As Chinese citizens protest against Xi Jinping's covid tyranny, WaPo's Taylor Lorenz celebrates lockdowns

Image: As Chinese citizens protest against Xi Jinping’s covid tyranny, WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz celebrates lockdowns

(Natural News) The relative freedom that Americans have right now compared to the Chinese is upsetting to Taylor Lorenz of The Washington Post who tweeted this week that communist China should be praised for continuing to lock down and tyrannize its citizens.

Xi Jinping’s infamous “zero covid” policy, which is receiving considerable backlash right now in the form of widespread protests, is something to celebrate, according to Lorenz. Here is what she wrote in condemnation of protesters and critics of China’s zero covid restrictions:

“There is no lasting ‘natural immunity’ to COVID. You can get covid over and over and over again bc there are so many endlessly evolving strains and antibodies wane. Also, choosing not to kill off millions of vulnerable people (as the US is doing) isn’t a ‘critical flaw.’”

You can just feel the snark rolling out of her fingertips as Lorenz smacks the keyboard in anger – but she did not stop here. In a follow-up tweet, Lorenz used vulgarity like a petulant child to lash out at fellow journalist critics who apparently told her that so-called “long covid” is a form of mental illness:

“Any journalist writing that Long Covid is ‘psychological’ in the face of literally ALL evidence, endless studies showing otherwise, should not be allowed to report on health. ‘Psychological’ issues don’t cause organ damage, blood clots, & mitochondrial disorders. Stfu and log off.”

Just to be sure that her message got across, Lorenz tweeted a third time with the following misinformation about long covid, which she apparently has an obsession with:


“The more times you get COVID, the more likely you are to get long COVID. Yes, even if you’re vaccinated because vaccines do not stop long covid. Any covid infection can lead to long covid.” (Related: Lorenz appears to be just another trust fund brat who loves to dish out criticism and condemnation towards others but can never take it herself.)

Does Taylor Lorenz support burning people alive in welded-shut apartment buildings? Because that’s what’s happening in China

The Chinese protests ignited after a Foxconn factory that produces iPhones for Apple went into lockdown mode over an alleged “case” of the Fauci Flu. The government of Shanghai and other cities locked people inside their homes and even welded the doors shut to prevent escape.

In at least one case, a welded-shut apartment building caught fire and those inside were unable to escape. They were reportedly burned alive because of the government’s actions.

Is this the type of thing that Lorenz supports? She claims that China is doing it better than the United States, so is this what she is talking about? Because this is what is happening over there while here in the U.S. life is somewhat back to “normal.”

In a tweet response to Lorenz’s diatribes, Christina Pushaw, a Ron DeSantis campaigner, blasted her as an “obsessive Covid maximalist” who “is not full-on defending the Chinese Communist Party’s massive human rights violations … just days after civilians burned to death in a locked-down apartment block in Urumqi.”

Lorenz, conversely, continued to argue on Twitter that China’s strategy is better than that of the U.S., which she claims aims to “purge all those inconvenient vulnerable bodies that threaten to disrupt economic activity and overwhelm hospitals.”

“It’s honestly shocking and frightening to see dozens and dozens of articles from mainstream media outlets that have exactly zero regard for the lives of perhaps a million or more Chinese who will die if covid spreads out of control,” Lorenz further whined.

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Apple conspires with Beijing to suppress dissent and silence the masses who are being tortured into slave labor at Apple iPhone factories

Image: Apple conspires with Beijing to suppress dissent and silence the masses who are being tortured into slave labor at Apple iPhone factories

(Natural News) It has come to light that tech giant Apple has restricted the use of AirDrop in communist China where citizens are protesting the Xi Jinping regime’s implementation of yet another round of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdowns.

In support of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its ongoing Fauci Flu tyranny, Apple is making it as difficult as possible for protesters to communicate with one another via Apple devices such as iPhones.

