Weren't electronic voting machines supposed to make election results appear faster, not slower?

Image: Weren’t electronic voting machines supposed to make election results appear faster, not slower?

(Natural News) When digital voting was first introduced around the turn of the century, we were told that this “new-and-improved” method of casting votes would ensure that elections are better streamlined, and that the results would be available much more quickly. The reality, though, is that elections are now slower than ever.

What used to take 24 hours or less to post is now taking days or even weeks to be announced. The more hotly contested the race, the longer the results take to appear, it would seem. How can this be – and more importantly, why is it allowed to happen?

Americans are being taken for a ride by every new “improvement” that takes place to our elections. In 2020, things shifted again due to “covid” as mail-in voting was pushed to the forefront as the solution to having to vote in person where dirty Chinese Germs might be lurking around ready to infect.

Each new change brings about ever more delays coupled with constant corruption and even more questionable election results. This is why increasingly fewer Americans, according to the latest polls, still have faith in American elections. (Related: Remember when postal carriers were caught tampering with and trashing a “large quantity” of mail-in ballots during the 2020 election?)

Increasingly more Americans are losing faith in the integrity of elections

It might have been a cumbersome process, but traditional pencil-and-paper ballots were simple to process and very difficult to forge. Each one came with a verifiable paper trail, and election workers had no choice but to hand count each and every one, leaving little room for manipulation.


Today, however, it is as easy as sticking in a flash drive or swapping a hard drive to completely throw an election one way or the other. Keeping an eye on what is going on with all those 0s and 1s inside the computer is much more difficult than keeping an eye on election workers as they hand-process actual paper ballots.

Even election monitoring is going the way of the do-do bird as Democrats insist that this is a form of “intimidation” against ballot counters. Every excuse in the book is being used to continue manipulating American elections, which in turn will erode all remaining faith in the system.

The endgame of all this is election fraud chaos and even anarchy. Once a critical mass of the country comes to the realization that our elections are sham, all bets are off as to the collective response that comes next.

All of this could be solved if only the electronic ballot machines were tossed, along with all those mail-in ballot drop boxes that are showing up in left-wing cities all across the country.

This will probably never happen, though, as the ruling class has decided that us peons no longer deserve a free and fair vote. Hand-selecting candidates for us is apparently not enough because now even the voting process itself is being manipulated behind the scenes to produce a pre-determined outcome in favor of globalism and the continued destruction of the nation.

As we reported as far back as 2006, electronic voting machines are easily hacked. It was known even back then, and it is even more known now as the Republican Party mainstreams election fraud concerns as an actual conspiracy, compared to just a conspiracy theory back in the early 2000s.

Perhaps a time will come when electronic voting gets tossed and paper ballots return. It is a long shot, but if enough people wake up to the reality that all these changes have turned elections into a certifiable joke, then perhaps a voting revolution will ensue.

More of the latest news about fraudulent U.S. elections can be found at Rigged.news.

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On tonight’s call, I will speak with Dr. Brian Hooker, PhD/PE, who has worked in the field of vaccine safety for more than two decades and has over 65 peer-reviewed, scientific publications that includes 15 papers on the epidemiology of vaccine injury. 

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