It's all RIGGED beyond imagination: Deep state pushing for “blood in the streets” across America before Halloween – DON'T FALL FOR IT

Image: It’s all RIGGED beyond imagination: Deep state pushing for “blood in the streets” across America before Halloween – DON’T FALL FOR IT

(Natural News) IMPORTANT: The failing intelligence deep state regime is desperately trying to save itself by provoking an armed uprising that can be blamed on conservatives and Trump supporters. They need this revolt to bury the damning facts that are now emerging about the FBI’s election interference (Hunter Biden’s laptop), covid vaccines killing people (the dead bodies are becoming too numerous to ignore) and the shocking truth about the engineered collapse of food, energy and supply chains worldwide. (People will starve and freeze this winter, all across western nations.)

The people are waking up like never before, which means the deep state must try to invoke more violence than ever before. This is why the narrative is being promulgated that claims conservatives are “semi-fascists,” even though the real fascism comes from the radical Left that rigged the election, destroyed America’s economy with covid lockdowns and shattered the First Amendment by ordering Big Tech to censor all dissenting views.

Now, the deep state wants to bait Americans into an armed, violent uprising. They’re got the tools to achieve it, too, since deep state jerk-offs are, in fact, master baiters. The coming indictment of President Trump is part of the provocation scheme designed to whip up the American people into an emotional state of revolt. And if that’s not enough, my sources tell me Democrats are making a highly organized attempt to rig the 2022 midterms and maintain control over both the House of the Senate, after which gun confiscation laws will be passed and signed into law to further provoke American conservatives into an attempted uprising.


It is critical that We the People do not fall for the provocations. Violence is what the regime wants to provoke, which means violence is exactly what we must reject. This is a time for all real Americans to “go Gandhi” against the corrupt establishment and demand the dismantling and banishing of this authoritarian, Marxist system of selective prosecutions and government-sponsored terrorism that has been weaponized against American conservatives.

CLAIM: IRS agents plan to arrest and prosecute Americans for failure to pay new “assault weapons” taxes

Over the weekend, I was told from a reliable, embedded source that the Democrats, if they hold the House and Senate, plan to pass new “assault weapons” legislation that would require nationwide registration and tax payments for each rifle (or pistol capable of holding more than 10 rounds) that a person owns. If this passes, anyone obeying the new law would effectively violate their own Fifth Amendment rights by testifying against themselves via registration of their firearms. Failure to register or pay new firearm taxes would result in one of the new 87,000 IRS agents visiting your home and arresting you at gunpoint for “tax evasion.” (This explains the need for 87,000 new IRS agents and why they need to be trained in the use of “deadly force” against the American people.)

This effort is not designed to actually confiscate all the guns, I’m told, but rather to anger the American people so much that they revolt against the government, thereby creating the chaos that the regime needs to declare an active insurrection and invoke a form of martial law that would see US troops operating on the streets of America.

Essentially, the Biden regime is trying to “J6” half the country and throw as many conservatives, Christians and pro-2A people as possible into gulags and death camps (formerly known as “quarantine camps” under covid, of course). The regime is merely one crisis away from pulling this off.

Remember that Democrats project all their own evil intentions onto their political opponents. When Democrats claim that conservatives are “a threat to democracy,” it’s because Democrats are trashing democracy. (They rigged the 2020 election with ballot stuffing mules, after all.) When they claim conservatives are violent, it’s because radical Leftists are violent. (Antifa, anyone?) When they claim conservatives don’t value children, it’s because Democrats themselves want to mutilate and murder children via transgender surgeries and abortions.

Every accusation the Democrats hurl at conservatives is actually a description of their own dark intentions.

The coming October false flag – can it be stopped?

