How Millennials Were Setup To Fail


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The failure of public education

In a previous article called “why millennials hate adulting,” I discuss how, as children, our first introduction into society is through public education. I also make the argument that this is why we hate responsibility.

I discuss the origins of the education system and how education grooms us for society. It doesn’t elevate the individual; it molds them into a section within civilization.

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TedTalk speaker and best-selling author Seth Godin touches on this idea in a discussion when he states the following:

“I need to start by acknowledging that I am NOT a conspiracy theorist; I think most conspiracy theories are groundless …in this case, public education was a conspiracy between government and corporations.

Corporations were petrified that two things would happen when factories started getting efficient: one, that they would run out of factory workers because that would mean that have to pay people a lot, and two, that they would run out of people who wanted to buy stuff.

The typical person in 1880 had two pairs of pants and a pair of shoes, and that was it. The idea of consumer culture was not preordained, and it certainly didn’t exist for the typical person prior to 1900.

So public school was built intentionally by Andrew Carnegie and, Woodrow Wilson, and other people to do two things: [1] train people to become compliant factory workers, sit in straight rows, do what they’re told, follow instructions, and [2] to teach kids that the best way to fit in and feel good was to buy stuff and it’s done a great job at both those things.

And we’re still doing it.”

From Godin’s TedTalk, we see that education was never for our benefit but part of a more extensive agenda. In this sense, it has failed us. But it’s not just education. 

Looking around, we can see other aspects of society that are not for our benefit. In actuality, these aspects of society prey on us.

For one, the consumer culture created by corporations provides us with products that appeal to certain aspects of our being; our minds and bodies.

Essentially corporations are here to make us value safety and comfort.

However, should we be cuddled up, shying away from the responsibility in times of turmoil, inflation, and recession? Or should we take the necessary steps to ensure we come out on top?

The Education of the Mind, Body and Soul

To succeed, we’ll have to realize that we have not been set up for success. Being aware of this serves as a revelation of reality. With this revelation, we’ll realize that we’re going to have to take life into our own hands: we’re going to have to autodidactic, better known as self-educate.

Autodidacticism or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is education without the guidance of masters (such as teachers and professors) or institutions (such as schools). 

Generally, autodidacts are individuals who choose the subject they will study, their studying material, and the studying rhythm and time.

Autodidactism alone is taking on responsibility, which we’ve been taught to shy from, and it will require some thorough work.

But in the process of doing this work, we begin to know more about ourselves and who we sincerely are. Autodidactism makes us more aware of our souls. 

As podcaster Richard Grove states, “continued awakening requires continuous learning.”

With self-education, we become more familiar with who we are – our thoughts, feelings – and what we want to do with our lives. We begin to participate in the ancient practice of “know thyself.”

By educating ourselves, we can identify our likes and dislikes. We can connect with our souls and find out what we want to do here. In a previous article, I talked about our soul and how it was meant to soar, and by taking on the work of self-education, we can understand when our soul soars or creeps and crawls.

With this process of self-education and knowing ourselves, once we become familiar with our souls, we become familiar with our minds and bodies. Our minds are the aspect of us that capture and process information to navigate and experience reality. Our minds communicate to us via thoughts.

Our bodies are the aspect of us that physically experiences reality. It communicates to us through emotions. Emotion is information that we use to experience reality.

So once we become intimately aware of who we are – our trustworthy and divine soul – we begin to use our resources, the body and the mind, to experience life as we want.

The analogy of the onion brain states that we – the soul – are the rider of the horse – our mind:

“Your “horse” is intelligent-it moves on its own, can identify challenges, and will balk at things that appear dangerous or scary. “You,” the rider, are there to set a direction and reassure the “horse” that it’s safe to proceed.”

We can expand upon that analogy deeper by saying we, the rider, have two horses: our mind and body. 

And by autodidactism, we guide this chariot through reality.

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To all Substack writers: the new “performance badges”

I hope you’ll stay with me. This has a Part One and Two. There are unexpected twists and turns. Promise.


So here it is. Substack has turned on a feature. You’ll see little color-coded “badges” next to your names. They represent numbers of your paid subscribers.

There is pushback (as seen in comments, here).

Some of you feel this is unfair. Substack is elevating money as a standard. O the humanity. O the horror.

What happened to ART? It’s drowning a sea of capitalist munch-monsters.

“Those writers who tune their pieces to audience response and acceptance for cash are perverting the original intent of the platform. Throw these money changers out of the temple!”

Substack should resemble the Welfare State. Freebies for all. Then more freebies. Be our Nanny. Hey, can you help a brother out? I need a new computer. And an iPhone.

—Any writer or wannabe writer can have FREE access to Substack, and ALL the technical smoothness its software engineers have devised. This is considerable. Big. “Well, OF COURSE I deserve this.” Bullshit. We’re not talking about Disability. Or a registered charity. Or some kind of Equity Clearinghouse.

Then there is this: the fraudulent mythology which divides writers into two separate classes. Those who do it for love, and those who do it for money.

Newsflash: A writer can do both. He can separate the two. Meaning he writes exactly what he WANTS TO write. And then he does his best to make that make money.

