Usual Suspect Conspiracy Element in the Assassination of James Garfield

On July 2, 1881, the newly inaugurated 20th president of the United States, James A. Garfield (1831-1881), was mortally wounded by a gunman as he prepared to board a train in Washington, D.C. He died 79 days later, on Sept. 19, from infections resulting from the horrifically incompetent treatment of his wounds.

With his assassination, America was robbed of a potentially top-notch president. Garfield was the embodiment of the American ideal: a poor Ohio farm boy who had scrambled to obtain an education and to make his way in Republican politics. He was a family man, a pillar of his church and a major general of a volunteer army during the Civil War. He was a high-quality self-made man and the diametrical opposite of the evil made men we rail on at Winter Watch.

Garfield was also chairman of the House Committee on Appropriations and an expert on fiscal matters. As such, he was quite aware of how the plutocratic big capital game was played.

In his inaugural address, Garfield spelled it out in spades:

“Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or another, by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

Garfield was planning to issue more greenbacks, like U.S. President Abraham Lincoln did to finance the Civil War. The banksters are quite hostile to credit-based fiat money directly released into circulation by the federal government. Such money does not come with debt-strings attached and helps people escape the chains of debt slavery. In the bankster system deficit spending is financed by Treasury Bonds.

Garfield’s faction, smeared by the name “Half Breeds,” favored a meritocracy and sought civil service reform. Garfield had tightened federal control over the New York Custom House. New York Sen. Roscue Conkling (R) had used this bureaucracy for patronage and graft. Conkling’s “Stalwarts” favored a machine-run, crony-politics system. Stalwarts were a group of interconnected bankers and insiders (1880 version of the Crime Syndicate) who wished to keep power in Washington.

As with JFK’s assassination, there were several groups and useful idiots to draw into a plot. The U.S. was highly infected, as it is now, with religious cults and their flying monkeys. Garfield directly addressed Mormonism during his inauguration. Mormons had been fiercely independent and conspiratorial throughout the 19th century. Garfield stated:

The Mormon Church not only offends the moral sense of manhood by sanctioning polygamy, but prevents the administration of justice through ordinary instrumentalities of law. In my judgment, it is the duty of Congress to prohibit within its jurisdiction all criminal practices, especially of that class which destroy the family relations and endanger social order.” — James A. Garfield, Inaugural Address, March 4, 1881, Washington D.C.

Enter the Assassin

Charles Julius Guiteau

Edward Charles Spitzka profiled Garfield’s assassin, Charles Julius Guiteau (1841-1882), in Guiteau’s trial. He described the perfect controlled-assassin zombie then and now:

“Guiteau had lived an immoral life. But in Spitzka’s view, Guiteau suffered from a mental condition that prevented him from understanding morality in the first place. He called this moral insanity — something we might regard today as sociopathy — which he described as ‘a person who is born with so defective a nervous organization that he is altogether deprived of that moral sense.’”

John Gray, the superintendent of the Utica State Hospital and the chief medical witness for the prosecution, also offered insights into a man who was both depraved and harbored illusions of grandeur:

“I see nothing but a life of moral degradation, moral obliquity, profound selfishness, and disregard for the rights of others,” Gray said at trial. “I see no evidence of insanity but simply a life swayed by his own passions.”

Thus, like many other controlled assassins, comes the crazy lone-wolf theory. Did they ever pause to ponder theories that insiders could have killed Garfield to protect their own interests?

Par for the course, the Stalwart newspaper The New York Times immediately ran cover against any conspiracy. On July 5, just three days after Garfield was shot, NYT declared “no possible conspiracy.” That was quick. Nothing to see here, move along.

Guiteau —he pronounced the name “gittow” — came straight out of the cult world. His mother had died when he was 7, and young Charles was raised by an abusive and erratic father. Profoundly religious, his father became a convert to the Utopian communalism of John H. Noyés. Young Guiteau was very much impressed with the dark-bearded Noyés, who often called on Charles’s father to exchange religious revelations. Eventually, when Guiteau left home, he joined the Utopian religious sect the Oneida Community in Oneida, New York. Like the Mormons, this cult practiced polyamorous relations, at least among the leadership.

Guiteau demonstrated his lifelong pattern of being a complete authoritarian follower. But this devotion was punctuated later with hostility. “I have perfect, entire and absolute confidence in him [Noyés] in all things,” Guiteau wrote of his guru, before fleeing (twice) and threatening Noyés with blackmail.

Shades of Satanism — Not to be Taken Lightly

By 1875, Guiteau’s father thought his son had been possessed by Satan. His sister’s physician had declared him insane after he threatened her with an ax. Even Noyés —a man who practiced a life of free-love polyamorism and preached that Jesus had returned to Earth in the year 70 A.D. — later wrote prosecutors that “Guiteau’s insanity had always consisted of vicious and irresponsible habits.”

Regardless, Guiteau showed ample “confidence.” He first attempted to launch a religious newspaper, called the New York Theocrat, but this failed and Guiteau was obliged to return to Oneida for a time. He left for good in November 1866 after a quarrel with Noyés over compensation that Charles felt was due him.

In Chicago, while clerking with a law firm, he married an attractive 16 year old girl named Annie Bunn, who would testify that she had been much impressed with her husband’s piety. She soon began to have second thoughts, however. Guiteau had no money with which to indulge his expensive tastes, and their life together was one long round of sneaking out of the best hotels, being evicted from comfortable boardinghouses and cheating merchants.

As a satanic type who made his presence known, Guiteau had to have attracted the attention of Crime Syndicate boyz looking for effective minions and flying monkeys. Thus, he entered Republican politics as a Grant supporter. Chester A. Arthur — a compromise choice for vice president on the Garfield ticket — was a member of the Stalwarts.

The story line about Guiteau was quite inconsistent. He was considered a nut and an unwanted intruder when he hung around governmental quarters, nagging to see the president. But in a written deposition to the court, Vice President Arthur admitted that he had met Guiteau “10, possibly as many as 20 times,” mostly in New York City. Party officials “caved” and allowed him to deliver one incoherent speech to a small group of black voters in New York City. Isn’t that somethin’.

He was also allowed to be a hanger-on at HQ, where we suggest nefarious elements/agents had the opportunity to groom, coax and prep this unbalanced individual into the assassination. This is an intelligence provocateur method used frequently in the modern era and most certainly in the case of Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby.

