“Freaks: Coming out as Unvaxxed” – Film Review

“Freaks: Coming out as Unvaxxed”

Claire Dooley of DailyClout created an incredible film that highlights the similarities between the discrimination of gay people throughout the years and the discrimination against unvaccinated people that persists today.

The film features Irene and Riley, a couple from New Jersey who had to “come out” to their families twice. First, in college, when they fell in love and each told their families that they were gay, to which they received congratulations and support. The second time was more recently, specifically Irene, when she informed her parents that she and Riley were unvaccinated. Riley had grown up vaccine-free, and Irene shared her opinion when it came to avoiding the flu shot and the mRNA COVID vaccine.

An Emotional Wall

Irene said that it reached the point where she no longer could have conversations about the vaccine with one of her family members, as it became too emotional. Ironically, both Riley and Irene come from liberal, progressive backgrounds and grew up in an environment that preached tolerance. The women described an “emotional wall” that they find divides them from their liberal, pro-gay, pro-vaccine friends. They described a similar wall of ideology among religious conservatives who are anti-gay marriage.

Riley introduced Irene to the Health Freedom movement, and there was a bit of a culture shock for Irene when she first started attending Health Freedom rallies. The rallies leaned heavily politically conservative, and she quickly came to understand that differences of opinion on other topics were a non-issue, and they were all there fighting for the same important cause of health freedom.

Ten Times More Aggressive

Irene and Riley went to Sheep’s Meadow in Central Park during COVID in New York City. They walked through the park, as a couple who were celebrated for being gay, yet were harassed and bullied for holding a sign that said “No Vaccine Passports”. Irene and Riley said that they experienced ten times more aggression and discrimination in that walk through the park than they ever experienced for being gay.

Go Watch the Film!

Claire Dooley did a beautiful job juxtaposing the rise of discrimination against unvaccinated people with the cultural fall of discrimination against gay people.

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