Xi Jinping’s Visit to Saudi Arabia and the overthrow of Atlanticism

The Cradle | Dec. 11, 2022

As Atlanticists continue their commitment to a future shaped by energy scarcity, food scarcity, and war with their nuclear-capable neighbors, most states in the Persian Gulf that have long been trusted allies of the west have quickly come to realize that their interests are best assured by cooperating with Eurasian states like China and Russia who don’t think in those zero-sum terms.

With Chinese President Xi Jinping’s long-awaited three-day visit to Saudi Arabia, a powerful shift by the Persian Gulf’s most strategic Arab state toward the multipolar alliance is being consolidated. Depending on which side of the ideological fence you sit on, this consolidation is being viewed closely with great hope or rage.

Xi’s visit stands in stark contrast to US President Joe Biden’s underwhelming ‘fist bump’ meeting this summer, which saw the self-professed leader of the free world falling asleep at a conference table and demanding more Saudi oil production while offering nothing durable in return.

In contrast, Xi’s arrival was greeted by a multi-cannon salute and Saudi jets painting the red and yellow colors of China’s flag in the skies over Riyadh. Beijing’s delegation of political and business elites, in the following days, will continue to meet with Saudi counterparts to strike long-term strategic deals in cultural, economic and scientific domains.


China’s Top Medical Advisor Says Omicron No More Dangerous Than The Flu

Zero Hedge | Dec. 11, 2022

About a year ago, the nation was on the verge of another lockdown when a tidal wave of Omicron infections prompted those who use masks alone… in their car… with their windows down, to hyperventilate that covid is about to kill several million more Americans, and anyone who suggested that this was nothing more than the flu was promptly suspended from twitter most likely by this guy, er gal: Melissa Ingle.

So it was with great shock that we read today that once again, all those “conspiracy theorists” were dead on: according to Chinese officials, who have continued to downplay the risks of Covid-19 as the country’s idiotic covid zero restrictions are further eased after the economy ground to a halt following two years of lockdowns, with a top medical adviser saying the fatality rate from the omicron variant of the virus is in line with influenza.

Echoing what so many mouth-breathing rednecks said for most of the past year – at least according to their far more intelligent (in their own opinion) big-city dwelling liberal peers all of whom have at least one and more mental disorders, the death rate from omicron is around 0.1%, similar to the common flu, and the infection rarely reaches the lungs,Zhong Nanshan was quoted in an interview with state news agency Xinhua. Most people recover from the variant within seven to 10 days, he said.


Peter McCullough and Robert Malone are back on Twitter

Both McCullough and Malone had 500K followers on Twitter before being permanently banned. Today, all their content and followers have been restored. This is progress. This would never have happened if Elon hadn’t bought Twitter.

I am still permanently banned (but it was after a careful review).. two simultaneous lifetime bans. So are my other misinformation spreader friends. We are all living it up in Twitter Heaven, tax free!

What I am about to tell you is not speculation. It is from direct evidence.

Elon bought Twitter because he was alarmed about the censorship of free speech which must be preserved to have a working democracy. He didn’t see the problem getting better… he saw it getting worse with no end in sight.

Elon could have bought an island and retired. He didn’t have to buy Twitter. Twitter was a poorly managed company that was unprofitable. He wasn’t looking to buy a huge headache / timesink. He bought Twitter to try to fix the censorship problem. He’s done more to restore free speech with that one purchase than all the other silicon valley billionaires put together.

Elon also has figured out that the COVID vaccines aren’t safe. Someone close to him developed myocarditis after taking the COVID vaccine. He had a very bad reaction to his booster. I can’t wait for him to address this issue.

Elon is a very smart guy interested in solving hard problems in society. May he live long and prosper.

See the update.

What a disappointment.

Doesn’t anyone want the truth exposed? I thought Plunket was the guy to do it. I even offered him the ability to win $1M if I was wrong and he was right, something he strongly believes.

Why would ANYONE not want to get a virtually guaranteed $1M for 2 hours of work. In fact, Sean didn’t even need to be on the team: just assemble a team of experts.

I still don’t know the answer to this question… they all keep turning me down for debates. I thought by giving them a “sure fire” way to walk away with $1M and doing a huge public service by discrediting us would be sufficient motivation for the health authorities to debate us, but this appears not to be the case.

I even offered up a $1M incentive (not a bet) to the members of the FDA and CDC outside committees to answer questions for 4 hours and NOBODY accepted.

What’s it going to take?

