The Use of Magic Bullets in Staged Deception Shooting Events


Although almost all video evidence from the 2017 Las Vegas shooting has been purged from YouTube, we have discovered a revealing collection of material on a Bitchute video. There’s also some new footage we have never seen before. If you’re interested in the subject, we suggest reviewing it before this video is deep-sixed as well.

Las Vegas shooting Mother of All Faking” (good link)

Seven .223-caliber bullets compared to one .308

The official story is that AR .223 and .308 rounds were used by alleged shooter Stephen Paddock. The “gunman” delivered 1,100 rounds in 12 separate bursts over 10 minutes.

Despite the crowd dispersing, Paddock was able to kill 58 people and wound 413 by gun shot, which is an extraordinary feat and shot ratio from his window perch 800 meters away.

We hold that the vast majority of individuals hit by rounds of this size would be on the pavement and incapacitated.

At 00:03:15 in the video, you will hear an eyewitness overlooking the scene state, “Ï’m not buying it.”

However, in examining the video, we noticed some of the wounded walking and even running. In fact, there are some images showing small wounds in these individuals. The Bitchute video offers some background on the use of air gun pellets and also a firing exhibition at 00:39:30 of these larger rounds.

I think the video maker is on to something and, accordingly, we have developed a new theory: Although the event was largely faked, pellets were used on innocents for added effect. In the video, you will also see [at about 00:44:30] an image of what appears to be a small drone off to the right of the Mandalay hotel in the night sky.  Other observers have also said that they saw or heard another shooter or shooters firing from a different building or even inside the venue.

In the video [at 00:04:04], you will see a bloodless Jesus Campos limping around the hallway of the 32nd floor with his pant leg rolled up. Incredibly, at 00:04:30, Campos states he thought he had been shot with a pellet.

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At 00:05:28, police encounter someone with a pellet gun.

At 00:06:50, pellet gun demonstrated.

At 00:08:30, sequence shows police officer “hit with something.” Not entirely clear how he could be running down the street at a fast clip as sheriff claimed at 00:08:45. He had four entry and exit AR wounds, including one through the back. At 00:11:12, the sheriff states the officer was ready to go back to work the next day.

At 00:11:34, a girl appears to wince. From a bullet, or a pellet? At 00:12:00, is that a bullet or pellet wound?

At 00:12:48, a convoluted story, and yet another unlikely neck “bullet” wound at 00:13:07.

At 00:13:26, another hit of a police officer and enough to draw a little blood. But was this a bullet?

Starting at 13:50 administering CPR to various dummies or HALs.

Starting at 00:18:42, if this was a causality, do you just drag the body around like a rag doll? Where is the dead weight?

At 23:00 non-actor eyewitness correctly identifies that wound is not a gun shot, but something else.

At 00:23:30, non-actor eyewitness states “just blanks,” or was it pellets?

Whole sequence at 00:25:07 is slow motion of first 100 rounds. No signs of people downed by AR rounds. Just ducking or running.

At 00:34:30, convert-pellet round photographed in Paddock’s suite.

At 00:40:00, it shows 40 to 50 people behind a thin wall, and what AR rounds really do to said wall.

At 00:42:54, we have a surreal scene with officers in the so-called Paddock suite. An “officer” is heard saying, “We are faking the mother of faking.” At 00:43:12, we hear, “We do not have a broken window.”

Some worthwhile surviving video and analysis is available here: “Highly Revealing Synchronized Videos Emerge of Las Vegas Shooting (Note Important Shooter Audio Analysis Update!)”

This individual from Las Vegas is alleged to have been hit by an AR-15 .223 bullet in the upper chest. Photo is from Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Review-Journal. Once again, refer to ballistic test below to gauge the devastating nature of this round on the human body. In actuality, if anything, you may be seeing a pellet round. The .223 round would have penetrated, expanded and impacted vital arteries shown in the heart illustration below.

Here we have one Braden Matejka, who was shot in the head. Braden informs us that he has brain bleeding, brain swelling, fluid in the brain cavity, blurred sight and is cross-eyed. His face exhibits no signs of trauma, swelling, or blackened eyes. Nor is he even crossed-eyed as he claims. He doesn’t look to be in the slightest discomfort. He was also kind enough to provide us with a photo of what the “bullet” entrance and exit wounds into the head look like. If these are real wounds, they are pellets, not bullet rounds.

