World again on brink of war: Taiwan shoots down Chinese drone for first time amid rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific

Image: World again on brink of war: Taiwan shoots down Chinese drone for first time amid rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific

(Natural News) Tensions that were already high between China and Taiwan rose yet again earlier this week following the downing of a drone sent by Beijing’s military into Taiwan’s territorial waters.

The incursion took place near an islet off China’s coast as the Taiwanese military fired upon the reportedly unarmed civilian drone, The Guardian reported.

“Beijing, which claims Taiwan as its own against the objections of the Taipei government, has held military exercises around the island since early last month in reaction to a visit to Taipei by the US House of Representatives speaker, Nancy Pelosi,” the outlet noted. “Taiwan’s government has said it will not provoke or escalate tensions but has been particularly angered recently by repeated cases of Chinese drones buzzing islands controlled by Taiwan close to China’s coast.”

The outlet went on to point out that the defence command for a group of Taiwan-controlled islands — Kinmen — that sit opposite of Chinese cities Xiamen and Quanzhou noted in a statement put out by the country’s defense ministry that the drone entered highly restricted airspace over Lion Islet shortly after noon local time on Tuesday.

Troops stationed there attempted to warn the drone off but it did not respond, so they were ordered to shoot it down. The remains of the drone landed in the ocean and, according to reports, likely not recovered.

It was the first time that Taiwan even fired warning shots at a drone. The shots came after Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen ordered her country’s military to initiate “strong countermeasures” against China’s provocative moves.


The Guardian noted further:

Speaking to the armed forces earlier on Thursday, Tsai said China was continuing to use drone intrusions and other “grey zone” tactics to try to intimidate Taiwan, her office cited her as saying in a statement.

Tsai again emphasized that Taiwan would not provoke disputes but that did not mean it would not take countermeasures, the statement added.

“She has also ordered the ministry of national defense to take necessary and strong countermeasures in a timely manner to defend national security,” it said.

Earlier Thursday, Lin Wen-Huang, deputy chief of the general staff for Taiwan’s armed forces, told reporters in a press briefing: “For aircraft and ships that entered our sea and air territory of 12 nautical miles, the national army will exercise its right to self-defense and counter-attack without exception.”

This is just the beginning of China’s escalation in ‘gray zone’ activity, which is defined as aggressive tactics short of outright kinetic warfare.

“This marks the first time shots have been fired during the current period of elevated tensions between China and Taiwan,” says an analysis by private intelligence firm Forward Observer regarding the incident. “China had previously dismissed Taiwan’s claims of harassment and provocations as ‘nothing to make a fuss about.’ Expect China to continue to escalate tensions with Taiwan by increasing the frequency and severity of its incursions into Taiwanese territory – potentially resulting in counter-attacks by Taiwan and leading to full-scale armed conflict.”

Meanwhile, the report noted in a separate item, Indonesia is also facing a territorial crisis in its exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the North Natuna Sea from China, as that country falls victim to Beijing’s “Belt And Road Initiative,” which is just a debt trap.

“China has been conducting regular incursions into Indonesian waters that China says are its own under its 9 Dash Line territorial claim. Ruled invalid by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, the claim encompasses nearly 90% of the South China Sea. China has routinely conducted illegal fishing in Indonesia’s EEZ, patrolled the waters with its Coast Guard and maritime militia fleets, and even conducted seafloor mapping for future resource exploitation,” the report continued.

“The Indonesian government appears hesitant to confront these encroachments as its leadership and wealthy industrial class derive significant economic benefits from business with China,” it added.

China’s newfound aggression is directly linked to the fact that America now has a dementia patient as ‘president.’

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Here are nearly a dozen NEW Hunter Biden scandals the corrupt media refuses to cover

Image: Here are nearly a dozen NEW Hunter Biden scandals the corrupt media refuses to cover

(Natural News) The ‘mainstream media’ is proving anew that it is corrupt and in the pocket of the Democrat Party by refusing to cover any of nearly a dozen new scandals involving first son Hunter Biden.

According to Newsbusters, which tracks left-wing media bias, “ABC, CBS and NBC’s evening and morning news programs continue to hold back from their audiences the latest shocking revelations surrounding Hunter Biden’s various scandals.”

