Where is Cosimo de’ Medici When We Need Him?

Giovanni de’ Medici

The Tuscan Medici family is rife with hidden history. It could be characterized as a Middle Ages version of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.” The wealth of the family stemmed from the patriarch Giovanni de’ Medici (1360-1429), who opened bank branches in Rome, Geneva, Venice and temporarily in Naples. The majority of profits were derived from Rome. But the fonte of Medici wealth was as the papal depositario generale, which managed Church finances in return for a commission.

It is fair to start with the good first- Cosimo de’ Medici (1389-1464). He was advised by his father to carry himself modestly. He was the antithesis of a prima donna and the diametric opposite of what infests our world today. There was no 4-D chess here. In fact much of what plagues the world today is a severe dearth of Cosimo Medicis among the satanic oligarch class. Medici was always viewed as primus inter pares (“first among equals”) rather than an autocrat.

Cosimo de Medici- Pater Patriae

He ate and drank moderately and lived simply and worked long, regular hours. He dressed without ostentation and was accessible to the humblest Florentine. His generosity, mildness and wit were legendary. Upon his death on Aug. 1, 1464, a grateful city decreed that on his tomb should be inscribed the words “Pater Patriae” (father of his country).

Cosimo also adopted the policy of supporting the lesser guilds and the poor against the wealthy aristocracy that ruled the city. Cosimo reformed the system of taxation, changing from a fixed income tax to a graduated one. The middle class and the poorer citizens, who were Cosimo’s strength, were delighted and became even more ardent in their support, particularly when they saw that the funds gained through taxation, amplified by substantial contributions from Cosimo’s own pocket, were put to use in public projects.

Cosimo faced trials and tribulations, including imprisonment and exile, which is all nicely covered in the series “Medici: Master of Florence.” Although I don’t think the real calmer Cosimo was as dramatic as portrayed, there is a smart treatment of usury and parasite-guildism aspects in the series.

The Trouble With Bloodlines

The Medici family also reveals how powerful lines can morph and become totally corrupt in latter generations, which we will discuss in tomorrow’s post on the Medici Pope Leo X (1475-1521).

But Cosimo, as a philanthropist, was driven by something rarely seen from the manipulative foul-agenda foundations operating today. His patronage of the arts and of building projects both recognized and proclaimed the humanistic responsibility of the civic duty that came with wealth. His was a completely different mindset than that seen among the 20th and 21st century Crime Syndicate gangster oligarchs operating today. This model difference would be a prime topic of study in my hypothetical “Winter School of Government”.

For further reading:

Cosimo stated, “All those things have given me the greatest satisfaction and contentment because they are not only for the honor of God but are likewise for my own remembrance. For 50 years, I have done nothing else but earn money and spend money; and it became clear that spending money gives me greater pleasure than earning it.”

Cosimo spent his money glorifying Florence, and proceeded with patience and determination. He had the ability to think outside the box for his times and had a keen ability to utilize talents few others saw. Hence, the term “renaissance man.” Most would argue that Cosimo was an antiquarian who primarily bridged the gap between the “lost” knowledge of the classical age, and brought it back to good use in his era. But I think in fact he had a rare and deep instinct and intuition.

The Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence possesses the largest brick dome in the world.

The story of the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Flower in Florence can be gleaned here. To make a long story short, the original structure had no dome, primarily because putting one on exceeded the engineering ability of that era.

Cosimo put his money and prestige on the line by backing Filippo Brunelleschi (1377-1446), who others considered eccentric and difficult. Cosimo, however, had the gift of people skills combined with his wealth and determination. At considerable risk, the dome project succeeded.

Brunelleschi described his design with an egg, according to Vasari, “giving one end a blow on the flat piece of marble, made it stand upright … The architects protested that they could have done the same; but Filippo answered, laughing, that they could have made the dome, if they had seen his design.”

Brunelleschi went on to engineer and build the following Florence landmarks, mostly at the expense of his patron, Cosimo.

Cosimo employed the architectural skills of Michelozzo to build his palace and, in 1437, the Dominican convent of S. Marco. His largess was enjoyed not only by architects and scholars but also by some of the greatest sculptors and painters of the quattrocento, among them Donatello and Fra Filippo Lippi.

Naturally, this enhanced Cosimo’s political prestige, which is exactly what civic humanism is all about. Even his foes and rivals were applauding. An anti-civic humanist system is what we have in play today in which “achievements” are often faked PR and empty suits being constantly promoted by a corrupt press and a captured educational system. I’m losing track of how many of those we have revealed on these pages.

Francesco Guicciardini, author of “The History of Italy,” wrote,Cosimo de’ Medici … [was] a citizen of rare wisdom and inestimable riches, and therefore most celebrated all over Europe, especially because he had spent over 400,000 ducats in building churches, monasteries and other sumptuous edifices not only in his own country but in many other parts of the world, doing all this with admirable magnificence and truly regal spirit.”

