No longer a secret: WEF founder Klaus Schwab, globalist billionaire George Soros declare West must govern like 'role model' China

Image: No longer a secret: WEF founder Klaus Schwab, globalist billionaire George Soros declare West must govern like ‘role model’ China

(Natural News) There should be no more doubts that the West’s globalist elites want the world’s democracies to go away and their billions of people to be governed by tyrannical regimes such as the one in China.

Last week during an interview in Chinese television, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab admitted as much when he claimed that the communist regime in Beijing should serve as a “role model” for the rest of the planet.

Schwab made his comments to Chinese journalist Tian Wei, the host of the “World Insight” program on the Beijing-run China Global Television Network, regarding the recent G20 summit in Bali, Indonesia, as reported by the site News Punch.

Asked about the outcome of the summit, Schwab praised agreements on policy priorities, of which one provision states: “At today’s critical moment for the global economy, it is essential that the G20 undertakes tangible, precise, swift and necessary actions, using all available policy tools, to address common challenges, including through international macro policy cooperation and concrete collaborations. In doing so, we remain committed to support developing countries, particularly the least developed and small island developing states, in responding to these global challenges and achieving the SDGs. In line with the Indonesian G20 Presidency theme — Recover Together, Recover Stronger — we will take coordinated actions to advance an agenda for a strong, inclusive and resilient global recovery and sustainable development that delivers jobs and growth.”


But Schwab said governments must do more.

“We have to have a strategic mood,” he said. “We have to construct the world of tomorrow. It’s a systemic transformation of the world.” Leaders, he said, must “define” what the world “should look like” after “this transformation period.”

Separately, in a Financial Times interview cited by News Punch, Soros said that China — itself angling to supplant the United States as the world’s reigning superpower — should be given a larger role on the world stage.

“I think this would be the time, because you really need to bring China into the creation of a new world order — financial world order,” said Soros. “They are kind of reluctant members of the IMF. They play along, but they don’t make much of a contribution because it’s not their institution. Their share is not commensurate — their voting rights are not commensurate — to their weight.

“So I think you need a New World Order that China has to be part of the process of creating it, and they have to buy in. They have to own it the same way as I said the United States owns… the Washington consensus… the current order, and I think this would be a more stable one where you would have coordinated policies,” he claimed.

Actually, the situation would become less stable because again, China is an authoritarian regime with about one-seventh of the world’s population; China doesn’t want parity, China wants domination. And that would mean all the world’s governments would mirror the tyrannical regime in Beijing, if they wanted to ‘play ball’ and partake in the economic fortunes that China will eventually control (without a major pivot by the West away from Beijing and towards self-sufficiency).

While alienating China risks conflict, too, the West cannot simply accede to China’s authoritarianism, either. And yet, the global Western elite believes that is the only path forward.

China is working to accomplish this through its “Belt and Road Initiative.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is implementing a multidimensional strategy in the Caribbean, especially, that may have the ultimate objective of building military bases in the region. The situation looks to be analogous to what China has done in the South China Sea, where the People’s Liberation Army built new islands and militarized them, despite promises not to do so.

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Ba'al Busters asks why Stew Peters network censored Dr. Bryan Ardis on Dr. Jane Ruby show for question contradicting narrative of “Died Suddenly” film

Image: Ba’al Busters asks why Stew Peters network censored Dr. Bryan Ardis on Dr. Jane Ruby show for question contradicting narrative of “Died Suddenly” film

(Natural News) A few months ago, we reported on strange non-blood clots that embalmer Richard Hirschman explains have been extracted from bodies that had been “fully vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19). News of these clots circulated quickly, but Dr. Bryan Ardis recently expressed some questions about their legitimacy.

Ardis recently appeared on the “Dr. Jane Ruby” show alongside Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, who is the founder of and this publication. Ruby is part of the Stew Peters network, which Ba’Al Busters explains censored key minutes of the interview by pulling down the original video, clipping out several minutes, then re-posting the video without those minutes during which Dr. Ardis expressed his questions about the clots.

The effect is that the Stew Peters network apparently pulled a public video from Rumble, removed portions of it, then re-posted it, absent the removed minutes. Some people took notice of this practice and are asking questions.

Daniel Kristos of “Ba’all Busters” unpacked the censored portions of the segment, as well as spoke to Ardis directly about what happened. We are carrying this story in the interests of allowing all sides a voice in the debate about vaccines, clots and sudden deaths.

Kristos’ video is available on Rumble. You can watch it there to learn more. There is also a Ba’Al Busters channel on Brighteon at this link, but that channel has not yet posted this particular video.

Kristos asks: Are the Hirschman clots a red herring?

Kristos’ position appears to be that the Stew Peters network is profiting from the “Died Suddenly” film, and that the film’s success would be impacted if a prominent person in the “health truth” community expressed questions about the film’s primary claim. In the clipped portion of the interview, Ardis says he has spoken directly to embalmers and funeral directors and they are not necessarily seeing what Hirschman claims he is seeing. This does not mean in any way that Hirschman isn’t correct is his own assessment of what he’s seeing, only that Dr. Ardis says he isn’t seeing an across-the-board confirmation of the same phenomenon among other embalmers with whom he has spoken.


Ardis — who is the originator of the “snake venom” theory behind covid which was also prominently featured in a previous Stew Peters film —  is also of the belief that the true cause of the shots’ lethality has to do with snake and animal venom, and not necessarily these clots, which he says could be a red herring. Because the “Died Suddenly” film centers around them, though, those who allegedly stand to profit from the film may not want Ardis’ viewpoints to be aired, concludes Kristos.

