Did Lockdowns Cause Increased Mortality Rates?

Emerging statistics paint an alarming picture – far more have died after the rollout of this ‘super potion’ than during the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020.

lockdown mortality rate


  • Emerging statistics on excess mortality rates paint an alarming picture. Far more people died in 2021, after the rollout of the COVID shots, and in 2022, than during the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020

  • Mainstream media are trying to divert your attention from the elephant in the room — mass injection with experimental gene transfer …

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Why You Should Upgrade to Nordic Walking

Nordic walking involves the use of poles to engage your upper body and core while you walk, providing a low impact workout that’s more intense than normal walking.

nordic walking


  • While typical walking or running activates about 40% of your muscles, Nordic walking uses 90% of your muscles, providing a lower and upper body workout in one

  • It also requires about 18% to 25% more oxygen consumption compared to walking without poles at the same speed

  • Nordic walking leads to greater increases in functional capacity — or t…

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Three Supplements That Can Lower Your Risk for CVD

Elevated levels suggest your liver is not clearing this substance efficiently, which is congruent with hepatic insulin resistance, which may also be predictive of cardiac events and diabetes.

what causes elevated tmao levels


  • Krill oil, astaxanthin and berberine may be among the best treatments for those with high trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) levels, which can be a reflection of insulin resistance in the liver

  • You’d also want to normalize your weight. Two strategies that are most helpful in this regard are a cyclical ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting

  • TM…

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HILARIOUS: The “amazing” 4-SECOND TEST of “renewable energy” in California did NOT include city of Los Angeles and DID include use of fossil fuels

Image: HILARIOUS: The “amazing” 4-SECOND TEST of “renewable energy” in California did NOT include city of Los Angeles and DID include use of fossil fuels

(Natural News) After California’s “green energy” grid completely collapsed last summer in the middle of a heat wave, they began implementing the non-user-friendly-policy of rolling blackouts. Expect widespread power outages for the next five years, the politicians have warned all Californians. Sounds like a very promising play book so far, if you want to travel back in time to the Dark Ages. But wait. Now California has almost done the impossible. They shut down all fossil fuel power for 4 seconds, and proved they can run on only green energy. Except, not really. For even those brief seconds of “proof” they could do it, fossil fuels were still running the show, the gimmick, namely natural gas, behind all the smoke and mirrors.

Fake record set for California‘s main power grid, excluding Los Angeles, while burning natural gas, and lasting only 4 seconds

Step right up and witness the impossible. Democrats are trying to turn California into a 100 percent “green energy” state, but it can’t be done. Not even close. In fact, it can’t even be done for 4 measly seconds. Still, mainstream media and the hucksters that run the state and cities of ‘Cali’ might have the heavily-polluted minds of the populace there believing (pun intended).

While burning natural gas, a fossil fuel, the state of California, minus its biggest city, was able to stay “lit” during a 4-second shut down of other-than-gas non-renewable energy. Politicians said it sent a “chill” down their spines, especially since the rich gurus were sitting in their mansions running the air conditioner on high during the staged event.


Making ZERO dent in the state’s carbon emissions, politicians are trying to cover up the fact that their state’s contribution to global pollution is horrendous, regularly.

Though China and India are polluting the world on a scale the US can’t even compete with, California politicians want their voters to still believe in the whole “green energy” conversion head-fake, while everyone goes broke from inflation and dies from the drought, rolling blackouts, and the heat wave.

Oxymoronic: Natural gas still a major emissions pollutant burning to support the “green energy” movement

Natural gas produces fine particulate matter that can lodge in lung tissue, according to scientific research. This kills more people than burning coal, yet it’s part of the foundation of California supposedly going completely 100 percent green for 4 seconds as of late. Is this “climate justice?” The entire “green energy movement” is based on lies. You can’t run a million electric cars without fossil-fuel-powered charging stations, and you can’t run Los Angeles on solar and wind power alone.

Once all fossil fuels, including gas and diesel, are banned in California, there will be no agriculture sector and most of the populace left breathing will be homeless and begging for food and shelter. That’s “climate justice” being inflicted on Californians by the communist-led politicians who know it’s all coming apart, and fast.

Follow the bouncing ball. They couldn’t even go green for 4 seconds. It’s a farce. A hoax. A Ponzi scheme where every Californian pays a hunk of their paycheck in taxes for the politicians to embezzle, while the whole state cracks apart and eventually floats out to sea. Maybe that’s what they really mean by “going green.”

Will “green energy” be able to keep the nuclear power plants from melting down, Fukushima style, and killing millions in California and their neighboring states? Only time will tell, and more staged events. Here’s Tucker Carlson blowing the lid off the entire “green energy” scheme of the embezzling Democrat politicians and energy sector gurus in California.

Keep your truth news in check by adding preparedness.news  to your favorites list and tuning in daily for updates on real news about the surviving and thriving in the near future, while the crazy libs live in their upside-down, insane bubble.

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Why Putting A Price Cap On Russian Oil Won’t Work

Oil Price. com |  July 6, 2022

The oil price cap: this is the biggest energy weapon that the U.S. appears to have against Russia. First floated by Italian PM Mario Draghi earlier this year with regard to all oil producers, the idea was later taken up by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen in discussions with the European Union on how to punish Moscow. Now, it’s been taken up by the G7. The news that the G7 is considering putting a ceiling on the price for Russian export crude garnered a lot of coverage, but there was little in the way of explaining how exactly a price cap would work. The only specific suggestion was to tie oil prices to insurance, with Russia only being able to insure its oil cargos at a price below a certain level.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Fumio Kishida, suggested this week that the cap should be placed at half the current price for Russian crude. Russian oil already sells at an often steep discount to alternatives, and a further cut in half would put the price close to the level Russia uses for its federal budget.

Talks are continuing between officials from the G7, but analysts are already weighing in, and their comments do not look particularly encouraging.


Black Lives Matter leader accused of stealing $10 million from organization

September 3, 2022 Winter Watch Around the Web, Crime 0

Los Angeles Times | Sept. 2, 2022

The leader of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation has been accused by former colleagues of stealing more than $10 million in donations from the organization for personal use, according to a lawsuit filed in court this week.

Shalomyah Bowers was called in the court filing as a “rogue administrator, a middle man turned usurper” who siphoned contributions to the nonprofit activist group to use as a “personal piggy bank,” according to the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday.

Bowers’ actions led the foundation into investigations by the Internal Revenue Service and various state attorneys general, “blazing a path of irreparable harm to BLM in less than eighteen months,” the suit claims. “While BLM leaders and movement workers were on the street risking their lives, Mr. Bowers remained in his cushy offices devising a scheme of fraud and misrepresentation to break the implied-in-fact contract between donors and BLM.”


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