The Spanish Inquisition as ‘Black Legend’ Propaganda

The agitprop and demonization operations we write about on the pages of Winter Watch are nothing new or modern. In fact, the usual suspects were behind them then just as they are now. Case in point is what is referred to as the “Black Legend.” The principal target was the Spanish Inquisition. It was built into a massive atrocity campaign throughout Europe by Spain’s enemies and opponents.

Oddly, the Frankfurt/Main area of Germany was a hotbed of propaganda against Spain due to the great number of Jews who fled Spain and settled there after Ferdinand and Isabella expelled them in 1492.

It’s a fact of history that Jews aided the Moorish and Berber tribes from North Africa in their entrance into Spain, and they flourished under Muslim rule with some achieving high positions in government. When the Christian Reconquesta was achieved, they began to be suspected of disloyalty to the united Catholic Kingdom of Spain under Ferdinand and Isabella. Much of the basis for the Black Legend is derived from the supposed mistreatment of Jews and Muslim Moors under the rule of Spain’s Catholic kings.

Most Inquisition measures against false conversos (crypto-Jews) took place between 1491 and 1530, as the Reconquista was consolidated. Typically, these populations were expulsed, not executed. True conversos were not persecuted, but instead often advanced themselves and maneuvered into the bureaucracy and noble classes, typically through the age-old methods of marriage and money.

The War of the Alpujarras (1568–1571), a Muslim-Morisco uprising in Granada, ended with the forced dispersal of about half of Castile and Andalusia Moriscos (crypto-Muslims) populations. The coast was regularly raided, and slaves hauled off by Barbary pirates backed by Spain’s enemy, the Ottoman Empire, and the Moriscos and Jews were aiding them.

Between 1560 and 1571, 82% of those accused in Inquistion proceedings were Moriscos. Between 1615 and 1700, cases against Moriscos constituted only 9% of those judged by the Inquisition. Philip IV in 1621 gave the order to desist from attempting to impose measures on remaining Moriscos “unless they caused significant commotion.”

As different geopolitical conflicts developed with the English, Dutch and French, the agit-prop took on a life of its own. Italy developed a virulent black legend agit-prop as Spain occupied various lands in Sicily and southern Italy. The tools used against the Spanish were the printing press combined with lies and fabrications.

Contrived rumors were spread that Spain was planning an alliance with the Turks in an attempt to subjugate the German people. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, since it was actually Spain at the forefront of European defense against the Turks.

One of the most famous and influential agit-props was the “Book of Martyrs” by John Foxe (1516–1587). Many of the themes that are repeated later on are to be found in this text: anyone can be tried for any triviality; the Inquisition is infallible; people are usually accused to gain money, because of jealousy or to hide the actions of the Inquisition; if proof is not found, it’s invented; prisoners are isolated with no contact with the outside world in dark dungeons, where they suffer horrible torture, etc. Foxe warned that this sinister organization could be introduced into any country that accepted the Catholic faith.

The other atrocity agit-prop was the “Exposition of the Arts of the Spanish Holy Inquisition” published in Heidelberg in 1567 under the pseudonym Reginaldus Gonsalvius Montanus.

By and large, the principal writers of that day (like now) would cite and copy each other without doing any real research or even visiting Spain.

French philosopher Montesquieu joined the pile on by describing an inquisitor as someone “separated from society, in a wretched condition, starved of any kind of relationship, so that he will be tough, ruthless and inexorable.”

Satire and ridicule were popular writing styles, which drew Voltaire into the fray. Voltaire advanced the theory that the Spanish monarchy was nothing more than the plaything of the church and specifically the Inquisition.

In reality, there were a number of powerful interests besides the clergy in Spain, including merchants, tradesmen, nobles and military. These would often mitigate the influence of the Inquisition. Many influential Catholic archbishops and clergy were opposed to forced conversions.

In 1673, Francis Willoughby wrote “A Relation of a Voyage Made through a Great Part of Spain.” He summed up the demonization of the Spanish as follows.

Spain is in many places, not to say most, very thin of people, and almost desolate. The causes are:

1. A bad Religion
2. The Tyrannical Inquisition
3. The multitude of Whores
4. The barrenness of the soil
5. The wretched laziness of the people, very like the Welsh and Irish, walking slowly and always cumbered with a great Choke and a long Sword
6. The expulsion of the Jews and Moors
7. Wars and Plantations

The term “inquisition” has become so widely used that it has come to be a synonym for “official investigation, especially of a political or religious nature, characterized by its lack of respect for individual rights, prejudice on the part of the judges and cruel punishments.”

