“We Are In Urgent Need For Help”: NYC Mayor Starts Freaking Out Over Impending Wave Of Illegal Migrants

Zero Hedge | Dec. 19, 2022

New York City Mayor Eric Adams on Sunday warned that the city should brace for more than 1,000 new migrants arriving every week, which will coincide with cuts in critical city services, as a key Biden administration policy on immigration is set to expire this week.

Adams added that state and federal governments have “mostly ignored” please from the city to fund the influx of asylum seekers who are in ‘desperate need of help,’ the NY Daily News reports, citing the mayor’s statement.

“Our shelter system is full, and we are nearly out of money, staff and space,” said Adams, adding “This can’t continue.”

Adams’ speech comes as the city’s primary shelter system, which stood at 61,379 on Thursday, was set to break the 2019 record of 61,415, as at least nine migrant buses arrived on Friday.

The Biden administration has been using the Title 42 border policy, a controversial tool former President Donald Trump used to keep asylum seekers in Mexico, since mid-October to stem the flow of asylum seekers who streamed into the city seeking refuge.

But that policy is set to run out on Wednesday. -NY Daily News


Are you a data scientist? I need you to peer review our work ASAP

What is a data scientist? A key data analytics role and a lucrative career  | CIO

We are very close to shutting down the narrative using data that I believe will be impossible for anyone to refute.

All I need is some help from the data scientists who are reading this article.

If you are a data scientist, this is incredibly important… Please read my revised article and view Joel Smalley’s 23 minute video which is referenced in the article:

Joel is convinced that this is “lights out” for the vaccine because the survey results clearly show that at best the vaccine is a dud both for safety and efficacy.

Is he right? Did we make an error?

Then we’ll set up a Zoom, Clubhouse, or Twitter spaces room to discuss.

Assuming you all agree his analysis is correct, we will re-do the survey with 1M reports by using the help of a neutral friend who is simply interested in finding the truth.

1M death reports where we know the vaccination status and date of vaccinations of all the deceased is a powerful data that:

  1. It doesn’t rely on government data which can be compromised

  2. It doesn’t rely on the respondent’s judgment

  3. It is very simple

  4. Anyone can replicate the results quickly and inexpensively

  5. Creates very high levels of statistical significance (if there is a signal)

  6. Will be hard to ignore

  7. Will be hard to attack (it’s just analyzing objective data)

  8. Data collected be QA’ed by random sampling the entries to validate the entries are not gamed

If you are a data scientist and you want to be notified of the meeting, please register yourself here and check the Data scientist checkbox in the Math part of the survey. I’ll email out when we’ll get together with Joel to discuss what was done and whether it can be successfully attacked.

If you are a data scientist (or otherwise skilled in the area to be able to critique Joel’s work), tell us what you think here and in the comments.

REMEMBER, if you DISAGREE with Joel (last item), then your vote won’t count unless you summarize your reasoning in the comments. So far, 30% claim to disagree with Joel, but there is nothing in the comments.

We simply want to make sure we didn’t miss anything because if his analysis is bulletproof, we are done. It’s over. It will be lights out for the vaccine. We will possess the world’s most powerful weapon against the false narrative.


BIG TECH TITANTIC SINKING: Will Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg go to PRISON for lying to Congress?

Image: BIG TECH TITANTIC SINKING: Will Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg go to PRISON for lying to Congress?

(Natural News) How often is it that a billionaire serves hard time in prison for committing crimes? The two social media “tech kings” are in hot water right now for illegally suppressing and censoring conservative voices, influencing elections in favor of Democrats, and violating free speech rights for millions of Americans.

Currently, Marc Zuckerberg’s net worth is over $43 billion, and Jack Dorsey’s net worth exceeds $4 billion. Are they “too big to fail?” Are they too rich to go to prison if found guilty of these crimes? Will Obama-appointed judges just let them off the hook, like with so many others? Can Congress be bought out too, like fake news and all of social media?

