Americans should get flu jabbed and covid boosted this holiday season, says Biden official: “That's why God gave you two arms”

Image: Americans should get flu jabbed and covid boosted this holiday season, says Biden official: “That’s why God gave you two arms”

(Natural News) Did you know that the reason why you have two arms instead of one or none is because God wanted you to get a vaccine in each arm: one for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) and the other for seasonal influenza? This is the claim of Ashish Jha, fake president Joe Biden’s covid “czar,” who is urging Americans to roll up both sleeves this holiday season.

In a recent press briefing, Jha, whose official title is “Coronavirus Response Coordinator,” urged all Americans to get shot both for the Chinese Flu and for the regular flu. Even those who have already taken a few mRNA (messenger RNA) injections are being encouraged to take more in the form of “boosters.”

“Please, don’t wait,” Jha expressed, adding that this is “why God gave you two arms.”

“Get your covid shot. Get your flu shot … Get one in each arm if you want,” Jha went on to badger.

White House COVID Response Director:

“Get your COVID shot, get your flu shot— That’s why God gave you two arms.”

— Danny De Urbina (@dannydeurbina) November 22, 2022

Jha’s petition comes as the White House announces what it is calling a “six-week sprint” plan to get every last American “fully vaccinated” both for the Wuhan Disease and for seasonal influenza.

Not enough people have gotten jabbed for the regime’s liking, so Jha is issuing yet another plea for Americans to obey he and Biden’s orders – because they care oh so much about our health, after all.

“While I’m encouraged by the work that so many are doing, we need everybody to step up,” Jha further reprimanded. (Related: The CDC has also indicated that everyone must follow the “science” by getting as many covid jabs as the government dictates.)


“We need to make protecting our loved ones an important part of the conversation we have around the Thanksgiving table, an important part of the conversation we have in the days and weeks ahead.”

Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lashes out at reporters for daring to ask hard questions about covid’s true origin

Jha would go on during his diatribe to claim, falsely, that Fauci Flu shots are the cure for death, at least when it comes to death at the hands of the Chinese Virus.

“Because here’s what we know: If folks get their updated vaccines, and they get treated, if they have a breakthrough infection, we can prevent essentially every COVID death in America.”

The goal is to convince every last American to get jabbed before the start of 2023. Jha made that abundantly clear in his message to Americans, claiming that getting all the injections will provide “the best protection for this winter.”

Jha also explained that covid jabs are going to become an annual thing just like flu shots with another new “booster,” or whatever they decide to call it next, arriving at some point in the next year.

The week before Thanksgiving in 2022 also saw lesbian Biden Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lash out at reporters for asking questions about the true origin of the Chinese Virus, which clearly did not magically appear as some freak act of nature as was initially claimed.

“This was always the plan,” wrote a Natural News commenter about how covid jabs were always intended to be an endless, annual affair. “Remember when the subject of ‘boosters’ was ‘fake news disinformation?’”

Another added that everyone in government is “just murderers” and that they are all now showing their cards because they think they have won.

“They know it, only some of us know it, and the idiots will keep taking the shots,” this person added.

The latest news about the dangers and ineffectiveness of all vaccines can be found at

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Canadian retailer Simons glamorizes assisted suicide in new ad campaign, calls it “the most beautiful exit”

Image: Canadian retailer Simons glamorizes assisted suicide in new ad campaign, calls it “the most beautiful exit”

(Natural News) Quebec-based clothing retailer Simons put out an advertising campaign recently that celebrates and glamorizes assisted suicide – Canada being the assisted suicide capital of the world.

Entitled “All is Beauty” and “The Most Beautiful Exit,” the ad tells the story of 37-year-old Jennyfer Hatch of British Columbia. Hatch suffers from chronic pain stemming from Ehlers-Danlos syndrome – or did suffer until she opted to die by assisted suicide on October 23.

The Simons shopping website featured a video telling Hatch’s story, framing it as an “inspiration” for other Canadians to follow. Here is what Peter Simons, the chief merchant for the apparel chain, had to say about it:

“We really felt – after everything we’ve been through in the last two years and everyone’s been through – maybe it would resonate more to do a project that’s less commercially oriented and more focused on inspiration and values that we hold dear.”