Practical Banking Issues That Everyone Needs to Know About

 By Anna Von Reitz

Did you know that it is against Christian doctrine to loan money at interest?   
The Followers of Yeshuah are supposed to lend freely and give to all who ask out of need; similarly, the Jews living under the provisions of the Old Testament are not supposed to charge usury to other Jews, but can charge usury when they lend to non-Jews. 
It is this little bit of religious difference which has led to Jews being a predominant force in the business of banking.  
The “Christian” Kings wanted the profits from usury without getting their hands dirty, so they pressed Jews living within their dominions to serve as “Middlemen”, “Agents”, or “Mediums” (yes, catch the spiritual dimension) to lend out their money “for” them, and of course, charge usury “for” them, — but all under the table, under private contract, so that the Kings could further glut themselves and profit from the poverty of the common people who were deemed more virtuous under the “Doctrine of Scarcity” than the Kings who ruled over them. 
True enough, but of little comfort. 
The Commoners would have to wait for their rewards until after death, which was very convenient for the Kings and the Church, because they never had to worry about paying up in the here and now.  Convenient also that these poobahs and pundits have imagined that God’s Justice has no eyes and does not see their infamy. 
So the Jews, like the Rothschilds, became Middlemen between the Governments and the people who needed loans. The Kings made the coins or bills of exchange.  The Jews  ran the banks, made the investments, collected the usury— and over time, they naturally found various ways to chisel a bit for themselves. 
Fast forward. 
One of the chief worries of all modern bankers has always been — what if they lose their large depositor/shareholders?   What if the people who own the actual assets underwriting the banks take their money elsewhere?  What if Chase Bank or Paribas is showing better profits and everyone takes their assets over to them?  
Then you’ve got a real problem because the bank has extended 7 to 10 times the value of all its deposits as credit loaned at interest under the “fractional reserve system”.  It’s already skating on a very thin margin and if you take the actual assets out before they make the principal and interest back, they have nothing standing between them and disaster. 
The Rothschilds and others doing the banking “for” the Governments and Underwriters (major trusts acting as Donor-Beneficiaries and Shareholders in the banks) had it in their power to make these decisions about leaving assets on deposit or moving assets, with the result that they acquired tremendous coercive power over the banks.  
This became a real pain in the butt for the governments and the banks, who, whether they were mistreated or not, worried constantly about the “growing influence” of the Jewish bankers, based on their ability to move assets around in the banking system. 
Whether they knew it or not– and it really is a “Chicken or Egg?” scenario– Jewish bankers were playing the same game as J.D. Rockefeller played with oil supply transfers. They were playing commodity rigging games, only the commodities being rigged were different assets– precious metals and credit generated by these assets. J.D. and his progeny were only attracted to this new opportunity to rig commodities because of their experience doing the same in the oil business. 
Of course, just like J.D.’s money mill, Standard Oil, the banks can be charged with monopoly practices and commodity rigging schemes and they can be dismembered and liquidated, too, but everyone’s abject dependence on banks was even more absolute than their dependence on oil, and the entire globe is a bigger playing field.  
They figured they could get away with it a bit longer in the banking venue, and indeed, they have done so — another 111 years, 1911 until now. 
Finally, a young man named John Fletcher started pitching a solution to the bank’s need for “Asset Retention Guarantees”  that would not only ease these concerns about bank “stability” and “early asset withdrawals”.  His solution had the added benefit of generating credit (not money) for philanthropic projects. 
It appeared to solve a long-standing problem for the banks and potentially do some good, so, everyone signed on. Trading Platforms were born. 
In a “Platform Trade” someone having considerable assets (usually in the billions of dollars in amount) agrees to “block” these assets and not move them anywhere for a stipulated period of time in exchange for some very pretty rewards.  
Let’s walk through an example. 
I have a hundred billion in gold sitting in a bank.  I don’t need it for anything, so I agree to block it and leave it where it is for three years. 
In exchange, the platform traders guarantee that I will receive an amount of credit equal to the value of my entire asset — so, I still have my hundred billion sitting safe in the bank, but I also have a hundred billion in credit to spend.  
The platform trader gets a cut of the credit, usually around 30%, the platform operator gets around 10%, and then, via a series of credit swaps and trades within trades, I, the asset owner, get the rest of the credit. When all costs and chiseling of side profits are accounted for, it usually amounts to about another 140-150% profit realized as credit, with no risk to me beyond leaving my asset parked in a specific bank for three years. 
Of course, everyone went hog-wild with this, and shortly there were platform-affiliated organizations offering short, medium, and long term notes based on these “blocked fund transactions”, and the banks began buying these “notes” to bulwark and guarantee the amount of actual hard assets they could claim as the basis of their lending activities. 
Being able to cut up these large blocks of actual assets into “notes” that the banks could hold in much smaller amounts was a great convenience and viewed as yet another benefit of the Platform Trading idea. 
Inevitably, however, things got corrupted. People forgot what credit is and started thinking of it as an asset in-and-of-itself.  As General Colin Powell famously commented, “It spends the same as gold, so who cares?” 
The problem is that credit doesn’t really spend “the same as gold”. 
Credit, unless it is prepaid with actual assets, has to be paid back. It’s essentially a loan and it bears interest that is owed back to the asset owners who blocked their assets and created the credit in the first place. 
Put another way, you can’t really “pay” anything with credit, you can only pass the buck.  
That’s what Harry Truman meant when he said, “The buck stops here.”
In 2011, Giovanni Baptista Richello (yes, Richelieu), the Senior Trustee for the Department of the Federal Treasury Trust within the Bank of International Settlements had an argument with the Generals on precisely this topic.  Somehow the dunderheaded military thought that credit was the equivalent of free money, and that they didn’t really owe it back to anyone.  
