How the COVID vaccines can kill athletes

When is the press going to start telling people the truth about the vaccines? I’m starting to think the answer is never.

Consider this article written by the Associated Press which claims, by citing uninformed sources in the medical community, that there is no evidence linking the COVID vaccines with the sudden death of athletes:

Are they telling the truth? No. They are just talking to doctors who are ill informed about what is actually in the medical literature.

If the AP reached out to any of us “misinformation spreaders,” we could have told them what the peer-reviewed scientific literature says, but they never seem to want to talk to any of us since that would destroy the fairy tale they are desperately trying to make the public believe.

One of my friends was finally able to get his paper published showing the link, Catecholamines Are the Key Trigger of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine-Induced Myocarditis: A Compelling Hypothesis Supported by Epidemiological, Anatomopathological, Molecular, and Physiological Findings.

Flavio’s paper says:

SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis primarily affected young males, while the risk was not observed following COVID-19 infection.

The epidemiological, autopsy, molecular, and physiological findings unanimously and strongly suggest that a hypercatecholaminergic state is the critical trigger of the rare cases of myocarditis due to components from SARS-CoV-2, potentially increasing sudden deaths among elite male athletes.

Bond villain-like mad climate scientist and virtue signaling CEO named “Iseman” (like Iceman) wants to freeze the world by polluting the skies with sulfur particles

Image: Bond villain-like mad climate scientist and virtue signaling CEO named “Iseman” (like Iceman) wants to freeze the world by polluting the skies with sulfur particles

(Natural News) A startup company-cult called Make Sunset is dragging the world into an even worse chemtrail hell as its CEO, a guy named Luke Iseman, announces plans to blast the skies with more sun-blocking sulfur pollution.

Through the sale of “cooling credits,” Iseman, who compared himself to a “Bond villain,” says geoengineering activism is the way forward, even though it has no scientific backing and will likely destroy the planet and its many delicate ecosystems.

“We joke slash not joke that this is partly a company and partly a cult,” Iseman joked, adding that his newfound caricature as some kind of movie bad guy “is going to be helpful to certain groups.”

Even so, Iseman wants to block out the sun and freeze the planet because he believes that doing so will address his fears about global warming. Humanity has not done nearly enough, in his view, to interfere with the trajectory of the climate to prevent it from changing.

How Iseman is attempting to steer the climate more towards his liking involves sending weather balloons full of sulfur up into the stratosphere. Once there, these balloons are supposed to pop, releasing all their cooling pollution between the sun and the earth.

That pollution, we are told, reflects sunlight back into space, preventing it from providing warmth on the earth’s surface. In Iseman’s view, this is a smart thing to do that will prevent the planet from getting too hot. (Related: Remember when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [IPCC] called for all nations of the world to start spraying chemtrails as the solution to global warming?)


Iseman’s sulfur balloon project is no different than Chinese mad scientists’ DNA-tampering CRISPR experiments – both involve the indiscriminate destruction of nature

So far, without any permission from governments to do so, Iseman has sent up two such weather balloons in Mexico, each carrying a gram of sulfur. What became of them is unknown because they were not tracked, and were merely used for tests.

In the future, Iseman wants to send up a whole lot more balloons, which he will pay for by selling “cooling credits,” which are similar in concept to carbon credits.

“It’s morally wrong, in my opinion, for us not to be doing this,” Iseman said, adding that the most important thing is “to do this as quickly and safely as we can.”

Nobody knows what the long-term impact of all that sulfur particle release will be, however. Others within the field of climatology are not so sure that Iseman’s endeavors are safe, or that they will accomplish anything beneficial.

One skeptic is Carnegie Climate Governance Initiative executive director Janos Pasztor, who stated that “the current state of science is not good enough … to either reject or to accept, let alone implement,” this kind of solar geoengineering technology.

At the very last, Pasztor added, there needs to be some kind of oversight by governments, international accords, or scientific bodies. Iseman the Bond villain wannabe cannot simply shoot chemicals up into the sky in his backyard in the hopes that planet earth will be saved from too much warmth.

“To go ahead with implementation at this stage is a very bad idea,” Pasztor further stated, comparing Iseman’s plans to Chinese scientist He Jiankui’s decision to use CRISPR technology to tamper with the DNA of embryos while the scientific community was still debating the safety and ethics of this process.

It turns out that Iseman has very little knowledge of atmospheric science, nor does he seem to care about what it might do to negatively harm the planet. Because it makes sense in his climate-warped mind to destroy the environment in this manner in order to “save” it, he feels he has the right to just go ahead with his plans as a “rogue” actor.

“That’s because it’s relatively cheap and technically simple to do, at least in a crude way,” reports MIT Technology Review about how easy it is to blanket the skies in sulfur and other particulates.

It turns out that a James Bond film from 1964 actually did portray an Iseman-like character called “Greenfinger,” described as a “self-appointed protector of the planet (who) could force a lot of geoengineering on his own.”

