Europe faces refugee catastrophe as Russia war tactic of destroying critical infrastructure knocks out water and power

Remix | Nov. 3, 2022

The war in Ukraine has already displaced 14 million people, according to the United Nations, but Europe’s refugee crisis could accelerate further as Russia destroys critical infrastructure, leaving millions without water, electricity, and heat.

“This is an influx of refugees at a speed and scale not seen in decades,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi during a meeting of the UN Security Council (UNSC). He said the crisis is “bringing the number of refugees and displaced persons worldwide to more than 103 million.”

He also pointed out that the people of Ukraine are facing “one of the world’s harshest winters in extremely difficult circumstances,” including further war damage to civilian infrastructure, which “makes humanitarian aid a drop in the ocean of needs.”

Russia’s new tactics are proving highly effective at knocking out critical infrastructure, including in major cities like Kyiv, which is experiencing rolling blackouts; in some areas, there remains no power at all.


Stillbirths are skyrocketing in the post-covid vaccination era, leaked hospital email reveals

Image: Stillbirths are skyrocketing in the post-covid vaccination era, leaked hospital email reveals

(Natural News) An employee at a hospital in Fresno, Calif., leaked an email to the media showing that stillbirth rates have been spiking ever since the introduction of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines.”

In August of this year, there were 22 stillbirths at the facility, the email revealed. And the trend is only expected to continue, it went on to state. (Related: Some of Canada’s most-vaccinated areas saw a 28-fold increase in stillbirths due to covid injections.)

So far in September, there have been seven stillbirths, though at the time of reporting only eight days had passed in the month. Extrapolated to October, we would expect the total number of stillbirths at the hospital in September to be around 40, or more than twice that of August.

Prior to Operation Warp Speed, the average number of stillbirths per month at the hospital in question was less than one. Only about two deaths every three months were reported at the facility prior to the rollout of Fauci Flu shots.

The Epoch Times, which was among the first to obtain the email in question, reached out to the head nurse who sent the email for clarification. No response was received as of this writing.

As many as 28 out of 29 pregnant women who get “vaccinated” lose their babies

According to Dr. James Thorpe, a Florida physician who specializes in maternal-fetal medicine, the contents of the leaked email are consistent with the findings of more than 1,300 peer-reviewed papers that have been published in the last 15 months.

Severe complications and death are both common outcomes post-injection for the Chinese Flu. Only a fraction of these cases appears in the government’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), however.


“This shot was designed to cross into the ovary; this shot was designed to cross into the brain barrier. This shot was designed to go everywhere,” revealed Dr. Chris Alan Shoemaker in a powerful speech on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.

“And that’s why people are dying in such strange circumstances, unexplained circumstances, and the numbers are horrific. Sixty-seven percent of people who get the vaccine while pregnant lose the pregnancy.”

It turns out that Pfizer’s own internal documentation shows that the figure is even higher, with 28 out of 29 pregnant women losing their babies after getting jabbed for the Wuhan Flu.

This is why Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi has repeatedly warned pregnant women against taking the vaccine(s). To do so is to basically have a death wish for the baby since the chances of stillbirth are exceptionally high.

“The vaccine package insert from Biotech even says that pregnant women aren’t allowed to be vaccinated because vaccine injury cannot be ruled out,” Bhakdi says. “And if a young woman decides to get vaccinated, she should avoid becoming pregnant for two months.”

Despite the warnings, many pregnant women have gone ahead and gotten injected anyway, resulting in many additional stillbirths and the needless suffering associated with this tragic loss of unborn human life.

“They knew and they did nothing about it,” wrote a commenter. “They knew the clot shot didn’t stop transmission and they lied. Biden lied and millions died or will die.”

“All the grandstanding and ostracization of those who were skeptical and smart. All the relatives who mocked and shamed their children into getting it. They have no shame. They think we’ll forget. I for one will never forget.”

Another pointed out that these revelations are why some, including Emily Oster of The Atlantic, are now calling for covid “amnesty” – because they know We the People want not just answers but justice for these crimes against humanity.

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TRANS MADNESS: Between 2016-2019, 1,114 American girls had their healthy breasts removed in sex change “treatments”

Image: TRANS MADNESS: Between 2016-2019, 1,114 American girls had their healthy breasts removed in sex change “treatments”

(Natural News) New research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows that between the years of 2016 and 2019, medically unnecessary chest surgeries on minors, also known as transgender mutilation, increased by nearly 400 percent.