The best biography of Cosimo is still Dorothea Ewart Vernon’s “Cosimo de’ Medici” written in 1899, before the modernist historical rackets got hold of him. The following video provides a nice and uplifting change of pace for Winter Watch readers.

Biden's climate agenda benefits communist China, not the Americans he supposedly represents

Image: Biden’s climate agenda benefits communist China, not the Americans he supposedly represents

(Natural News) The implementation of so-called “green” energy policies is not about cleaning up the environment and creating a better world. It is about shifting power into the hands of communist China, which is exactly what the Biden regime is trying to do.

Steve Yates, a former deputy national security adviser who worked in the White House from 2001-2005, says the transition away from fossil fuels is helping China maintain its monopoly on the supply chain of rare earth minerals, which are needed to produce “green” batteries and other materials for electric vehicles (EVs).

Rare earth minerals are also a key component in solar panels, which have also been branded as “clean” and “green” despite the fact that China guzzles lots of fossil fuels in order to manufacture and sell them to the West.

China is, by far, the largest investor in renewable energy. It is home to five of the world’s six largest solar-module manufacturing firms, as well as the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, according to a 2017 report from the World Resources Institute.

China’s Tainqi Lithium is also one of the largest manufacturers in the world of lithium-ion batteries. (Related: Over the summer, the National Academy of Science banned Biden’s climate advisor over ethics violations).

The “greener” the U.S. gets, the more controlled by communist China it becomes

Back to the Biden regime: one of its primary stated goals is to continue transitioning America into a “climate-friendly” country through the further adoption of China’s “green” energy devices and technologies.


Americans are never told that China holds a world monopoly on these technologies, despite widespread and growing adoption here in the U.S. Instead, we are told that air and water will become cleaner, and the planet “cooler,” if we give up our fossil fuels and embrace total energy reliance on communist China.

Congress is divided on the “green” energy issue. The Left loves it while the Right hates it, generally speaking. And unfortunately it seems to be an all-or-nothing scenario where those pushing these energy changes do not want Americans to have the freedom to choose fossil fuels instead.

In California, for instance, there is a phase-out of gas-powered vehicles currently underway. In about a decade, no more gas-powered cars will be allowed for sale in the Golden State, which will effectively force everyone to purchase EVs.

Freedom of choice is never an option, in other words, which means that the free market we all grew up hearing about is not actually a thing. And with Biden at the helm, your freedom to use fossil fuels is being chipped away in favor of communist China’s “green” energy monopoly.

Each incremental policy that Biden and his people implement brings with it decreased access to fossil fuels. Take the U.S.’s ratification of the Montreal Protocol, which promises to reduce the use of refrigerant chemicals by 80 percent over the next three decades.

The purpose of the Montreal Protocol is supposedly to jumpstart U.S. solar manufacturing. However, as pointed out by Cullen S. Hendrix, a senior fellow with the Peterson Institute for International Economics, the agreement conveniently ignored securing a U.S. solar supply chain for solar parts, which are upwards of 80 percent controlled by communist China.

“[The bill] would help close the gap in solar module production but would leave the United States dependent on China for critical links in the supply chain,” Hendrix says. “This dependence needs to be addressed. The current situation is a significant source of U.S. strategic vulnerability.”

In the meantime, the Biden regime is doing everything possible to make fossil fuels too expensive and thus out of reach to low- and middle-class Americans. Have you seen the prices at the gas pump lately?

The latest news about left-wing climate cultism can be found at Climate.news.

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Scientist calls out Polish government over attempt to LEGALIZE GENOCIDE

Image: Scientist calls out Polish government over attempt to LEGALIZE GENOCIDE

(Natural News) Polish naturalist and biochemist Dr. Diana Wojtkowiak has sent a notice of liability to Polish government officials regarding the government’s attempt to legalize crimes of genocide against Polish citizens through the Act on the Protection of the Population and the State of Natural Emergency (UD 432).

The said bill was endorsed by Secretary of State of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration Maciej Wasik.

According to Wojtkowiak, UD 432 forces Polish citizens to undergo unspecified vaccinations and indefinite medical procedures under penalty of imprisonment and the possibility of losing personal property without compensation.

“It’s no longer the telecom companies with their 5G, nor the pharmaceutical cartel, but ‘our’ government that is vigorously taking on the depopulation of the Polish nation they perceive as an enemy,” she wrote in the letter’s preamble.

Wojtkowiak has a master’s in chemistry and a doctorate in molecular biology and has conducted research in molecular biology and biotechnology over the past 20 years. She published the notice as an open letter to all Polish citizens.

“By withdrawing from treating chronically ill patients and using medical treatments that worsen health, the health service killed over 200 thousand Polish citizens during the [Wuhan coronavirus] COVID-19 pandemic. This is evident in the excess deaths of the uninfected by the pandemic, as well as deaths recorded by the statistical office immediately after successive vaccination campaigns,” she explained.