A pretense and backstory was concocted that Guiteau shot Garfield because he didn’t get a plum governmental appointment for his support.

The backstory scam

The Death of James Garfield: What Guiteau Couldn’t Finish, Doctors Did

Guiteau declared, “The President’s tragic death was a sad necessity, but it will unite the Republican party and save the Republic.”

At 9 o’clock, Guiteau, like the president, took a carriage for the Baltimore & Potomac depot, where Garfield planned to board a train for New England. Half an hour later, Guiteau fired two shots, one of which struck Garfield squarely in the back.

Guiteau shouted, “This is the hour of your doom!”

The assassin told police, “I am a Stalwart and Arthur is president of the United States now.”

Assassination of President James A. Garfield

At trial, Guiteau elaborated, “I went off of the inspiration of the Deity. I never would have shot the president on my own personal account.”

The book “The Trial of the Assassin Guiteau” describes his alleged state:

He had no source of income, no lecturing, no books to sell, no bills to collect; he had no family; he never had any friends. His clothes, shabby enough when he reached Washington, were deteriorating. Even in March, with snow on the ground, he went about without boots or an overcoat. By June, his worn sleeves were pulled down over his hands and his coat buttoned up to his neck, for he had no collar and possibly lacked a shirt as well.

According to a Smithsonian article charting Garfield’s long, agonizingly painful demise, most modern physicians familiar with the case state that Garfield would have easily recovered from his wounds with sterile medical care. This is very similair to the botched medical care of William McKinley. [See “The Assassination of President McKinley: More Hidden History of the Usual Suspects“]

The president was taken to the White House. Over the next 24 hours, more than 15 doctors stuffed their unwashed fingers into his intestinal wound, trying to locate Guiteau’s bullet and ultimately causing sepsis. They repeatedly injected him with morphine, causing the president to vomit; they next tried champagne, which only made him sicker. Joseph Lister, a British surgeon and pioneer of antiseptic surgery, had been advocating since Lincoln’s death for more sterile procedures and environments, but American doctors ridiculed him. “In order to successfully practice Mr. Lister’s Antiseptic Method,” one doctor scoffed in 1878, “it is necessary that we should believe, or act as if we believed, the atmosphere to be loaded with germs.”

As the weeks passed, Garfield’s body became engorged with pus. His face began to swell and had to be drained. Initial meals of steak, eggs and brandy were soon replaced by eggs, bouillon, milk, whiskey and opium. He lost nearly 100 pounds as his doctor’s starved him. Doctors inserted drainage tubes and continued to probe for the bullet; at one point, they brought in Alexander Graham Bell, who had invented a metal detector and thought he might be able to locate the slug by passing it over the president’s abdomen. All was for naught.

Nine days before his execution, Guiteau composed a lengthy poem asserting that God had commanded him to kill Garfield. Guiteau also claimed in the poem that Vice President Arthur knew the assassination had saved the United States, and that Arthur’s refusal to pardon him was the “basest ingratitude.” Guiteau also presumed that the now-President Arthur would pressure the Supreme Court into hearing his court appeal. He was hanged on June 30, 1882, in the District of Columbia. Did the conspirators break their deal with the hapless, witless Guiteau?

On the scaffold for his hanging, Guiteau stated, “I am now going to read some verses which are intended to indicate my feelings at the moment of leaving this world. If set to music they may be rendered very effective. The idea is that of a child babbling to his mamma and his papa. I wrote it this morning about 10 o’clock.” The song was entitled, “Going to Meet My Lordy.” It describes the flying monkey personality perfectly.

Estimated 50% of Americans Now Question Vaccine Safety

13th vaccine awareness week

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  • This week, we celebrate our 13th anniversary of Vaccine Awareness Week. Barbara Loe Fisher, cofounder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) summarizes some of the high and low points we’ve experienced over the past year

  • I will match all donations made to the NVIC during this week, so it’s a great time to contribute, as each dollar you give will be doubled

  • The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) has now logged over 1.4 million adverse events associated with the COVID-19 shots, including more than 30,000 deaths, half of which are from the United States. No other vaccine has ever caused as many injuries

  • While the harms are undeniable, health authorities are still doing what they can to deny the risks associated with the COVID shots. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fought for 15 months to avoid releasing V-Safe data. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is also refusing to release autopsy reports of those who died post-jab

  • The culture wars that are going on in the world are really about collectivism versus individualism. The globalist cabal are desperately trying to convince countries to adopt a collectivist philosophy, which they refer to as “prosociality,” and move away from respect for the individual and individual rights. Nowhere is this currently more apparent than in the medical field and public health policy

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This week, we celebrate our 13th anniversary of Vaccine Awareness Week. In this video, Barbara Loe Fisher, cofounder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) — which celebrated its 40th anniversary as a nonprofit organization in April 2022 — summarizes some of the high and low points we’ve experienced over the past year.

As usual, I will match all donations made to the NVIC during this week, so it’s a great time to contribute, as each dollar you give will be doubled. As a company, we’ve supported the NVIC for 14 years. In 2023, it’ll be 15 years since I made the commitment to support this extraordinary charitable organization, which fights for protection of informed consent rights and medical freedom like no other.

NVIC donate today

Needless to say, it’s been a rough couple of years in terms of defending the human right to autonomy and medical freedom. Unconstitutional and dangerous COVID shot mandates have resulted in the greatest avalanche of medically-induced injuries ever seen. As explained by Fisher:

“It was parents of DPT vaccine-injured children [who] launched the vaccine safety and informed consent movement in this country — the modern vaccine safety and informed consent movement — because, really, we owe a debt of gratitude to the parents, doctors and scientists back in the 1800s and early 1900s [who] rang the first warning bell about the risks associated with the smallpox vaccine — one of the most reactive vaccines that has ever been used — until the COVID shots.

The statistics in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) on MedAlerts, which has been operating since 2003 … has logged in over 1.4 million adverse events associated with the COVID-19 shots and over 30,000 deaths. About 15,000 of those death reports are from the United States, because the VAER system also accepts reports from foreign countries that use U.S. vaccines.

