Hundreds of Chicago teachers and school employees accused of grooming, sexually assaulting, and raping students, inspector general report reveals

by Paul Sacca,

A new report revealed that hundreds of Chicago teachers and school employees were accused of grooming, sexually assaulting, and raping students during the 2021-2022 school year. The alarming findings were exposed in the Chicago Public Schools Office of the Inspector General’s (OIG) annual report that was released this week.

The report stated that there were a total of 470 sexual allegations last year – including inappropriate touching, groomingsexual abuse, illegal sexual acts such as rape, sexual comments, and sexual electronic communication.

The OIG’s Sexual Allegations Unit (SAU) opened 447 cases investigating teachers for potential sex crimes in 2022.

The report said, “Over the past four years, the SAU’s accomplishments have been significant. It has opened 1,735 cases following allegations reported by students, alumni, parents, staff, and others. Of those, it has closed a total of 1,384 cases raising concerns of adult-on-student sexual misconduct, and substantiated policy violations in 302 investigations.”

In the past four years, only 16 criminal charges have been filed against Chicago Public School employees for sex-related crimes.

In one case, a special education teacher allegedly groomed and had sexual intercourse with an eighth-grade student twice. Over seven months, the teacher and student contacted each other 12,000 times via phone calls and text messages. The teacher was charged and pled guilty to one count of criminal sexual abuse.

A former Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) staff member had sex with a female high school student when she was 16 and 17 years old. The adult provided the minor with alcohol. The JROTC staff member reportedly sent hundreds of text messages to the student, including one that read: “I’m ready to f*** right now … I’m not gonna be gentle either.”

When the JROTC member suspected that he might be under investigation, he purportedly threatened to kill the student and her family if she went public with the abuse.

“The JROTC staff member was arrested and charged on eight counts of criminal sexual assault and one count of aggravated criminal sexual abuse,” the report said. “The staff member pled guilty to the latter count, and was sentenced to time served and four years of probation, and is required to register as a sex offender. He resigned from CPS during the investigation.”

In another case, a high school student alleged that a physical education teacher exposed his groin area to her during a driver’s education class. The student reported the abusive behavior to other staff members, but they dismissed the accusations. A staff member allegedly blamed the student for wearing provocative clothing.

The student shared her experience on social media, and a 15-year-old student claimed the same teacher sent her photos and videos of him masturbating on social media.

“The OIG referred the allegations to DCFS, which alerted the Chicago Police Department. CPD investigated the allegations and the teacher was eventually charged with manufacturing harmful materials and distributing them to a minor,” the report stated.

A charter school administrator allegedly took a high school junior to a Broadway musical in Chicago. During the drive home, the administrator reportedly “slid his hand down inside of the front of the student’s pants and touched his genitals.”

The Chicago Public Schools Office of the Inspector General’s report said:

Starting very soon after the student’s graduation from the charter, the investigation revealed that the administrator had successfully positioned himself in the (now former) student’s life as a mentor and father figure while at the same time he pursued him for sex. Years of cash transfers to the student from the administrator’s personal bank account alone topped $50,000 and started shortly after the student graduated (the student also stated that the administrator would hand him cash when they met). In addition to the cash payments, the administrator bought him clothes, gifts and took the student on trips to Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, and Ibiza. Credit card records also showed the administrator purchased the student airfare to the Bahamas.

The administrator resigned from his position after the student went public with the allegations and an investigation was launched.



Public and International Notice to the World Health Organization (WHO)

 By Anna Von Reitz

Issued January 9th, 2023

The American Public is not subject to or bound by any arrangement which has been signed by Joseph R. Biden, or any member or officer of his corporate administration, agreeing to amend our borders or accept World Health Organization Protocols. 
There is no authority granted to Mr. Biden in his capacity as “President” of the “White House Office, Inc.” to do or say anything  on our behalf or to make any contractual agreements for this country. 
If Municipal citizens of the United States agree to accept World Health Organization authority over their private and public health care decisions, that applies only to direct employees of the Municipal Government corporation within the confines of the Washington, DC Municipality. 
It does not apply generally to the Public nor to Territorial Employees nor anywhere within the borders of our States. 
We are issuing this Notice to prevent any possible misunderstanding related to the nature and extent of Mr. Biden’s authority, and specifically calling your attention to the strict limitation of that authority with respect to Americans.  
He can tell his employees to paint themselves purple or commit suicide and it will be up to them what they endure for a paycheck. 
The rest of us are under no such compulsion to obey or comply with any demand made by the Biden Administration or any foreign corporation, such as the World Health Organization.  
Thank you very much for your time and attention. 
James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

The United States of America

Dumb, Gluttonous, and Forgetful?