For more background on AR-15 bullet wounds, see this Atlantic article from a radiologist who is alleged to have examined the injuries. In a nutshell, he says these are not survivable wounds. A layman looking over the ballistic test below could just as easily assume the same thing. Dishonest wags may claim AR-15 bullets are like “pencils”. This most certainly is not the case internally inside the body.

“Tulammo .223 55gr Ballistic Gel Test”

At Santa Fe High School in Texas, we have a young man, Rome Shubert, who unknowingly sustained a shot to the head and emerged unfazed.

“A bullet sliced clean through the back of the Santa Fe High School sophomore’s head,” CNN reported. “Remarkably, he walked away with just bandages.”

On Twitter, he said he was “completely okay and stable.”

Acting on pure adrenaline, Shubert said he sprinted to a rear exit in the room and bounded over a 7-foot wall. That’s when the teen realized he was covered in blood and he had been shot, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The young man’s mother, Sheri Shubert, chimed in, saying, “The doctors told me it went in clean and came out clean.

She added, “We have to do something. We have to take a stand. America has to take a stand for our kids.”

Yes, those special black-magic bullets again. No contusions or bruising, no swelling, no real effect on hearing except “ears ringing.”

There’s a pretty good-size neck muscle located at the exit region. In the non-cartoon world, this is what we humans use to flex our necks, and keep our heads upright. By a “clean” wound, we are assuming they mean it hit no vital nerves, veins or arteries. Did it just go though an air cavity? [.38 caliber ballistic test]

The substantial neck muscle there is impossible to miss. How could one even hold their head up after being hit, regardless of whether it went “clean through the back of his head,” if it is exiting from this muscle? If, miraculously, it missed the muscle, there would still be surrounding swelling and fluid, and the novel concept of supportive muscles. The word “through” in English means “moving in one side and out of the other side.”

Update (h/t: Memoryhole Blog) – An article from “Maxillofacial and Oral Surgery” confirms the true severity of a gunshot wound through the neck.

Gunshot injuries cause profound morbidity and significant mortality, especially if they occur in the neck … The high density of vital structures in the neck makes injury to this region highly morbid and often fatal. The trachea, esophagus, carotid and vertebral arteries, cervical spine and spinal cord, phrenic nerve and brachial plexus are all vulnerable [to] injury with neck trauma. Each of these is a vital structure, and any delay in diagnosis and treatment can have devastating consequences. (Emphasis added.)

As far as the bullet entry, as noted in the mainstream media, the bullet entered his head. The shooter had two weapons: a shotgun and a .38 caliber. A shotgun blast would have plastered him, so I am assuming .38 as the bullet.

If it entered into his lower park of his skull (aka head), you have the brain stem there. The cortex is right above the stem. A tight band of spinal vertebrae and critical nerves enters the lower skull. There are a series of other nerves and arteries in that region. It’s like Grand Central Station. Everything is quite packed into that space. I can’t imagine a worst place to take a round — coup de grace, mostly likely, but certainly not unscathed.

Entrance wound

Exit wound
No worse for the wear. Seriously!

The following account comes from the Parkland High School event in Florida. CNN reported some details on the alleged three bullet wounds sustained by Maddy Wilford.

When she arrived, she was “pale and not responsive. She was in shock,” he said. He could see that she had “multiple gunshot wounds” to her chest, abdomen and upper sternum.

“Wounds in the chest were very severe, with massive bleeding,” Nichiporenko said. Emergency staff gave her blood, and when they found fluid in her abdomen, she was taken to the operating room within 10 minutes.

Nichiporenko had to perform “damage control,” amounting to extricating bullets and repairing damage, first in Wilford’s abdomen and then her chest and in the right upper extremity, where tendons had been “shattered from gunshot wounds.” “She still has fragments inside.”

The New York Post gave more details. Here, the claim is that the liver was missed. Given the liver’s size, location relative to the broken rib cage, the downward trajectory described as starting from piercing the right lung, and the blowing-out effect of an AR-15 round. Inquiring minds would like to ask how this is even possible.

Regardless, clearly she sustained very severe injuries. Our skepticism is primarily with her unaffected appearance and mobility in the press conference only 12 days later.