A total of 1,130 “gender-affirming” chest surgeries were performed on children in the United States during that three-year period. Of this, 1,114, or 98.6 percent, involved bilateral mastectomies conducted on adolescent females trying to become “males.”

The remaining 16 cases, or 1.4 percent, involved augmentation mammoplasties or breast implants on males who decided to try to become “females.” (Related: The World Professional Association for Transgender Health wants children as young as 14 to be allowed to “transition” with surgery and pharmaceutical drugs.)

“To our knowledge, this study is the largest investigation to date of gender-affirming chest reconstruction in a pediatric population,” the study noted. “The results demonstrate substantial increases in gender-affirming chest reconstruction for adolescents.”

Most of the time, younger people who decide to go trans do undergo lower genital mutilation, the study further reveals, stating that:

“… reconstructive genital surgery is typically not performed in adolescents, but masculinizing chest reconstruction (e.g., mastectomy) and feminizing chest reconstruction (e.g., augmentation mammaplasty) may be performed in outpatient and ambulatory surgery settings.”


Many “trans” children are severely mentally ill

According to the data, a large number of children who decide they want to mutilate their bodies to join the Cult of LGBT suffer from psychiatric conditions such as anxiety or depression.

About 20 percent of these children take “gender-affirming hormone therapies,” which are really just gender-bending pharmaceutical drugs that destroy their endocrine systems so they will appear as the opposite gender.

So-called “chest reconstruction” surgeries are the most popular surgeries for trans children, and the medical system loves them because they are huge money makers, costing around $40,000 a pop.

“Female-to-male bottom surgeries,” meaning the vagina is removed and replaced with a fake penis, can cost $100,000 a pop. These are an even bigger money maker, and are expected to become increasingly more popular among children as the trans industry has its sights set on all those dollar signs.

Medical workers at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville were caught on tape discussing these “big money maker” transgender surgeries, and warning against doctors who might object to them on moral grounds.

At Vanderbilt, there are reportedly “consequences” in place for doctors who refuse to comply with these procedures because the hospital does not want to lose that lucrative profit stream.

“It’s a lot of money,” said VUMC Clinic for Transgender Health’s Dr. Shayne Sebold Taylor at one Medicine Grand Rounds lecture series that was captured on tape. “These surgeries make a lot of money.”

Because of all the publicity these leaked videos have gotten, Vanderbilt says it has temporarily paused all gender transition surgeries on minors. However, those are expected to resume once all the opposition dust settles.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Republican politician in Tennessee, recently sent a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) calling for an investigation into drug companies that perform clinical trials using puberty blockers on children. She also wants a full investigation into Vanderbilt Hospital.

“It is just very sad that we would hear from medical professionals as they were putting profit in front of children,” Blackburn is quoted as saying.

Grand View Research estimates that last year alone, the transgender surgery industry had a $1.9 billion valuation. Cutting off children’s genitals and destroying their lives, in other words, is big money – and as we all know, money is the god of America.

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Glass maker Duralex HALTS operations in France due to skyrocketing energy costs

Image: Glass maker Duralex HALTS operations in France due to skyrocketing energy costs

(Natural News) Another major European manufacturer, glass maker Duralex of France, is having to shut down operations due to skyrocketing energy prices.

Duralex operates one glass furnace in La Chapelle-Mesmin, in the Loiret, that is no longer operating as of November 1. It will remain on standby for at least five months, we are told, with no more glass products being made.

“The price of energy usually represents 5% to 7% of our turnover. Today, it is around 40%,” says company president José Luis Llacuna. “It is not tenable.”

Last year, Duralex’s energy bill was around €3 million euros. This year, it has quadrupled to €12 million euros.

“Since 2021, the price of electricity has been multiplied by 22, and that of gas by 18,” Llacuna added in a statement.

“Duralex therefore believes that stopping production is the only solution to preserve the future of the company.”

Shutting down a glass furnace entirely can damage it, so Duralex is keeping it at a low temperature – but even this is risky

One thing you need to know about glass production is that glass furnaces must remain on at all times in order to avoid damaging the equipment.

If a glass furnace is turned off entirely, it might never be able to turn back on without breaking and requiring a major retrofit.