Iseman’s sulfur balloon project is also disturbingly similar to an incident that occurred roughly a decade ago when an American entrepreneur decided to pour hundreds of tons of iron sulfate into the ocean to suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

“Critics say it violated international restrictions on what’s known as iron fertilization, which were in part inspired by a growing number of commercial proposals to sell carbon credits for such work,” MIT Technology Review explains.

“Some believe it subsequently stunted research efforts in field.”

The latest climate-related news can be found at

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HOLLYWOOD PEDOPHILE RING EXPOSED: Perverted Hollywood elites trying to normalize pedophilia, but child star whistleblower Bella Thorne exposes high crimes

Image: HOLLYWOOD PEDOPHILE RING EXPOSED: Perverted Hollywood elites trying to normalize pedophilia, but child star whistleblower Bella Thorne exposes high crimes

(Natural News) Mainstream media and Hollywood want to legalize pedophilia and rename the perverts “minor attracted persons.” The insane Left and the push for trans-everything has backfired on Hollywood and Disney, exposing the elites for what many of them really are… sick and twisted. Just recently, former Disney child star Bella Thorne spoke out about the infested Hollywood pervert scene where directors and producers appear involved in pedophile activities, and she says she is a victim herself.

Actress Bella Thorne says she was abused and molested as a child star of Hollywood

Famous singer and actress Annabella Avery “Bella” Thorne, well-known for her roles in “Shake it Up” (2010), “Blended” (2014), and “Midnight Sun” (2018), started her ‘fame’ career with her first pictorial in “Parents Magazine” at the ripe age of 6 weeks young. She’s been featured in catalogues and international magazines ever since, and appeared in more than 40 commercials. A very giving person, Bella sponsors less fortunate children in Africa through an organization called Nomad that helps provide food, medical supplies, and education to impoverished children there.

It’s not a question anymore or a “conspiracy theory” about whether there’s a pedophile ring in Hollywood, it’s just a question of how deep and wide it runs. More and more child stars over the years are coming out as adults and blowing the whistle on the whole thing, and it’s past time some ‘elites’ served hard time in prison for it.


Bella Thorne is describing an abuse situation that happened to her as a 10-year-old child where the director on a set literally BLAMED HER for trying to “flirt” with him. This was revealed during an interview on a podcast, where Bella said,

 “I had a director give me feedback once and I was ten and they call the casting director, who calls my agent, and my agent calls my mom. And they’re like, ‘So she’s not moving forward because the director felt like she was flirting with him and it made him really uncomfortable.’”

In other words, the director was a pervert and blamed the 10-year-young girl that was the subject of his attraction. This is what it has come to, where the perverts blame the children, and then call the sick disorder a new friendly name like “minor-attracted persons.” Bella Thorne says this wasn’t the first time she was abused or molested, as it began when she was just 6 years old and continued until she was at least 14 years of age, while those around her on the film and photo shoot sets “did nothing” to stop it. Sounds like typical Hollywood.

Hollywood and Disney movie and television sets full of perverted directors and producers who abuse child actors and somehow get away with it

Question: Has any child-abusing director or producer done prison time for their crimes yet? Where are the prosecutions? We’ve all heard the name Harvey Weinstein a thousand times, but what about all the rest? Is he the only one going down for his crimes in the massive cesspool of perverts, rapists, and pedophiles of the Left-wing Hollywood and Disney sets?

In a world of trans-everything, where we are all supposed to accept all the gender-bending philosophies, drugs and surgeries that go with sex-crazed-and-confused people, now we’re all supposed to accept with loving arms when pedophiles push all of this on children right out in the open, in movies, shows, and on the sets too?

Somehow, it all always ties in to child-trafficking also, and these organizations that pretend to be protecting the children, like CPS (Child “Protective” Services), DHS, and US Customs and Border Protection (“Security”).

Conveniently, Hollywood is completely silent about all the child exploits, as well as Disney, even after directors and producers get accused and busted for their crimes. Mainstream media won’t publish anything about it either. These liberal “progressives” aren’t progressing anything except child abuse and satanic worship. Even Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood blew the whistle in 2016, saying Hollywood is rife with child sexual abuse.

Bookmark to your favorite websites for truth news about Hollywood and Disney freaks and perverts that’s being censored from the rest of media as you read this.

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Swiss organization to provide people with SAFE blood transfusions from UNVAXXED purebloods

Image: Swiss organization to provide people with SAFE blood transfusions from UNVAXXED purebloods

(Natural News) An organization in Switzerland called Safe Blood Donation has been set up to provide people all over the world with safe blood transfusions exclusively from people who remain unvaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19).

The organization was founded in late 2022 by Swiss naturopath George Della Pietra. According to the group’s website, the group’s goal is to provide people all over the world with a way to receive life-saving blood transfusions while refusing to take the vaccines developed against COVID-19.

“Be it an emergency, a scheduled operation or because you need regular transfusions for other medical reasons. This is where Safe Blood Donation comes into play as an intermediary,” reads a statement on the organization’s website.