There’s never been a vaccine that has generated that kind of adverse event reporting ever … at least since 1990 when they started [operating] VAERS. The VAER system was created under the [1986] National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

The VAER system was a unique contribution that we [parents of vaccine-injured children] made. We insisted [on] a centralized vaccine adverse event reporting system that was transparently open to the public, accessible by the public, and that the public could report reactions [to], not just doctors.

The 1.4 million adverse events associated with COVID ‘vaccines’ is the highest number ever reported for a vaccine since 1990, and comprises about half of all reports that have been made to VAERS since 1990. It’s a stunning statistic.

It’s something they cannot deny, even though they try to say, ‘Well, not everything that’s reported is causally associated with the vaccines.’ Of course, they don’t know how many are or are not. The stark fact that more than half of the reports in VAERS have been made for COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ is something that can’t be denied.”

While the harms are undeniable, based on the statistics, health authorities are still doing what they can to deny the risks associated with the COVID shots. For example, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention fought for 15 months to avoid releasing V-Safe data.1 2 They eventually lost the fight and the data confirm what we’re seeing in VAERS.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is also refusing to release autopsy reports,3 even though those reports can be de-identified. They also will not release de-identified information on myocarditis, which is strongly associated with the COVID shots.

“When I look back at the last three years of this COVID pandemic, all I see are lies and cover-ups,” Fisher says. “It breaks my heart. We tried for many, many decades, we presented [information] to state legislatures, to the federal government, to the CDC, NIH [National Institutes of Health], FDA.

I sat on government vaccine advisory committees begging them to do the science, the biological mechanism work that would inform the policy makers about what happens in the body when vaccines are injected. They refused to do that work so they could identify people who are genetically, biologically and environmentally at high risk for having a vaccine reaction.

They refused to reform the system that would take out the vaccine safety oversight mechanism from HHS [Health and Human Services], which has the legal responsibility for developing vaccines, for regulating vaccines, for making policy for vaccines, and also has the safety oversight mechanism.

There is so much corruption now in this mass vaccination system — because it has been hijacked by Pharma and because Congress refused to have oversight on the whole vaccine program. They have allowed Pharma to hijack the system … There were failures all along, for 40 years, failures to deal with the problem of conflicts of interest within the mass vaccination program …

When I finally realized after several decades that they had absolutely no intention of fixing anything, or of learning, or trying to screen out people, that they didn’t care [about injuries] — that’s when I realized that this was a much bigger problem than I originally had thought when we were looking at just DPT vaccine …

These public-private partnerships that have grown and been allowed by Congress have corrupted the system. You cannot have the same people who are profiting from the product in charge of making policy, regulating and [conducting] oversight on the safety of the product.”

Fisher cites The Lancet Commission’s report on “Lessons for the Future of the COVID-19 Pandemic,”4 and an accompanying editorial, “COVID-19: The Case for Prosociality,”5 both of which are published in the October 8, 2022, issue of The Lancet. The Commission’s report politicizes the COVID pandemic response and both it and the editorial try to make a case for what the authors call “prosociality.”

“What they want is for all countries to adopt a collectivist philosophy and move away from focusing on the individual,” Fisher explains. “The culture wars that are going on in the world are really about collectivism versus individualism. The United States of America was founded on the basic concept that the individual has rights which limit the power of the state.

That’s why we have a Bill of Rights in the U.S. Constitution, and why we have had in this country respect for freedom of thought, speech, conscience, religious belief and assembly — all of those things in the Bill of Rights that allow the individual to limit the power of the state.

These people, and I’m talking basically the World Health Organization, these folks want a major reorganization and a refocus on the collectivist ideology, which means that the individual is less important than the state. What they’re calling for is more power and more money to be given to the WHO so that future pandemics can be handled better.

One of the top things they focus on is the fact that in the societies that are more individualistic — like the U.S. and Europe, [and] have more civil liberties, more respect for the individual — there was disobedience. People protested, people would not agree uniformly to masking and lockdowns and vaccination.

They want more power and more money to create basically a quasi-world government that is led by WHO, by public health officials. Reading this report, I could not believe that they think they can get away with this. It is completely political. It is not scientific or medical.

They blame everybody but themselves for the pandemic response that has ruined economies, that has affected the mental health and the educational status of children and adults, and has caused such devastation …

We better start realizing that what happened with COVID had as much to do with politics and ideology as it did about a virus. If you look at the World Economic Forum (WEF), which has called for The Great Reset of society, it’s the same thing that was said in this Lancet Commission report.

They [authors of the report] talk about hiring more behavioral psychologists and others to persuade people to be more obedient the next time around. It’s really shocking.”

Surveys now show trust in public health officials is on the decline, which should come as no surprise considering how they’ve flip-flopped on their policies and denied easily provable facts. One of the biggest lies perpetuated was that the COVID shots would prevent infection and transmission.

Everybody assumed this was the case, as all other vaccines have been promoted as a way to prevent infection and transmission. Only those who actually read the FDA briefing document issued at the very beginning, like Fisher and I did, saw that manufacturers were only required to prove a 50% efficacy in preventing severe COVID disease — not in preventing infection and transmission.

“Only if you looked at that would you realize, from the get-go, that they knew the vaccines were not going to prevent infection and transmission,” Fisher says.

They never tested it, and without testing, no claims can be made whatsoever. And yet that’s what they did. They claimed the shots would stop COVID, that you wouldn’t get sick or spread it to others. This was the sole premise behind the vaccine passports. Vaccination was supposed to be a way to make you “safe” to be around. They pushed this lie for all it was worth, knowing they didn’t have a scientific leg to stand on.

Another way by which health authorities deceived the public into thinking the shots would work like a traditional vaccine was by changing the very definition of a vaccine. No longer is a “vaccine” something that actually prevents infection and transmission of disease. Rather, it’s now defined as something that triggers an “immune response,” which may or may not prevent disease.

Clearly, they knew what they were doing and they developed a strategy to deceive the public in a variety of different ways.

They also misled people into thinking the shots were far more effective than they were by conflating relative and absolute risk. While the relative risk reduction was around 95%, the absolute risk reduction was below 1%.6 As noted by Fisher, the idea of vaccine-induced herd immunity is also terribly flawed, and we’ve certainly seen that with the COVID shots.

