Flight 11: David Angell’s Odyssey on 9/11

To make a sophisticated false-flag operation like 9/11 work and seem believable, it was necessary to have a few carefully placed prominent people on board the alleged hijacked flights. One of these was David Angell and his wife, Lynn. They were alleged to be sitting next to hijacker Mohammed Atta on American Flight 11. Angell was the executive producer of the “Frasier” sitcom series.

Indeed, in this 1997 episode of “Frasier,” we get predictive programming with black magic thrown in for good measure. Listen to the non-sequitur phone call where she says, “… coming in on American [Airlines], Flight 11, 10:30.”

Getting Sloppy With the Storytelling

In the official website of the film “American Identity,” Stephen Rollins dedicates his film to David and Lynn Angell and claims to have been very good friends with the couple.

According to Rollins, Angell called him from Boston, where they were visiting David’s ill mother on the evening of Sept. 10, 2001, to wish him happy birthday. Rollins was celebrating his birthday in the “Windows of the World” complex atop the World Trade Center!

There’s a major problem with this story: David Angell’s mother, Mae Angell, died 31 years earlier, in August 1970. Nor could the couple be visiting David’s sick father, Henry Angell, who died in August 1973.  The only surviving parent at the time was Lynn’s mother, who lived in Birmingham, Alabama.

Curiously, American Airlines and FBI sources indicate that David A N G E L L [FFAA KK01116] [PNR CUFNSG]

cancelled his 9/11 flight reservation at 7:30 on 08/27/01 , the same time as his wife
Lynn A N G E L L [PNR CUFNSG] [FFAA KJ66928].

Nothing to see here, move along?

The next video covers theories on what actually happened to the flights on 9/11.

A note from an ABC TV News Editor

ABC DVD (Australia) - CLG Wiki

Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Hi Steve,

I’m a TV News editor and have watched your Interview with Maria Zeee.

I have been following the COVID lies closely over the past 2 years and have personally been affected by the Western Australia vaccine mandates when I myself refused to get the COVID vaccine. I have been an employee of ABC for 20 years.

Since our government mandates have dropped and I have been allowed to return to work, I have been emailing some journalists suggesting that they report on the thousands of vaccine injuries. I have sent them peer-reviewed studies, etc but with no response from our ABC journalists. I have been waiting for more hard evidence to present as everything else has so far been ignored.

If you have legitimate video then I feel I can present this to my peers or at least send it to specific investigative journalists or my managers. I am still unsure, but they may take this on.


September 10, 2001: FBI Crisis Response Unit Goes to California for Training, Therefore Away from Washington at Time of 9/11 Attacks

PHOTO: Justin Sullivan/Getty

HISTORY COMMONS — The FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group (CIRG) goes to California for a week of training and is therefore stranded away from Washington, DC, when it is required to help in the response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks. [USA TODAY, 9/11/2001DARLING, 2010, PP. 75]

The CIRG is “the unit that coordinates the FBI’s rapid response to crisis incidents, including terrorist attacks,” according to Major Robert Darling of the White House Military Office. Its members arrive in San Francisco this evening to participate in a week of special weapons and tactics (SWAT)-related field training. [DARLING, 2010, PP. 74-75]

While the 9/11 attacks are underway, NBC News will report that the FBI is in a state of “chaos,” partly because of the CIRG being stranded in California (see 10:03 a.m. September 11, 2001). [NBC 4, 9/11/2001] On the afternoon of September 11, the White House will arrange for the CIRG to return to Washington as a matter of priority (see (3:50 p.m.) September 11, 2001), and the unit’s members will be flown back later that day (see Late Afternoon September 11, 2001). [DARLING, 2010, PP. 73-76] […]

Israel withheld information about vaccine injuries, adverse events

Image: Israel withheld information about vaccine injuries, adverse events

(Natural News) Israel vaccinated millions of its citizens for COVID-19 without reliable safety data on the injections. Worse, it was recently found that the Israelis actually withheld information about the dangers of vaccines.

Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, a researcher with the University of Haifa Health and Risk Communication Research Center, wrote at Real Time Magazine about a leaked Zoom meeting of an Israeli Ministry of Health (IMOH) research team in June. The team was looking into findings from a new reporting system for adverse vaccine events that had been launched in December to replace their former, dysfunctional one.

At the meeting, pediatric specialist Prof. Mati Berkowitz, head of Shamir Medical Center’s Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology unit and his staff were tasked with analyzing data received from the Israeli HMO Meuhedet from December 2021 through May 2022.