One of the bullets traveled though Maddy’s backcrushing her ribs, piercing her right lung and exiting through her stomach, Wilford wrote. Several others went through her shoulder and traveled the length of her right arm before exiting. Her liver, reproductive organs and heart were miraculously not affected. The teen underwent surgery Thursday to “put in titanium plates to hold the ribs together,” her mother wrote.

President Trump visited her at the hospital two days after the “shooting” and she was sitting up smiling and talking with no oxygen, no tubes or EKG machine — absolutely nothing.

So 12 days after receiving her three AR-15 bullet wounds, Ms. Wilford strolls into a press conference. Go to minute 00:19:30 in the following video and make sure to watch to the finish as she gets up and walks out.

“Fla. school shooting survivor, health officials hold news conference on her recovery | ABC News”

Several wags in Reddit comments claim “young people can really bounce back” like Teflon from lethal injuries. The problem with this exaggeration is that this is far from the only case of magic bullets in these events. Apparently, older people can be just as unaffected. Even acknowledging that a miracle can with great rarity happen, the script in these events has them happening with great frequency.

For example, Vicki Gardner is the Chamber of Commerce lady who was shot in the back with a hollow-point bullet in the Aug. 26, 2015, Roanoke “shooting.” Gardner’s husband, Tim, told the Associated Press that during surgery and while in a medically induced coma, doctors had to remove her damaged kidney and part of her colon.

A mere week later, this robust 62-year-old woman shows up for a Fox News interview with Greta and appears no worse for the wear. She looks tan with a great complexion, a good range of motion and nicely trimmed down. Par for the course, Gardner gets off her script in the interview, providing details that don’t combine with others’ accounts, which is noted in:

Roanoke Shooting: If You Believed This, You’ll Believe Anything

Magic bullets occur with enough frequency in staged events to be considered part of the lore. Indeed, a couple other notable magic bullet incidents stood out from the Las Vegas event. Yes, we have all seen the absurd images of Jesus Campos walking onto the “Ellen” show two weeks after taking an AR round in the leg and looking 35 pounds heavier.

And what about this actor, who climbed out of his hospital bed to greet President Trump just days after being shot through the leg. Notice the WTF look on Melania Trump’s face. She’s probably not in on it.

Winter Watch Takeaway: The operators are pushing the Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone with deceitful brainwashing and black magic.


Reuters: “Pfizer jab linked to stroke but only in VSD; nothing to see here folks, move along.”

VSD is one of the top databases the CDC uses to monitor for safety signals.

The CDC was forced to admit a safety signal triggered in VSD for stroke.

On a Friday night, they said “It’s only in VSD, not anywhere else; nothing to worry about.”

They are lying to the American people and we can absolutely prove it.

This is a very corrupt agency that is killing hundreds of thousands of people with these shots.

In this article, I’ll show you what they said, and what they should have said if they were being perfectly honest.

This article is a bit long, but once you read it, you’ll get a very good sense for how deep the corruption is at the CDC.

They literally have a license to kill and they aren’t shy about using it.

Here’s the Reuters article.

Now let’s unpack it. Here are the two key paragraphs:

The FDA and CDC said that other large studies, the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, other countries’ databases and Pfizer-BioNTech’s databases had not flagged this safety issue, adding that it requires more investigation.

“Although the totality of the data currently suggests that it is very unlikely that the signal in VSD (Vaccine Safety Datalink) represents a true clinical risk, we believe it is important to share this information with the public,” the health authorities said.

  1. There’s a safety signal, but it’s only in one database we monitor (VSD). It’s not in VAERS or anything else.

  2. Since we are super honest, we’re letting the public know about it

  3. There’s nothing to fear. If it were a real signal, it would be in all the databases, so this is just a glitch in the matrix.

  4. Go get your booster, just like we tell you in our new Martha Stewart TV commercial.

But the truth is just the opposite of those four points.

Here’s what the CDC response would look like if they were being honest with the American people. This is a long read, but worth it:

  1. OK, to be perfectly honest, we KNOW that the shot is causing strokes. In fact, there’s a safety signal for stroke in all the databases, but we’re just too darn corrupt to admit that and the mainstream press is too ignorant to ask us about it. So we lied. And we get away with it. Always.

