Is Geert’s Prediction of a Deadlier Covid Variant Coming True?

SUMMARY: Excess mortality in Europe has been elevated at about 15% since last spring. In December 2022, excess deaths frighteningly jumped to 30-35% above normal. Even Sweden, which avoided excess mortality in most of 2022, had 20% more deaths than expected in December. Has the vaccine-selected deadly Covid variant predicted by Geert Vanden Bossche finally arrived?

I always admired Mr. Vanden Bossche for his stance against the Covid vaccine. Unlike many vaccine skeptics such as myself, Geert, a professional vaccinologist, was previously employed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and therefore had much to lose from opposing “Covid vaccines.”

Since March 2021, Geert predicted, with much dramatization on his part, that a much more virulent, or deadly, variant of Covid-19 will appear due to mass vaccination. Such a variant, he said, will affect people whose immune systems were focused by repeated vaccine shots towards the extinct original Wuhan virus. Such overboosted persons could not mount a defense against newer escape variants.

Months passed, and hopes appeared that Geert’s prediction was a mistake. (nobody wants excess deaths, right?)

Until December of 2022, that is.

Data from the EU, Germany, Sweden, and the UK show a sudden rise in overall deaths far beyond what 2022 already brought: from 10-15% excess mortality to 25-36% excess mortality compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Here are the sudden jumps in mortality:

Many Covid skeptics praised Sweden for low mortality in the past. Please be aware that Sweden, in December, had a disturbingly high 20% mortality on par with the rest of Europe.

What caused this jump in mortality?

I am against Covid vaccines. I am firmly opposed to recklessly injecting billions of people with unproven, untested genetic injections that transfect people with mRNA expressing HIV-peptide-carrying genes from a lab-made mystery virus. Covid vaccines caused 278,000 deaths in the USA in 2021 alone!

However, if vaccines alone caused excess deaths, and Covid played no role, we would not see strange up-and-down waves like in the charts above. Excess mortality waves resemble the Covid pandemic’s waves, coming up and down.

Does Covid play a larger role in excess mortality than we think? Is the interplay between waves of Covid and Covid vaccinations instrumental to explaining excess mortality of late 2022?

Fabian Spieker did excellent research comparing vaccinations against excess mortality in Germany. He produced charts for all German federal lands, one of which I modified to make my point, comparing excess non-Covid deaths in one of the German Bundeslands with vaccine doses given:

You can see that early vaccination (circled part) shows excess deaths explainable by Covid vaccines given during the same period. Fabian showed conclusively that initial vaccine shots killed people in Germany. He estimated one out of 1,642 Germans per dose given was killed by the initial Covid vaccinations, which is in line with other estimates.

However, after the initial series of shots, excess non-Covid mortality remained elevated but stopped tracking vaccine doses given. Had the vaccines been the only cause, the excess mortality curve would look relatively smooth and steady, whatever the underlying mechanism for long-term vaccine damage could be.

The wavy mortality pattern leaves me with no explanation other than thinking that Covid plays an underappreciated role in excess deaths. In other words, if Covid hypothetically disappeared in early 2022, the mortality curves would look different from what we are observing.

Mortality would not have obvious waves if an infection and variants did not play a role.

Here’s a chart of California’s excess mortality. I used California death data and calculated excess mortality as the number of deaths in a given month, compared to the average of deaths for 2017-2019. On top of the mortality chart, I overlaid the chart for wastewater Covid RNA levels for one of California’s counties. You can see that mortality roughly follows Covid infection levels.

Sweden and the UK experienced recent Covid waves and greatly increased excess mortality. They also seem to match pretty well:

If so, we can ask: are we undercounting COVID deaths? Do recent covid infections and reinfections explain many “sudden deaths”? In my opinion, yes.

Saying that Covid deaths are undercounted would be unpopular with many vaccine skeptics.

In the past, Covid deaths were overcounted for propaganda purposes.

That changed in 2022 when authorities worldwide could no longer hide the ineffectiveness of vaccines. Covid tests can now be done at home, and if someone dies of a heart attack three weeks after a Covid infection, such a death would not be counted as a Covid death without a recorded test.

This undercounting of Covid deaths is not a coincidence but a way to avoid explaining why vaccines are not working.

Except no one can hide excess mortality.

Even mild Covid infections cause deaths. This UK Biobank study (Mar 2020-2021) shows the risk of death after a mild Covid infection to be several times that of the background rate. (this estimate seems awfully high to me)

In the Veterans Administration study, reinfections were found to be even worse than initial infections, increasing the risk of post-acute death even further, with vaccines not being helpful at all:

So, Covid is a bad illness, and it is not a good thing to be reinfected.

If so, does the latest jump in deaths signify a deadlier than before Covid variant, perhaps causing more deaths than in the past? Are the deaths delayed? Is this the deadly “Geert Variant” that Mr. Vanden Bossche predicted?

There is a stereotype about viruses becoming milder because the deadlier variants do not spread as easily. It makes intuitive sense. An illness that makes people super sick would not spread as well because the sicker people tend to stay home in bed.

However, if an infection causes death well after the person ceases to be infectious, there is no evolutionary pressure for the virus to become milder.