The group will essentially act as a middleman to connect people all over the world with medical partners who are willing to accept blood donations and provide blood transfusions to people with health needs, but are hesitant to go to hospitals where they will almost certainly receive blood from vaccinated individuals.

Della Pietra created his organization due to the release of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines causing disputes all over the world over blood treatments and transfusions. Specifically, people who are skeptical of the benefits that come with taking the experimental vaccines and doesn’t want their body tainted by the unsafe products.

In Dec. 2022, a baby less than a year old was taken by the government of New Zealand from his parents due to their refusal to allow blood tainted by the COVID-19 vaccines to be used during a life-saving surgery to repair the infant’s heart defect. (Related: New Zealand government KIDNAPS baby with bad heart after parents refuse vaccinated blood for heart surgery.)


Mainstream medical establishment refusing to provide unvaccinated with clean blood transfusions

Della Pietra has contacted hundreds of clinics all over Europe, all of which still don’t allow people “the human right of free blood choice.” Furthermore, dozens of clinics he contacted have all refused to become a partner of the new organization. Some of these clinics are sympathetic, but claimed they do not want to be mentioned for fear of reprisals from the mainstream medical community.

The founder further noted that his main goal is not to run Safe Blood Donation as a blood bank, noting that “this is not possible at the moment” due to legal concerns, but to act as a quick referral service “to match blood donors and recipients” who are then sent to a medical partner’s clinic where the safe, unvaccinated blood transfusion will be handled.

In return for providing people with this service, members are also urged to “make themselves available as blood donors” for other people looking for unvaccinated blood transfusions.

There is no blood bank with mRNA-free blood yet, but Safe Blood Donation declared that “we will not give up until we can offer a worldwide network of such clinics.”

Della Pietra noted on his organization’s website that as soon as Safe Blood Donation has enough medical partners who can handle the complex needs of its members who do not want vaccinated blood, as well as receive applications, accept blood donations and perform blood transfusions, the organization will get to work immediately.

“Blood transfusions are carried out using blood preserves, which go through a complex process after the blood donation in which they are largely cleaned of foreign bodies,” reads the Safe Blood Donation’s website. “With the advent of the completely new mRNA vaccinations … we have completely new challenges here, since not only the so-called spike proteins are neutralized to an unknown extent only.”

People from at least 16 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Australia and several other nations in Western Europe, Asia and Africa, have already signed up either to donate unvaccinated blood or to receive blood transfusions from unvaccinated individuals.

Learn more about how the COVID-19 vaccines affect people’s health at

Watch this video of Jason Liosatos interviewing George Della Pietra about Safe Blood Donation.

This is from the Jason Liosatos channel on

More related stories:

New Zealand High Court FORCES baby to receive tainted blood, forbidding unvaccinated blood donors.

Unvaccinated blood sees demand increase all around the world.

Unvaccinated blood banks? Learn about the growing movement for clean transfusions.

TRANSFUSION CONFUSION: American Red Cross caught mixing vaxxed blood with unvaxxed blood.

Vaccinated blood is tainted blood, study finds.

Sources include:

COVID Boosters Trigger Metastasis

covid boosters trigger metastasis

  • Cancer rates have increased since the introduction of the COVID shots and is now one of the top three leading causes of premature death among younger adults — a trend that in turn is driving down U.S. life expectancy

  • The leading causes of death in 2021 were heart disease and cancer, both of which are potential side effects of the COVID jabs

  • Dr. Angus Dalgleish, professor of oncology at St. George’s University of London, warns that COVID boosters may be causing aggressive metastatic cancers

  • Research shows SARS-CoV-2 spike protein obliterates 90% of the DNA repair mechanism in lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell that helps your body fight infection and chronic disease, including cancer

  • The COVID jab is less effective in lymphoma patients. Emory University researchers found only 68% of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia developed neutralizing antibodies after the second dose, compared to 100% of healthy controls

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Cancer rates have increased since the introduction of the COVID shots and is one of the top three leading causes of premature death among younger adults — a trend that in turn is driving down U.S. life expectancy.

In 2019, the average life span of Americans of all ethnicities was nearly 78.8 years.1 By the end of 2021, life expectancy had dropped to 76.42 — a loss of nearly three years, which is an astounding decline. The leading causes of death in 2021 were heart disease, cancer and COVID-19, all three of which were higher in 2021 than in 2020,3 and both heart disease and cancer are potential side effects of the COVID jabs.

November 26, 2022, The Daily Sceptic published a letter4 5 to the editor of The BMJ, written by Dr. Angus Dalgleish, professor of oncology at St. George’s University of London, warning that COVID boosters may be causing aggressive metastatic cancers:

“COVID no longer needs a vaccine programme given the average age of death of COVID in the U.K. is 82 and from all other causes is 81 and falling,” Dalgleish writes.6 “The link with clots, myocarditis, heart attacks and strokes is now well accepted, as is the link with myelitis and neuropathy …

However, there is now another reason to halt all vaccine programmes. As a practicing oncologist I am seeing people with stable disease rapidly progress after being forced to have a booster, usually so they can travel. Even within my own personal contacts I am seeing B cell-based disease after the boosters.