“Dr. Ardis said he was concerned it could be a hoax on a show that just started out, and he was the very first guest on. How did Jane Ruby even know about this show?” Kristos wants to know. “How closely are they watching Dr. Ardis’s every move?”

“Later Stew Peters will take down the Jane Ruby episode and repost it without that section in it… So much for ‘Uncensored, Unafraid, Unstoppable,’ eh, Stew? My thoughts are that they were protecting their investment in the documentary that’s hung heavily on the single claims of Hirschman.”

Kristos further believes that Ardis’ personal assessment of the situation stands in the way of the documentary’s success. He is highly skeptical of the true motivations of those behind the film, which he says appear to be more concerned about profits than with getting out the truth.

“I’m sure there was a perfectly good explanation for censoring someone when he didn’t even bring it up. Jane did. Why was he censored? Because he didn’t retract and repent? This is pretty scandalous. Props to Dr. Ardis for simply having the confidence to state his concerns, and to be honest.”

Adams says all the parties here are merely trying to solve the mystery of the clots

After Dr. Ardis asked the question, the second guest on the show, Mike Adams — who is the publisher of this site — expressed his view that mRNA injections were likely acting in several different ways and that both clots and venom-like cellular damage could be taking place simultaneously, implying that the clots appear to be a genuine post-vaccine phenomenon. Further complicating the story, Adams is in possession of several such clots which were sent to him by both Richard Hirschman and Dr. Bryan Ardis, due to the efforts of Dr. Jane Ruby who connected Hirschman to Adams in order to carry out clot analysis in Adams’ mass spec lab.

“My belief is that Hirschman is being honest and genuine in his representation of the origins of these clots,” Adams told this reporter in response to this developing story. “And Dr. Jane Ruby is merely trying to solve the mystery of what these clots are made of. Dr. Ardis is essentially asking whether these clot origins can be confirmed through other sources, which isn’t an unreasonable request. Each party here is acting in the interests of solving the mystery of why so many people are suddenly dying,” he said, adding that, “The sooner we solve this mystery, the sooner we can help save lives and potentially find ways to halt or reverse clot formation in the bodies of vaccine victims.”

We remind readers that intelligent people can disagree on their explanations or conclusions, which is why we believe it is important to hear all sides of every debate.

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US CITIZEN HOSTAGES UPDATE: Innocent US protestors from January 6th still being held 'hostage' in DC jail – Will Republican House release them all?

Image: US CITIZEN HOSTAGES UPDATE: Innocent US protestors from January 6th still being held ‘hostage’ in DC jail – Will Republican House release them all?

(Natural News) There’s an American hostage crisis going on right now and it’s not in Iran, Russia, North Korea, or China, it’s in Washington D.C. US citizens are being held against their will, with no trial in sight, and according to sources, are being tortured and abused daily. More than 800 US citizens were arrested nearly two years ago for simply walking past police and federal agents who assisted their entry into the capital, and only 185 of those folks have had a right to a trial (and been sentenced).

After stealing the 2020 POTUS election with fake ballots and rigged voting machines, the communist Biden Regime wanted to make sure anyone who questions the (non)validity of the election would be thrown in Gulags like in communist countries, and made an example of, for all patriotic Americans to fear.

The insurrection happened when the Democrats stole Washington DC, and the extreme Leftist insurgents are still occupying the territory while holding American prisoners

Democrat politicians and their billionaire (globalist) cohorts have taken control of a huge swath of American soil between Virginia and Maryland, and the military forces for the entire country. Over 800 American citizens tried to stop the takeover two years ago, January, and are now prisoners of ‘war,’ being held captive and tortured with bouts of starvation and floors covered in feces.

The American Gulag is no joke, and it’s not fake news, Russian disinformation, or a “conspiracy theory.” In fact, the American Hostage Crisis is now being addressed by congressman Matt Gaetz, who says when the House of Representatives is restored to Republican power in January, he aims to release every second of security footage from the Capital ‘invasion’ that reveals most people were ushered to enter by DC police AND undercover FBI agents.


For the crime of protesting criminal activity during our biggest election ever, loyal patriots and law-abiding Americans are now being tortured in prison with no constitutional rights, and some have already committed suicide (or been ‘suicided’ by the Democrat cult) who couldn’t handle the concentration-camp-style abuse.

Congressman Gaetz is already on the record saying, “While Kevin McCarthy has said he would disband the January 6th Select Committee, I would repurpose it. I would take over their snarky little Twitter account, and pump out 14,000 hours of video so the American people can see what really happened.”

According to members of Congress who are not part of the Democrat insurrection, protesters from January 6th are entitled to a fair trial

Even if a handful of the protesters from January 6th destroyed property or fought cops, that certainly doesn’t qualify them as domestic terrorists who can be jailed without due process. We all witnessed Antifa thugs and BLM rioters fighting police, burning cars, and destroying businesses during the reverse-racism riots in most metropolitan cities.

The American Hostage Crisis is a serious one, and a threat to all Americans who don’t support their right to peacefully protest and contest thwarted elections and US citizens being held captive, even on our own soil by our own rogue government. There currently exists whistleblower documents, audio transcripts, and text messages that reveal FBI informants who influenced protesters to enter the capital on that heated day. This is evidence that would most likely exonerate the Proud Boys and Trump supporters whose goal was to simply have the election investigated and/or redone fairly. Where’s the crime in that?

Keep your truth news in check by adding to your favorites list and tuning in daily for updates on real news about surviving and thriving in the near future, and news that’s being scrubbed from MSM and social media as you read this.

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Balenciaga Is Pizzagate

In this column I’m going to explain in detail how the Balenciaga scandal is Pizzagate.

