Top Five Habits for a Healthier Life

Looking for straightforward advice to set your health on a path toward wellness instead of disease? My recent interview featured on “The Joe Cohen Show” is for you. I discussed several fundamental health principles that virtually everyone can integrate into their lives to achieve better health.

It can feel overwhelming to make positive lifestyle changes, but when you make them one step at a time it’s much more manageable. The secret is that even small changes add up to meaningful health improvements over time, especially when you know where to focus your energy. Here, I’ve detailed several examples where a relatively small “investment” in terms of lifestyle changes will lead to major health rewards.

  • Stop eating vegetable oils — Linoleic acid is the primary fat found in polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs), including vegetable/seed oils. It accounts for about 90% of dietary omega-6 intake.1 Examples of seed oils high in omega-6 include soybean, cottonseed, sunflower, rapeseed (canola), corn and safflower.2

    Omega-6 is considered to be proinflammatory because of the linoleic acid, which will radically increase oxidative free radicals and cause mitochondrial dysfunction.3 While omega-6 fats must be balanced with omega-3 fats to not be harmful, most Americans consume far more omega-6 than omega-3.

    Most of the omega-6 people eat, including seed oils, has been damaged and oxidized through processing. The oxidized omega-6 develops lipid hydroperoxides,4 which rapidly degenerate into oxidized linoleic acid metabolites (OXLAMs). OXLAMs can cause a host of problems in your body.5 6

    • Cytotoxic and genotoxic

    • Mutagenic

    • Carcinogenic

    • Atherogenic

    • Thrombogenic

    Metabolic dysfunction can also occur, while OXLAMs are also toxic to the liver and are associated with inflammation, fibrosis and fatty liver disease in humans.7 As researchers further noted in the journal Nutrients, “In addition, a few studies suggested that omega-6 PUFA is related to chronic inflammatory diseases such as obesity, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and cardiovascular disease.”8

    Linoleic acid is found in virtually every processed food, including restaurant foods, sauces and salad dressings, so to eliminate it you’ll need to eliminate most processed foods and restaurant foods from your diet — unless you can confirm that the chef only cooks with butter.

    However, because animals are fed grains that are high in linoleic acid,9 it’s also hidden in many ostensibly “healthy” foods like chicken and pork, which makes these meats a major source as well. Olive oil is another health food that can be a hidden source of linoleic acid, as it’s often cut with cheaper seed oils.

  • Get more sun exposure — You’re probably aware of the many health benefits of optimized vitamin D levels. But an important caveat is that vitamin D should ideally be obtained from healthy sun exposure, not an oral supplement. Not only will adequate sun exposure naturally raise your vitamin D levels to healthy levels, but it will provide a wide variety of other benefits, many of which are only beginning to be understood.

    Many people are not aware that only 5% of your body’s melatonin — a potent anticancer agent — is produced in your pineal gland. The other 95% is produced inside your mitochondria — provided you get proper sun exposure. In fact, vitamin D is more than likely a biomarker or surrogate for sun exposure, which is so intricately involved in melatonin production.

    During the day, if you get enough sun exposure, near-infrared rays from the sun penetrate deep into your body and activate cytochrome c oxidase, which in turn stimulates the production of melatonin inside your mitochondria. Your mitochondria produce ATP, the energy currency of your body. A byproduct of this ATP production is the creation of reactive oxidative species (ROS), which are responsible for oxidative stress and free radicals.

    Excessive amounts of ROS will damage the mitochondria, contributing to suboptimal health, inflammation and chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity and thrombosis (blood clots). But melatonin essentially mops up ROS that damage your mitochondria. So by getting plenty of sun exposure during the day, your mitochondria will be bathed in melatonin, thereby reducing oxidative stress.10 11

    Getting more sun exposure also goes hand in hand with eliminating seed oils from your diet. The latter will dramatically reduce your risk of sunburn and skin cancer, as susceptibility to UV radiation damage is controlled by the level of PUFAs in your diet, almost like a dial. The PUFAs control how rapidly your skin burns and how rapidly you develop skin cancer.

  • Embrace time restricted eating (TRE)

    burn fat fast TRE

    If you’re still eating three meals a day — morning, noon and night — you’re missing out on one of the most powerful, free health interventions available. TRE involves limiting your eating window to six to eight hours per day instead of the more than 12-hour window most people use.

    When you eat throughout the day and never skip a meal your body adapts to burning sugar as its primary fuel, resulting in the downregulation of enzymes that utilize and burn stored fat.12 13 As a result, you become progressively more insulin resistant and start gaining weight. When you’re metabolically unfit, your body primarily relies on glucose, or sugar, as fuel, instead of using fat as a primary fuel.

    Even though the fat is there in abundance, your body doesn’t have the metabolic capacity to access it. For most people, surplus fuel stored in your body is stored in the form of fat. However, no one has more than about two days’ worth of sugar stored in their tissues. This is why when you first start fasting, and you’re unable to access your fat stores, you’ll quickly exhaust your sugar stores and can experience low blood sugar.