If Covid infections and reinfections cause delayed deaths, such as “sudden deaths” described below, then it makes sense that the virus would never evolve to cause fewer such deaths. These delayed deaths seem to be recorded mostly as cardiovascular deaths by coroners.

UK data suggests that the three heart-related categories explain much of the UK’s excess mortality.

Not all excess deaths are due to recent Covid infections, but many could be.

Such sudden deaths puzzle authorities. They cannot be pinned down to vaccines taken a long time ago. Such deaths cannot even be certainly attributed to Covid. And yet they are plentiful. They include Gwen Casten, Bob Saget, Kelly Ernby, and many others:

This excess mortality is mysteriously absent in barely-vaccinated countries such as Bulgaria or South Africa.

This absence is evident when excess mortality in late 2022 is analyzed against vaccination levels. The more vaccines – the greater the mortality!

While that association was already published by me and even checked by Martin Neil and Norman Fenton, this article adds that Covid likely plays a larger role in excess mortality than anyone is willing to admit.

In other words: if Covid magically disappeared – so would many excess deaths.

Of course, Covid did disappear in countries with low vaccination rates and herd immunity, such as Bulgaria or South Africa, which experienced no excess mortality in December (see above).

The greater-than-usual excess mortality in December could be explained by one of two things:

  • Covid became deadlier than usual, as Geert Vanden Bossche predicted

  • Covid is as pathogenic as always, but repeat reinfections wear people down and make previously healthy persons susceptible to worse outcomes, due to immune tolerance.

I hope that we can figure out what is happening.

I was warning about reinfections last March:

Watch this sad one-minute video, please. A UK parliamentarian asks the health minister why people are dying at excess rates in the UK. The health minister explains that “it is not just the UK, it is in Europe also” as if that was an acceptable explanation.

What concerns me the most is that while the waves of mortality will be coming and going, they are getting worse instead of better. In addition, there is nothing that I can see that can stop this unfortunate progression.

Do you think that we will “return back to normal” when it comes to excess deaths?


How to Fast for Metabolic Fitness and Hormone Balance

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  • The vast majority of people eat across 12 hours or more, which is a recipe for metabolic disaster. Health statistics bear this out, showing that 93.2% of Americans are metabolically unfit

  • Time-restricted eating (TRE) is one of the most foundational strategies to stay healthy, and when done appropriately can also help balance your sex hormones

  • Your body has two primary energy systems. One of them is activated when you eat. When your blood sugar goes up, your body uses that glucose for energy. When you don’t eat for a period of time, your blood sugar goes down, which switches when your body is metabolically flexible to a different energy system that uses ketones derived from fat instead of glucose

  • These energy systems are intimately tied to your circadian rhythm. Food is the most important regulator for the clocks inside your cells. If you don’t get your feeding times right, your circadian rhythms, which are responsible for turning cellular protein production on and off, will become seriously impaired.

  • Three key rules of TRE are: Your eating window should be shorter than 12 hours; avoid eating first thing in the morning — wait at least two or three hours; avoid eating right before bed. Have your last meal at least three hours or more before bedtime. With those rules in mind, your eating window could be anywhere from two to 10 hours, tailored to your unique circumstances

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In this interview, Dr. Mindy Pelz, author of “Fast Like a Girl,” reviews how time-restricted eating (TRE) can improve your health and balance your sex hormones. In general, I believe TRE is one of the most foundational strategies to stay healthy, but the devil’s in the details, and Pelz will tease out some of those here.

The vast majority of people eat across 12 hours or more, which is a recipe for metabolic disaster. Health statistics bear this out, showing that 93.2% of Americans are metabolically unfit.

In July 2022, the Journal of the American College of Cardiology

posted an update on the metabolic fitness or flexibility of the American population. In 2016, 12.2% of Americans were considered metabolically fit.

Two years later, in 2018, only 6.8% of U.S. adults had optimal cardiometabolic health.

That was four years ago so, today, that ratio is probably even lower.

Metabolic fitness includes things like blood glucose and blood sugar, blood pressure and weight, and metabolic flexibility refers to your body’s ability to seamlessly transition between burning fat and carbohydrates as your primary fuel.

The take-home message is that now 19 out of 20 Americans would benefit from improving their metabolic health, and TRE is one of the easiest yet most powerful interventions for reducing insulin resistance, restoring metabolic flexibility and losing excess body fat.

Pelz has spent the last eight years of her clinical career using TRE, fine-tuning it in the trenches and gaining an understanding of the hormonal components that need to be taken into consideration, especially in women.

As explained by Pelz, your body has two primary energy systems. One of them is activated when you eat. When your blood sugar goes up, your body uses that glucose for energy. When you don’t eat for a period of time, your blood sugar goes down, and if you are metabolically flexible your body switches over to a different energy system that uses ketones derived from fat, instead of glucose.

“Some people call it the fat burner energy system. But we’re really meant to metabolically switch over to this system,” Pelz says. “What I think has happened is that people are trying to just manipulate the food. We have so many discussions about what type of food [to eat] and the calorie counting idea.

But what we’re starting to see is that the more powerful conversation is WHEN to eat and how to switch over to this fat burning system. And what we know based on research, and what I’m seeing now in millions of people, is that the longer we stay in this fat burning ketogenic system, the more healing happens.

