Alberta's new premier says unvaccinated people are “most discriminated against group that I've ever witnessed in my lifetime”

Image: Alberta’s new premier says unvaccinated people are “most discriminated against group that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime”

(Natural News) Upon taking office on October 11, Marlaina Danielle Smith, the new premier of Alberta, advocated for the rights of unvaccinated Canadians whom she says faced “unacceptable” discrimination throughout the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) scamdemic.

In her very first news conference, Smith, who was officially sworn in as the 19th prime minister of Alberta at a ceremony in Edmonton, took aim at the tyrannical policies of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who turned our neighbor to the north into a massive concentration camp.

“Fully vaccinated” Canadians were allowed to do all sorts of things that unvaccinated Canadians were prohibited from doing. It was a two-tiered system of freedom that openly discriminated against people with natural immunity as opposed to the damaged immunity generated by Fauci Flu shots.

There was quite a bit of tyranny specifically in Alberta as well. At one point, all deaths, no matter the cause, were being labeled as “covid” deaths to falsely justify the ongoing system of discrimination against the unvaccinated.

“The community that faced the most restrictions on their freedoms in the last year were those who made a choice not to be vaccinated,” Smith said.

“I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a situation in my lifetime where a person was fired from their job, or not allowed to watch their kids play hockey, or not allowed to go visit a loved one in long-term care or hospital, or not allowed to go get on a plane to either go across the country to see family or even travel across the border.”


Smith promised to never let another scamdemic trample Albertans’ rights

Smith went on to say that in the entirety of her lifetime, she does not recall ever seeing a group of people be more discriminated against than the unvaccinated, some of whom faced hellish treatment on a day-to-day basis.

“That’s a pretty extreme level of discrimination that we have seen,” Smith said. “This has been an extraordinary time in the last year in particular, and I want people to know that I find that unacceptable, that we are not going to create a segregated society on the basis of a medical choice.”

You can watch Smith speak about her plans in the below video:

“They’re the most discriminated against group that I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.”

Danielle Smith says unvaccinated people have suffered greater discrimination than those based on race, gender, sexuality and other. #Yeg #Yyc #ableg

— Courtney Theriault (@cspotweet) October 11, 2022

Within the next three months, Smith has promised to “shake up the top tier of the health system,” according to Global News. She also plans to amend provincial human rights laws to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again.

Over the past two-and-a-half years, Smith added during the ceremony, Albertans went through “so much” as it is, including the testing of their rights and freedoms.

“I will ensure as head of this government that those rights and freedoms are protected and will never be taken for granted again,” she assured her constituents.

Time will tell if Smith holds true to her campaign promises, which centered around human rights protections for the unvaccinated. Part of that “shaking up” mentioned above also includes firing the top brass at Alberta Health Systems, the government-run provincial health system.

“When they fail to meet targets and fail to meet direction, you change the management,” Smith said about this process. “And so that’s what we’re going to do.”

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The truth is harmful and should be censored according to UK government agency Ofcom

As a regular viewer of the Mark Steyn show on GB News he in particular and GB News is in my opinion are the only real journalists left in the U.K.

The rest are simply complicit with “ the narrative”.

I have battled with OFCOM the U.K. regulator from early on ( to nil effect) who despite their denials of such clearly sought to close down any other non narrative discussion from April 2020 via a directive to all U.K. media outlets.

Bar GBNews the rest meekly followed the directive no doubt being given copious sums of cash.

The general U.K. press from The Times downwards in my opinion is simply not to be trusted and especially the BBC and their ridiculously named “Trusted News Initiative” which is part a Gates funded extension of the U.K. Government’s Foreign Office operation ie propaganda spreaders.

The Israeli Ministry of Health confirmed to Reuters that the leaked vax safety video is legit

See Exclusive: Proof that Israel found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines then deliberately covered it up if you aren’t familiar with this important story.

Now there is updated news: the video has been confirmed to be legitimate.

The Epoch Times discovered that the MoH admitted the video was legit to a Reuters fact checker.

The Reuters fact checker makes misleading statements parroting what he was told that the video excerpts were “taken out of context” and that no new symptoms were discovered.

The fact checker never asked to see the video!!

The reasoning is simple: Why bother to check the facts when you can just ask the Ministry of Health for the “truth”?