For this reason, Duralex is keeping its furnace at a lower temperature for now, though this means it will still be spending money on energy – albeit a much lower amount – while producing nothing and bringing in no additional profits beyond what it currently has in stock.


“The oven will not be stopped purely and simply, but we will keep it at temperature so that we can restart it,” Llacuna said.

Unfortunately for the company, even this is not without risk, as according to Llacuna “zero risk does not exist in this area.”

There is still a chance that the machinery could break and require expensive repairs, so it remains a delicate situation fueled by hope that the company can outlast the energy crisis and resume operations in the hopefully near future.

Unfortunately for the company’s 250 employees, they are all now on partial unemployment with compensation set at 95 percent of their salary thanks to contributions from the French government.

One silver lining is that Duralex says it has “sufficient and quality stocks” of products, to quote Glass International, that it hopes will continue to sustain the company’s bottom line during this very difficult time.

Next year, assuming the global economic crisis does not worsen, Duralex plans to resume operations as normal to avoid further disaster.

“We have a tariff cover already contracted on electricity, which will allow production to resume in the second quarter of 2023,” Llacuna said.

As of now, Pyrex, the other company in the French Glass House group, is not affected by France’s production restriction methods, which include gas rationing.

“This is a part of the practical implementation of Agenda 2030,” wrote a commenter at Natural News about France’s gas and energy restrictions, which also exist in other nearby countries.

“Coming to a town near you,” wrote another about how this crisis will spread like a contagion once the financial dominoes really start to fall.

“The deep state communists and Marxists are destroying the world deliberately, causing complete chaos and discourse.”

As usual, these communists and Marxists are all doing just fine at the top of the pyramid. It is everyone below them, including the working class and the companies that employ them, that continues to suffer.

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What’s Really Happening

 By Anna Von Reitz

All this confusion is not necessary.
It’s ugly, stupid, and sinful, but, it’s not hard to understand. 
Our Federal Subcontractors are run by foreign governments.  These foreign entities exercise our “delegated powers” as enumerated in the Constitutions, which are all service contracts. 
The Subcontractors engendered a “civil war” on our shores in the 1860’s, but it turns out that it wasn’t actually a war.  It was an illegal mercenary conflict instead.
In the confusion that followed the end of armed hostilities related to this “war”, the foreign Federal Subcontractors saw an opportunity to take over the government of this country by deceit and fraud and non-disclosure. 
So that’s what they did.  They lied through their teeth to the rest of the world and they told us nothing at all. 
They pretended to own us and our country in a custodial trust capacity, claimed control of our labor and our land, and subjected us to the Queen and their own foreign law of the sea.
In order to do this, they maintained a “cloak of secrecy” and didn’t let anyone know what they were doing, because what they were doing was highly illegal. 
But as long as they could keep this up and pretend that we were all voluntarily choosing to adopt their foreign citizenship, they could continue to control us and our assets for their benefit, not ours. 
That was the whole point. 
We could not know that they were stealing us blind, the rest of the world could not know they were stealing us blind and abusing our trust, and as long as those two conditions were met, they could get away with it. 
So, after 160 years of toddling along trusting what appeared to be “our” government, we finally woke up, saw what had happened, and raised the alarm.
They are now shown up to be crooks and in breach of trust, so the rest of the world, including many other countries who have been similarly mistreated by these “British Territorial Forces”—- that is, the “US Raj” — are also waking up. 
This means that all the land and gold and labor assets that the Queen was claiming and that everyone thought belonged to Her Royal Majesty and/or the Pope actually belong to us and the other victims of this crime spree. 
That’s what the confusion is about. 
We are not confused. We have followed and documented exactly what happened. And we have objected and “outted” all the self-interested lies our employees have been telling about us. 
Everyone from the Vatican Chancery Court to the International Court of Justice, from the Joint Chiefs of Staff to the US Secretary of State, from the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, to the Pope, the Late-Queen, and the Lord Mayor of the City of London, the United Nations Secretary-General, Interpol, and 206 other governments have been told and provided with Due Process. 
Our American Government is still here. We still know who we are. And we have “returned” to our land and soil to claim our birthrights and our assets in every jurisdiction. 
We are not “represented” by these foreign interests which have breached our trust and stolen us blind; we don’t owe their debts. We don’t owe them bankruptcy protection. And we are certainly not any species of British or Holy Roman subjects. 
We are owed the return of all our assets unharmed. 
Imagine a 1940’s Grade B movie, where the heir of a vast estate is kidnapped as a baby and forced to live in poverty and oppression in a foreign land, totally unaware of his birthright…. And then one day, his old wet-nurse comes and finds him and tells him who he is and gives him all the information he needs to reclaim his estate. 
That is what is happening here and now. 
And you are the long-lost heirs. 


