of us. And, for Subscribers who do pay for a yearly subscription, there are exciting new bonuses coming.

Major media are now reporting that huge numbers of pills, laced with the deadly opioid drug fentanyl, are coming up through the southern border—and the newest drug shipments ARE MADE TO LOOK LIKE CANDY FOR CHILDREN.

None of the mainstream reporters covering this are asking WHY.

I’m asking and answering. This isn’t the normal trafficking operation to hook people on drugs and turn them into addicts and customers.

This is the intentional delivery of DEATH.

It’s as if divisions of enemy ground troops were invading US cities and towns and taking out people with hails of bullets.

It makes opioid trafficking by pharmaceutical companies pale by comparison.

To keep the population passive, paralyzed, and distracted in the face of this assault, MAJOR operations have previously been launched to pave the way.

And those operations appear unrelated; but they aren’t. They’re coordinated.

Black Lives Matter; the George Floyd riots; crime waves in cities; Soros-backed district attorneys who release violent criminals into communities; Mexican drug cartels; China, the global center of opioid trafficking; violent US street gangs; big banks; Critical Race Theory—these and other factors are making the war against America not only possible but winnable.

You’re looking at the underbelly of Globalism, which requires wrecking nations in order to subdue them—because you can’t take over flourishing countries possessing the freedom which fuels that flourishing.

Even though millions of naïve, virtue-signaling Americans insist on believing that our southern border is home to a vast humanitarian enterprise, there are also millions of Americans who know something is very, very wrong down there.

In this podcast, I’m drilling to the core of the border catastrophe. To the war. Which we must win. Which we can win.

Join me.

— Jon Rappoport