Suddenly changed? Personality-changes after mRNA-Injection

This interview of Dr Breggin and Dr. Naomi Wolf, via German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, regarding why mRNA vaccinated people seem often to have personality changes, is important and hair-raising. Dr Breggin confirms, as a psychiatrist, what the @WarRoom/DailyClout research volunteers and Dr. Wolf have discovered re demyelination of nerves and consequent brain damage from lipid nanoparticles. They also talk frankly as Jews and Germans about historical totalitarianism.

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A Shortcut for Caring for Others (and Being Cared For Yourself)

We’ve talked about the importance of inter-generational communities, and the general exhale of relief that comes when you realize you don’t have to sell your life today, and what happens when a lack of other options results in coerced care.

Do I wish that the U.S. government took the formation of a social safety net seriously, and eased the pressure on these communities of care? Absolutely. Do I want to work towards making every day more sustainable for everyone in the meantime? Yes. Which is another way of saying that this is absolutely a structural problem, and while we figure out how to make structural fixes permanent, we need to figure out how to give and receive care on the ground. I want to underline the two parts of that last sentence: a lot of us are good at giving or being ready to give care. But we also need to be better at asking and receiving it, because all of this community work depends on divorcing ourselves from an understanding of anyone, anyone, as uniquely givers or receivers.

But the reality is: a lot of us are very, very bad at giving or even asking for, let alone receiving, help. This Friday’s Subscriber thread goes deep into the reasons why — and here are some of its recurring, challenging themes:

1.) Independence and self-sufficiency have been or have become a core part of your identity — either out of necessity (as a trauma response) or because their independence and self-sufficiency was praised and valued (see especially: white rugged individualism). To ask for help feels like undercutting your entire self.

2.) You haven’t been around examples of healthy community or dependence — particularly within your family — and don’t have models of what it means to safely ask for help. This is particularly true for people whose independence is, in some way, a trauma response, but I also think it’s true of people who grew up in homes where the adults were solitary or isolated, or where everyone in the family talked shit about other members of the family who asked for help.

3.) You’ve always been the helper, whether in your vocation/job or just within your friend group. Again: to ask for help would be to undercut that identity. See especially (but not exclusively) Moms, care workers, teachers, etc.

4.) The feeling that because of how your life outwards appears — “together,” “without children,” “without physical signs of illness” — that you shouldn’t need help, because you have it so much easier than your friends/family who have ostensibly more “difficult” lives. Everyone’s lives are difficult in different ways but we definitely rank difficulty and equate “easier” with “never ever needs help.”

5.) Previous attempts at reaching out for help have been rebuffed or ignored, and it hurt so much that you never want to ask again. This one’s really hard. It’s also related to the feeling, as one commenter put it, “that there’s no help to be had.” Everyone else is just treading water.

6.) You feel that you have so many ongoing needs that you need to preserve your “asks” for when you really, really need it. This is particularly true of people who are disabled or are dealing with chronic illness — you feel like you don’t want to go back to the well too many times.

7.) Through upbringing, culture, or family, you’ve internalized that suffering is good, and asking for help is asking to alleviate that important suffering. See: a lot of Christian religious traditions. If/when you try to avoid that suffering, there’s a sense of shame in asking for some measure of ease.

8.) Masculinity, masculinity, masculinity. Real men don’t ask for help, etc. etc. I don’t have to elaborate on this one because it’s so simple and so frustrating in its simplicity and endurance.

9.) Simply not having the community or family or friend group that you feel comfortable enough to even ask for help in the first place. This is particularly hard for people who’ve moved to a new place, people without family they trust, people who’ve been alienated from their former friend group because of pandemic practices or politics, people who’ve left their religious tradition, etc.

10.) You feel so overwhelmed that you don’t even know what to ask forPeople might ask you if there’s anything they can do to help, but you have no idea where you’d even start. See also: not even realizing that you need it, in part because we’ve been conditioned to ignore our body and mind’s calls for help. As one commenter put it, “I’m just ploughing along through weeks and weeks as life is getting incrementally more overwhelming and difficult and I just keep thinking why does everything feel so bad until one day I can’t get out of bed.”

Some of these struggles are deeply psychologically embedded — and no matter how much structures change, no matter how much you seek out community, you’re still going to be battling the fundamental belief that you’re a burden. How do you unlearn that?

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Indonesia Inks Deal With Netherlands & The Ocean Cleanup To Remove Plastic Debris From Rivers


Take a breath. Release the tension in your body. Place attention on your physical heart. Breathe slowly into the area for 60 seconds, focusing on feeling a sense of ease. Click here to learn why we suggest this.

Indonesia has a goal to reduce marine plastic debris 70% by 2025. It’s indeed possible. In fact, the world has the potential and technology to drastically clean up our oceans, Great Lakes and other waterways.

Today, the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment of Indonesia, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management of the Netherlands, and The Ocean Cleanup, the international non-profit project developing and scaling technologies to rid the oceans of plastic, signed a joint declaration aimed at expanding river cleanup activities in Indonesia.

“Following the expiration of the Arrangement between the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of the Netherlands on the Pilot Project of Cleaning Up Rivers in the Jakarta Area, signed on July 12, 2017, and with due regard to other existing agreements between the two countries, and considering the positive results of the Joint Research project with Interceptor 001 in Jakarta, both government entities have endorsed the deployment of river clean-up systems in Indonesia by The Ocean Cleanup.

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The Ocean Cleanup will seek support from national, regional, and local governments, international institutions, and third parties, including the private sector and potential funders, in achieving the deployment ambitions for additional Interceptor Solutions in the Republic of Indonesia.”

The Ocean Cleanup press release.

The Ocean Cleanup develops cleanup systems that can clean up the floating plastics caught swirling in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and more. Modelling predicts that they need around 10 full-size systems to completely clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. After fleets of their systems are deployed into every ocean gyre, combined with source reduction, The Ocean Cleanup projects to be able to remove 90% of floating ocean plastic by 2040.

Last year, only a half-mile installation of theirs took 20,000 pounds of plastic out of the Pacific. Their floating systems are designed to capture plastics ranging from small pieces, just millimetres in size, up to large debris, including massive, discarded fishing nets (ghost nets), which can be tens of meters wide.

System 002, their latest system iteration, reached proof of technology on October 20th, 2021, meaning they can now start the cleanup. They have also developed technology to efficiently intercept plastic in rivers before it reaches the ocean. This is important because rivers are the main source of ocean plastic pollution.

Looking Deeper

After years of researching and investigating climate change and environmental issues, we came to many conclusions that we felt needed to shared, yet were extremely rare in public discourse. We made a documentary a couple of years ago year called Regenerate: Beyond The CO2 Narrative. 

One of the most important aspects of Regenerate is that we are looking at our environment from such a limited point of view that we can’t identify the real issues we face, and that our level of thinking, or consciousness, is completely disconnected from the solutions required to truly shift our relationship with earth. Thus, we are creating solutions that don’t truly address making the environment cleaner or better long term. It seems environmental initiatives at the government and corporate level seem to benefit those in power by putting more control and profit in to their hands while earth continues to suffer.

That’s why we are such big supports of The Ocean Cleanup, it’s a real solution.

You can check out our documentary below:

Ascension Connection Public Call – Kosta Makreas of ETLetsTalk, Nov. 17, 2022

Ascension Connection Invites You to a Public Zoom Call

Thursday, November 17, 2022
10 am California, 12 pm Chicago, 1 pm New York
6 pm London, 7 pm Paris, 8 pm Bulgaria

Kosta Makreas of ETLetsTalk
Making a Connection with our Star Family

Join us this Thursday as Kosta Makreas of ETLetsTalk presents information about The People’s Love Alliance which our Star Friends called “A Billion Hearts Emerging”.

Evidence of this Alliance’s presence and activity around the world will be offered.  For those who practice monthly, the evidence is clear, we are not alone!  This Alliance ties in with The People’s Disclosure Movement which achieved Disclosure in 2019.  Kosta’s  intention is to inspire hope in our hearts and convince us that loving and positive values are surging in the world as never before. These values are quietly transforming and healing the global landscape from the grassroots up.

A Golden Age of Earth is being built by hundreds of millions of us.

Kosta Makreas is the founder of, the ETLetsTalk Community, “The People’s Disclosure Movement”, “The People’s Love Alliance”, and “The Global CE-5 Initiative”. Here is a wonderful video that describes why he and thousands of others reach out to make a connection with Non-Human Intelligent Beings (NHIB). Kosta refers to them as our Star Family. This uplifting video is less than 4 minutes, The People’s Disclosure Movement.

Kosta was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana in 1953. In 1977 he earned a B.A. in Computer Science from Indiana University which led to a successful 4-decade software consulting career in the Silicon Valley. He is an international networker and creative artist working on behalf of harmonious relations between all lifeforms.

Most importantly, Kosta has been a dedicated spiritual activist since his teenage years. As a young man Kosta became fascinated with the mysteries of the Universe – teaching himself astrology, meditation, astronomy and reading widely on UFOs, comparative religion, science fiction, spirituality, Atlantis, and many other metaphysical topics.

His current passion, and mission, is his web site, and the ETLetsTalk Community.  Community members learn how to make Human-initiated interactive and make a connection with Star People.

Kosta’s People’s Disclosure Movement boasts 650,000+ members in over 100 countries. It is the largest, most widespread movement of its kind. It bypasses governments and authoritative power structures by empowering everyday people to interact directly with ET Star Beings in order to co-create with them a positive future for Earth.

Kosta believes that we are living in a unique, challenging, and wonderful point in history as we transition to a new mode of enlightened and spiritual living where peace reigns between Humanity and all life forms on and off Earth. The information provided in his article explains the importance of the People’s Disclosure Movement and The People’s Love Alliance. You may find the Mission Statement of ETLetsTalk remarkably similar to those of Prepare for Change!  Visions of the Future – Our Mission

Are you interested in becoming a member of ETLetsTalk? It’s absolutely free! Get more information on how to make contact and what to look for.  The website has many resources to draw from and you can view posts from experiencers who share their stories.  Find other CE-5/HICE practitioners and groups located by country, city and state. You can even learn how to start your own group! All this and more is free when you join – Click here to register. 

Find YouTube videos of the ETLetsTalk community and fantastic talks with others in the field of Ufology at

Kosta also has a following on Facebook CE-5 UFO SIRIUS

Get your daily dose of uplifting news to combat the mainstream media propaganda machine on Kosta’s Facebook Page Good News Every Day

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The purpose of the Ascension Connection call is to connect with others and create a cosmic community of like-minded individuals. The calls provide a safe space to share opinions and experiences on higher dimensional topics and are intended to empower people to create a new, harmonious society with love, well-being, unity, and balance.

To fulfil that purpose, we ask that you adhere to our zoom guidelines during the meeting:

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