    It’s not that you don’t have the fuel to generate, because your body can make sugar itself, but that process takes a while to ramp up and, as a result, most people get relatively hypoglycemic when they first start using TRE. You may experience dizziness and fatigue as a result, which are signs that you’re not metabolically flexible. If you were, your body would have more than enough capacity to produce all the fuel you need to keep your brain happy and healthy.14

    TRE promotes insulin sensitivity and improves blood sugar management by increasing insulin-mediated glucose uptake rates,15 which is important for resolving Type 2 diabetes. Another study revealed that eating all meals between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. — instead of between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. — resulted in greater metabolic flexibility, reduced hunger and increased sense of fullness, resulting in weight loss.16

    Ideally, you’ll want to stop eating for three to five hours before bedtime, then start your eating window in mid- to late morning after you wake up. Most people reading this can benefit from embracing TRE; however, it isn’t recommended for people who are underweight, pregnant or breastfeeding. You also need to use caution if you’re taking certain medications, such as those for blood pressure or blood sugar.17

    Interestingly, when you’re metabolically inflexible and unable to use fat for fuel, your body generates a molecule called acetyl-CoA when it’s breaking down fats — and that happens to be one of the cofactors for your body making melatonin.

    So when you’re metabolically inflexible, your body produces far less melatonin in the mitochondria where you need it, because that’s where almost all the damage that causes cancer is caused — due to oxidative stress from the process of generating energy within the mitochondria.18

  • Exercise often — Exercise is probably the single most important “drug” we know of, and it’s a powerful intervention to prevent Alzheimer’s, among other chronic diseases. One of the most comprehensive studies to date of the molecular changes that occur in your body due to exercise provided an unprecedented glimpse into the details of the body’s physiological response.

    It demonstrated that “an orchestrated choreography of biological processes” occur, including those related to:19

    • Energy metabolism

    • Oxidative stress

    • Inflammation

    • Tissue repair

    • Growth factor response

    In all, 17,662 molecules were measured, 9,815 of which changed in response to exercise, with some going up and others going down. Certain molecules also spiked immediately after exercise then quickly dropped, while others remained heightened for an hour.

    “It was like a symphony,” study author Michael Snyder, Ph.D., professor and chair of genetics at Stanford University, told The New York Times. “First you have the brass section coming in, then the strings, then all the sections joining in.”20

    Even weekend warriors who pack 150 minutes of exercise into two days enjoy lower all-cause and cause-specific mortality rates,21 although I encourage you to make exercise a priority on most days of the week instead. Along with the well-known benefits to your heart, exercise is protective for your brain.

    If you know you’re at increased risk of dementia, for instance if a close family member has been diagnosed, it’s even more important to adhere to a regular exercise program. In seniors who are at high risk of dementia, cognitive decline can be reduced with a comprehensive program addressing diet, exercise, brain training, and managing metabolic and vascular risk factors.22

    Exercise initially stimulates the production of a protein called FNDC5, which in turn triggers the production of BDNF, or brain-derived neurotrophic factor. In your brain, BDNF not only preserves existing brain cells,23 but also activates brain stem cells to convert into new neurons and effectively makes your brain grow.

    Research confirming this includes a study in which seniors aged 60 to 80 who walked 30 to 45 minutes, three days per week, for one year and increased the volume of their hippocampus by 2%.24 Higher fitness levels were also associated with a larger prefrontal cortex.

  • Protect yourself from EMFs — Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are the cigarettes of the 21st century — and most people are being exposed 24 hours a day. Most of the radiation emits from cellphones, cell towers, computers, smart meters and Wi-Fi, to name just a few of the culprits. Exposure causes serious mitochondrial dysfunction due to free radical damage. Among the most common consequences of chronic EMF exposure to your brain are:25

    • Alzheimer’s

    • Anxiety

    • Autism — One of my longtime mentors, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, has linked autism in children to excessive EMF exposure during pregnancy26

    • Depression

    EMFs may also play a role in heart issues and infertility.27 Research conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP)28 also found “clear evidence” that exposure to cellphone radiation led to heart tumors in the male rates, along with “some evidence” that it caused brain and adrenal gland tumors in the rats.29

    While it’s nearly impossible to avoid EMF exposure completely, there are practical ways to limit it. Given the number of EMFs that bombard you all day long, getting educated about the negative effects of EMFs is imperative to your well-being. Particularly if you are dealing with a serious illness, it is well worth your time to reduce your EMF exposure as much as possible.

    One strategy is to connect your desktop computer to the internet via a wired connection and put your desktop — and cellphone — in airplane mode. Also avoid wireless keyboards, trackballs, mice, game systems, printers and house phones. Opt for the wired versions. If you must use Wi-Fi, shut it off when not in use, especially at night when you’re sleeping. Shutting off the electricity to your bedroom at night will also help reduce your exposure.

    I encourage you to embrace all of these protective strategies that support optimal health. These are just a start, as there are many others, such as use of a near-infrared sauna, that will also protect your health and lower all-cause mortality.

    But remember, you don’t have to implement them all overnight. With each small step you take to reduce a toxic exposure or add a health-protective element — like more sun exposure — to your day, the better your health will become.

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    The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr. Mercola and his community. Dr. Mercola encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional. The subscription fee being requested is for access to the articles and information posted on this site, and is not being paid for any individual medical advice.

    If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care professional before using products based on this content.

    How to Assess Your Biochemical Individuality

    urine organic acids test

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    • Functional genomics testing looks at the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, pronounced “snips”) of genes

    • The urine organic acid test (OAT) can provide valuable insight into your biochemical individuality, and combined with genomics testing can help chart a course for healing complex, chronic health problems

    • G6PD insufficiency, the most common enzyme insufficiency in the world, can result in a significant loss of NADPH, thereby increasing inflammation and decreasing mitochondrial function

    • Elevated oxalate is a common cause of chronic pain and fibromyalgia. One way to lower your oxalate level is to take Epsom salt baths, as the sulfate will displace the oxalates

    • If you suspect oxalates are part of your health problems, combining high-oxalate food with calcium-rich foods or a calcium supplement will prevent the oxalate from causing a problem by binding to the calcium in your digestive tract

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    Emily Givler1 is a functional genetic nutrition consultant with the NutriGenetic Research Institute and Tree of Life, founded by Robert Miller, a traditional naturopath and trailblazer in the field of functional genomics, which looks at the single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs, pronounced “snips”) of genes.