The term Pizzagate stems from the release of thousands of John Podesta’s e-mails via Wikileaks in 2016.  John was the campaign chairman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, and several e-mails between him and his associates contained the use of the word pizza, a well-known pedophile code word that has been identified by law enforcement and documented in the Department of Justice records, in a context that does not make sense for them to be referring to the Italian dish.  This launched a citizen investigation around the world, and what horrified researchers discovered is that there’s a secret cabal of powerful Satanic pedophiles who are engaged in the rape, torture and trafficking of children.  That’s what Pizzagate is, period.  Pizzagate was never just about one DC pizza joint and a basement – that was the mainstream media’s spin on it to distract you and to cover up crimes against children. 

I’ve been saying for six years now that one day the mainstream media would be forced to tell the truth about Pizzagate. That day has finally come.  Enter Balenciaga. Balenciaga recently released a holiday ad campaign featuring children holding teddy bears in bondage with BDSM accessories.  In another ad that dropped on Nov. 21, copies appeared strategically placed on a desk from the Supreme Court Case United States v. Williams, a ruling that upheld the PROTECT Act, that increased federal protections against child pornography.  These ads promoting the sexual exploitation of children launched another global citizen investigation, and suddenly it was 2016 all over again.  However, this time the media has not been able to successfully cover up or ignore this elephant in the room.  As researchers dug, the Balenciaga Satanic horror show got worse and worse. The parallels between this scandal and what citizen journalists discovered after the Podesta E-mails were released are not only strikingly similar, there’s direct connections between the Clintons and their sex trafficking pals and Balenciaga.  I will get to that soon.

Upon further digging, Internet sleuths discovered that some of the women behind Balenciaga’s ad campaigns openly promote on their social media images glorifying Satanism, occult blood rituals, child abuse and cannibalism.  For instance, the fashion empire’s stylist, Lotta Volkova, has an Instagram account littered with stomach churning, demonic garbage and many of the photos depict child torture.  There are photos of white rabbits terrorizing children.  In one photo Volkova is in a church wearing a long-sleeve shirt that reads “Cannibal Corpse”.  Another photo shows a young woman tied down to the floor over a pentagram.  Above her is a man dressed up as Baal, a Canaanite deity who kids were ritualistically sacrificed to.  One of the more disturbing images shows a child with her mouth and entire body taped to a chair.  The helpless child has a headset on linked up to a computer. In one image, Volkova implies she’s eating a baby with a photo of her eating a tiny arm with a demon possessed look in her eyes with the caption “canniballotta”. There’s another Satanic photo of her wearing all red holding baby dolls that are blood red.

There’s a photo from another Balenciaga campaign showing a child with a balloon string wrapped around her neck.  There’s a book by Michael Borreman strategically placed on a desk in another image from the fashion line.  That book depicts the Satanic Ritualistic Abuse (SRA) of children.  Furthermore, a video from a Balenciaga campaign shows bloodied baby dolls in a Balenciaga bag. In another image, there is yellow tape on the floor and Balenciaga is spelled “BAALENCIAGA”.  It also is important to note that models for Balenciaga’s fashion shows have walked the runway made to look like domestic violence and/or trafficking victims covered in blood and bruises.

Kim Kardashian is an ambassador for Balenciaga and she’s not only worn some of their most demonic looking garbs that resemble the look of an executioner or the gimp from Pulp Fiction, covering her entire body including her face in black bondage, she’s also dressed up her daughter, North West, to look like this. It took Kardashian six days to comment on this scandal after it erupted and the public cried for the masses to cancel Balenciaga.  Instead of parting ways with them, Kardashian stated she was simply reevaluating her relationship with them. 

Click here to watch my Slave Princess documentary where I link the trafficking of Britney Spears and other corruption to the Kardashians.

Before I tie the Balenciaga scandal to Hillary’s pedophile network of friends, let’s review how the initial investigation into Pizzagate in 2016 revealed that people in Hillary’s inner circle are also obsessed with pedophilia, cannibalism and Satanic blood rituals just like some of the big players involved in the Balenciaga scandal.

For starters, I recommend that you read my Pizzagate Exposed: Part 1 where I prove that pizza is a pedophile code word using open source information and a record from the Department of Justice.  I also encourage you to read my columns Pizzagate Exposed Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 where I detail how the word pizza is used in a context that does not make sense for them to be talking about pizza as food.  These e-mails are extraordinarily disturbing and damning.  The one e-mail I want to highlight that I talk in detail about in Pizzagate Exposed: Part 5 is from Tamera Luzzatto.  She worked as Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff when she served at the U.S. Senate.  At the same time, Luzzatto ran a password protected and monetized site that advertised subscribers could view images of babies and toddlers “raw and uncut” and some of the tabs listed on her site were “baby ambien”, “filth”, “psychopath” and “EWB”.  EWB is an acronym for evil white bitch.  Also, it should be noted that the names of three children displayed on this site, that has all the markers of a child porn website, were also named in an e-mail Luzzatto sent to John Podesta, with others cc’d, where she wrote that those kids would be provided as “entertainment” for their adult party.

In my Pizzagate Exposed: Part 2 column, I go over John and Tony Podesta’s art which is very similar to the kind of art and photos promoted by Balenciaga and their people. Tony had art actually hanging in his home depicting pedophilia and child torture.  He also had a gold statue called The Arch of Hysteria by Louise Bourgeois hanging in his home.  This statue is a gold sculpture of a decapitated human positioned the same way serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer positioned some of his victims.  These photos were all displayed in a Washington Post article from 2004 that since has been scrubbed from their site. Furthermore, John actually had a painting hanging in his office, when he served as Hillary’s campaign chairman, that depicted cannibalism. These photos are all featured in my Pizzagate Exposed: Part 2 column.

