How we can eliminate spam from Substack with a few one-time changes

The History of Bitcoin Part 1: What is Hashcash?

Substack needs to overcome its “APIs are bad” philosophy and instead switch to “delight the customer.” I would be delighted if there was an API since then third parties can build incredible tools for writers so when problems like the spammer come along, the community can solve them quickly without Substack needing to go through a very time-consuming design-develop-test cycle.

All we need is the following changes:

  1. Give substack admins an secret API key (shown in Settings) to be used for API calls.

  2. Add a new boolean field to every subscriber record: ability to make a comment. That field should show up in the search results of subscribers in the normal GUI.

  3. In admin settings GUI, allow me to specify “comments are disabled for new subscribers by default” so that all new subscribers can’t comment till I turn them on either in the API or I manually toggle them in settings. So I can go in once a day, review the records sorted by date, and enable comments even if I don’t have an API.

  4. Allow me to specify a “callback” function (a URL substack calls) where substack calls me each time there is a new subscriber so I can run my own sanity check algorithm on the new subscriber and enable the comments bit. Substack just makes a post to that URL and doesn’t have to wait for a response since I could be down.

  5. Give me an API call so I can turn comments on/off for any subscriber as well as ban the subscriber and remove all their posts. The idea is my software gets called on new subscribers so I can enable them for comments.

  6. Give me an API call that returns results like I’d get with the current search of my subscriber base so can for example, get all recently added subscribers from

Once that is done, there are lots of things that can be done at my end to automatically validate whether the email address supplied by the new subscriber should have comments enabled:

  1. Look at the age of the email address using 3rd party services

  2. Have a lag time between time of new subscriber and when I enable comments. This can vary based on the domain. If a spammer has to wait a week, it will end the instant gratification.

  3. Ask them for their work email to validate their identity (send them a code to enter)

  4. Have them go to a site that will tie up their computer overnight to calculate a hashcash value so they will be delayed commenting for an hour

  5. etc. etc. The sky is the limit here. An opportunity for third parties to innovate.

By making things open like this, I think we can spur a lot of innovation which could be useful on all websites.

I am grateful to my spammer “friend” for spurring the creation of this idea!

Substack got back to me in minutes

The History of Bitcoin Part 1: What is Hashcash?

My current best thinking on this is that all new subscribers who want to be able to comment are redirected to a URL that I supply. If they just want to read, it’s the existing flow.

If the commenter passes my test (which might involve hashcash or posting a monetary deposit which is forfeited for breaking the rules and returned to the user when they leave), I redirect back to substack to enable the user’s “comment” ability.

Making it “expensive” for spammers who break the rules is a sure-fire way to eliminate spam.

By making things open like this, I think we can spur a lot of innovation which could be useful on all websites.

I am grateful to my spammer “friend” for spurring the creation of this idea!

More than 25% of Americans believe they personally know someone who died from covid “vaccines”

Image: More than 25% of Americans believe they personally know someone who died from covid “vaccines”

(Natural News) It is official: most people living in the United States today agree that covid “vaccines” are to blame for higher-than-normal rates of unexplained and sudden death. Further, 28 percent, or more than one in four, say they know someone who died suddenly, likely from the injections.

We know this from the latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey, which found that 49 percent of American adults believe that covid jab side effects are responsible for a significant number of unexplained deaths throughout the country. More than one in four, the survey also found, have been personally affected in some way by shot damage.

Forty-eight percent of Americans told pollsters that they believe there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of covid injections, while 15 percent are unsure. Only 37 percent say that concerns about jab safety are the product of wild “conspiracy theories.” (Related: Since post-covid jab deaths are not being autopsied, there is no way to really know the true number of injection-caused deaths.)

If you’re a Democrat, chances are you got vaccinated and believe fully in the “safety and effectiveness” of the shots

The poll included 1,000 American adults, 71 percent of whom say that they personally received at least one covid injection. Only 26 percent of respondents have clean, untainted blood that was not affected by the shots.

Of those who never got injected, 77 percent told Rasmussen that they believe it is at least somewhat likely that covid jab side effects are associated with the uptick in unexplained deaths. Of those who took the jab(s), just 38 percent feel the same way.


Forty-five percent of unvaccinated respondents told pollsters that they think they personally know someone who died because of the jabs while only 22 percent of fully jabbed adults believe the same thing.

Among the fully vaccinated, 46 percent said people who worry about the safety of the jabs are spreading conspiracy theories. Just 15 percent of the unvaccinated share that same belief.

“Sixty-nine percent (69%) of those who haven’t gotten the COVID-19 vaccine think there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, as do 40% of those who have gotten vaccinated against the virus,” Rasmussen further reported.

As you might expect, the fully vaccinated lean heavily in the direction of being Democrats. Eighty-five percent of the fully jabbed who participated in the survey identify as left-wing, after all.

A majority of Republicans, 63 percent, are also vaccinated, as are a majority of people not affiliated with either major party. The unvaccinated, meanwhile, remain a minority in the U.S.

“More Republicans (60%) than Democrats (44%) or the unaffiliated (43%) think there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines,” Rasmussen further reported.