    In fact, we just admitted in a FOIA request that ischemic stroke triggered a safety signal in VAERS, but only Kirsch and a few other of his misinformation spreader friends read the FOIA, so NOBODY’s ever going to figure out we are lying. NOBODY. EVER. It’s in front of their faces in full public view and the press is so controlled by us that they NEVER CALL US ON our lies. Even when people will die. They are loyal to us.You can trust that we’ll get away with this because we’ve been getting away with murder for decades, and nobody is the wiser (except for RFK Jr., Andy Wakefield, and a few others). But we’ve discredited all of them, and then when people see what happens to people who oppose us, they back off. We are so certain we won’t be caught in a lie that here’s the proof we were lying that the signal was ONLY happening in VSD:

    This spreadsheet obtained from the CDC under FOIA proves that CDC knows damn well that ischemic stroke triggered a safety signal in VAERS, but they think nobody else knows, so they are lying about it to Reuters saying that it’s only in VSD and not in any other database. The CDC lies with impunity because nobody is going to hold them accountable for their lies, no matter how many people they kill.

    Overall, we admitted that there were 770 safety signals triggered in VAERS including things like death, ischemic stroke, cardiac arrest, pulmonary thrombosis, Bell’s palsy, acute left ventricular failure, acute respiratory failure, chronic left ventricular failure, acute myocardial infarction (i.e., heart attack), deep vein thrombosis, etc. but nobody cares about the FOIAs. They only pay attention to what we tell the press. And we’ve kept this hidden from the press because we don’t want people to know we are lying to them. That would upset the whole operation.

  2. For the VSD signal, we needed to make it appear that we are honest because some important third party researcher nailed us on this safety signal so we have to give the appearance we are doing the right thing by informing the public and acknowledging the signal, otherwise we might get busted. But we’re lying about that statement as well. If there is a safety signal, we never admit it unless we are FORCED to admit it. We are never going to admit it out of caution. We don’t give a rat’s ass about saving people’s lives. Are you kidding me? For example, did you notice we NEVER admitted any of the safety signals to the public when they triggered in VAERS? Not a single one! If we cared about lives, we’d have published all the VAERS signals on month 1. It’s only the signals we are FORCED to admit that we admit publicly. Get it?

    We never admitted the VAERS signals because nobody reads Josh Guetzkow’s substack (especially this article that exposes how corrupt we are) except for Kirsch and his misinformation spreader friends, so nobody’s going to rat on us who has any credibility.

    See that orange checkbox?

    Josh has only got a few hundred paid subscribers. That’s nothing! He’s a nobody. He’s never going to get any traction with the mainstream press. Look, we control the mainstream press. They do what we say and they do not ask questions. Ever. We pay them too much for them to do any real journalism. For example, Reuters never asked us to produce the data from VAERS or challenged us on it even though it was released in the FOIA. They know the drill. They only ask what we tell them to ask. It’s like a Fauci interview… They only ask pre-approved questions. That’s why Kim Iversen wasn’t allowed to interview Fauci: because she’s an honest journalist who wouldn’t put up with that shit. That’s why she’s no longer working for The Hill.

    Look, if we were HONEST about our statement about “we’re notifying you out of an abundance of caution,” we’d have told everyone about all the safety signals (like death) in VAERS in month 1 of the death shot rollout!

    In summary, we only made this safety signal admission because someone important was calling us out on it so we have to make it look like we are doing the right thing. Get it?

    If it was someone less important bringing this up, like Senator Ron Johnson, we’d simply blow him off. To be honest, we do this all the time with him. Senator Johnson is in the minority in the Senate, so it’s so easy to do.

    In fact, since we are being perfectly honest with you, we’ll let you in on a trade secret: we don’t even READ Senator Johnson’s letters anymore, it’s such a waste of our time. We don’t even bother to open the envelope. We just get the letter, see that it is from him, and trash it.

    He’s 100% right of course (he’s the smartest guy in the Senate regarding all the vaccine issues), but everyone else thinks he’s a fruitcake for “questioning the science,” so we can easily get away with this and nobody questions us about it. It’s the perfect crime. We lie, people die.

    What’s important is that the drug companies get rich. It’s so corrupt, people have NO IDEA. Take Patricia Cavazzoni, for example. She’s head of CDER at the FDA. Check out her FDA resume. It’s never mentioned she was making millions as a top Pfizer executive before assuming her new role at the FDA as director of the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). We don’t even use the word “Pfizer” in her resume. We just say “pharmaceutical industry.”