In Pizzagate Exposed: Part 3, I cover how Marina Abramovic invited Tony and John via e-mail to a spirit cooking dinner. Spirit cooking is a ritual involving blood, sperm and breastmilk. There’s droves of images of Abramovic flaunting Satanic symbolism, blood rituals and many other demonic photographs of her with celebrities at cannibal-themed dinners. This is all detailed in Part 3.

James Alefantis is the owner of Comet Ping Pong. Alefantis and the media have claimed for years that his restaurant is a “family friendly” pizza joint.  He has hosted fundraisers for Hillary, a birthday party for John and was a regular visitor at the White House under Barack Obama’s presidency.  Alefantis even posted a photo of then President Barack Obama in the White House play ping pong with a child and put the hashtag “White House Christmas party” in the caption.

The media distorted Pizzagate to make it all about Alefantis and his basement that they insisted didn’t exist.  What the media failed to tell you is that Alefantis said himself in an interview with Metro Weekly about Comet Ping Pong, that he stores their tomatoes in the basement.  In 2016 after the Podesta E-mails came out, Alefantis reversed course and made the new claim that Comet Ping Pong has no basement. Not one person in the media asked him why just a year prior he referenced in an interview that the pizza parlor did have a basement.

James Alefantis’s Instagram page is just as disturbing as some of the images surfacing from the Balenciaga scandal.  He posted a photo of a child taped to a table.  He also posted a photo of an infant and called her a “hotard”.  In another photo of a baby he wrote the caption “Why does Daddy like BUTT?” In one photo there is a man holding a baby with what appears to be sex and/or anal beads around the child’s neck and the caption is “chicken lovers”.  Chicken lovers is a pedophile code word defined as an adult man who is sexually attracted to children.  In another image, there’s three people wearing creepy masks including what appears to be an underage boy.  This appears to be at least the depiction of some kind of Satanic ritual that could be a scene straight out of Eyes Wide Shut.

I want to highlight two more photos, and please keep in mind there are many more disturbing images out there that I haven’t included in this column. Alefantis also posted a Jeff Koons photo that appears to be a man penetrating a small body that looks like the body of a child. Also, a regular at Comet Ping Pong posted a photo of a man laying on the floor bloodied in underwear and tagged the pizza joint as the location. Alefantis commented under this photo “sex”. More disturbing — there is a cage in the background. What was that cage used for?

Comet Ping Pong’s business website had links to other websites in a section called “friends of Comet”.  A band called Heavy Breathing was linked on this page. Heavy Breathing’s site featured blatant images sexually exploiting children.  The band has also performed at Comet Ping Pong.  There’s footage of the lead singer Majestic Ape talking about euthanizing a newborn infant that implies the ritual sacrifice of a child.  In another video, he laughs when he discusses “preferences” for boys and children.  Watch here

Megyn Kelly got an exclusive interview with Alefantis in 2016 that aired on Fox News Channel.  In that interview, she called Pizzagate a “bogus conspiracy theory”.  Also, in her softball interview, not only did she not challenge Alefantis’s previous statement referencing that Comet Ping Pong did have a basement, she did not challenge him on any of the blatant promotion of pedophilia by Alefantis and Comet Ping Pong associates. She also repeatedly stated that Pizzagate is “fake”.

In 2018, citizen journalists and the anon community dug up overwhelming evidence suggesting that a woman named Rachel “Ray” Chandler was trafficking children for Hillary and Bill Clinton’s close pal Jeffrey Epstein.  This is the Clinton connection to Balenciaga. Chandler was the co-owner of a “modeling and casting” agency named Midland Agency.  Most of the alleged models on their disturbing Instagram page looked abused and like actual trafficking victims.  Chandler also provided “models” for MC2 Model Management that was founded by Jean-Luc Brunel.  Brunel was an alleged Eptein co-conspirator believed to have supplied victims for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Brunel was arrested, and then later, met the same fate as Epstein.  He was found dead in a prison cell and his death was ruled a “suicide” just like Epstein’s was.

Chandler’s Instagram and Tumblr pages displayed photos that depicted tortured, bloodied and abused children.  There were also photos she posted of children acting out a Satanic ritual over a pentagram painted on the floor.  In another photo, there’s several mannequins wearing black robes that are known to be worn during Satanic rituals. There’s one photo she posted of CCTV footage believed to be surveillance at Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophile island Little St. James. There’s a photo in this surveillance that has been analyzed in-depth by anons.  Many skilled researchers believe it shows people engaging in barbaric cannibalism in an underground facility. In another horrifying image, Chandler strikes a model pose as she’s tackling a distressed young woman with her arms tied up on a beach. There’s also a photo of Chandler with Bill Clinton on a private jet.

There are many more connections between the Clintons and child sex trafficking that I will lay out in a future column. At this time, it’s important for me to highlight that True Pundit reported in 2016 that contents the NYPD found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop linked the Clintons and associates to “sex crimes with minors” and “child exploitation. Also, I want to drop this. In the 2018 Inspector General’s Report, it’s cited “Hillary Clinton & Foundation” and “Crimes Against Children”. It also mentioned e-mails that were found on Weiner’s laptop. That year, Laura Ingraham covered this on her Fox News Channel show and aired this graphic:

I want to thank Oli London who has become a powerful voice advocating for the children. London is the first person who had the courage to discuss Rachel Chandler on mainstream media TV.  I’d also like to thank him for publicly supporting my work and tweeting Elon Musk to reinstate me on Twitter.  I want to thank my friend, who was known as Pizzagate Angela on Twitter in 2016, for helping me with research for this and other articles of mine as well. Many of us have been exposing Pizzagate and reporting on Rachel Chandler for several years.  We’ve been de-platformed everywhere, slandered in the fake news media and I’ve personally had multiple businesses of mine destroyed which has made it extremely difficult for me to make a living for myself.