    Here, Givler discusses the benefits of the urine organic acid test (OAT) — a little-known test that can provide you with valuable insight into your biochemical individuality.

    “We’re all living in this super toxic world, so everyone is being confronted by insult and injury to their bodies every day. Even those of us who are in this field can tweak things based on our biochemistry to make things work better for us,” she says.

    “There’s not one right answer for everybody. We’ve got to find what makes us unique and find those places where we’re a little bit more vulnerable and support those areas appropriately.”

    Givler’s own health challenges were in part what drove her into the field of functional nutrition. She explains:

    “I started with chronic pain and pretty excessive fatigue as a teenager … I had test after test and really got no answers. It took about five years before I got a fibromyalgia diagnosis. At the time, it was reassuring to know that this wasn’t all in my head. Other people felt this way too.

    But where I got frustrated was the only recommendations I was given were narcotic painkillers or antidepressants … I was still a teenager. I decided I wanted to have a liver and kidneys by the time that I was 40, so I did not go down that route.

    But I really had to carve out my own path to try to regain my health. I definitely had some missteps along the way. I stopped eating meat. I started eating a lot of spinach, beets and Swiss chard. Sounds good, right? I was eating these three meals a day, seven days a week and just felt worse and worse.

    My rheumatologist told me to plan on being disabled by the time I was 30. I was about 20 at the time and thinking, ‘Boy, I knew to expect disability, but I didn’t think it would happen this fast.’

    It turned out I was really dealing with extremely high levels of oxalates, which cause crystalline precipitates to form in the muscle and connective tissue. This was causing much of my pain and depleting my nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH), which was zapping my energy. I looked like I had fibromyalgia. I really think a lot of people who have that label are probably dealing with something similar.

    The healthy foods I was eating, the spinach and the beets, are sky-high in oxalates. I don’t want to suggest that no one should eat them, but I was poisoning myself with these healthy foods … The lowest my pain level ever got was an 8 out of 10.

    I can say that now, almost two decades later, it’s completely managed with no painkillers … There are too many people who suffer every day. They think they’re doing the right things. On paper, they’re doing the right things. But what’s right for one person may be totally wrong for them, [and] there are ways you can figure this out rather than just fumbling through the way I did.”

    The irrefutable evidence Givler needed was found in her OAT test. She’d also done Miller’s functional genomics test, which further supported her conclusion that her fibromyalgia was related to an excess of dietary oxalates.

    Indeed, the combination of functional genomics testing and OAT can be very powerful. When I had the SNP test done, it revealed I have a genetic variant that is essentially equivalent to celiac disease, with the crucial difference that it does not cause any noticeable gastrointestinal issues. Still, this genetic flaw means I must abstain from gluten to optimize my health and avoid autoimmune problems. Turns out I have a problem with oxalate as well.

    “As clinicians, we tend to get into the habit of wanting to put people on a protocol. We find something that works and we push it. It may work for a lot of people, but there are always going to be people who slip through the cracks because there are differences in our biochemistry,” Givler says.

    “Whether it’s differences because of genetic predispositions that may make us metabolize things, like oxalates, histamine or glutamate, differently than the average person, or because of particular environmental insults that we’re exposed to, either because of our occupation or because of our geography — those things pile up and may make us fall outside of that normal box.

    If we can use genetics as kind of the framework around which we build our protocols, and then use functional testing like the urine organic acid testing, we can more precisely target the types of dietary choices or nutritional, supplemental interventions, and in some cases, lifestyle changes, we need to implement to really propel us towards health …

    I think histamine foods are a really good example. We can read volumes about how good fermented foods are for your gut … and how we should be eating these things every day. But if you can’t clear histamine, or if you’re dealing with excessive mast cell activation, and you bring these foods into your diet, you may set off a catastrophic cascade of events and make your symptoms exponentially worse.

    Too often then, you’re going to be told, ‘You’re just having die-off. Just keep going. You’re just not doing enough of it,’ when actually you may be making yourself sicker. Getting the right guidance with the right functional testing can really make a huge difference in people getting on the right plan for themselves.”

    Givler’s SNP test also revealed she has glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) insufficiency, which is one of the most common enzyme insufficiencies in the world.

    “This is where things get complicated,” she says. “Very few of us are dealing with just one thing. We have to see where these patterns of weakness kind of pile up … G6PD insufficiency … can result in a significant loss of NADPH. That can increase inflammation in the body and decrease mitochondrial function.

    That, piled on top of my genetic predispositions to over-absorb oxalates, which will also deplete NADPH, really gives me a one-two punch when it comes to energy … [Dr. Mercola] and I have spoken pretty extensively about things I can do to rebuild my nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) and NADPH levels. That has really helped me to propel my health to the next level as well.”

    NADPH may in fact be as important as adenosine triphosphate (ATP), because while it lowers inflammation, it’s also the primary source of electrons in your body to internally recharge antioxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C and vitamin E. If that’s not working, it’s very difficult to get healthy.