If Jack Dorsey could face prison time for lying to Congress about shadow-banning Conservatives, wouldn’t Mark Zuckerberg also ‘sink’ with the Tech Titantic?” Former Twitter CEO Dorsey could go to prison for 5 years for lying to Congress about shadow-banning independent voices and conservatives, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Already, Congressman Andy Biggs of Arizona says a formal investigation into Jack Dorsey’s crimes, including perjury while under oath with Congress, could be underway quite soon, especially now that the House will have a Republican majority next month.

Shadow banning, or stealth banning, means blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from some areas of online platforms

Now that Twitter files are all being exposed by the new owner Elon Musk, the truth is coming out, and not just for Twitter, but it’s more than obvious that Fakebook, YouTube, and Google are guilty of the same–shadow-banning conservatives, Republicans, independents, and anyone who defies the lies and false-narratives of the Leftists that are now running all of mass media and most of social media.


By shadow-banning all of these voices, opinions, and even facts posted online, the tech giants most likely influenced, altered, and helped the Democrats cheat to win elections in 2020 and 2022, at all levels, including local, state, federal, congressional, and POTUS.

Thanks to Elon Musk and the release of the Twitter files in droves, internal messages sent back and forth by staff at Twitter reveal how specific accounts and tweets were tagged to be less visible. Dorsey flat-out denied to Congress under oath in 2018 that Twitter was doing this. He was asked by Congress, “Social media is being rigged to censor conservatives, is that true of Twitter?” Dorsey answered with a firm no.

Also, in February of 2020, Senator Josh Hawley grilled Fakebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg about his employees bias against conservatives and about shadow-banning and censoring this content (especially regarding abortions) on his platform.

The questions loom, and they’re very important questions that need answers, in order to protect American’s rights, the Constitution, and our Republic. Did the social media tech giants and their staff censor voices that expose fraud committed by the Left, by Pharma, by globalists, by Obama, by Biden, and by the Clinton Crime Family? If so, will this all continue to go on, unrestricted, unpunished, and causing mayhem?

This silencing of voices could be causing millions of deaths across the country, as Americans try to expose the crooks and criminals that are responsible for the spread of Covid and the propaganda to push the deadly “vaccines” that accompany the scamdemic. When will justice be served? When will the crooks and criminals face jail time, like other thieves, liars, and murderers do? It shouldn’t matter how much money a person is worth, because lawbreakers are lawbreakers, and as the saying goes, if they did the crime, they need to serve the time.

Bookmark Censored.news to your favorite websites for truth news that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

Sources for this article include:




Study: TikTok pushing self-harm content to kids as soon as they log in

Image: Study: TikTok pushing self-harm content to kids as soon as they log in

(Natural News) A study has revealed that Chinese video app TikTok is pushing content featuring self-harm to children as soon as they log in to the platform.

According to the study commissioned by the London-based Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and the anti-self-harm advocacy group Molly Rose Foundation (MRF), researchers using sample TikTok accounts “encountered numerous videos about mental health, eating disorders or self-harm – many of which were highly emotive and compelling, with powerful music and manipulative messaging.”

The researchers pointed out that TikTok’s algorithm recommended self-harm content to new users in minutes. Videos featuring suicide were recommended within 2.6 minutes of browsing the app’s “For You” feed. Content featuring eating disorders, meanwhile, was recommended within eight minutes of browsing the same section.

“A new TikTok account set up by a 13-year-old user that views and likes content about body image and mental health will be recommended that content every 39 seconds,” the report stated. “Experts have warned that such content can have a damaging effect on teens’ mental health, even where it does not explicitly promote eating disorders.”

Moreover, the CCDH and MRF report pointed out that TikTok targeted vulnerable teen accounts (VTAs) with much more harmful content. The researchers entered the phrase “lose weight” in their sample accounts to simulate the behavior of users in the cohort.