Black Legend propaganda led to the anticlerical ideologies of the left wing, such as socialism, communism and anarchism. It played a role in the mindset of the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). It is reminiscent of the staged deceptions and “just make up shit” anti-white (and anti-Muslim) agit-prop we are witnessing today.

It should be noted that Winter Watch writers are neither Catholic nor Hispanic- we have no dog in this but the truth.

What’s the Truth About the Activities of the Inquisition

In terms of the context of unifying Spain after centuries of war and Reconquista, the Inquisition was relatively tame. Far worse abuses were going on elsewhere.

An important point of which most people are unaware: The Inquisition had jurisdiction only over those who claimed to be Christians. Besides Protestants, that would include Conversos, Muslims or Jews who converted to Catholicism. It had no authority over the unbaptized.

Primarily, the philosophy used was suasion, shunning, expulsion and the bully pulpit. The accused had a period of grace in which to repent and confess their false teaching or gross misconduct on their own accord. If this was done, only a mild penance was imposed, never a severe punishment. The objective was to correct the Christians’ errors so that he or she would return to correct doctrine and practice. One’s beliefs were not seriously punished — openly proselytizing “false doctrine” was.

Far from being a star chamber, the accused — if he or she went to court — would write out a list of all their enemies. NONE of these people were allowed to testify against him. He was given trained lawyers and had the right to disallow any judge he thought would be prejudiced against him. (Is this ever done in modern American courts?) False accusations were punished severely. There was a strict protocol. The inquistors were typically lawyers or legal experts.

Citations for the next three paragraphs come from this excellent video documentary – The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition. BBC produced this in 1994, back in the day when it still had some reputation for legitimate truth and historical revisionism.

The Inquisition kept voluminous records of proceedings and on those it was keeping an eye. These records have been the subject of deep research in recent decades. Although the Inquisition had a chilling effect, in most parts of Spain — and especially small towns and rural areas — it had almost no authority or clout. The inquisitors would reluctantly roll into these towns once in a blue moon, but the local priests would not cooperate and would instruct their parishioners to speak no evil about their neighbors, cautioning even against gossip.

Juan Antonio Llorente (1756–1823), a fierce enemy of the Inquisition, whose “Critical History of the Inquisition” of 1817–1819 remains the most famous early work estimated the number of executions carried out during the whole of the period that the Spanish Inquisition existed, from 1483 until its abolition by Napoleon, at 31,912.

Recent scholars, such as Henry Kamen [“The Spanish Inquisition” 2014] conclude: “We can in all probability accept the estimate, made on the basis of available documentation, that a maximum of three thousand persons may have suffered death during the entire history of the tribunal” (p. 253).

Inquisitors did not believe torture produced the truth; therefore, it was rarely used. Research suggests about 1% of the more serious cases were subjected to lighter forms of torture and almost never prolonged or repeated torture. The only genuine iron maiden ever found came from Germany. Torture was widespread among Spain’s enemies. Its use in Spain was a myth.

Most of the Inquisition was, in fact, internal security measures taken during wartime conditions to deal with traitors, criminals and subversives, which were typically found in the crypto-conversos population in Spain and among rebellious Protestants in the Spanish Netherlands. Foreign Protestant agents operated in Spain as missionaries. For example, there was a surge between 1557 and 1562 (early stage of the Dutch Revolt) as the courts in Antwerp executed 103 heretics. There were many non-Catholics killed in religious wars, such as the Thirty Years War (1618-1648), but that had little to do with Inquisition activities.

The Inquisition was also a response to the depopulation of the Spanish coastal towns by Judeo-Muslim criminal slave-trading pirates. Many Muslim ship captains who raided Spanish coastal cities were Jewish.

The most important of these was Sinan, called “The Great Jew,” who would later be called the Muslim name of Kaptan Pasha. He was the leader of Barbarossa’s Muslim fleet. He captured Tunis from Spain in 1534. Much of the Spanish fleet was destroyed by Sinan in 1538. Meanwhile, Portuguese Jews (Morranos) were rearming Turkish Muslims. One of Sinan’s biggest operations was ravaging coastal Catholic districts of South Italy and Sicily in 1553 and hauling off tens of thousands of slaves.