Back in June, Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski, Minister Mariusz Kaminski and Wasik, presented the draft legislation. According to Kaminski, the new procedures are created so that the state can act decisively, effectively and in a unbureaucratic way in crises.

“The aim is to provide protection and assistance to victims of various extraordinary situations as quickly as possible,” he said.

But this evoked negative legal concerns from some researchers. A paper published on October 30 in the European Studies Journal said: “It has to be stated that the draft law ‘on civil protection and the state of natural disasters’… does not meet basic legislative standards and the part of proposed solutions is incompatible with the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.”

“Contrary to its name, the Act does not protect the population, but is an instrument of enslaving and killing. It is part of a series of laws introduced in recent years, adjusting Polish legislation to the demands of globalist bodies,” Wojtkowiak spoke of the proposed law.

Wojtkowiak: Big Pharma cartel is the implementer of globalists’ plans

The doctor warned the Polish people that this is only just the beginning. “If introduced, Act UD 432 will legalize compulsory injection of anything toxic to all citizens, a procedure planned by globalist groups and more specifically by German bodies to which the Polish government and parliament are subordinate,” she emphasized.

She noted that there are no Polish institutions, not even European Union institutions, that are analyzing the vaccines’ real contents, pointing out that “tests are carried out by the manufacturer, a judge in his own case, which means a complete and utter lawlessness.”

“Since the 1950s, pharmaceutical products are not meant to treat people, but to make them dependent on the cartel that enriches itself by taking a large part of our household budgets. However, it is not so much profit as it is the power that drives the actions of the psychopaths from whom the globalists are recruited,” she added.

Wojtkowiak pointed out that ignorance is not a defense now that she has already notified the administration about the lethal effects of the use of pseudo-drugs produced by the global pharmaceutical cartel. “Not knowing that a law has been violated does not exempt a plaintiff from punishment. Nor does parliamentarian immunity protect against the crime of genocide,” she said. (Related: Dear friends, sorry to announce a genocide.)

The doctor called the authors of the proposed law to act on their connections with foreign companies and intelligence services and to hold them criminally responsible for an “attempt to attack civil rights, preferably before the law under consideration is processed.”

Depopulation.news has more stories related to the genocide agenda of the globalists.

Watch the video below that talks about how the experimental COVID-19 vaccines cause sudden infant and adult death syndromes.

This video is from the Prevent Global Genocide channel on Brighteon.com.

More related stories:

Poland declares “the beginning of the end” of COVID pandemic.

OPTING OUT: Poland will no longer accept or pay for future COVID-19 vaccine deliveries.

European farmers protest spread to Poland and Italy in huge backlash against the globalists’ depopulation and starvation schemes.

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FDA unveils plan to combat DEADLY bacterial outbreak in baby formula

Image: FDA unveils plan to combat DEADLY bacterial outbreak in baby formula

(Natural News) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on November 16 laid out its plan to enhance its surveillance to prevent outbreaks of cronobacter bacteria in instant infant formula.

According to a statement released by the agency, FDA would review and update current guidelines and rules regarding the manufacturing of infant powdered formula and is considering whether to establish a dedicated group of investigators to conduct inspections of infant formula. It also said it will monitor if cronobacter infections are added to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention‘s (CDC) list of nationally notifiable diseases, which means doctors would be required to report cases to public health officials.

FDA would also look into realigning staff across two divisions: the Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition and the Office of Regulatory Affairs so it can better support “regulatory oversight” of infant formula. This move seeks to review and update the Infant Formula Compliance Program to reflect current science on the said bacteria.

Furthermore, the federal agency will provide additional education and training to its regulatory staff regarding inspections of manufacturing facilities and evaluate the testing requirements of instant formula for possible improvements and enhancement of finished products.

Reports say that Minnesota is currently the only state that requires doctors to report cronobacter infections to the state health department. Because of this requirement, Minnesota was the first state to alert federal regulators to a potential problem with the powdered baby formula last year.


Early this year, the FDA inspected Abbott Nutrition plants in Sturgis, Michigan after the agency received four reports of deaths due to the consumption of powdered formula that had cronobacter in them.

Although they detected cronobacter bacteria in the plant, genetic testing couldn’t link that bacteria to sick infants. The company voluntarily recalled the infant formula. (Related: Abbott Nutrition’s infant formula was recalled after claims of bacterial contamination, infant deaths.)

“Since our voluntary recall in February, investigations conducted by the FDA, CDC and Abbott, including genetic sequencing, retained product samples and available product from the four complaints, did not find any definitive link between the company’s products and illnesses in children. No retained samples of the recalled products tested positive for cronobacter. And, in all four cases, unopened containers of formula in the infant homes tested negative for Cronobacter sakazakii,” the milk manufacturer told CNN in a written statement.

According to Epoch Times, the shutdown of Abbott’s Michigan plant exacerbated a nationwide shortage of baby formula. The plant was later restarted in July but it seems to some critics, another attack on baby’s “food” is being set with another looming shortage due to the said “bacteria.”