We know that at 13 to 15 hours [of fasting], we start to make ketones. We see growth hormone rise. We see inflammation come down. At 17, 18 hours in this fasted state, we start to see autophagy kick in. At 24 hours, we know that stem cells can start to come about in the intestinal area.

At 48 hours, we’re seeing antioxidant production go up. And Valter Longo taught us that [with] 72 hours [of fasting], you can reboot your whole immune system. So, it’s like this neurochemical magic that can happen in the body, but you can only access it when you go without food.”

Another interesting component is that these energy systems are intimately tied to your circadian rhythm. Many know that the circadian rhythm is regulated by a master clock in the suprachiasmatic nucleus of your brain. But what most people don’t realize is that most all cells in your body also have an internal clock that is unrelated to this master clock.

While light and darkness regulate the master clock, food is the most important regulator or trigger for this other clock inside your cells. So, if you don’t get your feeding times right, your circadian rhythms, which are responsible for turning cellular protein production on and off, will get seriously impaired. Pelz explains:

“The easiest way to understand this is go back to how we lived in the primal days. Everything that we did back in those primal days was around the rising of the sun, the falling of the sun and the search for food.

Now we’re so affected by artificial light, and we have access to food all day long, that we are out of touch with our natural rhythm, the circadian rhythm being one of them. So, when we start to fast, we actually mimic what our primal ancestors did, which is go a little longer without food.

Usually that was in the morning. They had to get up and go search for food. They came home in the afternoon and they feasted. So, this feast-famine cycling, when done within a day period, tends to tap into this circadian rhythm and can start to bring back some normalcy to these natural rhythms that modern life has pulled us away from.”

The basic premise of TRE is that you eat all your meals within a specified window of time each day, and fast for the remainder. Where people differ is the length of that window. Here are three key rules to keep in mind:

  1. Your eating window should definitely be shorter than 12 hours

  2. Avoid eating first thing in the morning. Wait at least two or three hours

  3. Avoid eating right before bed. Have your last meal at least three hours or more before bedtime

With those “absolutes” in mind, your eating window could be anywhere from two to 10 hours. Eventually, you’ll need to find the ideal window for yourself, but to start, here are some other basic considerations.

“The first thing is to remember that you are trying to mimic what we did primally. So, feast-famine cycling. Sometimes they feasted and sometimes they went two or three days without food, and that’s how they’re able to switch in and out. The best way to approach fasting, in my opinion, and what I’m seeing with my community, is finding your natural rhythm.

We rarely want absolutes. I started to teach autophagy on my YouTube channel and people fell in love with the concept. But what we found is that a lot of people got very rigid with their fasting window. They’d get great results, but then they’d get stuck and start to get bad results because it became too rigid and they weren’t mimicking this feast-famine cycling.

So, what I started teaching was how to vary it. I like a general 5-1-1 concept, where five days a week, you’re intermittent fasting maybe 15 hours. One day a week you stretch it a little bit, and one day a week, you don’t fast.

What we’re seeing with that is unreal — the amounts of medication people are getting off of, the weight people are losing, and the super charging of their brain, all by just getting back into this feast-famine rhythm [that is] unique to them. So, there’s really not one answer of what’s the perfect fasting window.

A lot of people love the 16:8 [fasting for 16 hours and eating within eight]. That seems to be a very popular fasting window, and I think that works really great. But again, we’ve got to keep variation at the forefront of this conversation.”

So, how do you go about finding your unique and ideal feasting-fasting schedule? Pelz suggests starting by getting your fat burning system working again. If you’ve been an all-day grazer, start by compressing the window of time within which you eat.

Note the time you normally eat your first meal or snack, and when you eat your last. Count the hours, and then cut that down by one or two hours. Pelz recommends pushing back breakfast by one hour to start.

“You want to get a little uncomfortable,” she says. “Because you’ve applied a hormetic stress that your body can adapt to now. Once you get comfortable there, you push it back another hour, and another hour, until you get to 15 hours.

You want to feel ketones. And ketones feel like they supercharge your brain, you have better energy and your hunger goes away. That’s how you really know you’ve switched over, and for most people, that will happen around 15, 16 hours of not eating.”

Do that for one month, or until you’re completely comfortable with it, and then move into a more varied schedule, such as the 5-1-1 schedule mentioned earlier. The key at that point is variation. Feasting one day, and fasting for longer and shorter times on others.

After I did this interview with Dr. Mindy, I began studying Ray Peat’s work and realized an important point. If you are one of the 19 out of 20 people who are metabolically inflexible, insulin resistant, and unable to easily switch between burning sugar and fat as your primary fuel, then the program that Dr. Mindy describes may be beneficial for you.

However, once you regain your metabolic flexibility, which can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, you will need to increase your eating window. This is because your body needs glucose and if you deprive it for too long, it will produce cortisol to stimulate your liver to make it. This increased cortisol can contribute to chronic inflammation and cellular damage.

Therefore, once you are no longer insulin resistant, it is best to vary your eating window between 8 and 12 hours and avoid going lower or higher than that window. It is also best to avoid eating before sunrise or after sunset and at least three hours before bedtime.

Interestingly, research has shown that when you compress your eating window to around 16 hours or more, you become relatively metabolically immune to the damage that otherwise unhealthy foods would cause, such as processed food and refined carbohydrates.