Some writers can’t separate the two actions. That’s not suffering or woe is me or whining or gloom. That’s their problem. They have to figure out how to solve it. They have to learn how to write what they want to write…and then make a living from it.

It’s called earning your way. It’s called the free market. The exchange of value for value. Naked capitalism. “I’ve created something good. Here it is. It’s worth six bucks a month. It’s worth a palace in Monaco if I wanted one, but I’ll settle for six bucks a month.”

That’s my model of a working national economy, and I make no bones about it. The myth of the suffering artist doesn’t rate as an excuse. The archetype of the brilliant artist who was ahead of his time and couldn’t get arrested…is quite real. But it still isn’t an excuse. It isn’t a justification for going Full Nanny.

Because the Big Momma lending a free helping hand always turns out to be a repressive government or big repressive corporation.

The solution being worse than the problem.

Next up: Some writers believe their readers will desert them for other writers who have higher performance badges next to their names.

“You know, I loved reading Marmaduke, but I just saw that Von Clausberg has one of those hot PURPLE badges, so bye bye, Marm.”

I don’t want those readers. They weren’t real to begin with. As far as I’m concerned, they can go to Richard Patterson or the NY Times.

I’ve been writing since I was 17. That’s 67 years. I write every day. So naturally I only value the people who ACTUALLY WANT TO READ my pieces.

If Substack wants to put an orange badge next to my name, that’s OK with me. I don’t care either way. Neither should you.

I can handle “this color code means Jon has a lot of subscribers.”

Somewhere in the pushback and whining and complaining, I’m sensing, “Well, if I DID have thousands of subscribers, I’d be celebrating on the roof top and popping champagne corks and emailing my sister and having a cozy little party with my friends.”

I don’t think that’s a good idea. I think it’s a bad idea.

It means your writing isn’t real writing. On some level, it’s a pose.

You don’t really MEAN it.

If you did mean it, you’d just keep writing.

Going back to where I started — you can write exactly what you want to and still make money. You can care about how many readers and subscribers you have. You can feel pleasure in your belly when the numbers grow. Karl Marx doesn’t care. He’s dead. The nun down the street who took a vow of poverty doesn’t care. She’s busy with other matters.

You’re not in a bubble of being put upon by society. Fuck society. You’re a writer.

Maybe this will make things clearer: DIE ON YOUR SHIELD IF YOU HAVE TO. Scratch out a few last words and shuffle off the mortal coil.

Unless what you’re doing is something else. Something halfway or cutsey-tootsie. In which case, it’s much better to go into another line of work.


Maybe I’m a surrealist. Now I have other things to say about money. We ARE talking about money. It seems this is often the case.

How much you have. How much I have. Whether you have enough. Who wins, who loses.

Money is always there. Our thoughts crawl to it. We ponder it. We build roads in the mind that will lead us to money.

We weaponize and cannonize what we think about money. We make philosophies out of money.

This is why he has too much. This is why he has too little.

Can I transfer some to you. Can you move some to me.

What did we do to arrive at money as a single free-standing element?

How will money lead to more money?

Does money tell us what to do? Do we trudge up a hill to seek advice from money as from a mighty Oracle?

You see, I’m not always as hard-headed as I appear. I take a tough approach for a while…and then something else happens.

I’m not entirely consistent. So be it.

I write about quite different pictures. Different sizes. Different types of pictures.

I take sharp turns in the museum.

So here I go, off on a tangent…

What about money that seems not to be money?

Everything I think I know about cryptocurrency (can fit on the head of a pin)…

…FTX, a major crypto exchange, on which many types of crypto are traded, went belly up. Sam Bankman-Fried, the chief honcho, has filed for Chapter 11 protection. He’s facing prison time. Maybe. People say the whole operation is a Ponzi scheme, and many crypto companies went into the toilet with FTX.

I’ve stayed away from all crypto, because I pay for goods and services with cattle. And occasionally, vials of alligator blood.

A person enters the crypto world by buying it with dollars. Crypto is a collective Idea represented by tokens or digits. In that sense, it’s a fake, a fantasy. But so are dollars.

Except, for example, if your bank goes down, the federal FDIC will cover you for up to $250,000. When your crypto goes down, your naked ass is hanging out in the breeze.

Crypto is basically the invention of annoying tech types who think they’re smarter than everybody else. Many of them have too little or too much hair. Some present with a distinctive wan and gray and somewhat shrunken facial structure.

They believe their fake money is better than the government’s fake money — mainly because their money is only subject to the law of supply and demand, whereas the government fucks with economies by artificially manipulating the supply and the value of their money.


But crypto appears to have its own honchos, some of whom are con artists and carnival barkers and thieves and extensive holders of the very crypto they created. (Much like grifters who launch network marketing companies and automatically sit at the top of long downlines.)

There are “visionary” crypto types who believe their fake money is the gateway to a New World. They can explain why. I don’t have the aptitude or the endurance to listen.

I’m told some people believe bitcoin sprang up as a destiny-tinged product of many minds all seeing the same thing at once. Rather than, say, as a CIA operation (or, say, as the brain child of computer programmer extraordinaire Alan Greenspan [see: The Reese Report interviews Bix Weir about Alan Greenspan]).

