The Assassination of President McKinley: More Hidden History of the Usual Suspects

The last portrait of President William McKinley in Buffalo, NY, on Sept. 5, 1901.

On Sept. 6, 1901, in Buffalo, New York, anarchist Leon Czolgosz fatally shot U.S. President William McKinley. He died from the gunshot wound eight days later.

During this era in America, there were a series of high-value assassinations committed by individuals who history refers to as “anarchists,” who were looking to upset the ruling order.

Winter Watch suggests that McKinley (1843-1901) may have in fact been a target of the usual suspects — headed by Jacob Schiff, JP Morgan and the Rothschilds — because he was a strong proponent of sound money, opposed central banking and utilized protectionism for American goods. McKinley could also be characterized as an America Firster nationalist, as opposed to an internationalist.

One frequent opponent Sen. George Hoar of Massachusetts acknowledged that McKinley’s “great wisdom and tact and his delightful individual quality” gave him unusual influence.

At 58, the son of an Ohio iron-worker and very popular and capable, McKinley would have been a powerful influence over the subsequent fifteen years in the plans of the budding Crime Syndicate’s New World Order.

Czolgosz (1873 -1901) shot McKinley twice at point-blank range with a covered revolver. Security was non-existent as the shooter came through a receiving line at the Temple of Music at the Buffalo, New York Pan-American Exposition. As assassinations go, this was an easy operation.

George Cortelyou, President McKinley’s Assassination and the Panic of 1907

Questionable Medical Treatment

Although the wound was serious, the medical attention was incompetent. The ambulance carrying McKinley went to the Exposition hospital at 4:25 p.m. Though it usually dealt only with the minor medical issues of fair-goers, the hospital did have an operating theatre. At the time of the shooting, no fully qualified doctor was at the hospital, only nurses and interns.

Even though the POTUS was at the fair, the best surgeon in the city was the Exposition’s medical director, Dr. Roswell Park, who was away in Niagara Falls performing a neck operation. When interrupted during the procedure on Sept. 6 and told he was needed in Buffalo, he responded that he could not leave, not even for the president of the United States.

The first physician to arrive at the hospital was Dr. Herman Mynter. With Park unavailable and with the fading afternoon light (the major source of illumination in the operating room), another surgeon, Dr. Matthew D. Mann, arrived to assist. The decision was made to operate at once to try to remove the remaining bullet. Mann was a noted gynecologist but had no experience in trauma surgery.

To increase the lighting, sunlight was reflected onto the wound by another physician. Finally, toward the end of the surgery, a better light was rigged. The hospital lacked even basic surgical equipment, such as retractors. Mann did little probing of the wound to find the bullet. His work was complicated by the fact that the president was obese. The stomach displayed both an entry and exit wound. Mann sewed up both holes in the organ but could not find the bullet itself. As the operation concluded, the experienced surgeon, Dr. Park, arrived from Niagara Falls, but he was unwilling to intervene.

Rather than being removed to a better hospital, McKinley was then taken to the home of John Milburn to convalesce, or in reality to die. The next day, McKinley seemed to be recovering and was conversational. The main issue the patient faced was gangrene from the failure to track the bullet path and find the round. To deal with this, an X-ray machine, accompanied by a trained operator, was sent by its inventor, Thomas Edison. However, it was not used on the president on orders of the doctors in charge of McKinley’s case.

Following a week of more neglect, in the early morning of Sept. 13, McKinley suffered a collapse. By 2:15 a.m. on the 14th, he was dead. As the autopsy would reveal, gangrene was growing on the walls of his stomach and toxins were passing into his blood. The same curious crew of Mynter and Mann also handled the autopsy, and still they couldn’t find the bullet.

Winter Watch Takeaway: Was there a hidden hand behind this malpractice?

Leon Czolgosz, President William McKinley’s assassin, after his arrest. Does this hokey looking photo even look like Czolgosz?