    You’re smart. Use your brain… Why would someone making millions at Pfizer move over to a public sector gig that pays peanuts?? Because she wants to “give back” to the world?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! No way!

    For example, when former Yale University School of Medicine Professor David Gortler (#3 at the FDA) started asking her nosey questions about drug safety, she completely stonewalled him. Next, Gortler was forced to resign. Basically, anyone who doesn’t play by the rules of corruption gets axed from the agency. That’s the way the game is played. Gortler can’t even write for Forbes anymore… check out the “former contributor” designation.

    We make it clear to others: if you try to rock the boat at the CDC or FDA, you’ll lose your job and we will destroy your reputation so bad that you won’t even be able to get a job as a dog catcher. That’s why nobody speaks up. Hundreds of safety signals and not one word from anyone at the CDC about it. They are all sheep who do what they are told. We are SOOOOOOOOOO good at the fear and intimidation tactics. We could write a book about it. Something like “License to kill: How we got away with killing 1M Americans without anyone holding us accountable.”

  3. It’s a real safety signal of course. These shots are a disaster and nobody in the mainstream medical community has time to check out the data directly. We control the journals and we make sure that nothing gets published that goes against the narrative, so the medical community gets fooled. Those who actually check out the data or talk to large geriatric practices or nursing homes and find out the truth are too afraid to speak out because they know they will lose their job, their hospital privileges, their NIH funding, and their license to practice medicine. But most never get that far since we train them in medical school that vaccines are always safe and to always trust authority. That’s why most of the physicians think the vaccines are on the level. They do what they are told.

  4. Only a fool would get a booster. Paul Offit is no dummy; he’s not getting any more boosters. Neither should you. The data is CRYSTAL CLEAR: the more boosters you get, the more LIKELY you are to get COVID and DIE from COVID. It’s so obvious to anyone who does any amount of checking. Even people now are realizing that it’s their vaccinated friends getting COVID and dying from COVID today. Do your own surveys like this one. 99 out of 100 would validate that the more boosters, the worse the medical outcomes. But the press never does the survey because they are too lazy to do so and because the nursing homes know that if they speak out, there will be a heavy price to pay. So the nursing homes won’t even respond to press inquiries. We’re going to keep this going for decades, just like we did with vaccines and autism. They are never going to find out. And if we ever get close to being busted, we just drop the mandates and refuse to talk about it. We just say it’s irrelevant.

Ladapo and Troy Ross (public health official in Lander County Nevada) are the only two honest public health officials in America as far as I know. Here’s what Joe just tweeted:

I asked for success stories on the Nextdoor platform. This platform is FILLED with blue-pill takers. 90% of my posts there get removed as violating community standards.

So I cleverly worded my post to avoid violating community standards:

See? No responses! They can’t come up with a single success story where mortality dropped after the shot. Interesting, isn’t it? Nobody else could either when I asked a larger audience for their experience (pro and con). The death rate always goes up, usually by a factor of 3X after the shots are rolled out to the very people that it is supposed to be most beneficial to.

BIG NEWS: CDC, FDA Flag Early Signal of Stroke Risk With Bivalent COVID Vaccine

They are lying when they claim ischemic stroke is showing up only in VSD. They only admit what they are forced to admit. They know they are lying. This is a very corrupt organization as I pointed out in my article “The CDC has been ignoring the DEATH safety signal in VAERS for more than two years now.”

In any sane world, Rochelle Walensky would be fired and replaced with someone who will clean up the agency. But this is not a sane world. Congress completely trusts the CDC and looks the other way. If you claim the CDC is corrupt, you are labeled a conspiracy theorist and they stop returning your calls.

Only Senator Ron Johnson is holding them accountable, but they completely ignore him. That will cost them when the Republicans take the Senate. Then it will be payback time. I can’t wait.

Junk science study on monkeypox in “women” was 47% biological MEN

Image: Junk science study on monkeypox in “women” was 47% biological MEN

(Natural News) The establishment’s laughably failed attempt to push a monkeypox pandemic hoax following the collapse of the covid pandemic hoax produced a hilarious study claiming that women contract monkeypox just like men do – except for the fact that nearly half of the study’s “women” were actually biological men.