 By Anna Von Reitz

That’s what Josef Goebbels, Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, really thought about the masses of people he twirled around his fingers. 
And, he said, that the masses would always be the masses.  No changes. Always the same parameters — dumb, gluttonous, and forgetful. 
Dumb, I can understand.  They’ve spent billions of dollars to undermine, subvert, and co-opt the education system in this country, to get rid of teachers and hire ideologues. And then, give the ideologues tenure. 
Gluttonous, I can see. They’ve spent trillions of dollars reducing everything to commercial contracts, even the love between a man and a woman is reduced to “best bargain” thinking.  
We are constantly reminded of all the things we don’t have in all their advertisements. And this creates a false sense of deprivation and need.  “I just have to have that new Lexus.  I won’t be smart or powerful until I have that new Lexus….” 
But, forgetful?  Why forgetful? 
How much effort, really, does it take to remember?  
How difficult is it, to then tell the truth? 
Goebbels was successful because he made up a myth of German Supremacy and sold it to downtrodden people eager to hear it. 
He gave them something to believe in, even if it was a divisive and self-serving lie.  
Today, I was accused of being a “propagandist”, but there is a fundamental difference between Goebbels and I.  
He was adept at remembering a past that never was.  I am presenting facts that have simply been forgotten. 
If people find courage in those facts, and realize that they are the rightful  inheritors of this great country, that would be a blessing for all concerned, including all the people in other countries who need to wake up and realize the same. 
There is another difference between Goebbels and I.  
I fundamentally respect the potential of human beings to rise above selfishness and sloth. I know the God within each one of you. 
I call you upward to face a mental and spiritual battle of commitment to yourselves and to your Creator, and this, finally, is a “war” in which the winner takes all. 
The madmen among us have contrived to cut us off from our Source of being, and are in the process of murdering billions of innocent people.
Their lives as madmen are worthless to them, and worthless to us as well; we would all be better off if they did not exist. So grant them their wish.
The Law of the Universe has decreed that we may each choose our own ends.  We can choose life, instead. 
So choose life with all your hearts and minds.  Choose your lawful inheritance, not the scraps from your employees’ tables. Prove once and for all, that you are not dumb, gluttonous, nor forgetful. 
Take on Satan where he lives, among all the lies and illusions and half-truths.  Hack him out, root, stem, and leaf, so that he no longer has a voice.
You face an “army” of Liars, pirates with no substance of their own. Find your substance within your own hearts.  Take up the Sword of Truth and turn it against these deceivers. 
Each day, imagine a world at peace, with none of these Liars and criminals around.  Picture the Earth at peace, and all of them simply gone, never to return.  
Hold that image of peace and plenty, life and joy, without these criminals.
Those who have persecuted you, bring their miserable faces to mind and then erase their images and fade them away until they are no more. 
They need to be gone, unimportant, unregretted, like last fall’s leaves in the springtime. Of no concern. 
Hold your own image of your own perfect world steady in front of your face, each and every day,  until the mirror conforms to your will. 
So then you will laugh at those who thought you were dumb, or gluttonous, or forgetful; their lies will be self-evident, null and void, as if they never were. 
And you?  You will stand in the glory of the new Earth, wild with joy, holding the truth forever in your heart and mind. 

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It's all a scam: 'Green' investors pay corrupt corporate media to promote 'climate change' lie

Image: It’s all a scam: ‘Green’ investors pay corrupt corporate media to promote ‘climate change’ lie

(Natural News) Suppose you’ve ever wondered why the mainstream media appears to be all in with promoting climate change. In that case, part of the reason is that most people in the media are far-left sycophants, and they are all in with the authoritarianism that climate change policies usher in.

But there is a financial aspect to their allegiance as well, according to a new investigative report.

The Associated Press, one of the largest and most widely published newswire services on the planet, admitted last year that it had managed to secure $8 million to promote climate change-related stories and content. “This far-reaching initiative will transform how we cover the climate story,” the newswire’s executive editor crowed at the time.

