Widespread ‘Winter Kill’ Risks In US Wheat Soar Amid Imminent Cold Blast

Zero Hedge | Dec. 21, 2022

Lack of snow cover on fields and a cold blast down through the Great Plains and into Texas and the South could result in damage and even death of winter wheat crops.

The coldest air of the season is about to pour down from Canada, bringing dangerously cold temperatures where parts of Kansas could reach as low as -15F. The state is one of the top growers of red winter wheat.

According to Bloomberg, citing an ag report via forecaster Maxar, winter wheat fields across southwest Kansas, northwest Texas, and Oklahoma lack snow cover, increasing the incidence of winter kill. Snow cover on fields insulates the wheat and protects crops from cold.


LBJ Hitman ‘Mac’ Wallace’s Fingerprints Found in Texas Book Depository

In continuation of our series on assassins [see “William Joseph Bryan: Crime Syndicate Patsy, Set-Up Miastro Extraordinaire“, Thorn in Side of Crime Syndicate JFK Hit: Truth Seeker Dorothy Kilgallen Murdered and “The Shakespearean Tale of E. Howard Hunt’s JFK Assassination Confession“], Winter Watch now takes a look at Malcolm “Mac” Wallace (1921-1971), President Lyndon B. Johnson’s personal assassin.

Incredibly, it wasn’t until March 12, 1998, that a fingerprint of Wallace’s recorded in 1951 was positively matched with a copy of a fingerprint labeled “unknown” that investigators lifted on Nov. 22, 1963, from a shipping carton located near the southeast side of the sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository building. The carton, labeled “Box A,” also contained several fingerprints identified as those of Lee Harvey Oswald.

The identification was made by A. Nathan Darby, a certified latent print examiner with several decades of experience. Darby is a member of the International Association of Identifiers and was chosen to help design the Eastman Kodak Miracode System of transmitting fingerprints between law enforcement agencies. Darby signed a sworn, notarized affidavit stating that he was able to affirm a 14-point match between the “Unknown” fingerprint and the “blind” print card submitted to him, which was the 1951 print of Wallace’s. U.S. law requires a 12-point match for legal identification, and Darby’s match is more conclusive than the legal minimum.

This Wallace fingerprint was forwarded to the FBI. The agency then declared it a non-match. Darby addressed this travesty in the video segment below.

Winter Watch Takeaway: Wallace may have been on the sixth floor of the Book Depository to set up the sniper’s nest framing of Oswald, not take shots, which was left to others operating in different locations, like the grassy knoll and Dal-Tex Building [see “John F. Kennedy’s Prescient Belief in Conspiracies and His Own Demise“].

Newly released JFK files now reveal that Oswald’s fingerprints that were said to be on his assassin’s rifle have since allegedly been “lost.”

A String of Murders Dating Back to 1951

Image result for
LBJ’s sister Josefa Johnson

Edward Clark introduced Mac Wallace to Lyndon B. Johnson in October, 1950, and he then began working with the United States Department of Agriculture in Texas.

Wallace was convicted for the October 22, 1951 murder of John Kinser. Through the influence of LBJ, he got off on a suspended five-year sentence. It was rumored that LBJ’s sister Josefa Johnson had affairs with both Kinser and Wallace. Kinser asked Josefa if she could arrange for her brother to loan him some money. Johnson interpreted this as a blackmail threat (Josefa had told Kinser about some of her brother’s corrupt activities).

According to Bill Adler of The Texas Observer, several of the jurors telephoned Kinser’s parents to apologize for agreeing to a “suspended sentence but said they did so only because threats had been made against their families.” The Austin Statesman wrote that the case was “marked from the start to finish by the unusual” and had left the people of Austin shocked and “quizzical.”

Primary view of object titled '[Mac Wallace hearing]'.
Oct. 25, 1951, bond hearing for Malcolm E. ‘Mac’ Wallace. He was accused of murdering golf pro Douglas Kinser at the Lamar Pitch n Putt. PHOTO: TexasHistory.unt.edu

Josefa was always problematic for LBJ. On Christmas morning in 1961, at the age of 49, she was found dead in her bed at her home at 3:15 a.m. The cause of death was stated to be a brain hemorrhage. Josefa had returned home at 11:45 p.m. from a Christmas Eve party at LBJ’s ranch. There was no autopsy and no inquest. The death certificate was executed by a doctor who was not present to examine the deceased. Josefa was embalmed that same day and buried the following, on Dec. 26.

