My email to FAA Surgeon Susan Northrup: explain this or I will call for your resignation

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Susan Northrup may find these tips handy

I sent the email below just now to Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup and I texted her a message to make sure she reads her work email.

I think her days are numbered. In addition, the Prep act doesn’t cover the FAA. And Susan may be personally liable for her actions in deliberately choosing to look the other way (my lawyers are researching this).

Here’s the email:

For more context, see my earlier article: EXCLUSIVE: I just put the FAA in a “no win” situation. If there is not a PROPER investigation, heads should roll.

I think we are going to find out very soon how deep the corruption is at the FAA.


Big Data, Transhumanism and Why the Singularity May Be Faked

transhumanism eugenics rebranded

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  • Silicon Valley is essentially fused with the national security state. Silicon Valley is now also entering into joint ventures with medical companies, and many of these ventures are financed by groups like In-Q-Tel, which is the CIA’s venture capital arm

  • There’s a concerted effort to frame transhumanism — which is really the new eugenics — as health care. Joint ventures involving Big Tech, Big Pharma and the security state typically focus on products and services that normalize and further the transhumanist agenda

  • Food and agriculture are also being tossed into the mix. The U.S. government has launched a “Food is Medicine” program, which is yet another way for the government to seize control of the population. Food as medicine will be used to get you into their control system, and keep you there

  • In 2023 and 2024, watch for the rollout of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). It’s crucial that as many people as possible refuse the system during the initial voluntary phase. Once it becomes mandatory, it cannot be stopped and all freedoms will be lost

  • If the singularity cannot be achieved, technocrats may end up faking it, because if they can blame eugenics, depopulation and other unethical decisions on artificial intelligence running the government, they can do whatever they want, with no repercussions

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I recently interviewed investigative journalist Whitney Webb about her two-volume book series, “One Nation Under Blackmail.” She’s been on tour, promoting the books in dozens of interviews.

Here, we discuss some of her experiences since the release of her books, and delve deeper into the disturbing merger of the intelligence state, Silicon Valley and medicine, and how transhumanism — eugenics rebranded — is being rolled out under the guise of health care.

We also talk about censorship and other tactics used to mold public perception, and how artificial intelligence may be overhyped to give technocrats and eugenicists carte blanche to do whatever they want without having any accountability.

Her book tour brought her back to the U.S. for the first time in eight years. When asked about her first impressions after being gone for such a long time, she expresses surprise at how willing Americans have become to embrace spy tools like Ring cameras on their front doors.

“This is actually troubling,” she says, “because a lot of those tech companies, Google included, are contractors for the military and for intelligence. I think it would be naive to assume they don’t have backdoor access to those devices, knowing when you’re home and when you’re not and all of that.

I think it’s interesting, the willingness of so many people, so many households, to invite that type of technology into their homes. I didn’t see inside people’s homes much, but a lot of people, as I understand it, have things like Amazon’s Alexa. Numerous stories have come out that they’re recording you without your consent, even though they say they’re not.

But people still continue to use the product, and I really wish people would wise up about inviting that type of technology into your house. So much of what we’re being sold today is being marketed as convenience, but really a lot of it is really just the building blocks for the infrastructure of a very dangerous and Orwellian system of control.”

As a former contributor to Mint Print Press News, which provides a lot of great coverage on the encroaching surveillance state, Webb knows a thing or two about Orwellian systems of control. Much of her work there focused on the intersection of intelligence agencies and Silicon Valley.

“Even after I left and started to do my own thing, I maintained a lot of that focus,” she says. “I guess a theme of my work would be the structure of power and how it really works. If you’re looking at Silicon Valley today, it’s very clear that it’s essentially fused with the national security state …

One thing we’ve seen happen, specifically during the COVID era, is that Big Pharma is now getting in this mix. There’s a lot of merging happening between Big Pharma and Silicon Valley. You’re seeing this with a lot of joint ventures into the health care space of Silicon Valley companies. A lot of it’s through wearables and these efforts to normalize technology like CRISPR or nanotechnology injectables.

You’re seeing them all come together, and a lot of these joint ventures or companies in this particular space that’s spanning big pharma in Silicon Valley tend to have a lot of funding from groups like In-Q-Tel, which is the CIA’s venture capital arm.

I think we’re seeing, in the effort to push through this technocratic transhumanist system, a lot more overlap between the power structure of the national security state in Silicon Valley with Big Pharma. And that’s very, very bad. I don’t know how else to put that.

It’s awful. I think more people should be paying a lot more attention to that specifically … [There’s] an effort to frame transhumanism — which is really the new eugenics — as health care, and that’s what a lot of this is about.”

Food and agriculture are also being tossed into the mix. In early December 2022, I wrote about how John Rockefeller eliminated food from medicine 112 years ago and how, now, The Rockefeller Foundation is working with the White House to bring nutrition back in. While it sounds like a great idea, the real purpose is the same now as it was a century ago. It’s all about controlling the population. As noted by Webb:

“If these people take over the food supply, they’ll be framing it as a return to ‘food is medicine,’ but it’s not. Well, it’s not exactly food as medicine as people would think of it when someone like you talks about that concept …

This idea, for example, of putting vaccines in your food, like in tomatoes. Eating one of these GMO tomatoes is the equivalent of taking a vaccine and stuff like that … It’s taking this age-old adage and twisting it to fit their purposes. Food as medicine is only convenient to them when it’s not something that actually heals you, but [rather] something that keeps you in this new system they’re creating.”

As we record this in late November 2022, we seem to be in a bit of a lull, in terms of tyrannical overreaches. It’s a bit like being in the eye of a hurricane. You know the storm will be upon you yet, again, it’s only a matter of time. The question is, what comes next?

“I think there’s a couple things to watch really closely in the next year,” Webb says. “One is how this World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty, which tries to [supersede] the Constitution, not just of the U.S. but pretty much every country that signs it.

That’s definitely something to pay close attention to, because if that does get passed, I think it’s likely we’ll see an effort to repeat a lot of what we saw during COVID 19 from these particular groups. And if it’s not signed, I think they’re going to wait …

They’re waiting to get that type of new authority so they don’t have to deal with so much dissent, whether it’s from nation states or from particular domestic populations that have had enough and are unlikely to believe all of this a second time.