They found that serious adverse events such as menstrual disorders, neurological side effects, musculoskeletal injuries, GI problems as well as kidney and urinary problems were long-lasting, with several reports finding that they can last for months or even a year. (Related: Israel lied, people died: The untold story of the Holy Land’s covid “vaccine” deception.)

They also found recurring events and illnesses that worsen upon repeat doses of the vaccine shots, which Berkowitz said elevated the causal link between events and the shots “from possible to definite.”

“Here we will have to really think medical-legal,” he warned. For a few of the adverse events, they said that it was okay, and they still encouraged everyone to get vaccinated. “I mean, we have to think about how to write it and how to present it correctly, so this will not yield lawsuits later.”


Israel Health Ministry manipulates findings

But when IMOH went on to release its report, Shir-Raz said the agency “misrepresented and manipulated the findings, minimizing the extent of the reports and stating that no new adverse events were found and that the events that were detected were not necessarily caused by the vaccine.”

The team’s revelations about the neurological injuries, long duration and re-challenge were omitted, while the report downplayed the numbers by “taking the number of patient reports received and dividing them by the total number of doses given in Israel for the entire year and a half since the beginning of the vaccine rollout despite the reporting system not starting until December 2021 and the analysis only covering six months.”

It also downplayed menstrual irregularities by using a denominator of the total number of all adult doses and concealing the fact that the study only includes reports from one small HMO, which represents only about 15 percent of the Israeli population.

Vaccine Safety Research Foundation Executive Director Steve Kirsch said every mainstream medical leader should be saying that what the IMOH did is wrong and calling for an immediate investigation into the safety of the vaccines.

“We should be able to see the full presentation of the expert panel and their report. And the safety data should be released to the public like the VAERS data is,” he said.

Instead, Kirsch pointed out that medical leaders are not condemning what happened, and they weren’t asking for the report or the data. “They are staying silent as if it didn’t happen. They are all basically saying, ‘It is OK for a government to not monitor vaccine safety for 12 months, and then, after six months of safety monitoring and clear evidence of harm, deliberately misrepresenting the safety data to the public.”

The leaked video is yet another piece of evidence that fueled people’s aversion to the COVID shots, which were developed far more quickly than the traditional vaccines. It also failed to stop the spread of the virus.

Visit Vaccines.news for more updates about the dangers of vaccines and their adverse effects.

Watch the video below to know more about the issues Israel covered up about the COVID-19 vaccines.

This video is from the InfoWars channel on Brighteon.com.

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Pfizer covid vaccine that was fraudulently “approved” by the FDA is the same one that’s FAILING in Israel, a nation now brought to the brink of a new covid CRISIS, even with an 80% vaccination rate.

Israel stands as greatest proof that COVID-19 vaccine experiment is a massive failure.

Despite mass vaccinations, Israel to return to COVID-19 restrictions, including “green pass” vaccine passport system.

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Biden's Pentagon working to embroil US, NATO in war with Russia: Officials admit DoD had a hand in sinking Moscow's warships

Image: Biden’s Pentagon working to embroil US, NATO in war with Russia: Officials admit DoD had a hand in sinking Moscow’s warships

(Natural News) President Donald Trump not only did not get the United States involved in any new wars during his tenure, he actually reduced our involvement in hot spots, was on a path to withdraw from Afghanistan after 20 years of being there, and managed to convince historic enemies to sign several peace treaties.

But of course, he was called the second coming of Hitler; left-wing pundits and ‘military experts’ were sure he was going to start World War III; and he was accused of weakening our national security when in fact, the military got stronger under him and our adversaries behaved themselves.

After Joe Biden was installed in the Oval Office, however, all hell broke loose. Our allies became distrustful of our abilities again, China is increasingly bellicose with Taiwan and Japan, and Russian President Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine, the latter of which was likely engineered in some way by our deep state.

And now, the deep state’s Pentagon is doing all it can to get us involved in all-out war — World War III, if you will — by becoming more deeply involved in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Already, at the expense of taxpayers and our own war stocks, the Biden regime and Congress have authorized tens of billions in money and equipment for Ukraine. What’s more, according to reports this week, the Pentagon has even admitted it is training Ukrainian forces to target Russian warships and is providing targeting data, which Putin is likely not particularly happy about.

“The stunning admission comes months after the April 14 sinking of Russia’s Black Sea flagship Moskva guided missile cruiser, which was carrying a crew of 510. It was nothing short of a disastrous and humiliating blow to the Russian Navy, and it was later confirmed that a pair of Neptune missiles took it out. It was also later revealed in that particular case the Ukraine forces had assistance from US intelligence,” Zero Hedge reported, citing published sources.


However, now the Pentagon’s role has been revealed to be much deeper when it comes to attacks on the Russian navy.