    The good news is there are simple and inexpensive ways to improve your NADPH, such as glycine supplementation. The bad news is you won’t know you have a serious NADPH problem unless you do these two tests.

    I my view, doing genomic and OAT testing can go a long way toward figuring out what you need to do if you have a chronic complex problem and not getting better, and Givler is quite skilled in interpreting these tests. In my case, she also detected a B2 insufficiency. She explains:

    “So few people are thinking about B1, B2 and B6, but they are critical. For you, for true metabolic flexibility, getting adequate B2 to work with the level of fat that you’re eating was a big piece of it. Interestingly, with the gluten, it was not just the SNP test that showed it. That was reflected on the organic acid test as well. It took about four months, being strictly gluten-free, for you to get that metabolite back in line …

    It’s amazing how much insight we can get from looking at the right functional testing. These two are just a one-two punch for figuring out, ‘Is it some inborn issue that you need more of a certain nutrient than someone else, or is it just poor dietary choices for you? Is it an environmental toxin?’ When we pair [SNP and OAT] together, so many of those pieces really come to light.”

    There are several different labs where you can order glyphosate screening for yourself and your pets, for example, EnviroScience’s ELISA (enzyme linked immunosorbent assay) method, which utilizes an antibody specific for glyphosate,2 and my preferred lab, Health Research Institute, whose testing kits I include in my online store.

    According to Givler, certain patterns in your OAT results can also be indicative of a problem with glyphosate exposure.

    “We can see patterns when there is high level of glyphosate exposure,” Givler says. “Glyphosate’s very disruptive for the gut microbiome but it doesn’t kill all species uniformly.

    If there are elevations in clostridia species, yeast and depleted beneficial bacteria, that is one pattern you can see with glyphosate exposure, because it’ll kill the lactobacilli and the bifidobacterium and leave some of the more opportunistic organisms, which will make you more vulnerable to lipopolysaccharides.

    Glyphosate also breaks down into oxalate. For some people who are not dealing with the genetic predisposition but are dealing with the secondary hyperoxaluria, that may be a result of glyphosate as well. If we see a lot of mineral depletions — since glyphosate is a mineral chelator — that may be an indicator that there are some problems.

    High succinate on the OAT test also can be an indicator, because succinate and glycine combine to move into the heme pathway. Without the glycine, if it’s being disrupted by glyphosate, that level may be elevated. If you’re seeing high oxalates, high succinate, high clostridia and low good bacteria, I would start looking for glyphosate exposure.”

    To give you an idea of what OAT might tell you, I share my own test results in this interview, which Givler interpreted for me. My first OAT was in August, and the results shocked me. It was not at all what I expected considering how strict I am about living a healthy lifestyle and eating a healthy organic diet.

    “There were definitely some things out of line,” Givler says. “One of the first things that I always tell my clients is this is a written explanation for why you’re feeling how you’re feeling. Sometimes when people see things out of line, they get really upset about it …

    But if we don’t know what’s wrong, then we don’t know how to bring you back into balance. I’m a data lover. The more data we can collect, the better. This showed us that your gut was not in the best of shape. You were maybe overdoing it on good bacteria. I recommend that you slow down on your probiotics.”

    Turns out I had small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, also known as SIBO. Interestingly, I’m a huge fan of molecular hydrogen, as it has a long list of health benefits. Alas, SIBO type C is one of the few, if not the only, clinical conditions where molecular hydrogen may actually do more harm than good, as it feeds the bacterial overgrowth.

    SIBO-C is typically caused by an overgrowth of archaea, which feed on hydrogen. Now, I had SIBO type D. But SIBO-D will often progress to SIBO-C, because the overabundant bacteria that cause the diarrhea produce hydrogen, which then feed the archaea, which then produce the methane, which then causes the constipation.

    “That’s why many people see evolving gastrointestinal issues that start in one way and end up another way,” Givler says. “If you take hydrogen water and you get gassy, bloated, constipated or brain fogged, there is a really good chance that there’s an overabundance of organisms in your digestive tract.”

    In my case, the therapy was cutting down on fiber and eliminating gluten. Elevated hippurate also revealed that my phase II liver detox was not keeping up with phase I. Givler explains:

    “Phase I was moving too fast for phase II. Phase I takes those fat-soluble toxins and turns them into intermediary metabolites, which are more toxic than those toxins when they were sequestered in fat cells … They should move right onto phase II to move into one of our six conjugative pathways of detoxification so they turn into a water-soluble form to leave the body.

    When hippurate is elevated, it’s often an indicator that you’re getting stuck with those more toxic intermediary metabolites. Phase II needs a little bit of assistance.”

    My last test, in February, revealed the bacteria in my gut had rebalanced, but I still need to improve my phase II detox pathway. This test also revealed a mold marker suggestive of black mold exposure, which makes sense, as I had a small leak in my laundry room that had gone unnoticed for perhaps a year or more. Some of the wood behind the wall was rotted through by the time I discovered the problem.

    As mentioned, one thing that’s an issue for both of us are the oxalates. Interestingly, oxalates may be a problem even if your test is normal. Givler explains:

    “[In your] first test we saw an overt elevation. There were oxalates physically leaving your body. The oxalic acid was elevated. But if you are storing oxalates, if they’re all aggregated in connective tissue, in the lungs or the pelvic griddle, in your brain or in your eyes … then they don’t necessarily show up in unprovoked urine tests.

    Just in the same way that if you are doing an unprovoked heavy metal test, you are only seeing what’s excreted and not what’s being stored. There are times that the oxalic acid can show up in range, or even low, when there is truly a high body burden of oxalates.