The U.S. is one of the few countries in the world that has pushed these lethal and completely useless COVID shots on young children. Fortunately, uptake in this age group has been low. As of July 20, 2022, only 2.8% of children under 5 had received at least one dose.7

That may soon change, however, as the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) unanimously voted, October 20, 2022, to add the COVID shot to the recommended CDC’s vaccination schedules for both children and adults.8

“An estimated 50% of the American population now question vaccination, and not just the COVID shots. The distrust is also spilling over into other vaccines.”

The day before that, October 19, ACIP also recommended the shots become part of the CDC’s Vaccines for Children Program (VFC),9 a federal entitlement program that pays for vaccines for children who don’t have insurance. So, clearly, the FDA and CDC have no intention of coming clean about the dangers of these shots.

They may have miscalculated their ability to keep people brainwashed, however. Fisher estimates that about half of the American population now question vaccination, and not just the COVID shots. The distrust is also spilling over into other vaccines.

The truth would be even more widespread were it not for Big Tech censoring public conversations about COVID and COVID shots that criticize government public health policies and laws. Yes, it’s illegal and unconstitutional for government officials to violate freedom of speech and censor by proxy, using private companies to do their dirty work, but they’re doing it anyway. Fisher continues:

“One of the reasons they were successful too in these last three years is because they shut down all [dissenting voices] … There was an article published in The Lancet in March 2021, talking about how these anti-vaccine groups, these groups criticizing the COVID vaccine, how they were to blame for [public health officials] not being able to get everybody to line up and take this vaccine.

NVIC was deplatformed in March 2021 by Facebook and Instagram. Then we were deplatformed by Twitter. Then we were deplatformed by YouTube. All of my commentaries for over a decade, completely gone.

Then PayPal, in December 2021 … in the midst of our year-end fundraising campaign – without warning one night blocked all donations to NVIC, completely tanking our fundraising campaign.

We were completely taken off of social media in 2021. This hampers the ability of people who have history, who have knowledge, who have something to say from being able to communicate in the public square. Online access is the new 21st century public square. We’re completely blocked from communicating with the majority of people here or in other countries.”

But despite the heavy-handed censorship, people around the world are still waking up to what’s happening. More and more people are starting to realize that the COVID pandemic wasn’t so much about responding to infectious disease as it was about manipulating people into accepting a new world order.

“What has gladdened my heart in the last few years has been to see the millions of people who stood up in the physical public squares in London, Berlin, Rome and Amsterdam. In so many places around the world, including Canada, people stood up for their freedom, for their right to be able to assemble, to be able to have free speech and to be able to say no to a vaccine they considered too dangerous.

You can tell from reports, these [COVID] lessons-learned reports, that are coming out from big universities, these doctors are furious that a significant portion of the public dared to stand up in public and fight for their freedom. This is a good sign for us. It means that the spirit of freedom that lives in the hearts of so many people around the world is not dead. It is not gone.

This is something that we can build on because all we’re asking for is the right to have full information about these pharmaceutical products, and be able to make an informed and voluntary decision. Nobody’s telling people not to do it. Nobody’s telling people that you shouldn’t make vaccines.

I believe in the free market system, and I believe that a product should be subject to the forces of the marketplace. It shouldn’t be forced on anybody. If people want the product, that’s their choice.

But they shouldn’t force people to do something that’s against their conscience, against their intellectual analysis of the product … People shouldn’t be forced to put their physical health at risk if they believe that they’re going to be harmed by it. That’s tyranny …

We get letters from people who were heads of their families, who were responsible for feeding and housing their families. They were made to make this Faustian choice between putting their health at risk by getting that vaccine … or of losing their job and not being able to provide for their family. Literally, families went bankrupt.

On top of all of this deception and cover up, they want to muzzle anybody who brings up these issues. If you don’t learn from your experience, you’re going to repeat it. This is why reports like the Lancet Commission report are so dangerous. All they want to do is more of the same, the next time around, and force more people to salute smartly.”

This update is not all doom and gloom, however. Fisher also brings some good news. Throughout the pandemic, the NVIC has been instrumental in alerting people about proposed COVID vaccine-related legislation in the U.S. — both good and bad — through the NVIC Advocacy Portal. When you sign up to the Portal, which is free, you receive information about vaccine-related bills moving in your state.

Often NVIC issues position papers and talking points that you can use when speaking about proposed bills with your state legislators. Since NVIC launched the Advocacy Portal in 2010, their staff and volunteers have been working with families and educating state legislators about the need to protect informed consent rights in public health laws when it comes to vaccination.

In 2021, not a single state legislature successfully passed a COVID vaccine mandate. “That’s huge. I mean that’s really big considering how many other countries did it,” Fisher says.

For the 2022 legislative session, NVIC analyzed about 900 vaccine-related bills for the Portal, and the number of bills the NVIC supported were more than twice the number they opposed. That’s a record number of positive, freedom-affirming bills.

They included bills prohibiting COVID jab mandates for students, employees and patients. Some required exemptions to be available for employer COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Others prohibited discrimination over COVID-19 vaccination status.

“We’re really proud of our record in the states because vaccine laws are state laws. I’m a big believer that you have to participate in government.

Only by showing up at the polls and voting for people who will affirm natural rights, human rights, civil liberties that are in the Bill of Rights, only by electing those kinds of people will we be able to function in society and protect it from becoming a collectivist society where the state is supreme and where individuals are devalued and individual rights are eliminated.

I don’t believe in giving up on government. I believe the only thing that’s going to save us is to be involved in the system and pass laws that govern us that we can support.”

The full “NVIC 2022 Annual Report on U.S. State Vaccine Legislation” will be published Thursday, November 17, 2022, on and during this Vaccine Awareness Week.

Several of the negative bills the NVIC opposed this legislative session were bills allowing doctors to persuade minor children as young as 11 years old to give informed consent to vaccination without the knowledge or consent of their parents. Washington, D.C., was the only jurisdiction that managed to pass such a dangerous bill, which is another good sign.

“It’s great news,” Fisher says. “Again, it shows the education of the state legislators and it shows that they’re listening to their constituents. I think this is good news for all of us.

It shows that when you get active, when you take talking points to your legislators, when you have your facts straight and you sit down with the people that you elect and explain to them why it’s important to protect vaccine freedom of choice, most of them are listening. Not all, but many of them. Many more than they did before COVID, that’s for sure.”