“Jesus, Herm, we can secretly invent this crap out of thin air and keep the lion’s share for ourselves. Do you realize what that’ll do for the Agency? We’ll be able to buy half the world outright, once it gets rolling…”

As with any currency, the success of crypto depends on the number of people who will accept it as payment for goods and services. For crypto, THAT number will vary, according to PR, promotion, publicity, propaganda, glitches, rumor, government counter-ops.

Like stocks, you can trade cryptos. You just keep buying and selling them. You’re a speculator. What people are willing to pay (in crypto) causes the value of the currency to rise and fall. I suspect one very rich nerd in Palo Alto on mushrooms can boot crypto way upstairs or way downstairs in 8 seconds.

The whole thing sounds shaky to me. At best. I don’t want to be a speculator in vapor. And I don’t want to find out I can’t locate toilet paper in exchange for crypto downtown in the rain on a Saturday afternoon.

Keeping crypto tokens in a wallet in a secret hiding place in my house seems awkward and faintly absurd. I prefer a flamethrower on the mantle.

Personally (and isn’t money personal?), falling for crypto would be on the order of, oh, let’s see, agreeing to install a group of little Dutch windmills on my car to (hopefully) power it.

When I’m holding regular cash in my hand, I know that if I could trace those bills all the way back to their origin, to their release into the system, to the decision to release them, I would be looking at manipulative predators. I know that. I’ve known it for some time. I’m familiar with the situation.

But if I’m holding crypto, I have no idea who stands at the origin. Is it a software engineer with blank eyes and shrunken genitals operating out of Langley? Is it some Japanese animator with a purported IQ of 219 living in cave on Mt. Fuji? Is it a fat slob in his torn underwear eating a quart of Rocky Road while he watches the NFL Today from his custom couch facing giant picture windows overlooking Seattle?

I want to know. I don’t want the uncertainty.

And that’s why I’m launching Rappoport Crypto. I know everything about it. Upon release into the online aether, I’ll know exactly where I stand.

Believe me, this crypto is different. It’s bulletproof. No one can derail it or trace it. it’s composed of pure emotional energy directed toward the Tomorrow that sits right around the corner for All of us.

You can have some. I can have some. Why not?

My crypto is stranger than strange and faker than fake. Believe me, faker than fake is where you have to go. My crypto is alchemical and electrical and sub-atomic and quarkish. It’s backed by 2599999999999999 tons of holy salt water extracted from unique clam beds off the southern coast of Australia. It’s good for the skin, too. Wrinkles disappear overnight. And yet, at its core, it’s…

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So it can never be overthrown.

That’s the big secret.

If you start with nothing, you’re beyond the reach of cause and effect. You’re skating in a vacuum. You’re firmly balanced while walking on your head.

Time stops. Crowds gather.

You’re dancing through walls and nobody cares about money and we’re all as we were meant to be.

We’ve finally reached the end of the line, and this is the start of something big.

We don’t know what it is, but it doesn’t matter.

The Joke wells up inside us and we see our own tails and bite them.

Money. What a long torturous road we took to get here and find it disappeared and we all have what we need.

Let us raise a glass and toast: TO THAT DAY.

When we know the end is the beginning.

With friendship and love,

— Jon Rappoport

Who Owns the 5G Cellular Towers in the United States?


Cellular towers are critical for the 5G network to function properly – but who owns them?

Cellular towers are steel structures that typically range from 100 to 400 feet in height, that hold communications equipment, and broadcast frequencies for 5G. Indeed, these towers provide the core mobile network coverage for wireless carriers to provide 4G/LTE and now 5G services. However, people are less aware that the cellular towers in the United States are largely controlled by three publicly-traded companies.

Below, we provide a comparison of American Tower, Crown Castle, and SBA Communications. Indeed, these are the three largest cellular tower companies in the United States. Additionally, we discuss the equipment that is owned by the tower company, versus the equipment that is owned by the carrier (i.e., Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile).

United States Cellular Tower Companies – Operator Comparison

American Tower

The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker AMT. Indeed, American Tower owns 40.6k towers in the United States, which represents 23% of the company’s total, of 179k towers globally.

Crown Castle

The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker CCI. Indeed, Crown Castle owns 40.1k towers in the United States, which represents 100% of the company’s total. To clarify, this is because Crown Castle does not operate cellular towers internationally.

SBA Communications

The company trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker SBAC. Indeed, SBA Communications owns 16.5k towers in the United States, which represents 50% of the company’s total, of 32.7k towers globally.

U.S. 5G Cellular Tower Companies

Crown Castle’s Cellular Towers are the Most Urban

Crown Castle has the highest percentage of suburban and urban cellular towers, relative to peers American Tower and SBA Communications. Specifically, 62% of Crown Castle’s towers are located in the top 100 cities in the United States, as compared to American Tower at 45% of the top 100 cities and SBA Communications at 43% of the top 100 cities. For example, these top 100 cities include New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston.

Overall, Crown Castle’s cellular towers are located in more urban and suburban environments, which is particularly important for 5G. Whereas American Tower and SBA Communications are more skewed towards rural environments. Therefore, initial C-Band deployments, for mid-band 5G, may also disproportionately favor Crown Castle’s more urban tower portfolio.

