The Baleful Cargo of Woke Diversity Worship

The Blade of Perseus | Jan. 2, 2023

What do all our notable fabricators—George Santos, Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Barack Obama—have in common?

Well, quite like the Ward ChurchilIs or Rachel Dolezals of the world, one way or another, they lied about their identities. Or they sought fraudulent ways of suggesting their ancestries were marginalized. Or they had claims on being victims on the theory their constructed personas brought career advantages.

George Santos claimed, apparently in search of a victimized status, that he was an “American Jew” and a “Latino Jew,” and a descendent of Holocaust survivors.

Joe Biden lied that he went to “shul” as well as that he grew up in a veritable Puerto Rican household and just happened to attend a black college as well as being an honorary Greek.

Elizabeth Warren ended up a laughingstock for claiming her high cheekbones were proof of her Native-American ancestry—a lie she rode all the way to being the “first” Native-American professor on the Harvard Law school faculty.

Somehow the half-white, prep-schooled Barry Soetoro, who had taken his Indonesian stepfather’s last name, rebooted in the university back to Barack Obama. The latter oddly did not catch his literary agent “misidentifying” him in a book promo as being born in Africa. And only as president, did we learn his “autobiographical” memoir was mostly a concoction.

This fixation with constructing identities is one of the great pathologies of our woke era.

When we obsess in neo-Confederate style on race, ethnicity, or religion as the defining element of who we are, and we do this to leverage political advantage, then we set off a chain-reaction of Yugoslavian- or Lebanese-style tribalism. Like nuclear proliferation, once one group goes tribal, then all others will strain to find their own deterrent tribal identity.


When Federal Interest Payments Come to Exceed the Military Budget: Time to Stop Defending the Rest of the World

American Institute for Economic Research | Jan. 5, 2023

A new year dawns bright, with the US hurtling over the fiscal cliff. The lame duck Congress voted for a pork-packed $1.7 trillion budget bill. As the saying goes, it’s only money!

At a time of enormous domestic need, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell pushed an extra $45 billion for Ukraine, declaring that Washington’s “number one priority” was supporting that nation. Kentuckians might wonder if their Senator had moved to Odesa, Kharkiv, or Lviv over the holidays.

Alas, this appropriation was small change compared to the overall “defense” (in fact, mostly for offensive operations) budget. Congress hiked military outlays to record levels, topping off the already-bloated Biden spending program at $858 billion. American taxpayers remain stuck subsidizing prosperous, populous Europeans, superfluous Middle Eastern monarchs, and cheap-riding Asian defense dependents.

Unwilling to raise taxes as it also shovels ever-more cash into social programs old and new, Congress simply borrows additional money as if loans need not be repaid. The publicly held national debt hit 100 percent of GDP and is heading toward the record of 106 percent set in 1946, at the conclusion of the worst war in human history. Within a decade the US faces trillion-dollar deficits for as far as government analysts can budget. By mid-century the Congressional Budget Office expects the debt/GDP ratio to run around 185 percent. And that assumes policymakers don’t do anything stupid, like approve massive new spending programs without paying for them. Which, unfortunately, is as certain as the rising of the sun.


BUSTED: Those 'ER doctors' on Twitter who claimed hordes of patients were dying from COVID every day were FAKE

Image: BUSTED: Those ‘ER doctors’ on Twitter who claimed hordes of patients were dying from COVID every day were FAKE

(Natural News) The advent of social media has become the bane of modern society, as it has created a world that literally does not exist, for the most part.

Gone are the days of “MySpace” and the early years of Facebook, when users simply posted status updates, photos from places they visited, recipes, and other things to keep in touch with family and friends.

Today’s version of social media exists to foist lies, propaganda, and false narratives on tens of millions of people by the minute, used by government and some in the private sector for non-stop psychological warfare, as Twitter boss Elon Musk has recently revealed with his dumps of “Twitter Files.”

Now, we learn that Twitter was used to spread massive lies about the COVID-19 pandemic in order to scare the public into complying with one tyrannical mandate after another.

As Revolver News reports, a pair of ‘E.R. doctors’ who claimed that they witnessed dozens of COVID deaths per shift were not even real people:

If you were on Twitter back when the COVID “fear mongering” was at its peak, you’ll likely remember the “Twitter doctors” who popped up, seemingly out of thin air, claiming they were losing hordes of patients to COVID every single day.

These so-called “doctors” whipped everyone into a fear frenzy. Their tweets would get tens of thousands of retweets and engagement daily.

The “doctors” posed as ER physicians and were part of the LGBTQ community in some way. They created this hellish/apocalyptic scenario that made it sound as if bodies were piling up in the streets.