I think they’re really counting on having that WHO super-national authority in order to go forward with the biosecurity agenda, in terms of a repeat of what we saw in recent years.

The other thing I think is really important is the central bank digital currency (CBDC) agenda. Almost every country in the world at this point — there are exceptions, but I think it’s a majority — have some sort of CBDC pilot program going on right now. In the U.S., they’ve even announced they’re doing pilots of [CBDCs] with commercial banks like JP Morgan and some of the big financial giants of Wall Street.

I would say that either 2023 or 2024 is likely to be the year of the CBDC. In countries where they’ve already launched a CBDC, or have a very advanced pilot program, it’s framed first as voluntary, and then of course, once enough people start using it, it becomes the only form of legal tender in use. At least that’s the end game for CBDCs in any particular country.”

As explained by Webb, CBDCs are programmable money. The Central Bank will decide when, where and on what you’re allowed to spend your money. You also cannot save when and however much you want, because some of the CBDCs have expiration dates. Use it or lose it. You don’t get to decide when you spend your money, the state does.

CBDCs can also be programmed to only work for certain types of items, including certain types of food. If your health records indicate you have a health problem, your CBDCs can be programmed such that you cannot buy foods deemed unhealthy for you. Purchases can also be blocked based on your carbon footprint score, and they can be blocked based on geofencing parameters.

“If they declare a lockdown, for example, and you’re not allowed to go five miles beyond your home, your money won’t work five miles beyond your home. That’s basically why CBDCs are attractive to the powers that be. But they’re going to frame it as voluntary first, before it moves into involuntary.

We’re going to see it pop up in a lot more countries over the next two years. And obviously, that is the phase to mass reject CBDCs in any way you can … I’ll go back to COVID for a second to explain where I’m trying to go here.

I understand and have empathy for people that didn’t want to lose their jobs and were worried about being thrown into a position of poverty, so they took the vaccine because of the mandates. But the more steps you take down that path of, ‘It’s convenient,’ the harder it will be to go on the alternative path later on.

For people that were in that situation with COVID 19, that should have been a huge wake up call to start doing something different and think about how to get off that path …

… if you went down that path, and then go down the CBDC path just because it’s more convenient for now, there’s going to come a point where, if you make enough compromises, it’s going to be almost impossible, if not entirely impossible, to redirect and go towards a different outcome.

These are things that are very important for people to pay attention to right now, in terms of developments, and plan how to keep your family independent of these types of systems and resilient in the face of all the shocks to the system that we already see coming.”

As noted by Webb, those who will feel the squeeze of tyranny first are the poor and lower-middle class. We’re already seeing how they’re planning to encourage mass adoption of CBDCs through various assistance programs such as food stamps.

As food and energy prices continue to soar, more and more people will qualify for government assistance and be forced into those systems. Webb also suspects that any future stimulus checks, if there are additional long-term lockdowns, may be paid out only in CBDCs.

“It’s a very insidious plan,” Webb says. “They’re trying to reduce the standard of living of people, and then in order for them to maintain their standard of living, they’re forcing them to adopt a control system disguised as a monetary system …

They’re going to frame it as voluntary before it becomes involuntary. That stage where it’s voluntary is when it’s critical for people to act [and reject it] … I don’t think we can prevent them from implementing it, but you can prevent yourself, your family and your community from adopting that system, and use a parallel economic system [instead].”

While some have speculated that decentralized digital currencies such as Bitcoin might work as a parallel economic system, the problem with that idea is that government could easily make it illegal. They’ve already promised to implement new regulations of that space.

The safest alternatives are those that government cannot regulate or make illegal (at least not easily). This includes trading and bartering of goods and services, without any type of currency, with the exception perhaps of physical gold and silver.

“So, so we have to think about these sorts of things when countering the CBDC agenda,” Webb says. “That voluntary stage is the time to make those plans so you don’t get swept up when it moves from voluntary to involuntary, which they are definitely going to do, or attempt to do.

But it will only be successful if there’s mass adoption. The more people who opt out and do some sort of parallel system for their economic activity at the neighborhood or community level, the less successful that agenda will be.”

While it seems we’re headed into a dystopian future that cannot be avoided, and with no clear means of escape, Webb feels there is still reason to be optimistic. Importantly, more people than ever before are now getting wise to the globalists’ agenda, and are hungry for explanations about what’s really going on.

People who want the truth are more likely to search for it, and are ready to take it in. They’re less likely to stick their head in the sand and write everything off as a baseless conspiracy theory.

“I think a lot of people on a visceral level know something is really wrong. And I think that’s why there are so many efforts to censor that type of information. I also think there is a major investment by the state in efforts to make us think we are a minority when we are not.

More than anything else, what social media is used for by the powers that be is to make us think certain ideas are more popular than they really are. [Take] the bot situation on Twitter … a lot of those bots serve to promote ideas that many people don’t necessarily have, or make certain figures or ideas look more popular than they are …

When you combine that with the censorship, removing ideas that otherwise would be popular with real authentic accounts … you’re manipulating people’s perception of how the rest of the country feels … A lot of what’s going on right now on social media is to completely change how we perceive a particular situation or agenda, in the hopes that change in perception will cause a change in behavior.

If you’re censoring an idea, you’re trying to take it out of the public mind and have it just not be part of the discourse anymore. That obviously causes a change in perception, because you’re only having one idea, or a very small spectrum of opinion about a particular idea, out there.

That’s all people are going to engage with if you censor all the other takes. The idea is to completely wipe out dissent so that everyone has a rather homogenous perception of events, people, ideas and agendas, and then from there, behavior will be molded to the benefit of these particular powers.”

When it comes to Twitter, with Elon Musk now at the helm many are hoping it will become a bastion of free-speech. Webb, however, is skeptical. She suspects Musk is promoting free speech and reinstating banned accounts because he wants to turn Twitter into a U.S. version of WeChat, an “everything app” that’s connected to digital ID, CBDCs and the social credit system. The more users he has, the more people will be lured into the digital prison system.

“We’re in this paradigm shift, where we’re going from an oil-based economy to a data-based economy. Data is the new oil, and whoever owns the ‘everything app’ in this new system is going to be the king of the castle of the new economy. They’re going to be the Rockefellers of the data age,” she says.

