World Economic Forum says the only way to “save humanity” is to unleash the pedophiles

Image: World Economic Forum says the only way to “save humanity” is to unleash the pedophiles

(Natural News) In order to make the world a better place, the World Economic Forum (WEF) wants the nations of the world to legalize or at least decriminalize pedophilia, which the globalists are now referring to as “age gap love.”

To criminalize the sexual molestation of children is to “violate human rights,” according to WEF head Klaus Schwab and his partner in crime Yuval Noah Harari, who says God is dead and “Jesus is fake news.”

At its most recent Davos gathering, the WEF tried to argue that normalizing pedophilia and child rape will “save humanity” from, you guessed it: climate change. The WEF also stated that the growing pedophilia epidemic is “nature’s gift” to mankind for a number of reasons.

One of those reasons is that molested children become so damaged that they are very unlikely to have families themselves. Child abuse and the destruction of innocence, according to the WEF, is nature’s way of cleansing the world and “saving humanity” from itself.

Destroying the family unit and allowing adult perverts to engage in sexual perversion with “underage people,” as the WEF is now calling them, will help to depopulate the planet and bring it back into “harmony” and “balance.”

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Schwab bragged that pedophilia-pushing globalists – many of them pedophiles themselves – have infiltrated every level of Western “education”

One major way that the WEF is steering society towards accepting and even celebrating pedophilia as normal is through the “education,” aka indoctrination system.


Schwab himself bragged in Davos that his globalist minions have infiltrated every level of Western education, which explains the heavy push for LGBTQP – the P stands for pedophilia – at even the preschool level.

Today’s children – at least the ones who are sent to “school” rather than homeschooled by their loving parents – are constantly barraged with sexual perversion in the classroom, often by LGBTQP “teachers” who expose them to as much deviancy as they can get away with.

These same children end up embracing sexual perversion themselves. Some cut off their body parts to turn “trans” while others engage in pedophilic behavior with pervert adults, who in some cases are their own “teachers.”

This deviancy then spreads as these damaged children go out into society and spread the gospel of LGBTQP themselves, creating an entire society of sexual perverts who live their lives in hot pursuit of their latest victims. This is the America that was long envisioned by the globalists as ideal for achieving their goals.

The globalist-controlled media, including The New York Times, CNN, BBC, and others are also pushing pro-pedophilia propaganda, arguing that pedophiles are “normal” people just like everybody else.

It is clear from all this societal programming that the globalists are trying to shift what is known as the Overton window, or the framework of acceptable social trends, in favor of child abuse and child rape.

“According to the global elite in Davos, it’s time for mainstream society to catch up with them and relax the outdated social taboo against pedophilia,” writes Baxter Dmitry for Newspunch about the issue.” And what better way to change society’s morals than by brainwashing the children?”

The one thing that all of these WEF policies have in common, Dmitry further adds, is that “they dehumanize, degrade and mock us.”

“They are designed to take away all of the joys of life and inflict maximum pain,” he concludes about the globalist endgame for humanity.

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Most major banks agree: 2023 spells BIG TROUBLE for the U.S. economy

Image: Most major banks agree: 2023 spells BIG TROUBLE for the U.S. economy

(Natural News) Things are about to get really ugly – as if the world was not already in really, really bad shape – for the United States economy.

The vast majority of economists at 23 of the nation’s largest financial institutions told The Wall Street Journal in a recent poll that the ongoing recession – which is only just getting started – will cause millions more Americans to lose their jobs. Inflation will also continue to rise as the corrupt financial system breaks apart at the seams – this being a long time coming.

Two-thirds of the nearly two dozen financial institutions polled – these include trading companies and investment banks that work directly with the Federal Reserve – are in agreement that the U.S. economy will “contract” in 2023.

Some are still in denial that the nation is currently in a recession, stating that they expect it to arrive in 2024. There are also a few that actually believe a downturn can be avoided altogether – even though the markets are already in a downturn based on all generally accepted metrics used prior to the Biden regime’s occupation of the White House.

Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JPMorgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley all claim that everything is just fine. The rest, however, see either recession, depression, or potentially much worse on the horizon. (Related: The number of Americans taking out loans just to buy groceries doubled this year.)

“The institutions that predict a coming recession expect consumer spending to weaken as Americans deplete their savings and an aggressive Fed drives up borrowing costs and as banks’ lending standards get tighter,” reports explain.


“Soaring U.S. inflation, which in June 2022 hit a recent peak of 9 percent in annual terms, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), has forced the Fed to raise rates at its fastest pace since the 1980s in a desperate bid to relieve price pressures.”

