Did SBF Buy Puff-Piece Propaganda?

Zero Hedge | Nov. 17, 2022

As FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried faces extradition to the USA following his fund’s commingled asset implosion, one might be a bit confused about the gravity of the situation given recent press coverage.

For example, the NY Times on Monday published a cowering puff-piece which mentioned exactly none of the major accusations against the well-connected Democrat mega-donor.


The New Humans – Sophia Love

It is the One.

There are things scheduled to come to pass that you need to be aware of. These things will infiltrate your regularly scheduled activities and become predominant in your minds.

It will be a major mind-shift, as your thoughts become pre-occupied with larger and life-altering changes on a regular basis.

You are not accustomed to proceeding through your days this way, and it will be an adjustment.

You are about to experience the intensity of global alteration in your lifetime. This is not something you are witnessing from a distance.
This is something you are participating in, as well as creating
Because of your level of participation, it will occupy your conscious mind.

The switch then, of which is spoken here, is from a part-time hobby of focus on Ascension – to full-time engagement.

Not only will you be told the truth of what is going on and its impact on your daily life, but, along with a remembering of your purpose and your truth, you’ll also immediately grasp your role.

Your life is about to feel a great deal more engaged than it does now. One day you’ll look back on this time and say, “This is when the fun started.”

For you are each here with a mission and your life has been taking place in preparation for that mission. Without conscious awareness of specifics, you’ve placed yourselves in the precise locations with the correct people in order for you to be successful. A part of you always knew the truth and a part of you operated from that knowing.

You have talents and experience both, to carry out a successful transference for and with the occupants of planet earth.

The change will be of massive proportions. Earth’s occupants are not used to considering how their actions impact the population on a larger scale. This is the sort of thinking that will be thrust upon them.

Once truth emerges, it will be evident that everything has been a lie and all of society has been co-opted to generate submission, obedience, slavery, and in a word – FEAR. These are not attributes of a healthy society but a sick one.

Earth’s society has been manipulated to become and remain sick and complacent. The institutions that have been set-up “supposedly” for your benefit, such as medical and educational, in fact do just the opposite. They are geared towards dependence rather than independence, illness rather than vitality, and compliance rather than intelligence.

What you will learn, and quickly now, is that you were born with the capacity for brilliance and joy. These things have been beaten to dullness through repetition, competition, slavery and debt.

As the depth of Earth’s capture sinks in, and your purpose is once again activated, your life will drastically change. Your mind will never be bored or dulled. Instead, you will utilize that unused portion of your brain to contemplate possible solutions and invent new alternatives.

In every area these are needed – food, commerce, transportation, medicine, mental health, finances, construction, faith, education, child-care, etc. This is a partial list that merely scratches the surface of what will be changing.

Your entire society will transform while you are living in it, and the process will take decades to be complete.

You are the New Humans and here to begin the process now. It will not be burdensome, but joyful. The capacity you hold is unknown to you, and once you access it, you will experience ease and satisfaction in the use of your abilities. You have come to change the world and the time to begin is upon you.

You are in for such a treat. It will be worth every step taken.

That is all.


Sophia’s Website: https://www.sophialove.org/

The Biderman Report of 1956 and Covid-1984: Methods for Eliciting Individual Compliance

GRAPHIC: The New York Times/Matt Chase

‘The truth, when you finally chase it down is almost always far worse than your darkest visions and fears.’ — Hunter S. Thompson

In 1956, there was a study of the impacts of trauma-based mind control on Korean War prisoners detained by communists in North Korea and China. It was call the Biderman Report. Another document followed in 1961. What follows are observations from those documents.

The fear of being controlled by others, with the consequent loss of the autonomy, is believed to be fundamental to the conception of the self and the will.

The discordian Communists believe that individuals can be “changed” in some fundamental way by devious and mysterious acts of influence. Certainly, Communist practitioners of “thought reform” visualize the creation of a “new man” as their objective.

For further reading:

Raymond Bauer has noted the resemblance of the concept of “brainwashing” to demonology. The idea of the “brainwashed” does not differ greatly from that of the “possessed.”