    This is where [you need to look] at the bigger picture. Is there mold? Is there yeast? Are there other types of dysbiosis? Are there genetic predispositions on genes like the alanine-glyoxylate aminotransferase (AGXT) or the glyoxylate and hydroxypyruvate reductase (GRHPR) or 4-hydroxy-2-oxoglutarate aldolase 1 (HOGA-1)?

    If you find variants there and you find patterns of inflammation and pain presentations going along with it, then you may actually be dealing with retained oxalates. This is a risk for osteoporosis. It’s a risk for iron deficiency anemia because the oxalates will chelate your calcium; they’ll chelate your magnesium; they’ll chelate your iron and form these really painful precipitates.

    The most common form or the one that people are most familiar with are kidney stones because the oxalates [are] physically leaving your body … But only 0.5% of people who have oxalate issues will actually develop kidney stones. The other 99.5% have issues, like myself, where the pain presentation or those oxalates are actually trapped in the body and creating issues.

    They’re linked with some really serious health conditions, as well as a pretty significant amount of chronic pain. Like myself, they may find themselves doing healthy things that are really wrong for them, but there are some really excellent, easy and inexpensive things you can do if you suspect the oxalates are an issue. Or if you have testing like this that tells you beyond a shadow of a doubt that, yes, oxalates are a problem.”

    One way to lower your oxalate level is to take Epsom salt baths. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate. When you eat sulfurous foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and eggs, your body must metabolize that sulfur. The sulfur goes through a multistep process, getting converted into sulfite and then into sulfate.

    When you take an Epsom salt bath or foot soak, on the other hand, it’s already in the sulfate form, which your body can absorb transdermally, thereby displacing a lot of the oxalates.

    “Many of your listeners probably use Epsom salt soaks for aching muscles and they think, ‘Oh, the magnesium is really helping me.’ I don’t want to discount the role of magnesium — it’s really important for that — but that sulfate the magnesium is bonded to, if there are oxalates, that’s the part that’s really making the difference with pain,” Givler says.

    “If you suspect oxalates, the Epsom salts are a pretty safe, gentle and effective way of starting to move those out of your system.”

    Another little pearl Givler taught me is to combine any high-oxalate food I eat with calcium-rich foods or a calcium supplement. The oxalates will then bind to the calcium in the digestive tract, preventing them from becoming a problem.

    “The oxalates get into the system through the sulfate transporters, and then they attach to the sulfate receptor sites, which is part of why they’re able to get into so many tissues.

    We tend to think about absorption as being a function of the small intestine, but our sulfate transporters are all over the colon. If you can bind the oxalate and the minerals in the stomach, then they will bypass those transporters in the colon and be excreted in the stool without giving you any difficulty,” she says. “Bringing in any type of calcium source … is a really good idea if you have oxalate issues.”

    You can learn more about Givler and/or become a client by visiting the Tree of Life website.

    “For many, food has become the enemy because they can’t figure out what they’ll actually feel good on. They don’t realize they don’t necessarily have to navigate that road on their own through trial and error.

    We can take targeted action, eliminate a lot of the guesswork, actually make progress and save a lot of money by testing and seeing what the right answer is for you, rather than shifting through wrong answer after wrong answer,” Givler says.

    The NutriGenetic Research Institute also offers a 30-hour, 14-module online certification course to become a nutritional genetic consultant for health practitioners. This course will teach you what you need to know about functional genomic analysis and how to apply it in your own practice. Webinars for health practitioners are held every other Thursday.

    Patients interested in more information are directed to the which includes a listing of doctors who have completed the training and are qualified to provide nutritional guidance based on your SNPs.

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    If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care professional before using products based on this content.

    Public and International Notice of Crimes of State — Notice to Congress; Demand for Action