The Case of Assassin Leon Czolgosz

When McKinley was shot, there were hundreds of eyewitnesses. There was no doubt or sleight of hand regarding the culprit. Czolgosz quickly confessed his guilt but was not cooperative with investigators even after being administered a third-degree beating. Czolgosz seems to be operating under a strict code of “omerta” (silence) and was resigned to his death. He didn’t cooperate or even speak to his defense attorneys. A St. Louis Post-Dispatch article from Oct. 29, 1901, states the Czolgosz was isolated and was denied his mail.

The trial and execution were all over in six weeks. He was electrocuted on Oct. 29, 1901. Like Jack Ruby, he never revealed the conspiracy and projected the lone-nut theory. Sulfuric acid was poured into Czolgosz’s coffin so that his body would be completely disfigured. His brother asked for the body, but Czolgosz was buried in an unmarked grave on the prison grounds.

A New York Times article dated Sept. 8, 1901, states:

The general theory now held by the detectives is that a circle of Czolgosz’s associates plotted the murder of President McKinley, and that he was picked by lot or induced by persuasion to carry out the conspiracy. They say that he lacks the shrewdness to have planned and executed the crime as he did.

Emma Goldman: An Inspiration or a Plotter?

Czolgosz, who stemmed from a Polish-Catholic background, claimed he was inspired to commit his deed by the radical anarchist firebrand and Russian-Lithuanian Jewess Emma Goldman (1869-1940).

[NYT cont.] Walter Nowak was brought to Police Headquarters this morning. He is a cigar dealer, and also a Polish newspaper man of Chicago. He says he knows Czolgosz well, and corroborates the statement that the latter was inspired to his cowardly act by Emma Goldman. 

“I knew him in Cleveland,” said Nowak. “He belonged to several secret societies, and one of them was Anarchistic. I think the idea of assassination had been turning in his mind for some time, as that sort of business is what is taught in the society to which he belongs.

Leon Czolgosz

Czolgosz said that he met Goldman for the first time during one of her lectures in Cleveland, Ohio, in May 1901. After the lecture, Czolgosz approached the speakers’ platform and asked her for reading recommendations.

In the June 2, 1901, issue of anarchist rag Free Society appeared an eulogistic article by Emma Goldman honoring Gaetono Bresci, the anarchist who assassinated the King of Italy.

Why did Czolgosz travel all the way to Chicago? Murky Chicago story doesn’t add up.

On the afternoon of July 12, 1901, Czolgosz visited Goldman at the home of Abraham Isaak, publisher of the newspaper Free Society, in Chicago and introduced himself as “Fred Nieman” (nobody/orphan). But Goldman was on her way to the train station. He only had enough time to explain to her about his disappointment in Cleveland’s socialists and for Goldman to introduce him to her anarchist friends who were at the train station. 

However, in Free Society on Oct. 6, 1901, in an op-ed article written by Abraham Isaak, he noted that on July 12, 1901, the day of Goldman’s departure for Buffalo, Goldman pointed Czolgosz out to Isaak at the station as being a young man who desired to speak to Isaak.

Winter Watch Takeway: So we are asked to believe that Czolgosz traveled from Cleveland to Chicago but Goldman “got out of Dodge” (to go to Buffalo — what a cowinkydink)– just as he arrived. But she just so happened to offer him some key introductions to other likely plotters in her crew as the train pulled out. Yeah, right.

Goldman later wrote a piece in defense of Czolgosz. Another member of her Jewish anarchist group, Julius Edelson, was quoted by the New York police as saying, “No matter how much Czolgolz has been damned for his good work, we know that he was a great man. He was a true hero.”

Even so, Goldman’s colleague Isaak felt compelled to concoct a back story and diversion about Czolgosz days before the assassination. Did they know something was up? Free Society issued a doth-protest-too-loudly warning pertaining to Czolgosz on Sept. 1 (the shooting was on Sept. 6). What a strange convoluted story! 