“There’s nothing good about that. I think what we’re seeing right now is an effort to coax people back Twitter, and there might be some benefits to that. But ultimately, what Elon Musk is interested in is the data and getting more people on Twitter than before, with the goal of turning it into WeChat, which is a segue to this ‘everything app.’

And it’s worth pointing out that the company behind WeChat, Tencent, is one of the most active advisors to Tesla and a major shareholder in Tesla. There is a relationship there.”

Webb and I also discuss the growing role of artificial intelligence (AI), and the role of social media in feeding AI with data for programs relating to pandemic outbreak detection and pre-crime. But while AI and its successor, artificial general intelligence (AGI), has impressive capabilities, Webb believes there’s a lot of false hype, and that this hype will be used to shield human powerbrokers from accountability.

“A lot has been said about the role of AI in our lives once it reaches a particular point referred to as the singularity, which is where AI intelligence allegedly outpaces human intelligence so extensively and so rapidly that it’ll basically take over. If you ask me, based on everything I’ve seen, I don’t think the singularity is actually possible. Or if it is possible, I think it’s very far away.

But if you are the people behind … this agenda — people like Eric Schmidt and Henry Kissinger who just put out their ‘New Age of AI’ book, which has a lot about AI and its role in government, basically having AI become the government — all you really need to do is convince people … that the singularity is here and … that it’s so far superior to human intelligence that we should outsource all our decision-making to it.

Then, there’s a Wizard of Oz type guy … behind the curtain who makes the decisions. If you look at what Schmidt and Kissinger and these guys say about AI and government, they say it’s going to be so far above our intelligence that there’s no way for the AI to explain its decision-making. It’ll just be ‘The computer says this.’

And if you’re basically organized crime, running the government, which I would argue is the situation today, and you don’t want to have to explain the reasons for your policy because it’s a horrible reason that no one would agree with, what a great curtain, what a great facade to have for your smart dictatorship.

They just have to say that it was the AI’s decision. They have plausible deniability about everything, don’t they? And a lot of the stuff they say in that context is very unsettling. Stuff like, AI may decide to sacrifice hundreds of thousands, if not millions of their own population to win.

If the goal given is winning, then AI is willing to make all sorts of sacrifices that humans wouldn’t make. But if you look at people like Kissinger and Eric Schmidt, they’d be very happy to kill a bunch of people and then blame it on AI for the decision.

They don’t care about killing millions of people. They care about expanding their money and power infinitely. How do you have plausible deniability about that and get away with mass murder, eugenics programs and population control? You say ‘There’s this new super intelligence thing that’s going to take over government because it’s so superior. It’s going to churn out policies and we’re just going to follow them.’

It’s the new god basically. It’s superior to us and it can’t explain how it got to this conclusion because it thinks so differently from us. So, we just have to follow what it says, but we’re not responsible for what it says at the same time …

People like Ray Kurzweil said the singularity was going to happen a long time ago and it didn’t happen. And if you look at programs like Welcome Leap … where they’re trying to map baby brains and child brains by forcing kids to use very invasive, biometric technology … because they think that will create the singularity — that, to me, says they are grasping at straws.

They have no way of producing something equivalent to the human brain. They can mimic stuff very successfully with AI and they have done so, but in terms of creating consciousness? These are the most unconscious people on the entire planet trying to recreate consciousness in their image. Good luck … I think they’re going to try and fake it.

And, here’s the other thing. This whole inevitability of AI narrative is a major marketing narrative necessary to get transhumanist technologies widely adopted … The super intelligent singularity stuff is most likely a PSYOP to get you into the transhumanist box that you’re not going to get out of. Once you get a brain chip, there’s no going back.”

Clearly, we all face enormous challenges in the years ahead, regardless of where we live, as this is a global takeover. So, what can you do to prepare? Here are some of Webb’s recommendations:

  • Build community and local parallel economies.

  • Build your knowledgebase on how to grow and raise food, even if you’re not in a position to grow food right now. There are many free videos online that you can peruse. Ideally, download them so you can watch them offline, even if the internet goes down.

    Books on homesteading and basic survival skills are also a valuable investment. “Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills” is one option.

    As a general rule going forward, you’ll want hard copies or copies on external hard drives of any information that you want to have access to in the future, as the internet is becoming increasingly scrubbed of important information. If using an external hard drive, make sure you store it in a faraday bag to protect the information from electromagnetic weapons.

  • Stock up on backup supplies such as food and energy generators. Also have a plan for how to secure potable water. Since the economy is collapsing and inflation skyrocketing, your money is not doing you much good in the bank. You’re losing purchasing power with each passing month, and a bank bail-in could wipe you out completely. So, if you need survival items, buying them now might be one of the better investment strategies out there.

  • Do everything you can to avoid entering the CBDC system when it rolls out.

  • Go back to using more cash if you don’t do that already. Also, consider cutting back on your online usage, social media in particular. “If things get really bad and the war on domestic terror gets underway and there’s all this profiling going on, I would stay as far away from the online world as you can,” Webb says.

In closing, Webb is now investigating the FTX scandal. Could we end up seeing a Volume 3 in her “One Nation Under Blackmail” series? Perhaps, but she’s not making any promises. She’s also working on an investigative series with Ian Davis about the United Nations sustainable development goals, showing point by point “the agenda under the hood.”

To stay abreast of Webb’s work, sign up for her newsletter at Unlimited Hangout. There you will also get the best price for her two-volume series “One Nation Under Blackmail.” I couldn’t recommend her site more strongly. She’s a world-class investigator, and is willing to take deep dives into crucial topics few others dare to touch.

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Health Starts in Your Mouth

importance of oral health

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  • Your teeth are organs that are connected to your nervous system via the trigeminal nerve, one of the 12 cranial nerves

  • In his book, “It’s All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness,” biological dentist Dr. Dominik Nischwitz presents a holistic treatment program for whole-body health and well-being

  • Nischwitz has developed a Bone Healing Protocol that includes micronutrients such as vitamins D, C and K2, magnesium and B vitamins. Your vitamin D3 level should ideally be above 60 ng/mL for proper bone formation

  • His holistic treatment plan includes removing or addressing oral interferences such as metal fillings, root canals and cavitations

  • Cavities and resulting problems can be avoided altogether by following an optimized lifestyle program where you’re getting ideal levels of sun exposure and nutrition, and avoid toxins and certain dietary culprits such as gluten and dairy

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In this interview, Dr. Dominik Nischwitz, author of “It’s All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness,” discusses his “all-in-one” holistic treatment program, and why addressing your oral health can have far-reaching whole body benefits.

