Poo-Poo the Poo-Poohers

 By Anna Von Reitz

It’s always the same.  They pretend to be superior.  They pretend to be experts.  They pretend— period.  But in the end, you find out that all these “experts” know nothing beyond where their paycheck comes from, and they will say and do whatever their boss tells them.  
Lie?  No problem. 
Cheat and steal?  They are down with that. 
Skew and deliberately misrepresent scientific findings?  Piece of cake! 
Murder….?   It turns out that so long as they don’t have to get their own hands dirty, they don’t care. 
Secretly alter the human genome and kill billions of innocent people?  Same story. 
At least some of the people on this planet don’t deserve to be here among the rest of us, and that’s a fact.  
Just like the Nazis before them, and still just following orders, these Bad Actors are doing what they are told to do, for a paycheck.  Phony experts and trolls by the thousands?  Look at my finger. Observe it closely.  
Their latest efforts are aimed at poo-poohing the discovery of graphene and nanotech in the vaccines. They claim that all sorts of scientific experts have investigated this and that no graphene has been found.  They imply that the people reporting this were just ignorant, ill-funded bumpkins without the equipment and expertise…. blah, blah, blah. 
This is what they always do to obscure the truth and delay discovery of their own tracks. They get out front and lie like racehorses, casting doubt on their opponents.  If they are too scared to do this themselves, they pay stooges like Erica Kahn to do it. 
Well, Erica Foolscrap Kahn, you explain 7500  “extra” Americans dead and the supporting discovery of self-assembling nanotechnology in each and every shot, and then you tell us how it is that dead people are transmitting MAC coordinates from inside their graves?  
Why don’t you and all the other bought-and-paid-for “scientists” and “doctors” and “experts” out there try to explain that away?  And watch me as I shove your poo-poo right down your fricking throats.  

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