While The Death Toll Mounts — Mexico and Spain to the Rescue

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am in tears this morning, sick from weeping and disgust, regret for all the Innocents being “sacrificed” and disgust with those who propose to rule as gods using genetic engineering and nanotechnology for evil purposes. 
They have unleashed genocide of the Innocent throughout the entire world, hoping to escape the rage of the Primal Creator.  The craziness of this should be apparent even to them.  
The Primal Creator is the Lord and Source of Life, the very consciousness within us. Do they seriously think that they can thwart the energy and intelligence of the True God with their puny devices, even if they could distort the biochemical and electronic aspects of our physical body?  
Early on, a team of Spanish researchers from the University of Almeria in Spain discovered something shocking — an undisclosed “vaccine” ingredient — graphene, which is not disclosed as an ingredient in any of these products, but which was later found in all of them. 
Once inside the body, graphene transforms from a non-magnetic substance into a magnetic material, as it undergoes reaction to form graphene oxide and graphene hydroxide.  This is why people were on YouTube showing how they could suddenly attach kitchen magnets to their arms at the injection sites of these “vaccines”.  
This multinational documentary — link below — shows how these monsters have turned the bodies of their victims into biological antennas, sending and receiving radio and bluetooth signals that are clearly referenced by Media Access Codes (MACs) — that do not, however, show a manufacturer’s name for the transmitting device. 
The vaccinated and even those who only took a PCR test have been polluted by this crap, and rendered vulnerable to it.  As you will see in the movie, even the dead are transmitting signals from their graves in cemeteries. 
The corporations and institutions responsible for this must be utterly destroyed and the men who have run this horrific medical profiteering scheme must be punished, while the rest of us strong arm our way into the forefront of the fight, and make sure that this gets done. 
It doesn’t matter why they did it. 

What matters is how they did it — deceitfully, without consent — and the result of it matters, which is the death and disability of millions of people, the destruction of national economies, and most likely, war, from which they hope to profit, too. 

This time, let’s not be gullible and led like sheep to slaughter.  This time, let’s make it our own story with our own happy ending. 

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