Despite continued rate hikes, inflation is still spiking

The effect of all these rate hikes so far has been a whole lot of nothing. November’s CPI data still showed inflation at an astounding 7.1 percent – and if you apply the government metrics that were used in the 1980s, November’s inflation rate was actually 15.23 percent.

This is a lot of inflation that, for most Americans, is rapidly pricing them out of first world status. The country is in shambles, and many major banks and financial institutions have run out of excuses as they admit: things are not good.

The Fed says it plans to continuing raising interest rates until inflation reaches the target of just 2 percent – or by roughly 4 percent, using 1980s metrics.

The expectation this year is that unemployment will exceed 5 percent, based on the Fed’s plan to bring the terminal Fed Funds rate to 5.1 percent. Rates this high will easily push unemployment to 4.6 percent from the current 3.7 percent – and these higher unemployment rates are expected to persist well into 2024.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) in its latest biannual global economic outlook, released in October, indicated that inflation will not be as transitory as the Fed had initially claimed.

The worst was supposed to occur in 2022, we were told, but now the latest narrative is that crippling inflation will “remain elevated for longer than previously expected.”

“More than a third of the global economy will contract this year or next, while the three largest economies – the United States, the European Union, and China – will continue to stall,” that report reads.

“In short, the worst is yet to come, and for many people, 2023 will feel like a recession.”

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CLAIM: Coca-Cola paid NAACP to call scientists who link soda pop to obesity “racist”

Image: CLAIM: Coca-Cola paid NAACP to call scientists who link soda pop to obesity “racist”

(Natural News) A former lobbyist at Coca-Cola has come forward with bombshell information about the junk food corporation’s deceptive, racist, and potentially criminal behavior.

Calley Means, who worked on behalf of The Coca-Cola Company in years past, says the multinational purveyor of poison “food” paid the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) to slander as “racist” any and all scientists, researchers, or other “opponents” whose work exposed Coke products as toxic.

Coke also paid off willing parties to produce pseudoscience “debunking” the link between soft drink consumption and diseases like obesity and diabetes. (Related: Ten years ago, Coca-Cola tried to boost sales by marketing its high-fructose corn syrup [HFCS]-laden junk food soft drinks as healthy for breakfast.)

“Early in my career, I consulted for Coke to ensure sugar taxes failed and soda was included in food stamp funding,” Means recently revealed. “I say Coke’s policies are evil because I saw inside the room.”

“The first step in playbook was paying the NAACP and other civil rights groups to call opponents racist. Coke gave millions to the NAACP and the Hispanic Federation – both directly and through front groups like the American Beverage Association (ABA).”

In 2011 when the idea of soda taxes really started to gain legislative traction, Coke amped up the slander and bribery agenda. Means says the conversations he heard within the walls of Coca-Cola corporate were “depressingly transactional.”


“We (Coke) will give you money,” Means recalls about the typical conversations that would take place internally between Coke and its target allies. “You need to paint opponents of us as racist.”

As silly as it all sounds, these tactics worked. As the Farm Bill for 2011-2013 was being negotiated and finalized, thousands of articles flooded the news cycle that helped Coke avert soda taxes and possible removal from the food stamp program.

Aggressive lobbying and slander allowed Coke to lie to the public that soda pop is “one of the cheapest ways to get calories”

Means says Coca-Cola also partnered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to funnel money into “academia,” which used it to produce “research” claiming that soda taxes would harm low-income populations.

“I watched as the FDA funneled money to professors at leading universities – as well as think tanks on the left and right – to create studies showing soda taxes hurt the poor,” Means says.

“They also paid for studies that say drinking soda didn’t cause obesity.”

Coke was also able to get away with making the false and ludicrous claim that its soft drink products are “one of the cheapest ways to get calories,” which Means describes as “a flagrantly inaccurate statement when factoring in the health consequences.”

It was none other than the ABA that aided Coke in purveying the lie that taxing soda pop would hurt not just poor people but also “local businesses” while “unfairly targeting one product.”

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is also complicit in this racket, having put forth more lies claiming that “there are no bad foods, only bad diets.”

The entire regulatory structure of the United States has clearly been co-opted by Big Industry, which is steering all the “science” in its own favor. Coca-Cola is just one example among many of what an absolute joke this entire system has become – and that some would argue always was.

“The word ‘racist’ has lost all its meaning,” wrote a commenter about Coke’s flagrant abuse of the English language. “The word has been so overused that it lost its meaning.”

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New York Times urges readers to “mate with short people to stop climate change”

Image: New York Times urges readers to “mate with short people to stop climate change”

(Natural News) Someone named Mara Altman who writes for The New York Times says that another way we can tackle the imaginary bogeyman known as “climate change” is to “mate with shorter people.”

