The Hidden Danger of Hops in Beer & 3 Ancient Healing (Hopless) Beer Recipes by Mark Sloan

Modern beer is marketed as sexy and masculine, but if beer is such a macho drink, then why does it contain the most potent estrogenic plant on earth?

The hops in modern beer lowers testosterone, reduces sexual function and fertility and is probably the main cause of the ‘beer gut’ and ‘man boob’ phenomenon that many heavy beer drinkers have.  Furthermore, estrogen is a powerful cause of dementia, stroke, heart disease and cancer.

Beer pouring

The truth is that hops isn’t required to make beer and before it was used, ancient beer recipes were incredibly medicinal.  Hop-free beer is mentally and sexually stimulating.  Some ancient brews, which you will learn about in this presentation, can even raise testosterone.

But in the 1500s, a law was passed that forced German beer makers to abandon their ancient recipes and begin producing modern “cancer beer” with hops in it.

In this presentation you’ll learn why you should never drink hopped beer and where you can get the same ancient sacred recipe beer that sustained and enhanced the physical prowess, health, resilience, fertility and lives of our ancestors.

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