Well, this probably won’t come as a huge surprise to you, but those popular “ER doctors” were fake.

The site quoted a bombshell report in the San Francisco Standard, which revealed the false flag operation.

“Last month, Dr. Robert Honeyman lost their sister to Covid. They wrote about it on Twitter and received dozens of condolences, over 4,000 retweets and 43,000 likes,” the outlet reported. “Exactly one month later, on Dec. 12, Honeyman wrote that another tragedy had befallen their family.”

“Sad to announce that my husband has entered a coma after being in hospital with Covid. The doctor is unsure if he will come out,” they tweeted. “This year has been the toughest of my life losing my sister to this virus. This is the first time in my life I don’t see light at the end of the tunnel.”

Once more, the condolences and well-wishes poured in — Americans are a compassionate lot, after all, regardless of what lying leftist Democrats often say. But again, none of this was true.

It was all fake.

“Honeyman wasn’t real,” the San Francisco Standard reported. “The transgender ‘Doctor of Sociology and Feminist studies’ with a ‘keen interest in poetry” who used they/them pronouns was, in fact, a stock photo described on DepositPhotos, a royalty-free image site, as ‘Smiling happy, handsome latino man outside—headshot portrait.’

“Their supposedly comatose husband, Dr. Patrick C. Honeyman, was also fake. His Twitter photo had been stolen from an insurance professional in Wayne, Indiana,” the outlet’s report noted further.

But it gets worse: The outlet noted that the two phony doctors, whose accounts continually urged caution about COVID-19 and pushed for lockdowns, masking, business closures, etc., were part of a larger network of at least four fake accounts that promoted alleged ties to the LGBTQ community. The accounts also posted heated criticisms of anyone who was viewed as not taking the pandemic seriously enough or who pushed back on the tyrannical measures.

And interestingly enough, the scam was uncovered by a liberal writer.

“The fake doctors were uncovered by Joshua Gutterman Tranen, a self-described “gay writer” pursuing a master’s of fine arts at Bennington College. He saw Robert Honeyman’s tweet about their husband being in a coma, noticed people he followed also followed them, and thought that they might be part of the LGBTQ+ academic community,” the outlet reported.

“But after 10 minutes of googling, Gutterman Tranen concluded that Robert Honeyman’s photo was a stock image and their biography stretched boundaries of believability: an academic who left no traces on academic websites and had lost two family members to Covid in late 2022, despite masking and distancing,” the report stated.

Once again, social media was being used to push lies, false narratives, and propaganda, proving once again that the big tech companies are no doubt tied to the American deep state.

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Oregon hospital announces expansion of plans to mutilate youth in the name of “gender affirming” surgeries, which include CASTRATION

Image: Oregon hospital announces expansion of plans to mutilate youth in the name of “gender affirming” surgeries, which include CASTRATION

(Natural News) Following the addition of the infamous Dr. Blair Peters to its team, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) has announced an expansion to its “gender-affirming services,” which will now include castration for the purpose of vaginoplasty and the rollout of “neo-penises” made from the skin and flesh of forearms.

Bringing Peters in allowed for a “considerable expansion of OHSU’s gender affirming services,” the hospital announced, adding that the “notable expansion” will allow for more “advances in the robotic vaginoplasty program” as well as the phalloplasty program.

Despite the fact that both surgeries have extraordinarily high complication rates, OHSU is proud to offer them to children – and not just proud but “incredibly proud,” to quote the facility, which wrote in a tweet just after Christmas:

“Wishing each of you a safe and happy New Year. We have every reason to be incredibly proud of the work we’ve accomplished in 2022! Our most recent On The Cutting Edge highlights some of the accomplishments of our team.”

OHSU added that “[m]ultiple divisions continue to grow with new recruits and programs.” (Related: Vanderbilt launched a “Trans Buddies” program to bully more doctors into supporting the transgender mutilation of children.)

Peters called it “very affirming” to be asked to promote mutilation surgeries at a child and adolescent psychiatry event

Children as young as 10 years old can be admitted to OHSU for “gender-affirming” hormone therapy. Once they are a little older than that, they can then opt to remove and add body parts like Mr. Potato Head – but with actual permanent bodily damage.


Various experimental pharmaceuticals are given to children at OHSU to help them become their “true selves.” And the facility is proud to hand them out like candy as part of its LGBT agenda.

Almost every child that takes puberty blockers ends up also signing up for cross-sex hormones, which are then followed by body butchery and the rest of the horrors available in the normal-to-transgender pipeline of “therapies.”

