Told You So

 By Anna Von Reitz

Some years ago, while roaming about wherever my curiosity about Nature would take me, I discovered an alarming fact: the amount of available atmospheric oxygen is steeply declining, a whopping 5% in the past hundred and fifty years alone.  
This means that we are living in an oxygen-deprived environment, compared to the evolutionary environment that our bodies developed in, and that in turn has many, many consequences for our biology overall and our individual biological functions. 
For one thing, our food is not being completely combusted and reduced as it should be, leaving many toxic metabolic by-products floating around our bloodstream and over-burdening our livers and skins and kidneys.
It also means that our blood pH is shifted toward the acidic side of the spectrum, instead of remaining relatively neutral — which has other effects on our biochemistry, including our electrochemical functions — impacting our brains and our nervous systems and all adding up to chronic damage to our adrenal glands.  
At the same time that we are being exposed to fantastically elevated amounts of sugar in our diets, we are less able to metabolize sugar completely, which leads the brain, the most sugar-dependent organ, to store up sugar as a defensive mechanism that ultimately back-fires.  Our brains become pickled in sugar, similar to preserving apricots as jam. 
If you want to reverse or avoid “Alzheimer’s Syndrome” cut sugar out of your diet as much as possible, drink plenty of pure water, and encourage your liver and pancreas to recover their full functionality.  
The overall acidity, caused by oxygen depletion, also lends itself to chronic inflammatory responses.  The body “knows” that it is under stress and responds with hyperactive inflammatory responses that lead to chronic arthritis and similar ailments. 
Lack of oxygen messes with your body’s ability to metabolize fats, too, leading to chronic obesity.  
I have known this for many years now, so I have been a voice crying in the wilderness saying, “The reason we have elevated carbon dioxide levels is that we have depleted oxygen levels.  It’s messing with the carbon cycle!’ 
It’s also messing with the internal biosphere of our bodies. 
And it is no secret why we are suffering depleted oxygen levels.  Pollution of the oceans is leading to the death of oceanic flora and fauna on an unprecedented scale.  Reckless harvesting to the world’s forests is only adding to the problem.  
Perhaps the worst part of the pollution problem, however, is not being caused by cows farting or even by mechanized farming practices (which should be opposed with might and main) but by the proliferation of unnatural chemical substances, which companies like Bayer-Monsanto and Dow Chemical and all these pharmaceutical corporations gin up and unleash on the natural world without a backward glance. 
Now, they are even tinkering with our genome and creating atrocities like human-pig hybrids under laboratory conditions.  
Into this seething cauldron of misguided and politicized “science” comes a sensible therapy — one that offsets the effects of reduced atmospheric oxygen: 
As Doctor Kalker notes, this is not “bleach” we are talking about.  Chlorine dioxide therapy unleashes a chlorite ion that does two wonderful things: first, when encountering an acidic point source in the body, the chlorine is dispatched to neutralize it, and second, the oxygen is donated to the oxygen-starved red blood cells.  
This then leads to natural healing of the entire system.  The body comes back into balance and systems start working as they are intended to work again.  pH returns to normal.  Sugar and fats are properly metabolized again.  The electrochemistry of the body is restored, so chronic inflammation disappears. We are getting enough oxygen so we can think and function properly again. 
We need to pay attention to the facts, not the politics. We need to enforce the facts on the politicians and bring down the evil corporations that are polluting the natural world.  The sooner, the better.  
It’s so simple, it’s stupid simple.  We are living in a polluted, oxygen-depleted environment, so this chlorine dioxide therapy allows us to: (1) clean up and clear out the toxins caused by incomplete metabolism, and (2) increases the dissolved (available) oxygen content of our blood; this in turn corrects the imbalances that caused the problems in the first place. 
Every politician, every general, every diplomat, and every schoolchild on Earth needs to know these facts — and then, we all need to join together to put an end to the evil corporations that are destroying the Earth and our health along with it.  

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