This is not permission to eat junk food forever, but it does allow you to have a less than perfect diet all the time and still lose weight. This also means that when you’re first starting out, don’t change WHAT you’re eating. Only change WHEN you’re eating. So, if you eat a lot of processed foods, continue as normal, and just compress the eating window.

Once you’re used to that, THEN you can start making nutritional changes, start cutting out some of the unhealthiest foods and add in more wholesome choices you may not be used to. This will give you the greatest chance of success.

In her book, “Fast Like a Girl,” Pelz describes six different fasts, ranging from 13 to 72 hours, all of which have been tested on millions of people. She suggests thinking of fasts as “switches,” where the longer you stay in a fasted state, the more healing is allowed to take place in your body.

“The idea of an eight- to 10-hour eating window is really easy. But I want to encourage people to dip into some of the longer fasts because that’s where we’re seeing incredible results. For example, a lot of people who are struggling to lose weight will do an eight- to 10-hour eating window, and they’re like, ‘I don’t have any ketones. I’m still hungry. I’m not losing weight.’

And so we’ve got to push it a little bit more so that we can get the body to find the glucose that it stored years ago (as triglycerides in your adipose tissue). The one for weight loss I love is 36 hours, where for 30 days, people do 36 hours of fasting followed by 12 hours of eating.

They saw a tremendous amount of reductions specifically in belly fat, which is an area where people really want to see a lot of weight loss. So, we know that when we go to those longer fast, we can push weight loss a little more.

There’s an incredible study showing that at 48 hours we start to see the whole dopamine system reboot, and we actually get new dopamine receptors. And we see that in our community, where people with mood disorders, not clinically intense ones but just general depression, malaise and anxiety, when they go into a 48-hour fast, they start to notice that they’re happier in the weeks afterward.

So, we’re saying, find what works for you most of the time, and then experiment and dabble in some of these longer fast. Sprinkle them in so that you get the healing benefit that occurs in these longer periods [of fasting].”

Aside from improved mood, those benefits also include autophagy and increased stem cell production. All of that said, though, longer fasts are not ideal for everyone. While in the past I’ve done up to 10-day water fasts, I no longer go beyond 20 hours or so, due to my age and my already optimized metabolic flexibility.

At this point in my life I’m far more concerned about maintaining muscle mass and preventing sarcopenia. I am more than convinced that the daily 18-hour fasts I do provide me with more than enough autophagy.

If I cut calories by 500 or 1,000, I can lose a pound or two, maybe even 5 pounds if I do it over a weekend of travel. So, again, there are no hard and fast rules. You really need to determine what works best for you, and keep your eye on your goal. What is it that you’re trying to achieve? Weight loss? Disease reversal? Antiaging benefits? Muscle mass maintenance?

Each may benefit from a different fasting schedule. “As long as fasting is working for you and you’re not getting stuck [on a plateau], then you don’t need to take that one-day [fast],” Pelz says. For the record, muscle loss is not a given, even with longer fasting intervals, so if you’re younger and fit, you can still do them. The key then lies in making sure you’re feeding your muscles correctly when you do eat. As explained by Pelz:

“When you’re fasting, you’re going without food. But then once you open up that eating window, eat! This is a time to nourish yourself.

And what we see in our community is, if you go from that fasting window and eat more protein, you start to stimulate not only mTOR in a positive way, but you also can trigger amino acid receptors in the muscles that will help the muscles grow stronger. So, the trick is once you eat, you got to eat and you got to eat the right macronutrients to keep that muscle really strong.”

For muscle maintenance, you want at least 30 grams of protein, twice a day, to activate mTOR and provide enough raw materials to sustain your muscle mass, if not increase it. The reason muscle mass is so important is because within your muscle you have receptors that drive sugar into the muscle, so they act as a glucose sink. That’s how increasing your muscle mass helps counteract high blood sugar and lower your risk of diabetes.

“My recommendation is, always break your fast with protein, and come in with at least 30 grams,” Pelz says. “So now we’re switched back into sugar burner, but we got mTOR to build that muscle.

The hardest thing is that you might have to eat, even if you’re not hungry, because the ketones have killed that hunger hormone. So, you may have to really be mindful and intentional about your food.

This is where I get in a lot of debates sometimes, especially in the women’s health world, about calorie restriction versus fasting. Women, especially women over 40, do not want to be in calorie restriction. When you eat, you want to eat, and you want to eat protein.

Think of it like this: There’s a time when the eating window is closed, and then once you open it, then it’s like, ‘OK, now I’m going to eat.’ And the research [suggests eating] 30 grams [of protein] a few times a day.

Sometimes we can get away with 20, but the clinical research on protein cycling [shows] 30 grams every two to three hours is the best way to stimulate those amino acid receptors in the muscle that will build muscle …

The other really cool tool is working out in a fasted state, stress your muscle, break that muscle down, and then follow up with protein. We’re seeing a lot of lean body muscle masses happening approaching it that way.”

As mentioned earlier, you want to eat your last meal at least three to four hours before bed. One reason for this is because digestion continues for five to six hours after our last bite or drink of any food (calories). So, if you eat your last meal three hours before bed, you’ll remain in digestive mode for another three while sleeping.