They describe being distinctly unwell a few days to weeks after the booster — one developing leukemia, two work colleagues Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and an old friend who has felt like he has had Long COVID since receiving his booster and who, after getting severe bone pain, has been diagnosed as having multiple metastases from a rare B cell disorder.

I am experienced enough to know that these are not the coincidental anecdotes … The reports of innate immune suppression after mRNA for several weeks would fit, as all these patients to date have melanoma or B cell based cancers, which are very susceptible to immune control — and that is before the reports of suppressor gene suppression by mRNA in laboratory experiments. This must be aired and debated immediately.”

In a December 19, 2022, article7 in Conservative Woman, Dalgleish continues discussing the phenomenon of rapidly spreading cancers in patients who were in stable remission for years before receiving their COVID boosters. He notes that after his letter to The BMJ was published, several oncologists have contacted him to say they’re seeing the same thing in their own practices.

“Seeing the recurrence of these cancers after all this time naturally makes me wonder if there is a common cause?” he writes.8 “I had previously noted that relapse in stable cancer is often associated with severe long-term stress, such as bankruptcy, divorce, etc.

However, I found that none of my patients had any such extra stress during this time, but they had all had booster vaccines and, indeed, a couple of them noted that they had a very bad reaction to the booster which they did not have to the first two injections.

I then noted that some of these patients were not having a normal pattern of relapse but rather an explosive relapse, with metastases occurring at the same time in several sites … Scientifically, I was reading reports that the booster was leading to a big excess of antibodies at the expense of the T-cell response and that this T-cell suppression could last for three weeks, if not more.

To me, this could be causal as the immune system is being asked to make an excessive response through the humoral inflammatory part of the immune response against a virus (the alpha-delta variant) which is no longer in existence in the community.

This exertion leads to immune exhaustion, which is why these patients are reporting up to a 50% greater increase in Omicron, or other variations, than the non-vaccinated.”

Interestingly, in mid-2021, the Daily Mail published an article in which Dalgleish encouraged people to get the COVID shot, especially younger individuals.9 Dalgleish explains that, at the time, there was an “overwhelming push by the government and the medical community … that this would be in everyone’s best interest.”

So, he caved to the narrative, even though he had concerns from the start. Now, however, the environment has changed and there’s really no need for these experimental shots anymore.

His concerns further grew when his son developed myocarditis “after having a jab he did not want but that he needed for work and travel purposes.” A friend of his son, who was in his early 30s, suffered a stroke after his jab, and a relative of a close colleague died from a heart attack at the age of 34 after hers.

“I began to be highly alarmed that it was the vaccines causing these symptoms,” Dalgleish writes,10 “and that just as we had written11 … a genetically engineered virus had serious implications for vaccine design.

This paper, which was suppressed and therefore did not appear in print for many months, reported that the sequence of the virus was completely consistent with having been genetically engineered, with a furin cleavage site and six inserts at places that would make the virus very infectious, and the reason this had such tremendous implications for vaccine design was that 80% of these sequences had homology to human epitopes.

In particular, we had noticed a homology with platelet factor 4 and myelin. The former is also certainly associated with what is known as VITT (low platelets and clotting issues) and the latter associated with all the neurological problems, such as transverse myelitis, both of which are now recognized as side effects of the vaccine even by the MHRA [Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency in the UK].”

Dalgleish says his team’s findings were eventually circulated among cabinet members and various medical committees, but everyone ignored them. As a result, many have been placed at unnecessary risk for serious injury and/or death.

As Dalgleish points out, young hearts over-express the ACE receptor that the virus was engineered to bind to. This binding with the ACE2 receptor is what “sets off the inflammatory response, which leads to myocarditis, pericarditis, stroke and deaths,” Dalgleish says.

This could explain the dramatic increase observed in deaths of young athletes who were jabbed: They simply have more ACE2 receptors that bind to the spike proteins created by the jab. Dalgleish continues:12

“When the facts change, or new facts emerge, the position of all those in authority directing mandates should change but unfortunately, they did not.

I tried desperately to point out that all the evidence that vaccines might have been useful in helping to curtail the pandemic was changing; that it was becoming very clear that there were highly significant side effects to the vaccine programme that Pfizer had gone to great lengths to cover up, and that it was only a court case in the US that led to them becoming available.

At this stage the whole vaccine programme should have been stopped but nobody seemed to want to address this, neither the Government, the medical authorities or the media.

Having written many articles for the Daily Mail arguing against lockdown and for it never to be used again, I was extremely keen to address my change of opinion on the vaccines and to warn people of their dangers particularly to younger people, and to point out there were no grounds at all for giving it to children.

Unfortunately, all my efforts and approaches to the mainstream media on this subject have been rejected. This, I believe, is something that will come back to haunt all those who introduced an Orwellian kind of suppression to the emerging truth, which labelled doctors trying to save their patients along the lines of ‘first do no harm’ as outcasts or villains.”