In addition to the warnings described above — which would take place after the midterm elections — there’s a new warning emerging about an October surprise false flag attack that’s being engineered to portray conservatives and gun owners as violent terrorists. The media narrative is already being put into place on this, as you may have noticed, and the FBI is running a Whitmer-style false flag plot to recruit disenfranchised conservatives and make them the patsies in a large-scale bombing or shooting of some kind that will be tailor made for CNN and the media to push the final “conservatives are terrorists” narrative.

Nobody is better at plotting and carrying out large-scale acts of terrorism in America than the FBI itself, which of course masterminded the 1993 Twin Towers bombing, the Oklahoma City bombing, the Waco affair (with the help of the ATF) and the 9/11 attack in NYC. The FBI was behind each of them, running the ops, recruiting the “terrorists” and providing intelligence, hardware and technical assistance to carry out the attacks.

This new false flag attack is likely to be carried out just in time to strongly affect the early November midterm elections, and the staged terrorism event will be used as justification to arrest as many conservative podcasters (Gavin McInnes, anyone?), social media influencers and anyone to whom some level of “revolt” talk can be attributed. The First Amendment be damned, the Biden regime is going to say that any conservatives who merely expressed disagreement with the Biden regime are by definition guilty of yelling fire in a crowded theater and subject to arrest, even if they had nothing at all to do with whatever event unfolds.

That’s the mega-false flag event that’s being planned, I’m told. At the same time, there still exist white hat forces inside the FBI, DOJ, Pentagon, police forces, law enforcement, etc., who have a real shot at frustrating or even halting this effort. There’s a civil war right now inside the FBI and the Pentagon (both), and with each passing day, more and more government agents are realizing if they don’t get on the side of freedom and the rule of law, they will watch their own country go down in flames in the coming chaos. The worst deep state actors are rapidly running out of friends, and it is notable that even J6 wasn’t able to be pulled off like they had hoped. It fizzled. And the same may happen with the October surprise being planned. (Let us pray for peace and wisdom so that all those who are able to see can discern the truth about what’s happening and thereby help stop it.)

Improved election integrity in multiple states is also a positive factor

Notably, nearly two dozen US states have passed laws improving election integrity since the stolen 2020 election, and this may be a decisive factor in preventing the Dems from successfully rigging the midterms. If the GOP can seize the House — even without the Senate — the Biden regime’s most nefarious plans for gun confiscations and a civil war revolt are sent back to the drawing board. For this reason, voting for GOP candidates is critical to saving America, even as much as we are all fed up with the RINOs and the jellyfish spines of conservative lawmakers who seem utterly incapable of doing anything useful when they gain power.

In addition, many mainstream news publishers have seen enough of the lawlessness of the Democrats to start sounding the alarm. The WSJ, incredibly, is now calling out the FBI for its unjustifiable raid on Mar-a-Lago, as it seems the radical deep staters on the Left have gone too far even for Wall Street. After all, even the WSJ knows that a civil war or martial law is bad for markets, and as much as the WSJ pushes the mainstream narrative on almost everything (vaccines, Ukraine, etc.), it has obviously come to realize that if we don’t stop this lawlessness by the Democrats, whatever free market foundation still surviving in America is likely to be obliterated.

Tyranny is bad for business, in other words. Especially when you know where this is going: Price controls for food and fuel, followed by government seizure of private producers, resulting in full-blown fascism / communism as the government seizes the means of production and plunged America into a Venezuela-like collapse scenario, run by authoritarian tyrants who answer to anti-human globalists.

Many in the mainstream who have been anti-Trump for the last six years are now suddenly realizing that the Democrats aren’t going to stop at destroying Trump… they’re going to destroy America! Thus, they must be stopped simply out of a concern for self-preservation.

So the good news is that the most nefarious plans of the radical Marxists aren’t guaranteed to succeed. There are powerful forces now lining up against them, which is precisely why they’re pulling a “Hail Mary” false flag attempt to demonize conservatives and seize even more federal power under the next declared emergency. Critically, gun owners, Trump supporters and Christians need to stay calm and refuse to be cajoled into acts of violence. If they stay calm and resist the violence, the Biden regime ends up burying itself under corruption and fraud, and the American people have a real chance at restoring their constitutional republic.

