Dr. Walker Pleads Normalcy of Lying


To be fair, most men have—at some point in their lives—lied in order to impress a hot date. I’ve seen guys lie about a vast range of financial, social, sporting, and intellectual attainments. Once I witnessed a man trying to impress a much younger woman by falsely claiming to be a billionaire Napa wine estate owner, close friend of Francis Ford Coppola, and film producer, all in one sentence.

In my younger days I was inclined to macho, Hemingwayesque lying, like shaving two minutes off my fastest Nürburgring lap time or claiming to have ridden a rodeo bull or double overhead waves. It’s amazing what feats of shameful, mendacious stupidity alcohol and sexual desire will inspire in an immature man.

Thus, at first glance, there is an element of plausibility to Dr. Jordon Trishton Walker’s emotional plea: “I was on a third date with a guy, and like normal men, you lie to impress a date.”

Where the whole thing gets weird is what he regarded as impressive—namely, that Pfizer is performing “directed evolution” using infected monkeys in order to mutate SARS-CoV-2, possibly making it more virulent, so that the company can keep churning out new variations of its ineffective and dangerous gene transfer shot in order to keep its massive profits flowing. Needless to say, it’s a strangely distorted mind that thinks it’s impressive to be part of a massive organized crime against humanity.

Judging by his total loss of self-control upon being informed by James O’Keefe that his statements were recorded, he himself doesn’t find his “Normalcy of Lying” plea very persuasive. Note that he calls the police with the apparent hope that he can make such a fuss about his privacy being violated that they will confiscate the recording equipment.

It doesn’t matter that Dr. Walker probably isn’t a lab scientist doing the “directed evolution” work. The important point is, he DOES work for Pfizer, and he stated what we all know to be true—namely, that the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex is in the business of engineering and manipulating viruses for the purpose of developing profitable vaccines against them. The developers are like the kid I knew in high school who went around at night breaking sprinkler heads and then presented himself the next day as a sprinkler head repairman.