Richello argued the plain fact: the assets generate the credit, so the asset-owner also owns the credit. 
The Generals argued that because of Constitutional constraints they could only operate on credit and that whatever credit was due to Americans was due to them, because they were left in charge of the Government by Lincoln.  
Colin Powell had already been knighted eighteen years before for squeezing yet more benefit for the British Empire out of a hundred and fifty year-old con game, aka, improving “British and American Foreign Relations”. 
We, the actual asset owners, objected to this nonsense. 
Lincoln had no authority to suspend the Constitutions and leave our employees in charge of anything.  He was just an employee himself. 
Their need for our credit would have been simple enough to resolve, simply by informing their Employers what was going on, instead of adopting a “cloak of secrecy” and trying to hide what they were doing to purloin our credit like so many credit card hackers. 
And as for our Government being “absent” and “missing, presumed dead”, we were able to find representatives of our American Government in all fifty States of the Union within two weeks of calling for them. 
Clearly, glutting on our credit was to their advantage, and they dishonestly chose to pat us on the shoulders and say, “There, there….” while they illegally confiscated our assets and made False Claims about our political status.  
That includes False Claims about the political status of Julius Shiva, a proud South Carolinian, and myself, a daughter of Wisconsin. 
The CIA/DIA snatched Julius from his home country and dumped him on our doorstep and claimed that he was a “permanent resident of the United States” without bothering to define which “United States”. 
This muddied the waters enough for them to make False Claims against his assets and to promote further False Claims that he was voluntarily adopting the political status of a British Territorial U.S. Citizen — a ward of the then-Queen and a British Territorial Subject. 
Please note that is a capital crime of unlawful and illegal political conversion under both the Geneva and Hague Conventions. 
This is how the rats have been able to hold the whole world captive and dominate banking and asset deployment  throughout the world by commandeering the assets belonging to the American people, including Julius Shiva and V.K. Durham and many, many others, who could make no reply for themselves for lack of disclosure. 
It is now clear that we are the Asset Holders and Presumed Donors, the Heirs and Assigns, to whom the Trustees of the Department of the Federal Treasury within the Bank of International Settlements owe obedience.  
Any military officer pretending otherwise, needs to have his rump kicked, because neither he nor Abraham Lincoln have any authority related to the American people based on the outcomes of an illegal commercial mercenary conflict we didn’t even participate in.  
Our contracts with the Principals remain unaltered and we are Grandfathered – in and are owed the Guarantees of the Federal Constitution (1787) and all attendant Treaties. 
This remains true no matter whether the Federation runs the Federal Republic or the Confederation is reconstructed to run it or both those instrumentalities are left in the dustbin where they have been for the last 162 years. 
As we have observed and proven, the Federation conducted all external business for this country for a period of five years before the Confederation was created to oversee business in the Maritime Jurisdiction, and the Confederation ran all the Maritime business for a period of six years prior to the creation of the Federal Republic.  
The Federation delegated the powers to the Confederation which delegated some of its powers to the Federal Republic.  When both of these later instrumentalities failed because of the illegal Mercenary Conflict deceitfully called “The American Civil War” those powers returned by Operation of Law to the Delegator, our unincorporated Federation of States.  And we are still here.   
We have our proven provenance, standing, and political status well-cured on the Public Record of the courts and the State Assemblies, on the Records of the Holy See and the Vatican Chancery Court and the Divine Province, on the Records of the High Courts and British Parliament, even on the records of the Uniform Commercial Code.  
There can be no reasonable doubt about who we are and from whence we came and what we are owed; whereupon, we have called upon the Trustees to honor their duty and observe the same facts that Giovanni Baptista Ricchello observed eleven years ago: 
The owner of the assets is owed the credit generated by the assets. 
It is time for the Generals to stand aside so that the actual owners can straighten this mess up, establish humane priorities for the Global Collateral Accounts, distribute the prepaid credit we are owed, bring justice for the people of this world, put an end to coercive taxation in keeping with the 1941 Initiative, stop the illegal occupation and impersonation of national governments by British Crown Corporations, and take whatever actions are necessary to convince the miscreants of the hopelessness of their position. 
Fighting to the death over this is not only not the answer, it is counterproductive for everyone concerned. 
Despite the severity of their crimes misrepresenting and defrauding their Employers, we do not propose prosecuting millions of people with the crimes they have unwittingly committed while under the misdirection and delusions promoted by the British Crown.
Ignorance of the law may be no excuse, but the lack of disclosure and fraud involved in this instance is such that people have not known the law. This ignorance is not of their own making. It is the result of deliberately engendered deceit and obfuscation, an admitted “Cloak of Secrecy” such that the right hand has not known the actions of the left hand. 
The perpetrators have even colluded to replace “Law” with the “Rule of Law” which is something quite different. With the experts and professionals all run amok and despoiling their own trade, to what standard can an average man be held?  
Only the mercy seat can prevail. 
We have offered amnesty to our erring brethren and acted in the cause of peace to sort wheat from chaff, and we clearly discern the difference between deliberate knowing criminality, and the acts of honest men who have been misinformed and misdirected to perform criminal acts. 
So the soldiers can come home and the Jewish bankers can breathe a sigh of relief. The actual owners of the assets understand how this situation came about and we are ready to set aside the past offenses, so that we can all focus our attention on this one blessed moment called “now” and make the corrections which must be made for the benefit of all Mankind.  