Cronobacter is usually harmless but can be fatal to infants and vulnerable individuals

According to the FDA website, cronobacter is a germ (bacteria) naturally found in the environment. Cronobacter can exist on almost any surface and is especially good at surviving in dry foods, like powdered infant formula, powdered milk, herbal teas and starches.

“Cronobacter is harmless for most people and infections are rare. When they occur, they can be life-threatening in infants, particularly those younger than two months old, premature, immunocompromised or of low birth weight,” the FDA website included.

Infections in very young children typically occur in the first days or weeks of life. Still, it can endanger the lives of vulnerable individuals, such as the elderly or those aged 65 years and older as well as those who have weakened immune systems, such as individuals with HIV, organ transplants or cancer.

The CDC said there are roughly two to four cases of cronobacter infections reported every year, although the agency added that the actual figure may be higher.

Symptoms of the infection in infants may start with fever, poor feeding, excessive crying and/or very low energy. Some infants may also have seizures. The FDA advises that babies with these symptoms should be taken to a medical provider as soon as possible.

The FDA reminded caregivers to be extra careful in preparing milk formulas by following the manufacturer’s instructions included on the packaging, especially for specialty metabolic formulas. Also, as infants could be exposed to infection via unclean breast pumps or bottles, they should keep your baby’s food, whether breast milk or formula, safe by carefully cleaning, sanitizing and storing bottles and breast pump parts.

“It is also important to wash your hands with soap and water, especially before preparing bottles and feeding. The CDC says that alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60 percent alcohol can also be used,” the fact sheet included.

Watch the video below that talks about Abbott’s voluntary recall of the formula that contributed to the shortage.

This video is from the KristiLeighTV channel on Brighteon.com.

More related stories:

Parents of babies with allergies are struggling due to baby formula shortage.

FDA to help foreign baby formula makers sell their products beyond current shortage.

Worsening baby formula SHORTAGE hits ten states, low-income families.

“I can’t feed my son!” Baby formula shortage reaches critical stage in US as desperate parents search for rationed supplies.

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FDA.gov 1



FDA.gov 2


Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion

  • In “Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion,” a documentary by Oracle Films, COVID-19 shot injuries and deaths are highlighted, along with the systemic failings that allowed them to happen

  • Government, Big Tech companies and the media only added to the scandal by suppressing free speech and open debate about the safety and effectiveness of the shots

  • In November 2020, Pfizer claimed their COVID-19 shot was 95% effective against COVID-19, but this was highly misleading; the absolute risk was a mere 0.84%

  • The U.K.’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) had a “nudge” unit, also known as SPI-B, that researched and analyzed options for increasing adherence to COVID-19 lockdown measures

  • If open debate and the right to exercise voluntary, informed consent to getting the COVID shots had been allowed, it would have potentially resulted in fewer injuries but, instead, the population was subjected to psychological manipulation in an attempt to perpetuate the false assumption that the COVID shots are “safe and effective”

  • The film includes several tragic stories of lives lost or forever changed by these supposedly “safe” shots; their stories have also been largely suppressed and denied by governments and media

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The global public has been assured COVID-19 jabs are safe and effective — but as deaths and disabilities mount, it’s time for a second opinion. In Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion, a documentary by Oracle Films, COVID-19 shot injuries and deaths are highlighted, along with the systemic failings that allowed them to happen.

Big Tech companies and the media only added to the scandal by suppressing free speech and open debate on the shots. Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra has spoken openly about the shots’ downfalls. He said in the film:1

“Having been double jabbed and being one of the first to take the Pfizer vaccine, I have — after several months critically appraising the data, speaking to eminent scientists in Oxford, Stanford and Harvard, speaking to two investigative medical journalists and being contacted by two Pfizer whistleblowers — reluctantly concluded that this vaccine is not completely safe and has unprecedented harms, which leads me to conclude that it needs to be suspended until all the raw data has been released for independent analysis.”

Federal governments have largely dismissed data suggesting COVID-19 shots cause harm. But the stories of those personally affected cannot be denied. While Big Tech has tried to censor these stories and keep them from getting out, eventually the truth will be heard. The film includes several tragic stories of lives lost or forever changed by these supposedly “safe” shots:

  • Georgia Segal, 35 — Collapsed after the second Pfizer jab, experienced ongoing tremors and couldn’t walk properly without her legs giving out. As a result, she had to use a walker and wheelchair. “I still suffer now; I suffer with a lot of fainting. I suffer with my legs giving way as a result of the damage that the vaccine has done to me. I’ve ended up registered disabled.”2

  • Alex Mitchell, 57 — Experienced blood clots after his first AstraZeneca jab. He was previously healthy. Doctors told him that the blood clots in his system should have been fatal. He lost his left leg as a result and now uses a wheelchair. “I’m now going blind in my right eye,” he said. “Thanks AstraZeneca. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. That’s the honest answer.”3

  • Charlotte Wright — Her husband Stephen, 32, died after his first AstraZeneca jab after suffering from a stroke. She received a vaccine damage payment from the British government, which accepts as some vindication. However, the amount — £120,000 ($136,530) — isn’t nearly enough. She’s still awaiting an inquest.