The organization went on to note that the three major broadcast networks also ignored shocking claims by several FBI whistleblowers that top officials within the bureau told staffers and line agents ahead of the 2020 presidential election to downgrade and slow-walk the probe into Hunter Biden’s laptop, which contains one explosive revelation after another about his father, Joe Biden, and his crime-ridden family.

Also, the nets ignored Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s admission to top podcaster Joe Rogan that the FBI advised the social media behemoth to censor and downgrade stories and posts about the laptop because it was allegedly “Russian disinformation” — a claim that turned out to be fabricated.

This, as a new poll found that 79 percent of respondents said they would ‘likely’ not have voted for Joe Biden if “truthful” coverage of his debased son’s laptop was done by the bulk of the mainstream media.

Newsbusters adds:

Because they are so in the tank for the Biden administration the broadcast networks remain stubborn in their refusal to report on evidence that links directly to the President himself like e-mails from Hunter’s laptop and White House visitor logs that disprove his claim he “never” spoke to Hunter about his “business dealings.” 


The lack of Hunter scandal coverage is something NewsBusters has been tracking on an almost daily basis since March 16, when the New York Times finally confirmed that Hunter’s laptop is real and not an example of “Russian disinformation.” If the liberal broadcast networks were waiting for an all-clear to admit the explosive Hunter laptop story (that was first broken by the New York Post way back on October 14, 2020) was real and legitimate, that was it. That still hasn’t spurred them to cover the wayward son’s mischievous and criminal activities that could hurt the Biden administration. 

In June and July, Newsbusters reported on more than a dozen Hunter Biden scandals that the networks and most cable news outlets ignored. But now, the media watchdog has identified 10 additional scandals the majority of deep state media are ignoring, including the massive Zuckerberg admission.

Here are some of the others:

— “Hunter Biden met with his father multiple times while working for a Romanian real estate tycoon accused of corruption — an effort that netted Joe Biden’s second son and associates “millions” of dollars, a source close to the arrangement told the New York Post,” the outlet that’s been on this story and the Bidens since from the outset.

— Separately, The Post also noted: “The computer repair shop owner who blew the whistle on Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop claims in a new book that an FBI agent threatened him to stay silent. John Paul Mac Isaac said two federal agents came to his Mac Shop in Wilmington, Del. in December 2019 to recoup the laptop following a subpoena, he details in his new book…”

— “Two Chinese businessmen with ties to Hunter Biden’s company met with Joe Biden at the White House and followed up with the VP’s son days later with a fawning email and invitation, records reveal,” the UK’s Daily Mail reported in August. “The meeting is the fifteenth to be uncovered between Joe and businessmen linked to Hunter.”

— “Hunter Biden failed to register as a foreign agent during years of overseas business dealings — a possible crime that could finally land him in prison, experts say,” the New York Post reported in July.

The Bidens are even more corrupt than the Clintons. But most Americans don’t know that because our media outlets are politically biased and corrupt.

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Cancel culture comes for Leana Wen, an obedient vaccine pusher who wasn't obedient enough

Image: Cancel culture comes for Leana Wen, an obedient vaccine pusher who wasn’t obedient enough

(Natural News) In 2021, she was all about taking away everyone’s freedom unless they agreed to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). In 2022, Leana Wen wants to get back to normal and forget about the Chinese Flu – and the left-wing media is destroying her for it.

Suddenly, Wen is the one getting “canceled,” not the unvaccinated. And it could not be happening to a more deserving person, seeing as how Wen openly called for medical fascism against anyone who disagreed with her position on the injections, masking and lockdowns.

For daring to declare that the Fauci Flu is endemic and we must now just live with it, Wen faces being booted from speaking at the 2022 American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting. There is even a petition circulating to have her removed from participation.

“We are demanding our colleagues and fellow leaders in public health to reconsider and replace Dr. Wen with someone whose work is consistent with anti-racist, anti-eugenicist public health practices and community health,” the petition letter reads.

The Left is now eating its own on the plandemic issue

Wen is learning the hard way that her own tactics and methods are easily turned around against her. Many other leftists like her still need to learn that lesson – and they certainly will at some point as this whole plandemic ordeal continues to unravel.