“The battle for the mind” fought against “the hidden persuader” has many elements of the occult.

Communist indoctrination practices, the western concept of “brainwashing,” in terms akin to “possession,” is matched by the Communists’ exorcism view of what they seek and how to achieve it.

Viewing the issue in magical or diabolical terms is not an altogether irrational analogy, given the existence of those who simultaneously practice and seek perfection of the means for controlling behavior and conceive of their efforts as directed toward “possessing the will” of their victims.

Practitioners of “thought reform” seek “real” changes in beliefs and values. They demand that the victim be “honest, sincere and full” in his “self-examination, repentance and change”.

One final test of loyalty demands that the prisoner act as though he hates himself with the intensity of the phony criminal definition that the system has placed upon him. This is why the race identitarian racket — such as communist-inspired struggle sessions and kow towing — are layered with the scamdemic coercions.

The coercion practiced by the Branch Covidian crime syndicate is a dead ringer that checks off all the boxes used as communist coercive methods. Exam the chart below closely.

Coercive control is an act or a pattern of acts of assault, threats, humiliation and intimidation or other abuse that is used to harm, punish, or frighten their victim. Complex situations, symbols and small cues arouse potent reactions entirely because of the interpretation put upon them.

Coercive control is a strategic form of ongoing oppression and terrorism used to instill fear. The abuser will use tactics, such as limiting access to movement, basic human rights and liberty — or monitoring all communication as a control effort.

Chief Medical Officer Says Canadians Who Refuse Vaccine Won’t Have “Freedom to Move Around” – https://t.co/PJNCQ9lUnw

— Winter Watch (@New_Nationalist) December 5, 2020

Coercion is used to produce conformity, generating fears that the conformity produced is insincere, generating in turn further coercion to make it “sincere.” The abhorrence of these practices by those subjected to them makes the fears of the controllers well founded and further reinforces the vicious circle. Malingering as a counter-method, such as I described in my posts and podcasts on gray-man and Eddie-Haskell tactics, is a time-honored method.

Read “Russ Winter Joins ‘The Wisdom Circle’ (Dave Scorpio, Giuseppe Vafanculo, Chris Weinert) for a Timely Conversation”

The brain, like other organs of the human body, exists in an “internal milieu” that is maintained in a remarkably steady state by a great number of feedback mechanisms, some quite complex. Any disturbance in the constancy of this milieu brings into play homeostatic responses that may involve the great majority of bodily processes as well as the activities of the person as a whole.

Isolation, sleep loss, hunger and fatigue are direct assaults upon the brain, depriving the brain of the substrate of its operations.

People who enter prison or lock downs with attitudes of foreboding, apprehension and helplessness generally do less well than those who enter with assurance and a conviction that they can deal with anything that they may encounter.

Isolation is a cornerstone of coercive compliance methods by the controllers. It has been liberally applied throughout the scamdemic.

The experiments of Hebb and others concerned themselves with “sensory deprivation.”

Mask wearing — not visually seeing humans as humans — is very much sensory deprivation.

The subjects, via lockdowns, are deprived of the opportunity for purposeful activity. All of their other bodily needs were satisfied: food, fluids, rest, etc. Yet, after a few days, the mental activities of the participants began to go awry. Their capacity to carry out complex tasks and to perform well on psychological tests fell.

Over time, unless the targets take measures of noncompliance, this will only get worse.

It is well known that isolated prisoners, especially if they have not been isolated before, may develop a syndrome similar in most of its features to the “brain syndrome”. They cease to care about their utterances, dress and cleanliness. They become dulled, apathetic and depressed. In due time, they become disoriented and confused. Their memories become defective, and they experience hallucinations and delusions. In these circumstances their capacity for judgment and discrimination is much impaired. Induced exhaustion and debilitation follows.

The Branch Covidians beta tested isolation and subsequent euthanasia on the elderly all during the scamdemic, which was the kiss of death for those seniors. This is standard coercion method as practiced by satanic Branch Covidians.