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Globalist 'death cult' launches all-out war on the essential elements of life: MUST-WATCH VIDEO

Image: Globalist ‘death cult’ launches all-out war on the essential elements of life: MUST-WATCH VIDEO

(Natural News) The globalist assault on life is ratcheting up and attacking from all angles, like never before. This should signal us that we are in the end times and the enemy has triggered his end-game scenario. In baseball, you always save your best pitcher for the last inning, when you need to close the game out.

(Article republished from

That’s what Satan is doing now. Amazingly, his minions actually think they can win and they’re throwing everything they’ve got at us, sending their best players and deceivers into positions. It’s late in the game.

The backsliders and the pretenders are fading into the woodwork and the believers with fire in their bellies are stepping forward, running toward the sound of the explosions, to the front lines, where the action is. Patrick Wood is one such man. A fighter. He posts many of my articles on his site, Technocracy.News. The article below by Patrick is accompanied by a bonus video from Mike Adams, which is only 17 minutes long but very powerful. Please take it all in and share with your pastors, friends and family.

By Patrick Wood

The three most important elements that support life are oxygen, carbon and nitrogen. All are plentiful and all work together along with energy from the sun. All of these are under massive attack around the world.

Carbon dioxide is declared to be a pollutant and schemes are devised to bury it in the ground. The war is on carbon, but note that CO2 contains twice as many oxygen molecules as carbon. Without CO2, plants cannot grow, nor can they replenish oxygen necessary to breathe.

Nitrogen is the most plenteous gas in the atmosphere, but it too is declared to be a pollutant. Without nitrogen, agriculture comes to a screeching halt, potentially creating famines of epic magnitude. Yet, global warming death-cultists are trying to take away nitrogen fertilizers from farms and ranches all over the world.

Watch and share this important mini-documentary which connects many dots.

The global warming death cult blames humans for all these problems that must be “corrected.” If their policies were carried to the extreme, earth would end up as a frozen ice ball whizzing around a dead sun.

This death cult is the prime driver of global depopulation ideology, not only for humans, but CO2-breathing animals as well. More CO2 is exhaled from humans than all other sources combined on earth. Reducing human population would also reduce animal populations as well as vegetation. The perfect solution, right?

Read more at:

The Courage to Face COVID-19

Especially if you are unvaccinated, your immune system is well-equipped to handle any COVID variant.

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  • John Leake, a true crime author, and Dr. Peter McCullough have written a new book, “The Courage to Face COVID-19: Preventing Hospitalization and Death While Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex,” revealing the crimes perpetrated by the medical industrial complex against patients…

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Feeding the World's Eight Billion and Keeping them Warm this Winter?


The price of power in Europe’s two key markets surged more than 25% in one day in August. The higher energy costs rise, the higher goes prices of fertilizers. Mix that with severe shortages of both. No other way of calling this but a disaster for the agricultural sector and thus our collective bellies.

“A food shortage is staring us down like an oncoming train, and it can only resolve itself through higher prices (and smaller portions). Famine is a realistic scenario in the poorest countries. The perfect storm is in plain sight. It takes time to work through the system, a growing season at a minimum. Things may seem okay today, but the train has left the station,” writes the BadDaddy.

He is not kidding, and with the suffering and starvation, you better start hoping that these escalating plagues do not reach your house, but they will reach billions. Prices of food are about to go ballistic. There is no way the Federal Reserve will get control of the most crucial of all inflations.

Food and energy are tied together in a spiraling death dance. The latest blow was on the 23rd of August when the second biggest producer of mineral fertilizers in the European Union had to shut down production of nitrogen fertilizers and trimmed output of ammonia because of record gas prices.