Assuming you sleep for eight hours, that gives you five hours in repair and regeneration mode while sleeping, plus however many hours you fast into the morning. Getting this timing right is important, as it affects your insulin level and related hormones, such as melatonin. When you’re digesting food, melatonin will be inhibited, and hence the quality of your sleep will go down and your insulin resistance will go up.

“If we could solve insulin resistance, we’d solve a lot of problems. So, you have to remember that when melatonin goes up, you’re going to become more insulin resistant. When does melatonin go up? It starts to go up as the sun goes down. So, in the winter time, you’re going to need to eat a lot earlier. You’re going to need to stop eating around 2 p.m. or 3 p.m.

If you want an eight-hour eating window, you want to make sure you’re measuring that window to melatonin’s demands. When you first get up in the morning, melatonin’s high, you’re again going to be more insulin resistant. So, we’ve got these bookends of light that we need to look at for our eating window and act accordingly.

Personally, in the summertime, I’m a fan of [eating between] 11 and 5, maybe even 4. In the wintertime, you’re going to probably have to move that eating window up a little bit so that you end up stopping well before sunset so that your body can be more insulin sensitive with that meal.”

Men and women differ in terms of the sex hormones that predominate and drive key health processes. For men, testosterone is a primary one, and research shows intermittent fasting has a beneficial impact on testosterone in men. A 15-hour fast can raise testosterone by as much as 1,300%.

In women, testosterone, estrogen and progesterone are a key triad. While women don’t have as high a testosterone level as men, it’s still a very important hormone. After the age of 40, estrogen starts to fluctuate, often resulting in weight gain and insulin resistance. Timing your fasting to your menstrual cycle can help smooth out these estrogen dips.

Glucose is required to make progesterone, so the week before a woman’s cycle, her body will raise glucose and become more insulin resistant.

A woman who follows a one-meal-a-day lifestyle will often see adverse changes related to her sex hormones, such as hair loss, cycle changes and early menopause, because her progesterone is tanking. The good news is you can normalize your hormones by changing the length of your eating window during the different phases of your menstrual cycle.

“So, it’s these three hormones that we have to learn to cycle,” Pelz says. “In ‘Fast Like a Girl,’ I show how to cycle it for a menstruating woman and for perimenopausal women. But even postmenopausal women have to think about this as those hormones decline.

I have been shocked by how many women don’t have a regular cycle. This is a problem, because our cycle is how we detox … In the book, we have a 30-day fasting reset that women can do if they don’t have a cycle to time it to.

You want to go through a 30-day period where you’re playing with the principles of how estrogen, testosterone and progesterone would play. So, you’re having some [intervals] where you’re going into a little longer fast, then you step out of fasting and you move into some liver-promoting foods and more gut healthy foods that’ll help you break down those hormones.

Then you go into longer fasts trying to simulate coming out of ovulation. And then you have a period where you’re not fasting and you’re leaning into more root vegetables, potatoes and squashes, to raise progesterone.

There’s a lot of nuance in that statement I just made. But for women without a cycle, who age-appropriately should be having a cycle, we’ve got to start to kind of mimic what that cycle would look like. And what we’re seeing is, eventually, with that rhythm, their cycle comes back.”

One of the prime reasons for the interview was to understand how time-restricted eating is modified based on a woman’s menstrual cycle. In her book, Pelz maps out what she calls the fasting cycle, which is a tool women need when they first start fasting.

“It looks like this. Day 1 through Day 10 of a woman’s cycle, estrogen is building. You can go into those longer fast. So, if you’re already fasting and want to throw a three-day water fast, throw it in during that first 10 days.

When you get into ovulation and all these hormones are surging — we’ve got estrogen at its highest, testosterone at its highest and a little bit of progesterone — we need to bring the fast down to 13, 15 hours. And you definitely don’t want to push it. If that’s a stretch, you can even do 12. This is not a time to push your fast. It’s a time to lean into more vegetables and bitter foods to really help support the liver and the gut to break down those hormones.

Then around Day 16, we come out of ovulation and the hormones have dropped, so we can go back into a little longer fast. If you like a 24-hour fast, you can do that at this point. But as we start to get into about Day 19, progesterone’s building, and this is where we don’t want to fast, and we don’t want to be in keto.

That’s another big piece. We’ve got to raise glucose so that progesterone has what it needs to be able to kick in. A lot of these 25-year-olds, 32-year-olds that have abnormal cycles, if they start to create that rhythm, they’ll start to bring their cycle back.”

The graphics below from Pelz’s book can be helpful in understanding the female fasting cycle.

If you no longer menstruate because of your age, this next section is for you:

“Around 40, you really need to start to get to know the characteristics of progesterone and estrogen, primarily because as your ovaries are going into retirement, you’re going to see some pretty dramatic shifts in those two hormones …

If you’re spotting, that’s progesterone tapping you on the shoulder saying, ‘Hey, I need a little more glucose.’ So, you would step out of a keto fasting day, and the next day you may shorten your fast, elongate your eating window and use more of nature’s carbs to give progesterone more glucose. So, spotting is a big one.

Anxiety is another big one. Trouble sleeping is another big one, where we need to have women step out of keto and fasting and step into more of this higher glucose [level, i.e., eat more, and expand your eating window]. Progesterone loves root vegetables, all the squashes, grass-fed beef, even tropical fruits. Bananas, mangoes, papayas, citrus fruits, those really help support progesterone production.

