Chinese bots swamp Twitter with porn to hide news of mass protests

New York Post | Nov. 28, 2022

Chinese bots are swamping Twitter with sexually explicit posts about porn and escorts in an apparent bid to stop the spread of news about the massive protests against lockdowns and President Xi Jinping.

Searches for major Chinese cities that have seen mass protests will “mostly see ads for escorts/porn/gambling, drowning out legitimate search results,” said Air-Moving Device, sharing a series of charts.

“Data analysis in this thread suggests that there has been a significant uptick in these spam tweets,” the outlet said, sharing data retweeted by Stanford Internet Observatory director Alex Stamos.

The “vast majority” — more than 95% — appear to be spam accounts that “tweet at a high, steady rate throughout the day, suggesting automation,” the analysis said.


Federal Reserve set to introduce privacy-crushing digital currency that can be 'controlled' and 'programmed' by government bureaucrats

Image: Federal Reserve set to introduce privacy-crushing digital currency that can be ‘controlled’ and ‘programmed’ by government bureaucrats

(Natural News) When Barack Obama was in the White House and Democrats controlled Congress for his first two years in office, they passed a bill dubbed “Obamacare” that was the first step toward giving federal government bureaucrats complete control over Americans’ health care.

Since all Americans require medical care during their lives, the move was seen by critics as the ultimate authoritarian move; after all, if the government controls all healthcare decisions, tyrannical government bureaucrats could then begin to dictate behaviors and reward or punish people based on behavior.

Now, the government is attempting yet another major authoritarian move: The creation of a “digital currency” with the endgame objective being to control behaviors through “programmable” money that can influence and/or block certain spending habits.

“The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Innovation Center, or NYIC, announced that it would be launching a 12-week proof-of-concept pilot for a central bank digital currency, or CBDC,” Coin Telegraph reported this week.

The outlet continued: “In a Nov. 15 announcement, the New York Fed said the program would explore the feasibility of an ‘interoperable network of central bank wholesale digital money and commercial bank digital money operating on a shared multi-entity distributed ledger’ on a regulated liability network. Banking giants including BNY Mellon, Citi, HSBC, Mastercard, PNC Bank, TD Bank, Truist, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo will be participating in the pilot by issuing tokens and settling transactions through simulated central bank reserves.”


Mind you, the participating banks are advertising this simply as a concept to make interoperability more feasible, but make no mistake, this ‘test’ is research: The Fed wants to develop and then hone this technology so that a ‘programmable’ digital currency can be introduced to the general public for the express purpose of controlling spending habits by favoring or disfavoring products (think ‘yes’ for electric cars, solar panels, and fake ‘meat’ but ‘no’ for cigarettes, alcohol, gasoline, and anything deemed ‘harmful to the planet’).

“The NYIC looks forward to collaborating with members of the banking community to advance research on asset tokenization and the future of financial market infrastructures in the U.S. as money and banking evolve,” NYIC Director Per von Zelowitz said in announcing the pilot program.

“Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank President Esther George said in an interview that inflation is at risk of growing entrenched in the economy, making it difficult for the Federal Reserve to fight inflation without a recession. George said that labor is the driver of inflation now, rather than supply chain or production shortages, and the real challenge for policymakers is prematurely ending rate increases,” private intelligence firm Forward Observer reported in a note to subscribers earlier this month.

An accompanying analyst comment noted: “Fed officials have previously waved off the risk of recession, so this admission is significant. George is now saying the proverbial quiet part out loud, as [Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome] Powell has been engineering a deliberate recession since last year.”

Now, as an engineered recession is upon us, the same Fed will be introducing a digital currency that it can manipulate on behalf of the wishes of the deep state permanent government.

The N.Y. Fed said in a statement: “This U.S. proof-of-concept project is experimenting with the concept of a regulated liability network. It will test the technical feasibility, legal viability, and business applicability of distributed ledger technology to settle the liabilities of regulated financial institutions through the transfer of central bank liabilities.”

“The NYIC looks forward to collaborating with members of the banking community to advance research on asset tokenization and the future of financial market infrastructures in the U.S. as money and banking evolve,” said Per von Zelowitz, Director of the New York Innovation Center.

…’as money and banking evolve.’

Why do either of these have to “evolve” in the first place?

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Diesel shortages loom as energy crisis enters “perfect storm”

Image: Diesel shortages loom as energy crisis enters “perfect storm”

(Natural News) Winter is not even here yet and the diesel supply chain is already falling apart at an accelerating rate.