If you want to learn more about Pizzagate and why the media covered it up, please watch Mike Smith’s documentary Out Of Shadows here.  This documentary had been viewed by over 100 million people in 2020 and was translated in over two dozen languages before it was banned everywhere.

Pizzagate has never been a “conspiracy theory” nor has it ever been “debunked” like the media has tirelessly tried to claim for many years now.  It always was and still is real.  Balenciaga is Pizzagate.

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Banking on a Shot in the Dark

  • In recent months, two Pfizer officials have bragged about moving vaccine science forward at a speed that disallows proper scientific protocols from being followed, and the release of reformulated mRNA COVID boosters without testing is now the norm

  • In November 2022, recently retired head of vaccine R&D at Pfizer, Kathrin Jansen, said “we flew the aeroplane while we were still building it. We couldn’t wait for data, we had to do so much at risk.” Pfizer compressed its vaccine development timeline from 10 years to a mere nine months by simultaneously developing and testing the product in human trials

  • Pfizer and other COVID jab makers hid side effects by eliminating the control groups long before the studies were over

  • Vaccine makers are readying to release other mRNA shots, many of which are being fast-tracked and predicted to receive authorization in months rather than years. Moderna is working on a three-in-one shot for COVID, flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), and they seem to expect releasing it before clinical trials are finished

  • Pfizer quoted and relied on data from Israel when it sought approval from the FDA, and as it turns out, the Israeli government hid information about side effects. It didn’t even implement its surveillance system until a year after the shots rolled out, and when the data were analyzed, researchers concluded there were causative links between certain side effects and the jabs

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In the video above, Del Bigtree with The Highwire reviews how the precautionary principle and long-standing safety guidelines in medicine have been eliminated with the COVID shots, and how data showing harms are being ignored, suppressed and manipulated to hide the truth.

In recent months, no less than two Pfizer officials have bragged about moving vaccine science forward at a speed that virtually guarantees that proper scientific protocols will be abandoned.

In early October 2022, during a COVID hearing in the European Parliament, Dutch member Rob Roos questioned Pfizer’s president of international developed markets, Janine Small, about whether Pfizer had in fact tested and confirmed that their mRNA jab would prevent transmission prior to its rollout.1

Small admitted that Pfizer never tested whether their jab would prevent transmission because they had to “move at the speed of science to understand what is happening in the market … and we had to do everything at risk.”

“We flew the aeroplane while we were still building it. We got creative — we couldn’t wait for data, we had to do so much ‘at risk.” ~ Kathrin Jansen, Pfizer vaccine R&D

Then, in November 2022, recently retired head of vaccine R&D at Pfizer, Kathrin Jansen, told an interviewer that “we flew the aeroplane while we were still building it.”2

As noted in that interview, Pfizer compressed its vaccine development timeline from 10 years to a mere nine months. Well, you cannot do that unless you cut certain corners and develop and test the product more or less simultaneously. In this case, human trials began even though the preliminary testing was extremely minimal. That’s what she’s talking about when she says they built the plane in midair.

“We got creative — we couldn’t wait for data, we had to do so much ‘at risk,’” Jansen said. There are those words again — doing everything “at risk.” In other words, the risks were not part of the equation, and let’s be clear, the risk they’re referring to is the risk a person takes when they take the shot.

Pfizer’s primary focus was to create a shot that minimized the symptoms of infection, but aside from that, there was no time to assess side effects or long-term drawbacks of the technology, such as antibody-dependent enhancement, myocarditis, or spontaneous abortions.

This is probably why Pfizer and the other COVID jab makers all decided to eliminate the control groups long before the studies were even over. This way, side effects could be hidden, and we see the effects of that decision now. 

Myocarditis, blood clots, lethal heart attacks, strokes, cancer and sudden death are all skyrocketing, but since there’s no official control group to compare with, those trends are written off as either normal or coincidental. You’ve probably seen that heart attacks are now blamed on everything from hot weather and cold showers to soil microbes in your garden, climate change and loud noises.

So, a more accurate statement would be that Pfizer did everything “at your risk.” They risk nothing. They get paid whether the shots work or not, and they have zero liability for injuries and deaths, financial or otherwise. The person who takes on all the risk is the one who takes the shot. They could lose their health, their career, everything they own and their very life.

Jansen admits “the mRNA platform wasn’t ready for prime time” when they decided to use it, and that there were stability and formulation issues, all of which were literally decided on the fly, often based on little or no data.

To her credit, Jansen stresses that this is “not a model for the future,” because “it’s not sustainable” to be working at warp speed all the time. Unfortunately, those who are continuing this work apparently disagree, because warp speed rollout with minimal or no testing is, in fact, the new norm already.

We know warp speed is the new norm because of a decision made by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration this past summer. During its June 28, 2022, Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting, they approved a bivalent COVID shot for fall 2022.3

With that vote, they sneaked in a whole new policy, a new framework, under which reformulated COVID shots will be treated as biologically similar to existing shots and therefore be allowed to skip clinical trials.

During that meeting, they were originally scheduled to vote on the Future Framework policy question of whether reformulated shots should be treated as new molecular entities subject to formal review. They never addressed that policy question and instead skipped right to the vote on a bivalent COVID shot for the fall.