And would you believe it, only two days later, in the United States, there was a fire at the biggest Midwest refinery threatening fuel supplies right at the beginning of harvest season. The federal government has already declared an emergency in four states. A prolonged shutdown of the plant, which supplies gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel to most of the region’s major distribution centers, could tighten fuel markets just as farmers in the nation’s breadbasket prepare for harvesting season

The future is welling up on us like a tsunami, but it is still over the horizon for most. Although most minds are still conditioned to the grand lies of man-made global warming, there is not a soul on the planet that doubts that the entire northern hemisphere is heading to cooling and eventually cold weather this winter. Unfortunately, predictions are for a colder than usual winter, meaning it will take more money to keep warm.

“Central Banks Are In Shock Their Households Are Too Hot, Soon To Be Too Cold And Too Hungry.” Extreme heat is slamming the world’s three biggest economies all at once. However, no matter how hot its been, people and governments are concerned about the coming winter.

survey by the Farm Bureau found farmers expect average crop yields to be down 38% this year, with two-thirds reporting a reduction in livestock, herd sizes falling by a similar 36%. Is anyone doing the math? How many will starve? How many will be able to afford enough food to eat? Supply goes down; prices go up, the old supply and demand equation from Economics 101.

With Europen crops damaged by summerlong heatwaves and Argentina hit by drought, an underwhelming size of North America’s crops could result in shortfalls globally next year. Corn futures in Chicago rose to a six-week high last Tuesday as crop tours show much of the Western crop belt is plagued with drought conditions, especially in parts of Nebraska and South Dakota where plants aren’t producing ears of grain. And extreme drought threatens Italy’s rice crops—and its beloved risotto.

What Are The Odds? The U.S., Europe, Africa, And China

Are All Simultaneously Experiencing
Droughts Of Epic Proportions

The result of worsening drought conditions means less food. China’s water crisis is getting worse – and is now on the ‘brink of catastrophe and could trigger a global catastrophe, according to Foreign Affairs.

“Our global society can be quite resilient to one or two droughts, but not if it hits multiple bread basket regions simultaneously on different continents. If too many bread basket regions do not get rain, there’s no ability to innovate our way out of that situation. When that happens, social unrest can be rapid – and if enough of the fossil fuel supply chains get disrupted, even for 2-3 weeks, that’s game over.”

Can Afford to Keep Warm?

With French and German 1-year ahead baseload electricity prices hitting levels, only a handful of Europeans can afford power in one year. So for many, if you want to survive this winter, it is time to start paying attention to the unholy alliance of rising energy prices, food shortages, and the coming of a winter that will go down in infamy. It was the 24th of August, and we already had summer snow and record cold in the northern and southern hemispheres.

Germany has said it will prioritize coal trains over passenger services on its rail network as it desperately attempts to undo absurd climate policies that are now threatening its economy and citizens’ safety.

In the U.K., based on Bank of England (BOE) forecasts, energy bills will soon be equivalent to two full months of average take-home pay. Households will likely see the average electricity and natural gas bill climb to £4,400 ($5,370) a year in the first half of 2023.

Many are about to be smacked out of their comfort zones because most people will not be able to afford to cool and heat. And those who survive the coming winter with grace will be facing a cooling planet, not a baking one.

And worse, in some places, energy might become unavailable at any price for short periods. And the data for crops are coming in, and it is so staggering — yields so reduced — losses can no longer be hidden. Also, note that they are shifting the narrative to blame climate change, as the FOOD SHORTAGES will be how they justify the zero-carbon CLIMATE totalitarianism.

Up to half of the crops in parts of the German state of Baden-Württemberg are likely to be lost due to drought, farmers in the region have claimed, with problems to do with the prices of fuel, fertilizer, and pesticides connected to the green agenda and war in Ukraine also reportedly causing problems for those in the region. The severe lack of rainfall has led farmers to fear that the likes of maize, sugar beet, potato, and soybean crops could see losses of up to 50%.