“Ukrainian forces who sunk [sic] a Russian warship with Harpoon missiles in June trained in the United States, the Pentagon’s top weapons buyer Bill LaPlante says,” says a new report in Defense One. “LaPlante said the Ukrainian forces trained in the U.S. over Memorial Day Weekend in late May. The Harpoons were modified to fire from the back of flatbed trucks, he said.”

Not long after the report was published, the Biden regime went into damage control mode, and a statement was added to the top of the Defense One report: Clarification: A Pentagon spokesperson said Bill LaPlante did not mean to say that Ukrainians were trained in the United States.

“We got them off the ship, put them on some flatbed trucks, put the Harpoons, the modules on the flatbed truck, and then a different flatbed truck for the power source, connected a cable between it, figured out was exportable, brought the Ukrainians to train on it over Memorial Day weekend, in our country, over Memorial Day weekend, and the next week two Russian ships were sunk with those Harpoons,” LaPlante told a conference near the Pentagon that was hosted by Defense One.

A “vendor” actually trained the Ukrainians, the report added, using a term for a military contractor. But that’s splitting hairs; the Pentagon paid the vendor.

“There’s incredible innovation going on right now and we just don’t talk about it enough,” LaPlante added during the conference, according to Defense One.

The Biden regime is angling to start World War III because obviously the globalist deep state figures that is the only way to kill off a sizeable portion of the earth’s population and make it far easier to usher in totalitarian regimes in the ashes.

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FRAC firearms group pushing back against Biden's ATF, unconstitutional gun grabs by Biden regime

Image: FRAC firearms group pushing back against Biden’s ATF, unconstitutional gun grabs by Biden regime

(Natural News) A noted firearms organization is serving up notice to the Biden regime that it won’t sit around and allow the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, as well as other federal agencies, to regulate away Americans’ supposedly protected right to keep and bear arms.

The “sole mission” of the Firearms Regulatory Accountability Coalition (FRAC) “is to aggressively advocate for and defend firearms, ammunition, and accessories manufacturers and importers from government overreach,” the organization notes on its website.

“This includes holding the government accountable for arbitrary and capricious policies and rulings and ensuring that the government’s regulation of the industry is conducted in an open and transparent manner. FRAC will be the leading advocate of firearms manufacturers, importers, and their customers before federal regulatory agencies,” the group added.

On its “Policy and Legal” page, FRAC notes further:

All American industries deserve the ability to operate in a predictable regulatory environment. But for years, the firearms industry has been subject to secret determination letters, policies that change without public input, and shifting subjective standards. Firearm importers, manufacturers, and innovators need clear and consistent laws and effective policies in order to successfully operate.

Importers are regularly forced to wait over a year to have new models evaluated by the government for importation, only to receive a denial for reasons that are nowhere to be found in the regulations or guidance. Manufacturers and innovators are strong-armed into recalling tens of thousands of firearms because government makes post hoc determinations that certain configurations are suddenly illegal.


An industry cannot effectively conduct business in this environment. That’s why the FRAC is standing up for industry members everywhere – from the halls of Congress where we will weigh in on legislation, to the administrative agencies where we will promote industry interests before federal regulators, to the courts where we will fight to defend the rights of the firearm industry and promote good government and the rule of law.

In its most recent legal action, FRAC filed an amicus brief in the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Michael Cargill, who filed suit “urging the appeals court to overturn ATF’s ‘bump stock’ ban and rein in ATF’s abusive attempts to unilaterally expand and rewrite definitions enacted by Congress.”

While Biden’s regime has run afoul of the law and the Constitution on a number of occasions, the effort to ban the stocks actually began during the Trump administration.

“On December 18, 2018, Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker announced that the Department of Justice has amended the regulations of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), clarifying that bump stocks fall within the definition of ‘machinegun’ under federal law, as such devices allow a shooter of a semiautomatic firearm to initiate a continuous firing cycle with a single pull of the trigger,” the ATF noted on its web site. The final rule went into effect on March 26, 2019, the site noted.

The rule did not provide a grandfather clause, meaning anyone who possessed a bump stock had to surrender it.

“Current possessors of bump-stock-type devices must divest themselves of possession as of the effective date of the final rule,” the ATF site noted further.

“One option is to destroy the device, and the final rule identifies possible methods of destruction, to include completely melting, shredding, or crushing the device. Any method of destruction must render the device incapable of being readily restored to function,” the agency noted further.

In February 2018, President Trump issued a memorandum instructing the AG “to dedicate all available resources to… propose for notice and comment a rule banning all devices that turn legal weapons into machineguns.”

As FRAC notes, what actually happened was that the government rewrote the rules governing machine guns without any congressional approval.

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