Read “A New Religious Cult Has Emerged: The Branch Covidians”

Monopolization of perception, such as censoring information, is run along side isolation. The criminals behind the societal breakdown feign “omnipotence” and “omniscience,” often making appeals to authority, especially something called “science.” Meanwhile, they freely make a mockery of the rules as applied to themselves- classic Satanism. Create money from nothing, ultimately taking down economy for regular people, then loot whatever is left.

Read “The Branch Covidians: A Lengthy List of Hypocritical Politicos Who Practice Marie Antoinette Morality”

Threats, often petty, become commonplace. Enforcing trivial demands, such as the number of people allowed in a gathering, becomes the norm.

With regularity, the controllers become unpredictable and grant indulgences, such as temporarily ending curfews and limitations on gatherings.  They may even allow folks to go back to church or play sports. This is to remind people of what they’ve been missing. Then the rug is pulled out from under them again, like a form of cruel Chinese mental water torture.

The notion that the action of the brain, and thereby the action of an individual, might be controlled directly is an ancient one. Electrical brain stimulation was one of the methods “Big Brother” used in Orwell’s 1984 to control his subjects. Cortical stimulation might elicit “memory” and some spontaneous verbalization of information.

Second, animal experiments raised the possibility that subjective experiences from subcortical stimulation might be so intense as to provide a basis for the administration of reinforcements of unprecedented strength. Also, the possibility was raised that organisms might be made more “teachable” by direct interventions of this kind.

A constant supply of oxygen must be brought to the brain by the blood in the amount of approximately 50 cc per minute. The most common way by which the brain becomes deprived of oxygen is by failure of circulation. This could be delivered in Branch Covidian vaccines with additives that cross the blood/brain barrier.

Transient circulatory failure is also involved in “emotional fainting,” which occurs as a result of an acute fall in blood pressure produced by an “emotional” stimulus, such those as described in the coercion methods above.

Diet Change and Starvation

The prolonged deficiency of protein and fat, which is usual in general starvation, very probably contributes to changes in brain function occurring under these circumstances. More immediate and readily recognizable changes in brain function occur when the diet is relatively deficient in one of the accessory foodstuffs, or vitamins, that the body cannot produce itself, but that it requires in small but precise amounts.

Read “The Impossible Whopper Estrogen Burger: Helping Men Grow Boobies Since 2019”

Among these, the “B” group of vitamins are the most immediately relevant to the brain, probably because they take part in various processes of carbohydrate metabolism. A relative deficiency of thiamin (vitamin B1) causes beriberi; a deficiency of niacin causes pellagra; a deficiency of vitamin B12 causes pernicious anemia; and a deficiency of pyridoxine (vitamin B6) causes nervousness, insomnia, weakness, abdominal pain and difficulty in walking. All these diseases may be associated with pronounced changes in brain function. Beriberi and pellagra have been endemic among prisoners of war from time immemorial. Protect yourselves from this deficiency during these times.

Then there are Branch Covidian vaccines, pharma drugs and water and food poisonings of various sorts. The internal milieu of the brain contains a number of organic and inorganic substances in solution, and the concentration of each of these is also maintained at a remarkably steady level. Disturbances in the concentration of any of these substances, upward, downward or in their relative proportions, may impair brain function.

People deprived of food very soon develop a persistent hunger, which does not leave them until death approaches or nutrition is restored. Accompanying this hunger, there is a constant preoccupation with food, which may encompass the greater part of waking thoughts and activity. In the most advanced stages of inanition, defects of memory, confusion, hallucinations, delusions and intellectual deficits become evident. The template for this is the Bolshevist Halódómar in Ukraine in the 1930s.

Read “‘2021 Will Be Catastrophic’ – UN Warns Of Humanitarian Crisis As 270 Million People May Starve”


As impairment of brain function continues, concern about “accuracy,” “propriety,” “moral rectitude,” “honor” and “feelings of other people,” and similar “socially oriented” behavior falls away, and an increased concern about sleep, rest, comfort, food and other bodily needs becomes apparent. There is less adherence to niceties in speech, behavior and dress. Emotional displays lose some of their social orientation. Judgment and insight are less acute. Symptoms of impaired orientation appear as impairment proceeds. Memory becomes faulty, the capacity to recall remote events being retained after memory for recent events is lost. Difficulty in simple computations becomes evident. “Delirium” may occur.