Countries of Operation – by Cellular Tower Operator

American Tower

The company operates in 20 different countries around the world. Specifically, American Tower’s six largest markets by number of towers are the United States, India, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Nigeria.

Crown Castle

The company only operates in the United States. Furthermore, Crown Castle has publicly-stated that it is currently not interested in expanding internationally.

SBA Communications

The company operates in 10 different markets. Specifically, SBA Communications’ significant markets include the United States, Brazil, and South Africa.

Key Tenants – by Cellular Tower Operator

A tower company’s customer base primarily comprises the largest wireless carriers in the countries that it operates in. Even though American Tower, Crown Castle, and SBA Communications operate outside the United States, the U.S. carriers still comprise the majority of their overall revenue.

American Tower

The company’s three largest tenants are AT&T (19% of revenues), T-Mobile (18% of revenues), and Verizon (14% of revenues).

Crown Castle

The company’s three largest tenants are T-Mobile (35% of revenues), AT&T (22% of revenues), and Verizon (18% of revenues).

SBA Communications

The company’s three largest tenants are T-Mobile (40% of revenues), AT&T (32% of revenues), and Verizon (19% of revenues).

Tenants per Tower (United States) – by Cellular Tower Operator

Overall, the United States has 154k towers, with a 2.3x tenancy ratio, equating to 354k tenants. Importantly, American Tower, Crown Castle, and SBA Communications host a significant portion of all the tenants in the United States.

American Tower

The company has a 2.6x tenancy ratio, equating to 106k tenants on its 40.6k towers in the United States.

Crown Castle

The company has a 2.1x tenancy ratio, equating to 84k tenants on its 40.1k towers in the United States.

SBA Communications

The company has a 2.1x tenancy ratio, equating to 35k tenants on its 16.5k towers in the United States.

With tenancy ratios above 2.0x on average, this means that many of the cellular tower companies have 2 to 3 tenants on each of their towers. In turn, this means that a combination of AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile all place their equipment on the same towers, since they are the primary tenants in the United States. Indeed, cellular tower tenancy ratios are expected to increase further as 5G requires further densification of tenants on towers.

Digital Infrastructure Owned by the Tower Companies

Digital Infrastructure is the physical link driving 5G connectivity as Internet traffic, mobile data traffic, and data storage needs increase. Specifically, the four sectors of digital infrastructure, include towers, data centers, fiber, and small cells & distributed antenna systems (DAS). Indeed, American Tower and Crown Castle also have part of their operations in adjacent digital infrastructure sectors.

digital infrastructure

American Tower

The company owns ~500 distributed antenna system (DAS) networks and 1,774 DAS nodes. Specifically, 407 of these DAS nodes are in the United States, 1,079 of these DAS nodes are in India, and 231 of these DAS nodes are in Latin America, with the remainder being in Africa and Europe.

Crown Castle

The company owns 80k route miles of fiber and ~48k small cells on-air.

SBA Communications

The company owns no material assets in these other sectors. Indeed, SBA Communications is the most pure-play tower company of the three.

What Does the Carrier and Tower Company Own?

While the cellular tower asset may seem like a simple steel structure that is owned by American Tower, Crown Castle, and SBA Communications, it is actually more complex. Specifically, the cellular tower consists of both active and passive infrastructure, which work together to allow services like 5G to function.

A carrier, (i.e., Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) owns the active infrastructure to broadcast frequencies, including those of 5G. Whereas a tower company, (i.e., American Tower, Crown Castle, and SBA Communications) owns the passive infrastructure, to host this carrier equipment, including 5G antennas and radios.

Below, we discuss some of the distinctions between the two types of infrastructure using American Tower and Verizon as examples.

Active Infrastructure vs. Passive Infrastructure

Tower sites operated by a Tower Company (American Tower) tend to be macro sites. Indeed, these are large physical cellular towers, independent of a building, housing “macro cells”.

The Tower Company (American Tower) typically has ownership of the physical infrastructure of the tower site. Specifically, this ownership includes the land & any ground leases, the physical tower (excluding electronics & cabling), on-site shelters for equipment (such as baseband units) and the provision of energy access to the sites, including a back-up generator for continuous operation.

The Carrier (Verizon) will lease space at a site to place its electronic equipment, including antennas and baseband units. Indeed, this lease contract will also have an agreement for power to the tower site.

The Tower Company (American Tower) leases space on these cellular towers to the Carrier (Verizon) through long-term agreements (i.e., 10 to 15 years) for hosting their equipment. Indeed, these leases consist of providing the Carrier (Verizon), which is a tenant, vertical space on a cellular tower and portions of the land underneath for their equipment.

As it relates to 5G, American Tower owns the “passive Infrastructure” component of the cellular tower. Whereas, Verizon owns and manages the “active infrastructure” on the cellular tower needed for 5G services.

What Does the Carrier and Cellular Tower Company Own

Active Infrastructure Owned by the Carrier (above pink) Includes:

#1-4: tower antenna, #5: radio link (transport), and #6: feeder (coaxial cable).

Passive Infrastructure Owned by the Tower Company (above dark blue) Includes:

#7: mast, #8: shelters, #9: generator, and #10: land and ground.

More specific examples for both active and passive infrastructure are shown above, on the right.