According to Clint Peoples, a Texas Ranger based in Austin, Billie Sol Estes had promised to tell the full story of the death of Henry Marshall when he obtained his freedom from prison.

Allotments were issued telling the cotton farmers how much they could or could not plant. In 1958, Estes cut a deal with LBJ. Over the next couple of years, Estes ran a vast scam using federal agricultural subsidies. According to Estes, he obtained $21 million a year for “growing” and “storing” non-existent crops of cotton.

In 1960, Marshall, who was an agent of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was asked to investigate the Estes’ activities. Marshall discovered that over a two-year period, Estes had purchased 3,200 acres of cotton allotments from 116 different farmers. LBJ was cut in on a take of the corruption. At one point, Estes was worth $400 million — in 1960s dollars.

True to his word, Estes testified that he, LBJ, LBJ’s aide Cliff Carter and Wallace met several times to discuss the issue of the “loose cannon,” Henry Marshall. Marshall had refused a LBJ-arranged promotion to Washington, D.C. headquarters, and they feared he was about to report them.

LBJ, according to Estes, on Jan. 17, 1961, finally said, “Get rid of him,” and Wallace was given the assignment. According to testimony, Wallace followed Marshall to a remote area of his farm and beat him nearly unconscious. Then, while trying to asphyxiate him with exhaust from Marshall’s pickup truck, Wallace thought he heard someone approaching the scene and hastily grabbed a rifle. Wallace pumped five shots into Marshall’s body and fled the scene.

The murder was ruled a suicide. No pictures were taken of the crime scene, no blood samples were taken of the stains on the truck — which was washed and waxed the following day — and no fingerprints were taken from the rifle or the pickup [source: Glen Sample and Mark Collum, “The Men On The Sixth Floor,” 1995].

David Hanners, of the Dallas Morning News reported on April, 4, 1984, that in his appearance before the grand jury, Estes testified that Robert Kennedy may have offered Marshall protection, if he would testify against LBJ, sources said.

By 1963, Bobby Kennedy called five of Washington’s top reporters into his office and told them it was now open season on LBJ. It’s okay, he told them, to go after the story they were ignoring out of deference to the administration. In the Senate, the investigation into the Bobby Baker case was moving quickly ahead. Even the Democrats were cooperating, thanks to the Kennedys, and an awful lot of really bad stuff was being revealed — until Nov. 22, 1963.

JFK’s secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, wrote that the day President Kennedy left for Dallas, they discussed the Bobby Baker scandal, LBJ’s deep involvement in it and the scandal’s potential affect on JFK’s campaign for a second term.

Kennedy told her, “I will need a running mate in ’64, a man who believes as I do.”

Lincoln wrote, “President Kennedy had talked and I had just listened, but I did venture one question. Now, I asked, ‘Who is your choice as a running mate?’ He looked straight ahead, and without hesitating, he replied, ‘At this time, I am thinking about Gov. Terry Sanford of North Carolina. BUT IT WILL NOT BE LYNDON.’”

Bobby Kennedy was later photographed and quoted as saying to a shocked-looking LBJ, “Why did you have my brother killed?”

I think he knew the answer.

As it turned out, on Aug. 9, 1984, Estes’ lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to Stephen S. Trott at the U.S. Department of Justice. Caddy’s letter to Trott said, “Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders.”

The letter continued:

Mr. Estes was a member of a four-member group, headed by Lyndon Johnson, which committed criminal acts in Texas in the 1960’s. The other two, besides Mr. Estes and LBJ, were Cliff Carter and Mac Wallace. Mr. Estes is willing to disclose his knowledge concerning the following criminal offenses:

1. The killing of Henry Marshall

2. The killing of George Krutilek

3. The killing of Ike Rogers and his secretary

4. The killing of Harold Orr

5. The killing of Coleman Wade

6. The killing of Josefa Johnson

7. The killing of John Kinser

8. The killing of President J. F. Kennedy.

Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders. In the cases of murders nos. 1-7, Mr. Estes’ knowledge of the precise details concerning the way the murders were executed stems from conversations he had shortly after each event with Cliff Carter and Mac Wallace.

In addition, a short time after Mr. Estes was released from prison in 1971, he met with Cliff Carter and they reminisced about what had occurred in the past, including the murders. During their conversation, Carter orally compiled a list of 17 murders which had been committed, some of which Mr. Estes was unfamiliar. A living witness was present at that meeting and should be willing to testify about it. He is Kyle Brown, recently of Houston and now living in Brady, Texas.

