US Army Grounds Entire Fleet Of Chinook Helicopters After Reports Of “Engine Fires”

Zero Hedge | August 31, 2022

WSJ reported one of the US Army’s top heavy-lift helicopters was grounded in the last 24 hours due to a risk of engine fires.

US officials said the Boeing CH-47 Chinook helicopter fleet (about 400 helicopters) had been grounded after numerous engine fires were reported. One of the officials said no injuries or deaths occurred during any of the incidents. They said the latest occurred a few days ago.

The US Army Materiel Command grounded the fleet of CH-47s “out of an abundance of caution.” Officials have narrowed down more than 70 helicopters that contained a part that could be the source of the fires.


A Fiduciary Duty Fulfilled


 By Anna Von Reitz

Among living people it sometimes happens that we are called upon to serve in a fiduciary capacity for others.  This can happen even if we don’t volunteer for the job. We can simply be standing there at a given time, faced with a particular circumstance, and boom!  
There you are, staring up at the sky, wondering — WT….? 
That’s what happened to me, so you had better believe that it can happen to you, too, and that in some regards, it has already happened to you.
Certain Public Duties “devolve” upon you, simply because of your political status and identity as — for example — an American or a Frenchman. 
Americans have a Public Duty to uphold the Public Law of this country, and in particular, to uphold the Federal Constitutions and enforce them.  We have a Public Duty to oppose crimes, such as genocide and murder, and to report them to the responsible authorities.  
In the case of some crimes, like treason, failure to report them to the responsible authorities (the President, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor,  or Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court) can have very dire consequences for one’s self — up to and including capital punishment. 
Public Duty is not something to be taken lightly, and while members of the General Public in this country do not owe the obligations of citizenship, we do owe the obligations of Public Duty. 
Fiduciary Duty, elected or unelected, is part of that Public Duty which we owe to ourselves and our countrymen.  
In 2011, an alarmed friend sent me a copy of a Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing made by a man named Everton Rochas from San Jose, California. 
This fellow, Rochas, was claiming what appeared to be himself –but which were in fact, foreign commercial corporations named after him– and he was explicitly explaining which “Everton Rochas” was the creditor by describing himself in terms of having hands and feet. 
I read it, I thought about it — I was thirteen years into the Due Process that began in 1998, and halfway through the International Notice process.  I realized that what Mr. Rochas was doing was correct enough for himself, assuming that he had a non-statutory trust to dump the assets into like a purse, and the correct legal standing to do it. 
He had done something monumental.  He had correctly identified the incorporated debtors and claimed back his property assets and remedies and exemptions owed to him — and had done it using the Uniform Commercial Code process.  
It was at that moment that my Fiduciary Duty landed on my head. 
Oh, I could follow suit and do what Rochas had done, and save my own assets out of the bankruptcy slush piles resulting from the Federal Reserve System bankruptcy in 2009, but then, what about my countrymen?  
They’d be left disinherited, unrecognizable as Creditors, claimants without claims.  Their State Trusts would be vacated.  The other creditors of the Federal Reserve System could come in and pillage us for the debts of the “US, INC.” and “USA, Inc.” to their heart’s delight, while the actual “preferential creditors” would be mysteriously “absent”, “presumed lost at sea”.  
So I created and recorded a non-statutory trust agreement between me, myself, and I — a purse where I could deposit the assets as the “Authorized Representative” — and I claimed everything back for all Americans with hands and feet.  And I rolled it all over into the Public Trust of the unincorporated Federation of States doing business as The United States of America and as a further firewall, into my private non-statutory trust. 
Shortly thereafter I published and recorded my Irrevocable Will so that nobody could claim that I died intestate and “offer” to administer my estate — including my non-statutory trust —  “for” me. 
All the claims that I subsequently entered on the UCC record automatically attached to my name and rolled into my non-statutory trust and into the Public Trust maintained by the Federation of States, where they remain whether or not the specific UCC claims expire.  The UCC claims were just a conduit delivering the cargo to its rightful and final resting place, back home in America. 
And then, I came home myself.  I claimed my Given Name, “Anna Maria Riezinger” back from the Third Judicial Court in Palmer, Alaska, and made my non-Municipal status official.  
Then, I re-conveyed my recouped Proper Name to the land and soil jurisdiction and recorded this action via the Territorial State of Alaska Land Recording Office in Palmer, Alaska — making my return to the land and soil official. 
I followed up by delivering a certified copy back to the Third Judicial Court, having copies date-stamped by the Clerk, and leaving a copy for inclusion with the court record of my name change from ANNA MARIA RIEZINGER to Anna Maria Riezinger. 
There is and can be no doubt that I returned myself to the land and soil of this country and that I was last seen headed due East with a horrible fixed grin and look of relief on my face.  
Neither the Pope nor the Queen nor the Lord Mayor can claim that I voluntarily adopted any citizenship obligation of theirs nor that I voluntarily chose to remain in any foreign jurisdiction under their control.  I am officially, on the Public Record of their own institutions, neither a Municipal citizen of the United States nor a Territorial U.S. Citizen. 