Tight refining capacity coupled with ever-depleting stockpiles bodes ominous for the coming weeks and months. If diesel supplies dwindle too low due to supply crunches, critical transportation networks such as ships, trains, and trucks will be severely impacted.

Diesel is also a power generation source for many utility companies and is also used in various capacities to heat homes and businesses in many parts of the world. (Related: In late October, Mansfield Energy issued a “code red” for diesel supplies in America’s Northeast and Southeast regions.)

“Within months, almost every region on the planet will face a danger of a diesel shortage just as supply crunches in nearly all the world’s markets have worsened inflation and hurt growth,” reported Bloomberg.

The crisis can clearly be seen at the pumps where diesel prices are now noticeably higher than gasoline prices, which are also sky-high. If things continue on their current trajectory, the diesel crisis could become a perfect storm and an inflation accelerant, the likes of which has never before been seen.

Diesel supplies for this time of year are the lowest EVER

Diesel and fuel prices in general are pegged to crude prices as set on the global market. Because of supply bottlenecks and other problems, demand in some markets is far outpacing supply, which in turn affects everyone.

“Anything and everything that gets moved in our economy, diesel is there,” said Mark Finley, an energy fellow at Rice University‘s Baker Institute of Public Policy.


“Moving stuff around is one thing; people potentially freezing to death is another,” he added, noting that elevated diesel prices could cost the United States economy $100 billion.

At the current time, diesel inventories are at their lowest point ever since 1982 when the government first began tracking and reporting data on the fuel. Diesel supplies are also at their lowest levels ever for this time of year.

The U.S. currently has just a 25-day supply of diesel fuel, the lowest level since 2008. What this means, just to be clear, is that if all diesel production stopped immediately, the country would run out of it in 25 days.

Diesel is still being produced, of course, so that 25-days-remaining figure will still be 25 days remaining tomorrow and the day after that. If production and supply problems persist, however, then over time that number could gradually drop down to, say, a 24-day supply, then perhaps a 23-day supply.

What all of this does not mean, just to reiterate, is that America only has 25 days’ worth of diesel left before completely running out of it. The only way that would happen is if all diesel production stopped immediately, which is not the case.

As for diesel distillates, the four-week rolling average supply – this being a proxy for demand – has increased to its highest seasonal level since 2007, just before the infamous 2008 market crash.

The only way to address the diesel supply problem is for the markets to enter a downturn, says Reuters senior market analyst John Kemp.

“Prices for U.S. diesel in the spot market of New York harbor have risen more than 265% since President Biden took the oath of office in 2021,” reports Zero Hedge. “Prices reached $5.37 a gallon in the spring of 2022 and have since slumped to $3.51.”

The tightest diesel market in the country right now is the Northeast where oil refineries have been shut down one by one over the past several years. What this means for the availability of winter heating oil and jet fuel supplies remains to be seen.

Fossil fuel energy (i.e., diesel, petrol, gasoline, and natural gas) is under attack by the globalists. To learn more, visit

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GETTING WORSE: Housing market under Biden now collapsing; farmers warn of food shortages due to high diesel prices

Image: GETTING WORSE: Housing market under Biden now collapsing; farmers warn of food shortages due to high diesel prices

(Natural News) Americans who voted for Democrats during the midterm elections literally voted against their own best interests, because the party, which has been in charge of Congress and the White House for two years, has made an absolute mess of our economy.

During President Donald Trump’s final year in office, he, with the help of several red state governors, was rapidly bringing the country back from the economic abyss after a few months’ worth of COVID-related shutdowns.

But then Joe Biden was ‘selected’ president, and with a Democrat-controlled Congress, he signed several multi-trillion-dollar spending bills at a time when the country was not yet fully back to work and there were already shortages in the supply chain. What’s more, Biden, through executive policy, launched a war on the fossil fuel industry, which literally powers our entire economy. The results were predictable: Rampant inflation and especially massive increases in fuel prices. And while gasoline prices per gallon have fallen somewhat, diesel fuel — the primary fuel in transport and farming — is not only sky-high but running in short supply.

Also, the housing market has essentially collapsed after the Federal Reserve was forced to dramatically raise interest rates to stifle inflation.

“What’s taking place in the US housing market right now is nothing short of a meteor strike, with RedFin reporting in its latest market forecast that pending home sales fell the most on record in October and deal cancellations and price cuts hit record highs as buyers were spooked by the biggest mortgage-rate jump in over four decades,” Zero Hedge reported on Thursday.