Mr. Estes, states that Mac Wallace, whom he describes as a “stone killer” with a communist background, recruited Jack Ruby, who in turn recruited Lee Harvey Oswald.

Mr. Estes says that the Mafia did not participate in the Kennedy assassination, but that its participation was discussed prior to the event but rejected by LBJ, who believed if the Mafia were involved, he would never be out from under its blackmail.

Winter Watch Note: E. Howard Hunt stated that CIA operatives were utilized as well. Hunt also said that domestic Mafia was not a preferred method for domestic political assassinations.

Wallace’s favored method as a hit man was carbon monoxide poisoning.

On the night of April 4, 1962, at the western-end of Texas, a ranchman came upon the body of George Krutilek slumped in his car with a hose from his exhaust stuck in the window. Krutilek was a 49-year-old certified public accountant who had undergone secret grilling by FBI agents on April 2, the day after Billie Sol Estes’ arrest. Krutilek had worked for Estes and had been the recipient of his favors, but he was never seen or heard of again after the FBI grilling until his badly decomposed body was found. [Source: J. Evetts Haley, “A Texan Looks at Lyndon,” 1964]

In addition, other key witnesses in Estes’ cases — including Harold Orr and Howard Pratt — all died of carbon monoxide poisoning from car engines. Wallace himself was killed in a suspicious automobile accident in 1971. LBJ died in 1973.

Later, on June 19, 1992, U.S. Marshall Clint Peoples told a friend that he had documented evidence that Wallace was one of the shooters in Dealey Plaza. This would have been Estes’ sealed testimony given before a Robertson County grand jury in 1984. On June 23, Peoples, a former Texas Ranger, was killed in a mysterious one-car automobile accident in Texas.

Barr McClellan, was a full partner at the Austin, Texas, legal firm Clark, Thomas & Winters, which represented the interests of LBJ. McClellan is the father of former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan and U.S. Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Mark McClellan. In 2003, McClellan published “Blood Money and Power: How L.B.J. Killed JFK.” In the book, he argues that LBJ and Edward Clark were involved in the planning and cover up of the assassination of JFK. McClellan also named Wallace as one of the assassins.

Barr was smeared and his book trashed by the mockingbird media, although a copy of a documentary on LBJ’s role can be found online and is linked below. This would never be shown today, and I’m very surprised it’s still up on YouTube.

Of course, Wallace’s hit list doesn’t include the unusual deaths of scores of JFK assassination eyewitnesses or those involved in the murdering the president. Richard Belzer in “Hit List” identifies 18 material witnesses who died within three years of Dealey Plaza. An actuary engaged by the London Times calculated the likelihood of 18 witnesses of their ages dying of any cause within three years of JFK’s assassination as 1 in 100,000 trillion.

Swedish ECO-TERRORIST Andreas Malm says embrace “intelligent sabotage” by destroying property in “all manner of ways” to supposedly save Earth from climate change

Image: Swedish ECO-TERRORIST Andreas Malm says embrace “intelligent sabotage” by destroying property in “all manner of ways” to supposedly save Earth from climate change

(Natural News) It’s obviously not enough to run Ponzi schemes, rackets and scams to rob taxpayers of their hard-earned money in order to put a halt to global warming, tornadoes, and hurricanes. It’s not enough for Bill Gates to declare he’s going to fund efforts to spray chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere to partially block the sun so he can save humankind from bursting into flames. Now we are all supposed to engage in “eco-terrorism,” where we all run around with explosives and blow up anything and everything that delivers or utilizes fossil fuels, so we can save the planet from… something.

Want the world’s richest people to take action on climate change, while they scoot around the planet in their fossil-fuel-burning private jets, yachts, and SUVs giving lectures about their own hypocrisy? Just go blow up some property in an “intelligent” way that gets their attention. Don’t worry, it’s not about blowing up people or going to jail for life, it’s about saving Earth from fuel users, and cow farts, and stuff like that.

Swedish Eco-Terrorist tells the world “How to Blow Up a Pipeline” in order to save the world from global warming

Quick, the oceans are rising and the glaciers are melting… do something. An actual eco-terrorist that the left-wing media keeps promoting is calling for escalation of violence and mayhem in order to “diversify tactics” and get the attention of world leaders who support (Ponzi schemes) to change the Earth’s climate back to ‘normal.’


In an interview posted by the New Yorker, eco-terrorist and Swedish author Andreas Malm says that he’s rounding up people who want to help him blow up machines that harvest fuel. He claims he is “in favor of destroying machines, property, not harming people (important distinction there), and I think property can be destroyed in all manner of ways, it can be neutralized in a very gentle fashion (as when we deflated the SUVs (tires)), or a more spectacular fashion as in potentially blowing up a pipeline that’s under construction.”