In the video, Hatch, who is now dead, states that “last breaths are sacred,” this being a glamorization statement that encourages others to follow suit by opting for a similarly “classy” exit from the world (Related: The Canadian Paediatric Society wants to legalize euthanasia for children.)

First, they made life miserable; now they’re pushing vulnerable people to just end it

Hatch is seen in the ad through all stages of her life, including as a child. There are also attractive images of beaches, forests, laughter with friends, and floating bubbles – all imagery designed to make assisted suicide more appealing to the average person.


“You just have to be brave enough to see it,” Hatch says in the video about how everything in life, including self-chosen death, is “beautiful.”

It all hearkens back to a common trope in the assisted suicide movement that it is just “dying with dignity” as opposed to dying naturally, which is not dignified.

“To live bravely, choose death. But suicide with a smile and soft music is still suicide. It is still self-extinction. It is still death,” writes Jonathon Van Maren for LifeSiteNews. “But watching Hatch’s video you might be persuaded, just for a moment – that it is beautiful.”

“Hatch’s voice falls silent, and the short film ends with a dedication: ‘For Jennyfer. June 1985 to October 2022.’ Everything was beautiful – just not beautiful enough to convince her to stay.”

In a nutshell, what the Simons ad aims to do is manipulate people into believing that self-extinction, as Van Maren calls it, is something wonderful and amazing to which we should all aspire.

It is the opposite of what people struggling in life need to hear and could be the final nudge that pushes some of them to take that leap into the abyss of voluntary self-termination.

“Death romanticism is very attractive to depressed adolescents and very dangerous for that very reason,” said Canadian clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson in response to the video.

In the comments, one woman wrote that Simon’s video about Hatch made her cry in much the same way that she cries upon thinking about the thousands of innocent young children whose parents force them to get “vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

“It is all the same,” she added. “What did we do, God? We turned our back on you and now the ones with eyes to see have to see the destruction everywhere while the others are going about like nothing is wrong.”

“Keep your eyes on the cross of Jesus. Pray for our fellow man for the darkness has blinded many and people are dying so early and are hardly prepared for a judgment. It doesn’t seem like anything is improving as the U.S. just signed the vaccine passport declaration. We know God wins and now we must be brave and fight for our King.”

More related news about the globalist push for mass depopulation through euthanasia can be found at

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Canceled ad from high-end Balenciaga included book by painter who depicts castrated kids

Image: Canceled ad from high-end Balenciaga included book by painter who depicts castrated kids

(Natural News) High-end fashion firm Balenciaga is in big-time hot water following a disgusting ad campaign involving images of bondage and other filth, featuring children.

As reported by Breitbart News, one “ad campaign featured content suggesting child abuse and pornography.”

The spring 2023 ad, which has since been canceled following major backlash from the public, featured French actress Isabelle Huppert. The ad included a book by Belgian artist Michael Borremans, who creates paintings that often depict children, including some who have been castrated.

The outlet noted further:

Balenciaga has been under fire in recent weeks for other ads many argue were “normalizing child pornography” as they showed children holding teddy bears wearing BDSM outfits. These ads also include a portion of a U.S. Supreme Court case citing another case making virtual child pornography protected speech.

The picture that included Borremans’ book was taken down from the fashion house’s website after coming under fire for the “BDSM teddy bear” images.

Some major U.S. figures have also come under fire for their continued association with Balenciaga, including billionaire reality TV personality Kim Kardashian, who was blasted for it by former Fox News star Megyn Kelly on her SiriusXM podcast on Tuesday. And according to reports, the ad campaign also featured known pedophiles.

“The Megyn Kelly Show” host said Kardashian shares blame for the company’s shameful ads because even after finding out about them, she has refused to fully distance herself from the brand that she has heavily promoted in the past.


“She’s a disgusting, shameful billionaire because the money is worth more than her morals and the protection of these children to her,” Kelly said.

Kelly then pivoted to the Balenciaga photo shoot for some of the ads featuring little girls holding bears in bondage outfits, alleging that the ad campaign promotes the “sexualization of children” and is “titillating to pedophiles.”

Kardashian said in response to the criticism that she was “re-evaluating” her association, but as of this writing, she has yet to formally cut her ties with the company.