Wokeness Has Led To Climate Insanity

Saskatchewan warns Trudeau’s federal

Nitrogen agents could be arrested.

The true cost of wokeness is foolishness, which leads to wrong decisions and actions that are not sustainable. For example, in Germany, where they shut down their nuclear reactors on misguided environmental concerns, the citizenry is now looking at chopping down trees and burning the wood to remain warm this winter.

Driven by the imminent energy crisis accelerating across Europe

and policymakers’ refusal to acquiesce because “we have to

save democracy in Ukraine
,” the German paper

industry is warning of supply bottlenecks for toilet paper.

Residents in Germany are being told to take shorter showers. Large commercial landlords are setting limits on thermostats and rationing hot water. In addition, they’re restarting their coal plants.

In just two years, the number of people facing, or at risk of,

acute food insecurity increased from 135 million in 53

countries pre-pandemic to 345 million in 82 countries today.

Sri Lanka, which embarked on a WEF-inspired campaign of “sustainable” farming and stakeholder capitalism, collapsed into anarchy as rioters stormed the presidential palace and drove the government into exile.

Liberal-run cities and states across the U.S. are facing a mass exodus of citizens, capital, and tax revenue as their socially motivated policies like “defund the police” cause them to descend into chaos and criminality.

Political leaders everywhere look more out of touch than ever as they try to run economies and respond to geo-political events with unhinged platitudes leading quickly to a condition called climate insanity. So, where are psychologists when you need them? Their textbooks need to be updated. It is insane to lie about something as crucial as Nature and to deceive the entire human race about us living on a frying pan when we are being shoved into a freezer.

After Data Show Vaccinated at Higher Risk of Dying From COVID, Canadian Province Ends Monthly Reports


After the Manitoba, Canada, public health agency reported data showing those fully vaccinated (not boosted) for COVID-19 are at higher risk of dying from the virus compared to unvaccinated individuals, health officials stopped reporting on the data — a trend seen in other countries, including Scotland, the U.K. and the U.S.

Manitoba, population 1.4 million, was the first Canadian province whose public health agency reported data showing those who are fully vaccinated (not boosted) for COVID-19 are at higher risk of dying from COVID-19 compared to unvaccinated individuals.

The age-standardized data are from May 2022, but last appeared in Manitoba’s August 3 report:

As the figure above indicates, for the month of May, Manitoba Public Health reported a 40% increased risk of death associated with COVID-19 in “fully vaccinated” individuals compared to unvaccinated.

The risk of death for those who were boosted was the same as for unvaccinated individuals.

Though three months old, the May data are, as of this writing, the last reported by the Canadian province.

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Manitoba’s trending risk of severe outcomes by vaccination status

The May data on severe outcomes by vaccination status are part of a monthly trend suggesting reduced vaccine effectiveness over time.

By the end of December 2021, 74.7% of Manitobans were vaccinated for COVID-19 and 18.7% were not vaccinated, according to Manitoba Public Health’s weekly report for December 19-25, 2021.

At that time, Manitoba was not reporting on severe COVID-19 outcomes by vaccination status.

On Jan. 12, 2022, Global News reported that between Nov. 22, 2021, and Jan. 2, 2022, boosted individuals (purple bar) were 63 times less likely to die from COVID-19 than unvaccinated individuals (red bar):

Boosted individuals also were 26 times less likely to be hospitalized:

And boosted individuals were 139 times less likely to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) than unvaccinated individuals:

The Manitoba Public Health’s weekly reports did not report this data at the time.

Manitoba first reported severe outcomes by vaccination status in March 2022, and then updated the numbers each month for the next three months.

In those reports, the risk of a severe outcome was age-standardized and reported per 100,000 person days.

Age-standardization, also called age-adjustment, is a statistical procedure that allows for the comparison of groups with different age structures. It is used because the risks of death and severe outcomes are different depending on a person’s age.