Facts About The Great Pyramid At Giza That Still Have No Explanation


There are numerous ancient archaeological sites all over this planet that are without explanation. The Great Pyramids at Giza are a great example of this. The modern explanation, taught in ancient civilization classes within our educational institutions, is that they were built by human labor and ingenuity to be a tomb for the Pharaoh Khufu, despite professional Egyptologists dismissing these claims time and time again.

The Great Pyramid contains so many incredible facts that have led to questions that remain unanswerable to this day.  Another interesting point to note is the fact that multiple pyramids were built all over the planet at different time periods by civilizations that had no contact with each other whatsoever.

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I recently wrote about the controversial Bosnian pyramid complex, which may be 30,000 years old for example. You can read more about that here.

Most Egyptologists estimate between 2.3 and 2.6 million blocks of stone were used to build the great pyramid. It’s important to keep in mind that it originally had an outer casing of white limestone blocks that were perfectly polished and fitted. For thousands of years, it supposedly looked like a gleaming, white structure like no other. Keep in mind, we are talking about structures that were built sometime  between 10,500 BC and 3,500 BC. Over time, earthquakes and erosion were responsible for what we see today.

What power could have moved these stones? Each stone has been estimated to weigh approximately between 2 and 20 tonnes each. Think about that, that’s 2.5 million blocks of stone that weight between 2 and 20 tonnes each. How did they cut the blocks with laser like precision and fit them perfectly in place? How did they lift and transport the rocks from their original position? How did they move across the terrain, dessert, water, and sand and then lift them on top of each other in order to build the pyramid?

Even if the workers had achieved the impossible and unimaginable feat of ten blocks piled up on top of each other a day, they would have assembled the 2.5 million stone blocks into the stone pyramid in about 250,000 days, that’s 664 years, not even long enough for the one whom it was supposedly built for to see its completion.

The facts above bring me to my next point.

Building the great pyramids would require the use of millions of people, even at that in my opinion it seams unfathomable -but the number of people is up for debate and differs among many. There would have had to have been a number of mathematicians, engineers, farmers, merchants, an army, slaves and more involved. The point is, could they ALL have lived on the Nile Delta? Think about it, world population at the time was only between 3-7 million. Again, think about the amazing craftsmanship that remains unmatched even til this day, think about the total population of Earth at the time. The population of Egypt alone wouldn’t have been enough. How would they have brought more people in? From where? How would they have housed them all? Fed them all?  Transported them all? Perhaps they did?

“We know next to nothing about the how, why, and when of the building of the pyramid. An artificial mountain, some 490 feet high and weighing 6.5 million tons, stands there as evidence of an incredible achievement, and this monument is supposed to be nothing more than the burial place of an extravagant king! Anyone who can believe that explanation is welcome to it….”

Erich Von Daniken, Chariots of The Gods.

The overall precision of the Great Pyramid is Breathtaking.

It’s 750 feet long at each base, situated along the four cardinal points: North, South, East and West. The ratio of its circumference to its original height is equal to the value of pi: 3.14. This is something that’s not supposed to have been known for more than another millenniumTheir mathematical and astronomical knowledge and the acquisition of that knowledge remains a complete mystery to modern day scholars.

They were also amazing geographers, perhaps one of the greatest mysteries is the fact that the Great Pyramid is positioned exactly at the latitude and longitude lines that contain more land and less sea than any other place on Earth. It’s right in the ‘geographical’ center of the Earth. This fact alone (out of many) suggest that the builders also knew a great deal about the geography of our planet. It’s hard to imagine they could complete all of this without some sort of aerial view. Again, how this knowledge was obtained remains a mystery.

There is a meridian running through the pyramids that divides the continents and oceans into two exactly equal halves. How could this be done? Is this, as well as the Pi phenomenon just a coincidence? There are too many coincidences for me to believe it to be so.  Not only is the actual construction of the pyramids a great mystery, its mathematical, astronomical and geographical significance and precision is even more of a mystery.

I think it’s also interesting to note that if you multiply the height of the pyramid by a thousand million, you are left with 98,000,000 miles, which corresponds approximately to the distance between the earth and the sun.Prior to the 20th century, there was no other human civilization that could have considered replicating it, or come close to doing so. Another astonishing fact is that the Great Pyramid’s base is at I:43,200 which is a mathematical representation of the northern hemisphere.

“In other words, during all the centuries of darkness experienced by Western civilization when knowledge of our planet’s dimensions was lost to us, all we ever really needed to rediscover that knowledge was to measure the height and base perimeter of the Great Pyramid and multiply by 43,200. How likely is this to be an accident?” – Graham Hancock. Fingerprints of the Gods.

The Orion Mystery

There no doubt that the pyramids were designed to fulfill multiple functions. Perhaps some of the most intriguing is not its mathematical correlations to the Earth, but its correlations to the stars. Did you know that the southern shaft of the King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid was “targeted like a gun-barrel on the Belt of Orion” (Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock) during the Great Pyramid Age?  The Queen’s chamber was sighted on the star Sirius during the same time. More discoveries have also been made that correlated the Pyramids at Giza and Orion’s Belt.