If the Ministry of Health has nothing to hide, then:

  1. Why don’t they release the slides at the meeting?

  2. Why doesn’t anyone agree to be interviewed by the Epoch Times?

  3. Why don’t they release the raw data? We do this with VAERS!

It is amazing that not a single person in Israel has called for an investigation into this cover-up.

It’s also amazing that none of the people responsible for vaccine safety in the US want to see the video or the safety data proving causality of serious adverse events.

I wonder why.


Marvel pushing vaccine indoctrination of children in new digital covid vaccine comic book that partners with Pfizer

Image: Marvel pushing vaccine indoctrination of children in new digital covid vaccine comic book that partners with Pfizer

(Natural News) Since apparently not enough American youth are getting “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), the Marvel Comics empire has unveiled a new jab propaganda comic book that aims to groom and lure innocent children into rolling up their sleeves for pharmaceutical penetration.

In partnership with drug-dealing kingpin Pfizer, Marvel has released a special edition Avengers: Everyday Heroes comic strip that frames Fauci Flu shots as having the ability to give children superpowers and make them “heroes” in society.

The digital-exclusive brainwashing tool encourages readers to become an “everyday hero” by agreeing to get injected with Pfizer and BioNTech’s messenger RNA (mRNA) gene-editing shots, which appear to permanently corrupt and destroy human DNA.

“Pfizer and BioNTech announced our new collaboration with Marvel Comics,” Pfizer said in a statement. “Together we created a custom comic book featuring the Avengers who fight to protect their community.”

“We hope that people around the world enjoy reading the comic book … At Pfizer, we encourage people to come together to help protect themselves by staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations.” (Related: Back in July, Marvel unveiled a homosexual Spiderman character to brainwash innocent children into LGBT perversion and deviancy.)

Marvel portrays covid jabs as superheroes who blast away covid and protect grandfather from death

The cringeworthy comic strip comes at a time when a critical mass of the United States has learned to just say no, as the late First Lady Nancy Reagan once said, to drugs. This includes experimental drugs from the likes of Pfizer.


We are told that upwards of two-thirds of American adults have absolutely no intention of getting a so-called “booster” shot for the many “Omicron” (i.e., Moronic) variants and subvariants that are supposedly lurking in the air just waiting to pounce.

If that many American adults have no intention of getting jabbed any further, then you can be sure that their children will not be, either. This greatly upsets Pfizer and other Big Pharma kingpins who will do anything to avoid ever losing their multi-billion-dollar profit streams.

“We are proud to work with Marvel, which is so firmly entrenched in global culture and entertainment, to help remind people of the actions they can each take to help protect themselves, similarly to how the Avengers protect their community,” Pfizer said in another statement shared with Fierce Pharma Marketing.

In the comic itself, a cartoon black woman and her young daughter are seen strolling through the streets with bandages covering their upper arms where the injections went into their bodies.

“The construction worker, the florist, the painter … everyday heroes are everywhere in your community,” reads the caption above them. “What makes them everyday heroes?”

The three answers presented below those words explain that everyday heroes “Vaccinate!” “Communicate!” and “Stay up to date!” with each one referring to something having to do with getting injected for the Fauci Flu.

“We all need to do our part,” the comic adds. “So, vaccinate, stay up to date with the latest recommended booster for you, and be an everyday hero!”

The plot of the comic, we are told, centers around a grandfather waiting for his injection at a clinic that comes under attack by the Avengers villain Ultron, which is depicted as the covid “virus.”

“Captain America arrives at the scene and is pushed to the brink of defeat before Iron Man – who is supposed to represent Pfizer’s new jab – arrives with a brand-new cannon that blasts Ultron into the sky,” reports explain about what happens next in the comic.

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Three short “must see” videos

This video has gone viral with over 12M views. We’ve been lied to. It’s a “must see”:

in case you forgot…

Peter’s last tweet was our video about kids and vaccines, and he describes at the end the mechanism of action for how the vaccine is killing people (at 3:45).

The reason I mention that specifically is that Gwen Casten, the daughter of Congressman Sean Casten, was vaccinated and it was recently revealed that she died of sudden cardiac arrhythmia, exactly the way Peter McCullough describes at 4:03 in the video:

As you would expect, Congressman Casten denies any responsibility for the death of his daughter of course.

The article said Gwen’s death was “something doctors haven’t been able to make sense of.”

