Fascist Google runs cover for Pfizer after Project Veritas bombshell video

Sunday, January 29, 2023 by: News Editors
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Image: Fascist Google runs cover for Pfizer after Project Veritas bombshell video

(Natural News) Google hates the truth. They always have. They’re in the business of narrative-building and the narrative they’re building regarding the recent Project Veritas bombshell is a lie: “Nothing to see here.”

(Article by J.D. Rucker republished from TheLibertyDaily.com)

Here’s what Project Veritas noticed on Thursday:

Something odd is happening when you Google Search for “Pfizer Project Veritas” ? @pfizer#DirectedEvolution pic.twitter.com/wJp5U5PVsy

— Project Veritas (@Project_Veritas) January 26, 2023

The results have since been “fixed,” quite literally. Most of the top listings for the phrase, “pfizer project veritas” show “fact check” websites claiming the video is “unverified” or corporate media news outlets calling the incident “alleged.” Others published a story, then retracted it later.

In other words, they’re running the Hunter Biden laptop play on this one. It wouldn’t be shocking if Deep Staters released a letter saying the video is Russian propaganda.

Congressman Ken Buck went on with Tucker Carlson to discuss. Watch:

???? @TuckerCarlson covers #Google’s Censorship of @Project_Veritas’ viral #DirectedEvolution @pfizer Video with @RepKenBuck ?? pic.twitter.com/7kisVxyci5

— ? Ashley ???? PATRIOT FOR ?? FREEDOM (@AshleyWeis4) January 27, 2023

This is why it’s so important for patriots to spread the word themselves. Don’t wait for corporate media or Big Tech to do it because they won’t. The people need to know just how evil Pfizer really is.

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