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Why You Need to Stop Using PayPal

  • PayPal’s true function is as a politically biased extremist-activist platform

  • Natural health organizations, antiwar journalists, Christian organizations, anti-child-grooming organizations, nonprofits fighting vaccine mandates, organizations promoting early COVID treatments, alternative media and free speech unions are among those who have had their PayPal accounts canceled without warning

  • PayPal is also seizing any money you might have in your account on the day of deplatforming. Funds may or may not be returned to you after a six-month review

  • October 7, 2022, PayPal issued a new user agreement that included fining users $2,500 for “misinformation” or material “unfit for publication.” The determination of what could be deemed “misinformation” was to be at the sole discretion of PayPal, and the fine was to be “debited directly from your PayPal account”

  • Amid a storm of backlash, PayPal backtracked the next day, saying the user agreement had been issued in error. It’s now been revealed the $2,500 fine has been in its user agreement for over a year. The primary change was the addition of “misinformation” as a fineable offense. PayPal will continue to seize funds, so get out of PayPal as soon as possible

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While PayPal has acted as “moral police” for over a decade,1 in the last couple of years, its true purpose has crystallized. You probably thought PayPal was nothing more than an online payment service, but its true function is as a politically biased extremist-activist platform. PayPal’s chief executive Dan Schulman himself has publicly stated he was “born with social activism in my DNA.”2

Natural health organizations, antiwar journalists,3 4 Christian organizations,5 anti-child-grooming organizations,6 nonprofits fighting vaccine mandates, organizations promoting early COVID treatments, alternative media7 and free speech unions8 are just a sampling of the individuals and groups that have had their PayPal accounts cancelled without warning.

Adding insult to injury, PayPal is also seizing any money you might have in your account on the day of deplatforming. As reported by independent journalist Matt Taibbi in May 2022:9

“In the last week or so, the online payment platform PayPal without explanation suspended the accounts of a series of individual journalists and media outlets, including the well-known alt sites Consortium News and MintPress …

Consortium editor Joe Lauria succeeded in reaching a human being at the company in search of details about the frozen or ‘held’ funds referenced in the note. The PayPal rep told him that if the company decided ‘there was a violation’ after a half-year review period, then ‘it is possible’ PayPal would keep the $9,348.14 remaining in Consortium’s account, as ‘damages.’

‘A secretive process in which they could award themselves damages, not by a judge or a jury,’ Lauria says. ‘Totally in secret’ … This episode ups the ante again on the content moderation movement … where having the wrong opinions can result in your money being frozen or seized. Going after cash is a big jump from simply deleting speech, with a much bigger chilling effect.”

On top of its deplatforming of political opponents and freezing their funds, PayPal recently threatened to fine users who express opinions that the company doesn’t agree with.10 11 12 In other words, they’ve devised yet another way of stealing your funds, even if they don’t seize your entire account and close it down. As reported by the DailyWire November 7, 2022:13

“A new policy update from PayPal will permit the firm to sanction users who advance purported ‘misinformation’ or present risks to user ‘wellbeing’ with fines of up to $2,500 per offense.

The financial services company, which has repeatedly deplatformed organizations and individual commentators for their political views, will expand its ‘existing list of prohibited activities’ on November 3.

Among the changes are prohibitions on ‘the sending, posting, or publication of any messages, content, or materials’ that ‘promote misinformation’ or ‘present a risk to user safety or wellbeing.’ Users are also barred from ‘the promotion of hate, violence, racial or other forms of intolerance that is discriminatory.’”

According to the notice, the determination of what could be deemed “misinformation” was to be at the sole discretion of PayPal, and the fine was to be “debited directly from your PayPal account.”

It’s worth noting that undefined “misinformation” wasn’t the only thing that could incur a fine; item (i) of the policy also included materials “otherwise unfit for publication.”14 Unfit? What could that be? Your guess is as good as mine.

