30 public pools in France suddenly close after energy bills jump from €15 million to €100 million

Remix News | Sept. 6, 2022

For French people looking to exercise in a public pool or cool off as the summer comes to an end, Europe’s energy crisis is hitting close to home. Faced with rising energy prices, which are hitting all aspects of daily life in France, one swimming pool operator is now in deep water and shutting down 30 pools.

This Monday, the company Vert Marine, which has 2,000 employees and operates dozens of swimming pools in France on behalf of local authorities, announced the closure of a third of the public pools the company operates, saying it could longer cope with soaring bills. The company is pointing to an astronomical increase in its energy bill, stating that it went from €15 million to €100 million, which now equals the entire annual turnover of the company.


China’s drought intensifies global coal shortage

Reuters | Sept. 6, 2022

LONDON, Sept 6 (Reuters) – China’s drought has sent coal prices surging as traders anticipate the lack of hydroelectric generation will force it to burn more coal to meet electricity demand this winter.

China’s rising coal consumption threatens to worsen a worldwide shortage as power producers in Europe and the United States also turn back to solid fuel in the face of soaring gas prices.

It marks a significant turn around from the first half of the year when heavy rainfall and plentiful hydro generation enabled China to reduce coal use and rebuild depleted inventories.


Why are vaccinations required to attend school?

I have six questions I was hoping someone could answer:

  1. If the vaccines work and protect kids from disease, why isn’t an individual decision as to whether or not to get them?

  2. If the vaccines don’t work, why are they required?

  3. Will any health/medical authority in the country be willing to go on camera with me and defend the California law? If you are, please let me know here. If not, isn’t that telling?

  4. How come doctors refuse to allow parents to see the all-cause risk-benefit studies for the required vaccines that compares kids with all the required vaccines with kids who have none of the vaccines over time and looks at both morbidity (such as autism rates, etc) and long-term mortality? Obviously, these studies must exist or they wouldn’t have required these vaccines. Where are they and why are we not allowed to see them?

  5. Have any of the lawmakers who voted for this ever read Dissolving Illusions by Suzanne Humphries MD (Author), Roman Bystrianyk? Did the book make a mistake?

  6. How come the statistics from the control group are better than those from the vaccinated group?

Extra credit questions:

  1. I just posted this to Nextdoor (Sep 7 at 9pm PST). How many minutes will it stay up before Nextdoor censors it for violating community guidelines?

Apparently, even the mainstream scientists are now starting to recommend against vaccinating kids as shown in this paper.


Pfizer to Make $54 Billion Off Treating COVID Over and Over

Pfizer expects record profits in 2022 due to its COVID-19 shots and antiviral medication.

pfizer profits from covid


  • Pfizer is expecting record-high revenue in 2022, courtesy of COVID-19

  • It’s predicting $32 billion in profits from its COVID-19 shots and another $22 billion from Paxlovid, for a total of $54 billion

  • Overall, Pfizer forecasted 2022 sales of $98 billion to $102 billion

  • First, Pfizer profits from the shots; next, when they don’t work to preve…

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Vitamin C Lowers Mortality in Severe Sepsis

Each year, an estimated 1 million people get sepsis or blood poisoning, and up to half die.

vitamin c thiamine and hydrocortisone for sepsis


  • Sepsis is a last-ditch effort by your immune system to fight an infection in your body; it can lead to multiple organ failure and death unless promptly treated

  • While viruses, fungi and parasites all have the ability to trigger sepsis, bacterial infections are the most common cause. The most common types of infection triggering sepsis are…

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