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And Now, My Two Cents, Anita

 By Anna Von Reitz

The individual decision to create a private Credit Union, Anita, was taken by you and others who chose to join and invest in a Private Membership Association, an action that I never recommended at all. And which has nothing to do with the Blue Dot Bank System.  Underline the word “Bank” and check to see if “Bank” and “Credit Union” equal the same thing in whatever mental world you are living in.  
Let’s go over the brass tacks, Anita.  You want specifics?  Here they are: 
International Trade Banks operate in international jurisdiction, both land and sea, and deal in physical assets and asset-backed money.  
Commercial Banks operate in Global jurisdiction and serve incorporated entities. 
Credit Unions operate in States and form networks to serve people in National Jurisdiction. 
Have you got that all firmly envisioned now?  
So how is it that such a purportedly knowledgeable person as you, don’t know these simple facts and accuse the Blue Dot Banking System of having anything whatsoever to do with any private “Hunter Prosperity Programs” or Credit Unions?  
How is it that you never talked to me about a Credit Union or any “Prosperity Programs” you were involved in and which you were involving others in? 
And why would you assume that those activities were in any way related to the Blue Dot Bank System?  That’s just nuts, Anita. Completely unsupportable. By definition. 
As for commingling of funds, if you were such a big time bank regulator type person, you would know that commingling of funds isn’t illegal, and is in fact beneficial when the organization is acting from one specific jurisdiction and currency (all USD in Maritime Jurisdiction) and then dividing funds into multiple jurisdictions and currency holdings using separate account structures. 
The reason that we had to start with one base account denominated in USD is that that is all anyone in this benighted country has to trade with — a borrowed military scrip that doesn’t even stand for credit, one that evidences credit owed in the form of a debt note, instead. 
What value do you or any other genius imagine these debt notes have? The good faith and credit of Congress?  Really?  You want to stake your retirement on that? 
You bring us debt, we issue you credit, and then, if you ask for the credit to be denominated as lawful money, we do that for you, too.  
Well, that’s just terrible, isn’t it?  My bad. 
Contrary to your blather, nobody’s debt notes were converted into actual lawful asset-backed money (gold and silver coinage or gold-bearing American Federation Dollars (AFD)) unless they asked for that to occur–and endorsed their checks properly to do that, too.  So, we have the proof in terms of endorsements, clearly demonstrating how you or anyone else denominated any funds that entered our banking system. 
But it appears that you didn’t even enter the banking system that you are complaining about and casting doubts and aspersions upon — instead, you and your pals set up a Credit Union, apparently without knowing what a traditional Credit Union is or does, or even being aware of the fact that our Credit Unions are State-based organizations and have nothing whatsoever to do with the Federation’s Blue Dot Banking System. 
Is this gaslighting for you?  Some tricky “deflection”?  Do I sound like I am avoiding you and your pals and your puerile “concerns”?
Why on Earth would I be involved and concerned in you guys setting up a State-level Credit Union in California?  And why would I be responsible for doing any kind of “audit” on something that you built for yourselves, apparently as a corporate Credit Union for members of a Private Membership Association (PMA)?   
Do you not understand the difference between Public and private?  Between my responsibility and  yours? 
All that happened to your precious USDs in any system of ours was that you were issued credit for them.  You were given pre-paid credit in exchange for your debt notes — and you want to claim that you were harmed by this?  Alarmed by this?  
You don’t know how pre-paid credit works, as opposed to a legal tender I.O.U.?
I have explained it, in print, and video, repeatedly. And even if I hadn’t the popular and common use of prepaid gift cards and phone cards should surely have given you a clue.