Compared to the standard accounts, VTAs were shown thrice as many harmful videos – with vulnerable users being shown 12 times as many self-harm videos. VTAs were also shown more videos related to mental health disorders than the standard accounts.


American politicians now moving to ban TikTok

Given the dangers TikTok poses to American children and teenagers, lawmakers in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate have introduced legislation to ban the app.

“TikTok is digital fentanyl … [and] should be banned,” said Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI). He and Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi (D-IL) introduced a bill in the lower chamber of Congress for this purpose.

Over at the Senate, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) announced a similar measure banning TikTok. His proposal sought to block all transactions from any social media company in or under the influence of China and Russia, a statement from his office said. The statement also confirmed the House companion bill sponsored by Gallager and Krishnamoorthi. (Related: US lawmakers unveil bipartisan bill to ban TikTok.)

“This isn’t about creative videos. This is about an app that is collecting data on tens of millions of American children and adults every day,” Rubio said.

“We know it’s used to manipulate feeds and influence elections. We know it answers to the People’s Republic of China. There is no more time to waste on meaningless negotiations – it is time to ban Beijing-controlled TikTok for good.”

Brendan Carr of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) gave an ominous warning about the Chinese video app.

“The fundamental question has changed,” he told Fox Business News. “It’s no longer whether TikTok is going to be banned, in terms of its current operations in the U.S., but a question of when.”

TechGiants.news has more stories about TikTok and its dangers.

Watch Dr. Duke Pesta and Tina Griffin talk about the spread of a suicide video on TikTok below.

This video is from the Counter Culture Mom channel on Brighteon.com.

More related stories:

Experts warns TikTok is spyware for the Chinese regime.

Majority of parents think big tech, social media corrupting kids.

Indiana sues Tiktok over consumer data access and sexual content.

Parents not comfortable allowing their children to use Chinese app TikTok, poll reveals.

Sources include:


CounterHate.com [PDF]



Sam Bankman-Fried's ex-girlfriend may have fed the government information that led to his arrest

Image: Sam Bankman-Fried’s ex-girlfriend may have fed the government information that led to his arrest

(Natural News) The former CEO of Alameda Research trade company Caroline Ellison, who also happened to be Sam Bankman-Fried’s (SBF) ex-girlfriend, was spotted in a Lower Manhattan coffee shop earlier in the month.

This sparked speculations that she was in New York to meet with law enforcement officials. Legal experts even claimed that she likely flipped on Bankman-Fried and provided the government with information that led to his arrest.

Former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) lawyer Howard Fischer said Ellison was likely among the first people to turn on SBF and help prosecutors build their fast-moving fraud case in the controversial $8 billion collapse of his FTX cryptocurrency exchange company. The 28-year-old Ellison is said to be a main figure in the case as she was at one time the head of FTX’s sister enterprise, which allegedly received billions of dollars from FTX.

“She would have among the greatest incentives to cooperate, as it was seeming likely that in his effort to exculpate himself, Bankman-Fried would try to point her,” Fischer said. The lawyer emphasized that the “speed of the indictment and the breadth of the charges” against SBF meant “someone relatively senior is cooperating with the federal authorities in exchange for leniency for their own potential misconduct.”

Moira Penza, a former federal prosecutor from the Eastern District of New York, agreed that someone like Ellison would have a clear incentive to cooperate. “For someone like Ellison who was in SBF’s inner circle and who has already publicly implicated herself, there is a strong incentive to cooperate early,” Penza told the New York Post via an email. “It is not unheard of in [the Southern District of New York] for people who cooperate and who would otherwise be facing a decade or more in prison to instead be sentenced to time served.”


Earlier, Manhattan Attorney Damian Williams disclosed that some of SBF’s accomplices had flipped on him. “Anyone who participated in wrongdoing at FTX or Alameda Research and who has not yet come forward, I would strongly encourage you to come to see us before we come to you,” he warned.

Other FTX execs may have turned SBF in

Other former FTX bigwigs may have also contributed to the fast turnaround of SBF’s case.