Based on whom they’ve deplatformed and seized funds from so far, people who would see thousands of dollars swiped from their PayPal accounts as fines for wrongthink would include anyone who doesn’t care for global tyranny, censorship, government overreach, forced medical interventions, nuclear war, The Great Reset or pedophile grooming of children, just to name a few.

The updated terms of service resulted in thousands of users swiftly closing their accounts and taking their outrage to social media. PayPal’s former president, David Marcus, referred to the new terms as “Insanity,”15 and company stocks tanked nearly 12%.16

The backlash was so great, PayPal backtracked the very next day and apologized for causing “confusion,” claiming the new terms of service had been sent out “in error.” According to a PayPal spokesperson:17

“An [Accepted Use Policy] notice recently went out in error that included incorrect information. PayPal is not fining people for misinformation and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy. We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused.”

Anyone who believes PayPal would send out new terms of service by mistake is truly gullible. A company like PayPal would have to go through multiple steps and levels of organization, including legal, in order to update its terms of service. No doubt it was approved and authorized at the highest levels.

It was not a mistake, and its sudden U-turn was merely for show (more on that in a moment). They realized they moved a bit too far, too fast, by tying the fine directly to “misinformation.” So, they backtracked.

“The $2,500 fine has been part of PayPal’s terms of service since September 20, 2021, at the latest — and it still remains.”

Unbeknownst to many, the $2,500 fine has actually been part of PayPal’s terms of service since September 20, 2021, at the latest — and it still remains. What!? Yes.

Here’s the deal: PayPal is not removing the possibility of robbing you of $2,500. The supposed “mistake” in language was the addition of “misinformation” as a fineable offense to an already existing policy that says they can issue fines of up to $2,500 for noncompliance with its use policy. In other words, they merely delayed the implementation of fines for misinformation specifically. Tech Dirt explains:18

“… PayPal’s Acceptable Use Policy already includes a claim that if you violate its policy they can take $2,500 from your account. While PayPal walked back some of these newly announced changes (we’ll get to that in a second), the policy about the $2,500 has existed for at least a year.

Here’s the policy I just grabbed from their website, showing it was last updated on September 20, 2021, with the $2,500 ‘liquidated damages’ clause in there:

… Lots of sites reported that PayPal had retracted its plan to fine people $2,500 for misinformation, but the $2,500 amount is still in the policy. It’s just that the misinformation part is not going live — yet.

Of course, this raises another question: if the $2,500 liquidated damages thing has been in there since at least 2021… has PayPal ever actually done that? … The fact that the $2,500 damages clause is still in the PayPal policy today still seems like a pretty big deal.

Hiding the fact that a company might take $2,500 from you by burying it in an acceptable use policy no one is going to read seems like not a great thing, whether or not the policy includes ‘misinformation’ as a triggering event.”

But the story doesn’t end there. After backing off its thought police policies for a short while, PayPal turned around and doubled down on them October 27, 2022. As reported by The Gateway Pundit:19

“Paypal’s policy of charging $2,500 for spreading ‘inaccurate or misleading information’ has been reinstated as outlined in the Restricted Activities under the User Agreement …

Starting November 3, 2022, PayPal is expanding the existing list of prohibited activities to include the sending, posting, or publication of messages, content, or materials under its Acceptable Use Policy.

‘Violation of this Acceptable Use Policy constitutes a violation of the PayPal User Agreement and may subject you to damages, including liquidated damages of $2,500.00 U.S. dollars per violation, which may be debited directly from your PayPal account(s) as outlined in the User Agreement,’ said PayPal.

Users will be subject to a financial penalty if they violate the revised policy in any way, including by spreading false information, engaging in discrimination against the LGBTQ community, posing a risk to user safety, and so on … They just lied to you. PayPal is not to be trusted.”

Do you really want to entrust your money to an activist organization intent on stealing your funds at the first opportune moment? I cannot encourage you strongly enough to ditch PayPal.

They have repeatedly proven they are against Constitutional rights and are willing to use their leverage in people’s lives to impose their own anti-American, anti-Constitutional and anti-humanitarian ideologies.

Understand that by using them, you’re supporting all of those things as well. Furthermore, make no mistake, PayPal is part of the blossoming social credit system,20 and that must be nipped in the bud, sooner rather than later.