By approving it, knowing there would be no time for testing and data gathering, they replaced the old evidence-based system through a sleight of hand. The bivalent shots received emergency use authorization (EUA) at the end of August 2022, based on the antibody levels in eight mice.

Moderna, which received EUA for its bivalent booster at the same time as Pfizer, also used mice to ascertain antibody responses, but has not disclosed the number of mice used.

So, clearly, we are still moving at warp speed, without regard for risk. And already, vaccine makers are readying to release other mRNA shots, many of which are being fast-tracked and predicted to receive authorization in months rather than years.

For example, Moderna is working on a three-in-one shot for COVID, flu and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), and they seem to fully expect releasing it before clinical trials are finished. As reported by CBC News:4

“Moderna is actively promoting a combined COVID-19, flu and RSV vaccine … But while a safe and effective vaccine would be welcome as Canada faces a surge in pediatric RSV cases, stubbornly high COVID hospitalizations and deaths and steeply rising flu cases, the pharmaceutical company hasn’t released data to support the vaccine’s safety or efficacy …

Moderna’s decision to promote its vaccine before completing Phase 3 clinical trials — in which the vaccine would be tested on a larger group as part of a randomized, double-blind study — is controversial. It’s also raised concerns from vaccine researchers and infectious diseases experts about the motivations behind prematurely marketing the shot.

‘There’s still more questions than answers, obviously, with releases like this that come from companies without accompanying data,’ said Matthew Miller, a vaccine researcher and associate professor of infectious diseases and immunology at McMaster University.

‘I think we need to be really cautious. We have no data on safety, no data on effectiveness or efficacy or age groups. How would you handle updating various components of that vaccine? Lots and lots of questions’ …

Developing a vaccine for RSV, let alone combining one with COVID and flu, is no small feat — and the complications around dosing, timing and age considerations could pose major challenges for the vaccine maker down the road.

‘Having a single formulation increases the complexity of updating that formulation annually,’ said Miller … ‘So now, instead of dealing with four flu strains, you’re adding in RSV and COVID and having a combined shot might actually be more complex in some ways than having separate formulations that are co-administered at the same time.’”

In addition to fast-tracking mRNA injections for a variety of respiratory viruses, vaccine makers are also loading their pipelines with mRNA shots for diseases such as cancer, multiple sclerosis (MS), birth defects and rarer diseases.

Curiously, while mRNA shots are being hailed as the new and improved answer for every ill, Moderna president Stephen Hoge and chief technical officer Juan Andres cashed out hundreds of millions of their stock options earlier this year,5 which seems odd if everything is going well and no future trouble is expected.

Aiding and abetting the circumvention of the precautionary principle are contract research firms that run medical research trials for drug companies and federal agencies alike, thereby giving the drug companies the inside track on drug approvals.67

As noted by investigative journalist Paul Thacker, the COVID pandemic has erased the boundaries between corporate interests and those of our government, and with that, there are few left to trust.

“Talk about foxes guarding the henhouse,” Thacker writes.8 “Or, maybe, one fox raising and caring for the hens, another alerting the farmer when it’s time for dinner — and a third setting the farmhouse table for a feast.

That is the highly murky and incredibly profitable world of contract research organizations (CROs), private companies that specialize in recruiting patients and running medical research trials.

In the last handful of years, the [FDA] contracted a CRO to work with the National Institutes of Health to determine how companies run some drug trials; Pfizer hired a CRO to run their COVID-19 vaccine trial; a CRO calmed fears about the safety of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine after the FDA and NIH raised safety data concerns.

And just a few weeks back the federal government awarded a CRO a contract to run an anthrax vaccine trial to prepare for a biological attack. And here’s the funny thing. All this overlapping and interconnected corporate and government work involves the exact same CRO: ICON.”

Thacker contacted the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), asking them to explain “how ICON can run clinical trials for federal agencies while also helping private companies gain federal approval,” and “what HHS does to ensure ICON’s federal work benefits taxpayers and not their private clients.”

After initially getting the runaround he was eventually told to ask ICON to explain their “internal firewalls.” The HHS spokesperson did promise to send Thacker “language HHS puts in contracts to ensure research organizations like ICON protect against conflicts of interest,” but he never did. Make of that what you will.

Making an already dangerous situation worse, vaccine companies and governments are working overtime to hide and suppress data showing the COVID jabs are a medical disaster, and have hidden unfavorable data from the very beginning. The basic data gathering has also been shockingly lax across the world, considering the stakes.

As noted by MIT professor Retsef Levi in The Epoch Times interview above,9 10 Pfizer quoted and relied on data from Israel when it sought approval from the FDA, and as it turns out, the Israeli government hid information about side effects.

Even more surprising, Levi claims the Israeli government lied when it said it had a robust system for monitoring and tracking side effects from the start. That surveillance system wasn’t launched until a year after the rollout of the shots, Levi says. A research team was eventually hired to analyze the data, and their findings were disconcerting.

Unlike what was told to the public, many of the side effects were both common and long-lasting. The Ministry of Health was advised to think in terms of “medical-legal” when communicating this to the public, as the Ministry might be held liable for telling the public side effects were rare and of short duration.

In other words, they were informed they’d grossly misinformed the public and could be held accountable for injuries. The Ministry’s solution? Fire the research team and alter the report’s data and conclusions.

In the interview, Levi explains how some of the data manipulation was done. For example, they massively lowered the number of post-jab menstrual irregularities by counting both women and men. You don’t need to be a scientist to realize that by counting men, who cannot menstruate, you end up with a wild misrepresentation of the incidence of menstrual irregularities.