This can be supported by the fact that an account on GitHub, which has the same name as a former FTX Engineering Director Nishad Singh, reportedly created codes to hide Alameda Research’s mounting debt. GitHub is an internet hosting service for software development.

Analysts are wondering why Singh has not been charged with any crime since the FTX’s downfall and the arrest of SBF in the Bahamas.

Meanwhile, Bahamian court records show that Ryan Salame, co-chief executive of FTX’s Bahamas operating entity, informed the country’s securities commission on November 9 that FTX customer funds had been used to cover losses at Alameda Research, an allegation that triggered a referral to the Bahamas police and ultimately the appointment of liquidators.

FTX cryptocurrency firm’s debts skyrocketed to at least $8 billion and SBF is now facing an eight-count indictment accusing him of defrauding FTX customers and using funds from sister-enterprise Alameda Research to illegally donate to Democratic politicians. There were also reports that he squandered much of the missing funds for personal purposes. Probes also found his parents and top execs bought opulent properties in the Bahamas, where FTX was headquartered. (Related: Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents purchased $121 million in “vacation home” properties in Bahamas using illicit funds from FTX crypto scam.)

SBF is now in a jail reportedly infested with rats and maggots. He was denied his request to be released on $250,000 cash bail with an ankle monitor to track his movements. One report suggested that SBF’s relatives called the prison to see if vegan meals could be delivered to the facility. The exchange founder famously keeps a strict vegan diet.

His attorney said he is currently reviewing his legal options, but will fight extradition, the hearing for which is scheduled for February.

Bookmark CryptoCult.news for more updates on the collapsing cryptocurrency industry in the United States.

Watch the video below that showed SBF being denied bail as he was sent to overcrowded “hellhole” jail.

This video is from the Puretrauma357 channel on Brighteon.com.

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FTX head Sam Bankman-Fried funneled $1 billion in stolen funds to Democrats – “Where did it go?” asks Elon Musk.

Fraudster Sam Bankman-Fried secretly funded crypto media group that wrote favorable stories about him.

Globalist operative: Sam Bankman-Fried and his FTX cryptocurrency exchange SCAM heavily promoted by World Economic Forum as example of “effective altruism” and “stakeholder capitalism.”

Modern finance is a “dumb game we woke westerners play where we say all the right shibboleths and so everyone likes us,” admit FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried.

Sources include:





Updated Boosters OK’d for Babies With Zero Data

covid booster for babies

  • In mid-June 2022, the United States became the first country in the world to grant emergency use authorization (EUA) for COVID jabs for toddlers as young as 6 months. December 8, 2022, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the updated bivalent COVID boosters for this age group as well

  • The reformulated bivalent shots were authorized for adults, based on antibody levels in mice, just three months earlier. The FDA has zero data on its use in babies. Initial data is not expected until January 2023, yet they authorized the shot for babies anyway

  • The COVID shots are the most dangerous medical intervention ever released. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data show nearly 30% of V-Safe participants aged 12 to 17 were unable to perform daily activities after the second dose, and nearly 20% were unable to attend school or work after the booster

  • How can the FDA rationalize a bivalent booster for babies based on data showing 2 out of 10 tweens and teens get so incapacitated they cannot attend school?

  • The FDA and CDC aren’t the only ones at fault. The U.S. Congress has, over the past 30 years, slowly but surely paved the way for legalized tyranny and genocide. What used to be crimes are no longer, and the FDA is actually part of the group of agencies that run the U.S. bioterrorism program

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In mid-June 2022, the United States became the first country in the world to grant emergency use authorization (EUA) for COVID jabs for toddlers as young as 6 months.1

Then, October 20, 2022, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) shocked the nation even more by unanimously (15-0) voting to add the unlicensed COVID-19 shots to the U.S. vaccine schedules for children, adolescents and adults.2

December 8, 2022, the U.S. government outdid itself yet again, authorizing bivalent COVID jabs for babies as young as 6 months old. These reformulated bivalent shots were authorized for adults, based on nothing more than antibody levels in mice, just three months earlier, at the end of August.3 According to the FDA’s December 8, 2022, press release:4

“Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration amended the emergency use authorizations (EUAs) of the updated (bivalent) Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines to include use in children down to 6 months of age …

Children 6 months through 5 years of age who received the original (monovalent) Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine are now eligible to receive a single booster of the updated (bivalent) Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine two months after completing a primary series with the monovalent Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine.