Prepaid credit doesn’t have to be paid back, ever.  It’s not taxable, either.  But if you want to keep your debt notes and stand there and watch inflation eat any value they have into oblivion, instead of being out of that lose-lose situation, fine by me. It’s your life. 
If what you want in your pocket is USD, you are welcome to it, and you can just use any commercial bank you like to service your accounts and you can “go long” betting on the prospects of a currency that even the owners of the currency are openly destroying.   
Did you know that JPMorgan is up for sale?  Have you read Joe Biden’s Executive Order 14067?  Did you see that he is hiring 87,000 new IRS Agents and surveilling all transactions of $600 or more?  Have you seen the projected inflation figures for January — next month?  25% losses of value (a hidden tax) due to inflation, and Joe Biden’s spending on the Ukraine, coming to everyone who is holding USD?
This was all happening while the rest of us have been setting up actual lawful money currency for the entire country to use for purposes of international trade — ordering gold coinage and yes, new gold-bearing bills, so that people have actual wealth in their own hands.  Not some ditzie cypto BS digital “currency” like FTX, that some Snooper Pooper “Agency” Goon can turn on and off like a water tap..  
Also for your edification, Anita, someone has to own the banks in a Banking System — because the meaning of “own” in the law is something quite different than you ignorantly suppose.  It means that we act as custodians of the banks.  We underwrite them.  We hold them accountable under the Public Law of this country which everyone, including you, can read.  
If we are underwriting these banks and providing the pre-paid credit and the gold coins and gold-bearing bills (AFD) then we have an interest in their proper performance. Banks are private enterprises regulated by governments and certain international and global conventions. We are being very up front about the fact that any disputes these banks have, will be settled under American Public Law, so that all the banks in the Blue Dot System worldwide are on the same page, and functioning under the same rules.  This is why it is called a Bank System and not just another bank. 
Everyone can read what the Universal Bank Charter (which is a contract) says in plain English.  Ditto the one-page Bank Treaty. Both are public and posted and that is all there is to it. No mysteries.  No extra hidden hooks or sweetheart deals or sidebars for “special” clients. All transparent as crystalline glass. Nobody has to wonder what kind of agreement anyone else got, and you have no excuse for pretending that you didn’t have access to those documents or don’t know what they say.  
So how any of this is being presented as any arcane mystery worthy of doubt and suspicion is a wonder to me.  And exactly how and why and when and where I became responsible in any capacity for a state-level Credit Union based on membership in a Private Membership Association (PMA) is another cause for amazement. I didn’t charter your Credit Union and couldn’t even if I wanted to. 
Maybe that’s why I haven’t been forthcoming?  And haven’t got on my white horse and taken time away from the developments that actually are my responsibility?  
I also haven’t given any particular credence to your suspicions since none of you have produced a shred of evidence.  Did you cheat yourselves?  Have you harmed yourselves?  Like a Mother with errant children, I’m concerned, but it’s your knees.  
The members of a Credit Union own it and I am not even a member of the PMA, much less the Credit Union.  As a traditional Credit Union it exists at the State-level and in the National Jurisdiction, not the International and Global Jurisdictions I operate in. 
The whole “narrative” you and your friends are trying to spin is like blaming a Deep Sea Captain for your own mismanagement of a salt mine in Idaho. And no, for your information and for Darla’s and for Yvonne’s, I don’t regulate salt mines in Idaho. 
I didn’t charter your Credit Union or check out your PMA.  I doubt very much that you contacted the California Assembly and got them to issue a charter for you, which means you have been operating a Credit Union in the State of California with all the rules and regulations that apply. 
It also means you haven’t heard a word I have said or learned anything I have tried to teach you, so I don’t know why I am wasting my breath now, except to set the record straight. 

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