Back in August 2022, The Exposé13 highlighted scientific evidence showing the COVID jabs can cause cancer of the ovaries, pancreas and breast, and that “a monumental cover-up is taking place to suppress the consequences … on women’s health.”

“Research shows SARS-CoV-2 spike protein obliterates 90% of the DNA repair mechanism in lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells that help your body fight infection and chronic disease, including cancer.”

The research in question was that of Jiang and Mei, who published a peer-reviewed article showing the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein obliterated the DNA repair mechanism in lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells that play an important role in your immune system. Lymphocytes help your body fight infection and chronic disease, including cancer. Professional data analyst Joel Smalley writes:14

“The viral spike protein was so toxic to this pathway that it knocked 90% of it out. If the whole spike protein got into the nucleus (in the ovaries), and enough of it was produced and hung around long enough before the body was able to get rid of it all, it would cause cancer. Fortunately, in the case of natural infection, this is unlikely to occur.

Unfortunately, the experimental mRNA toxshot induces spike protein to be produced (the full-length spike exactly matching — amino acid for amino acid — the full length of the viral spike protein15) in and around the cell nucleus and is produced for at least 60 days and almost certainly longer.16

‘Fact checkers’ said the viral spike protein doesn’t get in the nucleus despite the expert scientists showing that it absolutely does. Public health authorities and regulators said the vaccinal spike protein doesn’t get in the nucleus despite the mRNA manufacturers submitting pictures of it doing so to them as part of their emergency use application …

spike protein within the nucleus

Jiang and Mei, quite logically and reasonably, cautioned that the mRNA spike protein would likely have the same effect as the viral spike protein on p53 and therefore cause cancer … [The] Jiang and Mei paper was retracted due to spurious ‘expressions of concern’ (EOC) about the methods of the study despite them being standard practice …

Well, despite the retraction, the spike protein circulating in large quantities, in the direct vicinity of the cell nucleus, for elongated periods of time, still has the potential to induce cancer in those cells (ovary, pancreas, breast, prostate, lymph nodes). These cancers can take years to develop and so it’s possible that we don’t see much of a safety signal for 5 or 10 years.”

As noted by Smalley, one of the authors of the EOC that led to the retraction of the paper was Eric Freed, Ph.D., who heads up the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s Center for Cancer Research.

He’s been a tenured investigator with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and NIH since 2002,17 the very agencies that funded Moderna’s mRNA jab, yet this conflict of interest was not disclosed in the EOC.

At the end of September 2022, The Atlantic18 featured the story of Belgian immunologist Michel Goldman, 67, who in the spring of 2021 got his first and second COVID shot. In the fall that year, he was diagnosed with lymphoma, cancer of the immune system.

Mere weeks after his body scan and diagnosis, he got his first booster, thinking he needed it since he’d soon become immunocompromised by the chemotherapy. But the booster caused a rapid decline in his health.

Another body scan at the end of September 2021, just three weeks after his first scan, revealed “a brand-new barrage of cancer lesions — so many spots that it looked like someone had set off fireworks inside Michel’s body,” Roxanne Khamsi writes:19

“More than that, the lesions were now prominent on both sides of the body, with new clusters blooming in Michel’s right armpit, and along the right side of his neck.

body scan

When Michel’s hematologist saw the scan, she told him to report directly to the nearest hospital pharmacy. He’d have to start on steroid pills right away, she told him. Such a swift progression for lymphoma in just three weeks was highly unusual, and he could not risk waiting a single day longer.

As he followed these instructions, Michel felt a gnawing worry that his COVID booster shot had somehow made him sicker. His brother [Serge, head of nuclear medicine at the hospital of the Université Libre de Bruxelles] was harboring a similar concern.

The asymmetrical cluster of cancerous nodes around Michel’s left armpit on the initial scan had already seemed ‘a bit disturbing,’ as his brother said; especially given that Michel’s first two doses of vaccine had been delivered on that side. Now he’d had a booster shot in the other arm, and the cancer’s asymmetry was flipped.

The brothers knew this might be just an eerie coincidence. But they couldn’t shake the feeling that Michel had experienced what would be a very rare yet life-threatening side effect of COVID vaccination.”20

Goldman, who was an early champion of the mRNA COVID shots, now “suspected that he was their unlucky victim,” Khamsi writes.21 He decided to go public about his cancer despite fears “anti-vaxxers” would use it to argue against the COVID jab. His concern for people who had the same type of cancer he had won out.

There are approximately 30 different subtypes of lymphoma. The kind Goldman had — angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma — attacks follicular helper T cells, which play a crucial role in your body’s immune response to invading pathogens.

Helper T cells serve as a messenger between dendritic cells, which identify the pathogen, and B cells that make the appropriate antibodies. The mRNA COVID shots “are especially effective at generating that message, and spurring its passage through the helper T cells,” Khamsi writes.

This activation of helper T cells is part of what makes the COVID jabs work. But Goldman began to suspect that revving up those helper T cells might in some cases cause them to go berserk, resulting in tumors, or worsening of already existing ones.