The OHSU Doernbecher pediatric clinic offers a special marketing handout for children that teaches them how to pronounce the word “fertility.” Children who are not yet able to read, in other words, are the target demographic for OHSU’s body butchery scams.

“Many trans and gender diverse people are interested in keeping, or preserving, their fertility (fur-TILL-uh-tee),” the handout reads. “This is the ability to have biological children.”

For young girls, extracting and freezing their eggs is one option available at the clinic. For boys, they can either provide a sperm sample or have sperm extracted directly from their testicles.

“Should the child continue along the medical transition pathway, the next stage after cross-sex hormones is ‘gender-affirming’ surgery, which can mean a hysterectomy, the removal of healthy breasts and the creation of a non-functional appendage from the skin and flesh of the forearm for female patients, and breast implants, castration and penis amputation for the male patients,” reports The Post Millennial.

Peters made a name for he / they-self with an over-the-top social media presence called “QueerSurgeon” that makes light of the severity of these mutilative procedures, especially when performed on children.

“So many phalloplasty cases on the schedule this fall,” Peters bragged in a tweet back in September. “I hereby refer to this season on my calendar as ‘phall.’”

In another tweet from back on Dec. 2, 2021, Peters made a similar grotesque joke about the popularity of phalloplasty, calling a back-to-back surgery of such “A Double Header.”

After being asked to speak at a psychiatric event involving child and adolescent body butchering last June, Peters tweeted that it was “very affirming” for he / they to be involved in the mutilation of children.

“I love what I do in Plastic Surgery,” Peters wrote. “But this work transcends that.”

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Putin sends warship armed with hypersonic missiles into Atlantic, Indian Oceans as U.S. Air Force tests deadly new tactic

Image: Putin sends warship armed with hypersonic missiles into Atlantic, Indian Oceans as U.S. Air Force tests deadly new tactic

(Natural News) A clash between the U.S.-led NATO alliance and Russia appears even more inevitable this week based on new moves by both sides.

First, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered a warship carrying new Zircon hypersonic missiles on a mission that will take it into the Atlantic and Indian Oceans in what is a clear warning to the U.S. and the NATO military alliance not to escalate their support for Ukraine ahead of what is expected to be a winter offensive involving Russian and Belorussian forces.

“The deployment of the frigate appears intended to make maximum possible public impact, given the announcement was made by Putin himself in a televised conference call with his defense minister, Sergei Shoigu,” Zero Hedge reported.

In addition to Shoigu, Putin talked with Igor Krokhmal, the frigate’s captain which bears the name “Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov,” reminding that the ship is armed with the hypersonic missile payload — “again, in a coordinated message which unveiled the deployment to the public for the first time,” the outlet reported.

“This time the ship is equipped with the latest hypersonic missile system – ‘Zircon’ – which has no analogs,” Putin said. “I would like to wish the crew of the ship success in their service for the good of the Motherland.”

In addition, the warship is expected to traverse the Mediterranean Sea while engaged in the Atlantic portion of its mission. The timeline of the voyage, however, remains classified.


“This ship, armed with ‘Zircons’, is capable of delivering pinpoint and powerful strikes against the enemy at sea and on land,” Shoigu said in response to the Putin announcement. He went on to say that there are no defenses against the Zircon, which can evade anti-air defense systems due to its ability, purportedly, to fly at nine times the speed of sound.

“I am sure that such powerful weapons will make it possible to reliably protect Russia from potential external threats and will help ensure the national interests of our country,” Putin told both military officers. “We will continue to develop the fighting potential of our armed forces,” he added, according to The Telegraph.

Meanwhile, likely in anticipation of war with either Russia or China, the U.S. Air Force is testing a new tactic that will make it extremely difficult for opposing forces to defend valuable targets.

As reported by Task & Purpose:

Chinese military officials are likely alarmed by the Air Force’s efforts to launch cruise missiles out of cargo aircraft, according to an analysis by a U.S. Air Force civilian researcher who specializes in Chinese aerospace studies. 

Launching weapons out of cargo aircraft could complicate an enemy’s targeting priorities, make it more difficult for them to detect an incoming threat, and give the U.S. and its allies more options for striking the enemy at a low cost. 

Cruise missiles travel nowhere near as fast as hypersonic missiles, which the U.S. and China continue to develop. However, by putting them on cargo aircraft and other ships that are not warships, an enemy will be hard-pressed during the early phases of battle to determine where those missiles might be coming from at any given time. Worse case, opposing forces would not be able to defend against any and all potential launch points.