American historian Robert Davis in, Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters: White Slavery in the Mediterranean, the Barbary Coast, and Italy, 1500-1800, concluded that 1 million to 1.25 million Europeans ended up in bondage.

The second major Jewish pirate was Samuel Palache and his brother (aka the “Pirate Merchants”), who left Spain and settled in Fez Morroco. He operated out of Tetuan, a pirate port infestation astride the Strait of Gibraltar. Palache ended up in Holland in 1608, planning for Holland and Morocco to team up against Spain. When Spain and Portugal were united in 1580, the outgunned Inquisition was brought in to deal with this world-class skullduggery.

Witchcraft in Spain

In northern Europe, witches were burned at the stake by the tens of thousands. The Spanish believed witches existed, but were often viewed positively as healers. Ancient cults remained strong in many regions, and the Church rarely had a problem with that. An estimated 50 witches were burned at the stake over 350 years and usually in combination with some other behavior or heresy. There was none of the hysteria that may have gone on elsewhere.

Winter Watch Takeaway

Given the context of what they were dealing with, the Spanish Inquisition “didn’t do nothing wrong”. This is yet one more inversion of history in which the good guys who protected the safety and welfare of their people against predators and renegados, are painted as nasty. In reality they were defacto border patrol and worked to stabilize the Spanish nation and society.

DIVIDED WE FALL: Top 6 Ways the Democrats and Communist Globalists aim to foment HATE between US citizens until the Republic is destroyed

Image: DIVIDED WE FALL: Top 6 Ways the Democrats and Communist Globalists aim to foment HATE between US citizens until the Republic is destroyed

(Natural News) Most of the hate breeding in this country has been blown out of proportion, fueled, propagandized, and exacerbated by the Leftist-controlled mass media and the communists in Washington DC. Sure, there will always be racists, bigots, misogynists, and old-fashioned conservatives who oppose certain lifestyles, but as far as the whole country being divided and hating each other to death, well, that’s sadly been an elaborate hoax that’s been gas-lighted to the fullest extent to achieve one main goal – to weaken America for a Communist takeover.

Democrats and Globalists push the narrative that all Republicans and Conservatives are anti-science, gun-toting, white supremacists that hate gays

Watch fake news MSM for even just a few minutes, and you will witness several different narratives that simply are not true on a grand scale (or even a small scale many times). “Lame-stream” media is highly skilled at making one small example of a hate crime, or a single bigotry example, seem like it’s happening everywhere, all the time in America, but that’s simply not true.

Most Americans are not racist, bigoted, hate mongers who spew venom at their neighbors and coworkers all day. Most Americans do not want to start fights and riots with people of opposing political views or ideals. Most Americans do not hate other Americans because they have different religious beliefs, or sexual partner gender preferences, or medical choices, but fake news would have us all believe differently.

If one white cop beats up one black man on video, suddenly we’re all supposed to believe this happens in every city and town, every day, all day, to every black person that’s charged with or arrested for a crime. It’s race-baiting and the fake news propaganda intends to foment hate across the land to help with the communist agenda of wrecking the Republic by dividing us all.


Just because twenty percent of Americans refuse to get the Covid clot shots (so-called “vaccines”) doesn’t mean we are “anti-vax” or “anti-science.” In fact, many of these educated, natural health advocates have received many vaccines growing up, and support certain ones, but absolutely KNOW that the Fauci Flu jabs are quite dangerous, with all these recent reports of healthy athletes, pilots, military members, adolescents, and children dropping dead or having heart attacks shortly after getting these spike protein prion injections.

United we stand, divided we fall: Top 6 ways the Democrats and Communist Globalists foment hate among US citizens

#1. Race-baiting

#2. Pro-vax vs. Anti-vax

#3. Man vs. Woman

#4. Gender-baiting

#5. “Environmentalists” vs. Economists (Conservatives)

#6. Demonic (Hedonist) vs. Religious (Moral-driven)

#7. Middle class vs. the 1 percent

Most people who support real science and who have common sense realize that the oceans are not swallowing the coastlines, the temperature is not rising at alarming rates (or even at all) in a way that will burn up all the food, animals, and humans in the next decade, century, or even millennium. Still, the fake news and the globalists want us all to believe that driving gas-powered cars and eating meat is causing the whole earth to have extreme weather that will kill us all tomorrow! – if we don’t give all of our hard-earned money to the filthy rich, lying elite.