The possibility that the vaccine caused her death was never investigated and I’m sure that the stains that would have implicated the vaccine were never done. Casten never mentions the possibility she died from the vaccine.

I expect that Sean Casten will keep promoting the very vaccine that killed his daughter.

While it is possible that Gwen Casten was simply unlucky, that is just not very likely. For someone with no known heart condition, experts estimate that there is around a 99% chance she died from the vaccine. The vaccine injured know this very well.

His advice shouldn’t have been just, “”So hug the folks you love a little harder today. Be present in their lives. And spread your love a little farther. Because in the end, it’s all that matters.”

He had an opportunity to add one more line that would have saved other kids from death. Something like, “And for God’s sake, please do not make the same mistake I did; you should never allow anyone to vaccinate your kids with the COVID vaccine.”

He would be a hero and save innocent lives.

Instead, by saying nothing, he’s helping to keep the “safe and effective” myth alive.

Study finds 84% increase in incidence of cardiac-related DEATH among men under 40 following mRNA vaccination

Image: Study finds 84% increase in incidence of cardiac-related DEATH among men under 40 following mRNA vaccination

(Natural News) The Florida Department of Health (FDOH) has found that men under 40 are at high risk of experiencing cardiac-related death after taking the mRNA Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

According to a statewide study headed by Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph A. Ladapo, there was an 84 percent increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related deaths among males aged 18 to 39 within 28 days following mRNA vaccination. The study investigated vaccinated Florida residents aged 18 and older.

Given the high level of global immunity to COVID-19, the FDOH said any supposed benefits to getting men between 18 to 39 vaccinated with mRNA vaccines “is likely outweighed by this abnormally high risk of cardiac-related death among men in this age group.”

The results of this study were announced right before the surgeon general made an official recommendation for men aged 18 to 39 against getting mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

“Those with preexisting cardiac conditions, such as myocarditis and pericarditis, should take particular caution when making this decision,” said the office in its statement.

This statement also reaffirmed the FDOH’s previous guidance recommending COVID-19 vaccination for healthy children and adolescents between the ages of five and 17. It added a new recommendation against vaccination for infants and children under five years old.

“Far less attention has been paid to safety and the concerns of many individuals have been dismissed – these are important findings that should be communicated to Floridians,” said Ladapo in his own statement, referring to the analysis. (Related: Ben Armstrong lauds Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, lawyer Thomas Renz for exposing flaws of COVID-19 vaccines.)


Twitter preventing Ladapo from sharing results of crucial vaccine study

During an interview with Tucker Carlson’s Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Ladapo expressed concerns after Twitter refused to allow him to share the study identifying cardiac-related risks associated with the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines.

“It’s an enormous deal,” Ladapo told Carlson. “If it had been known two years ago or so that this vaccine would increase cardiac deaths in young men by 84 percent, would they have approved it? The obvious answer is no.”

When asked about why Florida is the only state that has pursued a study examining the effects of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, Ladapo noted that he sees it as “a reflection of how many things have been so backward during the pandemic.”

“You would never give something to someone who was young and healthy and increase their risk of dying from sudden cardiac death by 84 percent,” said Ladapo. “But the response is, ‘Well, you know, COVID is pretty bad.’ Yes, COVID can be terrible, but we don’t give people medications that kill them. So there’s been so much confusion. But yes, that was our finding and it was a surprise. But that’s what the numbers show.”

In a statement, Twitter claimed that Ladapo’s tweets referencing the study violated the company’s “current misleading information policy,” which covers “synthetic and manipulated media, COVID-19 and civic integrity.”

“If we determine a Tweet contains misleading or disputed information per our policies that could lead to harm, we may add a label to the content to provide context and additional information,” said the company.

Learn the sad truth about COVID-19 vaccines at

Watch this episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show” as Ben Armstrong talks about how the COVID-19 vaccines are cardiotoxic.

This video is from the channel The New American on

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Thai study: Nearly 3 in 10 children experience HEART COMPLICATIONS after getting vaccinated.

Hong Kong medical experts find evidence suggesting COVID-19 vaccines cause heart disease.

Canadian study confirms mRNA vaccines increase risk of myocarditis, especially in young men after second dose.

Cardiovascular emergencies in Israel increased by 25% after COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Cardiovascular incidents among teens, young adults in Scotland SURGED following distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

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