A perimenopausal woman will know that estrogen’s really low when she starts getting hot flashes, when her hair starts getting frizzy and dry. When her skin is really dry, she’s starting to get more wrinkles, her mucosal membranes become really dry and cognition is difficult.

If that’s happening, then you actually want to lean into a little bit of the longer fast, because estrogen does really well with a longer fasting window, and you want to lean into more of a ketogenic diet. I think she still needs some carbs, but she really needs to lean into longer fast to get estrogen and more protein. And that will dramatically help.”

If you’re in menopause, Pelz recommends doing the 30-day reset detailed in her book, but timed to the moon cycle. You may notice that the four cycles in the charts above have the same names as the moon cycles. So, you’d start your reset based on the moon cycle that is present at the time that you begin. For example, the day of the full moon is ovulation at Day 11, so you’d start at Day 11 and follow the schedule for the next 29.5 days from there.

To learn more, be sure to pick up a copy of “Fast Like a Girl.” She’s also releasing an app that will guide you on what you should be doing each day, which can be a very helpful tool.

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The Month of Purgation

 By Anna Von Reitz

The word “purgation” shares the same root word as “purgatory” and “purging”.  It implies both a correction and a cleansing, a time when we review mistakes and past traumas — and pause to reflect and to heal. 
Often, this process involves a profound struggle to simply let go of the past.
As many people who have participated in our month-long effort to shed the old injuries and emotional trash we’ve been dragging around with us have discovered, the mind and spirit are connected to the body.  When we direct our conscious mind to review and let go of past trauma, the subconscious mind also responds. And then, the body responds. 
I have received many calls, letters, emails, and texts this month from people suffering from a wide range of physical purgation effects.  
It’s important to know that every cell in your body has “cell memory”. It not only contains enough written information in your DNA to go back and forth to the moon 500 times, but it continues to write new physically expressed cell memories.  
You may have forgotten the pain of breaking your arm falling out of that apple tree 65 years ago, but your cells haven’t.  That’s why you retain old football injuries, scars, and arthritic aches in broken toes. 
When you purge old, limiting, hurtful, nasty, scary memories, your body responds, too.  Your cells disgorge toxins.  The cell memory is altered as you transform and release — and sometimes rewrite — trauma from the past. Consciously, subconsciously, and even at the level of the single cell, you set a healing process in motion — and it has direct physical as well as emotional and psychological effects. 
Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel sick physically, when you address something that made you emotionally sick thirty years ago. These things are all connected and they all have to be let go, if you are going to be healthy and happy and vibrantly alive in this moment called “now”. 
Help your physical body to release the cell toxins being released by practicing deep “belly” breathing, drinking plenty of pure water, eating organic food (reduces the burden of oils and pesticides and other chemical pollutants your liver has to deal with), taking regular baths or showers, and getting plenty of rest.  
I know, it would have been helpful for me to remind everyone of this mind-body connection at the beginning of the month-long exercise, but many of you will find it necessary to prolong this exercise for more than one month. If the messages I have been receiving are any clue, many of you have never done anything like this before, and have the collected gunk of a lifetime to jettison. 
Some people may take a year to eighteen months of “letting go” of grief or anger associated with grief, which two things tend to be the hardest to overcome.  Most of us are not yet certain that life does not end with physical death, so the physical death of loved ones and friends is especially traumatic, especially when we are living in a time when madmen have unleashed “excess death”.  
These losses are like deep wounds for most of us, and it takes time to heal and detoxify mind, body, and soul.  Take your time.  Be patient with yourself. Love them still, but let them go.  You will know when you are done with the past and done with all the evil things that have happened, when you wake up one morning feeling physically light and mentally calm and alert, rested, whole, and ready.  
Ready for what?  
The journey of a lifetime lived in one continuous moment. 
That sounds a bit intimidating, but don’t be afraid. It’s the way you are meant to live.  

