Enter The Saturnine Brotherhood

 By Anna Von Reitz

We have revealed “The Population Bomb” scam and the husband-wife team responsible for it, as part of the underpinning of the UN (CORPORATION) depopulation agenda, which depends on pseudo-science that has already been disproven.
This makes no sense, for anyone to cling to disproven theories, but many people have been influenced just the same. Lies, especially Big Lies, that are repeated, take on a life of their own — and the idea that Earth is overpopulated is one of those.  
We have ancient records that say that the Earth’s population was once over 500 billion and doing just fine–actual records, as opposed to theoretical suppositions. 
That puts 8 billion people into perspective, doesn’t it? 
The UN, meaning the UN CORPORATION, has stated its climate goals, which if reached, would put the planet back into the conditions of an Ice Age.  We’d be living with between 80-150 ppm carbon dioxide, which would not support agriculture.  The average temperature of Earth would be 46 degrees Fahrenheit.  
These people are either ignorant nutcases, or, they aren’t human, and are trying to create a cold environment — terraforming the Earth to make it into something more comfortable for their species — not ours. 
There is plenty of evidence to suggest that the members of Congress, Parliament, and other supposed representative political bodies are, on average, dumb as stumps.  
There is also evidence that they are easily bought and easily compromised by blackmailers. 
There is solid proof that they are passing pieces of legislation that are thousands of pages long without even reading them, making their role as representatives of anyone or anything, moot.  
These facts could explain how this agenda, pushing our Earth back to the days of the Woolly Mammoth, is succeeding in the face of common sense and against any good outcome for humanity in general.  
However, there is a much darker possible agenda, and there is prior history in favor of it — it could be, and most likely is in our opinion, an attack by The Saturnine Brotherhood. 
The Saturnine Brotherhood has used and abused the Earth and the people of Earth for thousands of years, and when they get hungry, their efforts to take over our planet increase.  
Saturnites are naturally discarnate beings.  They can, however, like many other members of the Galactic Community, put on physical bodies — biological “space suits” — that meet their specific needs.
This fitting process of energy body to physical body is somewhat like choosing a pair of shoes.  If you need a size 13, a size 6 won’t do.  
Not every body type can house a Saturnite.  This leads to certain families who have the desired physical body type being used to host these visitors on a generational basis. 
Please note, despite their unsavory nature and practices, these “people” are not demons, which belong to another class of entity entirely, but they are not native to this planet and have no good reason to be here. They  also have peculiar cultural practices, appetites, and religious beliefs that are not compatible with Mankind. 
Now, do yourselves a favor.  Look up a picture of Uncle Fester, the character from The Addams Family television series.  Look up a picture of Jacob Rothschild.  Look up a picture of Pope Francis.  Now look at the photo of Dr. Mylo Canderian I published as part of the article, “Britain Again. Guilty as Charged.” 
Do you see the faint and sometimes not-so-faint family resemblances? 
These are all priestly members of The Saturnine Brotherhood. Their ancestors were from the Tay Sachs star system, long, long ago.  
To this day, if they can sacrifice 20,000 children, they can pay the cost (in adrenochrome) of transporting a singleTay Sachs pureblood to this solar system. 
They look at this exactly the same way as a horse breeder might look at paying for an expensive stallion. 
Tay Sachs are very dark-haired in their youth, almost black, and usually have heavy beards and hair that can be braided.  You will see their visages carved into the bas relief sculptures of the Hittites and Assyrians. This is also how they appear and the kind of body type they need to live on Earth at the current time, if they can find a good host.  They are naturally tall, well-built, with regular even features, large eyes, and broad foreheads.  
Once in a while you will get a Tay Sachs like Abraham Lincoln who suffers in the translation because of inbreeding among the host families. These versions come out looking rather homely and bizarre.  
Take a good look at Abraham Lincoln. And a good look at Dr. Canderian. And look up the portraits of the early Hapsburgs. These are not normal human beings. 
However, with the right host family, it is possible for the Tay Sachs to appear as ordinary, relatively handsome men, like Ulysses S. Grant. 
Just because someone looks vaguely like one of these characters doesn’t mean that they are hosting a Saturnine presence, and even if they are, it doesn’t mean that that Saturnine presence is malevolent.  Some visitors from Saturn don’t agree with The Saturnine Brotherhood, and even some Tay Sachs turn on The Brotherhood.  
So, we must always look at each being as a complete individual, unique since time began, without prejudice or expectation.  You will know them by their deeds and their fruits so stay alert and aware of what you may be looking at. You should be aware of the implications and possibilities.  
Members of The Saturnine Brotherhood are always male.  There is no evidence that female Saturnites exist, which is really not unusual among the El-der races of the Universe.  Seraphim, in their natural state, are all male, too, though they can — in a pinch — inhabit a female body. 
To our eyes, these priestly members of The Saturnine Brotherhood tend to be pasty to putty-colored white men with peculiarly opaque skin, large and/or bulbous noses, protruding eyebrows, thin lips, noticeable ears, and jaws that are either narrow (like Jacob Rothschild) or heavy (like Pope Francis and Henry Kissinger).   
The Saturnine Brotherhood has controlled portions of the Earth for thousands of years, and established their first modern colonies in the Middle East in the area we now call the Fertile Crescent — Babylon. 
Because they are not actually men, they don’t have the morals and sensibilities of men.  They do not have a conscience, and they are not creative in the way that Mankind is creative. 
It is not natural for men to view their own children, or other children, as sexual objects— for example, but it is endemic for the Saturnites who exhibit reptilian characteristics.  It is not natural for men to take pleasure in torture.  It is not natural for men to eat other men. 
Lack of conscience, empathy, and compassion are hallmarks of the members of The Saturnine Brotherhood; they are motivated almost entirely by profit and coercive power, and they have no respect for the Truth at all.  
Why are we telling you this?  So that you can learn to recognize them.  They are organized, unscrupulous, highly-placed, and Mankind must grow up fast to meet the challenges they present. 
There is recent evidence that The Saturnine Brotherhood is using cloning to in effect, create “human drones” that they can control.  
These clones of famous people, especially politicians, are formed by placing the original model in stasis and copying their genetic and energetic pattern code.  This is then transferred to a type of incubator using frequency generator technology that regrows the form; these new bodies have no natural memory, so memory has to be transferred into them. 
Whatever memory they have can be manipulated to fit whatever narrative the cloning station installs.  For example, a Bill Clinton clone could be programmed to believe that he was an Apache who grew up on a reservation, simply by copying and transferring the memories of an Apache into the Bill Clinton clone-body. Or Mitch McConnell clones could be programmed as bleeding-heart Democrats.  
This technologically advanced manipulation obviously allows a wide variety of political and economic benefits as The Saturnine Brotherhood has been able to commandeer the leadership of entire countries and huge corporations, simply by making and imprinting clones. 
All this is shocking to the sensibilities of most people who read this and I fully understand; however, and again, to fix a problem, you must know that it exists. 
Evidence exists that Donald Trump was killed in a helicopter crash many years ago and was cloned several times using residual DNA and cell memory codes.   
Think about the possibilities. 

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