Millions of Americans believe in God, but it seems that the demon-worshipping elite and the Hollywood Satanists are pushing hard for everyone to give up on faith and drop all morals and ethics in life. This is another communist manifesto and undercurrent in this country pushed and advocated by the demonic Leftist freaks in Washington DC, Hollywood, Disney, and other demonic propaganda pushers on social media.

Gender “fluidity” and the trans-everything movements are unfortunately not a private, personal choice anymore, but more of a falsified and morally-twisted dichotomy where the gender-confused people accuse everyone else of hating them and their choices, while pushing perversions on teens, adolescents, children, and even toddlers. There’s also race-baiting and race-hating woven into this.

We see this in curriculum in colleges, including CRT (critical race theory), at all school levels (think “furries” and gender-baiting), and Drag Queen Story Hour, prominent now in liberal school systems and daycare centers in metropolitan cities, libraries, and elementary schools.

Obviously, the globalists and Democrats are trying to make us all hate each other, get highly distracted, eliminate the middle class, and turn the whole Republic into a socialist/communist hell-hole. Don’t let this happen. Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about keeping the Republic in tact, that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

Sources for this article include:

NEVER FORGET: Pfizer paid almost $785M settlement in 2016 due to overcharging Medicaid for heartburn drug

Image: NEVER FORGET: Pfizer paid almost $785M settlement in 2016 due to overcharging Medicaid for heartburn drug

(Natural News) Back in 2016, pharmaceutical giant Pfizer paid out a $784.6 million settlement to resolve allegations that it overcharged Medicaid for the price of its heartburn drug Protonix.

According to a February 2016 piece in the Whistleblower News Review, the allegations were a legacy suit Pfizer inherited from the drug manufacturer Wyeth, which the New York-based company acquired in 2009. Based on a lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ) in the same year that Pfizer bought Wyeth, the subsidiary allegedly provided discounts on Protonix to non-government hospitals while charging Medicaid full price for the drug.

Pharmaceutical companies must comply with the “best price requirement” indicated in False Claims Acts (FCA) for both the federal and state levels. This means that drug firms “are required to offer their lowest prices to Medicare, Medicaid and other such programs.” Thus, the Justice Department accused Wyeth of violating federal law by overcharging federally funded healthcare programs for prescription drugs.

The case against Wyeth, and subsequently against Pfizer, was the product of two earlier suits filed by Louisiana physician Dr. William LaCorte and former sales representative Lauren Kieff. LaCorte discovered Wyeth’s fraudulent pricing scheme via his New Orleans hospital. Meanwhile, Kieff caught wind of the scheme by speaking with hospital pharmacists.

According to the DOJ, the total losses in taxpayer dollars could be in excess of $2 billion.

This was not the first time the Pfizer subsidiary got in trouble before the law. In December 2012, the pharmaceutical giant paid a $55 million to settle claims that Wyeth marketed Potonix – which acts to repair damage to the lining of the esophagus caused by acid reflux – for off-label uses not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. (Related: Prilosec, Nexium, Protonix and Zegerid found to increase DEATH by 25%.)


Mahany: Whistleblowers standing up to Big Pharma’s greed

Whistleblowers such as LaCorte and Kieff “provide a valuable public service by standing up to corporate greed,” according to whistleblower attorney Brian Mahany. He added that the actions of the two “will save taxpayers millions of dollars and help ensure that medical decisions are based on patient need, not on who is offering the biggest rebate.”

Because of their assistance in exposing the scheme, both LaCorte and Kieff would receive a whistleblower award of almost $59 million. The Louisiana doctor is no stranger to exposing fraudulent pharmaceutical schemes, as he previously collected $38 million in reward money after filing several lawsuits. LaCorte had a role in the 2008 Merck settlement amounting to $250 million regarding its heartburn medication Pepcid.

Those willing to bring fraudulent activities to light can collect up to 30 percent of the amount collected by the government. In 2015 alone, Washington recovered $2.8 billion through FCA lawsuits filed by whistleblowers – with $597 million being allocated to individuals who shed light on pharmaceutical corruption.

“Most whistleblower cases arise from information provided by insiders,” explained Mahany. “This case makes it clear that equally valuable inside information can come from outside as well.”

The prominent whistleblower lawyer ultimately denounced the “shocking” conduct of Big Pharma.