The unrest began, in case you missed it, after an apartment building in Urumqi caught fire. Everyone was locked inside with welded-shut doors due to China’s “covid zero” lockdown rules, which resulted in up to 40 people being burned alive.

For the next roughly 100 days, residents of Urumqi are being forced to stay inside to “stay safe.” And Apple is doing its part to help the CCP squelch all opposition protests. (Related: Remember when Apple shut down its Foxconn iPhone production facilities at the start of the scamdemic?)

Apple might as well be an extension of the CCP

Until recently, Chinese citizens were using Apple’s AirDrop to bypass the CCP’s highly restrictive censorship regime.

AirDrop, in case you are unfamiliar with it, allows Apple device users to communicate directly with no monitoring or censorship by local or state authorities.

Apple responded to this free speech attempt by implementing new rules for AirDrop in China that allow for just 10 minutes of use at a time. This has made it hard for protesters and activists to communicate and coordinate on the ground.


The infamous Hong Kong protests also saw widespread use of AirDrop, at least until the CCP started brutally censoring it there as well, with the help of Apple.

“Apple has helped Beijing to suppress public dissent multiple times, mostly by complying with its requests to remove apps used by protestors for information and communication,” reports Reclaim the Net about Apple’s new AirDrop “feature” update.

“Apple also helps the Chinese Communist Party prevent users from remaining private by banning VPNs in the region.”

All of this is happening as Elon Musk, the new head of Twitter, revealed that Apple is threatening to remove that social media platform from its App Store now that free speech is once again returning to it.

“I’ve hated Apple for ages,” wrote a commenter, noting that the company was much different when it first launched. “I could see where they were going well over a decade ago simply by understanding how they architect their products.”

“It’s a closed system and a trap. I always opted for less restrictive platforms. If this type of action doesn’t wake people up to where Tim Cook is aligned, all I can say is enjoy your slavery.”

Another wrote that what Apple is doing with the CCP is “exactly what fascism looks like.” In fact, the Apple-CCP partnership is a textbook example of fascism in every sense of the word.

“Media and tech are the most powerful tools of mass control ever created,” this person added.

Someone else chimed in that Apple, like the CCP and the current rulers of the United States, are just slave owners. And as is always the case, “slave owners are forever despised by everyone with a conscience, and deservedly so.”

“Apple clearly supports communism and totalitarianism,” said another person. “The power resides with the producer. China basically owns Apple because without China, Apple makes nothing and has no business.”

“Designed in California by Apple is Orwellian speak for Made in China,” this person added, referring to the little note emblazoned on every Apple product package.

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BIG QUESTION: If lockdowns worked, why do we still need more lockdowns? Just another facet of the never-ending scamdemic

Image: BIG QUESTION: If lockdowns worked, why do we still need more lockdowns? Just another facet of the never-ending scamdemic

(Natural News) What most Americans don’t know is that when coronavirus first hit China, scientists swore that strict mandates were working very well and had already “changed the course” of the pandemic. Their so-called “experts” declared that, “The question now is whether the world can take lessons from China‘s apparent success—and whether the massive lockdowns and electronic surveillance measures imposed by an authoritarian government would work in other countries.”

If the lockdowns worked so well, why was the whole world getting sick with the Wuhan virus just months later? And if the lockdowns worked so well, why would we need them again? Same goes for the vaccines, the masks, the social distancing, the anti-bacterial everything, the boosters, and so on. Could it be that it was always about coercing billions of people to take population-reducing jabs, agree to mail-in ballots for stealing elections, and loss of human rights for a permanent tyrannical government to take complete control?

China‘s aggressive measure did nothing to slow or stop coronavirus from spreading around the world

Hospitals and cemeteries are now packed with the vaccinated masses. Billions have suffered from pandemic mandates that didn’t just NOT WORK, but caused irreparable harm to humans, including their health and their businesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) and Communist China colluded to create, release, and “treat” the Wuhan Flu, while disseminating propaganda, false alarms, and health-and-economy-crippling mandates.