This conclusion is doubly guaranteed, because what appears to be my surname, “Riezinger” is in fact an international trademark and the intellectual property of my Great-Grandfather, established in 1855, well-before the entire boondoggle of the American Civil War.  No European Monarch has any claim on it. It is internationally recognized private property and anyone who uses it in vain is trespassing. 
In this, and in all other circumstances, I have been blessed by fate and fortune to be in the position I was in, to know the people and facts I have known, and to do the things I have done in the time frame and sequence that all these things have been accomplished, so that I could act freely and with lawful standing throughout, to accomplish the recoupment of American assets for Americans who would have otherwise lost not only their identities, but their inheritance.
There are those who say that these same Americans deserved to lose their intellectual and property assets, because they weren’t taking care of them and were not vigilantly guarding them and doing the work of self-governance.  
What can you say about people who sit on their rumps and don’t bring their own government into Session for over 150 years?  
You can begin by saying that they are the sovereigns of this country and if they wanted to take a very long nap, it’s their business and nobody else’s.  
And we can follow up by saying that the vast majority of Americans were deliberately and self-interestedly deceived in Breach of Trust by their own public employees, who have been misdirected by foreign Principals acting in Gross Breach of Trust, breach of international treaties, and breach of commercial service contracts, seeking to evade their contractual obligations and pillage their Employers for their own unjust enrichment. 
The road that I have traveled to get home again — and drag all the assets owed to this country and my countrymen with me — has been long and often veiled in impenetrable darkness.  There have been many times when I have wondered what to do and how to do it.  Each time, I have knocked on the door of Heaven, and been answered. 
On numerous occasions, I have tried to explain this whole circumstance to my countrymen — “Hey, brother, you were robbed, but it’s okay, I derailed the train and brought your stuff home.  All you have to do is claim it.” — and they stare at me, stunned.  
What?  I’ve been robbed?  My identity has been stolen?  By my own public employees?  Say what?  I have to declare what?  I have to record what?  
And I have had to struggle with the aftermath and develop the processes and means for millions of Americans to come home and claim back the assets they are heir to. 
All the groundwork has already been laid, all the processes worked out, and all anyone has to do, is come home. Declare and record your native birthright political status and thereby reclaim your inheritance.  
In the process of straightening out our own mess, we discovered that much of the rest of the world is in the same exact circumstance, all victims of a planetary scale fraud scheme designed to establish a system of Corporate Feudalism  —by which a few enslave the many, just as they did during Colonialism. 
Putting an end to these world-mongering fraud schemes perpetuated by commercial corporations in the business of providing “governmental services” is a Public Duty of all people worldwide. 
The employees cannot be allowed to rule over the employers. 
Standing here on my flat little Great-Grandma feet facing the beginning of September 2022, I can safely say that I have done my Public Duty, including my unsought duty as Fiduciary for our unincorporated Federation of States, The United States of America.
As things stand, the American claims have been preserved, and the claims of many other nations are being brought forward.
Isn’t it time that you joined in and did your bit, too?  
Imagine a pile of mittens, and your mittens are in that pile somewhere.  You have to go dig around and find them and claim them as yours. That’s part of this process that I can’t do for you — something that only you can do for yourself. 
Go to and get started. 
I don’t know how much longer I will be here with you, so it is a matter of some urgency that you all learn the facts and pass on what I have shared with you this morning.  Everything I have referenced is a matter of record, preserved by the State of Alaska Land Recording Office, the State of Alaska UCC Unit, the State of Alaska Third Judicial Court at Palmer, Alaska, and the Winnebago County, Illinois, Recorder’s Office.   
My non-statutory trust will last until 2066; at some point between now and then, my Irrevocable Will will come into effect, in addition to the actions that are undertaken now, during my lifetime, to secure and distribute the assets in accordance with that Will— returning to each American all that naturally belongs to that American — this represents my grant to each and every one of you.   
By the time my non-statutory trust expires you must all return to the land and soil to claim and preserve your own property assets, including your intellectual property assets — your Good Names, your nationality, and your lawful government. You have forty-four years to take advantage of what I have done for you and your children.  The clock is ticking. 
Don’t take it for granted. It was the hand of God that put me in place, that inspired me to discern the patterns of the ensnaring web, and that allowed me to act in your favor.  You can’t expect that a competent Fiduciary will just appear out of nowhere again (Big Lake, Alaska, is pretty close to nowhere) to pull your chestnuts out of the fire.  
You must each take responsibility and exercise the rights and prerogatives you are heir to.  You must each learn how to defend and justify your position as the Lawful Inheritors of this great country. And you must self-govern.  
None of these things are easy.  All of them require attention and hard work.  
Just as the Public Duty to act as Fiduciary for The United States of America descended on me, your own share of that responsibility now rests upon you— the responsibility to reclaim and take charge of your own assets, both public and private—- and preserve those assets for future generations of Americans.  