For those degraded “survivors” not shot in the head, guillotined and burned in shallow pits, as brain function is impaired and zombified, information derived from past experience generally becomes less potent as a guide for action, whereas information derived from the immediate experience — pain, thirst, discomfort and threats to life — becomes more potent. The “attitude” is likely to change, and the “new man” becomes more “willing” to do whatever is necessary to secure his comfort and survival.

A Guide to my Excess Mortality vs. Vaccination Rate Articles

(this post was NOT mass-emailed to save the bandwidth of my readers)

I have recently had some important people reach out to me regarding my articles looking at the effects of Covid vaccines on excess mortality. Since I wrote several articles that involve statistical analysis, things might seem overwhelming to a new reader.

This post will attempt to organize my mortality-related posts and explain their findings briefly to help you find a particular article that addresses a particular data set. I will edit this post as appropriate over time if I publish something new.

The articles will be listed in reverse chronological order, with links placed liberally to aid the reader. This way, the most relevant stuff will be on top — but they build on each other, so please follow the progression.

I will also link to a few articles by other people.

This article estimates that the relative risk of dying among vaccinated people, compared to similar unvaccinated people, can be guesstimated by bringing together two data sets. It makes a guesstimate of the mortality risk ratio as being 40% worse for the vaccinated people.

It notes that I previously analyzed excess mortality based on two completely separate data sets:

The linear relationships from completely disparate analyses are exceptionally similar:

Using the red “by country” line above, the article makes a straightforward relative risk calculation by imagining a completely unvaccinated country Unvaxedland and a completely vaccinated country Vaxedland.

Turns out that the risk of dying for residents of Vaxedland is 40% greater than for residents of Unvaxedland.

This article notes that excess mortality in vaccinated countries is quite correctly mentioned by the UK Parliament member Andrew Bridgen in an official Parliament vaccine hearing! I point out that perhaps Mr. Bridgen saw my “proven relationship” article from Aug 30, which proved the existence of a positive relationship between vaccination rates and excess mortality by country.

Since two months passed after the proven relationship article, I re-analyze the relationship between excess mortality and vaccination using a similar data set that is moved two months forward. We compare excess mortality in countries with their vaccination rates. The linear regression is stunning:

The linear regression above shows that the vaccination rate explains 49% of excess mortality and that the relationship is highly statistically significant (P < 0.0001 is extremely significant).

What is worse, compared to a similar analysis two months before, the relationship has gotten STRONGER in terms of explanatory power (R squared), as well as steepness of the slope.

My post explains that it is very unusual for such a relationship to strengthen over time and shows that something very strange is going on. It explains that regular poisons do not work like that (their effect wears off over time as opposed to strengthening), but carcinogens work exactly like that.

Lastly, the article asks for an investigation into excess mortality on an individual level, something we need to do if we want to save millions of lives.

This post analyzes UK excess mortality by deprivation quintile and finds a strong relationship between excess mortality and quintile vaccination rate.

Interestingly, within one country, the vaccination rate explains 94% of the variation of excess mortality by quintile. Scary!

This article looked at the relationship between COVID booster uptake, or vaccine uptake, and excess mortality, using Our World in Data for boosters and Short Term mortality database mortality data you can download. I had to write a custom Perl script to analyze the data.

Turns out that the relationship is extremely statistically significant, with booster uptake at just one moment explaining 40% of the variation of excess mortality and vaccine uptake explaining 27% of the same.

Here’s the chart:

This article looks at the history of the relationship between booster uptake and mortality in Europe. It finds that in the early period of Jan 1-Mar 31, boosters REDUCED excess mortality. In the intermediate period Mar 1 – May 30, boosters did not affect excess mortality. In the last period of Jun 1-Jul 23, boosters were significantly associated with positive excess mortality.

