The Sara Cody deposition transcripts

Santa Clara County health officer Dr. Sara Cody says California is moving  too fast toward Covid-19 reopening - Silicon Valley Business Journal

Santa Clara County could have dropped their lawsuit against Calvary Chapel and the embarrassing deposition of their public health officer would have been confidential. But they didn’t. So now it’s part of court filing and is public record. You now get to see the whole deposition for the first time. It shows clearly that she relied on a study showing masks are ineffective for her mask mandate.

Santa Clara County wants Calvary Chapel to pay $3M to the County because the church didn’t require masks like Sara Cody ordered.

The lawsuit was the first opportunity to question a public health official and actually force them to answer the questions.

We finally learn in the deposition that Sara Cody’s mask mandate was based on the Bangladesh mask study. However, it is obvious to any thinking person that the study actually proved that the “benefit” of wearing a mask was too tiny to measure (i.e., zero).

Furthermore, when Science was formally asked to retract the study, they refused to acknowledge the request showing the journals are compromised as well. However, it is clear from the data collected in the study that masks do nothing.

Santa Clara County should never have required anyone to adopt a completely useless masking policy.

However, that won’t stop the lawsuit. They have their pride at stake. They want to show businesses that they can make ridiculous demands of people for no benefit, and then extract millions of dollars for non-compliance with nonsensical health directives.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

Mariah Gondeiro, Esq. CA Bar No. 323683 deposed Sara Cody. Here are the depositions and key parts are highlighted in yellow. Happy reading.

  1. Notice of Depo

  2. Sara H. Cody, M.D. (part 1, part 2)

  3. Sarah Rudman, M.D.

You can find the Bangladesh study on page 73 of Part 1 and also she admits that she believed the study showed masks worked.

The problem: that study showed no such thing.

Now that we know this, she will be skewered in court over this.

Basically, the County Health Officer completely misinterprets a study showing masks don’t work as the basis for her County-wide mandate. And then they go after the Church for $3M for non-compliance of a ridiculous mandate.

Here is the graph for purple clot masks vs. controls. See any difference? There isn’t one. If masks worked, there would be a difference.

Purple cloth masks vs. Controls in the Bangladesh study. Does this look like masks made a difference? Of course not!

You can watch the video of the first author of the paper being unable to defend the paper’s conclusion. You can watch the 2-hour video here or if you are short on time, just read all the comments.

You can also watch a video of an independent expert on statistics explaining the study. Watch my interview with Mike.

Or read about the retraction requested by UK Professor Norman Fenton.

Why is Santa Clara County pursuing a lawsuit against a Church for violating a health order that is based on a scientific study which actually proved that masks did not make any measurable difference whatsoever. That’s what I’d like to know.

Just because Sara Cody thinks masks work is not a good basis for public policy. She should apologize to the public for her error. If she doesn’t, she should be fired.

How to Avoid the Leading Cause of Disability

About 80% of people will experience it, and most are prescribed dangerous opioids, which don’t even treat the underlying problem and can lead to serious problems.

how to avoid back pain


  • Back pain is one of the most common health complaints across the globe and the No. 1 cause of job disability

  • Chronic back pain is also one of the most common reasons for opioid dependence, the side effects of which can be lethal. In fact, opioids are now the leading cause of death among Americans under the age of 50. Up to 25% of opioid …

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Manuka Honey Helps Combat Antibiotic Resistant Lung Infection

Even serious lung infections are no match for the antibacterial properties of manuka honey, which is effective against antibiotic-resistant pathogens and more.

manuka honey for lung infection


  • The nectar from manuka flowers contains dihydroxyacetone, a precursor to methylglyoxal (MGO), an antimicrobial compound not found in most other honey

  • The presence of MGO is credited for much of manuka honey’s medicinal prowess, which includes the ability to combat complex antibiotic-resistant respiratory infections

  • All four varieties of m…

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Illinois Pride festival scrubs ad urging kids to watch drag queens

Image: Illinois Pride festival scrubs ad urging kids to watch drag queens

(Natural News) Organizers of the Joliet Pridefest in Joliet, Illinois removed a line in its advertisement urging children to “bring dollar bills to tip the drag queens.”

Twitter user Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) was quick to capture this “grooming-supportive” invite, writing in a tweet: “Joliet, IL encourages kids to ‘bring your dollar bills’ so they can hand tips to the drag queens during the all-ages drag show.”

Joliet Pride Network (JPN), the group that organized the event, later posted an amended version of the invitation. The term “all-ages” was removed from the poster, which only advertised the Sept. 17 “drag performance.” The passage exhorting children to tip the drag performers, which followed an asterisk on the lower part of the virtual notice, was removed. (Related: ‘Get your money, girls!’: Children flaunt their bodies at Miami Drag Queen show and take dollars from LGBT perverts.)

One user who replied to Libs of TikTok’s post asked why the event organizers edited the poster, to which another replied: “That the Joliet pride fest is encouraging the sexualization and sexual predation of young children?”

According to a Breitbart report, the Joliet Pridefest was sponsored by several government officials. State Rep. Natalie Manley and Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant were among the sponsors. Also listed were Will County Auditor Duffy Blackburn and Will County Coroner Laurie Summers.

Private companies Exxon and Holiday Inn also sponsored the event.


A report by the Herald-News expounded on the Joliet Pridefest, the event’s third iteration, which pushed through last Sept. 17.

“The family-friendly event included an all-age drag show,” said the local newspaper. “A ‘PrideFest After Dark – Leather and Lace’ event was restricted to those ages 18 and up and included a $20 admission charge. Otherwise, admission was free.”

JPN Vice President Michael Smith was pleased with the number of people who attended and the mild weather that day. He told the Herald-News that about 26 nonprofits participated, including Pride groups from Bolingbrook and Naperville.