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Civilian Militias

 By Anna Von Reitz

Civilian militias are as old as Mankind.  They are us, when we band together to face common dangers, deal with outlaws, survive natural disasters, and defend against invaders.  
That’s why the word “militia” means “people” in Hebrew. 
So there is nothing improper or unknown or dangerous about civilian militias. They are here to protect hearth, home, and community at the most basic, natural, and obvious level.  
This is why our republican States of the Union are guaranteed the right to keep and maintain a “well-regulated militia”.  
Read that: we are responsible for keeping our State Militia forces well-trained and educated so that they know their role and don’t trespass; otherwise, we are absolutely guaranteed the right and ability to create and maintain our own State militia.  
So what happened to our State militias?  
They were “redefined” (are you noticing a pattern here?) as “National Guards”.  
Their command was placed under a foreign “State of State” Governor, instead of our State Assembly Chairman, and many of their functions were merged into the conventional military and butted up against the Pinkerton System of private security personnel represented by FBI, BATF, and similar armed Agency subcontractors. 
Things have gotten so bad in recent years that “our” unlawfully converted State Militias redefined as “National Guards” have been used to replace the official military, because they are cheaper to deploy.  
Thus, we are greeted with the bizarre reality of “State” National Guards, who were never authorized nor intended to act beyond the borders of their home States of the Union,  fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, under the command of a foreign corporation’s “President”.  
There is absolutely no authority in existence anywhere permitting the President of the foreign US, INC. or USA, Inc. corporations to maintain any such “National Guard” force in our country.  None. 
As presently deconstructed, these “National Guard” units that are supposed to represent/replace our State Militias, are illegal foreign mercenary forces and there is no contract, consensual agreement, treaty, or granted authority allowing their existence in their present form.
There is no provision for a foreign mercenary force to exist on American soil.  Zero.  
The obvious answer that Mr. Trump and Company is searching for, has already been given to them.  They can return the National Guard to the command of the State Assembly Chairmen, or they can dissolve it and let us assume responsibility for “regulating” and reorganizing and educating the National Guard units into proper State Militias. 
As for the need for a lawful county level force, there is already the “Grand Army of the Republic” commissioned in the wake of the Civil War; this civilian force includes county level units throughout the Northern and Southern States and is organized under the sovereign powers of the States of the (Original) Union. It can be fully and lawfully deployed and supplied in less than two weeks. 
This is an action that I suggested to President Trump early in his tenure, but as subsequent history has demonstrated, he was not interested in activating and using the power of the people of this country.  He has maintained the British Territorial fraud in our midst, the so-called “American Raj”, and been instrumental in promoting “Operation Warp Speed” — DARPA’s prototype depopulation program by any other name. 
Whether Republican or Democrat, the Agenda is the same— whatever the UN CORPORATION wants, the UN CORPORATION gets, and God help us all correct this situation as quickly as possible. 
If and when a larger force of combined State-level Militias is needed, it’s simple enough to put such a force together, but the nature of a State Militia is to function entirely and exclusively within the borders of their State of the Union.  
The nation they are intended to guard are the people of each State, not any visiting Federal “nation” representing employees of foreign corporations that are only allowed to be here by the Residency Act of 1790 for the purpose of providing “essential government services”.  See the Act and see the Constitution(s) at Article IV.  
Civilian militias have functioned forever in every country on Earth, and all of them are attached to the land and soil jurisdiction — except for Britain. 
We forget amid the ever-touted glories of England, that Britain made and still makes a large portion of its income from privateers and the management of privateers by the British Navy.  
Benedict’s treatise on Admiralty Law reveals that the King’s “civilian militia” include foreign-station officers, Bar Attorneys, who manage the cargo and disputes related to the privateering, collect tariffs, taxes, duties, and confiscation of property, impoundments, salvage claims and similar activities all over the world.  
That is, unlike all other countries, Britain’s “civilian militia” is not attached to the land and soil, and is used as a foreign mercenary service — the Bar Association — to perform these services for the King, under contract, on a worldwide basis. One of the oldest definitions of a “bar attorney” that has come to light is ” a shipping clerk or patent agent engaged in foreign trade or commerce”.  
Bingo.  And true to custom, they have been impounding American cargos and shipping American resources and manpower all over the world in behest of the war-mongers occupying the British Government ever since 1901.  
Britain’s civilian militia” also includes licensed Medical Doctors (as opposed to Private Physicians) who universally outrank the Judges and Bar Attorneys — so it is impossible for a lower ranking officer (Judge) to condemn a higher ranking officer (Medical Doctor) in the same civilian militia service. 
This is why the Coroner, a Medical Doctor, is the only one who can administratively remove a Territorial State-of-State Governor from office. 
This is why attempts to bring the doctors who have killed millions of innocent people to justice in British Maritime courts are doomed to failure. It’s not that they haven’t committed crimes.  It isn’t that they don’t deserve to be hung for medical profiteering resulting in genocide.  It’s the fact that the court is incompetent to try these genocide-for-profit monsters.
The same provisions are built into British Territorial Federal Code, at Title V and Title XI and especially at Title XXXVII covering “Uniformed Officers”.  
The only courts in their system that can bring the King’s civilian militia to justice are military courts acting under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and Naval Courts Martial operating on the High Seas or Navigable Inland Waterways. 
My suggestion is that they build court barges offshore and in the Great Lakes for the express purpose of conducting trials. 
Of course, our land and soil courts can address them as foreign criminals caught in the act of committing murder within the borders of our counties and States of the Union, but it has taken time for lawfully declared American State Assemblies to stand up their courts — an urgent necessity that is currently being addressed in all fifty States. 
We are not at war — commercial mercenary “war” or otherwise, however, our civilian population is being inappropriately addressed as “combatants” in the midst of this illegal endangerment posed by our misdirected federal (contract) employees.  
Over 270,000 “excess” American deaths have occurred as a result of activities by DARPA and the DOD Municipal Government Agencies acting under direction from their parent corporation, the UN CORPORATION. 
This is unacceptable in the extreme and will be prosecuted as both commercial and actual crime.  
None of our people are “excess” in the view of the lawful American Government.  
Americans are asked to wake up and get organized.  Declare and record your actual political status so that you can’t be mistaken for an “enemy combatant” and join your lawful State Assembly.  

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A Taste for Symbols and Numbers

 By Anna Von Reitz

Each video here is very short, intended to give you a taste of new information now available. 