  • Caroline Pover, 50 — Experienced multiple symptoms after her first AstraZeneca jab. “Life has completely changed. It’s unrecognizable compared to how it was,” she said.

    “For about five months, I did hardly anything, I couldn’t function at all. I was exhausted constantly. I was in constant pain. Head and eye pain was relentless. I couldn’t function. I couldn’t walk very far. I couldn’t read things … I had trouble processing information …

    And I didn’t have any physical strength. I’ve now got to the stage where I can function at about 30% of how I could function before the vaccine. On a good day, I can maybe do a couple of hours in the kitchen. But then after a while I have such chest pain that I have to come and lie down.”4

Across the U.K. coroners have confirmed deaths linked to the shots. “They are usually framed as very rare,” the film notes, “but how rare?”5 Adverse reactions are supposed to be reported to the Yellow Card scheme operated by the U.K.’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

As of August 24, 2022, they reported 432,819 adverse reactions, of which 2,240 were fatal. In the U.S., the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) had received reports of 1,400,350 adverse reactions to the shots as of September 2, 2022, including 30,796 fatalities.6

“Not all these reports will be confirmed as vaccine-induced,” the film continued. “But then again, not all reactions are reported. The figures surely demand investigation.”7 Dr. Clare Craig, a diagnostic pathologist, explained:8

“I don’t think anybody can deny that there has been harm. You can argue about how much, but you can’t deny that there has been harm. It’s just a scandal of such epic proportions that I think people don’t know where to begin with it. It’s frightening to even approach it.”

Sir Christopher Chope, Member of Parliament (MP) in the U.K. is pursuing a bill to speed up compensation for victims and increase the maximum amount from £120,000. He said:9

“Other jurisdictions have taken the view that … those who do the right thing for public health reasons by having a bad vaccine should be looked after by the state if the consequences of having that vaccine result in disability or injury.

This approach is taken in order to promote vaccine confidence amongst those who might otherwise be hesitant about having a vaccine. This government’s approach, however, seems to be to try and promote vaccine confidence by covering up the adverse consequences for some of having been vaccinated.”

One mechanism of harm from the mRNA COVID-19 shots is the delivery of synthetic messenger RNA (mRNA) encapsulated in lipid nanoparticles that forces the body’s cells to produce the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which vaccine developers initially stated would remain localized to the arm. However, research shows that it actually migrates throughout the body to every major organ system, causing direct toxicity and/or autoimmune reactions.10

The development of the genetically engineered biological product was fast-tracked at an unprecedented pace without long-term clinical trials to assess the true extent and severity of adverse effects before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration granted Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna, the two mRNA COVID shot manufacturers, an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) to distribute it.

At the same time, the U.S. and other governments indemnified the manufacturers against any liability for deaths and injuries caused by the COVID shots. In November 2020, Pfizer claimed their COVID-19 shot was 95% effective against COVID-19, but this was highly misleading and, according to Malhotra, based on flawed methodology:11

“‘Relative risk reduction is a way of exaggerating the benefits of any intervention … which would be in the interest of people trying to sell you something — in this case, the pharmaceutical industry.

So if, for example, you have 1,000 people in a trial that didn’t have the vaccine versus 1,000 people that did in the placebo group … you may have two people dying. And in the intervention group, you may have just one person dying. And that’s a reduction of 50%. One over two is a 50% relative risk reduction. But actually, you’ve only saved one life out of 1,000.

So the absolute risk reduction is only 1 in 1,000. It’s a big difference. The guidance has been for many years that we must always use absolute risk reduction in conversations with patients, not just relative risk reduction alone; otherwise, it’s considered unethical,’ Malhotra said.

The accusation is that governments acted on Pfizer’s relative risk figure of 95% efficacy, when the absolute risk was a mere 0.84%. In other words, you’d have to vaccinate 119 people to prevent just one from catching COVID. ‘So we were basically sold on something that ultimately, and in retrospect now, was very, very misleading.’”

Raising more red flags, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Pfizer attempted to hide the COVID-19 shot clinical trial data they did have for 75 years. But the FDA was ordered by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas to release redacted versions of trial documents on a much faster schedule. Alexandra Latypova, a research specialist in clinical trials, is one of a group of experts who studied the documents.