More than 600 public health researchers, professors, students, and physicians have signed the petition letter, which declares Wen’s new positions to be “unscientific, unsafe, ableist, fatphobic, and unethical” – pretty much the gamut of “woke” speak right there in one sentence.


Back in March of this year, Wen tweeted that “everything has risk, and zero covid is not a viable strategy.” In other words, she came to the realization that endless masking and injecting is not sound policy – and for stating this, she is now considered to be “unscientific.”

Wen also advised people to stop eating garbage and watch their weight, which is why she is now dubbed “fatphobic” by the very same people who worshipped her back in 2021 – and who are more than likely, in many cases, fat themselves.

Wen further believes that people should be able to make their own health decisions – a position now held, at least officially, by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Because of this belief, Wen is now an “ableist.”

Some of Wen’s newfound enemies are even calling her a eugenicist because she now believes that there should be no universal masking or injecting requirement for covid. People should be able to decide for themselves how to live – and that statement apparently implies that only the strong will survive, making Wen a “eugenicist.”

“This is histrionic nonsense,” writes Billy Binion for Reason about the eugenicist accusation against Wen. “Actual eugenicists in the U.S. sterilized racial minorities and the poor.”

“The petitioners mock actual eugenics victims by comparing their abusers to someone who echoes the scientific consensus that COVID-19 is now endemic to the U.S. and cannot be fully eradicated.”

Wen is even now speaking out against face masks, which she called “little more than facial decorations” in a recent statement. Wen still supports “high-quality masks,” but because she does not support a mask mandate, her critics say she is a mass murderer.

“How I think about risk has really evolved over the course of the pandemic,” Wen said at the recent Aspen Ideas Festival. “If there’s one thing that I wish we had all done a better job of communicating right from the beginning, it’s that change is to be expected.”

The latest news about the Chinese Virus can be found at

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Woke assistant principal caught on video bragging about child indoctrination, refusing to hire Catholic teachers

Image: Woke assistant principal caught on video bragging about child indoctrination, refusing to hire Catholic teachers

(Natural News) Thanks to the investigative journalist group Project Veritas, Americans continue to discover just how corrupt our institutions have become, especially the public school system.

In an undercover video captured by a journalist working with the group and posted online this week, the assistant principal of Cos Cob Elementary School in Connecticut admitted to not hiring Catholic teachers, bragged about it, and also talked about how the school finds ways to sneak in left-wing ideological ‘training’ and thinking into teaching methods as a means of indoctrinating children.

“You’re teaching them how to think. That’s it. It doesn’t matter what they think about. If they think about it in a logical, progressive way, that becomes their habit,” the assistant principal, Jeremy Boland, said.

“So, you kind of like, gear them to think in a more liberal way?” the undercover journalist asked.

Boland responded in the affirmative, adding that “believe it or not, the open-minded, more progressive teachers are actually more savvy about delivering a Democratic message without really ever having to mention their politics.”

“It’s subtly. They’ll never say, ‘oh, this is a liberal or a Democratic way of doing this.’ They’ll just make that the norm. And this is how we handle things, it’s subtle,” Boland noted further.

“And that’s how you get away with it?” the journalist asked.

“That’s how you get away with it,” Boland confirmed. The PV journalist then asked this diabolical so-and-so how teachers could do that — indoctrinate children — without their parents finding out (though honestly, in deep blue Connecticut, most parents probably feel similarly).


“They can find out, so long as you never mention the politics of it,” Boland replied.

“And then later down the line they’re gonna vote Democrat and you will have done a great service to our country,” the journalist said.

Boland can be seen nodding in agreement in the video before adding: “I hope.” How anyone can vote for the party of inflation, border chaos, expensive electric vehicles, 36 genders, ‘preferred pronouns,’ and grooming of children — sexually and intellectually — is a mystery to us, but there are far too many Americans who do.

Next, the conversation turned to how Boland and the school discriminate against older, conservative-leaning, Catholic teacher applicants.

“If people knew that you, like, didn’t hire conservatives though, do you think they would be pissed?” the journalist asked.

“I’m not allowed to ask their political leanings and they’re not allowed to ask me. So it just comes down to the questions,” Boland stated.

“One of the questions that I might start including is something about transgender students, students that are — identify — what is it, non-binary?” he said before going on to give a theoretical answer a conservative-leaning teacher applicant might give: “Well, I don’t think kids have enough knowledge to make that decision [gender identity] for themself.