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The Hidden Truth About US Hate Crime in 47 Charts

GRAPHIC: via Twitter

Hardly a week goes by that we’re not told that racism or antisemitism are growing threats in America, and much of it is blamed on our so-called “racist” President Donald Trump.

Racial tension in the U.S. was relatively subdued, or below our radar, until the violent Ferguson protest erupted in August 2014 after a white police officer shot and killed 18-year-old Michael Brown during an altercation. People around the world were glued to U.S. news broadcasts and social media threads showing militarized police in Ferguson responding to demonstrations with tear gas, sound canons, concussion grenades, less-than-lethal riffle rounds and armored vehicles.

The media, which were struggling with declining viewership, quickly learned from Ferguson that news stories on racism increased ratings, and that social media is a treasure trove of race-baiting content. Before long, we had weekly news reports showing black people being pulled over by police and black students being reprimanded in class by white teachers. And any racism demonstration or police protest across America, no matter how small, received national news attention. Often, “breaking news” would show a “protest” that featured about six kooks alongside three dozen reporters and cameramen.

The racist America meme has been stoked in part by the nation’s two largest lugenpresse publishers: The New York Times and the Washington Post. Certain broadcast cesspools like CNN and MSNBC have piled on as well, further amplifying the gap between perception and reality.

GRAPHIC: via Reddit

This news trend segued into the 2016 election cycle. As the nation’s focus shifted toward politics, the media found ways to keep their racism rhetoric in the forefront. (After all, they need to get their monies’ worth out of their hired contributors for racism commentary.) So the press began using the term “white supremacists rally” to describe gatherings of white people showing support for pro-nationalist/anti-globalist political policies and even defending historic statues. Hillary called them “deplorables,” others called them “Nazis.” And if you’re a Nazi, you’re antisemitic, of course.

The specter of white supremacy is good business for the multi-billion-dollar black and Jewish race industries, which were struggling to remain relevant in light of America’s increasingly liberal culture and the Great Recession of 2009-2013. Not anymore. The Nazi rhetoric reached its crescendo in August 2017 with the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Post-Charlottesville, there has been a public-policy and private-industry shift toward stifling free speech under the guise of combating racism and antisemitism. The tech sector has taken the lead by censoring content on social media platforms, in search engines and message boards. Website hosts and domain providers like Godaddy have even killed entire websites without warning, causing publishers to lose their content.

Now, in the 2020 election cycle, there appears to be a new trend emerging that involves tech. For lack of a better term, it’s a tattle-tale app with which people can report “hate incidents” without oversight or authentication. The bar appears to be very low for what defines an incident.