Nischwitz is a biological dentist, like his father before him, and has served as president of the International Society of Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) since 2019.

As a child, Nischwitz “was always a little bit sick” and was frequently treated with antibiotics for recurrent throat infections. At the age of 14, his wisdom teeth were extracted. Age 15 brought on appendicitis and severe acne, which were also treated with antibiotics for months at a time.

“I thought it was normal to be just a little sick and then a little healthy … Then they wanted to take out my tonsils when I was 16. My mom said, ‘Ah, let’s get a second opinion. Go to this naturopathic doctor’ … He tested me with kinesiology and … told me, ‘You’re just allergic to milk … This is an allergy.’

[Removing milk] helped. My tonsils are still in there and it took me a few more years to actually look into dentistry. I was [doing] civil service at a Red Cross as a paramedic … and you have to do an internship in the clinic.

Maybe it’s coincidence. They put me in dental clinic … I applied to university, made the cut, and started without knowing anything. Finally, I got interested [in health] … because at the same time, I was starting to work out. I just wanted to perform better.”

Following the advice given in a bodybuilding magazine, Nischwitz started eating 3,000 calories a day to gain mass. Little did he know all calories are not equal, and after a year of eating noodles and tuna, he’d gained 20 kilos (about 44 pounds), although it wasn’t all muscle.

“I didn’t know it was health that I was missing. I was just focusing on performance and of course muscle gain. Maybe it was just an aesthetic thing, but I learned everything I could about nutrition …

I tried every possible diet. I used every supplement. I was the guy in university who had his box of food always with him, not even knowing that it maybe was also too much carbs … But I learned a lot from this.”

Eventually, Nischwitz learned about the effects dental amalgam has on health, which “totally clicked with everything nutrition-wise” he was learning. “Every minute in my residency when I wasn’t drilling out amalgam fillings, I was searching the internet for stuff to remove, to detox, how the liver phases work, basically, everything possible,” he says. “I was really curious to find real solutions.”

Nischwitz now focuses on what he calls an “all-in-one concept” of health, starting with the mouth.

“Your teeth are organs that are connected to your whole nervous system and basically are part of your brain, kind of like your eyes,” he says. “You have this massive brain nerve there called the trigeminal nerve. It’s one of the 12 cranial nerves and takes up 50% of the space of all the other ones, so it’s quite important.”

To get started, patients will send him their current panoramic X-rays, a medical questionnaire, and their vitamin D3 and LDL blood work to provide some basic knowledge of their health.

Next, the patient must be properly prepared through nutrition and other lifestyle changes. “It’s basically the same stuff you would do for a patient of every other functional medicine doctor. Go as natural as possible,” Nischwitz says.

His book contains two charts, one red and one green. The red chart describes common food intolerances and food toxins, and their alternatives. All patients are asked to go grain- and dairy-free. The green chart lists healthy carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins to add to your diet.

Nischwitz has also developed a Bone Healing Protocol that includes certain micronutrients and focuses on high doses of vitamin D3. Vitamin D levels, for example, should ideally be above 60 nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL), and if your levels are low to begin with, you may need to take a supplement for several months before your treatments begin. The protocol also stresses magnesium, vitamin K2, vitamin C and B vitamins.

“So, they come into this health optimization week already immunologically boosted,” Nischwitz. “The nervous system is already very good. What we’re trying to achieve then is bring the patient from chronic sympathetic nervous system mode into parasympathetic [mode] …”

Nischwitz’s all-in-one treatment plan includes removing or addressing oral interference such as:

  • Metal fillings — Mercury (amalgam) fillings (and all other metal restorations) are removed safely using specialized rubber dams and cleanup suction, as well as other parameters to ensure mercury vapors are not recirculated into the system, as this can lead to acute toxic overload. Patients will also receive a nasal probe and intravenous nutrients to assist with detoxification and healing.

  • Root canals (replacing them with ceramic implants) — Root canaled teeth are extracted and the socket cleaned with ozone. Neural therapy is also used, along with platelet-rich fibrin (APRF) treatment.

    “We draw blood before the surgery and spin it in the centrifuge to make APRF,” he explains. APRF contains stem cells and growth factors that are then placed into the empty socket or beside the zirconium dioxide implant, which has no metal oxides in it and is completely biocompatible.

    On a side note, while few dentists are educated about this, there are ways to rescue an infected tooth, thus avoiding the need for a root canal in the first place. One method that appears to be very effective is sterilizing the infected root with a high-powered YAG laser, which combines both light therapy and acoustic sound therapy, along with ozone.

    This has been shown to eliminate the need for a root canal in many cases. What Nischwitz is describing is the necessary rescue effort after a root canal has been performed.

  • Cavitations — Cavitations is the layman’s term for fatty degenerative osteonecrotic jawbone (FDOJ) or chronic ischemic bone disease (CIBD). It’s also known as neuralgia-inducing-cavitational-osteonecrosis (NICO cavitations).

    Cavitations at the back of your jaw left over from wisdom tooth extractions (or every other extraction site) can cause pain to radiate through your other teeth via the trigeminal nerve. Sometimes, patients end up getting a root canal in a painful tooth that really didn’t need it, as the pain actually was caused by a cavitation.

    Aside from cavitations, Nischwitz points out that pain in a tooth could also be due to high blood sugar, low blood sugar, an overall change of pH level in your mouth, or a mineral deficiency.

After surgery, Nischwitz prepares a “food design” or “lifestyle concept” plan for each patient, based on body composition, metabolism and so on.

Nischwitz firmly believes cavities and resulting problems can be avoided altogether by following an optimized lifestyle program where you’re getting ideal levels of sun exposure, nutrition, and avoid toxins and certain dietary culprits such as gluten and dairy.