Lockdowns prevented nearly all small-to-medium-sized businesses from functioning for extended periods of time, and usually long enough to bankrupt them for good. Lockdowns ruined education, and children’s development suffered, not just physically, but emotionally, mentally, socially, and on paper (poor reading, writing, and math skills). Virtual learning was next to useless, and nearly every teacher in the world would agree. Education just is not the same with students staring at a smart screen all day, from home, while learning zero social skills, no teamwork, no partners, no group work, and no friendships fostered. Lockdowns were disastrous.

Lockdowns also worsened immune system function. With no exposure to the outside world, people’s immune systems weakened systematically. With little-to-no sunshine people’s vitamin D levels dropped significantly. With the stress of being on lockdown, immune system function got even weaker. Lockdowns proved to be the absolute worst thing people can do during a pandemic, and then came the Covid clot shots.

Communist China had already planned and implemented mass electronic surveillance to supposedly “stop the spread” of the pathogen

Will it be lockdowns FOREVER? It was all about creating a permanent police state, and now China is in the middle of another massive lockdown, and the people are rising up against the tyranny. The pandemic was ALL about invoking a police-state tyranny across the planet, especially in China (as the litmus test) and then the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany, and everywhere else it could be pulled off.

The fake PCR tests were another way to track humans, their movement and their obedience. Then there were the vaccine passports. Then tracking with smart phone apps to assist them in identifying people in their vicinity who “tested positive” or might be a “threat” for catching Fauci Flu.

All in all, the tsunami of deaths around the world weren’t due to the Wuhan gain-of-function virus, but rather a direct result of lockdowns and clot shots. There’s much more to come of that, and of the police-state tyranny where the USA looks more and more like Communist China.

Tune your internet dial to for more tips on how to use natural remedies for preventative medicine and for healing, instead of succumbing to Big Pharma for advice (and mandates) on how to deal with a lab-made virus no more deadly than the seasonal flu. The scamdemic rages on.

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Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Binder forced into Swiss psychiatric hospital for publicly warning against covid lockdowns

Image: Cardiologist Dr. Thomas Binder forced into Swiss psychiatric hospital for publicly warning against covid lockdowns

(Natural News) A European doctor who was hauled off to a mental hospital by the Swiss government for warning the public against Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdowns and other tyrannical practices at the onset of the scamdemic is speaking out about what he endured.

In an interview with journalist and Children’s Health Defense (CHD) contributor Taylor Hudak, cardiologist Dr. Thomas Binder revealed how he was terrorized by 60 armed police officers, including 20 from the Kantonspolizei Aargau’s anti-terrorism unit, known as ARGUS, after he published a blog post on April 9, 2020, thoroughly analyzing the many unscientific measures that were first being imposed at the time.

Binder’s article quickly went viral, receiving 20,000 views almost immediately, which he took as a positive sign that the public was receptive to his message. Unfortunately, it also caught the attention of the Chief of State Police, who accused Binder of being a threat both to himself and to the Swiss government.

After being raided by dozens of law enforcement agents, Binder was determined to not be a threat to anyone. He is, after all, a seasoned physician with 34 years of experience in diagnostics and therapy of respiratory infections who has had a private practice in Switzerland for 24 years.

“In February 2020, Dr. Binder advocated for the return of ethics and science in the field of medicine,” reports explain. “He spoke out against unscientific restrictions, mandates, the flawed PCR testing, etc., on his personal website and social media. Dr. Binder says it was his duty as a doctor to inform the public of the truth about COVID-19.”


Swiss government diagnosed Dr. Binder with “Corona Insanity” before booking him in a mental institution

Officers pored through Binder’s other blog posts, social media posts, and even his emails, leading them to conclude that he is just what he says he is: a doctor who, based on scientific assessment, determined early on that covid hysteria is a mental illness.