“I have been quiet for the past few days, not because I haven’t been disgusted and outraged by the recent Balenciaga campaigns, but because I wanted an opportunity to speak to their team to understand for myself how this could have happened,” the reality star said in a statement posted online.

“As a mother of four, I have been shaken by the disturbing images. The safety of children must be held with the highest regard and any attempts to normalize child abuse of any kind should have no place in our society — period,” she added.

As a mother of four, I have been shaken by the disturbing images. The safety of children must be held with the highest regard and any attempts to normalize child abuse of any kind should have no place in our society — period.

— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) November 27, 2022

“I appreciate Balenciaga’s removal of the campaigns and apology. In speaking with them, I believe they understand the seriousness of the issue and will take the necessary measures for this to never happen again,” Kardasian noted.

“As for my future with Balenciaga, I am currently re-evaluating my relationship with the brand, basing it off their willingness to accept accountability for something that should have never happened to begin with — & the actions I am expecting to see them take to protect children,” she said.

As for my future with Balenciaga, I am currently re-evaluating my relationship with the brand, basing it off their willingness to accept accountability for something that should have never happened to begin with — & the actions I am expecting to see them take to protect children.

— Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian) November 28, 2022

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Senators Stand With Armed Forces, Demand Senate Vote on Ending Military Covid-19 Vax Mandate

Today (11/30/22), Rand Paul hosted a Press Conference, accompanied by several Republican Senators, demanding a vote to end Biden’s military C19 vax mandate. But before making their way to the podium, they wrote a letter to their colleagues in Washington, D.C. Here’s a quick excerpt from the 13 Republican Senators asking for an end to the mandates:

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senators Rand Paul (R-KY), Rick Scott (R-FL), Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Mike Lee (R-UT), Ted Cruz (R-TX), Ron Johnson (R-WI), Mike Braun (R-IN), Roger Marshall (R-KS), Tommy Tuberville (R-AL), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Steve Daines (R-MT), Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MS), and Josh Hawley (R-MO) sent a letter to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Whip John Thune, Senate Republican Conference Chairman John Barrasso, and Senate Republican Policy Committee Chairman Roy Blunt expressing opposition to moving forward with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2023, unless the Senate votes on an amendment to prohibit discharges from the Armed Forces solely because of COVID-19 vaccination status. The amendment will also reinstate service members already discharged, with back pay.

The Department of Defense COVID-19 vaccine mandate has ruined the livelihoods of men and women who have honorably served our country…While the Department of Defense certainly must make decisions that will bolster military readiness, the effects of the mandate are antithetical to readiness of our force, and the policy must be revoked,” the Senators wrote. “The United States simply cannot afford to discharge our brave men and women in uniform and lose the investments we have made into each and every one of them due to an inept bureaucratic policy…We respectfully request that the Senate vote to remedy a policy that adversely affects our service members and our national security.

Rand Paul was first up to the podium:


“The CDC acknowledges that the COVID vaccine does not stop transmission.”

“So the argument that the mandate will stop incapacitating spread in the close quarters of the military is not applicable.”


“The COVID vaccine has a risk of causing inflammation, particularly in young men, particularly the young men that comprise over 90% of our military recruits.”

Florida’s “analysis found that there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.”

“In addition,” stated Paul. “Several scientific studies, including a very large one in Israel, and another one by the CDC, have shown a heightened risk of myocarditis for children and teenagers after taking a second COVID vaccine dose. Israel saw elevated rates of myocarditis after young men were vaccinated, particularly after the second dose.”

Because of the scientific evidence, European countries began restricting the vaccine for certain age groups.

Germany, France, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden all limit their recommendations for vaccines for young people. Norway, South Africa, and the U.K. chose not to recommend or chose to recommend only one dose because of the risk of myocarditis.

Dr. Paul Offit, a former member of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on vaccines, part of the FDA’s Advisory Committee on vaccines, resigned over this policy. He also said that even though he’s pro-vaccine, he’s been pro-everything vaccine for 40 years, that he wouldn’t give the vaccine to his 24-year-old son.


“The mandate ignores naturally-acquired immunity.”

80% of our young military recruits have had COVID. By compelling the young people to inject a vaccine into their bodies, they’re accepting a risk of myocarditis. In fact, it is inadvisable to take a vaccine if you’ve recently had COVID. Even the CDC admits this.