“This is why it’s so important that all this information comes out,” he says. “And that’s why I devoted a whole chapter to the nutritional part. Basically, biological dentistry, I would say, is an overlap of functional medicine, biohacking and high tech dentistry with the goal of optimal health. I’m a big fan of the basics, and the goal is [changing] the lifestyle …

Everybody talks about leaky gut, but nobody talks about leaky gum. The gum tissue, the gingiva, is the same tissue, it’s squamous tissue. And if you have a chronic gingivitis, for example, just from a lack of nutrients or maybe from the wrong [dental] restorations, you will have an opening into your system because the gingiva is outside.

Your bacteria cannot go really inside [the tooth], but if there’s an opening in the gum or if you have a titanium implant where the tissue doesn’t grow on top, you will always have a huge gap … and all these bacteria, mainly anaerobic bacteria, will travel into your system. This is basically leaky gum. [The problem] starts there, because the gut basically starts in your mouth.”

Nischwitz also stresses the importance of a natural birth (whenever possible) and breastfeeding, as this is really important for proper jaw formation. Breastfeeding requires far greater strength than sucking formula from a bottle, so sucking on the breast develops the lower jaw and muscles, and ensures the proper development of the baby’s palate.

“This is the fulfilling part for me — that I can help you optimize your health. And this is also the challenge that I put onto all my patients; they have to change their lifestyle. Otherwise, we don’t even accept them because then they won’t have good results.”

To learn more, be sure to pick up a copy of “It’s All in Your Mouth: Biological Dentistry and the Surprising Impact of Oral Health on Whole Body Wellness.” You can also find more information about Nischwitz’ practice on his website, DNA Health & Aesthetics. Other resources include his YouTube channel and Instagram.

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Musings on Clickbait “Truther” Networks


There have always been infiltrators within patriot and truth seeking movements, why would there not be? Truth seeking movements, whether they’re about UFOs, 9/11, satanic cults, medical freedom, or any other topics the Deep State want to keep quiet would be target #1 for the Deep State to infiltrate in order to stifle their growth and marginalize these groups away from the mainstream consciousness. We know the FBI and CIA have had numerous psychological operations spanning back decades doing exactly that, COINTELPRO and PATCON being public ones. Logic would have it that there are more infiltration programs we don’t know about, even up to this current day. Especially in the current day.

My experience within the UFO circuit between 2017 and 2020 taught me a lot about how infiltrators and grifters in general operate. I learned how influencers are groomed and planted within movements to spread 90% truth with a carefully crafted 10% disinformation to lead people off the important trails. I saw how grifting schemes are operated by these influencers, and I saw how character assassination attempts are lobbied in order to discredit honest truth seekers. I also became privy to the narcissistic, cult-like speaking and virtue signaling that personalities will do to rope in audiences and build their following. These experiences within UFOlogy helped to hone my vigilance and allowed me to clearly see when influencers were working to take advantage of the Q movement, to which I became known to some as the “shill hunter” within it. The good ol’ Twitter days of 2018 and 2019 when random anonymous accounts were building up to spread their disinfo to Q world, but they were easily spotted by internet truth sleuths. Times are different now, though.

The internet has changed the game with how these influence operations are conducted. Gone are the days of having to groom personalities to appear at in person events and manage relationships face to face – now it’s as easy as creating some sock puppet accounts and flooding them to videos to pump their views or spam clickbait in comment sections to inflate the disinfo narratives. Don’t get me wrong, the clown personalities who show their faces and (supposed) names still exist, but they can comfortably sit behind a camera in their spare bedroom while railing off their latest bullshit “intel”, all while those sock puppet accounts post their garbage all around the web to rope in potential viewers into their audience. These internet based psy-ops are advanced, deep, and cunning.

In mid to late 2020, a few months after the scamdemic began, I noticed a shift in the way the patriot, in particular the Q movement, was forming. I presume that the Deep State took advantage of the scattering of the movement, when many prominent voices were censored off of Big Tech in late 2020, to insert their controlled opposition networks into it. They knew we were going to land on alternative apps like Rumble and Telegram, so they were probably waiting there with their disinfo nodes ready to go.

Now I don’t know who in these networks is an actual controlled opposition shill, that’s difficult to prove and even more difficult to get these influencers to admit to, but at the very least when they continuously promote wrong information and clickbait rhetoric you can place them in the useful idiot category. Although when they constantly promote disinformation, even after getting called out on it and proven wrong, yet still going to town with their same false narratives… then the controlled op red flags start going up.

I think it was June or July 2020 when I first stumbled across “Dr.” Charles Ward. He barely had a few thousand subscribers and maybe had a few hundred views on his videos, even though he claims to have had millions of viewers back then. I saw him doing interviews with Simon Parkes, Charlie Freak, and Robert David Steele on YouTube. They were all promoting JFK Jr. being alive, a fantasy “NESARA Law” being real, and other batshit claims. Santa Surfing was also doing interviews with that bunch, promoting NESARA heavily. That’s when this network, or “Team” as I call it, first appeared on my radar.

Moving into 2021, a few new names appeared in this network. We had Michael Jaco, Scott McKay, Juan O’ Savin, Jason Q, Nicholas Veniamin, and Gene Decode being appearing heavily with this bunch. Jaco, McKay, and Decode were each pumping the same rhetoric, heavy on the JFK Jr. claims, each pushing NESARA as being real, coming soon and magically ridding us of all of our debt. Charles Ward began dabbling in content about the flat Earth psy-op. I remember the first red flag I noticed with Michael Jaco, he claimed he had “sources” (unnamed, of course), telling him that “Trump signed the Insurrection Act!” shortly before Biden’s Inauguration. Ah, and who could forget Simon Parkes claiming he had a phone call with Q and Charles Ward claiming Biden’s inauguration was fake because he supposedly watched it 12 hours before it happened. All of this happened in only January! You could write novels on all the fake nonsense this “Team” has pumped out. I’m trying to keep this article short.

And you gotta love how these Brits like Charles Ward and Simon Parkes are somehow getting inside intel from American military operations. #1: wouldn’t happen. #2: operators don’t divulge. Logical thinking.