“Meanwhile, almost one-quarter (23.9%) of homes for sale experienced a price drop, double the rate of a year earlier,” the outlet added.

In short, the U.S. housing market is in deep, deep trouble, as is every other industry that depends on it (and for you RINO so-and-so’s who hated Donald Trump so much you helped get him defeated, you, too, are just as responsible for this epic economic fail and coming food shortage as Democrats are — don’t think we don’t see you).

“The Fed’s actions to curb inflation are causing the housing market to slow at a pace not seen since the financial crisis,” said Redfin Economics Research Lead Chen Zhao. “There are already early but promising signs that inflation is cooling, which caused mortgage rates to drop last week. If that progress continues, buyers who recently backed out of deals may return to the market and sellers may be less inclined to slash their prices.”

The average mortgage rate today is around 6.9 percent, up more than 3 percent from a year ago when average rates hovered around 3.07 percent. That is literally tens of thousands of dollars more in interest over the life of a 30-year note.

A new domestic intelligence report spells out more doom and gloom in the Biden/Democrat economy.

“Farmers in central Oklahoma are warning that high diesel prices could lead to shortages, in addition to other problems. One farmer speaking with a media outlet in Norman, Oklahoma, said that fertilizer and diesel costs to run his combines add up to more than what he can get for his soybean crop this year,” noted private intelligence firm Forward Observer in a subscriber note on Friday.

An analyst with the firm also noted the rising potential for a rail strike, which would be devastating to the economy and to the food supply.

“A possible rail strike as early as 9 December remains a short term domestic concern. As previously noted, a rail strike will have second-order effects on prices for both energy and food, especially considering deteriorating freight trucking conditions,” the analyst wrote.

“Less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers are already beginning to offer voluntary furloughs for employees as costs are increasing and demand is decreasing. If high costs for trucking fleets continue to stay above demand, moving freight by truck that would have been moved by rail will become more difficult as companies take steps to cut costs or go bankrupt in the meantime,” the analyst added.

Biden and his Democrats have been a disaster for our economy. But the really bad news is, the worst is coming.

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Report: FDA's failure to adequately oversee vaccine clinical trials is endangering public health

Image: Report: FDA’s failure to adequately oversee vaccine clinical trials is endangering public health

(Natural News) A paper has revealed that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exhibited a lax attitude toward safety concerns about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines, which the agency later approved.

The said paper by Australian investigative journalist Maryanne Demasi was published Nov. 16 in BMJ Investigation. She revealed that the FDA exhibited a lax attitude regarding the oversight of COVID-19 vaccine and drug trials.

“Regulatory documents show that only nine out of 153 Pfizer trial sites were subject to FDA inspection before licensing the mRNA vaccine. Similarly, only 10 out of 99 Moderna trial sites and five of 73 remdesivir trial sites were inspected,” Demasi wrote.

The journalist cited a September 2020 complaint lodged to the FDA by Brook Jackson, a regional director working for the Texas-based Ventavia Research Group. Ventavia had been hired to run clinical trials for the Pfizer BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine.

Jackson witnessed problems at three trial sites she was overseeing – such as falsified data, unblinded patients, and inadequately trained vaccinators who were slow to follow up on adverse events. She brought this to the attention of an FDA inspector, but the regulator did not inspect the trial site in question.

“I thought that the FDA was going to swoop in and take care of everything,” Jackson said. “What I was reporting was so important.”

A former staffer in the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations raised red flags over the agency’s failure to act on Jackson’s complaints.


“Having worked at the FDA, I see it as surprising, for many reasons, that the agency turned a blind eye. They likely feared the criticism they undoubtedly would have received for holding up a vaccine, which they knew they would eventually approve anyway, at the expense of untold lives lost,” the anonymous staffer said.

“My point here is that instead of the regulators protecting the public, they were complicit. At the time, they may have been doing what they believed to be the right thing under extraordinary circumstances. But now, they may soon have some explaining to do. (Related: Pfizer, FDA know the COVID vaccine is dangerous, but they push it away.)

Former FDA advisor accuses agency of “endangering public health”

David Gortler, a former senior advisor to the FDA commissioner, remarked that the regulator is “endangering public health” by not being candid about the violations uncovered during clinical trial site inspections. He was appointed to the advisory position from 2019 until 2021, and was previously an FDA medical reviewer from 2007 to 2011.