Children 6 months through 4 years of age who have not yet begun their three-dose primary series of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine or have not yet received the third dose of their primary series will now receive the updated (bivalent) Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine as the third dose in their primary series following two doses of the original (monovalent) Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.

Children 6 months through 4 years of age who have already completed their three-dose primary series with the original (monovalent) Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine will not be eligible for a booster dose of an updated bivalent vaccine at this time.”

In a December 10, 2022, commentary on the FDA’s decision, Dr. Robert Malone wrote:5

“There is NOTHING in the news release or the bulleted points that shows data that these injections are safe or effective for children four years old down to six months old.

Side effects continue same as before — which means they are significantly higher than is expected for normal vaccines. This by the way, is the understatement of the year. Then comes the next paragraph in the FDA News Release:

‘The data to support giving an updated bivalent booster dose for these children are expected in January. The agency is committed to evaluating those data as quickly as possible.’

Yeh [sic] — so the FDA literally doesn’t have any data for this bivalent booster for this age cohort but they are making it available under emergency use authorization anyways.

We do know based on the ACIP /CDC slide deck6 from the Sept 2022 ACIP meeting, that there were significant side effects of this vaccine in older children. THESE DATA ARE FROM THE CDC. Of course, there are many unbiased studies that show even more significant adverse events.”

It’s bad enough that the FDA and CDC are authorizing COVID shots for babies based on zero data, but if the past two years have shown us anything, it’s that the COVID shots are the most dangerous medical intervention ever released. All the available evidence is weighted against them, yet the insanity continues.

Malone highlights one of the graphs included in the CDC’s slide deck, which by itself proves the shots are causing tremendous harm. Nearly 30% of V-Safe participants between the ages of 12 to 17 reported they were unable to perform daily activities after the second dose.

Nearly 20% were unable to attend school or work after the booster, and well over 70% reported some sort of systemic reaction after the second and third doses, even though the primary side effects health agencies and drug manufacturers ever highlight are injection site reactions.

v-safe vaccine reactions report

Malone continues:7

“… three months after the CDC presented this data … the FDA is recommending a THIRD booster for little children and babies … The shiver up my spine alerts me to the fact that this feels an awfully lot like child abuse.

Let’s recap: A total of less than 600 children in the last three years have died in this age cohort (CDC data8), and according to peer reviewed scientific studies virtually none of these deaths were in the ‘healthy, normal’ cohort. Can our government get any more sick?

The News Release also states that the vaccine is ‘broadly protective.’ I must say that I am not sure what that even means anymore to government scientists.

To me, ‘broadly protective’ means that there are a wide range of proteins that immune system responds to. That immune evasion by the virus does not happen after vaccination. That the product clearly protects against infection, replication and spread of the virus.

These mRNA vaccines only offer protection against one protein, which is easily evaded by the virus. So why is the FDA trying to deceive us again?

The FDA also writes that it ‘relied on immune response data that it had previously evaluated from a clinical study in adults of a booster dose of Moderna’s investigational bivalent COVID-19.’

The bridging evidence of adult immune responses to the bivalent vaccines with what the FDA expects for children was lacking in depth and data. There is no validated immunologic correlate of protection.

In other words, this is non-sensical scientific and regulatory gibberish … Please people — doctors around the country will be reading this news release and advocating that babies and children receive this new bi-valent mRNA vaccine. Be ready and armed with the facts. Do not comply.”