“However, there is less political difference in the number who suspect someone they know might have died from vaccine side effects – 33% of Democrats and 26% of both Republicans and the unaffiliated.”

What might come as a surprise to some is the fact that younger Americans tend to be less vaccinated than older Americans. The vast majority of people who complied with Operation Warp Speed are elderly – and the elderly are also less likely than younger Americans to believe that the shots are unsafe.

While 35 percent of adults under 40 in the U.S. believe they personally know someone who died from covid jabs, only 28 percent of those between the ages of 40 and 64 believe that. Meanwhile, just 14 percent of Americans aged 65 and older believe there is anything to fear about the injections, showing that previous generations are far more trusting of the establishment then newer generations.

To learn more about the dangers and ineffectiveness of covid injections, visit

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China replaces “zero covid” policy with “zero non-covid” in confusing attempt to save economy

Image: China replaces “zero covid” policy with “zero non-covid” in confusing attempt to save economy

(Natural News) As it teeters on the verge of collapse, the Chinese economy is the Xi Jinping regime’s top priority as it concludes three years of “zero covid” policies.

Starting on January 8, the communist country will resume “normalcy.” There will be no more lockdowns, no more masks, and no more travel restrictions – though some worry that opening up the floodgates like this will create even more problems.

One of them is The Epoch Times‘ Nathan Su, who wrote that Xi is ending zero covid and replacing it with “zero non-covid” “to save the regime’s ruling power at the cost of Chinese people’s lives.” Su clearly believes that covid is a threat, and that reopening China will spread new “variants” around the world.

In March, China’s “annual rubber-stamp legislature,” as Su calls it, will convene as it does every year. He expects that the number-one focus will be on “saving China’s economy because it is on the edge of collapse” after three years of zero covid tyranny.

“Party leader Xi Jinping is clearly willing to pay any price to reopen the country,” Su writes. (Related: At one point, New Zealand tried “covid zero,” only to have it fail after the number of new covid “cases” began to skyrocket.)

Will China’s rapid reversal of zero covid be good or bad for the world?

Chongqing City and Zhejiang, two provinces covering 88 million people, are already reopening as normal, urging employed citizens to return to work even if they test “positive” for the Chinese Flu – just so long as their symptoms are “mild.”


A local official in Shanghai says that his office similarly received a notice urging everyone to get back to work. The goal, the notice explained, is to push the city towards covid “peak status.”

“Let those who are supposed to become positive become positive, and let those who are supposed to die, die,” this person explained anonymously, using a pseudonym, about what the notice stated in practical terms.

Already, other countries are starting to see an influx of covid-positive travelers from China. In Italy, for instance, some 50 percent of incoming Chinese visitors are testing positive for the disease.

According to World Health Organization (WHO) emergencies chief Michael Ryan, the reason for China’s sudden uptick in covid cases has nothing to do with the country reopening.

“The disease was spreading intensively because I believe the control measures in themselves were not stopping the disease,” he stated about the millions of new “cases” being reported. “And I believe China decided strategically that was not the best option anymore.”

Some of the earliest signs of a reversal of China’s zero covid policies came on September 30 of last year when Xi and other top Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders showed up at Tiananmen Square for a memorial service – mostly unmasked and in close proximity to one another.

“The pictures of the service show hundreds of people at the event who are not wearing masks,” Su writes.

“For a country that has been enforcing the mask wearing principle as a part of its zero-COVID policy, the event was the first clear sign of the regime’s impending policy change.”

Time will tell how China’s reopening affects the rest of the world. We are just days away, after all, from the floodgates being blown wide open and life returning back to “normal” in Far East Asia.

“True virology science reveals that solitary segregation absolutely weakened the immune system,” wrote a commenter about how the lockdowns that were imposed on most of the world during covid made people sicker, not healthier.

The latest news about the Chinese Virus can be found at

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WHISTLEBLOWER: Seasoned cardiologist DESTROYS Big Pharma, statin drugs, covid vaccines on Tucker Carlson Show

Image: WHISTLEBLOWER: Seasoned cardiologist DESTROYS Big Pharma, statin drugs, covid vaccines on Tucker Carlson Show

(Natural News) Most Americans have no clue that the side effects from prescribed medications are the third leading cause of death worldwide, behind heart disease and cancer. The reason people don’t know this is because whistleblowers, even doctors and scientists, have been silenced and censored by mass media, where most of these “patients-for-life” get their news and medical “information” (misinformation).

Even worse, most sick-care-American ‘sheeple’ have absolutely no knowledge that vaccines come with much more risk than benefit, especially considering the Covid ‘clot shots’ that are not really vaccines at all. Let’s take an inside look at a seasoned cardiologist who is blowing the whistle on all the dangerous drugs and jabs, and believe it or not, he’s featured on the Tucker Carlson Show.

Doctor reveals Covid clot shots “severely narrow arteries” – Pfizer and Moderna mRNA jabs induce rapid progression of coronary heart disease

The corruption of modern medicine has never been better revealed and summarized by a doctor on mainstream media than right here, right now, by Dr. Aseem Malhotra. Known as one of the most influential cardiologists ever in Great Britain, Dr. Malhotra believes in the reduction of “medical over-prescribing” and has been listed as one of the 500 most influential people in the health industry. He questions the need for anyone to ever use statin drugs, saying they are a danger to public health, going against the long-standing narrative of Big Pharma.