With COVID-19, for example, it is well known that older adults are at a higher risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19. If older adults are more likely to opt for vaccination and boosting, then the vaccinated and boosted groups would have a greater proportion of older people, who are at higher risk of severe outcomes, than the unvaccinated group.

Without age-standardization, the statistics would not show the impact of vaccination independent of age.

Here were Manitoba Public Health’s first comparative data around COVID-19 age-standardized severe outcomes:

Though there were nearly 5 of 16 weeks that overlapped with the time window on which Global News reported, the vaccine’s effectiveness against severe outcomes had somehow plummeted.

Then in the subsequent report that covered the month of March only, vaccine effectiveness dropped more (notice the 3 times greater risk of ICU admission in the partially vaccinated):

And in the next report, vaccine effectiveness dropped further still:

Manitoba Public Health, without explanation, stopped reporting the rate of severe outcomes in the “partially vaccinated.”

Finally, the most recent report showed us results from May 2022:

For the month of May, Figure 6 (above) shows that unvaccinated individuals were 40% less at risk of COVID-19-associated death than fully vaccinated individuals, and their risk was the same as boosted individuals.

Unvaccinated people also were 30% less likely to require hospitalization than vaccinated people, and 10% more likely to be hospitalized than boosted people.

Unvaccinated people were more likely to require ICU admission — 20% more than fully vaccinated people and 80% more likely than boosted individuals.

Manitoba did not report on these outcomes for the month of June or any time period since.

Manitoba’s latest report, dated August 11, announced:

“Monthly updates about severe outcomes after vaccination have been discontinued starting Week 31 [July 31-Aug. 6]. Manitoba Health will continue to monitor COVID-19 vaccine effectiveness and report periodically when data allow.”

At the time of this writing, Manitoba Public Heath had not responded to a request to explain why it stopped reporting this data.

Despite their latest data showing an increased risk of death and hospitalizations in vaccinated individuals and no survival benefit in the boosted, the authors paradoxically summarize:

“COVID-19 vaccines continue to provide important protection against serious illness following infection due to all variants of concern (VOC) of COVID-19.”

Public health agencies stop reporting inconvenient data

Though independent journalist Alex Berenson brought attention to this official data, there have been no news reports in the mainstream media about this disquieting trend in Manitoba.

Nor have the media reported on why Manitoba suddenly stopped releasing this data. This appears to be part of a larger trend of public agencies ending reporting on severe COVID-19 outcomes by vaccination status.

For example, the Canadian province of British Columbia (BC), like Manitoba, for a time produced weekly reports that included age-stratified data on severe COVID-19 outcomes by vaccination status.

But at the end of July, the BC Centre for Disease Control website stated, “As of July 28, the Outcomes by Vax and Vax Donut Charts have been retired.”

CTV News Vancouver, a Canadian news station, asked the BC Ministry of Healthfor an explanation. An emailed response from a ministry spokesperson read, in part:

“As most of the population has now been vaccinated with at least two doses of vaccine and many more have been infected with COVID-19, the data became hard to interpret.”

Ontario, next door to Manitoba, also used to report weekly on severe COVID-19 outcomes by vaccination status.

However, the “COVID-19 Vaccine Data in Ontario” website now states that hospitalization by vaccination status data and cases by vaccination status data will no longer be published as of June 30, and that case rates by vaccination status and age group data will no longer be published as of July 13.

Ontario continues to report deaths by vaccination status, but as raw data in a CSV file that can be downloaded and that requires the person who downloads it to generate the graph.

Scotland stops reporting data due to ‘increasing risk of misinterpretation from growing complexities’

Scotland releases weekly reports and used to report severe COVID-19 outcomes by vaccination status.

In the weekly report released on March 2, Public Health Scotland (PHS) announced that severe outcomes by vaccination status “will no longer be reported on a weekly basis from 16 February 2022.”