     By Anna Von Reitz

    Let all those to whom these presentments come be fully informed and take appropriate action to fulfill their obligations under Public and International Law. 
    Originally, and in “Original Jurisdiction”, there were three Federal Constitutions by which the People (State Citizens) of this country agreed to receive and pay for services from three different Subcontractors.  After the Civil War, only two of the Federal Subcontractors survived and were in operation.  Instead of fully informing their Employers, that is, the American States and People, these remaining Subcontractors declared “a National Emergency” and used that as an excuse to leave the Original Jurisdiction — and our actual Constitutions — behind. 
    Instead of operating as unincorporated and self-responsible businesses, these Subcontractors decided to organize as foreign corporations.   This moved the jurisdiction in which they operate off the land and into the international jurisdiction of the sea — and this in turn changed the form of law they were operating under.  
    When you thoroughly understand that our Constitutions are the “Law of the Land” and that these Subcontractors left the land and started operating under the “Law of the Sea” you can begin to fathom the profound and disastrous changes that have occurred as a result.  Still later, one of these Subcontractors decided to “remove” even further from the Original Jurisdiction and began operations as a Municipal Corporation in the Maritime Jurisdiction known as Commerce.  
    To repeat: leaving Original Jurisdiction and redefining themselves as incorporated entities owing allegiance to foreign interests meant that what appeared to be our government started operating under the foreign Law of the Sea, not the Law of the Land.  Thus, they sought to evade their obligations owed under the original Constitutions (Law of the Land) by redefining themselves as incorporated entities operating under the Law of the Sea — Admiralty (Martial Law) and Maritime (Commercial Law). 
    Everything that is wrong with this country and much that has gone astray in this world can be traced back to these treasonous acts of deceit and non-disclosure by Federal Subcontractors acting in Bad Faith. 
    After the Civil War, in 1868, the British Territorial Subcontractors began operating “as” The United States of America” — Incorporated. This Scottish Commercial Corporation was registered in Scotland in 1868.  They “adopted” the name of our unincorporated Federation of States as the name for their foreign corporation, and by so doing and by claiming to “represent” us, they stole our identity and our credit just as credit card hackers still do — and they published a “new” Constitution for their use in the International Jurisdiction of the Sea.  
    This “new” Constitution looks virtually identical to the original Constitution and lacking full disclosure of what these criminals were doing, most Americans were simply confused. This “Constitution” published in 1868 is not a contract for services, but is instead the charter document of the deceitfully similarly-named Scottish Commercial Corporation.  
    As a Charter this phony “Constitution” can be amended simply by a vote of the Board of Directors.  No ratification by the States of the Union is required.  Thus you will find that all the published [By-Law] Amendments to this document were never ratified by the American States — and that includes their 14th, 15th, 16th and so on of the so-called Amendments. 
    In 1906 this original Scottish Imposter filed for bankruptcy protection and by 1913, it was defunct.  
    This means that their “Constitution” — their Charter, together with all of its [By-Law] Amendments was also defunct.
    The same Perpetrators responsible for this despicable fraud reorganized as “the” United States of America, Incorporated, and attempted to repeat the same scam, but it was caught and this new iteration was forced into liquidation in 1933. 
    Aside from the fact that these usurpers have been mindlessly trying to subject members of the American General Public to their foreign law since the start of this criminal fiasco, and more recently have committed crimes of state against their faithful Employers by registering the names of Americans as “franchise corporations” belonging to their own foreign British Crown and Municipal Corporations—all without disclosure, of course— they don’t have a shred of authority for any of the actions they have taken, and they certainly have no grounds for enforcing a “Fourteenth Amendment” or a “Sixteenth Amendment” to the Charter of a Scottish Commercial Corporation that has been defunct for over a hundred years. 
    Their only defense has been that the Americans haven’t objected to all this, so it must be okay.  “They volunteered to enfranchise themselves with us!  They volunteered to pay Federal Income Taxes on their private earnings!”  — though no credible reason for our purported actions could be advanced.  
    Why would a free man of ample means agree to act as an indentured servant or a slave? Give up his gold, his land, and his hard-won freedoms?  For what?  The possibility of being paid welfare benefits?  
    Of course, these false claims of acquiescence were only possible because for their own “national security” they adopted a “cloak of secrecy” and never disclosed any of their actions nor the meaning of their paperwork.. We were left completely in the dark and unable to respond appropriately to their false presumptions and false claims. 
    For example, they sent their minions into our Mother’s hospital room soon after our birth in the guise of hospital employees doing routine recordkeeping paperwork — and they had our Mother’s sign us and our estates away as Wards of their State-of-State franchise corporations. This practice created millions of “infant decedent estates” which these vampires pillaged and administered however they pleased.  
    Our Mothers were given no disclosure and we were only a few days old when this false registration occurred, so they thought we’d never find out and never be able to expose them. 
    These crimes have occurred with the flick of a pen and neither our Mothers nor Ourselves can be held accountable for any resulting private contract, as we lacked full disclosure: our Mothers were not told the true nature or effect of the paperwork they were signing, and we were, as babies, mentally and physically incompetent to know what was being done. We cannot be held accountable for this fraud against us for other reasons, too. 
    The nature of this fraud requires a knowledge of international law at a level that no average American could be presumed to possess, so we were additionally left to the mercy of hired Jurists who were forced to work as licensed officers of the “corporate tribunal” courts belonging to the same corporations that have been pillaging, impersonating, and charging us.  If these Bar Attorneys and Judges conscripted to work as Uniformed Officers were to promote their own careers they could not assist us very much or very often, or they would be “disbarred”. 
    Additionally, the Perpetrators restricted our access to and understanding of the only court they left open to hear our claims and rigorously hid the means by which we could secure the hearing of an Article III Court guaranteed to us by our Constitutions.  As things stand, the only court of theirs competent to hear our suits under the Saving to Suitors Clause of the so-called “Special Admiralty” provisions tacked on to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, is the district court of the District of Columbia.  