He’s been condemned, of course, by the vaccine industrial complex, especially since the Covid scamdemic began, because he published a book, entitled “The 21-Day Immunity Plan” that does not recommend vaccines, but rather a healthy diet to reduce the risk of catching or dying from the lab-made “gain of function” China virus, SARS-CoV-2 (a.k.a. coronavirus). It’s now obvious that the spike proteins are clogging up vascular systems and causing arteries and veins to narrow, straining the heart and leading to SADS – sudden adult death syndrome (heart attacks).

“Evidence-based medicine unfortunately has become an illusion because it’s been hijacked by commercial interests” says famous whistle-blowing cardiologist

Simply put, money has created extreme bias in the information, statistics, and results we are seeing from “evidence-based” and “science-based” medicine so much that the public, patients, doctors, nurses, researchers, and scientists now have an “exaggerated view of the benefits and the safety” of medications and vaccines.

One of the first people to take the Pfizer vaccine for Covid, Dr. Malhotra tells Tucker Carlson he did this as he was helping out at a vaccine center, even though he’s been a world-leading advocate of exposing pharmaceutical industry corruption for the past decade. The doctor’s father experienced an “unexplained cardiac arrest” soon after taking the Pfizer jab, and Dr. Malhotra says his father was in great physical condition before that, with no serious health problems (a sportsman with good diet regimen).

Dr. Malhotra has held cardiology posts, by the way, with the UK National Health Service and is an Honorary Consultant Cardiolist at a top hospital in the UK. He’s also a former Consultant Clinical Associate to the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges. Still, this highly regarded public health campaigner is blowing the whistle on the clot shots. What does that tell you?

Bottom line: If the mass media complex wasn’t in cahoots with Big Pharma, this doctor would be featured on every talk show in the world, and the clot shots would most likely all be recalled until a safe and effective reformulation could be made, if that’s even possible. The science is in, but it’s not what’s being reported in mass media.

If you really follow the science, you’ll find out what Dr. Malhotra found, and that is “Huge markers of coronary inflammation” found in the vaccinated vs. unvaccinated – a signal from the mRNA vaccines that the Covid jabs are risky, dangerous, and promoted with misinformation across the board. Avoid them like the plague, because they may just be spreading one.

Now watch this:

Bookmark to your favorite independent websites for updates on the Vaccine Holocaust that’s sweeping the nation and the world as you read this.

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Ben Armstrong: Globalists are using the FBI as a tool to kill America

Image: Ben Armstrong: Globalists are using the FBI as a tool to kill America

(Natural News) Ben Armstrong accused the globalists of using the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a tool to kill America.

“The FBI is the tool the globalists are using to kill America, that is the truth,” he said during the Dec. 28 episode of “The Ben Armstrong Show.” He added: “But it’s not just the FBI – [there’s also] the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), the NSA (National Security Agency) and a lot of the other Deep State three-letter agencies. The Deep State is headed for its own destruction, but they don’t seem to really care.”

The journalist lamented that there are people who do not know about the existence of the Deep State. Some are dismissing it outright as a conspiracy theory.

“Basically, the Deep State is just government bureaucracy that doesn’t want to answer to the American people and is only there to get rich. The conmen are going to gravitate wherever the money is in anything,” Armstrong explained.

According to him, agents of the Deep State had realized that Washington, D.C. was the key to all of the money in America and the world with the dollar system. “You can do corrupt things with foreign governments and get rich if you’re in Washington, D.C. – and a lot of it is legal. [But] technically it’s not, because people are paying to play and taking bribes is really what it is,” Armstrong said.

To get away with criminal activities, Armstrong said the globalists had to ensure that law enforcement agencies like the FBI protect them. The host added that the Deep State runs everything and the others in D.C. are listening to them – even to the point of hand-picking presidents.


FBI looking away to allow election theft

Armstrong said the FBI is looking away to allow stolen elections. “What the FBI did is basically kill America with the lack of an equal justice system in the country. The FBI can do anything they want and punish anyone they want, even though someone could be totally innocent,” he said.

According to Armstrong, the FBI is the most corrupt U.S. agency followed by the CIA. The FBI is known for staging false flag attacks against the United States and staging witch hunts against the Left’s political enemies.

He recalled that the FBI conducted the political coup against Trump by spying on his campaign illegally before the former president was elected. (Related: Deep state FBI agents plotted “media leak strategy” to overthrow Trump using complicit media outlets.)

The FBI is also controlling both the mainstream and social media.

“They have been slowly strangling America and they’re going to get their wish. They are going to finally have full control and that means America won’t exist anymore. And they’re going to their own destruction. And they’re going to die because the real bad guys in the world are going to kill them,” Armstrong said.

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Watch the full segment of “The Ben Armstrong Show” touching on the FBI being used by the globalists to destroy the U.S. below.

This video is from The New American channel on

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