“[T]he PLA likely regards Rapid Dragon in particular as a credible threat,” wrote Derek Solen, a senior researcher at the U.S. Air Force’s China Aerospace Studies Institute, in a Dec. 22 article for The Jamestown Foundation, a Washington, D.C.-based national security think tank.

“An MC-130J is the perfect aircraft for this capability because we can land and operate from 3,000-foot highways and austere landing zones whereas a bomber cannot,” said Air Force Lt. Col. Valerie Knight, commander of the 352d Special Operations Wing, in a November press release after a successful missile test.

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Church defaced by left-wing vandals ahead of Christian leader's event on New Year's Eve

Image: Church defaced by left-wing vandals ahead of Christian leader’s event on New Year’s Eve

(Natural News) A noted Christian church leader posted photos to his social media pages ahead of a New Year’s Eve event at which he was to appear, showing hateful graffiti that left-wing anti-religious vandals posted.

“Let Us Worship” and “Hold The Line” founder Sean Feucht posted images on Instagram and YouTube Saturday morning, according to the website Church Leaders. He said the vandalism was due to his upcoming performance there.

The site noted that Feucht performed at City View Church in San Diego, Calif., at 9 P.M. on New Year’s Eve. He went on to say that police are investigating the incident as a potential hate crime.

“Last night, bigots spread hate and violence at a church where we are holding a New Year’s Eve event in San Diego,” Feucht wrote in a Saturday Instagram post. “The police are investigating it as a hate crime. The enemy making the age old (sic) mistake. Persecuting the Church won’t stop the gospel, it’ll spark a wildfire.”

The website noted further:

Vandals spray painted numerous epithets and warnings around the church property, including, “F— Sean Feucht,” “Queers Bash Back,” “Christofascists not Welcome,” “BLM,” “Sean Feucht Kindly F— Off,” “Anti-fascist resistance will not falter,” “Separate Church & State,” “Trans Rights Are Human Rights,” “Bigots not welcome,” “No Safe Space for Bigots,” “Transphobes out of SD,” “God Loves LGTBQ,” “Sean Feucht hates queers, Queers Bash Back,” “F— Christian Nationalists. Church??State,” “Awaken Breeds Hate,” and “Sean Breeds Hate” all over the church’s outside walls and signs.

Last night, bigots spread hate and violence at a church where we are holding a New Year’s Eve event in San Diego.

The police are on scene investigating it as a hate crime

Make no mistake – The radical left is intolerant. WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN.

— Sean Feucht (@seanfeucht) December 31, 2022

The enemy making the age old mistake. Persecuting the Church won’t stop the gospel, it’ll spark a wildfire.

— Sean Feucht (@seanfeucht) December 31, 2022

In addition to defacing church property with vulgar messages of hate, the vandals also reportedly broke a window after they defaced it with spray paint, the Church Leaders site reported.

Feucht told the website that the vandalism is “a fear tactic, it’s intimidation, and you know, we don’t get discouraged when fear comes, we actually get emboldened and this is a chance for the church of California to take a stand to rise up in unity and to say, ‘We’re not going to let persecution, bigotry, hatred, vandalism, stop us from worshiping. The church isn’t a building. We’re the bride of Christ and in 2023, we’re rising up like never before.”

It’s no surprise that there is so much anti-Christian hatred in the U.S. and throughout the left-led West. It’s been rising for years thanks to a commensurate decline in Christian traditions and influences in our culture and various societies.

As noted by Frontpage Magazine in January 2018:

This is evident everywhere and in a myriad of forms.  Most recently, the British government “refused to say whether telling people about the Christian faith could be a hate crime.”  Lord Pearson of Rannoch, a UKIP peer, asked the House of Lords if they would “confirm unequivocally that a Christian who says that Jesus is the only son of the one true God cannot be arrested for hate crime or any other offence, however much it may offend a Muslim or anyone of any other religion?”  Government spokesperson Baroness Vere of Norbiton responded equivocally, adding that the legal definition of “hate crime” has been the same for the past 10 years.

But as Pearson explained in a later interview, the current definition of “hate crime” is subjective and revolves around whether the “victim” feels offended—thus leaving the door wide open to charging those who proclaim Christ and the Trinity of committing a hate crime, especially vis-à-vis Muslims, who adamantly object to the claim, as Pearson himself acknowledged.

“Certainly the stricter Muslims do feel offended by Christianity and our belief in Jesus being the only Son of the one true God,” he said.

That shouldn’t matter. Western values are premised on the freedom to worship as one pleases (thanks to America’s founding fathers — their concepts were eventually adopted by other democratic societies). But when intolerance is permitted to thrive…it will.

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