Most egregious of all, the Ministry hid the fact that the research team found clear evidence of causality, as patients, when rechallenged with another dose, would experience a resurgence of symptoms and/or a worsening of symptoms. Adding insult to injury, even though the Ministry knows exactly who these patients are, they have not reached out to help them medically or compensate them for injuries that have been clearly linked to the shots.

Mortality statistics also reveal we’ve been sold a sack of lies. In the video above, nurse instructor John Campbell, Ph.D., reviews some of the latest excess death statistics from the U.K., which show that, in October 2022, the average weekly excess death rate was 1,564.

In 2020, the average weekly excess death rate was a mere 315, and in 2021 it was 1,322. For the week ending October 21, 2022, the excess mortality was 1,822, which is 15.7% above the five-year average.

So, there are now far more non-COVID deaths than there were COVID deaths during the height of the pandemic, before there were any COVID jabs. In particular, data from the King’s Fund show excess deaths from cardiovascular disease and diabetes are mounting.11

Yet, while the number of people dying were a media obsession during 2020 and 2021, now that the death toll is far greater than what we saw at any point during the pandemic, mainstream media remain quiet, and seem completely uninterested in finding out why people are dying at historically unprecedented rates.

The Daily Sceptic also reported striking parallels between the autumn booster campaign, specifically, and excess deaths in the U.K.:12

“Potential new support for the role of the vaccines [in excess non-COVID deaths] can be seen in the chart below. I have plotted the autumn vaccine doses in the over-75s (the age group which makes up the large majority of deaths) and excess non-COVID death occurrences (in red), revealing a striking correlation … COVID death occurrences (in blue), on the other hand, rise and peak several weeks later.

… [The] Scottish Unity Edinburgh Group sent me this chart showing a similar correlation in Scotland between deaths and the autumn booster rollout.”

Similarly, an earlier study13 14 15 published June 28, 2022, found that, in New Zealand, the age groups that were most likely to have received a COVID booster in the winter of 2021 had 7% to 10% more excess deaths than age groups that were ineligible for boosters. The graph below illustrates how the rise in excess mortality coincided with booster uptake. According to the study’s author, economics professor John Gibson:16

“The results suggest 16 … excess deaths per 100,000 booster doses, amounting to over 400 excess deaths in New Zealand given the booster doses administered to date. If this rate of excess deaths is extrapolated to other countries, it amounts to over 300,000 excess deaths worldwide …

The ratio of vaccine risk to benefits likely has swung more towards risk than during the original randomized trials, due to dose-dependent adverse events and to fixation of immune responses on a variant no longer circulating.”

I, for one, am not surprised by these kinds of statistics, and I don’t think vaccine makers are either. When you take off in an unfinished plane, crashing is to be expected because, in the real world, you cannot build planes in midair. Likewise, in the real world, you have to do extensive, long-term testing, starting in animals, to be sure a drug is safe. The concept of fast-tracking has been proven a dangerous failure. How long will it take before government and industry admit it?

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Emily Oster: Killing Us Softly With a Missionary Mind

By: Tessa Lena

  • The psychological driving force behind the “great resets” of the past, as well as the horrible Great Reset we are facing today, is the fear-based mindset that seeks to squash life and to dominate

  • Emily Oster, the author of the Atlantic article calling for “pandemic amnesty,” is a classic “missionary mind,” and simultaneously a very broken child

  • We are dealing with a world full of people coming from generations of people, traumatized by the Machine in different ways — and it takes love and spiritual strength to walk straight and not become “infected” with fear

  • The war on nature, as ambitious as it is destructive, is a war that we cannot win; we might as well stop the madness and go back to being whole

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This story is about a centuries-old malaise that is still killing us today, increasingly so. I am not talking about a biological pathogen. I am talking about what the Native intellectual Steven Newcomb calls the System of Domination, and I call the Missionary Mind.

Since we all have our own, slightly different, definitions for important philosophical words, let me first define what I mean by the “missionary mind.” The Missionary Mind, the way I have experienced it throughout my life — having lived under very different isms — presumes that others are broken, that they are children who need to be supervised, and that the only way to “fix” them and to improve the world is to convert them to what the missionary believes to be correct.

Converting, convincing, and arm-twisting toward a pre-defined ideological and physical state are the main ambitions of the missionary — his mission, so to speak — be it a crusader in the traditional sense or people like Fauci Klaus Schwab.

The foundational premise of the missionary’s crusade is never questioned, whatever it is, whether it’s right or wrong — be it the notion that one religion or political system is better than others and thus needs to rule, the notion that “vaccines save lives,” or the overall religion of Pandemism. Questioning the foundational premise makes one a heretic, a public enemy, a danger to contain.

The degree of sincerity and the ratio of sweet benevolence and murderous greed vary from person to person, they absolutely do — but the missionary mind still seeks to ultimately dominate — as opposed to respect fellow human beings’ emotional and theological standing and help them, if he is so inclined, on the terms that respect the other person unique and sacred relationship with nature and the divine.

I have spent a lot of time of my life thinking about the Missionary Mind and its harms. Here is a poetic fable, telling the story of a passionate little boy who was seeking acceptance, by force, and ended up going nuts. And here is an excerpt from the essay about the Missionary Mind:

“The healing mind is in the dynamic state of obtaining knowledge and guidance from the spiritual and physical realms.

The healing mind is a loving, open mind. The healing mind is humble and has faith in the sometimes hard-to-immediately-decipher wisdom of the universe (God, the spiritual realm, nature, the mystery of life … we all have our own words to commune with the divine) and is focused on helping the other person get to his best place, with full respect for the other person’s relationship with the mystery of life and for his free will.”