ATTENTION! The attention of the comrades is called to another spy. He is well dressed, of medium height, rather narrow shoulders, blond and about 25 years of age. Up to the present he has made his appearance in Chicago and Cleveland. In the former place he remained but a short time, while in Cleveland he disappeared when the comrades had confirmed themselves of his identity and were on the point of exposing him. His demeanor is of the usual sort, pretending to be greatly interested in the cause, asking for names or soliciting aid for acts of contemplated violence. If this same individual makes his appearance elsewhere the comrades are warned in advance, and can act accordingly.

In the previously referenced St, Louis Dispatch article of Oct. 29, 1901, the warden of the prison attempted a last-ditch interrogation of Czolgosz during which the inmate let slip a reference to “someone in Chicago.” Would this be Abraham Issak or one of his conspirators?

Who gave you the money to get to Buffalo? ”

LC: “No one. A man in Chicago wanted to see me, and I went there from Cleveland.”

“Who was the man?” pursued the superintendent.

LC: “I don’t remember his name.”

“Do you remember where he lived?”

LC: “No. I don’t know the names of the streets there.”

“How did you get to Buffalo from Chicago? Did this man pay your fare?”

LC: “No, sir. I had some money I earned at painting and carpenter work.”

“Didn’t this man in Chicago and some others tell you to kill the president?” asked Mr. Collins.

LC: “No, they did not. I thought it out myself.”

Earlier, Czolgosz had claimed that when he reached Chicago, a boy whom he did not know approached him at the depot and handed him a packet of money. He said the money was for use on the Buffalo trip but that he never knew who sent it to him or the identity of the lad who delivered it. In the warden’s interrogation, Czolgosz tried to backtrack on this statement. But soon after the Chicago trip this penniless drifter somehow purchased a revolver.

Goldman was not a U.S. citizen and was implicated in the plot to murder industrialist Henry Frick during the contentious Homestead Strike of 1892. Goldman’s lover, Lithuanian Jew Alexander Berkman, shot Frick three times and stabbed him twice. However, Frick survived the attack. Berkman was imprisoned for 10 years. But Goldman, as always, seemed to skirt serious jail time. She was denied U.S. citizenship in 1908 and finally deported back to Russia in 1919. Eventually, she and Berkman moved on to Paris.

In the U.S., Goldman’s Jewish-anarchist crowd had hung out at Sach’s Cafe on Suffolk Street, their headquarters in New York City’s Lower East Side. This is where Trotsky, with Jacob Schiff’s financial support, had recruited many communist Jews to travel with him to Russia to incite the October Revolution of 1917. [See: “Firebrand Bolshevik Leon Trotsky: Fully Backed by International Banksters and the Pedo British War Party.”]

Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman in 1917

Winter Watch Takeaway: Emma Goldman and her crew were key suspects in the plot to murder President William McKinley. The internationalist banksters utilizing these radicals had ample motive to remove McKinley and replace him with a much more friendly New York politician, Theodore Roosevelt. To our eye, the story today looks whitewashed and hidden. We suspect, like many at the time, that Czolgosz was probably the miserable instrument of stronger minds.

Podcast: Tim Kelly, Russ Winter Examine the Widely Ignored Assassinations of McKinley, Patton and Forrestal