Throughout 2021 the rhetoric kept coming and it was easier to see. I caught a few of these personalities, Ward and Jaco in particular, lifting their “intel” off of fake news blogs like RealRawNews and Conservative Beaver. They would promote claims like Hillary Clinton was tried at GITMO or Klaus Schwab was arrested in their videos as “intel” that they had “heard”, not naming any specifics (big surprise), although if you checked those fake news blogs you could undoubtedly find an article with the exact headline in days prior.

The NESARA fakery kept coming, and somehow a “Quantum Financial System” was morphed in with it. Continuous claims of “it’ll be here this weekend!”, or “next week!”, or “the new financial system is about to get turned on!” have come endlessly from Charles Ward, Simon Parkes, and this crowd over the last few years. Not many people know how internet bloggers were scamming their audiences with NESARA tales all the way back in the 1990s, mind blowing to see clowns still promoting this stuff today. It’s the grift that keeps on giving, I suppose.

It’s not just NESARA, but so many other baseless claims permeate through this network. Underground tunnels and DUMBs (deep underground military bases) getting cleaned out is a big one that they often pump, with zero solid evidence of course. Another one is how Biden or Hillary or Obama is being played by an actor or clone, and pick-your-Deep-Stater is already arrested and being tried in GITMO by a military tribunal. Talk to “MedBeds” being rolled out by the military is another big one. JFK Jr. talk used to be, but not so much anymore. And they use feel good talk of “it’s a spiritual war” and “we’re all in this together” and “keep it up patriots” to pull on heart strings and rope in the vulnerable who can’t see past their virtue signaling.

It’s interesting how one particular narratives will make it’s way through the network, with a few dozen of these connected influencers promoting the exact same lines in their shows and channels. Echo chamber tactics. There are many more names that have come and gone from this “Team” than I have listed here, I’m simply touching on some of the more famous faces.

Into 2022, a few more names were promoted by this network, useful to their agendas I presume. Jason Shurka was paraded around the Team as he was launching his paid video streaming service. He soon came out with his own insider, “Ray”, from a supposed “The Light System” group that was combatting the Deep State around the world. “TLS” apparently chose Shurka to be their messenger to the world about these super secret operations. Ooookay. Another one was Derek Johnson, cowboy country singer turned internet streamer who apparently knows all the military laws like the back of his hand and has proof that Biden’s an actor clone and every single thing we’re seeing on the news is scripted by the white hats. Tarot by Janine is a popular one amongst this crowd, promoted in interviews by Michael Jaco and Scott McKay, apparently knowing everything that’s going on in the world based upon her tarot card pulls. I’ll never forget when Janine and Jaco claimed General Flynn was a Deep Stater because of a tarot card she pulled. Sounds legit. Benjamin Fulford got involved with this bunch, too, which is funny because he’s been spouting his nonsense “intel” that he gets from unnamed sources online for over a decade. I remember reading his stuff back in 2012. And let’s not forget our newest clown in the circus, SGAnon (real name Stephen Harvey). You guessed it, SGAnon promotes all the same nonsense that the likes of Ward, Jaco, and the rest of of the “Team” do – the Earth is flat, NESARA is real, tribunals are happening, RealRawNews is legit, and all that good (bad) stuff.

It goes to note that many of these personalities ride the coattails of Q’s popularity in order to rope in their followers, too. We were told that “not all anons are authentic”, weren’t we? Infiltration over invasion, and all assets deployed? Too bad some Q followers out there didn’t take these warnings from Q to heart.

I view these networks as basically the mainstream media of the alternative media. They use the exact same tactics, from their echo chamber promotion of claims, to using unnamed anonymous sources, to spouting unverified nonsense with zero evidence, to acting as self-proclaimed experts. Then you have loads of channels and accounts all over Telegram, YouTube, Rumble, and other social media platforms promoting their content. Who knows who runs those. It appears to me like there is some serious, professional infrastructure working to platform and promote these influencers and their narratives. Anyone’s guess as to who’s really behind all this.

Also, the hate and vitriol received when anyone dares question these individuals and this network is highly notable. As for myself, I receive and incredible amount of backlash whenever I dare question Charles Ward, or Simon Parkes, or SGAnon, or Derek Johnson, or really any of them. Granted, I do believe a few of these commenters are honest people who are new to this Great Awakening and are genuinely duped, but I would also venture to guess that some of the backlash I receive is at the hands of paid clickfarm shills working to silence any dissent against these influence operations. “You’re just jealous, Jordan!”, “You’re mad because you don’t get real intel!”, “Quit acting like a know it all!”, “You don’t know if what they’re saying isn’t true, prove it!”, “Quit being negative!”, “Just leave them alone!”, “Same team!”. If I had a nickel for every time I got a cult-like comment from a butthurt, cognitive dissonance suffering individual upset that I questioned their false idols, I might be as rich as some of these clickbaiters. I mean, isn’t is a wonder how Jaco was able to move himself to a waterfront condo in Florida, Scott McKay could afford a massive tour bus with a custom Harley, and Tarot by Janine is looking at vacation property in British Columbia?

The “same team!” line is the one that grinds my gears the most. Our “Team” shouldn’t be some ideological group, our team should be the TRUTH, whatever it may be – even if that truth goes against our ego identity. If some so-called patriot is being a prick, grifter, or lying to their audience, there should be no problem in calling them out, even if they’re “on the same team”. I mean, that’s not someone I would want on my team anyway, would you?

One of the worst things in my mind is that these clickbait narratives that irresponsible and/or deceptive “truthers” and “patriot” push is that it’s weaponized by the mainstream media against the whole movement. How many articles has the mainstream media printed using flat Earth, NESARA, JFK Jr., or tribunal nonsense to bash Q and “conspiracy theories” in general? It’s the poison the well tactics. This is another reason why I think there might be something deeper behind the set up of this “Team” and the infiltration of these narratives into this movement, makes for perfect cannon fodder to marginalize it with.

The truth movement is the wild west right now, with very little self-policing. That’s how many of these influencers have been able to spread their nonsense unabated and unchallenged. There are many vulnerable people who are scared, looking for hope in the midst of their fear about the world. That’s one reason so many have latched onto the hopium (false hopes) from this network. We must be vigilant, and we must use discernment and critical thinking. Keep your mind open, but not so open that your brains fall out.