“Because the healer has faith in the wisdom of the universe to fix things even if we screw up, he does not freak out like crazy when the “patient” chooses to maybe do “stupid” things … the healer knows that we all walk our mysterious paths, and even our stupidest choices can help us grow our wisdom and spiritual spine.

And in the end, in this world or the next, the balance is restored … Thus, the key distinction between the healing mind and the missionary mind is the respect for other people’s right to choose whatever they choose, which is based on faith in the wisdom of the universe and deep, peaceful love. (Yes, it’s much easier to describe this than to pull it off, but none the less.)”

“The missionary mind, on the other hand, does freak out a lot! The missionary mind is stuck in a bit of a static state. Once upon a time, the missionary has maybe figured out “the truth,” and now he feels the irresistible urge to shove that truth down everybody’s throat … or else.

The missionary mind is very prone to ascribing his own conclusions about world and what’s best thing to do (not just for him, but for everybody else) to “God,” “science,” and the “public good,” and he uses that feeling of having a divine right to proselytize to push, push, push.”

And the funny thing, it’s not at all uncommon for beautiful, good people to agree with the general premise but make an exception for their own “mission,” that is not like everybody else’s mission therefore, uniquely “correct.” I have witnessed it many times — with love and willingness to discuss from the heart — and in my own life, I have done a lot of work containing the “tyrant in the mirror,” as my most important way of fighting the Great Reset.

Yes, I believe very strongly that the Missionary Mind is the foundational energy that has driven many devastating “great resets” in the past, and that it is driving the Great Reset of today. And that in order to stand up to the Great Reset, we need to starve the external tyrants of that energy by not producing it in our lives.

Which does not mean being a pushover, it just means being even-headed and respectful of other sincere people’s right to walk their mystery on their spiritual terms, without vilifying them for their ideas or, say, their choices regarding the so called “vaccine.”

Which brings us to Emily Oster and her “pandemic amnesty” — not that Emily is personally driving the Great Reset — but Emily’s current take on things is seemingly helping it succeed.

I recently wrote an essay called, “Emily Oster: The Broken Child. The Missionary,” in which I went in great detail into how the centuries-old missionary mindset and multigenerational confusion and trauma passed from parent to child — again and again — have prepared a condition in which Emily felt justified in calling for vaccine mandates — and then asking for “amnesty” without even acknowledging the abuse she’d caused.

“From her ivory tower — where she hangs out with other like-minded establishment-approved wobblyfolk — Emily asks to pardon the clean establishment-minded people like herself who didn’t know. She asks to pardon the clean folk for having done various foolish things like terrifying their own kids into screaming, “Social distancing!!!” when faced with a possibility of human contact — and traumatizing the formerly-known-as-resilient children possibly for life.”

“Notably, in her asking for patrician indulgences, Emily still doesn’t want to in any way associate with the horrible unclean. She doesn’t want anything to do with the vermin whom the establishment-minded people like herself had thrown under the bus — and then applauded the bus driver enthusiastically as he was going back and forth a few times over their screaming bodies, flattening their bodies and their unworthy, ‘wrong’ and ‘dangerous’ views, old normal and all.”

“To my senses, Emily is a classic case of arrested emotional development, a broken child who grows up to be a dangerous adult — a puffy-cheeked managerial servant of the Machine, a narrow-minded ‘successful’ missionary with an axe who goes around and axes everything that doesn’t conform to the algorithm — sincerely so, albeit it does help that axing the dissidents is also really good for her (yes, a pun) missionary position.”

“I imagine that if the CNN were to tell her tomorrow and then keep telling her for a year — in the same business-as-usual, hypnotic manner — that Fauci is a criminal, and that she should listen to the “antivaxxers” because they are the new prophets — she would probably change her tune in a heartbeat. That’s the problem with the wobblyfolk — a great enthusiasm for being dominant within the set parameters — but no emotional spine, and no original ideas!!!”

In the end, I am both indignant and mad that people like Emily are still in charge — with the help of the Machine — and feel really bad for her, a broken child. I would talk to her. I would debate her from the heart. I am here. Will she want to talk?

Lots been said both on the topic of Rockefeller medicine, that I wrote about earlier, too, and public health at large. What I want to highlight is the mad military mind that drives it all. The Missionary Mind.

In her book called “Vaccine Nation,” Elena Conis, who generally seems to take a “respectable” pro-vaccine stance (at least that is my impression of her work), none the less gives a well-substantiated scorching review of a how every time the FDA was ready to approve a new children’s vaccine, the disease in question enjoyed an uncanny public opinion (and medical science) makeover from something that’s barely a big deal to a very dangerous plague and an imminent threat to all things good.

I am wondering whether the trivial corruption and callous greed — of which there has been undoubtedly been no lack at any point in time — would have been as fruitful if it didn’t fall on the fertile grounds of the ideological possession of Missionary Mind and a strong faith in the infallibility of one’s beliefs.

After all, if one accepts on the deep emotional level that we are in a war with nature, that we can win this war, and that infectious disease is the #1 enemy to eradicate — as opposed to maybe deciding to ponder what had started us on this mad crusade, and where we’d gone wrong — upping the ante kind of makes sense. Kind of, in a twisted way that focuses on one thing: “Here is an enemy. Shoot!!!”

I would like to end the story with the interview I recently did with Charles Eisenstein, the author of a beautiful essay called, “Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed.”

To find more of Tessa Lena’s work, be sure to check out her bio, Tessa Fights Robots.

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