Time for the Swedish Security Service (SAPO), the equivalent of the FBI, to raid this eco-terrorist’s residence at dawn and confiscate his computer, any weapons he has in his possession, and cart him off to prison, just like they would in the USA (as long as he wasn’t a liberal or Democrat).

Detonating bombs at fuel plants and pipelines is insane and there’s no way to do it without putting lives at risk

Who knew the world would be dealing with climate terrorists in 2022 and beyond who want to destroy property, businesses, and fossil fuels in order to “fuel” their senseless mission of somehow ‘restoring’ the Earth’s environment to how it used to be? None of this is science based, as they would all have us believe. These folks are anti-Earth. They are actually the enemies of the planet, who seek violence and destruction in order to fulfill some prophesy they made up out of thin air.

This all falls right in line with population reductionism (genocide) and attempts to destroy all CO2, when after all, CO2 is greening the planet, not killing it. Malm thinks just the opposite, saying, “Damage and destroy new CO2-emitting devices. Put them out of commission, pick them apart, demolish them, burn them, blow them up.” Anyone who detonates bombs and sets entire factories and fuel stations on fire is playing Russian roulette with people lives.

Bombs and explosions and fires are completely unpredictable, and these eco-terrorism freaks need to be investigated for premeditated attempted arson and murder. Malm is outright calling for the bombing of fossil fuel pipelines. He’s demanding it.

Tune your winter internet dial to ClimateAlarmism.news for updates on entire power grids failing thanks to “green” energy violence and mayhem.

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Steve Kirsch: Celine Dion's stiff-person syndrome almost certainly caused by COVID-19 vaccine

Image: Steve Kirsch: Celine Dion’s stiff-person syndrome almost certainly caused by COVID-19 vaccine

(Natural News) The stiff-person syndrome (SPS) suffered by singer Celine Dion is a serious side effect of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, according to vaccine safety advocate Steve Kirsch.

The Canadian singer confirmed her SPS diagnosis in a video posted on Instagram, adding that she had postponed dates for her 2023 European tour due to the condition. The neurological disorder, which affects roughly one or two out of every one million people, caused the muscle spasms she is suffering from.

“While we’re still learning about this rare condition, we now know this is what’s been causing all of the spasms that I’ve been having,” Dion said. “Unfortunately, these spasms affect every aspect of my daily life, sometimes causing difficulties when I walk and not allowing me to use my vocal cords to sing the way I’m used to.” (Related: Justin Bieber cancels remainder of world tour following facial paralysis.)

According to NBC News, people with SPS “often experience rigidity in their torso and limbs, as well as severe muscle spasms that can cause them to fall down. The spasms can occur at random or be triggered by certain stimuli, including loud noises, touch and emotional distress.”

Dr. Richard Nowak of Yale School of Medicine explained the mechanism behind the muscle spasms involved in SPS.

“There’s a massive firing that’s occurring from the central nervous system, down through the spinal cord, down through the nerves as the plug into the muscles,” he said. “It’s causing them to become rigid or go into spasm, which equals the stiffness.”


Nowak added that SPS “has a range of severity, from quite mild – easily managed with a little bit of medication – to quite severe that can have folks disabled from it.”

Dr. Simon Helfgott of Harvard Medical School, meanwhile, remarked that SPS is harder to treat than other autoimmune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis or Crohn’s disease. He added that there is no cure for SPS.

Kirsch: There’s 99.6 percent chance COVID-19 shot caused Dion’s SPS

“Did she just get unlucky? Nope, she got vaccinated,” the vaccine safety advocate wrote. “My calculations … estimate that there is [a] 99.6 percent it was the COVID-19 vaccine which caused her injury.”

Kirsch pointed out that SPS is a known listed side effect of the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 shot. He added that the New York-based vaccine maker was aware of the adverse reaction as early as February 2021.

“Pfizer knew about this potential side effect likely before Dion was vaccinated. But they have no duty to disclose that because hey, it’s a ‘safe and effective vaccine’ with ‘only mild side effects.’”

He also blasted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for turning a blind eye to these serious reactions “because that would create vaccine hesitancy.” Kirsch commented: “The FDA simply looks the other way for safety issues. That’s the way ‘science’ is done.”