“Snapping his fingers, Boland then said that would be a trigger not to hire the applicant. “You’re out, you’re done,” he said.

“I need younger [teachers]… but if they’re older, I’m not allowed to do that. I can’t tell them, ‘I’m not interviewing you because you’re older.’ I just don’t interview them,” said Boland. “For one position, I think we had 30 applicants. So out of all those applicants, I don’t think I interviewed anybody over the [age] of 30,” Boland noted further, allowing that older Americans tend to skew towards the right (and we simply can’t have that around kids, can we?).”The conservative [teacher], who is stuck in her ways. I’ll never be able to fire her, and I’ll never be able to change her. So I make an impact with the next teacher I hire,” Boland said.”So have you found, like, that certain religions tend to be more right-wing?” the journalist asked.”Almost all of them,” he responded, adding, “I’m probably not a huge expert on religion but protestants in this area are probably the most liberal, but if they’re Catholic, it’s unbelievable.””If someone is raised hardcore Catholic, it’s like, they’re brainwashed — you can never change their mindset,” Boland said ironically, given that he and the other teachers he hires are trying to brainwash students with left-wing ideology.

It’s one thing to try and change an adult’s mind with a superior argument and logic. It’s another to corrupt the minds of young students who don’t know they’re being propagandized.

It’s the hard-left zealots in America who are dangerous to democracy, not conservatives.


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Major League Baseball supports mutilating children in the name of transgenderism

Image: Major League Baseball supports mutilating children in the name of transgenderism

(Natural News) In recent years, a lesser-focused-on segment of professional sports has gone “woke” – though few have noticed.

Major League Baseball (MLB) has been somewhat quieter about its entry into “social justice” activism compared to, say, the National Football League (NFL). Still, it is happening just the same. (Related: Herschel Walker warned that MLB supports Black Lives Matter [BLM] terrorist groups that burn Bibles and the American flag.)

The MLB website now displays an entire section devoted to “social justice,” complete with promotional material for the 1619 Project and some trashy work of fiction called White Fragility. During the George Floyd saga, as you may recall, several MLB players openly knelt just like their NFL and National Basketball Association (NBA) counterparts.

MLB has also chimed in about “gun violence,” partnering up with the gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety to warn baseball aficionados of the “facts about the impacts of gun violence” on America.

Perhaps the most concerning “social justice” issue embraced by MLB is the transgender mutilation of children. MLB “Pride Nights,” which began back in the early 2000s, feature fundraisers that support “sex change” operations for children.

This includes “gender affirmation” surgeries and gender-bending “masculinizing” and “feminizing” pharmaceutical drugs, which the MLB seems to have no problem with being aimed at young children.

“… many of MLB’s most prominent franchises have begun to promote or fund groups that encourage or provide sex-change procedures and gender-transition hormone treatment for minors as young as 12,” reports National Review.


“Other organizations promote ‘social transitions’ – i.e., nonmedical changes in ‘gender expression,’ including the adoption of new names, pronouns, and clothing – for children as young as three.”

Sixty-nine percent of MLB teams directly promote transgender mutilation of children

An investigation revealed that of the 29 MLB teams that held a “Pride Night” this summer – only one team did not: the Texas Rangers – 20 of them directly fund groups that advocate for or provide “transition” surgeries and drugging for children.

At least six MLB teams also fund or promote groups that actively lobby against restrictions on youth “sex change” procedures and “therapies,” as well as promote “gender affirming” curriculum on children at public school.

“Five other team Pride Nights promoted or funded groups that provide resources for, and often actively encourage, youth sex changes,” National Review, which conducted the investigation, further reveals.

“Four promoted or funded groups that write referrals for or partner with clinics that perform medical gender transitions – either via hormone-altering drugs, sex-change surgeries, or both – on minors. And finally, five teams have promoted or funded clinics that do drug-induced or surgical youth gender transitions themselves.”

The Detroit Tigers held a Pride Night back in May during a game against the Minnesota Twins that funneled money straight into pro-trans groups that target children.

Online ticket purchasers were met with a checkout option allowing them “a chance to support a local Pride organization of your choice.” In the drop-down menu, two clinics that perform gender transitions on children were listed: the Ruth Ellis Center and Corktown Health.