    Expecting an American garageman or farmer to be aware of all these carefully hidden deceits and entrapments and expecting these members of the General Public to discern these layers of false identities and fraud accomplished in international jurisdictions of the law, much less expect them to find their way to the correct court and be able to access the purported remedies —without being able to hire a competent attorney devoted to their cause— reeks of either a gross overestimation of our time on Earth and our intellectual interests and capacities — or else a deliberate, concerted Entrapment Scheme designed to deny access to any remedies offered on paper. 
    We see more evidence of this concerted effort to deny access to remedy in the way such remedies have been hidden from the General Public and the overall misadministration of these remedies which must be provided each and every time an otherwise illegal action proposes to be “legalized”.  
    The illegal registration of babies converting them and their American estates into chattel properties belonging to private foreign investors for no equitable consideration is a crime of state; in order to legalize this, the Perpetrators established an opportunity for the victims to come forward and claim their Reversionary Trust Interest to their own Infant Decedent Estate.  This “offer” of remedy is reduced to basically one small line in the immensity of Federal Code Title XII, and found at 12 USC 95 (a). Even if an American chanced to be reading this foreign tome, there is no indication identifying the trust being referenced and no office or officer or administrative process is identified as the person responsible, or the office responsible, or any means suggested by which their Reversionary Trust Interest may be exercised. 
    Access to remedy denied is remedy denied. 
    The Federal Reserve Board of Governors was eventually forced to legalize their demand that private cars and trucks be registered as Motor Vehicles (and as chattel “voluntarily” surrendered to the offending corporation’s State of State franchises) and established Regulation Z as remedy for this misrepresentation and de facto seizure of private property under force. Regulation Z has been added as an afterthought to all manner of legislation that also makes improper demands of registration and ownership interest in private property including the Federal Highways Safety Act of 1956 and the Trading With the Enemy Act  and the Truth in Lending Act and many other Acts designed to seize upon privately owned American property assets for the benefit of these banks and the offending corporations.  The existence of Regulation Z — the remedy for all this — is always buried in annotated versions of the legislation and in appendixes to the legislation or otherwise hidden away or obfuscated and there is never a whisper concerning how the victim is supposed to exercise this relief.  . 
    Again, access to remedy must be provided or there is no remedy. 
    Another instance of this same phenomenon is seen with the infamous House Joint Resolution 192 which establishes the remedy and Public Policy of the corporation being submitted to reorganization in 1933, and in the resulting Public Laws 73-10 and 48 Stat 112.  These are offered as a legalizing remedy for the seizure of privately-held gold belonging to  members of the American General Public and the removal of our country from the gold standard: essentially, the Territorial Congress agreed to pay all of our bills, without recourse.  
    And then, neither they nor their Trustees provided any pathway or instruction for the victims to secure this remedy or otherwise extract their gold and other property from this illegal confiscation.  Again, no office or officer was identified as being responsible and no administrative process was designated to implement the remedy.  No means was provided for the people to bring forward their bills for recoupment and redemption.  No debt redemption centers were established.  The remedy was published, but not implemented, making it impossible for the victims to act upon the purported remedy.  Even such a simple remedy as the Mutual Offset Credit Exemption Exchange process provided in Title XII was not implemented on any scale or with any public guidance or stipulated process.  Today there are only two offices within the Internal Revenue Service that process requests for remedy and they do so sporadically, without any proper paperwork, no forms, no instructions available to the General Public. 
    The Corporation to which these obligations were attached was finally liquidated and a Successor Corporation entered the vacated position; since then, that Successor Corporation has entered into bankruptcy also, apparently to avoid these debts and obligations. 
    As the respective Congresses have never seen fit to make any actual remedy available to the General Public of this country, and as their actions are otherwise widely recognized as crimes of state and crimes of pirates, we demand that the Trustees recognize that in the absence of immediate and mutually agreeable satisfaction, these Acts of Congress have never been legalized and no corporate veil or veil of acquiescence applies to this circumstance.  We stand as the Naked Owners and Preferential Creditors and Original Entitlement Holders of all assets naturally belonging to us and all money, credit, and profit derived from our assets both public and private. 
    We must assume and assert in view of the lack of any other designated officer or office being made responsible for providing access to our remedies, that the individual Members of Congress are responsible for the fulfillment of the Public Law and for providing our remedies, that the Territorial Congress is responsible for the fulfillment of its Corporation’s published Public Policies, that the Successor Corporation must inherit both the assets and the liabilities, that the British Crown is responsible for the operations of its franchises, that the Government of Westminster is responsible for its Treaty Obligations,  that the Trustees are responsible for recognizing the Reversionary Trust Interest belonging to the American States and People and those private interests which are also owed to us as people of proper provenance standing on the land and soil of this country, properly declared and recorded as such, and any Trustees charged with overseeing the Corporate bankruptcies must honor our ownership interest and the fact that we are owed all protections and guarantees of our Original Constitutions and the return of our estates and all property and persons unharmed, regardless of any other subsequent contracts the other Principals have entertained. 
    We are all standing on the brink and need to work together to correct these circumstances for the benefit of our country and the entire world. It is not our desire nor our intent to hold the men and women of the present generation unduly responsible for the sins and errors and omissions of early generations, but we must insist on the full restoration of our ownership interests and control of our assets and recognition of our jurisdiction and our prior-existing contracts. 
    Notice to Agents is Notice to Principals; Notice to Principals is Notice to Agents. 
    Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
    The United States of America — Unincorporated