Even so, officers called for an emergency doctor to evaluate Binder following the raid, upon which he was determined to suffer from “Corona Insanity,” which is a completely made-up “disease” that was used to persecute him and force him to be institutionalized. (Related: Remember when pro-mask Michelle Fiscus, Tennessee’s former “medical director,” sent herself a dog muzzle and called it a “hate crime?”)

Binder spent some time in a psychiatric unit before ultimately being released. That release was conditional, though, upon him taking some kind of pharmaceutical drug medication cocktail.

Now, Binder is back to practicing medicine and doing what he always did. He currently serves as a board member on the Swiss “Aletheia, humane medicine and science” and is also a member of both Doctors for Covid Ethics and a group called German Physicians and Scientists for Health, Freedom and Democracy.

Binder is also one of the 22 life scientists who wrote the Corman-Drosten Review Report. His work, including blog posts, articles, presentations, and interviews, can be found on his personal website.

“Everyone who took part in this charade should be jailed and forced to take the same medications,” wrote a commenter about what Binder’s persecutors should suffer as retribution for the crimes against humanity they committed.

“Just like the Soviets of old, the new class of tyrannical trash is doing the same thing,” added another. “They have no new ideas because their ideology is a dead end and their followers are dumber than rocks.”

“Do they usually send 60 armed police to arrest people who say negative things about the ‘vaccines,’ throw that person in the looney bin, and force them to take psychiatric drugs?” asked another.

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Unvaccinated blood sees demand increase all around the world

Image: Unvaccinated blood sees demand increase all around the world

(Natural News) Is it safe to get a blood transfusion from a donor or donors who got “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19)? Many say no, which all around the world is generating increased demand for “clean” blood.

Now that we know jabbed blood is tainted blood, many are demanding “pure” or “safe” blood from sources that were never contaminated with messenger RNA (mRNA), spike proteins, and the many other contaminants found in covid vials.

“Bacteria, viruses, prions, and parasites can be transmitted by blood transfusions likewise people vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine have the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein … in their blood,” reports Great Game India.

“The spike protein (travels the entire body) caused by the COVID-19 vaccination last for months (potentially permanently in the body for those who frequently take booster shots).” (Related: Check out the movement for clean transfusions in the post-covid injection era.)

In 18 countries so far, “pure blood” banks have already been established. The goal is to set them up everywhere that people are in need of blood transfusions from sources that are free of covid poisons.

Corporate media says fully jabbed blood is no different than clean blood

Left-wing media sources like VICE are mocking the “SafeBlood” movement, calling it “anti-vaxxers … driven by conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific beliefs about the dangers of mRNA COVID vaccines.”

Even though these same sources lied from the very beginning by claiming the jab contents remain at the site of injection, and that the jabs would stop transmission – both of these claims turned out to be lies – we are now expected to just believe that fully jabbed blood is just as safe as clean blood.


It is reminiscent of the rBST claims seen on milk sold in the United States. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires milk sellers who sell rBST-free products to slap on a disclaimer stating that there is no real difference between rBST and rBST-free milk, which is a lie.

In much the same way, we are expected to believe that the blood of people who got jabbed for the Fauci Flu is the same as blood from people who avoided tampering with the blueprints of their body in fear.

“The same people who told you the vaccine will stop transmission, the vaccine stays in your arm, the vaccine is safe and effective, etc., are downplaying the risks of mRNA spiked blood,” Great Game India says.

“Folks, most of what was called a conspiracy theory by the government and main stream media is now FACT. It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Unfortunately for patients, the general blood supply is now fully tainted with fully jabbed blood. There is almost no way to avoid it unless you know for sure that a donor did not take any of the jabs.

Even though blood banks require a donor to state whether he or she got jabbed for covid, this information is not passed along to the recipient, nor is said blood separated from the generally fully jabbed supply.

Not only that, but someone could falsely state that their blood is pure on the form, only to quietly dispense fully jabbed blood into the pool. The situation is a mess, and it does not bode well for public health moving into the future.