Her investigation revealed that Pfizer skipped major categories of safety testing, and the toxicity of the mRNA shots was not studied. “The FDA and Pfizer knew about major toxicities associated with the gene therapy class of medicines. The CDC, FDA and Pfizer lied about vaccine staying in the injection site. My examination of leaked Moderna documents also revealed that vaccine-induced antibody-enhanced disease was identified as a serious risk,” she said.12

Instead of commenting on the controversies over the shots’ effectiveness and serious adverse effects, most scientists, governments and media instead promote inaccurate and misleading information, such as stating COVID-19 shots have saved at least 20 million lives. This statistic is “science fiction, not scientific fact,” Malhotra said, as it’s based on a poor-quality observational study.13

“When you look at a higher quality level of evidence, in fact, even Pfizer’s own randomized controlled trial didn’t show any reduction in COVID mortality of statistical significance,” Malhotra said. “It showed no reduction in all-cause mortality. So this really this statement is almost implausible. To be honest, it sounds more like an advert from the drug industry than true science.”14

Meanwhile, the government continued to promote COVID-19 shots aggressively, even after data showed the product did not prevent infection or transmission — and the vast majority of the population wasn’t at risk of serious illness.15 Even physicians who were typically pro-vaccination began to question it. One consultant pediatrician who spoke in the film warned, “Children are at low risk. They don’t need this vaccine, and the harms are real.”16

Data also show that deaths from any cause among 15- to 44-year-olds in England and Wales increased significantly in 2021, the year COVID-19 shots became widely available. There have been concerning reports of myocarditis (heart inflammation), including sudden deaths and collapse, that have occurred in young people and athletes aged 18 to 24.17

Data from the Office of National Statistics also reveal that more people than usual are dying in 2022. Deaths among 10- to 14-year-olds increased 11.75%, while deaths among 55- to 59-year-olds rose 15%. The film notes:18

“Overall, that could equate to over 75,000 excess deaths in England and Wales this year, and not from COVID. The Daily Telegraph is reporting the deaths in the aftermath of lockdown could be greater than COVID itself.

There are calls for an investigation mentioning lack of health care, stress, long COVID, even the cost of living. Why on earth isn’t COVID vaccination under suspicion when there are so many reports of adverse reactions here and around the world?”

The U.K.’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) had a “nudge” unit, also known as SPI-B, that researched and analyzed options for increasing adherence to COVID-19 social distancing and lockdown measures.19 It discussed increasing the perceived level of personal threat using “hard-hitting emotional messaging” and “social approval for desired behaviors.”

The messaging must “emphasize and explain the duty to protect others,” and actions framed “in terms of protecting oneself and the community.” Those who don’t comply could be faced with fines and other punishments.

“I think what’s important to understand is, over the last two years, there has been the promotion of unethical psychological techniques to encourage behavioral change, such as the use of fear, artificially increasing the sense of being afraid, in order to get people to change their behaviors,” said Christian Buckland, a psychotherapist and counselor.20

The only way out, the government said, was to get the shots. The COVID-19 shot campaign went into overdrive, but when millions still avoided them, the threats began. Without a COVID-19 shot, you could lose your job, vaccine passports became required to go about daily life, and anyone who spoke out against the shots was dubbed an anti-vaxxer. Buckland continued:21

“When you use unethical psychology on a population, you actually start to see splits and divisions occurring. And that’s really dangerous because you also encourage ‘othering,’ or the demonization of people. So we see … not just fear being raised but also anger being raised as well.”

When public protests and marches drawing thousands of people were organized to speak out against the threats to personal freedom, the media ignored the major events and even stated they would not debate with “anti-vaxxers” — even if they were right.22 The Trusted News Initiative was formed, which included the BBC, Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter and Microsoft, to stop the spread of what the online platforms labeled “misinformation.”

“It sounds laudable,” the film notes. “But what it really means is that governments, the media, and the big tech companies are working to a common script, their script, their version of the truth … The real truth is that anybody who questions the official narrative is generally suppressed and canceled or labeled as a spreader of disinformation on social media. And that includes eminent scientists, doctors and, disgracefully, the vaccine injured.”23

If open debate and the right to exercise voluntary, informed consent to getting the COVID shots had been allowed, it would have potentially resulted in fewer injuries. Instead, the population was subjected to psychological manipulation in an attempt to perpetuate the false assumption that the COVID shots are “safe and effective.” So what’s the truth? The film wraps up with some sobering facts and statistics that make it clear:24

  • Between January 1 and May 31, 2022, 15,113 people died with COVID-19 in England — 90% of them had received at least one COVID-19 shot

  • In 2021, Pfizer doubled its annual revenue to $81 billion — it’s 2022 annual revenue is expected to surpass $100 billion

  • U.S. research revealed that up to 98 young people could be injured by COVID-19 shots for every one prevented from hospitalization25 — one of the authors is the director of Harvard Medical School’s Center for Global Health Delivery

  • A U.S. judge ruled that the White House must release correspondence regarding a “massive censorship enterprise” with Big Tech; it’s alleged that federal agencies communicated with social media companies to suppress private speech during the pandemic

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Can Nose Picking Raise the Risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia?

