DAY 8: I am the President and this is what I’m doing

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If you believe you have a better plan for an American Presidency, go public with it.

I have set up a permanent task force to investigate, subpoena, and prosecute wide-ranging long-term pharmaceutical crimes, based on an examination of many TOXIC medicines and vaccines.

We aim to revolutionize the practice of medicine in America.

Medical journals, rife with fraud, will also come under scrutiny. And prosecution.

For many decades, the death toll from medical causes has been mounting in this country. It is now, at minimum, the third leading cause of death in the US.

The drug companies themselves, in concert with government officials, have been stifling an investigation. Those days are over.

We have already made 37 arrests of Pharma executives. More are coming. Their crimes are egregious. Not merely mistakes.