“If an unvaccinated person receives a blood transfusion of blood containing the mRNA spike protein (and whatever else is in the vials) then that passes on to the recipient,” reports state.

“The spike protein starts replicating again and your body is now a spike protein factory. The unvaccinated potentially become vaccinated along with all the damage that occurs.”

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Mother of heiress in New York City paid small fortune to 'deprogrammer' after woke college 'brainwashed' daughter

Image: Mother of heiress in New York City paid small fortune to ‘deprogrammer’ after woke college ‘brainwashed’ daughter

(Natural News) America’s institutes of higher learning developed into some of the finest in the world, churning out incredibly smart, talented graduates who helped build a superpower.

But today, most of them — even the expensive Ivy League schools that were once the envy of the West — have been taken over by Marxists who push far-left counter-cultural, counter-revolutionary garbage at the expense of learning, because they know that the key to power in the future for their political mindset is to brainwash successive generations.

That said, one New York City mother fought back against the indoctrination.

According to Fox News, Annabella Rockwell torched Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts for ‘indoctrinating’ her and is thanking her mother for spending a small fortune on a “deprogrammer” to bring her back to normal.

The outlet reported:

New York City pharmaceutical heiress Annabella Rockwell is claiming that her mother paid a $300-a-day “deprogrammer” after believing her daughter had been “brainwashed” by attending an all-female elite liberal college that left the young woman “totally indoctrinated” and estranged from the parents who raised her.

Rockwell, a former competitive figure skater who grew up on the Upper East Side, told the Post that at first she was elated to attend Mount Holyoke College — a $60,000-a-year women’s institution in rural Massachusetts — in 2011.

She went on to state that entering her freshman year, she refused to take part in the “MoHo Chop” — an initiation that is meant to de-emphasize traditional gender roles by cutting off one’s hair. Rockwell told the New York Post that by her junior year, however, she began to notice a change in her attitude and outlook after she took a gender studies course.


“I left school very anxious, very nervous, very depressed and sad,” Rockwell, now 29, recently told The Post. “I saw everything through the lens of oppression and bias and victimhood. I came to the school as someone who saw everyone equally. I left looking for injustice wherever I could and automatically assuming that all white men were sexist. My thoughts were no longer my own.”

“This professor tells me about the patriarchy,” Rockwell said. “I barely knew what the word meant. I didn’t know what she was talking about. I wasn’t someone that into feminism. I just knew that I felt I had always been free to do what I wanted. I never experienced sexism. But I was told there’s the patriarchy, and you don’t even understand it’s been working against you your whole life. You’ve been oppressed, and you didn’t even know it. Now you have to fight it. And I just went down this deep rabbit hole.”

She went on to note that her relationship with her mom changed, though she at one time considered her mother to be her best friend.

“I felt I had to teach her how she was wrong and expose her and to do that with everyone who didn’t see things correctly,” Rockwell said. “The professors encouraged alienation [from parents] and even offered their homes to stay in. They’d say, like, ‘Don’t go see them, come stay with us for the holiday.’ Most of my classmates believed all this stuff, too. If you didn’t, you were ostracized.”

Melinda Rockwell, Anabella’s mother, told The Post she was convinced that her daughter had been brainwashed. She also admitted that, during a heated argument with her daughter at the family’s Palm Beach, Fla., home, she angrily threw a vase through a window after becoming exasperated at her daughter’s new outlook.

Besides paying for the costly “deprogrammer,” she also asked for and got help from her daughter’s former tennis coach, Scott Williams, though she was told that it could take as long as seven years to revert Anabella back to her former way of thinking.

“It was like walking a tightrope,” Melinda Rockwell said. “I couldn’t push too hard or I’d lose her, but if I let go, I felt I might not see her again. It was as bad as trying to get a child off the streets who’s on heroin. Everyone is so sure it won’t happen to their child. But it will,” she said.

Anabella now works for the conservative-leaning education advocacy organization PragerU.

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