Whether we know it or not, we are divided into two opposing factions and those factions literally vibrate at different energetic frequencies:  
There are those that want to “live and let live”, transmitting at 528MHz and octaves thereof,  and those devoted to death and evil, transmitting at 741 MHz and octaves thereof. 
This Universe was created by sound, so it makes sense that every created thing receives and transmits energetic frequencies, and is itself part of the energetic spectrum of light and sound and expresses this with a unique energetic “signature”.   
This is where the concept of “signatures” comes from, and even the Medieval “Doctrine of Signatures” is rooted in this fundamental knowledge that form follows frequency.  
You can be sure that anything shaped like a heart is in resonance with every other heart-shaped thing in the Universe.  
This is also the reason that the Kaaba, the mysterious black stone cube of Mecca, has been sacred long before the rise of Islam.  
The cube is the first and necessary form of this three dimensional reality, the one sacred unity between all other forms expressed in this world.  The black color only adds to this arcane meaning, as black absorbs all colors, and represents the ultimate unity and source of different frequencies of light.
Please notice that LIVE is the inverse of EVIL. 
Most often this separation into factions isn’t taking place at a conscious level.  People don’t normally get up one morning and decide, yes, I am going to become Lex Luthor.  I am sure that Klaus Schwab didn’t either. 
Nonetheless, it happens.  About 10% of us are evil by birth, because this 10% is born without a conscience,  and another 20% of the population is not naturally evil, but goes along for the ride. 
So let’s say an even third of humanity, 33% are evil and allied with death and destruction, and the rest of us are “live”.  We outnumber them two to one, but because they are evil and active about it, and we tend to be smelling the roses, they often shove their way to the forefront. 
Do you think it’s an accident that two-thirds of humanity in this country is slated for destruction in the current DARPA disaster?  No, a third of them (the angels) rebelled against the Creator, and two-thirds remained loyal.  
Read that: a third of them gave their loyalty to death and destruction, and two-thirds remained loyal to life.  
Or, if you want a scientific interpretation — a third gave way and followed the Law of Entropy, while two-thirds followed the Law of Enthalpy.
But don’t despair.  There is more to life and being than heat loss.
Much of our history revolves around our interactions with beings from other planets and the native Fey Folk who share the Earth with us.  
The Angels, for example, originally came from the Morning Star system, Sirius B, the Dog Star.  Satan came here and was “cast down into the sea” —  but we know where the son of the Morning Star came from.  
 The Dogon People of Africa remember the coming of the Aryans — aka, “Orions” — the so-called “Reptilians” also known as “Dragons”. 
We also welcomed Martian refugees who came here following the loss of their planet’s atmosphere 32,000 years ago, as a result of The Great Plasma War, which also impacted Earth.
The Venusian Lord Krishna saved our bacon, but the time is coming for the Venusians to leave Earth.  We have, by my estimates, less than a decade to learn our lessons, before we are beyond their help. 
Most unhappily, we also became acquainted with the Saturnine Brotherhood from Saturn, the “ringed planet”:
This knowledge and history is coming forward now, because we need it to deal with the latest attempts of the Saturnine Brotherhood to take over our planet and micromanage our lives and resources for their benefit. 
For those who grew up on the sunny side of the street, a lot of this will feel like looking at the monsters hiding under the bed.  Look anyway.
The first step in solving a problem is realizing that it exists. 

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Understanding the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex


In recent days, many of our Substack readers have contacted us to recommend that we read the Substack pages of the great Katharine Watt and Sasha Latypova. Not only do we read their columns, we have corresponded with them about various subjects, and we have interviewed Ms. Latypova about her experience and expertise.

We are aware of their emphasis on the preeminent role the Department of Defense has played in this criminal fiasco, and we don’t disagree. However, it seems to me that it’s of limited utility to draw sharp distinctions between the DoD and companies like Pfizer and Moderna. Like Krupp and I.G. Farben during the Third Reich, these companies are bound to U.S. government institutions like the DoD, DARPA, NIH, HHS, and BARDA in an arrangement that strongly resembles Fascist Corporatism.

Watt and Latypova have emphasized that the Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech gene injection shots are NOT pharmaceutical products, and that neither company actually manufactures these substances. Both researchers emphasize that Pfizer and Moderna (and the lower tier clowns who work for them) are mere front organizations, and as such bear no actual power or liability. They are the protected lackeys of the Department of Defense.

Defining and delineating how exactly these organizations relate to and benefit from each other strikes me as a formidable undertaking. It seems to me that in trying to understand these relationships, it is useful to consider President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address in 1961. His warning to Americans about the rise of the Military-Industrial Complex is now more relevant than ever, and all Americans should be throughly acquainted with this speech.

Two notable Hollywood depictions of dystopian Corporate Fascism are Blade Runner (1982) and RoboCop (1987). In the former, the Tyrell Corporation makes combat androids (Replicants) to staff the military in of Off-World colonies. In the latter film, Omni Consumer Products (an adjunct to the U.S. military) builds an android law enforcement officer (RoboCop) to police dystopian Detroit, with the really fun plot twist that the company CEO (Dick Jones) is in league with gangster boss Clarence Boddicker. Their relationship reminded me of the Office of Naval Intelligence’s recruitment of jailed mafioso, Charlie “Lucky” Luciano, to assist with the Allied invasion of Sicily (Operation Husky) in 1943. Investigators of the JFK assassination twenty years later have pointed to this relationship as a notable example of a US intelligence agency using Sicilian mafiosi for various purposes.