Published in the once-reputable journal The Lancet, the study was conducted for the apparent purpose of scaring everyone, regardless of their sex, about monkeypox. After it became abundantly obvious that primarily homosexual men contract it, the goal was to spread fear among both genders.

In order to do this, researchers compiled a participation pool that comprised of 47 percent transgender “women,” meaning men in drag who may or may not have male genitalia. These men, we are told, constitute “women” for the purposes of progressive science.

“There were 62 ‘trans women,’ 69 [real] women, and 5 non-binary individuals who were grouped with the [real] women to form a category of ‘people assigned female at birth,’” reported The Post Millennial about how the study was constructed.

In the end, both the real women and the fake women developed “anogenital lesions … reflective of sexual practices: vulvovaginal lesions predominated in cis women and non-binary individuals and anorectal features predominated in trans women.”

In other words, real women develop monkeypox according to their genitalia while fake women develop it according to theirs. This is not rocket science, but this is also what passes for “science” in the West in 2023. (Related: Monkeypox is a “gay” disease.)


Liberals ruin everything, including science

This is the same The Lancet that published a now-retracted fake science paper about covid back in 2020. The journal’s editors are apparently hellbent on destroying what little credibility remains for the publication.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world looks on in horror and perhaps amusement at the absolute insanity of “progressive” ideology, which seemingly becomes crazier by the day.

“This is a bizarre study,” tweeted researcher Maya Forstater. “It concludes ‘The clinical features of monkeypox in women and non-binary individuals were similar to those described in men’ – (but) 47% of the women were male.”

“It is hardly surprising they had clinical features similar to men,” she further jested about the lunacy of this study.

As is probably one of their goals, the leftists behind this study are undermining the public’s trust in the medical world by publishing this tripe in the first place.

“Same people doing these studies are the folks angry that people are not trusting medical authorities and consuming ‘misinformation,’” tweeted Jeremy Carl, a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute.

Many others on Twitter rightfully criticized the study and its authors for using derogatory and offensive terms like “cis” and “assigned female at birth” to describe real women.

“I doubt all the science in that journal when words like ‘non-binary,’ ‘trans,’ and ‘cis’ are used,” one of them wrote.

This would hardly be the first time that The Lancet has used such grotesque terms. In its September issue from last year, the journal degradingly described real women as “bodies with vaginas.”

The issue itself was grotesque all on its own as it centered around the concept of “Periods on display” and what it described as “the cultural movement against menstrual shame and #PeriodPoverty.”

Real women everywhere are growing weary of all this derogatory bashing of their personhood. Some of them formed a protest recently outside The Lancet‘s London office, a video clip of which you can watch below:

#HearMeRoar shame on the Lancet

— Lily Maynard (@LilyLilyMaynard) October 8, 2021

More news about the latest scamdemics being pushed by the globalists can be found at

Sources for this article include:

Covid was a military bioweapons program – including the “vaccines” – warns Sasha Latypova

Image: Covid was a military bioweapons program – including the “vaccines” – warns Sasha Latypova

(Natural News) The cat is out of the bag concerning the direct role played by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) in launching “covid countermeasures,” including the so-called “vaccine.”

The entire covid charade, revealed the AI Chat Bot when asked: “What was the role of the DoD in covid countermeasures?” was a military bioweapons program used to imprison the world under oppressive tyranny.

“The Department of Defense (DoD) played a significant role in the development of countermeasures against COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus,” the AI Chat Bot said. “The DoD worked closely with other federal agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to respond to the pandemic.”

“One of the main roles of the DoD in the COVID-19 response was to provide logistical support and medical resources to help healthcare workers and first responders on the front lines of the pandemic. The DoD also worked to develop and distribute personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies to support the response efforts.”

The AI Chat Bot also revealed that the DoD “provided funding and resources to support the development of vaccines and treatments” for covid – one of them being the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) through its “Rapid Response Research” program.

“Overall, the DoD played a vital role in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic by providing logistical support, medical resources, and funding for research and development efforts to combat the disease,” the AI Chat Bot concluded in its answer.


(Related: Hunter Biden was in charge of an investment firm that funded bioweapons research in Ukraine.)

The government’s “covid countermeasures” spending was for “demonstrations” and “prototypes” only, information shows – it was ALL FAKE

This is significant because it ties into the revelations that were procured via Freedom of Information Act Request (FOIA) and SEC disclosures concerning taxpayer money that was spent on covid countermeasures through “Other Transactions Authority” (OTA) contracts.