Hartgroup posted an original and fascinating analysis of deaths by country. Dated Nov 11 (archive link in case the article gets somehow deleted). They look at similar data and, not surprisingly, arrive at conclusions similar to mine. An incredibly well-written analysis.

A German author, @olafgarber posted a fascinating thread on Oct 21 (archive link). Use Google Translate to read it.

About Duplicitous Recorded Phone Messages From the Federal Reserve Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

Hello Anna and Teri,

This is the message we hear when calling the Fed in NYC – (212) 720-5000. A lie of omission, as far as I can tell, since they are correct but IMPLY the accounts don’t exist at all.
Abatement claims must be addressed to those responsible for the crime which is to be abated (in your case) and sometimes that is hard to discern.
The Social Security Accounts are held by the Federal Reserve Banks.  The red numbers on the backs of these cards (separate different numbers than the SSN) route directly to each separate Federal Reserve Bank and begin with an alphanumeric code telling you where the referenced account is lodged.  For example, if the red number on the back of a social security card begins with “G” it means the account is lodged at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. 
So whether they know it or not the Federal Reserve does have accounts made up of all the Social Security Accounts from that region of the country.  This “Public Charitable Account” is not broken down to the level of individual accounts and instead exists as a single large slush fund, with daily collected receipts and daily collected withdrawals. 
The Social Security Admin and other Gov departments and Agencies code charges against the SSN issued by each State — for example, 390 is code for Wisconsin. 
They send out bills to the SSN 390-XX-XXXX and issue credits owed to 390XXXXXX and all of these claims of credits and debits are collected as one giant debit and one giant credit for all of Wisconsin that clears through the Regional Account for the five Midwestern States administered by and cleared through the Chicago Fed.  The same goes for all the other regions. 
So are there individual accounts at the Fed for each one of you?  In a sense yes, and in a sense no. And now you see why. 
The Fed Res is acting as the clearinghouse and comptroller for the Social Security Administration region by region. They do the Batch Processing for the Court Systems in each region, too.  All the different Departments collect their daily accounts the same way. 
For example, if you are covered by unemployment insurance the money collected from you each month is combined with all such credits from your State  and all the claims from each State in the region are also collected and batch pressed through the Fed Res. 
The Fed Res never sees your individual account. The Department of Labor does. And you do, as the end line “Authorized Representative”. 
That is how you have—- and don’t have—- an account at the Federal Reserve. 
It’s your SSN that has been used to tie together all these other accounts and tie them to you, and it’s the Fed Res that ties together accounts en masse from each State and each Region. 
From what our research indicates, the Federal Reserve Banks have our British Territorial Persons  declared “missing, presumed dead” and latch onto “their”  “infant decedent estate” that we reportedly waived as babies and which the missing British Territorial Officer named after us leaves behind 
By age seven or eight, long before we reach the age of consent or have any capacity to understand what is going on, the Federal Reserve is in custodial possession of the American estate belonging to first to us, then to a Federal Territorial Officer named after us. 
Whatever is left after the Federal Reserve is satisfied gets rolled over into a Municipal Cestui Que Vie Trust operated by the Municipal Government. 