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Weaponizing Language

 By Anna Von Reitz

It began with the Tower of Babel, in the homeland where all the fraud and idolatry began— Babylon.  This is where Abraham the Patriarch lived, and at that time, things in Babylon were so bad that he took his whole family and fled out into the wilderness.  
And what is the lesson of the Tower of Babel?  
That language can be —and has been— used as a weapon, proven effective in creating diversion, division, and paralysis of action for several thousand years.  (Almost six thousand years, if we believe the Hebrew calendar) 
Now, call me stupid, but the Story of the Tower of Babel is widely known, and has been known for almost six thousand years — so why do I get funny looks when I talk about weaponizing language? 
The “El” talking about spreading confusion and putting an end to Mankind’s aspirations (symbolized by the tower) were petty “El” worried about Mankind competing with them. 
Would God the Father worry about his children competing with him?  No.  Would Jesus worry about his siblings competing with him?  No.  So who are these petty, worried, selfish little “El” gods, if not the Fallen Angels?  
Yes, language has been weaponized — for a long, long time. 
Yes, it has been weaponized in the Jurisdiction of the Air.  
Yes, it remains weaponized, and there have been plenty of add-ons since the Tower of Babel.  
Yes, it has been weaponized by distinct entities that we know as Fallen Angels, those acting in rebellion against the Creator and Nature. 
The first implementation of this “confusion technology” separated the telepathic root language into spoken words so that people couldn’t reliably communicate with each other.  We lost our ability to telepathically transfer thought-images and had to rely on spoken words instead. 
Modern research suggests that some people still broadcast thought-images, and some people still receive thought-images, but the section of the brain that does this naturally has largely atrophied in the general population — perhaps through disuse, perhaps by genetic modification. 
I have often wished that I could connect a lightning cable to my brain and simply download the information to someone else, so they would have it and understand it as I do.  That isn’t possible in the current situation, but, once-upon-a-time, all we had to do was direct our thoughts in order to fully share them.  No cable required. Telepathy was the norm. 
The more we became aware of ourselves as separate beings, the more afraid we became about ourselves and about issues like privacy and safety—- the more we isolated ourselves. We stopped broadcasting and hid our thoughts from others. Over time we forgot how to share our thoughts telepathically, even when we want or need to do so.  
Now we have to rely on the crude machinery of the animals and bark at each other as best we can, using spoken words and hand signals or pixels representing ink. 
So, we were crippled in Babylon, and the weapon used was, most likely, ego (self-awareness) and fear (stemming from feeling separated) resulting in people self-limiting their natural communication abilities and using spoken words as a crude but secure backup system. 
How’s that for a divide and conquer scheme? 
From there, there have been many “add-ons” to the same basic scheme of weaponizing language, pretty much prompted by the same factors and concerns — self-isolation and security.  
The original spoken language naturally evolved into many spoken languages and the ability to communicate was further eroded so that we can only communicate with a shared language. 
From there, language was further limited and restricted by “coding” it. 
It isn’t bad enough that we have to learn all these different languages in order to be able to communicate between nations, now we have to contend with “coded” language.  
This can mean literal code like computer code or coded messaging such as that provided by the Enigma cipher machine, or just a pre-agreed upon code like, “When I drop my napkin, you’ve got ten minutes before we have to leave the party.” 
This use of coded messaging has developed into “coded languages within normal languages” — Legalese is a good example.  It appears to be English, but it’s not, because the attorneys have developed their own code and attached their own special definitions until it is impossible for a non-attorney to reliably know what these “initiates” are saying. 
Another example vying to make things even worse, is PARSE SYNTAX.  Russell Gould copyrighted a new version of an earlier language fraud called DOG LATIN developed by the Emperor Justinian.  DOG LATIN and PARSE SYNTAX are both written in the form of LATIN, but using English ( or French or Greek or…..) words. 
This results in gibberish and creates a separate weirdly amalgamated language intended to defraud the uneducated masses.
Weaponized coded language confusion was the purpose of DOG LATIN 1,500 years ago, and that remains the purpose of PARSE SYNTAX today —- with a mercenary twist.  
Because Russell Gould copyrighted his version of DOG LATIN and changed a few elements to create a unique version of it to patent it, too, anyone who uses actual PARSE SYNTAX to communicate owes a debt — literally — to Russell Gould for the use of his privately copyrighted and patented language. 
These kinds of weaponized language gambits have appeared repeatedly ever since we gave up our ability to communicate telepathically, and along with the confusion and division that this has caused, we have also become victims of the ability to deliberately confuse and lie to others. 
Telepathy instantly transfers the total meaning of our thoughts. You can’t lie using telepathy because you can’t lie to yourself.  You may still be confused, you may still be deluded, but you cannot lie using telepathy.  
As you can see, not only does the use of the spoken word open up the possibility of lying, it serves as a means to lie for fun and profit. People have not only learned to lie by deliberate deceit and misrepresentation, but by omission.  
It is by this “fruit” of the crippling of our natural communication ability that we know for sure that it came from Satan, the Father of All Lies, and from the “El” Fallen Angels. 
And it is from an examination of why we gave up telepathy — awareness of our Self as a singular being, fear for the well-being of the Self, and “security concerns” of the Self, leading us to hide our thoughts from others and seeking privacy (and creating more isolation) that we can retrace our steps and find our way home again. 
When we open up the door to telepathy, we open up the door to sharing the truth as we know it.  That can be a very humbling and scary thing.  It exposes our fears and our ignorance.  It also exposes what we love and hold most dear.  We have no reason to want to do this in a world dominated by Fallen Angels and no way to know who we can trust, if we communicate without words.  
So we hide and we separate ourselves into ever increasingly isolated layers of alienation, until we feel ourselves alone in the Universe instead of being part of the Universe.  And we are not even consciously aware of this “devolution” and the reasons for it.  
What caused this?  Awareness of Self followed by Fear followed by trying to Protect the Self by further Isolating Self from others and Creation.  This is what we have been misled to do, to self-cripple, and lose the strength of our natural connection to each other and to the rest of Creation.  We are, in effect, being misled to disconnect from our Source and wither away in self-imposed isolation.  
Now that we know this Fatal Flaw, we can make other choices and learn to be Fearless and, so much as we are able, Truthful in our communications.  By doing this, the Father of All Lies is defeated and the only weapon in our language is the Sword of Truth. 

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The Fiduciary Comment on FTX and Other Imaginary Investments

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many people are waking up this week with a big pain in their now non-existent crypto wallets.  FTX is no more.  It’s only the first to fail. 
Here is an example of the real function of FTX and all similar operations: 
1. “Foreign Aid” goes to Ukraine (or some other country reduced to  Hell Hole status by the Vermin), 
2. Instead of using the aid to help the people in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Puppet Government invests in FTX. (I am just using Ukraine and FTX as a current example.) 
3. FTX “invests” in the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, etc., etc., etc., 
And the end result would be the same if they donated to the Bush Foundation, the RNC….. 
This form of money laundering is how 98% of all Foreign Aid appropriated by the “Congress” gets siphoned off and right back into the pockets of the Vermin.  Along the way, there is considerable payola lavished on the middlemen and other corporations owned by cronies, but, in the main, this is how it works.  
The actual people, the refugees, the homeless, the sick — they never get the Foreign Aid.  The DC Fat Cats and Friends pocket it and smile; well, they are foreigners aren’t they?  
They just aided themselves. 
It’s “Foreign Aid” alright. 
And as usual, nobody told the American Public.  Not a whisper from the FBI or the DHS or any Banking Commission — though we have dozens of them, at both the State-of-State and “National” level. 
I told everyone a long time ago that I don’t believe in or trust crypto currencies. A cyber wallet?  Really?  Call me a skeptic, even a cynic. My wallet is made of cowhide. 
Even those crypto operations that actually do sell “coins” as a product and don’t just leverage debt, are prone to being abused for money laundering purposes. 
As I explained yesterday, the DOJ has been running proxy wars all over the place since 2001, and they have to have ways of funding all those proxies and “Security Cooperation Authorities” — otherwise known as puppet governments and Terrorists. Cryptos offer an avenue for that. 
So, the small fry attempting to capture a small part of the money commodity market and keep banking private for their customers, are given a bad name and shut down by bigger corporations that are actually their main competitors. 
It’s a dog eat gerbil world. 
This is what you get when you privatize money and the reason that money needs to be issued directly by the Public for the Public. It’s not perfect, but if the Public issues the money it is not subject to usury, it’s physical, it’s standardized, and it doesn’t just go “Poof!” in the night. 
It’s also much harder to use for illicit purposes, like money laundering. 
And siphoning off Foreign Aid. And funding proxy wars. And buying political traction. 
For all these reasons and more, I caution my friends who have rushed willy-nilly into cyber-coinage and crypto-currencies to think more deeply about what they are doing, and what, in my opinion, they should be doing instead. 
There are plenty of good options that lead to peace and, if i may say so, relative security.  You can’t go wrong buying silver with inflated fiat dollars.  If nothing else, silver has a thousand industrial uses, and it is the asset of exchange accumulating all the value that the fiat currency is losing to inflation. 
If you are a betting man (or woman) daily twenty to one odds are pretty good and getting better. 
That said, you know that Grandma doesn’t go to the race track.
As the Fiduciary for this great country, I have to meet “The Prudent Man Standard” so I can’t get sidetracked into this or that surefire scheme or new whiz-bang product adventure.  As a result, I don’t hold any cryptocurrencies. No Prudent Man ever would. 
My condolences to all the people who held FTX investments. 
If you want additional insight into the leverage swindle employed by FTX,  this is the best (and shortest at 99 seconds) explanation I’ve found:
There will be more collapses like this to come.
In the meantime, remember — just because it’s private doesn’t mean that it’s a quality “financial product” and anything that can be used to launder money for politicians and mercenary conflicts will be used for that purpose. 
If you aren’t into financing political parties and proxy wars with your retirement nest egg, get out of cryptos and into something solid. Preferably something you can hold in your hand. 
And while we are on that subject, remember — corporations sell shares. Even controlling shares don’t “control” in a liquidation. 
So if you invest your money in a corporation by buying shares of ownership interest in the corporation and its assets, what happens when that corporation goes bankrupt or liquidates by other means? 
I’ll tell you.  One of my Grandfathers made the mistake of investing in an incorporated Creamery during the 1920’s.  He held quite a few shares and for the first five years or so, everything went very well. The Creamery was state of the art and there were a lot of dairy farms needing its services.  Then the Depression hit. Dozens of farmers went under. They had to sell off their farms and their cows.  The Creamery was in trouble as a result of losing all those customers and all that milk. 
Finally, the Creamery couldn’t pay the bank for the money it still owed for equipment purchases, and the Creamery also went under.  The bank came in, the bankruptcy Trustees sold off everything they could sell for pennies on a dollar, and there was nothing left for the shareholders but the pretty engraved stock certificates.  We still have those as a momento. 
And a warning. 
My Grandfather was relieved to lose his 20% investment in the Creamery so long as he didn’t have to carry its debts, but I look at the 1924 value printed on those certificates and think — what if he had invested in almost anything else? Something other than “shares” in a corporation?  
Then the story for him and for our whole family would have been very different from then until now. 
If you are in the stock market, or like my Grandfather, a direct shareholder, remember that corporations are made of paper. Literally. 
We have all become so brain-washed and inured to the presence of corporations, that we forget that they are imaginary. We see the product, “Pepsi” for example, and we see the big corporate headquarters, and we think that Pepsico is real, right?
Always remember that corporations only exist on paper and in the form of the men and women who team together to make a product or sell a service, with or without additional equipment and facilities used to make a dime. 
My Grandmother called corporations “ships made of paper”, because they sail on the “seas” of international trade and commerce, and because they lack substance.  
Corporations are created by paper — charters and patents, etc., and financed by paper — shares, stocks, bonds, notes, etc.,  and they die by paper, too — bankruptcy, liquidation, merger.  
There is a reason that the Wicked Witch of the West gets liquidated in The Wizard of Oz.  Neither she nor the corporations she represents are real.  They are all subject to liquidation. As creatures of our minds, no less than Flying Monkeys, they come and go almost with the speed of thought. 
I can create and register a corporation online in less than an hour.  All I need are two accomplices, a name, an address,  and some lawful purpose. 
That’s how, when the UNITED STATES, INC. goes bankrupt, Joe Biden and a couple of buddies can create the WHITE HOUSE OFFICE, INC. and he can be “President” of this new corporation and go right on sailing. 
The harm in all this is that we have forgotten what’s real.  We’ve forgotten Kansas. If you want to keep your shirt in the disaster the banks have planned for us, remember what’s real. 
It could be gold or silver or coffee beans, it could be livestock or flower bulbs, it could be car parts. Whatever you invest in, let it be something that is physical and that you control. 

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