Are you feeling excluded? Do you suspect it’s because you’re a woman, or you’re black, or you’re Jewish? Report it.

The reports are compiled and transformed into “real” hate crime statistics that can then be used by race industry organizations to raise funds and by lobbyists to argue public policy reforms related to Internet and speech censorship.

Ultimately, the goal of most identitarian groups is to suppress nationalist political views and criminalize speech that criticizes protected groups. Their model is similar to the criminalization of antisemitic speech in Canada, Germany and most other western and European Union countries.

One such hate incident reporting app is being launched by the University of Utah, Winter Watch reported on May 12, 2019. The university’s press release announcing the app’s launch states the following in the first paragraph:

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is responsible for tracking hate crimes across the country, but the data are notoriously unreliable. Despite the FBI recording an all-time high in hate-motivated incidents in 2017 (the most recent year’s statistics available) the number is likely much higher. Low reporting from victims to police and inconsistent reporting from police to federal authorities have created a massive gap in how we understand hate in America.

This statement — which is the premise of university’s entire app project — gave me pause. Specifically, their premise that FBI data isn’t inclusive enough and that 2017 had an all-time high in hate-motivated incidents. No historical data is provided in the press release, only a link to the 2017 report.

The FBI, by order of Congress’ Uniform Crime Reporting Act (UCR) — has been tracking, compiling and reporting hate crime data from all police divisions across America since 1996. So why not show the trend, if you’re going make an “all-time high” statement? (Because it “feels” true to them, and reality was inconvenient.)

We scoured the FBI’s database and the Internet for trend-line charts of the FBI’s data. We found none. Sure, news organizations republish the FBI’s annual announcement of fresh data, but references to data typically go back no further than one year. How can that be? And how can one possibly know whether there was an all-time high in hate-motivated incidents in 2017 without doing a lot of compiling and crunching? And, if they actually did bother to do the work, why wouldn’t they share their results with the public?

Rather than accept the statements of known liars, we chose to dig into the historic data. We consider it a public service in the battle against false narratives. The results may surprise you, and you will note that reported hate crimes in general are at reduced levels than in the past. Fake or hoax hate crimes are on the rise.

The largest increases have been in the general “anti-male” and “anti-heterosexual male” categories of hate crimes. Keep in mind that this is just an initial, macro look at the data. Future posts may delve into topics related to the results of specific groups.

Please feel free to use and share the following 47 charts, and republish them with attribution. A pdf file with the data tables we’ve compiled is available here: FBI UCR Bias Reporting Charts.

Inclusivity of Data

US Hate Crime Statistics

Race/Ethnicity Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-White Hate Crime

Anti-Black Hate Crime

Anti-Hispanic Hate Crime

Religious Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-Jewish Hate Crime

Anti-Catholic Hate Crime

Anti-Protestant Hate Crime

Anti-Islamic (Muslim) Hate Crime

Sexual Orientation Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-Male Homosexual Hate Crime

Anti-LBGT Hate Crime

Anti-Heterosexual Hate Crime

Gender Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-Male Hate Crime

Anti-Female Hate Crime

Gender Identity Hate Crime Statistics

Anti-Transgender Hate Crime

Anti-Gender Non-Conforming Hate Crime

Superspreader of Truth

While Disney and The New York Times spread slanderous propaganda about me, I know they target me because I’m right on the mark.

superspreader of truth


  • August 19, 2022, The New York Times (NYT) published the documentary “Superspreader,” featuring yours truly, on FX and Hulu, both of which are owned by Disney

  • The top institutional owners of The NYT are The Vanguard Group and BlackRock Inc. Combined, they have ownership in nearly 90% of all S&P 500 firms, and through their investment hold…

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Can B Vitamins Help Prevent Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease?

Nearly 100 million people are affected by this condition, which research finds may be helped by B vitamins. Consuming this common toxin and a choline deficiency may also be implicated in the disease.

can b vitamins help prevent nafld


  • Vitamin B12 and folic acid were found to significantly impact nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH), for which there is no pharmaceutical treatment option

  • NASH is the second stage of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD); a few potential causes of which include consuming high fructose corn syrup, low-level exposure to glyphosate or chol…

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