“This case against Pfizer is not an isolated incident. The big drug companies have been fined billions of dollars in recent years, yet they still can’t clean up their act. Unfortunately, Pfizer looks at the $785 million fine as a small cost of doing business instead of a deterrent.”

Watch Gabor “Gabe” Zolna discuss Pfizer being fined more than $4.7 billion for FCA violations since 2000.

This video is from the channel on

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HISTORY OF FRAUD: Pfizer agreed to pay $49 million settlement in 2002 over Lipitor price gouging.

HISTORY REPEATS: Pfizer paid out $1.2B after its drug caused thousands of BREAST CANCER cases.

CRIME CARTEL: Pfizer paid out $2.3 billion in a settlement to Washington for illegally promoting its drugs.

NEVER FORGET: In 1994, Pfizer paid $20 million after LYING about defective heart valve that killed hundreds.

NEVER FORGET: Pfizer agreed to settle lawsuit after jury awarded $43M to Texas woman whose liver was destroyed by Rezulin.

Sources include: [PDF]

Life, Death, and all that stuff…

So I have died 3 times in this body’s life.

All 3 were the same experience, separated by decades & totally different in circumstances leading to the experiences.

The last time was just 2018. So fresh in mind. Not that the memory fades. At all.

I worry about people who have rigid belief systems.

This is because, excepting Harold Percival’s book, Thinking and Destiny, I have never read, nor heard, anything that came close to replicating my 2 (at the time I had first read the book) experiences with crossing the life/death barrier.

Then I died again in 2018, and yet again, same experience, and then was thrown back into this Matterium. Apparently I had shit to do that needed to be done. Not my choice. Admittedly, I was really really pissed about it.

But the thing is that mentition, that is the process of thinking, here in the Matterium does NOT prepare you for the death experience. The more rigid your thinking is about the whole ‘death thing’, the more you will be shocked, assuming your experience is anything like my three.

Just a strange thought. Not a warning really, as nothing to be done about it, nor for it. And that is assuming that the death experience is the same for all humans. Who knows?

Air Force general warns US will be at war with China by 2025

Image: Air Force general warns US will be at war with China by 2025

(Natural News) A four-star general of the United States Air Force warned that the country will be at war with China by 2025.

Gen. Mike Minihan, head of U.S. Air Mobility Command, said the scheduled events of 2024 will likely embolden Chinese President Xi Jinping to launch an all-out conflict over Taiwan in 2025. (Related: Think tank: America’s defense industry is not prepared for a war with China over Taiwan.)

“I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me we will fight in 2025,” wrote Minihan in a private memo to his top subordinates obtained by NBC News.

Minihan pointed out that both Taiwan and the U.S. have major elections scheduled for 2024. This will cause both countries to be “distracted,” giving Xi the opportunity to move to Taiwan. “Xi’s team, reason and opportunity are all aligned for 2025,” noted Minihan in his memo.

“This is absolutely a dire warning,” commented Lisa Haven of “Restricted Republic,” who pointed out that America is obligated to come to Taiwan’s aid if China were to attempt any type of military action that threatens its sovereignty.

Haven further noted how America’s current focus on fending off Russian advances in Ukraine is keeping the nation’s military distracted and its military assets shipped off to Eastern Europe. “This is absolutely chilling to my core,” she said. “We already know that we are on the rocks right now with Russia and war, right? But on top of that, now we’ve got these warnings of a war in China.”


Minihan preparing Air Mobility Command for inevitable conflict

Air Mobility Command has nearly 50,000 service members and nearly 500 planes, and is the main branch of the Air Force responsible for transportation and refueling. In his memo, Minihan lays out his goals for preparing for this coming conflict.

Minihan hopes for the Air Force to help the military build “a fortified, ready, integrated and agile Joint Maneuver Team ready to fight and win inside the first island chain.” The first island chain refers to the chain of major archipelagos in the East Asian region, starting from Taiwan and extending all the way up to the northernmost tip of the Japanese archipelago.

Furthermore, for the entirety of February, he has directed all Air Mobility Command personnel to practice their small-arms firing capabilities by firing “a clip into a seven-meter target with the full understanding that unrepentant lethality matters most. Aim for the head.”

In March, he is ordering Air Mobility Command personnel to get their personal affairs in order by updating their record and emergency contacts, including visiting military legal officials for those who need it, to make sure they are “legally ready and prepared.”

Minihan has also ordered his commanders to do everything they can for the rest of 2023 to prepare for “the China fight.” This includes taking even more risks in training sessions.