Again, it’s people like you actually using the NVIC Advocacy Portal that has made these positive shifts a reality. It’s a profoundly useful and helpful tool that everyone can use. Keeping it going requires funding, however, which is why we have this fundraiser once a year, during which I double your donations.

NVIC donate today

Going forward, tools like the NVIC Advocacy Portal will only become more crucial, as the medical industry is clearly switching to the “vaccine” product model going forward. There are literally hundreds of new vaccines, both traditional and mRNA, in the research and development pipeline.

That’s what we’re up against. They’re going to have a “vaccine” for just about every disease, which violates every basic tenet of human biology and physiology. Genetically engineered pharmaceutical products like vaccines that manipulate the body’s cells and affect immune and brain function will never address the foundational issues that cause human disease, which is the failure to integrate ancestral lifestyle strategies and diets.

Our genes have been modified over tens of thousands of years. They don’t shift overnight. Now you can do that with CRISPR/Cas9 technology, but it’s a profoundly risky venture that’s going to cause far more harm than good before they ever perfect it.

Pharma is going to switch to the vaccine model because vaccine manufacturers and vaccine administrators have no liability when people are harmed by a product labeled a “vaccine.” They can make and distribute these products that harm — and even kill — people and it won’t cost them a dime.

The main protection you have against that is to not volunteer your body for medical experimentation and to take action to protect your right to know and freedom to make voluntary medical decisions, especially decisions about using pharmaceutical products called “vaccines.” It is unfortunate, but true, that everyone who has received a COVID jab has participated in an uncontrolled medical experiment.

So, in closing, sign up for the NVIC Advocacy Portal and get involved in the legislative process. Also, please make a donation today — every dollar counts — to help the NVIC keep their life-saving educational and advocacy programs going for another year.

NVIC donate today

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Eating Mistakes That Can Damage Your Kidneys

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  • Your kidneys lower your body acid burden. As kidney failure progresses, acid tends to accumulate in your system, causing severe harm

  • A high-acid diet can deteriorate your kidney function and accelerate the progression of kidney disease

  • Any diet high in fruits and vegetables and low or devoid of processed foods and dairy products will be lower in acid

  • Anything that helps improve diabetes will also improve kidney health. This includes fasting or time-restricted eating and exercise

  • High-protein diets can also damage your kidneys, thanks to the ammonia generated. To protect your renal health when eating a high-protein diet, add in more fruits and vegetables to buffer the acid created

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In this interview, Dr. Lynda Frassetto, a nephrologist and Professor Emeritus in the department of medicine at University of California San Francisco (UCSF), shares important information about how acid in your diet affects your kidney health and longevity.

“When I was in internal medicine training, I happened to have a really super mentor, Dr. Eli Friedman, at the State University of New York (SUNY) in Brooklyn,” Frassetto says. “He made nephrology sound really interesting.

And so, after I finished my residency and was a hospitalist for a couple of years, I decided to go back and do nephrology, because people who did nephrology just have a better understanding of physiology than most internists do.

I thought that would help make me a better doctor. After I finished my fellowship, I started working with Anthony Sebastian here at UCSF. He was interested in diet acid load in people who were relatively healthy.

The kidneys do a lot of things. One of the things they do is they get rid of acid. We know that as kidney failure progresses, you have trouble getting rid of the acid. It accumulates in your system and has a lot of bad side effects.

We also know that, as you get older, your kidneys tend not to work as well. What Tony was looking at was, in otherwise healthy, older people — whose kidneys just aren’t working as well as they did, let’s say, 40 or 50 years earlier — does eating a high-acid diet have any potential side effects?”

In the initial stages of their work, Frassetto and Sebastian worked on neutralizing acid in the diet using bicarbonate. Then, just over a decade ago, they started looking at low-acid diets. While all foods contain precursors that can be metabolized into acids, fruits and vegetables contain a lot of alkali precursors that are metabolized into bicarbonate, like citrate or malate.

Frassetto’s interest in low-acid diets began with the paleo diet, promoted by Loren Cordain, Ph.D. According to Cordain, many foods in our modern diet were unavailable to our ancestors, such as processed grains and sugars.

He believed a diet closer to our ancestral diet would be healthier, and one of the reasons for this is because any diet high in fruits and vegetables (and devoid of processed food) will be lower in acid. As explained by Frassetto:

“If you look at any large population, and you just look at the average kidney function over time, on average, everybody’s kidney function declines. But if you look at specific individuals, kidney function either declines much more slowly or may even level out.

The question is, ‘How related is that to eating a low-acid diet or doing things that wouldn’t bother your kidneys?’ This has actually been looked at by Dr. Donald Wesson, a nephrologist at University of Texas (UT) Southwestern.

He’s looked at both alkalized supplements and fruits and vegetable diets in people with Stage 2 kidney disease, with an estimated glomerular filtration rate (GFR) between 60 and 90, and Stage 3 chronic kidney disease (CKD), which has an estimated GFR from 30 to 60.

[GFR is] an estimate of kidney function. So, if you’re 50 years old, your GFR is about 90. If you’re 80 years old, your GFR is about 60. On average, people who are older are going to have … Stage 2 or Stage 3 CKD.

Wesson showed that in these people, if you either give them alkalized supplements like baking soda, or put them on a diet with more fruits and vegetables, that you could slow the rate of decline …

If you extrapolate that from people with kidney failure to just older people, the idea would be that, maybe, you can slow the rate of decline of your kidney function, even if you’re otherwise healthy and just getting older. That’s the idea.

Everything that you do, everything, is related to kidney function in some degree. Because the kidneys get rid of a lot of things. The worse the kidneys work, the worse everything works.”

According to Frassetto, most kidney disease in western countries is more advanced kidney disease caused by high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes. Three-quarters of patients on dialysis are there due to high blood pressure and diabetes. So, ultimately, anything that helps improve diabetes and high blood pressure will also improve kidney health.

One strategy known to significantly lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes is fasting, including time-restricted eating. I’ve previously interviewed Dr. Jason Fung, a nephrologist in Canada, who uses fasting to reverse diabetes in his patients. Exercise is yet another strategy that will lower your risk of diabetes, and thus protect your kidney health.

Acid isn’t the only thing that can damage your kidneys. High-protein diets can also cause harm, thanks to the ammonia generated. As for which may ultimately be worse for you — high acid or high protein — Frassetto explains:

“All proteins contain acid precursors. If you’re eating a high protein load and you don’t have enough alkali to help the kidneys either buffer or get rid of the acid, then that’s ultimately bad for your kidneys. But you do need to eat a certain amount of protein, or you’re going to have problems building things too.

This is really a balance question. It’s not that protein is bad. It’s that, if you’re eating a lot of protein, you should also be eating a lot of alkali. That will help you not use the body systems to neutralize or buffer the acid in your system. The whole idea is that you want to maintain your blood pH within the range considered to be normal.

To do that, you either move the acid inside the cells, you break down the muscles to supply glutamine, ultimately to the kidneys, to excrete the acid as ammonium. You also break down your bone, which is calcium hydroxyapatite, which is the alkali.

Or, you have to decrease the amount of endogenous acids that you produce in order to be able to maintain your blood pH. Your body has a lot of ways of dealing with the acids that the kidney has to get rid of.

So, if you’re giving the body exogenous alkali, meaning you either take bicarbonate or you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, you don’t need to break down your bones and muscles in order to be able to neutralize the acid in your system …

Hydrogen ions are balanced at the level of 10-9, which is a super-low level of free hydrogen ions in the body. And the changes that you can make to that without going outside the range of normal and becoming ill is not very big.

There are only a couple of things you can do here. Either you’re going to break down your body systems or you [need to] give your body exogenous alkali.”

Patients with advanced kidney disease will typically get exogenous alkali — usually a combination of sodium bicarbonate and sodium citrate — as it’s been shown to slow the advancement of the disease and delay the need for dialysis. The sodium citrate will also lower your risk of kidney stones.

Potassium bicarbonate should not be used when you have kidney disease. The reason for this is because, when you have kidney failure, potassium can accumulate to lethal levels. Controlling blood pressure and diabetes are also important when you have kidney disease, as is controlling proteinuria (damage to the glomerular barrier).

The protein klotho is helpful for ridding your body of phosphate, and phosphate is another acid that has to be excreted by your kidneys. Interestingly, transgenic animals that have been genetically edited to overexpress the klotho gene also live 10% to 40% longer.

Klotho is a membrane transporter and a soluble protein. When you eat a high-phosphate diet, you release fibroblast growth factor 23 (FGF23), which attaches to klotho as a cofactor and then goes to the kidneys, where it removes the transporters that allow your kidneys to reabsorb phosphate. This helps maintain a normal phosphate balance.

However, with age and declining kidney function, you need more and more FGF23 to get rid of the phosphate. FGF23 also prevents the actions of 1-alpha hydroxylase, an enzyme necessary for the activation of vitamin D, and vitamin D is necessary for the production of klotho.

So, as you get older and continue eating a high-phosphate diet (which is easy since phosphate is in most foods), your FGF23 goes up while your vitamin D and klotho levels go down. As a result, your kidneys start reabsorbing more phosphate, thus incurring more and more damage.

The answer, then, is not only a low-acid diet. You also want your diet to be relatively low in phosphate. What is a high-phosphate diet? Frassetto explains:

“First off, dairy products. All dairy products contain essentially four things: calcium, phosphorus, protein and fat … So, for kidney failure patients, we pretty much eliminate dairy products.

And then colas. They add phosphatidic acid to a lot of things, including soda. We try to get people not to drink stuff that has phosphatidic acid in it. And then there are some other specific foods, like chocolate and nuts that we tell people with advanced kidney failure to avoid … Beans are another high source of phosphate.”

To get an idea of how well your kidneys are functioning, you’d typically start with a renal panel. This will give you your blood urea nitrogen level and serum creatinine. Your GFR is then calculated based on your gender, age, race and serum creatinine level. Based on the results of your renal panel, other tests may be prudent.

“In terms of just looking at kidney health, there are two things that we look at,”Frassetto says. “One is [the estimated] GFR number. Two is, ‘Do you have any protein in the urine?’ Those can be two separate problems. Protein in the urine, in and of itself, is bad for kidney function …

This was discovered many years ago by Dr. Barry Brenner. He did five/sixth nephrectomies in rats (so only a small part of one kidney remained) and showed that the remaining kidney, the so-called nephron remnant, had to hyperfilter to be able to clear all the blood. That hyperfiltration through the glomerular membrane was bad for the membrane, so the membrane started to leak protein, and the kidneys failed faster.

So, we now know that there are a number of kidney problems where the membrane is leaking protein. That causes the kidney to be more damaged.

If you had to do just two things just to see how healthy you are, the first would be to get a blood test to see where your kidney function is. The second is to get a urinalysis. Pretty much any time you go in for a primary care visit, those are the two tests that they usually do.”

While most people are familiar with oxidative stress, acidotic stress is another type of stress that can take a significant toll on your health. Frassetto believes both are equally important, especially where kidney disease is concerned. Acidotic stress also plays a role in aging.

“A friend of mine named Dr. Elissa Epel has looked at the relationship between telomere length, telomerase activity and oxidative stress. [She] has shown people who are under a lot of psychological stress have shorter telomeres and abnormal telomerase function.

They have higher levels of oxidative stress. I happen to have done more research on [acidotic stress], but really, I think it’s a combination of both,” Frassetto says. “So, the whole idea would be to lower the amount of oxidative stress and lower the amount of acidotic stress, and therefore limit the damage to the body.”

To summarize, a low-acid diet is basically a diet high in fruits and vegetables, with a moderate amount of protein. Again, the more protein you eat, the more fruits and vegetables you need to maintain a healthy balance. A low-acid diet is also low in or devoid of dairy products.

Keep in mind that by the time most people are sent to a nephrologist, they’ve already lost three-quarters of their kidney function. So, to make a difference, you really want to start thinking about your kidney function early on. Get regular blood tests of your BUN and creatinine, and a urinalysis, and if they start revealing a problem, address it as soon as possible.

While the kidney transplant process has improved a great deal in recent years, the number of available donors is limited, so the number of patients on dialysis has steadily risen.

As noted by Frassetto, dialysis is extremely expensive, and just barely keeps you alive. Moreover, while end-stage renal disease is covered by Medicare in the U.S., it only really covers dialysis. It does not cover all needed medications, for example.

The take-home message is that you cannot count on sophisticated end-stage therapies. The answer is preventing the problem in the first place. The role of dietary acid is a fairly recent discovery that is not widely known, but that can make a big difference in your renal health.

Avoiding high-phosphate foods could go a long way toward improving and maintaining your kidney function as you get older. Cronometer, a free online nutrition tracker, is an easy way to track the amount of phosphorous is in your diet. The National Kidney Foundation’s website1 is another helpful resource.

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How They Worked It

By Anna Von Reitz

Recent days have brought the focus steadily to bear on the British claim to have had a legitimate British Territorial Protectorate here since the 1860’s. 
Most Americans would be astounded by that news.  It wasn’t published at the time and it surely hasn’t been published since then.  No, it’s all been under a “cloak of secrecy”.  
We say they have been illegally occupying our land and soil and using our own paid-for military forces to do it since the 1860’s.  We say that they have acted in gross Breach of Trust and in violation of their commercial service contracts for a hundred and sixty years. 
They say that this is the result of the “absence” of our government, and that we have been in an “interminable interregnum” ever since— what they misrepresent— as The American Civil War. 
We say—-how would they know anything about our government?  It’s foreign to them. We don’t follow their practices or their law on our land. We have no obligation to fit their expectations. We made that clear in 1776. 
We say that there is no evidence that any actual war was ever declared, but plenty of evidence that the illegal Mercenary Conflict referenced as The American Civil War was started and promoted by Undeclared Foreign Agents working a fraud and substitution scheme against their Employers. 
There is plenty of evidence that no Congress in this country ever declared any civil war.  There is plenty of evidence that Abraham Lincoln acted as the “President” of a foreign British Crown corporation merely calling itself “the United States of America, Incorporated” and was never The President of The United States of America.  There is also evidence that the resulting illegal Mercenary Conflict was resolved so far as our Land Jurisdiction is concerned, by a Public Contract issued by Lincoln’s Successor, Andrew Johnson.  
Admiralty and Maritime Law are the forms of law that the Brits generally stand under in international jurisdiction, but unlike the Brits, the Americans conduct our courts under American Common Law and Public Law known as United States Statutes at Large.  
Also unlike the Brits and denizens of the Holy Roman Empire, Americans don’t acquire citizenship obligations at birth. Americans have to freely choose to serve their government, or not, as adults. 
We have no lifetime obligation to continue that service. 
The vast bulk of Federal Code (over 90% of it) is ostensibly meant to apply to British Territorial U.S. Citizens and just as generally speaking, is not supposed to apply to us, the American General Public, at all. 
In the confusion that followed the end of armed hostilities in the so-called American Civil War, the U.S. (Territorial) Congress established an otherwise unauthorized and illegal Military District Court System, beginning in May of 1865.  
The Territorial Congress set up ten such Military Districts in eleven States of the Union, and proceeded to run these infamous “Carpetbagger Courts”— the so-called District Courts —  as private collection agencies operated under color of law.  
Each such District was placed under the supervision of a General of the Union Army of at least Brigadier rank. The Perpetrators claimed that this was necessary as an “emergency measure” though there is no provision for any such “emergency powers” anywhere in any of our agreements with our Subcontractors.  
These British Territorial (Military) District Courts were used to illegally collect “war reparations” from Municipal citizens of the United States — Federal Civil Service workers and Negroes in the beginning —  who fought with the Southern Confederacy.  This was illegal because the “war” wasn’t a war, it was itself an illegal Mercenary Conflict, and because no Peace Treaty mandating reparations exists. 
This has resulted in illegal confiscation, plundering and pillaging, in Gross Breach of Trust by Undeclared Foreign Agents (Bar Attorneys) working as Privateers. 
These (Military) District Courts were then and are now illegally confiscating private property under color of law and plundering illegally constructed individual UCC Contract Trusts gratuitously defined as Municipal citizens of the United States under Federal Code Title 28, using the infamous “Diversity of Citizenship Clause”. 
Under the actual Federal Constitutions there is no provision for the establishment of any permanent or semi-permanent system of Military Districts anywhere in The United States.  
The District Government is supposed to be limited to the District of Columbia and the Municipal Government is supposed to be limited to the physical confines of the capitol city, Washington, DC. 
Since 1922, the “governmental services corporations” responsible for all this fraud and graft have been profiting themselves by unlawful conversion— that is, by impersonating their employers, and then human trafficking the resulting “franchises” offshore, into their own watery jurisdiction.
This process was initiated via the registration of babies under the Shepherd-Townsend Act and should never have been applied to American babies at all, but again, using their corporate policy of cloaked silence and therefore, non-disclosure, they used their civilian “Uniformed Officers” as defined under Federal Code Title XXXVII and XI to do the dirty work of Unlawful Conversion. 
Blackstone’s Commentaries very clearly describe the British practice of conscripting civilians to act as “Uniformed Officers” and describes two such classes of officers — Medical Doctors and Attorneys.  The Medical Doctors uniformly outrank the Attorneys. 
The paperwork used to register the babies as British Territorial “Persons” and Franchises of the British Crown is signed by two Witnesses, the clueless Mother acting without benefit of disclosure, and the Medical Doctor who attests that the baby is a “U.S. Citizen”.  This attestation by a Superior Officer then provides the Attorneys with all the excuse they need to seize upon the “cargo” and register a copyright of the victim’s Proper Name as a chattel franchise belonging to the British Crown.
In our research, very few American Physicians who have been “licensed” as Medical Doctors have had any inkling of the evil they have been perpetuating; most have been completely unaware of the way their signatures have been used to excuse and implement this  crime, which is recognized as a capital crime under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions, as well as more generally, under Public and International Law. 
Those of you who are familiar with cattle rustling will recognize this as people rustling — changing the brand from American to British Territorial.  
Unlawful conversion, personage, barratry, purloined “witness” from a clueless Superior Officer operating under conditions of non-disclosure, all have been systematically used to mischaracterize and rob and abuse average Americans under color of law in (Military) District Courts that should not exist and which have operated as implements of international crime for over a hundred and fifty years.  
This entire circumstance also allowed the Perpetrators to evade their obligations under the actual Federal Constitutions, because misidentifying Americans as U.S. Citizens or citizens of the (Municipal) United States, either one, strips them of their Constitutional Guarantees and property rights.  
It’s clear that a small group of highly skilled international attorneys set this scheme up and they planned ahead for the Medical Doctors to take the fall for them, when and if the details of this outrage came to light. 
This was all done some years before the Tribunals at Nuremberg concluded that “following orders” was no excuse for crimes of genocide and armed theft against civilians. 
Additional insight into how they, the Perpetrators, have worked this criminal scheme, can be observed in much more modern times. 
Immediately after the destruction of the buildings at the World Trade Center, and the disappearance of the gold earmarked to pay off the Brady Bonds, and Donald Rumsfeld’s announcement (the prior day) that the Department of Defense had “lost” six trillion dollars, the Municpal Congress and Territorial Congress jointly endorsed the “Authorization to Use Military Force” otherwise known as the “AUMF”. 
Obviously, this tome was written well in advance and was ready to go, providing additional circumstantial evidence that the September 11th debacle was pre-planned as a smokescreen for criminal activities on our shores and also an excuse for criminal military actions abroad. 
So let’s look at this “AUMF” and the “Security Cooperation Authorities” it established.  The worst of it can be found codified at Sections 127(e) and 333 of Title 10.  
The New York University School of Law Brennan Center for Justice has just released a scathing report proving that the Department of Justice has been covertly allowed to wage illegal wars.  
Read “Secret War: How the U.S. Uses Partnerships and Proxy Forces to Wage War Under the Radar”.  
And note, that, once again, the DOJ Attorneys are at the bottom of the dogpile, acting as the Teflon Flak Jacket of the British Crown Corporation(s) responsible for all these atrocities. 
The “Security Cooperation Authorities” created under the AUMF are essentially acting as storefronts for the DOD/DoD — proxies being used to fight wars in the same way that “Agencies” have been used to promote crime against Americans on our own shores.  
Let’s run through a couple domestic examples of this.  
The Federal Reserve Board of Governors made an illegal demand that all American cars and trucks be registered so that they could exercise the resulting ownership interest and use our cars and trucks as chattel to back their debts.  They had to legalize this illegal demand by providing remedy and exemption, so they published Regulation Z. However, the DOT doesn’t see Regulation Z published in its version of the Federal Code, and their Subcontractors, the DMV and now, the private subcontractor, UMV, are certainly not aware of any remedy owed to the Public. 
So, those who are supposed to provide service to us are left totally unaware of the remedy we are owed, and when we request remedy, they laugh at us. The total effect is that we are denied remedy that we are owed, by Subcontractors of Subcontractors who are deliberately left in the dark.  The Federal Reserve acquires an ownership in our cars and trucks via forced registration and nobody is the wiser — almost. 
The Proxies, DOT/DMV/UMV, are left not knowing what is going on, so they can’t be blamed for denying or not providing remedy for the crime, which remains “unabated”.  
They do the same thing with our babies by registering them as Crown Property.  The hospitals and Medical Doctors are left ignorant of what they are doing, and the Mother’s are certainly not given disclosure.  The victim is too young to remember anything. As a result, the remedy, hidden as a one-liner in Federal Code Title XII, 95 (a), is not only totally obscured and left unsupported by any published process, no normal person would be motivated to look for the remedy to a crime they are unaware of. 
Again, we find the same pattern — the Medical Doctors are being used as ignorant proxies to implement the crime, and the hospitals operating as incorporated franchises of the parent corporations are acting as partners –knowingly or unknowingly.  And the victims are left in the dark, both regarding the crime and the remedy. 
So, now, let’s look at the non-domestic application of the same modus operandi in the AUMF.  
Foreign organizations like ISIS and Hezbollah and the PLO, are hired or deliberately created as proxies and funded to do the bidding of the Vermin; they are left in ignorance and often as the Fall Guys, the convenient Scapegoats who do the Dirty Work for the DOJ and are blamed for what these endlessly criminal commercial corporations do. 
It’s an open question as to whether or not the DOJ itself is being left in the dark, as another layer of Scapegoat.  
As a result, the DOJ is currently engaged or has been recently engaged in covert war operations in: Iraq, Cameroun, Egypt, Kenya, Mali, Mauritania, Somalia, Niger, Nigeria, Lebanon, Tunisia, Yemen, and Libya — and the American Public is none the wiser. 
What, you say?  Our tax dollars are being commandeered to pay for all this and we are “at war” —- commercial mercenary war, that is — in all these much smaller countries?  And the Department of Justice is running all this crap?  Just like the CIA?   Yes. 
One can only surmise that the DOJ has taken over the role formerly played by the CIA, and the CIA has been merged with SERCO. 
The excuse given by the members of the renegade Territorial and/or Municipal Congress is that these actions are too small to meet “statutory reporting requirements” — requirements which they set for themselves —  which means these cretins are engaging in illegal commercial mercenary warfare “in our names” and using our money and our resources, our sons and daughters, for their own corporate profits, and they are using proxies and other “Security Cooperation Authorities” to keep their own hands clean and unaccountable. 
 All of this, absolutely all of it, bottom to top and side to side, is crime-for-profit.  
This has nothing to do with any form of law, though it has plenty to do with the purposeful misapplication of law. It has nothing to do with political tensions, nothing to do with race or religion.  It has nothing to do with any “national interest” or any “security concern”.  It is plain old-fashioned conspiratorial crime, piratical plundering and looting exercised on a vast scale, so vast and from such unexpected sources, nobody could easily comprehend it. 
The purveyors of law have been used as the purveyors of crime. The purveyors of medicine and health have been converted into purveyors of illness and death.  The guardians of the public’s trust have been reduced to mean-spirited, ugly little criminals in suits, claiming powers they do not have and authorities they do not have any right to exercise. Our public elections have been replaced with private corporate shareholder elections.  Even our Sheriffs and the local police have been reduced to private, for-hire “law enforcement agents” in fear for their lives and their jobs if they uphold our Constitution and the guarantees that the people of this country are owed. 
Most of all, our Armed Forces, sworn to protect us and paid by us to protect us against all enemies both foreign and domestic, have been reduced to cheap commercial mercenaries, at the beck and call of Drug Lords, Child Traffickers, Smugglers, International Arms Dealers, Oil Companies, Mining Operations, Foreign Potentates, and any petty criminal who stumbles their way into Congress. 

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