Our service members have spent their entire lives dedicated to protecting our country and making sacrifices to defend the Constitution. Congress should take action. And we’re taking action today by saying we will not vote to get on the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act), the defense authorization bill, unless we have a vote on ending this military vaccine mandate.

Thanks, Senator Paul, for kicking off this press conference to finally put an end to these insane vax mandates.

If you’d like to watch the entire press conference, you can do so here. Senator Ron Johnson’s presentation is especially good.

Dr. Paul Hosts Press Conference on Ending Military COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

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The Deposition of Anthony Fauci

While most of the US population were enjoying Thanksgiving week, Anthony Fauci sat under oath to answer questions about the Biden Administration’s unconstitutional and dangerous efforts to bypass our First Amendment.

In the case of Missouri v Biden, the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana are suing the Biden Administration for colluding with Big Tech to censor social media users who questioned or criticized official Covid policies.

To work around the First Amendment, Biden Administration officials identified individuals, organizations, doctors, scientists, and scholars as dangerous (for voicing criticism of government Covid policy). The administration then coordinated with social media companies to deplatform those individuals. This work-around of the Constitution is not only illegal but also a danger to our democracy. The state cannot assign to private sector actors its own violation of our constitutional rights and then claim immunity from the law. 

Having fought for months in the Fifth Circuit, Fauci was finally deposed last week. In seven hours of testimony, Fauci couldn’t seem to recall any of the policies that he himself trumpeted on the Chris Cuomo Show, The View, and every other corporate broadcast in 2020 that covered Covid. 

Here’s a roundup of the most interesting takes from Fauci’s testimony:

From the Brownstone Institute:

“From our deposition of Fauci yesterday in the MO v. Biden case. Fauci confirmed that in Feb 2020, Fauci sent Clifford Lane, his deputy at the NIAID [National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Disease], as the U.S. representative for the WHO delegation to China. Lane convinced Fauci we should emulate China’s lockdowns.”

From Attorney Jenin Younes of the New Civil Liberties Alliance in the Tablet Magazine: 

“The Missouri documents, along with some obtained through discovery in Berenson v. Twitter and a FOIA request by America First Legal, expose the extent of the administration’s appropriation of big tech to effect a vast and unprecedented regime of viewpoint-based censorship on the information that most Americans see, hear and otherwise consume. At least 11 federal agencies, and around 80 government officials, have been explicitly directing social media companies to take down posts and remove certain accounts that violate the government’s own preferences and guidelines for coverage on topics ranging from COVID restrictions to the 2020 election, to the Hunter Biden laptop scandal.”

From Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, MD’s Substack: 

“And then there are the consequent downstream adverse effects of this kind of censorship—not only on those who are directly censored but on other users of the platform who self-censor to avoid similar punishments. Most concerningly, readers are deprived of access to contrasting information or open debate from which to inform their viewpoints, leading to the false impression of a scientific “consensus” when no such consensus exists.”

Anthony Fauci is one of the most successful bureaucrats in American history; for over 40 years this man has lied, schemed, and harmed the American public to maintain his position, influence, and power.  One small but telling example of his fraud was revealed in his deposition testimony. He claimed he “didn’t have time to worry about the Great Barrington Declaration” (GBD), in which top medical experts in 2020 had proposed “focused protection” of the most vulnerable to Covid in lieu of harmful, society-wide lockdowns. Yet Fauci was emailing his subordinates about GBD to defame it, and went on broadcast news to attack it.

“So Fauci claimed under oath at his censorship deposition that he hasn’t ‘time to worry about things like the Great Barrington Declaration.’  Did he lie under oath? Fauci email to Birx, 10-16-2020 ‘I have come out very strongly publicly against the Great Barrington Declaration’.”

But I have hope here in America. Why? Because in the People’s Republic of China citizens are putting everything on the line to fight back against the current Covid madness. The Chinese people are braving guaranteed oppression, arrest, and beatings to resist the same type of irrational and absurd lockdown policy that was mandated by Fauci here in the US.

Despite China’s tyrannical lockdowns, at least the CCP knew to avoid the mRNA Covid-19 vaccines and vaccine mandates unlike here in the US.

Now why wouldn’t China want to give such safe and effective mRNA vaccines to its people? If anyone has any ideas here, please let us know in the comments.