How in the world can the FDA rationalize a bivalent booster for babies as young as 6 months old based on data showing 2 out of 10 tweens and teens get so incapacitated they cannot go to school!?

And all to “protect” against an infection that poses a minuscule risk to children in the first place! Statistics show the rate of COVID-19 associated hospitalization among children aged 5 to 11 is 0.0008%.9 In real-world terms, that’s so close to zero you basically cannot lower it any further. In Pfizer’s trial, the only child who required hospitalization was actually in the vaccinated group.

Children’s risk of developing symptoms of COVID within the first three weeks of the first dose also INCREASED by 30%,10 which hardly supports the “safe and effective” narrative.

Most Important Question for Children About Covid-19 Vaccination

There’s also growing evidence suggesting the shots may dysregulate your immune system, which can have catastrophic public health consequences when given to masses of people. A study11 posted on the preprint server medRxiv, back in May 2021, found the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID jab “reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses,” causing immune depletion.

While the jab “induced effective humoral and cellular immunity against several SARS-CoV-2 variants,” the shot “also modulated the production of inflammatory cytokines by innate immune cells upon stimulation with both specific (SARS-CoV-2) and nonspecific (viral, fungal and bacterial) stimuli.”

People who were “fully vaccinated,” having received two doses of the Pfizer shot, also produced significantly less interferon upon stimulation, which hampers vitally important innate immune responses.

In other words, we’re looking at a horrible tradeoff. Even if you get some protection against SARS-CoV-2 and its variants, you’re weakening your overall immune function, thereby opening the door wide to all sorts of other health problems, from bacterial, fungal and viral infections to cancer and autoimmunity.

Is it really wise to expose babies and toddlers to such risks? Just because children aren’t dying within a few weeks of the shot does not mean it’s harmless and therefore safe to use. Most of the damage from these jabs will emerge long after they’ve gotten the shot. So, the FDA is really behaving in an incredibly irresponsible and negligent manner, putting every child in America in harm’s way in the longer term.

So, how can we explain the irrational behavior of the FDA and CDC? Why don’t any of the red flags matter? The short answer is that both agencies are corrupt to the core and are no longer in the business of protecting public health. They are securing profits for the drug industry.

The very same day the CDC voted to add the shots to the vaccine schedule, which also opens the door for states to mandate the jab for school children, Pfizer announced it will raise the price of its jab by about 400%,12 from $3013 per dose to somewhere between $110 and $130 once the current U.S. purchase program expires.

“Once the COVID jab is on the childhood vaccination schedule, the vaccine makers are permanently shielded from liability for injuries and deaths that occur in ANY age group, including adults.”

But getting the shot onto the vaccine schedule and then raising prices isn’t the primary profit-making scheme. The real boon is that once the COVID jab is on the childhood vaccination schedule, the vaccine makers are permanently shielded from liability for injuries and deaths that occur in any age group, including adults.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains how this works in the video clip above. You can also learn more about this indemnification process in “The Real Reason They Want to Give COVID Jabs to Kids.”

The only way to break that indemnity is by proving the vaccine maker knew about safety problems and withheld that information. There’s also no statute of limitation when it comes to murder, which is what some insist is happening here.

What’s so crazy is that the COVID shots were added to the vaccine schedules even though they don’t have full FDA approval yet. Pfizer’s COVID shot Comirnaty has supposedly received full approval, but it’s not available in the U.S. Moderna has no approved version, available or otherwise.

The shots used are all under EUA, and not only can an EUA product not be added to the vaccination schedule, but the FDA and CDC are also violating the rules by giving out EUAs in the first place. Products must satisfy all of the following criteria in order to get EUA:

  1. There must be an emergency

  2. A vaccine must be at least 30% to 50% effective

  3. The known and potential benefits of the product must outweigh the known and potential risks of the product

  4. There can be no adequate, approved and available alternative treatments (drugs or vaccines)

Unless all four criteria are met, EUA cannot be granted or maintained, yet here we are. COVID, by any reasonable measurement, is no longer an emergency, there are plenty of adequate alternative treatments, and the potential benefits in no way, shape or form outweigh the potential risks — especially not in children.