Meanwhile, JPN President Jeff Gregory expressed appreciation for the “generous support” coming from the elected officials, the community and the sponsors.

Pride event in Idaho suspends drag kids performance

Another Pride event, this time over at Idaho, suspended its “Drag Kids” performance following sponsors rescinding their support. The said performance at the Boise Pride Festival, Idaho’s largest gay event, would have featured dances from child drag performers had it pushed through.

“While the vast majority of our sponsors and supporters have voiced their support for the Boise Pride Festival and the Drag Kids program, we have made the very difficult decision to postpone this performance due to increased safety concerns,” said a statement from the event organizers.

“Although this decision was extremely hard to make, it is our No. 1 priority to provide these kids with a positive and safe environment to share their art. We will be making it our top priority to bring these kids the safe and incredible show that they deserve.”

According to Breitbart, the suspension followed various sponsors pulling their support for the Boise Pride Festival. Among these sponsors was Zions Bank, which initially offered support to the event – but later rescinded it.

In a statement, Zions Bank said it was not previously aware of the events involving minors. The financial institution backed out after being notified about the planned child drag show.

Visit for more news about grooming, drag shows and transgenderism.

Watch the below video that talks about how the LGBT and trans agenda are being pushed on children in a massive way.

This video is from the InfoWars channel on

More related stories:

Another Children’s LGBTQ drag queen advocate charged with child pornography.

Demonic Washington Post says LGBT drag shows for children are “family-friendly.”

Video: Drag queen teacher trans-forms classroom into LGBT “nightclub.”

Sources include: 1 2

How do we sway the minds of people who refuse to see the negative data?

There’s an old saying, “It’s Easier to Fool People Than to Convince Them That They Have Been Fooled.”

That’s what we’re up against.

We have the data. But nobody we want to convince wants to look at it.

We have plenty of data from respected experts showing the vaccines should not be taken, such as:

  1. the VAERS data (see this tutorial and this recent affirmation and this article on VAERS and causality) showing that hundreds of thousands have died and millions have been injured

  2. the Canadian report showing no benefit for infection, hospitalization, and death for those under 60

  3. the Israeli data showing the side-effects are serious, long-lasting, and caused by the vaccines; and that the authorities are covering it all up.

  4. the Harvard-Hopkins-UCSF study showing it is unethical to mandate vaccination for kids

  5. the Thailand study showing blood test before vs. after

  6. the Fraiman-Doshi paper about serious adverse event rates

  7. the Levi cardiac arrest rate elevation paper

  8. the study by Bhakdi and Burkhardt showing 93% of deaths after vaccination were caused by the vaccine

  9. the data showing the vaccines cause prion diseases shortly after vaccination. This is impossible if the vaccines are truly safe.

and we have amazing, impossible to explain, anecdotes such as:

  1. The embalmer data (such as The Epoch Times article or this interview)

  2. Wayne Root’s wedding: 200 guests, half vaxxed, half unvaxxed. Only the vaxxed got injured (26%) or died (7%).

  3. My neurologist stats: 11 years without needing to do a single VAERS report; this year, needs to file 1,000 VAERS reports

  4. The polling results using third party polling firms (so not my followers)

  5. The fact that Paul Offit isn’t going to get the latest booster even though the CDC says he should

We even have a great books and presentations that document all the shenanigans such as:

  1. Turtles all the way down: Vaccine science and myth

  2. Dissolving Illusions

  3. This 20 minute slide presentation from CHD

  4. The CCCA presentations: Stop the shots, More Harm Than Good, and Dispelling the Myth

And finally, we have proof beyond any reasonable doubt that the top outside person in the US who is responsible for vaccine safety does NOT want to see the Israeli safety data:

  1. The head of the CDC’s outside committee on vaccine safety does not want to see the safety data collected by the Israeli Ministry of Health

This is objective proof of a broken system. It is indefensible. There is no reason that anyone in a position of authority on the COVID vaccines would refuse an opportunity to see the most thorough post-vaccine safety study ever done: one that shows causality.

Most rely on their doctors for medical advice.

So I talked to one of my doctor friends who has been trying to red pill his colleagues for over a year. His response about the vaccines:

About the vaccine itself, it’s a prideful, egoic thing now for many and unwillingness to face their cognitive dissonance, aka denial.

So what would it take to change their minds? Get this:

Their own hospital or CDC itself would have to say vaccines could cause harm, and we know they will NEVER do that.

So there you go. We are in a no way out situation according to my very smart, very red-pilled doctor friend. It’s like being put in an escape room with no way out.

Here’s another example. I contacted a friend of mine who prides himself in following science. He’s been vaxxed 5 times with the COVID shot. I asked him to read Turtles. He said he would. He called me back 2 minutes later saying, “This is an anti-vaccine book. Vaccines have saved millions of lives. I’m not going to read this nonsense.” This is from someone who I thought would be the easiest to convince.

As for the mandates, he pointed out in this article that appeared today that the first hospital in the nation to require COVID vaccine shots is now dropping the requirement to get the latest booster: Methodist in Houston is no longer requiring doctors to be vaccinated with the latest booster. This is because they are “following the science.”

“At this time, Houston Methodist will not mandate the new booster,” Dr. Robert Phillips, the executive vice president and chief physician executive at Houston Methodist wrote in the Sept. 12 email, which was reviewed by The Epoch Times. “We will continue to follow the scientific data, the level of infections in the community and the availability of vaccines and may mandate the new booster in the future if necessary.”

I’d love to interview Dr. Robert Phillips on the science, but we all know how that request will be handled, don’t we?

But at least now we can say, Houston Methodist isn’t requiring the latest booster and we know they are following the science because they said so. So why are you?