“They’re slated (stars of Orion’s Belt) along a diagonal in a south-westerly direction relative to the axis of the Milky Way and the pyramids are slanted along a diagonal in south-westerly direction relative to the axis of the Nile. If you look carefully on a clear night you’ll also see that the smallest of the three stars, the one at the top which the Arabs call Mintaka, is slightly offset to the east of the principal diagonal formed by the other two. This pattern is mimicked on the ground where we see that the Pyramid of Menkaure  is offset by exactly the right amount to east of the principal diagonal formed by the Pyramid of Khafre (which represents the middle star) and the Great Pyramid, which represents the last . It’s really quite obvious that all of these monuments were laid out according to a unified site plan that was modeled with extraordinary precision on those three stars. What they did at Giza was to build Orion’s belt on the ground.”

Robert Bauval (From The Fingerprints of the Gods, pg. 443)

Today, researchers have been able to use sophisticated computer programming that is capable of plotting the precessionally induced changes in the declinations of all the stars visible in the sky, in any part of the world and at any time period. How the Egyptians were able to do this on their own, supposedly without any instruments like we have today, is mind altering. Research has shown that the Pyramids at Giza and Orion’s Belt were  generally correlated in all epochs, except one.

“At 10,450 BC – and at that date only- we find that the pattern of the pyramids on the ground provides a perfect reflection of the pattern of the stars in the sky. I mean it’s a perfect match-faultless – and it cannot be an accident because the entire arrangement correctly depicts two very unusual celestial events that occurred only at that time. ”

Robert Bauval (From The Fingerprints of the Gods, pg. 443)

The earth’s axial precession occurs in a cycle every 26,000 years. This is the phenomenon that alters the declination of all visible stars from Earth,

“Thus from its highest point at the meridian transit it takes the stars of Orion’s belt about 13,000 years to descend to the low point, last registered in 10,450 BC, that is immortalized in stone on the Giza plateau. As another 13,000 years pass, the belt stars very slowly rise again until the belt is back at 58 degrees again,; then during the next 13,000 years they gradually fall once more to the last point registered in 10,450 BC. This cycle is eternal: 13,000 years up, 13,000 years down, 13,000 years up, 13,000 years down, for ever.”

“It’s the precise configuration for 10,450 BC that we see on the Giza plateau -as though a master-architect came here in that epoch and decided to lay out a huge map on the ground using a mixture of natural and artificial features. He used the meridional course of the Nile Valley to depict the Milky Way, as it looked then. He built the three pyramids to represent the three stars, exactly as they looked then. And he put the three pyramids in exactly the same relationship to the Nile Valley as the three stars then had to the Milky Way. It was a very clever, very ambitious, very exact way to mark an epoch – to freeze a particular date into architecture if you like.”

Robert Bauval (From The Fingerprints of the Gods,pg 445)

I’m going to stop here, but the list goes on and on. The pyramids at Giza are truly a mystery, who knows, maybe one day we will find out the truth behind their construction. I personally believe, from everything I’ve examined, that these structures were also used for out of body experiences, and other parapsychological phenomenon, perhaps even energy generation. I also think that there is valid reason to believe that we have not been told the entire story about these ancient monuments in Egypt, that archaeological facts and discovery have been twisted and kept from the masses, information that would  change our entire current knowledge of true ancient history. But those are just my beliefs.

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Stay Warm & Well All Winter Long While Cutting Your Heating Bills


“The bottom line to this essay is heat yourself, not your home,” and I will show the most cost-effective way to do that with infrared. The cost of heating your home is going up so high, and it might become impossible to stay warm this winter. We have decades of global cooling coming our way because of what is happening to the sun. For way too many people, what you will read in this essay could quickly become a matter of survival.

I am launching this newsletter just as a vast arctic air mass is moving down from Canada to crush all ideas of global warming. More than half of the United States will be buried in snow by the 24th of November, launching extreme winter conditions six weeks before winter. Look at the weather maps moving through time to see what is coming.

The next 30 years will be cold,” says prominent climate scientist Dr. Willie Soon. “We are already in a very weak solar activity state,” said Dr. Soon, “weaker than the active state of the 1980s/90s. This reduced spell of activity we’re in now started in 2008 and is expected to last until 2050. The next three decades will be “a very interesting time to be living because we have another 30-years of the possibility of cooling.” This scientist knows what he is talking about so don’t pay any attention to the press or politicians who only know how to lie.

A recent Survey revealed that 70% of U.K. adults are planning to heat their homes less this winter as fuel prices soar. The survey also revealed that about 25% of the U.K. population plans to ‘TURN OFF’ their heating altogether this winter. It’s a tough situation to be in, to say the least, as we need to stay warm to keep well. As early as this winter, it could cost us a ridiculous amount of money to heat our homes. Money that many do not have.

In some places like Kyiv, they are warning residents that they must prepare for the worst this winter — and that means having no electricity, water, or heat in the freezing cold. If diesel supplies continue to be in short supply, many Americans could face the same thing. Think I am being dramatic? Read these headlines:

‘It’s going to be pretty bad’: This part of the U.S. is hurtling towards a winter heating crisis, and consumers could pay the highest prices in decades.

I expect a tsunami of shutoffs: 20 million American households are now behind an average of $788 on their utility bills.