Goldman was lucky. He lived to talk about it. Many others have not been so fortunate. And while he still believes he’s an “ultra-rare” case, he’s since received reports from other patients who suddenly developed angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma after their shots. As reported by Khamsi:22

“Around the time of his February follow-up, Michel received a message from a doctor who had read his self-referential case report. The doctor’s mother had been diagnosed with the same subtype of lymphoma that Michel has following a COVID booster shot. More recently, he got an email from a woman whose sister had been vaccinated and received that diagnosis the following month.”

In August 2022, Frontiers in Medicine published a case report23 describing “rapid progression of marginal zone B-cell lymphoma” following the COVID jab. The 80-year-old Japanese woman featured in the report developed a noticeable tumor the very next day after her first shot. According to the authors:24

“Initially, we suspected head-and-neck benign lymphadenopathy as a side effect of vaccination. Nine weeks later, the number of swollen submandibular and parotid glands increased, and the lymph nodes further enlarged.

Finally, the right temporal mass was diagnosed as marginal zone B-cell lymphoma based on immunohistochemical and flow cytometry findings of biopsy specimens.

Our findings suggest that although 4-6 weeks of observation for lymph node inflammation after the second vaccination is recommended, malignancy should also be considered in the differential diagnosis of lymphadenopathy following vaccination.”

In May 2022, a single-center study25 at Emory University discovered that the humoral immune response in patients with non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) or chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) was significantly reduced after getting a COVID jab, compared to people who did not have either of those diagnoses.

Patients with NHL or CLL also didn’t have nearly the same antibody response to the shot. Only 68% of them developed neutralizing antibodies against SARS-CoV-2 after the second dose, compared to 100% of healthy controls. NHL/CLL patients who had undergone anti–CD20-directed therapies within one year of the first dose had the lowest antibody levels.

clots and cancers

Data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED)26 — historically one of the most well-kept and most heavily-relied upon medical databases in the world — showed that, compared to the previous five-year averages, cancer among Department of Defense (DOD) personnel in 2021 skyrocketed.

Overall, cancers tripled among servicemen and their family members after the rollout of the COVID shots. Breast cancer went up 487%. Exploding cancer rates are also seen elsewhere. One of the first to warn that the shots might cause cancer was Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist who runs his own pathology lab.

He suspects the shots accelerate already existing cancers by way of immune dysregulation.27 He noticed that cancers that were previously well-controlled would suddenly grow out of control and rapidly lead to death once they got the COVID jab.

Swedish pathologist, researcher and senior physician at Lund’s University, Dr. Ute Kruger, has also observed an explosion in rapidly advancing cancers in the wake of the COVID shots. For example, she’s noticed:28 29

  • Cancer patients are getting younger — The largest increase is among 30- to 50-year-olds

  • Tumor sizes are dramatically larger — Historically, 3-centimeter tumors were commonly found at the time of cancer diagnosis. Now, the tumors they’re finding are regularly 4 to 12 centimeters, which suggests they’re growing at a much faster rate than normal

  • Multiple tumors in multiple organs are becoming more common

  • Recurrence and metastasis are increasing — Kruger points out that many of the cancer patients she’s seeing have been in remission for years, only to suddenly be beset with uncontrollable cancer growth and metastasis shortly after their COVID jab

These “turbo-cancers,” as Kruger calls them, cannot be explained by delayed cancer screenings due to lockdowns and other COVID restrictions, as those days are long gone. Patients, despite having access to medical screenings as in years past, are showing up with grossly exacerbated tumor growths, and she believes this is because the cancers are being “turbo-charged” by the mRNA jabs.

Disturbingly, as detailed in “How Cancer Deaths From the COVID Jabs Are Being Hidden,” analysis of U.S. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) data suggests the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has been filtering out and redesignating cancer deaths as COVID deaths since April 2021 to eliminate the cancer signal. The signal is being hidden by swapping the underlying cause of death with main cause of death.

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  • Lifestyle factors that may improve memory and promote neurogenesis include exercise, eating right and getting proper sleep

  • Other memory tricks include avoiding multitasking, learning a new skill, playing brain games and using mnemonics to help you remember information

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It was once believed that brain function peaked during early adulthood and then slowly declined, leading to lapses in memory and brain fog during your golden years. Now it’s known that our modern lifestyle plays a significant role in contributing to cognitive decline, which is why exposure to toxins, chemicals, poor diet, lack of sleep, stress and much more can hinder the functioning of your brain.

The flip side is also true in that a healthy lifestyle can support your brain health and even encourage your brain to grow new neurons, a process known as neurogenesis. Your brain’s hippocampus — the memory center — is especially able to grow new cells. It’s now known that your hippocampus regenerates throughout your entire lifetime, even into your 90s, provided you give it the tools to do so.

These “tools” are primarily lifestyle-based, which is wonderful news. You don’t need an expensive prescription medication or any medical procedure at all to boost your brain and your memory. You simply must try out the following tricks to improve your memory.