Getting out of PayPal as quickly as possible is not enough. As noted by Revolver news, we also need to call on lawmakers to step in and make sure PayPal and other banking and financial transaction services can never implement theft of users’ funds based on ideological differences:21

“Don’t be fooled by PayPal’s fakeout. The company wants your money, and it wants wokeness, and it’s planning on how to take both. And unless it is punished quickly, other banks will look to do the same thing …

Saturday afternoon, just a day after the planned changes broke, PayPal walked everything back, pathetically suggesting that the changes to its terms of service were the product of a typo. ‘Oops! Sorry about the mistake! Now please move along and stop asking questions.’

Obviously, only an idiot would believe this. Friday’s leaked policies were no stray typo, but the product of substantial work. And there was nothing shocking about them. For years, PayPal has increasingly let political priorities override neutral business practices …

PayPal trying to outright steal the money of non-woke users is just the rational culmination of the company’s priorities. This time, at least, some shouting on Twitter was able to reverse the policy before it began. But there is no reason to let things stop there.

Lawmakers and regulators should act immediately make sure PayPal can never consider reimposing such a policy … This isn’t just about PayPal. PayPal’s justification for confiscating its users’ assets could likely be copied by any bank with sufficient political motivation. And according to one notable finance and tech investor … there are ‘high odds’ other banks will adopt similar policies sooner rather than later …

[F]ortunately, the fix is easy. There are a whole raft of laws that any state can pass right now to protect their citizens from unjust monetary seizures or financial deplatforming:

  • Decree that no person’s account may be frozen or forcibly closed absent evidence of an actual crime.

  • Ban any predefined fines in excess of some nominal amount (such at $40) suitable for covering things like overdraft fees. For any larger amount, a company must sue in court for damages.

  • Legally clarify — and have state regulators issue guidance — that ‘reputational’ risk-management frameworks for financial institutions should, as a matter of policy, consider only the reputation for solvency. Not ‘environmental,’ ‘social,’ or political matters. Prohibit banks from collecting any liquidated damages for so-called reputational harm.”

The Washington Examiner has expressed the same ideas, stating:22

“A congressional investigation of PayPal is in order … Companies that handle other people’s money should not be permitted to use their position to steal or to leverage the personal freedom of their clients. Much like government, they are supposed to be the servants and not masters of their customers.

Before PayPal and other companies attempt to establish some kind of unaccountable social credit system, they should worry about the reputational harm they will cause to themselves when they get caught.”

Deseret News has also published an article23 discussing the need for new laws. “Access to the financial system regardless of one’s views is a human-rights issue for our time,” Deseret writer Valerie Hudson wrote. In March 2021, Sen. Kevin Cramer introduced the Fair Access to Banking Act24 (S563), which could act as a foundation upon which to build further. As noted by Hudson:

“The proposed Fair Access to Banking Act is a good start, but in light of PayPal’s antics, this legislation should be strengthened and prioritized. In the United States, your life should not be held hostage by financial organizations on the basis of your political viewpoints, period.”

PayPal’s tactics foreshadow what we can expect from a central bank digital currency (CBDC). As noted by The Hill,25 “PayPal just gave America an eerie glimpse into the future.” So, we not only need legislation to prevent social engineering by the likes of PayPal, we also need laws to prevent the future use of CBDCs as a tool for mass control — which is precisely their intended function.

If we can get our representatives to understand the stakes, we could nip that preplanned tyranny in the bud. Combined with a social credit system, CBDCs will be like PayPal at its most egregious, on steroids.

A CBDC will have the ability to control where and when you spend every dime. It will also have the ability to automatically withdraw taxes and fines for crimethink and unapproved behavior. To understand what awaits us in the West, all you have to do is look at the Chinese social credit system,26 and how it controls people through a combination of financial, social and physical threats.

CBDCs can also be preprogrammed by the issuer to restrict how the currency is used by the receiver from the get-go. Discrimination and wrecking of lives for the purpose of quelling dissenting ideologies are a given under such a system.

Anyone who wants their children to grow up free have a duty to resist this financial reset, and that includes not using platforms like PayPal, which promises censorship rather than freedom. Getting laws on the books ahead of time could also go a long way toward minimizing the number of martyrs required to keep ultimate tyranny at bay.

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