How many people have been injured by Fauci’s “magic cure?”

No one knows the exact number, but
the government’s own data shows
that in the US, as of now, there
have been 2,374,283 reported
adverse effects.

That is not a misprint. That is
the CDC/FDA’s own number.

This number includes:

42,310 deaths and 185,412

What is the government doing
to help the people who’ve
been injured as the result of
this highly hyped “magic cure”
which they used every means
at their disposal to coerce
people into taking?


And to assist the process of denying these people help
Google/YouTube has just pulled the one film that credibly
and soberly documents the situation.

Clearly, Google has removed the “Don’t”
from their original “Don’t Be Evil” motto.

This is an evil and depraved group
of people, pure and simple.

Here’s the film they don’t want you to see.