  1. Eat right — The foods you eat — and don’t eat — play a crucial role in your memory. Fresh vegetables are essential, as are healthy fats and avoiding sugar. Research has shown daily sugar consumption impairs spatial memory and inhibits neurogenesis in the hippocampus.1 However, a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-net-carb ketogenic diet is crucial for protecting your brain health and preventing degeneration that can lead to Alzheimer’s.

    One of the most striking studies showing the effects of a high-fat/low-carb versus high-carb diets on brain health revealed that high-carb diets increase your risk of dementia by a whopping 89%, while high-fat diets lower the risk significantly.2

    In my book, “Superfuel: Ketogenic Keys to Unlock the Secrets to Good Fats, Bad Fats, and Great Health,” cowritten with James DiNicolantonio, Pharm.D., we explain how the omega-3 fat DHA is an essential structural component of your brain and is found in high levels in your neurons. When your omega-3 intake is inadequate, your nerve cells become stiff and more prone to inflammation as the missing omega-3 fats are substituted with omega-6 instead.

    Once your nerve cells become rigid and inflamed, proper neurotransmission from cell to cell and within cells becomes compromised. Low DHA levels have been linked to memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease, and some studies suggest degenerative brain diseases may potentially be reversible with sufficient DHA.3 4

    Coconut oil is another healthy fat for brain function. It contains medium-chain fats, also referred to as MCTs, which are converted into ketones, an excellent mitochondrial fuel. Researchers found that ketones may work as an alternative energy source for malfunctioning brain cells,5 which has been found to reduce symptoms in patients with Alzheimer’s disease.

  2. Exercise — Exercise encourages your brain to work at optimum capacity by stimulating nerve cells to multiply, strengthening their interconnections and protecting them from damage.

    During exercise nerve cells release proteins known as neurotrophic factors. One in particular, called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), triggers numerous other chemicals that promote neural health and directly benefits cognitive functions, including learning.

    A 2010 study on primates published in Neuroscience revealed that regular exercise not only improved blood flow to the brain but also helped the monkeys learn new tasks twice as quickly as nonexercising monkeys. This is a benefit the researchers believe would hold true for people as well.6

    Exercise improves both brain structure and function, with research showing it significantly increases hippocampal volume in older adults with probable mild cognitive impairment.7 To get the most out of your workouts, I recommend a comprehensive program that includes high-intensity exercise, strength training, stretching and core work, along with plenty of daily nonexercise movement.

  3. Stop multitasking — Used for decades to describe the parallel processing abilities of computers, multitasking is now shorthand for the human attempt to simultaneously do as many things as possible, as quickly as possible. Ultimately, multitasking may slow you down, make you prone to errors and make you forgetful.

    The opposite of multitasking is mindfulness, which helps you achieve undistracted focus. Students who took a mindfulness class improved reading comprehension test scores and working memory capacity, as well as experienced fewer distracting thoughts.8

    If you find yourself trying to complete five tasks at once, stop yourself and focus your attention back to the task at hand. If distracting thoughts enter your head, remind yourself that these are only “projections,” not reality, and allow them to pass by without stressing you out. You can then end your day with a 10- or 15-minute meditation session to help stop your mind from wandering and relax into a restful sleep.

  4. Get a good night’s sleep — Research from Harvard indicates that people are 33% more likely to infer connections among distantly related ideas after sleeping,9 but few realize that their performance has actually improved.

    Sleep is also known to enhance your memories and help you “practice” and improve your performance of challenging skills. The process of brain growth, or neuroplasticity, is believed to underlie your brain’s capacity to control behavior, including learning and memory. Plasticity occurs when neurons are stimulated by events, or information, from the environment.

    However, sleep and sleep loss modify the expression of several genes and gene products that may be important for synaptic plasticity. Furthermore, certain forms of long-term potentiation, a neural process associated with the laying down of learning and memory, can be elicited in sleep, suggesting synaptic connections are strengthened while you slumber.

    As you might suspect, this holds true for infants too, and research shows naps can give a boost to babies’ brainpower. Specifically, infants who slept in between learning and testing sessions had a better ability to recognize patterns in new information, which signals an important change in memory that plays an essential role in cognitive development.10

    There’s reason to believe this holds true for adults, too, as even among adults, a mid-day nap was found to dramatically boost and restore brainpower.11 You can find 33 tips to help you get the shut-eye you need here.

  5. Play brain games — If you don’t sufficiently challenge your brain with new, surprising information, it eventually begins to deteriorate. What research into brain plasticity shows, however, is that by providing your brain with appropriate stimuli you can counteract this degeneration.

    One way to challenge your brain is via brain games, which you can play online via websites like Michael Merzenich, Ph.D. and Professor Emeritus at the University of California, whom I previously interviewed, has pioneered research in brain plasticity for decades. He developed a computer-based brain-training program that can help you sharpen a range of skills, from reading and comprehension to improved memorization and more.

    The program is called Brain HQ, and the website has many different exercises designed to improve brain function. It also allows you to track and monitor your progress over time. While there are many similar sites online, Brain HQ is one of the oldest and most widely used.