  • Surveys show that most people pick their nose, which researchers have found increases the risk of Chlamydia pneumoniae traveling along the olfactory nerve to the brain in an animal model

  • The brain cells responded by depositing amyloid beta protein, known as a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers are now investigating if the same pathway exists in humans

  • For some people, nose picking can affect their social behavior; chronic picking can promote the spread of disease, trigger nosebleeds or sores and can damage the nasal cavity

  • Other factors that increase your risk of Alzheimer’s disease include sugar or a high carbohydrate diet, gut dysbiosis, low cholesterol levels, anticholinergic drugs, air pollution and vitamin B deficiencies

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Whether you admit it to anyone else or not, most people pick their noses.1 A study published in 2022 in Scientific Reports2 found an association between nose-picking and a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. Nose picking is common in other primates as well. In 2015, a photographer captured a picture of a bearded capuchin monkey using a tool to pick her nose at a national park in Brazil.3

It was the first time that researchers had noted a female monkey using a tool for anything, so they were quite surprised when she used it to pick her nose multiple times. Children frequently pick their noses in public, but the social stigma is so widespread that most adults do not.

The nasal cavity has its own microbiome to provide the body with natural protection.4 Your nose also secretes mucus that helps to trap dust, allergens and microbes. Evidence has shown that picking your nose increases the risk you’ll spread pathogens to yourself and others.

One paper5 notes that the anterior nares of up to 80% of people are colonized with staphylococcus aureus. This bacterium is known to be a factor in skin diseases and acne, and the spread from nose picking to the face may be an overlooked element in acne.

The featured study6 also links a bacterium with infection in the central nervous system, which researchers believe ultimately contributes to a higher risk of Alzheimer’s disease. According to the Alzheimer’s Association,7 in 2022 there are an estimated 6.5 million people in the U.S. aged 65 and older living with Alzheimer’s dementia. They estimate this number could grow to 13.8 million by 2060.

Currently, experts estimate that Alzheimer’s disease kills more people than prostate cancer and breast cancer combined and in 2020 COVID-19 increased the risk of death in Alzheimer’s and dementia patients by 17%. The public health cost reached $321 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach roughly $1 trillion by 2050.8

The researchers used an animal model9 to demonstrate that Chlamydia pneumoniae can reach the brain by traveling along the olfactory nerve. They found the brain cells in the mice then began depositing amyloid beta protein, which is a known hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease.

James St John, Ph.D., is head of the Clem Jones Centre for Neurobiology and Stem Cell Research at Griffith University and co-writer of the study, which is the first to show that Chlamydia pneumoniae can travel up the nose and into the brain.

The researchers noted that the olfactory nerve is a short pathway to the brain in mice and, interestingly, bypasses the blood brain barrier. Before the data can be generalized to humans, the team must prove that humans have the same pathway, and that bacteria and viruses can use it the same way.

Based on the current data, St John recommends people take steps to lower their risk of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. One step he advises is to avoid picking your nose or plucking hair inside the nasal cavity. Both activities can damage the mucosal lining and allow bacteria or viruses access.10

Nose picking is a little bit like picking a scab or popping a pimple. Some believe that these grooming behaviors become more prominent when a person is stressed or anxious or when they’re bored.11 While nose picking is socially unacceptable, skin picking is slightly less problematic in public.

Skin picking has been documented since the 19th century and data suggest it is as common as other psychiatric disorders.12 The medical term to describe nose picking is rhinotillexomania. An early study13 of nose-picking behavior was undertaken in 1995 using a survey of 1,000 adults in Dane County, Wisconsin.

Only 25% responded to the survey, but of those 254 people, 91% said they pick their nose and 75% of those felt nearly everyone does it. The researchers believed it was the first population survey that addressed nose picking and for the majority who responded, it was not a pathological condition.

Of the respondents, 1.2% reported they pick their nose at least every hour and two people said that it created marked to moderate interference in their daily functioning. Potential problems people experience includes infections in the nose when fingernails leave cuts in the nasal tissue. People who routinely pick their noses may also spread illness, damage their nasal cavity, or cause mucosal damage that triggers nosebleeds or sores.

Another study14 published in 2001 asked 200 adolescents about their nose-picking habits. They found that 7.6% of the subjects reported picking their noses more than 20 times per day and nearly 17% wondered if they had a nose-picking problem. The researchers concluded that while nose picking is common in adolescents, it can also be associated with other habitual behaviors and may merit closer epidemiological scrutiny.

The BBC15 reported on the same study, recording that of those who answered the survey, 13 subjects used tweezers to pick their nose and nine used pencils. There were gender differences, with boys more prone to picking their noses and girls inclined to believe it was a bad habit. Chronic nose picking can also lead to perforation of the nasal septum that requires surgical repair.