ANTARCTICAS LATEST -60C (-76F) Coldest READING EVER RECORDED. It logged its coldest’ coreless winter’ (April-Sept) in 2021.

Some people find that even when they have their heating on full blast, they are still cold. Medical science is pretty clear that there are a lot of health issues that can result if we turn the heating down or even off and stay cold at home. Not only is it misery, but our immune systems are mathematically tied to body temperature. That spells big trouble no matter who we are, but it spells disaster for cancer patients who need all the immune strength they can get.

Give me a fever, and I can cure every disease.


The World Health Organization Working Group studies have identified that the temperature drops in your home can cause serious cardiovascular and heart issues like strokes and heart attacks. When the temperature in your home drops below 18 degrees Celsius, your health is at risk. Also, when you are at home and sitting most of the time, not moving enough, this can increase pain and inflammation.

I am delighted to tell all my readers that there is a way to stay warm and well all day and dramatically reduce your heating bills. Even better, even if disaster strikes and your power goes down, and you have reserve batteries, you can walk around comfortably and survive the bitter cold. I am talking about, drum roll, please, battery-powered infrared vests and jackets. The vests, though more expensive, are more powerful.

This kind of clothing could easily mean the difference between life and death in a world where winters will be more brutal. Until now, my best recommendations were infrared mattresses, which remain in your bed primarily for use at night. And unless you have expensive solar power, their downside is if you lose your energy, you lose the beautifully comfortable feeling that only infrared mats can provide. Not so with these infrared jackets. I have always told my patients that the only piece of medical equipment you can fall in love with is our infrared mats. They are that yummy, and there is a long list of benefits that medicine recognizes. (See Below)

Heating Times On One Battery

Red: 3-4 hours, 50 Celsius

Blue: 5-7 hours, 40 Celsius

Green: 7-8 hours, 30 Celsius

I am talking about being warm at the touch of a button anywhere, anytime. This is possible with a Far Infrared Radiance Gilet, which is their vest. The testimonies I have read say they are very light and easy to use. The Radiance Infrared gilet is the most convenient and least expensive way to stay warm and treat yourself to infrared therapy all day. So you get all the benefits of far- infrared throughout the day. In reality, it is not just to keep warm but to receive potent medical treatments as you walk around doing your daily routine.

The gilet will no doubt help us to keep calm, feeling good, energized and relaxed during our days and when one is suffering from inflammation and pain it has got to be a great help.

And the great news is not only will it help us improve our health as we wear it daily, but it will also save you a fortune and have paid for itself in a month or two with the price of heating our homes going through the roof. In a cooling world with skyrocketing energy prices, this sounds just perfect.

Though there are hundreds of cold stories from this past decade, perhaps it is an excellent time to revisit what happened a few years ago. The Texas grid failure quickly morphed into a public health crisis as millions froze with temperatures near zero. Rolling power outages were in effect as some of the coldest air ever poured into the central U.S. The crisis even spread into Mexico. Prices of electricity surged more than 4,000% in two days in Oklahoma.

For thousands of years, Chinese medicine recognized cold (and heat) as the principal causes of disease. Today, we have the problem of cold temperatures outside and inside our homes. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends indoor temperatures of at least 64 degrees F and raises that to 70 degrees for households that include infants, elderly members, or frail individuals.

Women chill more quickly than men — they have lower resting metabolic rates, and their higher estrogen levels amplify their blood vessels’ response to cold. As a result, older adults can lose body heat faster than when they were young. In addition, changes in your body that come with aging can make it harder for you to be aware of getting cold. A big chill can become a dangerous problem before an older person knows what’s happening.

Coldness is not a trivial matter. A sufficient body temperature is more than just a cozy and pleasant feeling. Proper body heat is one of the fundamental pillars of good health. Warmth equates with vibrant health, strength, and vitality.

As the body’s core temperature decreases, cellular energy also decreases. There is a decrease in the production of hormones, neurotransmitters, and other body chemicals necessary for normal healthy regulation.

Chinese medicine understands that cold contracts and obstructs. Cold syndromes can present themselves with various symptoms: pale complexion, preference for warmth, a bland taste, cold limbs, fatigue, clear profuse urine, loose bowels, and thin and transparent body discharges.

Though infrared jackets would be fantastic for anyone in winter, imagine how it would be a perfect answer for a patient like this:

“I constantly feel cold,” explained Mrs. Shiver when I asked her about her body temperature. “How about putting on an extra jacket and some warm socks?” I inquired further. “It doesn’t help. I drink hot tea and wear warm clothes as if it were winter year-round. The coldness comes from deep down inside of me. I only feel warm while taking a hot bath or in the sauna. But I can’t just sit in the bathtub all day now, can I?”

The company that sells the jackets and vests does free consultations to help you. They have a full line of infrared equipment, and they are located in England. On the other side of the Atlantic, in the United States, is another company with a full line of infrared equipment. As you will see below, they have a budget infrared mattress with a five-year guarantee for only 360 dollars.

Far Infrared Bed Mattress

Infrared mattresses are the best medical devices for elevating internal body temperature and keeping warm on cold nights. Far infrared light penetrates deep into the body, warming and stimulating our cells with frequencies that nurture and strengthen while providing blessed pain relief and relaxation. They are beautiful pieces of FDA-approved therapeutic devices that improve circulation and cardiovascular function, improve the immune system, relieve pain, burn calories, ease joint pain, and reduce stress.