    If you decide to try brain games, try to invest at least 20 minutes a day, but no more than five to seven minutes is to be spent on a specific task. When you spend longer amounts of time on a task, the benefits weaken.

    According to Merzenich, the primary benefits occur in the first five or six minutes of the task. The only downside to brain games is that it may become just another “task” you need to fit into an already busy day. If you don’t enjoy brain games, you can also try learning a new skill or hobby (see below).

  6. Master a new skill — Engaging in “purposeful and meaningful activities” stimulates your neurological system, counters the effects of stress-related diseases, reduces the risk of dementia and enhances health and well-being.12

    A key factor necessary for improving your brain function or reversing functional decline is the seriousness of purpose with which you engage in a task. In other words, the task must be important to you, or somehow meaningful or interesting. It must hold your attention.

    For instance, one study revealed that craft activities such as quilting and knitting were associated with decreased odds of having mild cognitive impairment.13 Another study found that taking part in “cognitively demanding” activities like learning to quilt or take digital photography enhanced memory function in older adults.14

    The key is to find an activity that is mentally stimulating for you. Ideally this should be something that requires your undivided attention and gives you great satisfaction, an activity you look forward to doing, such as playing a musical instrument, gardening, building model ships, crafting or many others.

  7. Try mnemonic devices — Mnemonic devices are memory tools to help you remember words, information or concepts. They help you to organize information into an easier-to-remember format. Try:

    • Acronyms, such as PUG for “pick up grapes”

    • Visualizations, such as imagining a tooth to remember your dentist’s appointment

    • Rhymes — If you need to remember a name, for instance, think “Shirley’s hair is curly”

    • Chunking, which is breaking up information into smaller “chunks,” such as organizing numbers into the format of a phone number

If you’re serious about improving your memory and your cognitive function, you’ll also want to know about these three important variables for brain health.

  • Vitamin D — Activated vitamin D receptors increase nerve growth in your brain, and researchers have also located metabolic pathways for vitamin D in the hippocampus and cerebellum of the brain, areas that are involved in planning, processing of information, and the formation of new memories.

    Vitamin D increases nerve growth factor, which promotes brain health, while low vitamin D is associated with cognitive impairment and dementia.15 Appropriate sun exposure is all it takes to keep your levels where they need to be for healthy brain function. If this is not an option, a vitamin D3 supplement may be necessary.

  • Time restricted eating — Time restricted eating (TRE) is another powerful intervention. It mimics the eating habits of our ancestors and restores your body to a more natural state that allows a whole host of metabolic benefits to occur.16

    TRE involves limiting your eating window to six to eight hours per day instead of the more than 12-hour window most people use. Ideally, you’ll want to stop eating for several hours before bedtime, then start your eating window in mid- to late morning after you wake up.

    TRE may improve cognitive function and protect against neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease17 thanks to the production of ketone bodies18 and BDNF,19 which activates brain stem cells to convert into new neurons and triggers numerous other chemicals that promote neural health.

  • Gut health — Your gut is your “second brain,” and your gut bacteria transmit information to your brain via the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve that runs from your brain stem into your enteric nervous system (the nervous system of your gastrointestinal tract).

    There is a close connection between abnormal gut flora and abnormal brain development, and just as you have neurons in your brain, you also have neurons in your gut — including neurons that produce neurotransmitters like serotonin, which is also found in your brain and is linked to mood.

    Quite simply, your gut health can impact your brain function, psyche and behavior, as they are interconnected and interdependent in a number of different ways. In addition to avoiding sugar, one of the best ways to support gut health is to consume beneficial bacteria.

    You can use a probiotic supplement for this, but I’m particularly fond of using fermented vegetables, because they can deliver extraordinarily high levels of beneficial bacteria.

Choline is an essential nutrient your body makes in small amounts. However, you must consume it through your diet to get enough. In adults, choline helps keep your cell membranes functioning properly, plays a role in nerve communications, prevents the buildup of homocysteine in your blood (elevated levels are linked to heart disease) and reduces chronic inflammation.

In pregnant women, choline plays an equally, if not more, important role, helping to prevent certain birth defects, such as spina bifida, and playing a role in brain development.

Prior research has concluded that choline intake during pregnancy “super-charged” the brain activity of animals in utero, indicating that it may boost cognitive function, improve learning and memory, and even diminish age-related memory decline and the brain’s vulnerability to toxins during childhood, as well as conferring protection later in life.20

If you’re pregnant, making sure your diet includes plenty of choline-rich foods is important, as research shows higher choline intake led to changes in epigenetic markers in the fetus.21 Specifically, it affected markers that regulate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which controls hormone production and activity.

The changes in fetal genetic expression will likely continue into adulthood, where they play a role in disease prevention. According to a study published in the journal Nutrients, only 8% of U.S. adults are getting enough choline (including only 8.5% of pregnant women).22 Krill oil is a simple solution, which can boost choline levels after a single dose.23 Aside from krill oil, eggs — particularly the yolks — are another excellent choline source.

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