There’s no doubt that has been the case, writes Daniel Greenfield for Frontpage Magazine:

The philanthropic quid-pro-quo saw five organizations fund the AP’s dedicated team of “more than two dozen journalists” to cover “climate issues” that the wire service would then plant in papers around the country to terrify Americans into supporting ‘green’ taxes and subsidies. The Associated Press did not bother to explain to its readers or the newspapers that run its stories why these organizations were impelled to throw millions at it except sheer benevolence.

Nor did it explain why they might be particularly interested in convincing Americans that the climate sky is falling and that our economy must be dismantled and ‘greened’: raising energy prices and putting millions out of work.


One of those five organizations, Quadrivium, was created by James Murdoch and his wife, who left the Murdoch (of Fox and Fox News origins) family over disagreements with conservative news coverage. The organization says it hopes to reach “a majority of the public” in order to generate “urgent action” on the “bipartisan passage of a US climate strategy.”

The idea being pushed is called the “carbon rebate plan,” and it involves taxing Americans via their carbon emissions with the promise of repaying some of the money back to them. It comes from an organization called the Climate Leadership Council, whose board includes James’ wife, Kathryn Murdoch. The group’s partners include major banks like JP Morgan, Santander, and Goldman Sachs, as well as energy companies BP, Shell, and Conoco, the latter of whom believe, for some reason, that they’ll be spared from bankruptcy if they go along with the lunacy.

Media organizations like the AP begin to play their role with climate change propaganda pieces like “Carbon tax plan worthy of bipartisan support.” The newswire’s editorial board described the CLC as a “group of venerable Republicans” while laughably claiming that taxing Americans for the benefit of special climate interests is “a quintessentially conservative plan”  — though conservatives and Republicans, in general, push for tax cuts and minimum government in everyone’s lives.

“Serious journalism would ask questions or at least mention some of this in passing. The AP instead acts as a mouthpiece without even enough lingering self-respect to disclose any of that,” Greenfield writes.

As for the Murdochs, they have invested in several projects that include pushing leftist climate policies, all of which empower government and companies over hapless consumers who are expected to simply go along with the scheme. Most of the ‘convincing’ revolves around scaring people to death with false claims of how cattle flatulence and SUVs have put the earth on a short-term timetable to destruction. And, of course, every warning becomes more dire.

But the AP doesn’t mention any of this, as Greenfield notes.

“The AP is taking money from organizations heavily leveraged in green investments to promote the need for green investments. And it fails to disclose the financial interests that its funders have in promoting global warming hysteria,” he writes, adding: “The next time you see an AP story about ‘climate change,’ you know who’s paying for it.”

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Ex-editor of The Atlantic says Twitter Files are “a much bigger deal than many realize”

Image: Ex-editor of The Atlantic says Twitter Files are “a much bigger deal than many realize”

(Natural News) In a series of tweets, Benjamin Carlson, former editor of The Atlantic, outlined seven key takeaways from the Twitter Files revelations that show just how important they are to our understanding of the world in 2023.

For one, the Twitter Files have changed history. What many thought were established facts about covid, for instance, are now the subject of much debate because of what has been revealed.

We now know that covid was an inside job, and that those who perpetrated it used Twitter and other social media platforms to control the official story. We also know that Hunter Biden’s laptop was full of damning information that likewise was blocked from spreading online.

Donald Trump also said too much, which is why he, too, was silenced and stopped from tweeting. All of this illustrates that the free flow of information and open debate were halted on Twitter, which had “real consequences,” according to Carlson.

It was also revealed that much of what was dubbed a “conspiracy theory” turned out to be conspiracy fact. The FBI was, it turns out, colluding with Twitter to shut down the conversation on numerous sensitive issues, including covid and the Biden Crime Family.

“Blacklists & shadow bans were real,” Carlson says. “U.S. intel lobbied to censor accounts … Covid-19 convo heavily manipulated … Twitter rules changed & enforced by whim”. (Related: Twitter also censors critics of Big Pharma.)

Big Tech is basically just Big Government in disguise

Much of the censorship taking place on Twitter is being orchestrated by three-letter government agencies, the Twitter Files further reveal. And the excuse is that such censorship is necessary in order to promote and preserve “safety” in society.


Twitter actually redefined “safety, harm, and violence” in its policies to apply to ideas, meaning certain topics were deemed off limits because they might cause “harm.”

Opinions and information deemed “unsafe” was systematically silenced on Twitter, as were jokes, memes, and even just honest questions about, for example, the true origin of covid.

The FBI was so committed to keeping a lid on these and other topics that it created an 80-person staff to infiltrate Twitter’s ranks and keep a constant eye on speech. “Unsafe” accounts were flagged and punished while those pushing the accepted narrative were promoted to the forefront.