“Run deliberately, not recklessly,” he wrote. “If you are comfortable in your approach to training, then you are not taking enough risk.”

Minihan has ordered all of his commanders to report all major efforts to train and prepare for the coming conflict by the end of February. He further noted that his “commander’s intent” is to provide his branch of the Air Force seven more monthly directives regarding the future direction of Air Mobility Command’s focus and that these directives are “not up for negotiation.”

Learn more about the threats to America’s national security at

Watch this clip from “Restricted Republic” as host Lisa Haven discusses Gen. Minihan’s dire warning for Americans to prepare for war.

This video is from the Lisa Haven channel on

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Pentagon: China seeking to build military that will ‘dominate’ American systems, even as US introduces 6th-generation bomber.

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Russia to deploy robot tanks to counter American and German tanks in Ukraine

Image: Russia to deploy robot tanks to counter American and German tanks in Ukraine

(Natural News) Russia has announced plans to develop a combat version of its “Marker” robotic tank, specifically to target and destroy American M1 Abrams and German Leopard 2 main battle tanks.

Dmitry Rogozin, former director general of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, noted that the Marker unmanned ground vehicle’s (UGV) capabilities will include the ability to automatically detect and target enemy military equipment, including tanks. (Related: Autonomous KILLER BOTS to dominate battlefields soon as war in Ukraine leads to significant advances in drone technology.)

“The combat version of the Marker robot has an electronic catalog in the control system that contains images of targets both in the visible and in the infrared range,” said Rogozin, who currently serves as the head of a special group of military advisors known as “Tsar’s Wolves.”

Rogozin announced the development of the robotic combat vehicle on Telegram and said his group was working with the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects in the Defense Industry, a state-sponsored research agency, and a private company called Android Technology, which is responsible for creating the original Marker robot, which was designed to be a ground reconnaissance UGV.

“Everyone agrees that our strike [version] of the Marker, before the arrival of the Abrams and Leopards in Ukraine, should be prepared for their destruction,” said Rogozin.

Rogozin noted that the Marker will be able to select targets independently and hit them with appropriate means. These can include anti-tank missile systems, heavy machine guns or other weapons.


Android Technology claims the Marker can be outfitted with carriers for up to 16 kamikaze quadcopters that are designed to crash into and take down enemy drones.

Development and deployment of Marker UGVs part of Russian move to reduce combat casualties

Samuel Bendett, an adjunct senior fellow at the think tank, the Center for a New American Security, noted that the idea of autonomous vehicles dominating battlefields is to “replace a soldier in dangerous missions, and to make missions more effective.”

The whole point of UGVs like the Marker is to provide militaries with an asset that can be expendable. But currently there are very few existing Marker tanks in Ukraine that are ready to do combat missions.

“It appears that most of the existing Markers, three out of five, will in fact be tested in Ukraine, and can be lost in combat,” said Bendett. “It also appears that Android Technology is actually okay with that, indicating a willingness to respond to the [Russian Ministry of Defense’s] needs for improved weapons and tactics, and perhaps indicating that the company is working on other projects that can build on the Marker experience.”

Retired Col. Yuri Knutov of the Russian armed forces noted that the Marker robots are already equipped with an artificial intelligence system and machine learning technological capabilities.

Furthermore, Knutov pointed out that Russia already has extensive experience using robotic equipment in Syria. But more tests will need to be conducted, as the landscape of the Syrian battlefield was significantly different from that of Ukraine. This would explain why only a handful of Marker robots are currently on the ground in Ukraine. Their presence is being used to study their behavior in more urban areas and make possible improvements to the technology.

“Such robots were designed for urban environments in the first place,” said Knutov. “Its artificial intelligence will develop.”

Knutov added that the Marker robots will also be trained for use in very flat terrain such as in eastern Ukraine, where they will be deployed to counter the Western tanks supplied to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Learn more about the technological developments brought about by the conflict in Ukraine at

Watch this clip from US Military News discussing the arrival of M1 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

This video is from the High Hopes channel on

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Russian army debuts robot dog with grenade launcher strapped to back.

Ukraine unveils new mini Terminator machine gun robot to help in the fight against Russia.

TERMINATORS: Killer robots join Ukraine’s line of defense against Russian troops.

Not-so-cute: “Robodogs” sporting machine guns seen being tested in viral videos as our dystopian future begins to emerge in full.

Sources include: