Both the FDA and CDC are violating my free speech rights so I’m going to sue them

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The US government has set up the rules so that when they violate your free speech rights, it is uneconomical to sue them. So they always get away with it.

The CDC and FDA block every one of my emails at the server level. So I can’t sign up to speak at their public forums where the public is allowed to speak. This is how they rig the comments.

I am looking for a lawyer who will represent me against the government on a contingency basis. I’m willing to backstop a portion of the costs if you lose. According to Yale Professor Jed Rubenfeld, I have an excellent case.

We cannot let these government agencies get away with violating the US Constitution.

When they cannot win arguments based on data, they simply violate the US Constitution to silence you. Not a single member of the mainstream medical community is going to support my free speech rights because that’s how science works today.

Both the FDA and CDC are blocking all my emails at the server level. They delete my emails and don’t even send me a bounce.

That’s why when I apply to speak at their public meetings, I never get a response.

This is unconstitutional. You cannot violate the free speech rights of American citizens like this.

They are doing this because if I was allowed to speak freely, the American public would learn the truth about how corrupt their government is.

The very fact that they are censoring my speech is a tacit admission on their part that people will believe me if I am allowed to be heard.

I am sure that NOBODY in Congress will speak out about this (except Senator Ron Johnson).

However, the Senate right now is focused on more important issues like getting Taylor Swift concert tickets. That’s way more important than the free speech rights of Americans like me who are speaking out.

So neither party is going to ask the CDC and FDA to unblock my email address.

The problem with these suits is that when you win, you can only recover attorney fees.

The cost to bring such a case could be over $250K in legal fees which is uneconomical for anyone to get their email unblocked.

Most lawyers will not take such a case on a contingency basis because there is no financial upside if you win; they will just get their attorney fees reimbursed.

So I’m looking for that rare lawyer that is willing to do this case on a contingency basis and I’m willing to backstop a portion of the legal fees if I lose.

An excellent lawyer should win and have no downside. Yale Professor Jed Rubenfeld is happy to consult on this case.

If you are an attorney and are willing to pursue this case on this basis, please use the Contact Me link and click the “I want to represent Steve in suing FDA / CDC.”

Thank you for not letting them get away with this violation of my free speech rights.

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