As all this was happening, social media executives lied both to the public and under oath to Congress. They claimed that Twitter was open to everyone, and that everyone who uses it is treated equally – which is not the case.

At the top of the pyramid are three or maybe four individuals who are calling all the shots, the Twitter Files also reveal. These individuals were later replaced by Elon Musk when he took over the platform.

Prior to this, Twitter employees had staged an insurrection, of sorts, that led to Trump being banned; widespread censorship of covid conversations; and a massive increase in user bans throughout 2021 and 2022.

Since dropping the Twitter files, Musk has become enemy number one in the eyes of those whose misdeeds are now in full view for the world to see. Carlson urges Musk to “watch out” because they will likely be after him for what he has done.

“Twitter protects and facilitates propaganda networks,” Carlson tweeted, noting that various military psychological operations (psyops) ran rampant on the platform.

“The confirmation of involvement of U.S. intelligence apparatus is the most striking,” Carlson further added about what he believes is the most damning aspect of the Twitter Files.

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Damar Hamlin contagion? Old Dominion basketball player Imo Essien clutches chest, collapses mid-game

Image: Damar Hamlin contagion? Old Dominion basketball player Imo Essien clutches chest, collapses mid-game

(Natural News) Just days after Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field mid-game, another athlete, Old Dominion University (ODU) basketball player Imo Essien, suffered a similar fall during a game – and under the same mysterious circumstances as Hamlin.

Reports indicate that Essien, after falling to the ground for no apparent reason, “had to be tended to by training staff from both ODU and Georgia Southern.” According to a report from WAVY, Essien “did not appear to lose consciousness” during the episode and was eventually helped to walk off the court – Hamlin, meanwhile, had to be rushed by emergency personnel to a local hospital following his collapse.

“Members of the Old Dominion men’s basketball team watched in shock,” WAVY reported, with one account adding that “many held back tears” as they watched the episode in dismay.

Old Dominion later released a statement about the incident that reads:

“Imo Essien was evaluated by the ODU Athletic Training staff along with the GA Southern medical staff. He was responsive throughout and was able to sit with his team for the duration of the game and travel back with the team. He is in good spirits and will work with the ODU Sports Medicine staff when they return to Norfolk.”

You can watch a clip of the incident below:

Members of the Old Dominion men’s basketball team watched in shock, and many held back tears, as their teammate Imo Essien collapsed during play in the first half of the contest.

— TruthOnly (@panajeck) January 8, 2023

(Related: If you got “vaccinated” for covid, your immune system is now damaged with AIDS.)

Fans want to know: What’s Essien’s vaccination status?

As you will notice, Essien is clearly clutching his chest while on the ground, which suggests that his fall, like Hamlin’s, was cardiac related. Old Dominion has yet to address that particular aspect of the incident, instead brushing off the incident as a minor blip in Essien’s performance.

On Twitter, some users were quick to respond to the ODU account with questions about Essien’s vaccination status. One of them wrote that it “was all the rage to ask in 2021,” adding: “Is that fad now over?”


Others wrote that covid shots never should have been mandated on sports players because clearly something is wrong as increasingly more of them suffer what appear to be cardiac-related events right in the middle of games.

Another person asked what the “excuse” will be for Essien’s fall:

“Dehydration, again?” this person wrote. “During the 1st quarter?”

Someone else chastised Old Dominion for “pushing these young men to be pharmaceutical test subjects,” again linking covid injections to Essien’s fall mid-game.

“Pharmaceutical companies are immune from lawsuits but you are not,” this person further warned.

Almost nobody seems to believe that Essien’s fall was some kind of random coincidence, seeing as how it is just one in a long line of other recent falls and collapses mid-game that never used to happen prior to the unleashing of covid “vaccines.”

“From January 2021 to present, 1,101 athletes died from cardiac arrest,” explained another commenter, pointing to this article from Good Sciencing that maintains an up-to-date tally of athlete cardiac events.

“Over a prior 38 years (1966-2004), 1,101 athletes under the age of 35 died due to various heart conditions … The same number of athletes died in the last TWO years as compared to a prior 38 years. And the numbers grow daily.”

Others noted that the establishment could end up blaming “long covid” for Essien’s collapse, assuming none of the other provided excuses stick.

The latest news coverage about the dropping suddenly phenomenon among athletes can be found at

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