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The Merry Men

 By Anna Von Reitz

So far as we have been able to determine, the “Companie of Merry Men” arrived in England in the very early 1600’s from Continental Europe. We have not, as yet, been able to determine where exactly on the Continent of Europe these pirates came from, but logic and certain remarks made by Sir Francis Bacon in his treatises on law suggest that these “merry men” came from Rome and were descendants of the Galli, black robed, white-haired (they used to bleach their hair, but now wear wigs) priests of Cybele who had been working as tax collectors for the Roman Emperors since the 2nd century BC. 
Cybele is yet another (Turkic) name for Justicia, Athena, Ashtoreth, Isis, Columbia, Astarte, Semiramis, Liberte,….. the goddess of many names and many sins.  As soon as she becomes famous, and therefore, also infamous, her adherents change her name to protect themselves. 
Oh, no, it’s not this “United States”, it’s that “United States”….. it’s not that “Federal Republic”, it’s “a” Federal Republic….. it’s not “Isis”, it’s “Columbia”…. and if you believe that, I have just retired from a lifelong job managing a rum distillery in Barbados.  
The Vermin and Liars are trying to charge me a very substantial Capital Gains Tax on Federal Income that I purportedly earned doing that, and all without stepping a foot outside of Alaska. Miracles abound. 
Can everyone say the important words and repeat the lesson? 
“This is money laundering on a vast scale.  They are using your identity to promote this.” 
Most famously from their Playbook there is no right and no wrong —- “It’s just how you look at it, which side of the fence you are on…. Everything is relative….”  
If I recall correctly, it was Secretary of Defense McNamara that came up with that chestnut, to excuse a patently illegal Mercenary Conflict invasion of North Vietnam and the murder of hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians. 
Cold Athena, Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, might seem to be in odd company on the list above, which includes goddesses renown for creating money tokens and temple prostitution, but people define their gods and goddesses as they will.  Every good girl has a bad girl and vice versa, which the Druids summed up as the “Right Hand Path” and the “Left Hand Path”, both leading to Wisdom.  
Immediately prior to the arrival of the Merry Men in England, the Roman Catholic Church had suffered a setback known as King Henry the VIIIth and his daughter, Elizabeth I.  These renegades departed from the Catholic World Order and for a brief time asserted an absolute authority apart from the Church.  They even had the brass to start their own Anglican Church. 
But the Catholic Stuarts had returned to power as of 1603 and the stage was set for the Pope’s tax collectors to return to England with a vengeance — which they did, as the Merry Men— privateers by any other name, pirates, mercenaries, organized thugs, ironically styling themselves after Robinhood’s Merry Men of the Greenwood. 
Robbing from the rich and giving to the poor, yes, only the “poor” involved in the case of these Merry Men, happened to be themselves, collecting their Privateer Commissions from His Holiness’s coffers.  
Their predatory exploits led directly to The English Civil War, which I am assured, is still ongoing. 
First the Protestants robbed from the Catholics, then the Catholics robbed from the Protestants, then they styled themselves as the Cavaliers (Catholics) and the Roundheads (Protestants) and they had themselves a great big bloody row called The English Civil War, and in the end, both sides learned from the other how to more efficiently rob from the General Public. 
The same thing happened here in America a couple centuries later.  The same Playbook was used, only instead of religion, the purported cause was slavery.  A closer look reveals that the cause wasn’t slavery at all.  It was the illegal commandeering of our government by a deceit employed by our own British Territorial Employees. And deeper under the skin of this, we find that the British Territorials acted as the Protestants and the Municipal Government Employees acted as the Catholics. 
Boy, howdy, what a lot of nonsense in the name of God.  Is God a thief? Does he shed innocent blood for generations on end? — “in the name of” what?  Organizations created, organized, and ruled by men?  Really? 
This is why our American Government observes a strict separation of Church and State, and also why the Church constantly wrangles around trying to corrupt our government and make it obedient to their theocracy. 
By now, my Readers have become familiar with that little phrase “in the name of” and all the evils that representation can be attached to.  Our employees have been doing all sorts of things “in our names” that we would never agree to.  No doubt the Church has been abusing God’s authority, too, in its political and martial efforts to create a worldwide hegemony for itself. 
Just look at the results of the 1937 “Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States” — both the British Territorial Military Democracy and the Holy See’s Municipal Theocracy colluded so that the Brits “represented” us on the Sea and the Holy See’s Theocracy “represented” us on the Land, and neither of these Subcontractors ever had any right to do any of these things. 