Officials said:

“Due to the increasing risk of misinterpretation from growing complexities as the COVID-19 pandemic enters its second year (as described below), PHS has taken the decision to no longer report COVID-19 cases, hospitalisations and deaths by vaccination status on a weekly basis.”

If we examine Scotland’s last published comparative data, we see the unvaccinated enjoyed significant protection from infection compared to the vaccinated:

The above table shows that the age-standardized case rate was growing in the fully vaccinated and boosted compared to the unvaccinated.

In other words, the vaccine effectiveness was negative and growing more negative as time went on.

With regard to severe outcomes like hospitalization, the fully vaccinated had a greater risk than the unvaccinated every week and approached nearly double of the unvaccinated by the end of the reporting period:

PHS highlighted the advantage the boosted had over the unvaccinated in green. Was that the intent? Or was it to distract us from what was happening in the fully vaccinated?

Finally, with regard to COVID-19 mortality, once again the fully vaccinated were at a greater risk of dying:

Boosted Scots remained at lower risk of dying than the unvaccinated as the green shading accentuates.

Nevertheless, the last time Scotland reported these numbers the fully vaccinated were doing worse against the very disease the vaccine was intended to protect them from.

UK stops publishing data because . . . no more free COVID testing?

The UK Health Security Agency’s weekly reports also once included a section called “Vaccination status in cases, deaths and hospitalisations.”

However, in the Week 14 report, released April 7, the agency announced, “Data on the vaccination status of COVID-19 cases, and deaths and hospitalisations with COVID-19, is no longer published.”

In the relevant section of the report, it states:

“From 1 April 2022, the UK Government ended provision of free universal COVID-19 testing for the general public in England, as set out in the plan for living with COVID-19.

“Such changes in testing policies affect the ability to robustly monitor COVID-19 cases by vaccination status, therefore, from the week 14 report onwards this section of the report will no longer be published.

“For further context and previous data, please see previous vaccine surveillance reports and our blog post.”

The agency provided no explanation for why ending free COVID-19 testing would affect reporting of hospitalizations and deaths associated with COVID-19.

The previous week’s report, released on March 31, still had the data in “Table 14. Unadjusted rates of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization and death in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations.”

But unlike the Canadian provinces, the data did not include fully vaccinated individuals, only those who received a booster.

Nonetheless, the data still tell a disappointing story about vaccine effectiveness. Here is the last data reported by the U.K. that compares the unvaccinated to the boosted population:

This table was stratified by age group, and three doses appeared to have little impact on the already very low death rate in people under 50 years old, while deaths in those 80 and older were halved in the boosted group.

What is most remarkable is that in every age group, the risk of contracting COVID-19 was 3 to 5 times higher in boosted individuals than in the unvaccinated. Given the inferior protection provided by full vaccination alone, we can surmise that the fully vaccinated fared even worse.

The United States

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does report deaths by vaccination status, but does not include boosted individuals.

The data also are nearly three months old, despite assurances that these numbers are updated monthly. There are too few deaths in the under-18 age category to report.

CDC data indicate that as of May 2022, in the 30 to 49 age group, about 1 million people needed to be vaccinated to prevent a single COVID-19 death per week.

That number is nearly 3 million for adults ages 18 to 29.

When will the CDC resume its reporting on COVID-19 deaths, if ever? And, why did the CDC stop comparing hospitalizations in the unvaccinated to those who completed the primary series (unboosted) back in November 2021?

As in the U.K., comparisons are made with the boosted only.

Unlike the Canadian provinces, Scotland and the U.K., the CDC has yet to make a formal announcement about ending reporting of COVID-19 outcomes between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

Instead, the agency seems to have tacitly admitted that the available vaccines are essentially ineffective by issuing “streamlined” guidelines that do not differentiate by vaccine status as of August 11.