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EXCLUSIVE: I just put the FAA in a “no win” situation. If there is not a PROPER investigation, heads should roll.

Navigating the Current Aeromedical Environment | NBAA - National Business  Aviation Association

Susan Northrup is the current US Federal Air Surgeon, the first woman to hold this position. I predict she may not be in that position much longer if she keeps looking the other way while pilots are being incapacitated. Will she keep her word to me? Or will she keep trying to hide the truth?

At 10:15am on Saturday Jan 21, 2023, I made a call to the private cell phone of the Federal Air Surgeon of the FAA Dr. Susan Northrup. The call lasted 2 minutes.

In the call, I referred to the news article where she basically said that she had seen no evidence that the COVID vaccines have incapacitated pilots.

At first I thought she was lying, but it turns out she was telling the truth. She’s seen no evidence because even though she admitted on the call that she knew about Bob Snow, nobody at the FAA ever bothered to call him. Ever!!! So they’ve never seen the evidence because they deliberately refused to look at the evidence!! Get it? That’s how science works.

So I asked Dr. Northrup if she was interested in speaking with pilots who have been disabled by the COVID vaccine. She indicated she was. After all, what could she say at that point? She had to say “yes.”

It’s troubling she hasn’t talked to Bob Snow. I have talked to Bob Snow. I interviewed him for my Rumble channel even though it isn’t my job to investigate these incidents. Check out my interview with Josh Yoder and my interview with Bob Snow.

In other words, I’ve done more to investigate this incident than the FAA.

Captain Snow narrowly averted crashing the plane, but she never talked to him to assess whether the vax might have been involved. Seriously?!?! I offered to put her in touch with Captain Snow and she accepted.

So I emailed her (using her official work email at the FAA) a list of pilots, their phone numbers. She now has the contact info for these pilots:

  1. Josh Yoder (head of US Freedom Flyers who is in touch with dozens of vaccine injured pilots)

  2. Bob Snow (American Airlines)

  3. Kevin Stillwagon (Delta Airlines)

  4. Cody Flint (4 doctors have determined he was incapacitated in flight due to the COVID vaccine)

  5. John C. Lamb (66 yr old commercial aviator with no previous heart problems. On Jan 6, his first class medical was deferred, due to 2nd AB block, Mobitz type 2. His wife had a heart attack 8 days after her Moderna shot. See this story for more details).

More importantly, in that email, I also invited her to host a public roundtable at the FAA inviting people on both sides of the “safe and effective” narrative so that the FAA could learn the truth. I just talked to Senator Ron Johnson and I can assure you that he’d be DELIGHTED to help her assemble a roundtable of doctors on both sides of the narrative to brief top FAA officials on the risks of these vaccines.

And I offered to publish her revised statement to the public so we can get the truth out that the vaccines are NOT safe and are disabling pilots.

Here’s the kicker. The corruption at the FAA runs deep. Did you know that nobody at the FAA has ever called Bob Snow? How can the FAA investigate this incident without ever even talking to the pilot?

Susan is going to have to reveal to the American public what exactly the FAA did to investigate the Bob Snow incident which happened on April 9, 2022. How is it that in 9 months nobody at the FAA (or from any other government organization) has reached out to Captain Snow? WTF? We need some transparency here on how these vaccine incidents are being investigated!

But Susan knew about Snow and she must have known that nobody reached out to call him. In other words, everyone knew they had a vaccine injured pilot and deliberately chose to NOT investigate. I have asked Susan for an explanation. If I don’t receive an explanation in 24 hours, I will call for her to resign.

I am calling for this since nobody in Congress is (other than Senator Johnson). None of them want to know. Heck, when I call members of Congress, they ignore me. Neither does the mainstream media. It appears that the responsibility for investigating these incidents falls on Steve Kirsch’s Substack (which has a full-time staff of just me) to hold these people accountable.

Susan is also going to have to talk about why there was a 300% increase in long-term disability claims filed at American Airlines (Jan – July 2022) and what investigation the FAA made into what was disabling those pilots.

We have a pilot shortage in America. What did Susan find when the FAA investigated why the disability claims skyrocketed? Or did they do nothing to investigate? If they didn’t do anything, why didn’t they? I’d like to know. The New York Times and CNN …. well, not so much.

Finally, did you know that Susan’s husband, John Hyle, is a pilot. John refused to take the COVID vaccine due to safety concerns. So it’s not just a few “anti-vaxxers” spreading “misinformation.” Susan clearly realizes that intelligent people she clearly respects have legitimate concerns that cause them to refuse to take the shot.

The narrative is falling apart.

We need public transparency on all of the things above. And we need it now before lives are lost.

We’ve had a couple of close calls. The FAA needs to be proactive about this, not REACTIVE after a crash happens.

What do you think will happen next?

I read this article which talked about my article and quotes Dr. Northrup:

Federal Air Surgeon Susan Northrup has deemed all U.S.-authorized COVID vaccines safe for pilots, the FAA said, claiming it had “seen no evidence” of vaccine-related complications that caused “aircraft accidents or pilot incapacitations.” 

And this article which talks about an MIT study linking the vaccine to cardiac issues and which references the FAA investigation into the Snow incident. It said:

The FAA didn’t answer Just the News on whether it’s investigating the Snow incident.

“The FAA’s Federal Air Surgeon determined in December 2020 and February 2021 that pilots and air traffic controllers can safely receive the Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson & Johnson vaccine,” the agency said in a prepared statement. “The FAA has seen no evidence of aircraft accidents or pilot incapacitations caused by pilots suffering medical complications associated with COVID-19 vaccines.”

I thought to myself that it seems like they simply weren’t aware of the problems.

So I reached out to a friend of mine who I thought would have Susan’s personal cell phone number and called her up. She answered the phone, “Hello.”

I asked, “Is this Susan?”

She said, “Yes, who is this?”

I explained to her I am the journalist who broke the story on the EKG rule modification.

I told her I had good news. That I could put her in touch with pilots who have been injured so that the FAA could correct their erroneous statements to the press.

I asked her: “Have you talked with Bob Snow?”

She said she was aware of Bob Snow, but had never talked to him.