Since short people are “smaller” in terms of their height, Altman feels as though reproducing more of them instead of tall people will “potentially sav[e] the planet by shrinking the needs of subsequent generations.”

“Lowering the height minimum for prospective partners on your dating profile is a step toward a greener planet,” Altman wrote in her not-to-be-confused-with-satire op-ed for one of America’s fastest-declining “news” outlets.

For some unknown reason, Altman is convinced that shorter people are “inherent conservationists,” which she argues “is more crucial than ever in this world of eight billion.”

“… if we kept our proportions the same but were just 10 percent shorter in America alone, we would save 87 million tons of food per year (not to mention trillions of gallons of water, quadrillions of B.T.U.s of energy and millions of tons of trash),” Altman further writes.

Because of their shortness, small-heighted people are “best suited for long-term survival” in a world that is rapidly collapsing, in Altman’s view. Being short will also come in handy when the time comes for everyone to “jam into spaceships when we are forced off this planet we wrecked.” (Related: Remember when the Times called for the United Nations to completely take over the United States?).


Altman advocates for targeting tall people with guns and drones because “being tall now just makes you a bigger target”

It is not enough to just breed out of the gene pool all tall people, according to Altman. It may also be necessary to eliminate all tall people who currently exist in order to save the planet from “global warming.”

“Our success as individuals does not depend on beating up other people or animals,” Altman says. “Even if it did, in an era of guns and drones, being tall now just makes you a bigger target.”

Because modern women like this now have an endless pool of emasculated simps to choose from in today’s America, Altman, despite her loud-and-proud insanity, is married with children. And she says one of her goals in “raising” her children is teach them “to know the value of short.”

She even advocates for depriving children of certain nutritional components that she believes contribute to a human body growing tall, strong, and healthy. Altman prefers depriving the next generation of children of nutrition so they can be short and thus “environmentally friendly.”

“Reporting the @nytimes for this disgusting tallphobia,” tweeted CBN News managing editor Dan Andros in response to Altman’s op-ed.

“Someone short and single is writing op-eds for The New York Times,” joked Seth Dillon of The Babylon Bee, a satire news outlet that could have easily written Altman’s op-ed as a joke and nobody would have known the difference.

“Short grooming is where we have to draw the line,” tweeted Brandon Hartsell, someone who apparently purchased a blue checkmark from the new Elon Musk-run Twitter, which charges a nominal monthly fee for this “privilege.”

“I’m going to quietly stick with being tall,” added Benjamin Ryan, a science reporter, cancer survivor, and himself contributor to the Times (as well as to NBC News and The Guardian).

With the way the Times normally advocates for flat-out genocide and depopulation, it is a wonder that Altman promotes any kind of mating at all.

“It’s a step down from ‘voluntary human extinction,’ an idea previously amplified by the Times, so perhaps this is progress,” commented Steve Watson for NewsWars about Altman’s article.

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World Economic Forum Declares Pedophiles ‘Will Save Humanity’

News Punch | Jan. 3, 2023

The World Economic Forum is now calling for the decriminalization of sex with children, arguing that laws against “age gap love,” more commonly known as pedophilia, “violate human rights.”

Rather than being a scourge, the pedophilia epidemic that is sweeping the world is actually “nature’s gift” to humanity, according to Klaus Schwab whose World Economic Forum has declared that pedophiles are being created by nature in increasingly large numbers for a reason.

According to a research paper presented at the WEF in Davos, the pedophile phenomenon represents nature’s attempt to cleanse the earth and “save humanity” from itself. Minor attracted people are far less likely to produce large numbers of offspring, according to academic data, and the so-called “underage people” they have so-called “relationships” with are statistically less likely to go on and become heads of large families themselves.


New F-35 engine deliveries suspended amid ongoing investigation

Defense News | Jan. 4, 2023

WASHINGTON — The U.S. military and defense contractor Pratt & Whitney have suspended deliveries of new engines for the F-35 fighter in the wake of a December mishap on a Texas runway.

The F-35 Joint Program Office said in an email to Defense News that the delivery of new F135 engines was paused Dec. 27, after what the JPO described as a “mutual agreement” involving itself, the Defense Contract Management Agency and engine-maker Pratt & Whitney.

The JPO said in the email that deliveries are paused while the investigation into the Dec. 15 mishap involving an F-35B continues, and as ground tests take place to identify the root cause of the accident.

“The F-35 Joint Program Office and Pratt & Whitney have agreed to delay scheduled delivery and acceptance of F135 engines until further information from the investigation is known and safety of flight can be ensured,” the JPO said in a follow-up email.