So, the FDA and CDC are operating way outside rules and regulations. They’ve both gone rogue and seem to be making up new rules as they go along. For anyone who still believes these agencies are in the business of protecting public health, this should be a massive red flag. When people and agencies refuse to follow established rules and regulations, it’s usually because they’re up to no good. 

The FDA and CDC aren’t the only ones at fault, however. In a June 2022 interview14 with Dr. Jane Ruby of “The Jane Ruby Show,” legal analyst Katherine Watt explained how the U.S. Congress has, over the past 30 years, slowly but surely paved the way for legalized tyranny and even genocide.

What used to be state and/or federal crimes or human rights violations have been legalized through a series of statutory revisions. Watt also described in an April 28, 2022, Substack article how this regulatory framework grew into being.15 As noted in that article:

“The basic goal of the architects, which has been achieved, was to set up legal conditions in which all governing power in the United States could be automatically transferred from the citizens and the three Constitutional branches into the two hands of the Health and Human Services Secretary, effective at the moment the HHS Secretary himself declared a public health emergency, legally transforming free citizens into enslaved subjects …

Congress and U.S. Presidents legalized and funded the overthrow of the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. government and the American people, through a massive domestic bioterrorism program relabeled as a public health program, conducted by the HHS Secretary and Secretary of Defense on behalf of the World Health Organization and its financial backers.”

In another article, Watt explains that the reason why the FDA is not protecting the public from what is clearly the most dangerous “vaccine” the world has ever seen is because:16

“… Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and FDA Commissioner Robert Califf are running the U.S. government’s bioterrorism program jointly with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, Department of Justice Attorney General Merrick Garland, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Majorkas, Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel, and World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.”

While the idea that the FDA is actually part of the U.S. bioterrorism program may sound too incredible to be true, we see evidence of this kind of collusion in the “Pfizergate” trial.

Pfizer whistleblower Brook Jackson sued Pfizer for fraud, and in its motion to dismiss, Pfizer claimed that clinical trial data were not material or necessary to the FDA’s decisions to grant EUA and approval of its product. The U.S. government formally endorsed Pfizer’s motion, and hence its rationale for the motion to dismiss.

But just how can clinical trial data, including adverse event reports, be immaterial and unnecessary to the FDA’s decision to authorize the shot for people of all ages? Is this not an admission — both by Pfizer and the U.S. government — that the FDA colluded with Pfizer to get the shots to market without regard for safety?

It appears the FDA — while charged with protecting public health — is actually protecting Big Pharma and the U.S. biowarfare program instead. This makes more sense when you realize that Pfizer and Moderna are part of the biowarfare program too. By protecting Pfizer’s and Moderna’s products and shielding them from scrutiny and critique, the FDA is protecting and preserving the U.S. biowarfare program as a whole.

So, what can we do to protect and restore the rights and freedoms that are being stripped from us in the name of biosafety? In her interview with Ruby, Watt offered the following suggestions:17

  • Speak out against the tyranny and educate others about how it is being implemented to prevent it from getting worse

  • Call on the U.S. government to stop funding the World Health Organization

  • Call on Congress to repeal the statutes that put this framework into place, or implement oversight to rein in the HHS, which is the institutional structure that is running this scheme, or dissolve the HHS altogether.

    Given enough political pressure the HHS could also voluntarily roll back the regulations that form the framework for legalized tyranny and bring back Nuremberg Code principles. For example, informed consent principles have been nullified, which is what has enabled mask and vaccine mandates. Those regulations need to be reversed and informed consent principles reinstated

  • Call on federal judges to start hearing Constitutional cases

  • Call on your state legislature to consider secession to protect the Constitutional rights of residents

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