These OTA contracts demonstrate the wide scope of government involvement in the covid scamdemic, referring to its anti-virus measures as “demonstrations” and “prototypes” only – meaning none of it was real.

“In other words, the US Government and DOD specifically ordered a fake theatrical performance from the pharmaceutical manufacturers,” explains Sasha Latypova, writing for Due Diligence and Art.

“Just to make extra certain that the pharmas are free to conduct the fakery, the contracts include the removal of all liability for the manufacturers and any contractors along the supply and distribution chain under the 2005 PREP Act and related federal legislation.”

The use of OTA contracts was specific and purposeful due to the fact that their funding bypasses regulation. There is also minimal financial accountability attached to OTA contracts compared to standard government contracting.

“‘Other’ is a catchall category that is not a contract, not a research grant, not a procurement, etc.: not any normally regulated / accountable government contracting,” Latypova writes.

Concerning the so-called “vaccines,” the use of OTA contracts also bypasses the normal safety and efficacy requirements for vaccines, including compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). This is why the shots were able to be unleashed at warp speed in a matter of months as opposed to many years.

Pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna were, of course, part of these contracts, as was the Israeli government and BioNTech. The scam was carved out years in advance and thrust through the system through sinister means, which is why Pfizer and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fought, but failed, to keep these contracts a secret for the next 75 years.

“Behind the scenes, the ‘official enemies’ are partners and co-investors into ‘joint ventures’ against us, people of the world,” Latypova reveals about how it is one big dark and shady cabal versus the rest of us.

The latest news about covid can be found at

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Free state of Florida moves to ban tracking of firearms, ammo purchases because it's no one's business

Image: Free state of Florida moves to ban tracking of firearms, ammo purchases because it’s no one’s business

(Natural News) Officials in the “free state” of Florida are moving to bar the tracking of gun and ammunition purchases because they say such information isn’t relevant to anything except to provide it to the government at some point, which is unnecessary and none of Uncle Sam’s business.

The move would block state financial institutions from implementing firearms and ammunition sales tracking codes, with officials arguing that doing so amounts to an unconstitutional infringement on the Second Amendment.

The three state officials, all of who are, unsurprisingly, Republicans, touted the “Florida Arms and Ammo Act,” a first-in-the-country policy proposal to ban the tracking of sales of guns and ammo through merchant category codes.

The proposal was introduced by Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Wilton Simpson, along with state Sen. Danny Burgess and state Rep. John Snyder, who argued that the codes would create something of a gun and ammunition registry for Florida residents, The Epoch Times reported this week.

“We are all blessed to live in the free state of Florida where our Second Amendment rights are valued and protected, but Democrats in Washington continue to try to chip away at these rights—and we must stay vigilant,”  Simpson, a former state Senate president who was sworn in recently as the state’s agriculture commissioner, noted in a statement.

The outlet reported further:

Gun-control advocates and Democrat lawmakers pushed for the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to recently adopt new merchant category codes that can be used to identify retail sales of firearms and ammunition when made by credit card.


A coalition of national gun-control groups, including Guns Down America, Giffords, Brady, and New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, issued a joint statement applauding the new tracking codes when the ISO approved their creation in September 2022.

The groups said that the decision “paves the way for credit card companies to help law enforcement preempt mass shootings and firearm trafficking by identifying suspicious patterns of firearms and ammunition purchases” via the merchant codes for some 9,000 federally licensed firearms dealers in the United States.

At the same time, major credit card companies have agreed to implement the codes, with liberty-stealing authoritarian Democrats in Congress praising the decision in a letter to American Express, Mastercard, and Visa.

“This sensible decision also reflects a commitment to prevent gun violence and the unnecessary loss of life,” reads the Oct. 20, 2022, letter, signed by 118 Dems in total, without a single Republican member signing on.

In addition to Florida, 23 other state attorneys general have contacted the credit card companies and have asked them not to track gun and ammo purchases.

“First, efforts to track and monitor sales at gun stores would only result in vague and misleading information. This categorization would not recognize the difference, for example, between the purchase of a gun safe and a firearm,” they noted in a letter to the companies in September.