So I asked, “Would you like to talk to him and other pilots who have been injured?”

She said, “Yes.”

I said, “Great. I’ll send you their cell phone numbers.”

I then sent her the following email and followed up with a text message.

To: Susan Northrup (at her email)
Subject: Vaccine
Cc: Josh Yoder; Bob Snow; John C. Lamb

  1. Bob Snow: +1 xxxxx (averted an incident that would have crashed the plane by PURE luck). AA commercial pilot.

  2. Josh Yoder: xxxxxxxxx (knows many injured pilots)

  3. John C. Lamb xxxxxxxx

Susan you need to view the Thailand study and the study of 777 vaccinated people study done in switzerland. THE VACCINE IS CLEARLY CAUSING CARDIAC INJURY. There is no question.

All of that is available on my Substack at

I am happy to discuss any of the over 1,000 articles I’ve written on the subject.

Nobody in the world will debate me. They can’t even answer the simple questions about the excess deaths in VAERS. Perhaps you can set up a roundtable with the FAA experts and my colleagues so we can have an open public discussion about the safety of these vaccines and the harms they’ve caused? Is there any reason you would not want to know the truth here? Everyone has avoided these roundtables and instead censored people with opposing views. I don’t think that is in the best interest of the public, do you? Since when have scientific disagreements been resolved via censorship?

Will you arrange for such a panel? I will supply a dozen qualified experts for our side of the table.

If you don’t believe me, simply require pilots to get d-dimer and troponin tests immediately BEFORE and 3 days AFTER vaccination and report to the FAA. That will immediately PROVE to you that it is causing harm to pilots.

You’ll know after doing this for just a few pilots. Sadly, the medical community refuses to do such a study. I will even pay the costs if the FAA won’t.

Also, see the story on the Cleveland Clinic study which shows the vaccine is causing more harm: the more shots, the more likely you are to be infected which means the vaccines should be halted.

John Lamb was the pilot who wrote the note included in my article at the very top.

It is important for you to update your public comments ASAP since what you said is no longer true.

I would be more than happy to let the world know your new comments!

Also, this gives you an overview of the problem as UK physicians jeopardize their medical license to speak out publicly about why the shots need to be stopped.

My number is xxxxxxx

Thank you for being willing to talk to these pilots so we can get the truth out!


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This is big.

In a phone call with me today, the FAA’s top medical officer, Dr. Susan Northrup, agreed to talk to vaccine-injured pilots.

One of them, Cody Flint, has four doctors that will attest to him being disabled while flying a plane and that the injury could have only happened from the COVID vaccine. His plane nearly crashed. He was extremely lucky to have survived. This is hardly the only “coincidence.”

If Dr. Northrup is honest, she will contact everyone in the email and call for a public roundtable, inviting all vaccine-injured pilots, and then issue updated guidance.

If she doesn’t immediately reach out to the pilots as promised, she should be immediately terminated. If she isn’t, the FAA leadership should be investigated.

If she does hold the roundtable and invites all vaccine-injured pilots to testify, it will be all over for the “safe and effective story.”

If she doesn’t hold a roundtable, it will be further confirmation that the FAA is afraid to investigate the safety issues.

Either way, the truth wins.

And that’s just how it goes.

As my friend Dr. Malone would have said in reference to these vaccines, “The truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.”


He Has Not Failed

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have all suffered on this road. 
Everyone I know has lost property, or spent time in jail, or both, because they took a stand for freedom and common decency.  Even those who thought they were “safe” by keeping their heads down and ignoring reality and paying tax after tax after tax, have suffered the unseen pillaging of inflation and lost their basic freedoms at the hands of corporations that have no natural right to exist. 
Right now, those same corporations and their out-of-control officers and board members and sycophants are meeting in Davos, Switzerland, self-importantly deciding how all the rest of us are going to live — or die. 
So, we have to take action against these nameless, faceless, unaccountable THINGS and those who misdirect them, without further confusion or delay. 
One of the other common sufferings of those who have done the right thing is that we have been slandered by the corporate “in” crowd. 
In many cases, our own family and friends have been duped by the corporate media, to the extent that they can’t think for themselves anymore and mindlessly kneel before the hired talking heads.  
It might interest you to know that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., has suffered this, too, right along with the rest of us.  He has been regarded as a kook by members of his own family who have succumbed to corporate policy drivel, and failed our common sacred duty to guard and protect our own children.  RFK, Jr. has not failed. 
He has stood firm in the face of the entire anti-child corporate assault, against the insanity of requiring 72 “childhood” vaccinations that destroy sensitive immune systems, and which are associated statistically with the development of cognitive impairments, like autism, and ADHD— and even with the proliferation of childhood cancer.   
Often lonely, often subject to social ostracism because of his fight for America’s children, and this, despite his honored name, RFK, Jr. has soldiered on. 
And now, he and others, like Ty and Charlene Bollinger who have not only fought cancer but the entire monolithic cancer-profiteering industry, and Dr. Mercola, whose name is synonymous with health and dietary supplement freedom, need our help.  
Regardless of whether or not they ever understand the fact that America is not a “democracy”, these are our people, among the moral champions of this country, and they are fighting in their own arena to defend those who are too young to defend themselves. 
In this current action, they are broadening the fight to end censorship, monopoly collusion, and false advertising by corporate giants undermining basic First Amendment guarantees and public safety. 
This is a fight not only for our children, but for all of us. 
Times are tough all over.  Our State Assemblies need funding.  Our Federation functions need funding.  People are losing their jobs as the same corporations that colluded to cause all these problems are now jettisoning thousands of American workers. Between unemployment,  disease profiteering, and inflation, the prospects look grim. 
But we have to do what we have to do, America.  Like our Forefathers, we have to tighten our belts and hoe our own row now, and part of that “row” is supporting our lawful government and supporting lawsuits that defend us all from the overreach and coercive power of organized commercial corporate interests. 
Don’t be discouraged and don’t think that even a very small donation doesn’t help.  If everyone in this country gave a dollar right now, The Children’s Defense Fund would have everything it needs.  Please go to:
And please invest in the future for yourselves and for your children.  This is one of the best lawsuits in the public interest that I have ever seen. 
Anna Maria Riezinger 

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