Another tragic sudden death

I just heard of another tragic “unexpected” death. A very fit young mom, with no underlying conditions just dies of a stroke (with massive brain bleeding) leaving two young boys. Nobody realizes it was the COVID vaccine that likely killed her.

They just think she died unexpectedly… just bad luck.

Well, it’s possible but statistically unlikely. My healthcare worker friends tell me for someone with her background the odds are 10:1 it was the vaccine.

The mainstream media and social networks keep people in the dark about the types of deaths caused by the vaccines.

There was no autopsy with the proper stains that could implicate the COVID vaccine because nobody at the time suspected it was the vaccine.

I’m sure the family will continue to get vaccinated and won’t make the connection. Nobody will tell the family either.

This pattern will continue over and over again.

This has been going on for over a year now, since the vaccine rolled out. Here’s a compelling story from a mother in Trinidad whose young son died of a mass brain hemorrhage nearly one year ago. See slide 166 from my VRBPAC slide deck. She tried to speak out and warn others of the dangers of the vaccine. She was ignored.

What happened to this woman’s son is the same thing that happened to this young mom.

Maybe someday people will take her story seriously. That mother is not alone. Consider this: A new group about sudden death has gained 20,000 members in the 5 days alone. Why is “sudden death” a popular topic all of a sudden?

In the meantime, if you know of anyone with a similar story, please let them know about this article. It may provide them a sense of closure to know what likely killed their mother.

Elisabeth Akers writes:

How about the young (40) mother of two little girls (1 and 3) in Upper Arlington, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus. Completely random aneurysm. But if you want to come to her funeral and aren’t vaxxed, they’re asking in the obit that you wear a mask.

This nightmare will never end because the superstition will never die.

Facebook just forced me to delete a post from a year ago!

Facebook enforces COMPLIANT speech, even for something you posted a year ago. In this case, I posted my VAERS analysis showing all three vaccines were more likely to kill you than save you.

I posted this a year ago and Facebook is calling this out as forbidden content.

This is proof that I brought this to people’s attention a year ago and nobody was willing to go on camera and challenge me ever. They’d have lost, but they’ll make the excuse I don’t understand VAERS.

Facebook is not a free speech platform. It is a compliant speech platform.

COMPLIANT SPEECH = Only speech that agrees with government authorities is allowed.

So I guess I’m not able to post what healthcare workers are observing in real life since this is counter narrative.

Remember: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc. are all COMPLIANT SPEECH platforms.

The People’s War against State Medical Boards; attack, don’t just defend

ARTICLE ONE: The People’s War against State Medical Boards; attack, don’t just defend

CC: Toby Rogers, Steve Kirsch, Alex Berenson, Robert Kennedy (see Celia Farber’s piece here), Katherine Watt — Bailiwick News, personal injury attorneys, health freedom activists

During COVID, state medical boards have acted as enforcers, choking off what doctors can tell their patients and prescribe for them.

People have suddenly become aware of these bureaucrats.

Lawyers defending doctors who are under the gun will do their best to get their clients off the hook, but normally the state medical boards prevail. Offending MDs get their licenses stripped.

But there is another way to go. Don’t wait, attack.

Take the famous case of Dr. Larry Nassar, who is now in prison for life. During his long career at Michigan State University and USA Gymnastics, he sexually abused many female gymnasts.

In the wake of Nassar’s arrest and trial, it emerged that women who had lodged complaints had been ignored for years—by the University, by USA Gymnastics, even by the FBI.

Right now, several gymnasts are suing the FBI. The case is ongoing.

But there hasn’t been word one about the Michigan State Medical Board.

Suppose complaints were lodged against Nassar with the Board over the years, and were ignored or covered up?

A lawsuit and discovery could bring down thunder.

How many other doctors who have been convicted for heinous acts, across many states, were protected by medical boards, who received complaints but did nothing?

Getting the picture?

What could, say, 20 lawsuits against state medical boards do to wake up the public?

Now let’s widen the scope…