With a far-infrared sleeping mattress, you can turn the heat down in the house at night and heat your body. It pays for itself in colder climates just with the reduced heating costs. As the cold seasons become more bitterly cold, and as one fights the flu or any other kind of illness, one will want an infrared mattress. When one is suffering from the flu, there is no place better to be

My best recommendation for people on a budget is to get a vest or jacket from England and a lower-cost infrared mattress from the United States. This would cover health/medical treatment needs and security against the increasing cold without spending a fortune. In addition, I would strongly recommend purchasing extra batteries for the vests and jackets!

The FDA approves infrared therapy to:

Relieves minor muscle pain in areas where applied

Increases blood circulation in areas where applied

Reduces stress and fatigue

Soothes and relaxes

Eases minor joint pain, and stiffness

Supports the immune system

Improved sleep (if associated with pain relief)

Reduced inflammation (where applied)

Increased tissue oxygen (due to increased circulation where applied)

Minor muscular back pain

Temporary relief of sprains and strains

Temporary relief of minor muscle and joint pain and stiffness

Temporary relief of joint pain associated with arthritis

Temporary relief of muscle spasms

Temporary increase of local circulation where applied

Relaxation of muscles

Promotes relaxation by application of heat

Promotes restful sleep for those with occasional sleeplessness


Hyperthermia is serious medicine for cancer and a long list of other ailments. Professor Abo from Japan confirmed a 40% improvement in the function of the immune system by raising the body temperature by only 1.8° Fahrenheit. Another scientist, Ishihara Yumi, Ph.D. (Japan), established that our immune system is much stronger when the body temperature is increased by 1.8°; inversely, the immune system is weakened by 30% if the body temperature is lowered by 1.8°.

Remember, death is cold life is warm. So please believe me when I say we need all the warmth we can get when fighting cancer.

Cancer Course




Special Offer: My 100 lesson course on cancer at eighty percent off the regular price of 500 dollars. So your cost will be only 99 dollars. The course is part of a doctoral program at Da Vinci University and, when taken for credit, costs 1,000 Euros for both parts.


The CDC is now blocking my emails. And they were lying about myocarditis.

They are now blocking all my emails. If you’d like to help me reach the CDC, please take a minute and fill out this volunteer form. Be sure to check the box in the computer skills section:

Once a month, a coordinator will send you the email and a random number of CDC email addresses. So it’s a minute of your time or less, maybe once a month.

I only have 22 responses on my myocarditis survey so far. If you haven’t filled it out, please do!

The results are here.

Key conclusions:

  1. You can see that for everyone who took the survey, the rate of myocarditis skyrocketed after the vaccines rolled out, contrary to what the medical community believes.

  2. The rate per month increased by more than a factor of 10 on average. This is what the CDC means by a “slight increase.” Good thing it wasn’t a major increase!!!

My responders are collectively seeing 135 cases of myocarditis in people under age 25 per month since the vaccines rolled out for young people.

So let’s be super conservative and say that these healthcare workers are the ONLY ones in the ENTIRE US seeing these rare events. So 135/month * 12 months = 1,620 cases per year for people under 25.

This is amazing because this is more than all the known cases in just my first 20 healthcare workers to respond!!!

Now, I’m pretty sure that there are more than 20 of my readers that are seeing these cases. And my reach is less than 1% of all healthcare workers.

So this gives a conservative extrapolation of well over 100,000 cases of myocarditis / pericarditis for people under age 25.

This is not what the CDC thinks. From this article from NBC News:

Of the hundreds of millions of Covid vaccine doses given in the U.S. since late 2020, there have been around 1,000 reports of vaccine-related myocarditis or pericarditis in children under age 18, primarily young males, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

And then of course are the propaganda articles like this one from GAVI claiming that the benefits > risks. Well the risks are around 1 in a million of dying from COVID. How do they know that the vaccine is killing fewer than 1 in 10 million kids they vaccinate? Well, they don’t.

The GAVI article says:

The CDC researchers estimated there might be a maximum of 70 cases of myocarditis out of a million second doses given to boys ages 12 to 17, but that the vaccine would prevent 5,700 infections, 215 hospitalisations and two deaths.

Well, it looks like 100,000 cases and let’s say all kids are vaccinated. So that’s 5,000 cases of myocarditis per million. So it’s not 70… they are off by close to a factor of 100.

It is a no brainer not to vaccinate kids. There is no safety study showing that the vaccine kills fewer than 1 person per million doses. The benefits cannot outweigh the risks. There is no data on this.

But there is data suggesting the CDC is wildly inaccurate about the myocarditis rates.

If the CDC has a more definitive survey of healthcare workers, I’d love to see it.

Hopefully, with your help (per the previous section), we’ll be able to ask them that question.

The CDC doesn’t like being held accountable. They are blocking my emails and refusing to do surveys that would clearly reveal that they’ve been lying to people about the myocarditis rates. The survey took me all of 5 minutes to put together and send out. Why is the CDC incapable of doing such a survey?

Please fill out my volunteer form so I can bypass their block.