“So the FDA and Pfizer clearly know and told the public nothing. They aren’t liable for any damages, even if they didn’t give anyone informed consent by revealing all the side effects.”

The vaccine safety advocate admitted that he does not know if the singer behind “My Heart Will Go On” and “It’s All Coming Back To Me Now” was injected with the Pfizer mRNA shot. But data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) showed that the COVID-19 vaccines are linked to the majority of SPS cases.

According to VAERS figures, the COVID-19 vaccines were linked to 17 out of 32 SPS cases. Eleven of the 32 cases in the reporting system were linked to the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines.

“If you get SPS [post-vaccination], there is a 99.6 chance it was from the vaccines. The numbers for SPS over 30 years only implicate the COVID-19 and HPV vaccines. In other words, math says that the chance that Dion got SPS from the vaccine is 99.6 percent,” Kirsch explained.

“In short, it is almost certain that Celine Dion is vaccine-injured.”

Watch this G News report about the vaccine damage suffered by Celine Dion.

This video is from the Chinese taking down EVIL CCP channel on Brighteon.com.

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Honesty hour: U.S. Congressman Sean Casten recklessly placed his 17-year-old daughter Gwen in the line of fire, and now she’s dead.

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Bankrupt meat importer owes millions to at least 99 creditors in transportation and logistics

Image: Bankrupt meat importer owes millions to at least 99 creditors in transportation and logistics

(Natural News) South American Beef, Inc., a frozen meats importer based out of West Des Moines, Iowa, has filed a petition with the Southern District Court of Iowa to receive Chapter 11 bankruptcy protections.

The company was founded in 1999 and sold products under vendor brands as well as its own Prairie Natural brand. Its specialty is in the purchase, import and sales of beef, lamb, goat, mutton, veal, seafood and poultry from a variety of countries, including Argentina, Australia, China, New Zealand, Uruguay and several countries in Central America. (Related: Meat prices will continue to rise for the next two quarters, warns US meatpacker.)

In its bankruptcy court filings, the company listed both its assets and liabilities as between $10 and $50 million and indicated that it has up to 99 creditors. South American Beef claimed it will be able to pay off its debts after dealing with its bankruptcy proceedings.

U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Anita L. Shodeen already agreed to South American Beef’s first-day motion to honor pre-bankruptcy petition obligations to pay its employees and provide sales commissions. But she denied the company’s request to use “cash collateral for payment of any expense items listed on the budget that would result in payment of a pre-petition obligation” owed by the company.

South American Beef owes several truckers and logistics firms

The company’s top unsecured creditor is the Fort Myers, Florida division of Scotlynn USA, a transportation and logistics provider. It owes over $529,000 to this company.


South American Beef also owes money to Holt Logistics Corporation of Gloucester City, New Jersey, and TAFS Inc. of Houston, a transportation company. The company owes them nearly $102,000 and around $45,000, respectively.

The company also owes money to three subsidiaries of temperature-controlled logistics giant Lineage, headquartered in Novi, Michigan. South American Beef was able to get Lineage as a secured creditor with warehouseman’s liens against the company’s frozen food inventory for nonpayment.

South American Beef collectively owes around $346,000 to Lineage Logistics of Pasadena, California, Lineage Transportation of Dallas and Lineage Custom Brokerage of Tacoma, Washington.

JPMorgan Chase Bank of Chicago, another of South American Beef’s secured creditors, has provided the company with a revolving line of credit amounting to more than $14.4 million. The bank said South American Beef has been in default on its loan obligations for more than a year.

When South American Beef was seeking options to refinance its debts or pursue alternative transactions that could address the meat importer’s loan obligations to Chase Bank specifically, the bank continued to allow the company credit extensions.

But sometime before South American Beef filed for bankruptcy, Chase Bank stated the meat importer was no longer able to “fix its business issues, refinance its debt with Chase or sell its business.”

“Instead, during the time the situation deteriorated further, as Chase learned of mismanagement and questionable business practices of South American Beef, in violation of its loan agreement,” according to the bank.

Read more news about collapsing businesses at DebtCollapse.com.

Watch this short clip from the “Stew Peters Show” as host Stew Peters discusses how the Democrats’ infrastructure bill will cripple the trucking industry even further.

This video is from the SignPosts channel on Brighteon.com.

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PLUMMET: Maritime, rail and trucking demand DROPS sharply from pandemic era peak.

Used truck prices drop as trucking industry overcomes supply chain issues.

Freight companies expect “muted peak season” due to waning retailer demand.

Shipping rates drop 75% amid plummeting US retail demand.

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