The Detroit Tigers team also promotes the Trans Sistas of Color Project, which funds groups like Trans Minor Rights that “advocates for empowering transgender youth to make their own decisions regarding puberty blockers,” meaning “without requiring the consent of a parent.”

That group’s tagline is “Unblock blockers,” the suggesting being that puberty blockers should be handed out to children like candy whenever they ask for them – without their parents’ permission or even knowledge.

This is what buying tickets to MLB games means in 2022. Keep that in mind the next time you plan a family night out.

The latest news about transgenderism can be found at

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Universities, hospitals in North America that still impose vaccine mandates face legal action

Image: Universities, hospitals in North America that still impose vaccine mandates face legal action

(Natural News) Universities and hospitals in North America that continue clinging to Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine mandates are now facing legal action.

In one instance, the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) in Canada sued Seneca College in the Canadian province of Ontario on behalf of several unvaccinated students. Two of the plaintiffs were single mothers who enrolled in the institution. “The damage this policy has caused in the lives of these single mothers trying to finish their schooling to provide for their children is deeply troubling,” said JCCF lawyer Andre Memauri.

In spite of instructions to colleges by Ontario Chief Medical Health Officer Dr. Kieran Moore to allow frequent COVID-19 testing or medical exemptions to the mandate, Seneca has remained adamant with its vaccine mandate. The college did not offer testing options or online classes for unvaccinated students, forcing them to “take alternative employment that pays less than their projected career earnings.”

JCCF lawyers argued in court that Seneca is “jeopardizing the careers” of the student plaintiffs, and that “prolonged absence from their studies will cause irreparable harm, compounded by the stress of financial insecurity as they struggle to provide for their families.”

Memauri condemned the “rogue, outdated [and] discriminatory” vaccine mandate and called for an end to the “punishing policy” so that students can return back to in-person learning. “Students are being coerced to choose between bodily integrity or receiving an education to make a living for themselves,” he continued.


The University of Western Ontario (WU), meanwhile, announced that all students, faculty and staff members must receive a minimum of three COVID-19 vaccine doses. The policy announced Aug. 22 also mandated students, faculty and staff members to submit proof of vaccination by Oct. 1.

Dr. Matt Strauss, acting medical officer for the Haldimand-Norfolk Health Unit, derided the new policy.

“Why would you kick someone out of the school because they didn’t take a booster eight months ago that is currently providing [about zero percent] protection against transmission? Pretension? Malice? [Callous] disregard for people who think differently than you? I’m struggling to understand,” he tweeted.

Health workers in Chicago win settlement over vaccine mandate

A recent victory by health workers in Chicago proved that standing up for health freedom and pushing back against medical tyranny definitely pays – in this case, to the tune of $10.3 million. (Related: HISTORIC: Hundreds of health care workers fired for refusing covid jabs win multi-million dollar settlement.)

Employees of the NorthShore University Health System reached a settlement with hospital administrators after the latter agreed to its terms. Aside from paying more than 500 current and former employees, the hospital revised its policy to accommodate religious exemptions to its COVID-19 vaccine mandates. It also rehired former employees who were fired or forced to resign after their exemption requests were denied.

The settlement followed legal action by NorthShore employees, who were represented by the religious freedom organization Liberty Counsel. The employees accused the hospital of religious discrimination after their requests for accommodation were rejected.

Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver described the settlement as “the first of its kind … against a private employer who unlawfully denied hundreds of religious exemption requests to COVID-19 shot.” He added that the NorthShore settlement should serve as “a warning to employers that violated Title VII” of the Civil Rights Act – which prohibits employment discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex and national origin.

“This settlement should also serve as a strong warning to employers across the nation that they cannot refuse to accommodate those with sincere religious objections to forced vaccination mandates,” said Horatio G. Mihet, Liberty Counsel legal affairs vice president and chief litigation counsel.

“The drastic policy change and substantial monetary relief required by the settlement will bring a strong measure of justice to NorthShore’s employees who were callously forced to choose between their conscience and their jobs.”

Watch attorney Jim Bopp explain to Tucker Carlson of Fox News why the COVID-19 vaccine mandate by Indiana University violates the Fourteenth Amendment.

This video is from the Truth Health Freedom channel on

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