The featured study suggests that picking your nose can increase the risk of bacteria traveling along the olfactory nerve and into the brain, thus increasing your risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. In addition to this socially unacceptable habit, there are other environmental and lifestyle choices that can increase your risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

  • Sugar — For many years I have warned about the dangers of eating foods high in processed sugars or high carbohydrate foods that elevate your blood sugar. One of the most striking studies on the relationship between carbohydrates and brain health was published in 2012 in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease.16

    The data showed that eating a high carbohydrate diet can increase your risk of dementia by 89%, while eating a high fat diet lowered it by 44 %. Other studies have strongly suggested that Alzheimer’s is connected to insulin resistance17 and even mild elevation of blood sugar is associated with an elevated risk of dementia.18

  • Gut microbiome — Researchers have also found a significant link between Alzheimer’s and your gut microbiome. One study19 of 89 people between the ages of 65 and 85 years revealed lipopolysaccharides and the short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) acetate and valerate were associated with amyloid deposits in the brain. Other SCFAs, namely butyrate, appeared to have a protective effect; high levels of butyrate were associated with less amyloid.

    “Our results are indisputable: Certain bacterial products of the intestinal microbiota are correlated with the quantity of amyloid plaques in the brain,” explains Moira Marizzoni, a study author with the Fatebenefratelli Center in Brescia, Italy.20 The researchers believe this proves an association between proteins in the gut microbiota and amyloidosis in the brain.

  • Cholesterol — While cholesterol has been vilified as something that should be as low as possible to prevent heart disease, it is a crucial component for good health, and levels that are too low can have serious repercussions.

    According to senior research scientist Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., insufficient fat and cholesterol in the brain plays a crucial role in the Alzheimer’s disease process. She details the mechanism of this dysfunction in her 2009 paper21 “APOE-4: The Clue to Why Low Fat Diet and Statins May Cause Alzheimer’s.”

    A 2014 study22 found cholesterol plays an important role and individuals with higher levels of HDL and lower levels of LDL had a reduced risk for amyloid plaque deposits. A 2018 study23 came to a similar conclusion, finding those with higher total cholesterol at midlife had a reduced risk for cognitive decline after age 85.

    However, they also found when cholesterol levels increase between midlife and late life, those individuals were at an increased risk. This suggests there are other unknown variables at play as well.

  • Anticholinergic drugs — Data show “there were statistically significant associations of dementia risk with exposure to anticholinergic antidepressants, anti-Parkinson’s drugs, antipsychotic drugs, bladder antimuscarinics and antiepileptic drugs.”24

  • B vitamin deficiencies — Evidence suggests that some deficiencies may also lead to brain shrinkage and Alzheimer’s disease. B vitamin deficiencies are known to produce symptoms of psychiatric disorders, including depression,25 and they play an important role in cognitive decline and the development of dementia.26

  • Air pollution — Evidence has also linked exposure to air pollution in the U.S. and Europe with an increased risk of dementia, including Alzheimer’s disease. One 10-year study presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference 202127 showed women living in areas of lower air pollution had a slower decline in overall memory and cognitive function.

Since the fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine worked so well, the FDA has approved yet another fast-tracked vaccine, this time aimed at Alzheimer’s. The shot — UB-311 — was developed by the biotechnology company Vaxxinity, which reportedly treats Alzheimer’s by targeting aggregated amyloid beta.28

However, as the evidence has demonstrated, Alzheimer’s is a multifactorial and complex condition and researchers are unsure if the amyloid beta is a symptom of Alzheimer’s or the cause. Thus, fast-tracking a vaccine that targets an isolated element of the disease, which may not be the underlying cause, is destined to be a massive disaster. The company has completed Phase 1, Phase 2a and Phase 2a long-term extension trials.

They report the results of these showed the drug was well tolerated in patients with mild to moderate disease over a three-year period and that there were no cases of amyloid-related imaging abnormalities edema (ARIA-E) in the main study, which is a marker of fluid retention and microhemorrhages in the brain that happens in about one-third of people taking the Alzheimer drug aducanumab (brand name Aduhelm).29

Vaxxinity believes no cases of ARIA-E are a success, yet it is impossible to know or understand the long-term consequences of the drug. It is also worth noting that developing drugs for Alzheimer’s has thus far been a dismal failure, with at least 300 failed trials to date.30

There are several strategies you can use to help stop picking your nose. It’s helpful if you can identify what prompts the behavior. Sometimes low humidity, such as during the winter months or when the air conditioner is on, can dry out your nasal passages and your mucus. Consider a spritz with normal saline to help restore the moisture. A humidifier in your home can also help improve the natural moisture level.

Another way to clean your nasal passages and improve the moisture level is a saline nasal wash. These can also help with seasonal allergies as it rinses out pollen and other allergens that increase the production of mucus.

If you find yourself unconsciously beginning to pick your nose, consider using a bandage over your dominant picking finger. The awkward shape of the bandage will remind you not to pick your nose. Keep the bandage in place as long as needed to help retrain the behavior.

Nose picking is sometimes a momentary response to chronic stress or anxiety. Instead, consider using other stress-relieving strategies when you notice your anxiety level going up or you begin picking your nose. Soothing music, deep breathing exercises, a stress ball, or other activities that keep your hands busy can help reduce the activity.

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