    28th of October 2022

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    The Pelosi attack; media narratives, much wider implications


    I’m writing this hours after the SF police arrested David DePape for attacking Nancy Pelosi’s husband with a hammer at the Pelosi home in San Francisco. DePape was looking for Nancy.

    Early reporting on these cases is always revealing. You see which news narratives and threads are being put out for public consumption.

    Some narratives will fade; others will gain force.

    Depape was, years ago, a San Francisco pro-nudist. He marched in a parade protesting “anti-nudism.” (Is he an old hippie?)

    He’s posted anti-Semitic comments. And “rants” about elites running the media. And comments critical of official COVID policy. These threads could be worked into: OBVIOUSLY HE’S ON THE POLITICAL RIGHT ATTACKING A DEMOCRAT.

    And by implication: If you criticize elites or COVID policy, you must be a) deranged and b) an inciter of violence.

    Another thread: This attack illustrates how people can be “influenced by online content” to commit violence.

    Therefore, social media and government must clamp down harder on misinformation and disinformation.

    Still another thread: all the crazy violence is being committed by the Right against the Left.

    As you can see, the strategy is basically, “Let’s trot out as many anti-Right narratives as we can, throw them against the wall, and see what sticks.”

    A couple of tidbits now being reported which may or may not remain on the news: DePape attacked Pelosi WHILE the cops were IN THE HOUSE; DePape took the hammer away from Pelosi. Clearly, we would want to know more about these purported facts.

    Questions to which we may never obtain answers: What drugs, if any, were in DePape’s system at the time of the attack? Was he under the care of a doctor who was prescribing psychiatric drugs? SSRI antidepressants, which are known to push people over the edge into committing violence? 10-20 years ago, a few alert mainstream reporters pushed for information about psychiatric drugs in mass-shooter cases. Not anymore.

    OK. Now for the still-wider implications. The mainstream news stories write themselves:





    The hullabaloo surrounding the Pelosi attack story can provide a smokescreen for vote fraud in the upcoming midterms. “You say the election was fixed? You’re spreading…you’re inciting violence.” If Kari Lake loses in AZ and says she wants a recount and an investigation? “Lake is a MAGA inciter. She’s covertly calling for violence. Shut her down. There will be no recount. People who want recounts are violent people…”

    The Pelosi story could be blown up into a mini 9/11. “The nation is in greater danger than we even suspected. We must have tighter checks at transport hubs. Anyone with Russian connections should be detained and questioned…”

    And this leads to side-threads like, “You want to verify people’s ID before allowing them to vote? You must be one of those racist MAGA lunatics who want to commit violence against immigrants…”




    On October 26, North Dakota Attorney General, Drew Wrigley, released this statement: “If an individual states he or she is a United States citizen, the election official must take the individual at his or her word.”

    I have a theory. Statements like these are tests. How much absurdity will people swallow?

    “I know the AG sounds insane, but he must have a good reason…”

    Meanwhile, we have this:

    “Hi, I’m Joe. I’m here to vote. I have no US ID, but I’m a citizen.”

    “That’s fine, Joe. First booth on the left over there.”

    “The plane from Venezuela got in late last night.”

    “Shut up, Joe. You’re not doing yourself any good. Just vote.”

    Illegals aren’t illegal. The fact that they want to be Americans makes them citizens.

    Actually, why bother with emigrating? We can set up voting precincts in Mexico, El Salvador, Somalia, Yemen. People can cast their ballots in US elections there.

    Saves a lot of time and trouble.

    We define “later” as “now.”

    US immigration lawyer: “You see, all these migrants will eventually become American citizens. So what’s the difference? Let’s just say they’re already citizens. It makes sense, when you think about it.”

    Once upon a time, people from other lands understood that the act of becoming a US citizen meant learning something about a Constitutional Republic. Now those people understand citizenship means gaming the system. That’s all.

    The new philosophy: Borders don’t exist. They’re fictions. So the whole idea of citizenship has been a con since the beginning. Right? Anybody can be anybody. You can be a Brazilian or a Turk. But if you say you’re an American and you came here from someplace else, there are welfare perks. You can’t get those perks in Brazil or Turkey.

    We’re generous. America is now a fire sale.

    But wait. There’s more. If you come here from Mexico and you say you’re a pregnant man, you’ll get a ticker tape parade down Broadway in NY.

    A photo of your uterus will appear on the cover of the New England Journal of Medicine.

    —What North Dakota AG Drew Wrigley did was: unsecure the vote in his state; open the door to fraud; back down from his sworn responsibility. He should be fired on the spot and sent packing. He can count his lucky stars no criminal charges are being filed against him. Because the governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, has no courage.

    It’s open season on vote fraud in North Dakota. Welcome to the New Normal.

    — Jon Rappoport

    As US-China relations worsen, expect supply chain chaos

    FreightWaves |  Oct. 27, 2022

    The trans-Pacific trade lane connecting the world’s most important countries is a pillar of the global economy. But now it’s becoming an epicenter of supply chain, financial and geopolitical risk.

    During the pandemic, ocean container spot rates rocketed upward from approximately $1,000 per 40-foot container to nearly $20,000 last fall before plunging again to $2,720 last week.

    Meanwhile, U.S. officials staged visits to Taiwan and took action to further separate the Chinese and American semiconductor sectors. This potent combination of economic, political and military issues will make trans-Pacific business complicated for years to come.

    China’s zero-COVID policies and recent tensions over Taiwan have accelerated this confrontation, which could lead to further decoupling between the U.S. and China. But the fundamental issues will likely persist beyond present crises.


    BlackRock Stands at the Nexus Between Derivatives Blowing Up in U.K. Pensions and the Shortest Tenure of a Prime Minister in U.K. History

    Wall Street on Parade | Oct. 21, 2022

    Goodbye Liz Truss. We hardly knew ye.

    Yesterday, Liz Truss announced she would resign as Prime Minister of the U.K. after just 44 days in office. That’s a new one for the record books in the U.K.

    In her brief span in office, Truss had managed to create a financial crisis in the sovereign debt market, force a bailout by the Bank of England, trigger alarm bells about the safety of pension plans in the U.K., and fire her Finance Minister.  All of these events are interconnected. Here’s the short version:

    On September 23 Truss’ Finance Minister (the Chancellor of the Exchequer) Kwasi Kwarteng announced big tax cuts which had to be funded through higher government borrowing because the Truss government had no clear plan for how to pay for them. This was interpreted by debt markets to mean bigger deficits, which sent the pound plunging, the bond market tanking and yields on longer-dated British bonds soaring. (When yields spike, the value of the underlying bond suffers losses. Plummeting bond prices, in turn, are bad for portfolios holding them. When leverage and derivatives are involved in those bond portfolios, losses are magnified.)