Though the CDC is signaling we can relax restrictions on the unvaccinated, let us not forget that the “latest data” from Manitoba, the U.K. and Scotland indicated COVID-19 outcomes were worse in the fully vaccinated and had been trending downward prior to the mysterious and concurrent decision by multiple public health agencies to end such reporting.

Some of the “latest data” were reported more than six months ago. How are the vaccinated doing now?

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Belgian PM issues dire warning to citizens: Expect to endure hard winters for YEARS to come amid Europe's collapsing energy infrastructure

Image: Belgian PM issues dire warning to citizens: Expect to endure hard winters for YEARS to come amid Europe’s collapsing energy infrastructure

(Natural News) If you’ve ever watched any World War II footage of the Battle of the Bulge, you know it took place in the dead of winter and was Germany’s last offensive gasp before eventually being forced to surrender to the Allies.

What you may not know is where it took place: The Ardennes forest in Belgium.

Those kinds of harsh winters are the norm in the West European country, not the exception, and thanks to Europe’s insane over-reliance on unreliable and insufficient ‘green energy’ alternatives, Belgians are heading for hard winters for years to come.

The country’s prime minister, Alexander De Croo, told reporters on Monday that fellow citizens can expect that “the next five to 10 winters will be difficult” due to the country’s worsening energy crisis exacerbated by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“The development of the situation is very difficult throughout Europe,” De Croo told Belgium broadcaster VRT.

“In a number of sectors, it is really difficult to deal with those high energy prices. We are monitoring this closely, but we must be transparent: The coming months will be difficult, the coming winters will be difficult,” he added.

De Croo’s admission means that it will be far more difficult for Belgium and other European countries to replace lost Russian gas and fossil fuel energy supplies than first admitted, taking years to accomplish. In the meantime, that means the country’s economy, and that of the rest of the European continent, will be prone to hyperinflation, let alone having to deal with brutal winters that will likely cost lives.


And all because a) Europeans foolishly relied on Russia for energy though most are NATO countries; and b) they similarly invested heavily in unreliable and insufficient ‘green’ energy in the form of wind farms and solar panels.

Speaking of a perfect storm of stupidity, their energy crunch will also come as the West insists on shifting most of the transportation sector over to electric vehicles.

Zero Hedge notes further:

The continent heavily relies on Russia for its energy needs, importing about 40% of NatGas. At just 20% capacity with risks of going to zero next month, Russian supplies via Gazprom’s Nord Stream 1 have sent NatGas and power prices to record highs this week. 

European NatGas prices soared to a record high of 277 euros per megawatt-hour on Monday, about 15 times the average summertime price. Leon Izbicki, a commodity analyst at Energy Aspects Ltd., told Bloomberg if NS1 flows come to a halt in September, prices could rise to 400 euros per megawatt-hour. 

Bloomberg’s commodities reporter Javier Blas tweeted a map of the next-day prices for electricity across the European continent.

MAP OF THE DAY: Day-ahead electricity prices in Europe are eye-watering, with lots of countries setting record highs for today. Notable to see the Nordics close to €400 per MWh, and Germany at €600. Before 2020, anything above €75-100 was considered expensive. #EnergyCrisis” he wrote.

MAP OF THE DAY: Day-ahead electricity prices in Europe are eye-watering, with lots of countries setting record highs for today. Notable to see the Nordics close to €400 per MWh, and Germany at €600. Before 2020, anything above €75-100 was considered expensive| #EnergyCrisis

— Javier Blas (@JavierBlas) August 23, 2022

Those are eye-popping electricity rates and worse, they are going to become unaffordable for tens of millions of Europeans (or more) — a phenomenon that will no doubt breed even more unrest on the continent.

Next up: Germany, the continent’s largest economy by far, is heading for a recession that will bring down nearly every other European country as well.

Germany has admitted that it was stupid to become so overly reliant on cheap Russian fossil fuels, but it’s too late now. It may be just a matter of time before Berlin reneges on the EU-led boycott of Russian energy so its own citizens don’t freeze to death.

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