The codes also would not accurately capture gun sales at some department stores, which would result in “arbitrarily disparate treatment” targeting sellers and buyers at gun stores.

“More importantly, purposefully tracking this information can only result in its misuse, either unintentional or deliberate,” the attorneys general wrote.

The state AGs went on to note that tracking such information “only matters if your institutions are considering using that information to take further, harmful action—like infringing upon consumer privacy, inhibiting constitutionally protected purchases by selectively restricting the use of your payment systems, or otherwise withholding your financial services from targeted ‘disfavored’ merchants.”

“The Second Amendment is a fundamental right, but it’s also a fundamental American value. Our financial institutions should stop lending their market power to those who wish to attack that value,” they wrote, adding they are prepared to go to court, if need be, “to protect our citizens and consumers from unlawful attempts to undermine their constitutional rights.”

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JPMorgan Chase burned! Buys college financial aid platform for a fortune then learns most users were fake

Image: JPMorgan Chase burned! Buys college financial aid platform for a fortune then learns most users were fake

(Natural News) When billionaire Elon Musk initially balked at buying Twitter after making a $44 billion bid on the platform last spring because he was concerned that an inordinate amount of users were fake, he was on to something.

In September, for instance, according to an analysis by leading cyber security specialist Dan Woods, who formerly worked for the FBI and CIA, he concluded that as many as 80 percent of Twitter accounts are bots, The Australian reported.

“Sure sounds higher than 5%!” Musk wrote on the platform in response to Woods’ findings, a reference to what he was told by the former Twitter management team as the sale of the platform was taking place.

Sure sounds higher than 5%!

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 1, 2022

“More than 80 percent of Twitter accounts are likely bots, according to former CIA and FBI cyber security specialist Dan Woods, who created a fake profile and quickly gained more than 100,000 fake followers in one weekend by purchasing them on the dark web,” the outlet reported.

“Mr Woods, who studies bot traffic as part of his current role with global cyber security provider F5, told The Australian that Twitter’s bot traffic was almost certainly far greater than it has expressed publicly and greater than it believes internally,” the outlet continued.

The point is the platform had a lot more fake accounts than perhaps even the old Twitter management team realized — or was willing to admit.

Now, another company has learned the hard, expensive way that online platforms today are mostly inhabited by trolls, bots, and deep state actors seeking to manipulate, control, or spread propaganda.


The Wall Street Journal reported:

Chase & Co. is suing the leaders of Frank, a financial-aid business it bought for $175 million in 2021, alleging they duped the bank by making up millions of fake student accounts to show it had a growing business. 

The bank filed a lawsuit late last month in a Delaware federal court against Frank executives Charlie Javice and Olivier Amar, alleging widespread fraud at a company that is marketed as helping families navigate the complex college financial-aid process. Frank offered a tool to simplify federal financial-aid forms, as well as listings of scholarships and low-cost college courses. 

In the summer of 2021, Ms. Javice approached the financial giant about potentially acquiring it, the lawsuit states. At the time, she claimed the platform had some 4.25 million users, according to the bank, but in reality, the platform had fewer than 300,000 actual users, says the lawsuit, or a fraction — 10 percent — of what JPMorgan was told.

“Rather than reveal the truth, Javice first pushed back on [JPMorgan’s] request, arguing that she could not share her customer list due to privacy concerns,” the bank noted in its court filing. “After [JPMorgan] insisted, Javice chose to invent several million Frank customer accounts out of whole cloth.”

Arrogantly, Javice filed a separate lawsuit against the bank in Delaware state court just days before she was sued, claiming that she’s owed millions of dollars for money she laid out while she had to defend herself against a wave of internal investigations that started in the spring of 2022. The suit states she was fired from the bank in November.

She called the investigations “groundless” and said the bank “manufactured a for-cause termination in bad faith.” She also insisted that JPMorgan Chase was refusing to pay her some $28 million she claims she is owed.

Alex Spiro, an attorney for Javice, described the bank’s lawsuit as “nothing but a cover.”

“After JPM rushed to acquire Charlie’s rocketship business, JPM realized they couldn’t work around existing student privacy laws, committed misconduct and then tried to retrade the deal. Charlie blew the whistle and then sued,” he noted.

The fact is, the vast majority of ‘users’ on nearly all social media and online platforms are fake. It’s not a real world, and this case proves that point once again.

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