Now, everyone always thinks that they are doing the right thing, at least the right thing for themselves. Nobody goes about doing the wrong thing seeking the wrong results. The Merry Men, that is, the members of the Bar Associations, are no different.  
From their perspective as Privateers, it was their job to collect “back taxes” from the Protestants.  Later, when the Protestants gained the upper hand for a while, it was their job to act as Federal Bounty Hunters to collect taxes and reparations from (Catholic) Municipal Employees and Dependents. The Merry Men are Equal Opportunity Privateers. 
They will fleece anybody, so long as they receive a fat “commission” for their activities on the land, and another fat “bounty” for their actions on the sea.  
And now maybe you see why we suddenly had all these “Commissions” spring up after 1937, and all these “Commissioners” — akin to Russian Commissars — who were suddenly empowered to boss people around and, though unelected by anyone, allowed to write no end of Codes and Regulations that they coerced everyone to obey. 
Confused Americans who have forgotten who they are and how things are supposed to work, have been obeying these Usurpers and paying the Merry Men ever since. 
When Pope Francis found out about all this upon his election he took rapid action to put an end to his responsibility — personal and commercial — for the racketeering and piracy being carried out worldwide by this “den of vipers” — also known as the Merry Men, and issued his Motu Proprio, washing his hands of the Bar Associations and the Bounty Hunters, too. 
He rescinded their Letters of Marque issued by the Holy Roman Empire in 1804, and threw the established Order into a tizzy they still haven’t recovered from. 
Slowly as a Supertanker making a turn at sea, we are seeing the changes that result when a Pope washes his hands, but we are also seeing the Push Back, when a Scottish King offers to pay the Merry Men instead, and sets up a bogus commercial corporation trying to pass itself off as “The United States of America — Incorporated” —in India, which despite Mahatma Gandhi, is still under British Territorial control. 
The enemy of the people — all people with hands and feet and red blood — is the Government of Westminster, which has continued to issue Letters of Marque and take other quasi-legal actions of a mercenary nature, providing rich rewards for attacking Americans and the members of other European nations, who are actually owed “perpetual amity” from the British Crown.  
Commissions on the land and Bounties on the sea have continued to be paid and the Merry Men of the Bar Associations have continued to be motivated to defraud and abuse their neighbors, allies, kith, and kin for the sake of a share of the spoils.  
This has been ongoing in Europe since the 2nd Century BC.  
This is why it is no small thing when a Pope withdraws his backing and tears up the Merry Mens’ contracts, and stops legalizing their predatory mercenary acts. This is also why these organized privateers and the governments that support them have to be addressed on air, land, and sea as rogue states operating an ancient system of fraud and coercion, promoting and rewarding a crime syndicate cloaked under color of law. 
I’ve been told that there is a double-secret sworn and sealed indictment against me (or was it that six foot tall Jamaican Mama version of me running the rum distillery in Barbados?) accusing me of issuing “illegal” liens against members of the Bar Associations.  
Well, legal is as legal does. 
They claim they still have a contract with King Charles of Scotland and that they are the owners and operators of “The United States of America—-Incorporated” registered in India.  
This is all very interesting, don’t you think?  
Let, the unincorporated Government always holds precedence over any wannabe incorporations infringing on our names and trademarks — and a contract signed by such an incorporated doppelganger does not establish any contract with us. 
We are therefore at our leisure to process Commercial Obligation Liens against the members of the Bar Associations, because we have no contracts with them and any damage they do to us in the jurisdiction of the air is now confirmed as lawlessness; and, any harm they do to us in the jurisdiction of the sea is owed abatement for their illegal and non-consensual and non-disclosed latching upon our Good Names and Estates, purloining our gold and silver and other assets as collateral for their debts.  
Their failure to provide the remedy legalizing their illegal claims and acts has left them open to prosecution under both Admiralty and Maritime Law and they cannot quibble over what we assess against them and their institutions, because they were given seven (7) years of Due Process. 
So, it turns out, that anyone seeking to address me as a guilty PARTY or an Officer of The United States of America, Incorporated, based out of India, or any other such nonsensical thing, is going to account for a great deal more than our totally legal $279 Trillion Dollar Commercial Obligation Lien issued as an initial assessment of damages.  
They are now subject to the Law of Admiralty for Piracy on the High Seas and for Inland Piracy on the Land and Soil Jurisdictions of this country. 
My assessment of the situation is that they ought to be stumbling over themselves in a mad rush to offer access to the remedies they published, because without that, they are the worst kind of criminals and they’ve been found in league with “King John”.  

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