“The lack of full transparency and data sharing does not allow physicians and other medical scientists to confirm the data independently and make comprehensive risk-benefit assessments,” added Gortler, now a fellow at the Washington, D.C.-based think tank Ethics and Public Policy Center (EPPC).

The FDA paused site inspections during the peak of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions between March and July 2020, with only “mission-critical inspections” being carried out. However, Gortler said the regulator should have ramped up its oversight instead of scaling back. He added that COVID-19 products intended for millions of people were being developed at “warp speed,” and the FDA ought to catch up.

“The drug companies took appropriate measures to keep staff safe, which is exactly what the FDA could and should have done,” Gortler said.

Speaking to the BMJ, the FDA reiterated that it takes oversight of clinical trials seriously. It also mentioned publishing draft guidance for remote regulatory assessments – including virtual inspections using live streaming and video conferencing, and requests to view records remotely.

Gortler, a credentialed FDA inspector, laughed at the proposition.

“You can’t do a remote inspection. That’s like saying ‘I’m going to arrest somebody remotely.’ You have to be there on site and look at every nuance such as cleanliness, organization, staff coordination – even their body language,” he said.

“During a pandemic, the FDA could’ve put inspectors in hazmat suits if they wanted to. There’s no excuse for not going onsite.”

Watch Brook Jackson reveal the extent of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine fraud to Australian independent journalist Maria Zeee below.

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Fauci still promoting COVID boosters despite clear evidence of serious adverse effects

Image: Fauci still promoting COVID boosters despite clear evidence of serious adverse effects

(Natural News) Infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci wants to see more blood before retiring from government service next month. He is still promoting the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) boosters despite a plethora of evidence linking the vaccines to serious adverse effects and sudden deaths.

During his last speech on the White House podium, the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden encouraged all Americans to get injected, claiming “the latest boosters offer better protection against new variants than previous shots.”

“My final message, maybe the final message I give you from this podium – is that please for your own safety, for that of your family, get your updated COVID-19 shot as soon as you’re eligible to protect yourself, your family and your community,” Fauci said.

Fauci, 81, is set to step down as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), a position he has held since 1984. Prior to assuming the post, he had been one of the most-cited scientists for his work on HIV and other infections.

The infectious disease doctor eventually became the face of the U.S. pandemic response. During those uncertain times, people trusted Fauci and even branded him as “America’s doctor.”

Fauci is consistently inconsistent

But the same people who trusted Fauci are now questioning his credibility after he hyped the safety and effectiveness of the “experimental” vaccines and pushed for face masks, social distancing and lockdown mandates. Moreover, his inconsistent statements also became a source of controversy. (Related: Dr. Anthony Fauci: Mass murderer.)


He initially remarked in March 2020 that face masks were not necessary, arguing that these would not provide good protection. Fauci later retracted his statement and mandated face coverings on children as young as two.

As NIAID’s head, Fauci was also a key orchestrator of lockdowns throughout the pandemic, as shops and businesses followed his guidance to shut their doors in spring of 2020. Meanwhile, Florida did not lockdown and had one of the lowest case rates in the United States – with case rates dropping 90 percent between August and October 2021.

Schools were shut in March 2020, and did not reopen until August. Children missed out on socializing with their peers, which would have allowed them to build up natural immunity to other illnesses. Lockdowns left many Americans without proper immune defense against viruses, leaving them vulnerable to a more severe infection.

He also exaggerated the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccines during a June 2021 MSNBC interview. “It is as simple as black and white. You’re vaccinated, you’re safe. You’re unvaccinated, you’re at risk,” Fauci said at the time.

When it comes to the origins of COVID-19, Fauci’s inconsistency is on full display.

While he shot down discussions about the origin of SARS-CoV-2 and the possibility of it leaking from a laboratory, he espoused a different view in an interview with the Atlantic magazine.

Fauci told the magazine’s Ross Andersen that he is “keeping a completely open mind” about COVID-19’s emergence in 2019 at China’s Wuhan province. He also alleged that Beijing is “probably” withholding information from the international community.

In spring this year, Fauci declared that the pandemic was over. He backtracked days later.

Now, millions of Americans are hoping that he’s going to keep his word about his resignation. But with Fauci, you can never be sure.

Head over to for more stories about Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Watch Tucker Carlson of Fox News call out Fauci’s lies about mask mandates and the origins of COVID-19.

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